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  • Muslims increasingly moving away from GOP - Poll: Over half plan to vote for midterm Democrats

    10/26/2014 10:33:41 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 50 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | October 26, 2014 | Meredith Somers
    Two-thirds of Muslim voters plan to visit the polls on Election Day, and more than half of them are Democratic Party supporters, according to a new survey. Of 1,500 Muslim registered voters surveyed, 69 percent plan to cast ballots in the Nov. 4 midterm elections and 16 percent do not plan to vote, according to the poll conducted Wednesday by the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR). Fourteen percent declined to answer. Of the nearly 1,000 Muslim registered voters planning to vote, half said they support the Democratic Party, and 15 percent said they back the Republican Party. About one-quarter of...
  • Somali Immigrants Charged With Illegal Double Voting in Minn

    08/28/2013 8:57:36 AM PDT · by george76 · 16 replies
    Faribault Daily News ^ | August 28, 2013 | Christian Adams
    Farhiya Abdi Dool, 38, and Amina A Hassan, 31, each face one felony charge of unlawful voting for voting once by absentee ballot and once at a polling place during the 2012 general election ... Double voting in a federal election is a federal crime. So far, the U.S. Justice Department has been slack in enforcing this federal law which protects federal (as opposed to state) interests. Meloweese Richardson in Ohio still has not been charged with double voting. Neither has Wendy Rosen in Maryland. There are more. Why isn't Eric Holder's Justice Department enforcing federal laws against double voting?
  • Abdurahman Alamoudi, the Boston bombers, Grover Norquist, and the GOP

    04/24/2013 7:37:18 PM PDT · by TBP · 54 replies
    Michelle ^ | April 24, 2013 12:54 PM | Michelle Malkin
    For years, I’ve warned about the GOP’s Grover Norquist problem. Just last week, he was front and center at the Gang of 8′s amnesty press conference — despite longtime concerns expressed on this blog and by national security advocates and activists about his dangerous Islamist alliances and progressive proclivities. Now we learn that Norquist’s convicted terrorist pal and former funder, Abdurahman Alamoudi, was the first president of the radical mosque attended by the Boston bomber brothers, Tamerlan and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. Alamoudi, as I’ve documented repeatedly here, provided seed money to Norquist’s Muslim outreach effort during the Bush years.
  • Breaking: Saudi Student Alharbi Visited the White House Several Times Since 2009

    04/24/2013 10:16:25 AM PDT · by blueyon · 303 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | 4/24/13 | Jim Hoft
    HOLY CRAP Saudi student Abdul Rahman Ali Issa Al-Salimi Al-Harbi was injured in the Boston Marathon Bombings. He was once a person of interest in the bombings. He was put on a terror watch list after the bombings. Michelle Obama visited al-Harbi in the hospital last week. He posted pictures on his Facebook page: Then theres this Abdul Rahman Al-Harbi has visited the White House several times since 2009.
  • CAIR Poll: More Than 85% of American-Muslims Picked Obama

    11/09/2012 5:35:58 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 51 replies
    CNS News ^ | Nov. 9, 2012 | Penny Starr
    ( -- The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) released the results of an informal exit poll on Friday that shows more than 85 percent of American Muslim voters picked President Barack Obama in Tuesday's election. That number is lower than a similar poll conducted in 2008 that showed 89 percent of American Muslims cast a ballot for Obama. CAIR conducted the informal survey of 650 American Muslim voters, with just 4 percent of respondents stating that they voted for Mitt Romney. Poll findings: 95.5 percent of the Muslim voters said they went to the polls on Nov. 6. 85.7 percent...
  • Muslims Favor Obama

    10/24/2012 7:06:14 AM PDT · by GeronL · 10 replies
    Associated Posers ^ | 10-24-2012 | geronl
    (Associated Posers) - Many in the Middle East believe Barack Obama failed to deliver on promises of a new U.S. approach in the region but still prefer him to presidential rival Mitt Romney, who they see as too close to Israel and too keen to project U.S. military might. Compounding the challenge, the Middle East is a region where perceptions of fading U.S. influence have been hardened by Arab uprisings that have toppled dictators who were longtime U.S. allies, bringing Islamists in their place. "I am one of those who is very much disappointed with Obama," said Hassan Nafaa a...
  • Officials from Azerbaijan, Albania, Kazakhstan Will Watch U.S. Election to Make Sure It's Free, Fair

    10/22/2012 12:39:48 PM PDT · by NYer · 40 replies
    cnsnews ^ | October 22, 2012 | Patrick Goodenough
    Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev meets with President Obama at the Nuclear Security Summit in Washington in April 2010. (AP Photo/File) ( When American voters go to the polls next month, among those observing the election will be monitors from four countries judged by the veteran democracy watchdog Freedom House as not free and another six it regards as partly free.The Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE) observers will assess these elections for compliance with international obligations and standards for democratic elections.They will also look into voter-identification and other laws which critics have labeled racially discriminatory.In a...
  • Meet Obamas Million Dollar Muslim Donor

    10/14/2012 6:22:36 PM PDT · by expat1000 · 15 replies ^ | October 14, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    The Free Beacon has a brief profile of Kareem Ahmed from TPM, one of the few million dollar donors to Obamas SuperPACs. Youd be forgiven if you dont recognize Ahmeds name. Before this year, his political giving was limited to a few four-figure checks to California candidates. Several veteran California politics watchers contacted for this story had no idea who Ahmed was, either. But heres the thing: so far in 2012, Ahmeds contributions to Obama, Democrats, and the outside spending groups that support them have totaled more than $1.1 million. Ahmeds wife, Tayyaba Farhat, has contributed another $75,000. At...
  • Obama campaign scours mosques for votes in Va.

    10/12/2012 7:23:42 PM PDT · by kingattax · 14 replies
    Washington Times ^ | October 12, 2012 | Byron Tau
    The Obama campaign is hosting an outreach event for Virginia-area Muslim Americans on Sunday, according to an invitation obtained by Politico. Brian Moran, the chairman of the Virginia Democratic Party, will represent the Obama campaign as a surrogate at an event in Sterling, Va. at a local community center. It's one of the first real outreach events this cycle by the Obama campaign to a community that is largely overlooked and sometimes demonized by both sides of the aisle.
  • James Zogby: Arab American Voters 'Overwhelmingly' Support Obama

    09/27/2012 3:58:21 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    Newsmax ^ | September 27, 2012 | Jim Meyers and Kathleen Walter
    Prominent Middle East expert Dr. James Zogby tells Newsmax that President Obama is polling about 18 percent below his 2008 numbers among Arab-American voters. But those Arab-Americans who are Muslims now overwhelmingly support the Democratic candidate compared to four years ago, he adds. Zogby also discloses that Arab-Americans across the board consider jobs and the economy as the most important issue in this years elections. Zogby is founder and president of the Arab American Institute, a Washington, D.C.based organization that serves as a political and policy research arm of the Arab-American community, and author of the book Arab Voices: What...
  • Does 1979 newspaper column shed light on 2008 campaign story? (Possible Saudi support for Hussein)

    09/23/2012 6:36:01 AM PDT · by libstripper · 169 replies
    Daily Inter Lake (Kalispel, MT) ^ | Sept. 22, 2012 | Frank Miele
    Searching old newspapers is one of my favorite pastimes, and I have tried to use them many times to shed light on current events or to inform readers about how the past is prologue to our very interesting present-day quandaries. Recently, I came across a syndicated column from November 1979 that seemed to point 30 years into the future toward an obscure campaign issue that arose briefly in the 2008 presidential campaign.
  • Muslims, Mormons and Liberals: Why is it OK to mock one religion but not another?

    09/17/2012 6:11:39 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 69 replies
    Wall St. J ^ | September 17, 2012 | BRET STEPHENS
    Muslims, Mormons and Liberals Why is it OK to mock one religion but not another? By BRET STEPHENS 'Hasa Diga Eebowai" is the hit number in Broadway's hit musical "The Book of Mormon," which won nine Tony awards last year. What does the phrase mean? I can't tell you, because it's unprintable in a family newspaper. On the other hand, if you can afford to shell out several hundred bucks for a seat, then you can watch a Mormon missionary get his holy book stuffedwell, I can't tell you about that, either. Let's just say it has New York City...
  • Rasmussen: Kaine Leads Allen by Two in VA Senate Race

    09/17/2012 9:40:06 PM PDT · by Kolath · 13 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 9/17/2012 | Michael Patrick Leahy
    Rasmussen Reports released a new poll on Monday that shows that "Democrat Tim Kaine has moved slightly ahead of Republican George Allen in Virginias neck-and-neck U.S. Senate race." The telephone survey of 500 likely Virginia voters shows support for Kaine at 47%, 2 points ahead of Allen, whose support is at 45%. The margin of error for the poll is 4.5%. Last week, a poll by Gravis Marketing showed Allen with a 5 point lead.
  • White Protestants, your monopoly is over

    09/09/2012 6:15:13 AM PDT · by Altura Ct. · 54 replies
    CNN ^ | 9/8/2012 | Dean Obeidallah
    Attention white Anglo-Saxon Protestants: Your days of running things are over. You have jumped the shark. But there's no need to feel bad for WASPs. They've had an amazing run. Every single president in our nation's history, except for John F. Kennedy -- a Catholic -- and Barack Obama, has been a white Protestant. Except for a handful of exceptions, for over 200 years the presidential nominees of both major political parties have been WASPs. WASPs had almost as many victories in a row as The Harlem Globetrotters. But it's over. Look at this year's presidential tickets: A Mormon, an...
  • Record number of Muslim and Arab-American delegates at the DNC this year (here's why)

    09/08/2012 12:53:23 PM PDT · by NYer · 19 replies
    goddiscussion ^ | September 7, 2012 | MRIANA
    While the Republicans stand strong on the Christian deity, they also allegedly adopted an anti-Sharia platform targeting the religious practices of Muslims this year. The Washington-based Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) asked them to remove it, but the Republicans refused. Thus, the increase in Muslim and Arab-American delegates at the Democratic National Convention (DNC) this year is attributed to the Republicans anti-Muslim platform and according to the CAIR website and the Rightwing Watch site, the GOP said they will inspire laws targeting Islam.Eight years ago, an estimated 25 Muslim and Arab-Americans attended the DNC and in 2008, 43 attended....
  • Obama To Lose Yet Another Huge Voting Bloc?

    08/26/2012 1:41:19 PM PDT · by AuntB · 67 replies
    Western Journalism ^ | Aug. 26, 2012 | Miki Booth
    Native Americans are very angry to learn that Muslims in the United States of America are being touted as indigenous, a complete falsehood. The fact is, American Indians are the indigenous people of North America, as Hawaiians are to Hawaii and the Aborigine to Australia. Organizations like BIMA marginalize native Americans in favor of Muslims, and Indians are not pleased. Speaking with many tribal friends and associates here in northeast Oklahoma, it is clear that the support Obama received from native American Democrats in 2008 is waning. They can see that the hope and change Obama promised four years ago...
  • Dems draw in Muslims with 'Jumah at the DNC'

    08/25/2012 8:40:20 PM PDT · by Baynative · 100 replies
    Washington Times 24/7 ^ | 8/21/12 | Breeanne Howe
    Starting at the end of this month the Democratic National Convention will open with a focus on Islam; 20,000 Muslims are expected to attend, according to the Bureau of Indigenous Muslim Affairs, the national Muslim American non-profit coordinating the two days of events they claim are non-political. Jumah at the DNC begins August 29 and will start with a Friday afternoon jummah prayer followed by other unnamed programs and events, leading up to the Islamic Regal Banquet. The following day will be an all day Islamic Cultural and Fun Fest which will include discussions on the topics of Islamaphobia, Anti-Shariah,...
  • 20,000 Muslims Warm-Up Act for Democratic National Convention

    08/24/2012 11:53:33 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 39 replies ^ | August. 24, 2012 | Judi McLeod
    Will what Barack Obama calls one of the prettiest sounds on earth at sunset, the Muslim call to prayer end the first day of the kickoff to the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Charlotte, NC? According to the Charlotte DNC homepage, The Jumah at the 2012 DNC will welcome some 20,000 Muslims to Charlotte, DEM-dubbed an official event. Jumah at the 2012 DNC starts Friday afternoon, Aug. 31 jumah prayer followed by a myriad of other as yet unidentified programs and events, but leading up to the Islam Regal Banquet. (halal, of course). While theyre busy renaming the newly refurbished...
  • Irans Ahmadinejad Endorsed Obama?

    08/13/2012 7:31:45 AM PDT · by yoe · 4 replies
    Conservative Byte ^ | August 11, 2012 | Staff
    Now the reporters are harassing Romney. Theyre trying to create gaffes. Theyre working on behalf of Barack Obama. They are attempting to carry forth the meme that Romneys foreign trip is a disaster, that its one gaffe after another. Theyre trying to do this in the mainstream. And the fact of the matter is Romney is having a home run of a trip. He is having a grand slam. He is doing such a good job that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad actually came out, and for all intents and purposes, endorsed Obama yesterday. Romneys over in Israel and he makes an obvious...
  • Palestinians Waiting for Obama to Win

    08/07/2012 5:13:10 PM PDT · by Ooh-Ah · 11 replies
    Commentary ^ | 08.06.2012 | Jonathan S. Tobin
    Israel is being criticized today in the world press for playing hardball with five of the 12 non-aligned nations that had hoped to gather in Ramallah to formally back the Palestinian Authoritys latest attempt to get the United Nations to back their bid for statehood. The delegations from Algeria, Bangladesh, Cuba, Indonesia and Malaysia who sought to enter the territories while sticking to their non-recognition of the Jewish state were not allowed in, effectively spiking the entire event. The collapse of what the PA had hoped would be a Ramallah Declaration was just the latest indication that the Palestinians latest...
  • The Jewish Dilemma of Barack Obama

    07/31/2012 2:36:37 AM PDT · by pistolpackinpapa · 45 replies
    Pruden & Politics ^ | July 31, 2012 | Wes Pruden
    The Democrats have a Jewish problem, and his name is Barack Obama. Reluctantly, many Jews, loyal Democrats by birth and tradition, have concluded that hes not The One they thought he was. With even greater reluctance, the White House has concluded that their Jewish problem is real, growing, and they better do something about it. Mitt Romneys dramatic declaration Sunday in Jerusalem that preventing Iran from building a nuclear weapon is Americas highest national security priority and military force should not be excluded, and that he regards Jerusalem as the true capital of Israel, puts in stark relief the difference...
  • Obama marks Ramadan

    07/20/2012 5:22:29 PM PDT · by ColdOne · 80 replies
    politico ^ | 7/20/12 | BYRON TAU
    In a statement, President Obama commemorated the Muslim holiday of Ramadan calling it a time to "cherish family, friends, and neighbors, and to help those in need." "On behalf of the American people, Michelle and I extend our warmest wishes to Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world at the start of Ramadan," Obama said. Obama also took the opportunity to tie in the struggles of people across the Muslim world engaged in ongoing fighting related to the Arab spring uprisings that began in 2011. "This year, Ramadan holds special meaning for those citizens in the Middle East and...
  • CNN Anchor: What About The Muslim Vote? (video)

    04/04/2012 7:00:20 AM PDT · by i88schwartz · 9 replies
    RealClearPolitics ^ | April 4, 2012 | RealClearPolitics
    CNN's Erin Burnett tries to make the case that the Muslim vote is a key swing vote in the upcoming presidential election. "Muslims make up less than 1% of the population but there's big populations of Muslims in swing states like Pennsylvania, Michigan and Virginia and they could turn the vote," Burnett said. "That sort of sounds like the Jewish conversation we were having a few months ago when it came up that 46% of the Jewish population that supported Barack Obama were not excited about voting for him this time. Could you see a small group like this making...
  • Virginia Senate Candidate Honors Hamas Associate

    10/25/2011 8:52:28 AM PDT · by COUNTrecount · 6 replies
    Front Page ^ | Oct. 25, 2011 | Ryan Mauro
    On September 25, the 23rd Arab-American Candidates Night Dinner was held in Virginia, attended by 46 Democrats and Republicans seeking office, with former governor and current Democratic Senate candidate, Tim Kaine, as a major speaker. The dinner honored a top Muslim Brotherhood official affiliated with Hamas named Jamal Barzinji, an inconvenient and overlooked fact for Kaines campaign team. Tim Kaine was the governor of Virginia from 2006 to 2010 and then was the chairman of the Democratic National Committee. He was on the short-list to become President Obamas running mate. He is now running for Senate and will likely face...
  • What Obama Said At Ramadan Dinner Last Night.....

    08/11/2011 2:24:54 PM PDT · by TaraP · 31 replies
    O generation of vipers, how can ye, being evil, speak good things? for out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh. Matthew 12:34 The following quotes from Obama should let you know exactly how he feels. To the millions of Muslim Americans across the United States and more the more than one billion Muslims around the world, Ramadan is a time of reflection and a time of devotion. Its an occasion to join with family and friends in celebration of a faith known for its diversity and a commitment to justice and the dignity of all human...
  • Gallup: Muslim Americans Give Obama 80 Percent Approval, Highest of Major Religions

    08/10/2011 10:36:57 AM PDT · by Nachum · 42 replies
    CNS News ^ | 8/10/11 | Terence P. Jeffrey
    Eighty percent of Muslim Americans approve of the way Barack Obama is handling his job as president, according to a newly released survey conducted by the Abu Dhabi Gallup Center, a partnership between Gallup and the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi. According to the survey, 65 percent of Jewish Americans approve of the job Obama is doing; 60 percent of atheists, agnostics, and those of no religion approve; 50 percent of Catholics approve; 37 percent of Protestants approve and 25 percent of Mormons approve.
  • Trump Takes on Koran: It Teaches a 'Very Negative Vibe"

    04/13/2011 9:21:40 AM PDT · by Yet_Again · 23 replies
    The Blaze ^ | 4/12/2011 | Jonathon M. Seidl
    Donald Trump believes the Koran teaches a very negative vibe. And, hes also a Christian. Thats what he said during an interview with CBNs David Brody that aired this morning on the 700 Club. His comments, included below, were in response to Brodys question about whether or not Trump has concerns about the Muslim holy book:
  • Muslims Give Obama Highest Job Approval; Mormons, Lowest

    08/27/2010 5:01:36 AM PDT · by Clintonfatigued · 29 replies
    Gallup ^ | August 27, 2010
    Muslim Americans continue to give President Barack Obama the highest job approval rating of any major religious group in the U.S., while Mormons give the president the lowest ratings. The differences in Obama's approval ratings across the religious groups included in this analysis have held fairly constant across time, even as Obama's overall rating has fallen by 15 points between the first half of 2009 and the first seven months of this year. American Muslims -- in the news recently with the controversy over proposed plans to build an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero in New York City...
  • Dems Come out Swinging on Behalf of Ground Zero Mosque

    08/21/2010 10:21:24 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 46 replies
    A Semi-News/Semi-Satire from AzConservative ^ | 21 August 2010 | John Semmens
    With the controversy over the location of a new, $100 million mosque near the spot of the 9-11 attack heating up, leading luminaries of the Democratic Party have come out in favor of going ahead with it as planned. From the White House we have observed President Obama giving his blessing to the project, both in words and deeds. Building this mosque adjacent to the site of the worst massacre of civilians in US history opens up a dialogue between proponents of Islam and what are termed unbelievers, the President said. And dialogue is what America is all about. Thats...
  • Tom Campbell: Tool of the Muslim Brotherhood?

    04/12/2010 10:59:21 AM PDT · by Michael van der Galien · 2 replies · 434+ views
    Republican Senate candidate in California Tom Campbell is the frontrunner in the nomination fight and his ties to radical Muslims, specifically Sami al-Arian, have become an issue, but the story is bigger. Campbell has surrounded himself with people tied to the Muslim Brotherhood, who recruited him for their political agenda in a campaign that ultimately reached the Bush White House. In November 2001, a Brotherhood document called The Project from 1982 was found by Swiss police raiding the home of Youssef Nada, a Brotherhood leader thought to be financing terrorism. It detailed a sophisticated plan to incrementally bring Sharia Law...
  • Congressman Gerry Connolly Stands up For Islam

    11/20/2009 10:47:43 AM PST · by Islaminaction · 21 replies · 1,022+ views
    Islam in Action ^ | November 20Th, 2009 | Christopher Logan
    About a week ago, Pat Robertson stated that Islam is a "violent political system." (Short video on site.) He happens to be correct, but as usual one of our politicians has to come running to stand up for a religion/political system that they know little about. Virginia's 11Th District Congressman Gerry Connolly (D), has issued this statement calling for Pat Robertson to apologize for his comments about Islam. In the week since Mr. Robertsons statement that Islam is not a religion but a violent political system whose adherents should be treated like members of the communist or fascist party, I...
  • Muslim Americans encouraged, hopeful after Obama

    07/12/2009 6:04:40 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 13 replies · 877+ views
    Reuters ^ | July 12, 2009 | Wendell Marsh
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Iraqi Americans Wasan Alqaisi and Sumer Majid made a Fourth of July family picnic of kebab -- served on hamburger buns with slices of American cheese. Celebrating Independence Day in the U.S. capital, the two Muslim women were doing what generations of Americans have done before them: blending their faith and lifestyle with a U.S. national identity. Eight years after Middle East militants carried out the September 11 attacks, Muslim Americans are raising their profile, encouraged by the election of Barack Obama, a U.S. president proud of his Kenyan father's Muslim heritage. The president, who is a...
  • Bill Clinton: U.S. no longer dominated by Christians and Jews

    06/14/2009 3:40:13 PM PDT · by NYer · 95 replies · 3,087+ views
    One News Now ^ | June 14, 2009 | Christine Simmons
    WASHINGTON - Former President Bill Clinton has told an Arab-American audience of 1,000 people that the U.S. is no longer just a black-white country, nor a country that is dominated by Christians and a powerful Jewish minority In a speech to the group on Saturday, Clinton said that given the growing numbers of Muslims, Hindus and other religious groups here, Americans should be mindful of the nation's changing demographics, which led to the election of Barack Obama as president. Clinton said by 2050 the U.S. will no longer have a majority of people with European heritage and that in an...
  • Muslim Americans Find Inspiration In Obama's Speech [89% Muslims Voted Obama!]

    06/05/2009 10:30:05 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 21 replies · 1,153+ views
    LATimes ^ | June 05, 2009
    Muslim Americans find inspiration in Obama's speech In Los Angeles and nationwide, Muslims say they are hopeful Obama's address in Cairo will improve the image of their faith, tarnished by perceptions of extremism since Sept. 11. By Duke Helfand and P.J. Huffstutter June 5, 2009 Reporting from Los Angeles and Fort Wayne, Ind. -- In Los Angeles, Salam Al-Marayati found himself smiling as he watched President Obama enumerate Muslim contributions to civilization and to the United States. In Dearborn, Mich., home to the nation's largest Arab American community, leaders quietly cheered Obama's speech in Cairo, hoping it would usher in...
  • Obama Administration Stacking the Deck with Islamists

    05/02/2009 12:21:12 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 11 replies · 1,196+ views
    Pundicity/FamilySecurityMatters ^ | April 15, 2009 | M. Zuhdi Jasser
    As we try to understand where the Obama administration will fall with regards to the global threat of political Islam, the first few months have provided a number of hints, not least of which was the tenor of the recent visit to Turkey. It was painfully obvious after witnessing the length to which the Obama team went to avoid any substantive discussion on political Islam and the threat it poses to human rights abroad and domestically. Domestically, in the weeks preceding his trip, Islamists inside the Beltway began to more openly play their cards to what they obviously perceive to...

    03/31/2009 7:56:21 PM PDT · by tedbel · 4 replies · 684+ views
    ISRAPUNDIT ^ | March 31/09 | Ted Belman
    One year ago I wrote about Obamas Muslim connection. No matter how strong this connection was, the main stream media and ultimately Jewish Americans ignored it. The person who made me proudest of all, Obama wrote, was Roy. Actually, now we call him Abongo, his Luo name, for two years ago he decided to reassert his African heritage. He converted to Islam, and has sworn off pork and tobacco and alcohol. On February 27th, Barack Hussein Obama said the Muslim call to prayer is one of the prettiest sounds on Earth. Although Obama played he Christian card while campaigning, he...
  • Obama gets list of top Muslim Americans

    03/29/2009 7:53:27 AM PDT · by Leisler · 25 replies · 1,013+ views
    Denver Post ^ | 03/27/2009 | staff
    CHICAGO In a bid to get more Muslim Americans working in the Obama administration, a book with resumes of 45 of the nation's most qualified Ivy League grads, Fortune 500 executives and public servants, all carefully vetted has been submitted to the White House. The effort, driven by community leaders and others, including U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., was bumped up two weeks because White House officials heard about the venture, said J. Saleh Williams, program coordinator for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association, who sifted through more than 300 names. "It was mostly under the radar," Williams...
  • My Muslim President Obama (Why members of the Islamic faith see him as one of the flock.)

    02/25/2009 10:28:14 AM PST · by SeafoodGumbo · 45 replies · 1,268+ views
    Forbes ^ | 02.25.09 | Asma Gull Hasan
    I know President Obama is not Muslim, but I am tempted nevertheless to think that he is, as are most Muslims I know. In a very unscientific oral poll, ranging from family members to Muslim acquaintances, many of us feel, just as African-Americans did for the non-black but culturally leaning African-American President Bill Clinton, that we have our first American Muslim president in Barack Hussein Obama.
  • Obama Reaches Out to the Muslim World (Obama reaches out to his own kind)

    01/23/2009 4:59:24 PM PST · by tobyhill · 26 replies · 234+ views
    warshington post ^ | 1/23/2009 | Eboo Patel
    <p>I ran into Shaykh Hamza Yusuf, one of American's Islam's foremost scholars, at the Presidential Prayer Service on Wednesday. His first words to me were, "This President is reaching out to us. It's good for the Muslim world to hear that."</p>
  • Obama pledges new start with Muslims

    01/20/2009 7:36:57 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 41 replies · 1,117+ views
    reuters ^ | January 20, 2009 | Sue Pleming
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) President Barack Obama promised to improve U.S. ties with the Muslim world in his inauguration address on Tuesday, after tensions that followed the September 11 attacks and the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. "To the Muslim world, we seek a new way forward, based on mutual interest and mutual respect," said Obama, who became the first black president of the United States. Obama, a practicing Christian, spent several years of his childhood in Indonesia, the most populous Muslim nation. His American mother, Ann Dunham, married Muslim Indonesian Lolo Soetoro after the end of her marriage to Obama's...
  • CNNs Zain Verjee: Obama Inauguration Like Muslim Pilgrimage to Mecca

    01/20/2009 12:42:57 PM PST · by Pyro7480 · 35 replies · 1,010+ views ^ | 1/20/2009 | Matthew Balan
    CNN correspondent Zain Verjee, in a report posted on on January 17, likened the expected large crowds for the inauguration of Barack Obama to the Hajj, the annual Muslim pilgrimage to Mecca: The coming political pilgrimage to Washington is similar to another grand event in both size and preparation -- the Hajj, the most important religious pilgrimage in the Muslim world. Verjee has personal experience of the Hajj, as she belongs to the Ismaili branch of Shiite Islam. She filed a web log for CNN of her experience on the pilgrimage in 2005. During her report, she emphasized how...
  • Obama to Reach out to Muslims

    01/18/2009 3:16:54 PM PST · by Islaminaction · 60 replies · 1,343+ views
    Islam in Action ^ | Jan. 18Th 2008 | Christopher Logan
    Our new leader President Obama apparently thinks he has thought of a new approach in regards to the Islamic threat. His plan is to give a speech of appeasement in a major Islamic country within the first 100 days of taking office.
  • Obama reaches out to Muslims

    01/17/2009 2:33:47 PM PST · by Steelfish · 66 replies · 1,323+ views
    London Times ^ | January 18, 2009
    From The Sunday Times January 18, 2009 Obama reaches out to Muslims Sarah Baxter in Washington BARACK OBAMA is planning to reach out to the Islamic world, seeking a rapprochement with Muslim opinion alienated by the Bush administration. He believes a personal initiative will dramatise his wish to reassure Muslims, and intends to give a speech in an Islamic capital during his first 100 days in office as a sign of his engagement. He has not said where. Egypt and Pakistan are obvious possibilities, but there has been speculation that he could choose Indonesia, the worlds most populous Muslim nation,...
  • Ellison: Muslims should apply for Barack Hussein Obamas 8,000 jobs

    12/13/2008 9:38:43 AM PST · by TornadoAlley3 · 15 replies · 727+ views ^ | 12/10/08 | Chris Steller
    Barack Obamas election with the middle name Hussein (invoked to rile Republican crowds during the presidential campaign) should inspire Muslims to pursue public service and other work, even if they speak with accents or their names are perceived as foreign-sounding, U.S. Rep. Keith Ellison told the recent annual meeting of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR). Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress, followed up on CAIR Executive Director Nihad Awads plea for Obama to hire Muslims to federal posts by urging American Muslims to apply for some of the administrations 8,000 job openings.
  • Gerry Connolly:The Congressman From the Muslim Brotherhood

    12/07/2008 2:52:31 PM PST · by Shellybenoit · 16 replies · 805+ views
    Yidwithlid ^ | 12/6/08 | Yidwithlid
    Remember Gerry Connolly, Democrat rep for the Jihad is on the take for CAIR's. Remember it was Connolly who offered strong defense of the Islamic school in Fairfax Va, that teaches jihad, Islamic Jew hatred and aids and abets child sexual molestation) See Here. Connolly, was just elected congressman from Virginia's 11th District -- offered a strong defense of the school and accused the school's critics of slander during the meeting in which the lease was approved. At that time it was discovered that during the democratic primary Connolly was took donations from Nehad Hammadthe Executive Director of the Council...
  • Obama viewed as an internationalist president (by Muslims)[Barf Alert]

    11/19/2008 4:50:25 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies · 532+ views
    The Islamabad Daily Times ^ | November 20, 2008 | Khalid Hasan
    WASHINGTON: President-elect Barack Obama has been welcomed in the world as an internationalist president, the antithesis of George W Bush, who is often regarded as a swaggering Texas cowboy, according to Prof John Esposito. Esposito, a leading US authority on Islam, believes that Obamas foreign policy will be expected to be all the things that many in the Muslim world saw as lacking in the Bush administration, which was viewed as neo-colonial, unilateral, arrogant, militant and interventionist. An Obama administration will be expected to be multilateral, favouring diplomacy over military threats and intervention, and avoiding what many believe was a...
  • Muslims demand removal of Senator Lieberman from Homeland Security Committee

    11/18/2008 1:11:52 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 25 replies · 894+ views ^ | November 18, 2008 | Raymond
    Poor Lieberman. A few months back, his aides contacted me about testifying in front of him and Congress regarding the Muslim Brotherhood. During our conference call, his aides seemed to have determined that my characterization of the Brotherhood was not very "nuanced" (evinced by the incessant question, "But some of the Brotherhood are ok, right?" to which I would always answer "No.") Anyway and as expected, that settled that, and I was never re-asked to testify. But even though they took all these "safeguards," here Lieberman is: accused by Muslims of being, in essence, an Islamophobe. "Arab Americans want Lieberman...
  • Obama Supporters Without a Cause

    11/15/2008 3:40:06 PM PST · by FocusNexus · 32 replies · 1,043+ views
    ABC News ^ | Nov. 15, 2008 | JOHN BERMAN
    When he won, it was pure exhilaration. But now what? "Honestly, the next day there was a little bit of a deflation," Obama volunteer Zeba Khan told "Good Morning America," "like we were down a little." Khan, 28, is one of a number of Obama activists who have found themselves at a loss. Their mission accomplished, there is no longer that cause to throw their enthusiasm behind. "It became my life," said Khan, who knocked on doors in Ohio and even set up a Web site to solicit support from Muslim Americans. "It literally was." ... Some think there is...
  • Its Time for President Elect Obama to Speak on Behalf of American Arabs and Muslims

    11/11/2008 5:29:41 PM PST · by SJackson · 20 replies · 363+ views
    TAM ^ | 11-11-08 | Sheila Musaji
    It’s Time for President Elect Obama to Speak on Behalf of American Arabs and Muslims Sheila Musaji Posted Nov 11, 2008      • Permalink      • Printer-Friendly Version It’s Time for President Elect Obama to Speak on Behalf of American Arabs and Muslims by Sheila Musaji When President Elect Obama appointed Rahm Emmanuel as his White House Chief of Staff, there was some concern in the American Arab and Muslim communities.  The concern was due to the fact that Emmanuel was seen as so hard line pro-Israel that he would not even consider the Palestinian position.  His...
  • Muslim Brotherhood Celebrates Obama's Victory

    11/06/2008 1:47:08 AM PST · by RobinMasters · 10 replies · 889+ views
    Weasel Zippers ^ | November 05, 2008 | Weasel Zippers
    If you voted for Obama, it is..... Amman- The Islamic Action Front (IAF), Jordan's largest political party, on Wednesday expressed guarded optimism over the election of Barak Obama as the next US president and said they considered his win an "apology" from the American people to the peoples of Iraq and Afghanistan. "We welcome Obama's election and believe that his win represents a clear message inside as well as outside America," IAF Secretary General Zaki Bani Ershaid told Deutsche Presse-Agentur. "Obama's victory is also tantamount to an apology from the American people for the crimes committed by the outgoing Republican...