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  • The golden apple of discord

    10/15/2016 11:38:21 AM PDT · by ATOMIC_PUNK · 3 replies
    Once upon a time, long ago, Queen Hecuba of Troy had a dream. The queen was pregnant at the time, eagerly awaiting the birth of her first child. But one night she dreamed she gave birth to a flaming torch. When she told her husband, King Priam, he became worried and called upon his eldest son, Aesacus, the seer, to tell him the meaning. "Your newborn son will be the downfall of Troy," Aesacus said. "He must be killed to save our people." And so when the baby boy, named Paris, was born, Hecuba and Priam looked into his eyes...
  • Obama may have confused ISIS with Isis

    07/17/2016 1:19:49 PM PDT · by DanMiller · 13 replies
    Dan Miller's Blog ^ | July 17, 2016 | Dan Miller
    Obama constantly tells us that ISIS (The Islamic State) has nothing to do with Islam, even though Islam is its foundation. However Isis, the Egyptian goddess ofhealth, marriage, and wisdom, plainly had nothing to do with Islam. If Obama's references are actually to Isis, then His characterization is true.After the silly stuff, there are some pertinent videos about the ongoing Islamist conquest of America under Obama. First, a not-very-funny attempt at humor on a very unfunny topic. Not Islamist terrorist Not Isis' followers Not Egyptian goddesses The Cultural Appropriation Is our Right (CAIR) organization praised Obama for His appropriation...
  • The Classical Roots of The Hunger Games

    11/13/2014 9:41:01 AM PST · by Bratch · 28 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | Nov. 13, 2014 | Barry Strauss
    The latest installment in The Hunger Games film franchise opens on Nov. 21 and promises to be another blockbuster. What accounts for the movies success? The obvious answer, of course, is the combination of the irresistible Jennifer Lawrence and Hollywood special effects with a rollicking good story. But we shouldnt ignore the deeper themes of the tale, which are not only classic but classical, reaching back to Greece and Rome and the very foundations of Western culture. At the heart of the story are three beautiful, heroic young people: Katniss Everdeen and her male romantic interests, Peeta Mellark and Gale...
  • Clear Your Calendars: Viking Apocalypse Scheduled for Saturday (February 22, 2014)

    02/19/2014 9:15:53 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 38 replies
    Yahoo! Odd News ^ | February 19, 2014 | Mike Kumboltz
    Clear your calendars: Viking apocalypse scheduled for Saturday Thor, Odin, Loki all scheduled to attend epic battle hastening world's end Now's the time to cash out your life insurance policy and have a little fun, because, according to Norse mythology, the world is ending this Saturday. Sorry to be a bummer, but you should know we're about 100 days into an epic battle that will culminate with the earth falling into the sea, NPR explains. On the bright side, at least you'll have an excuse for not going to your nephew's Chuck E. Cheese's party on Sunday. For those whose...
  • PETA to Bigfoot Hunters: You Shouldn't 'Shoot and Kill It' Just Because You Can

    02/02/2014 1:13:42 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 38 replies
    |Myrtle Beach News Examiner ^ | February 1, 2014 | Norman Byrd
    The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are certain about one thing, even though they do not acknowledge that Bigfoot is real: It is just as unethical to kill a Sasquatch as it would be any other animal. In a report posted by the CBS Houston on Jan. 30, the animal rights activists reacted to the idea much as expected, because to members of their organization, shooting and killing a living creature, whether it be for food or sport, is an atrocity. PETA spokesperson Lindsay Rajt told The Houston Chronicle: As an organization we do oppose hunting of...
  • Coroner: Man Dies of Natural Causes After Opening Pandoras Box

    11/15/2013 11:42:20 AM PST · by smokingfrog · 25 replies
    eCanadaNow ^ | 11-14-13 | Sidney Martin
    A 37-year old man from Cumbria died from unexplained causes after allegedly opening a box in his bedroom that was mysteriously labeled Pandoras Box, reports the Huff Post. The term refers to a legend from Greek mythology in which Pandora received a container said to hold all of the worlds sorrows, troubles and evils, with a mandate to open it at her own risk. Police officials say they are stumped as to why Jason Aireys heart failed after he opened a container that held synthetic cannabis. Airey was found unconscious in his bedroom and rushed to a nearby hospital. But...
  • Evolution to blame for murder of millions? (Book Review)

    10/03/2013 12:54:16 PM PDT · by kimtom · 178 replies ^ | 10/3/2013 | Jim Fletcher
    A trip through a major Holocaust museum will tell you most of what you need to know about the mindset of the fiends who murdered millions in the middle of the last century. Poster-size images of death-camp inmates all staring blankly attest to the monstrous worldview of the prisoners tormentors. What, though, really explains the Nazi capacity for murder? How could regular people slaughter children? What possessed pun intended Hitlers willing executioners to butcher women and old men? I think Jerry Bergman has figured it out In a new book, Hitler and the Nazi Darwinian Worldview,...
  • Archaeologists uncover ancient 'gate to hell' in Turkey

    04/02/2013 12:51:11 PM PDT · by illiac · 22 replies
    MSN News ^ | 4/2/13 | MSNNews
    An ancient cave known as the 'gate to hell' in Greco-Roman mythology has reportedly been discovered in southwestern Turkey. The ruins of the "gate to hell," an ancient cave to the underworld in Greco-Roman mythology, have been discovered in Turkey, Italian archaeologists have announced. The cave, also known as Pluto's Gate, was uncovered in the ancient Phrygian city of Hierapolis, now known as the city of Pamukkale, in southwestern Turkey.
  • The Enquiring Hitchhiker Interviews Daniel Knauf Creator of the TV Series Carnivale

    09/18/2012 7:24:13 PM PDT · by EveningStar
    The Freehold ^ | September 17, 2012 | Jonathan David Baird
    This week we are proud to bring you an interview with Daniel Knauf. You may remember Daniel as the creator of the hit HBO show Carnivle. He is currently working to recreate the story telling genre with his Bxx internet format. Bxx presents a non-linear method of telling a story in which the viewer can follow the story from multiple angles, out of sequence, or even follow specific characters through the story.
  • 'Myths' Are More Plausible than Fiction

    07/24/2012 8:31:13 PM PDT · by rjbemsha · 17 replies
    Daily Telegraph via Europhysics Letters ^ | 25 July 2012 | Nick Collins
    [Research] "findings support historians' belief that ancient myths ... may be based, at least in part, on real communities and people." Researchers from Coventry University analysed the texts of three ancient stories and compared the complex web of characters' relationships with the type of "social networks" that occur in real life. The results showed that the societies depicted in the stories strongly mirrored real social networks that had been mapped out by others. But modern fiction differed from the ancient myths, as well as from real social networks, in telltale ways.
  • U.S. Government: No Evidence of Aquatic Humanoids (i.e., "Mermaids") Has Ever Been Found.

    07/03/2012 8:51:47 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 40 replies
    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration ^ | July 2012 | National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
    No evidence of aquatic humanoids has ever been found. Mermaids those half-human, half-fish sirens of the sea are legendary sea creatures chronicled in maritime cultures since time immemorial. The ancient Greek epic poet Homer wrote of them in The Odyssey. In the ancient Far East, mermaids were the wives of powerful sea-dragons, and served as trusted messengers between their spouses and the emperors on land. The aboriginal people of Australia call mermaids yawkyawks a name that may refer to their mesmerizing songs. The belief in mermaids may have arisen at the very dawn of our species. Magical...
  • Coyotes Are the New Top Dogs

    05/17/2012 4:09:20 PM PDT · by SJackson · 60 replies
    Scientific American ^ | May 17, 2012 | Sharon Levy
    Coyotes are champions of change and have evolved in clever ways to take advantage of a human-dominated landscape Near the dawn of time, the story goes, Coyote saved the creatures of Earth. According to the mythology of Idaho's Nez Perce people, the monster Kamiah had stalked into the region and was gobbling up the animals one by one. The crafty Coyote evaded Kamiah but didn't want to lose his friends, so he let himself be swallowed. From inside the beast, Coyote severed Kamiah's heart and freed his fellow animals. Then he chopped up Kamiah and threw the pieces to the...
  • FILM: Courageous [Heroes Protecting the Streets, Fathers Trying to Connect, Honor Begins at Home]

    10/21/2011 12:12:01 PM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 10 replies
    Yahoo /Movies ^ | 10/18/2011 | Yahoo
    Four men, one calling: To serve and protect. As law enforcement officers, Adam Mitchell, Nathan Hayes, David Thomson, and Shane Fuller are confident and focused. Yet at the end of the day, they face a challenge that none of them are truly prepared to tackle: fatherhood. While they consistently give their best on the job, good enough seems to be all they can muster as dads. But they're quickly discovering that their standard is missing the mark. When tragedy hits home, these men are left wrestling with their hopes, their fears, their faith, and their fathering. Can a newfound urgency...
  • Prohibition Didnt Create Capone

    06/21/2011 4:02:59 PM PDT · by AustralianConservative · 91 replies
    Weekend Libertarian ^ | June 21, 2011 | B.P. Terpstra
    .But temperance Chicago never created Capone. To paint Prohibition as a failure is rather simplistic, because it was always a mixed bag. As author Daniel Okrent (no Prohibition lover) explained to, People don't realize how much drinking there was in this country before Prohibition. We were awash in booze. In 1830, for example, the per capita consumption of alcohol was three times what it is today -- 90 bottles of booze per year per person over the age of 15. By 1933, drinking was around 70 percent of pre-Prohibition. Change isnt always a straight road. Again, Prohibition was a...
  • The Legend of Lord Obaama, Or, King Merde-Ass

    03/20/2011 9:37:42 PM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 15 replies
    grey_whiskers ^ | 03-20-2011 | grey_whiskers
    The Legend of Lord Obaama Obaama was, according to legend, a Lord in the Land of the Far West. Although his parentage and birth were suspect, he yet remained desirous of power and prestige. Being suave, clean-spoken, and glib of speech, particularly when speaking with the aid of his personal Oracle, he ascended quickly through the ranks of the People's Party. Following a lofty speech before a gathering of the Party, he saw it in his power to aspire to the highest office in the land, held by the evil king, στιβεύς. (*) But not all was smooth. In order...

    10/26/2010 6:45:09 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 19 replies
    DiscoveryNews ^ | October 22, 2010 | Jennifer Viegas
    Chupacabra Mystery Solved By Jennifer Viegas Halloween stories about the ghostly "chupacabra" circulate every year, but now scientists have solved the mystery surrounding this legendary animal. Instead of being vicious, fanged creatures that supposedly drink the blood of livestock, chupacabras turn out to be wild dogs inflicted with a deadly form of mange, according to University of Michigan biologist Barry OConnor. (Scientists believe legendary chupacabras monsters are actually coyotes with severe cases of mange, like the animal pictured here. Credit: Dan Pence) The myth about chupacabras, also known as goatsuckers, started after reports of livestock attacks in Puerto Rico and...
  • Idris Elba defends Thor film role

    07/16/2010 5:54:21 AM PDT · by VU4G10 · 54 replies · 1+ views ^ | 07.15.10
    <p>Even for an actor who has played a vampire-hunter with a guilty conscience, a Baltimore crime lord with a taste for Adam Smith, and an asset manager with a stalker, the role of the Norse deity Heimdall guardian of the burning rainbow bridge between the world of men and the world of gods was always going to be a bit of a challenge.</p>
  • A question for birthers: why Mombassa?

    05/12/2010 8:47:16 AM PDT · by curiosity · 784 replies · 9,331+ views
    Vanity | Me
    The origin of modern myths and legends is a side interest of mine, the birther myths among them. Now I understand why Obama being born in Kenya made it into your belief system, despite it being physically impluasible (requiring around 5 days and five flights, most on propeller planes) and financially impossible (it would have cost about a year of her parents' combined salaries) for Stanley Ann & Obama Sr. to travel there for her to give birth. After all, Obama's Father was from Kenya, so if you are going to make up a myth about Obama being born abroad,...
  • Travel Like a VIP on a Small Budget in Asia

    04/30/2010 12:29:29 PM PDT · by Niuhuru · 16 replies · 583+ views
    Associated Content ^ | April 30 2010 | Alice Winters
    Rarely are currency exchange rates as good for the American dollar as that of Asian countries. In Asia, the American dollar carries a lot of clout and with the recent devaluation of the USD; it is a good thing that these countries offer an excellent trip for so little cost to Americans.
  • Squid Fossils, Ancient DNA, and a Young Earth

    10/27/2009 10:09:22 AM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 27 replies · 1,613+ views
    ACTS & FACTS ^ | October 2009 | Frank Sherwin, M.A.
    The field of biology has provided much support for a recent creation, and physical evidence of very young-looking biological materials from supposedly ancient fossils continues to accrue from around the world, and from various depths under the earth. In August of this year, paleontologists in Trowbridge, Wiltshire, England, made a discovery that astounded the evolutionary community...
  • Crete quarry could be original site of ancient Greek Labyrinth

    10/16/2009 6:34:03 PM PDT · by BGHater · 8 replies · 658+ views
    Telegraph ^ | 16 Oct 2009 | Telegraph
    An old stone quarry on the Greek island of Crete which has a network of underground tunnels could be the original site of the ancient Labyrinth, the maze that housed the Minotaur of Greek legend, scholars believe. An Anglo-Greek team believes that the site, near the town of Gortyn, has just as much claim to be the place of the Labyrinth as the Minoan palace at Knossos 20 miles away, which has been synonymous with the Minotaur myth since its excavation a century ago. The 600,000 people a year who visit the ruins at Knossos are told the site was...
  • The Holy Grail of the Unconscious

    09/20/2009 10:54:25 AM PDT · by BGHater · 23 replies · 1,318+ views
    The New York Times ^ | 16 Sep 2009 | SARA CORBETT
    This is a story about a nearly 100-year-old book, bound in red leather, which has spent the last quarter century secreted away in a bank vault in Switzerland. The book is big and heavy and its spine is etched with gold letters that say Liber Novus, which is Latin for New Book. Its pages are made from thick cream-colored parchment and filled with paintings of otherworldly creatures and handwritten dialogues with gods and devils.If you didnt know the books vintage, you might confuse it for a lost medieval tome. And yet between the books heavy covers, a very modern story...
  • Unusual and Marvelous Maps

    08/16/2009 7:15:48 PM PDT · by BGHater · 26 replies · 3,922+ views
    DRB ^ | 15 Aug 2009 | Simon Rose
    Hideous monsters devouring ships? Old map symbols, correctly showing storm fronts & dangerous currents Ive always been fond of maps, from those antique ones showing sea serpents and hideous monsters devouring ships in the vast expanses of the ocean, to those showing what the world looked like in the distant, and not so distant, past. Maps have, of course, been with us in one form or another, for a long time. Jerusalem is in the center - from "Itinerarium Sacrae Scipturae", by Heinrich Bunting, 1545-1606 Heres a world map according to Posidonius, from around 150-130 B.C. - Ptolemy's version of...
  • Mermaid fever sweeps Israel beach town of Krivat Yam as many report sightings of fabled creature

    08/15/2009 9:48:44 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 29 replies · 2,086+ views
    NY Daily News ^ | Wednesday, August 12th 2009 |
    Mermaid fever sweeps Israel beach town of Krivat Yam as many report sightings of fabled creature BY Issie Lapowsky DAILY NEWS STAFF WRITER Wednesday, August 12th 2009 Are mermaids real? Dozens of people in Israel have reported sightings of the mythical half-woman, half-fish. Take our Poll Mermaid sightings? What do you think people are really seeing in the ocean in Israel? A dolphin or some kind of fish A woman dressed up as a mermaid Nothing, their eyes are playing tricks on them. A mermaid. If all those people say they've seen one, it must be true! Related News Articles...
  • Venetia Phair Dies at 90; as a girl, She Named Pluto

    05/13/2009 4:10:19 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 16 replies · 2,422+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | May 11, 2009
    At age 11, the keen student of mythology suggested naming the newly discovered planet after the Roman god of the underworld.Venetia Phair, who was 11 years old when she suggested Pluto as the name of the newly discovered planet, has died in England. She was 90. She died at home in Epsom, south of London, on April 30, her family said. The cause of death was not disclosed. Phair suggested the name to her grandfather at breakfast in 1930. "My grandfather, as usual, opened the paper, The Times, and in it he read that a new planet had been discovered....
  • But the New Testament does not make a big deal out of the Age of the Earth

    03/26/2009 7:20:22 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 249 replies · 3,849+ views
    CMI ^ | March 26, 2009 | Peter Milford
    But the New Testament does not make a big deal out of the Age of the Earth by Peter Milford ... The issue of the age of the earth parallels circumcision. In my experience, the first response from Christians who do not accept the age of the earth that the Scriptures indicate, is to say something like The New Testament does not make a big deal out of the age of the earth or It is not the purpose of the Bible to give the age of the earth. Their point is that (1) the issue of the age of...
  • Permian Extinction: The Origin of Specious Geological Events

    03/09/2009 9:09:11 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 42 replies · 1,312+ views
    CEH ^ | March 9, 2009
    March 9, 2009 The Permian extinction one of the most dramatic events in the history of life on Earth, in which some 90% of species went now being interpreted as a nonevent by four geologists. ... Robert Gastaldo and two geology colleagues from Colby College in Maine, and geologist Johann Neveling from Pretoria, studied the Permian-Triassic boundary in the Karoo Basin of South Africa and published a paper in Geology this month,1 titled, The terrestrial Permian-Triassic boundary event bed is a nonevent. ... Well, isnt this an upset. How much lag time will it take to change...
  • Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood

    03/05/2009 6:57:01 PM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 127 replies · 3,465+ views
    Terrible lizards trapped by terrible Flood Tas Walker A trail of fossilized claw marks found in northern Spain reveals the desperation of animals struggling to escape drowning in the Genesis Flood. ... That the footprints were preserved at all indicates the dinosaurs were engulfed by abnormal conditions. Today footprints are quickly obliterated, especially on a beach or in a strong current. But in the sandstone in Spain even the delicate features of the scratches were preserved, which means that sediment covered the tracks (and the ripple marks) soon after the dinosaur struggled past...
  • Darwinism as the Origin of Islamic Fascism

    03/04/2009 8:22:43 AM PST · by Jeff Gardner · 12 replies · 1,294+ views
    catholic Radio ^ | February 29, 2009 | Jeff Gardner
    In his first full-length American radio interview, Adnan Oktar, pen name Harun Yahya, a Muslim, Turkish intellectual posit the theory that the source of terrorism, including Islamic terrorism, is Darwinism.
  • Confronting Evolution's Racists Roots

    02/26/2009 8:31:37 PM PST · by Tailgunner Joe · 50 replies · 2,149+ views ^ | February 27, 2009 | Paul Strand - CROSSROADS BIBLE COLLEGE, Ind. - Darwin's book on human evolution, The Descent of Man, revealed him as what John West calls "a virulent racist." "He did write extensively about how evolution by natural selection creates unequal races, and that in the evolutionary scheme of things, blacks are the closest to apes," he explained. West is the author of Darwin Day in America. "It's not just residual racism," he added. "He's using his scientific theory as a justification for racism and countless scientists after Darwin latched on to that." Hosea Baxter directs reconciliation ministries at Crossroads Bible College. He...
  • Why Darwin was wrong about the tree of life (Creationists have been saying this for decades!)

    02/24/2009 6:37:38 AM PST · by GodGunsGuts · 201 replies · 4,647+ views
    New Scientist ^ | January 21, 2009 | Graham Lawton
    ... The tree-of-life concept was absolutely central to Darwin's thinking, equal in importance to natural selection...Without it the theory of evolution would never have happened. The tree also helped carry the day for evolution. ... For much of the past 150 years, biology has largely concerned itself with filling in the details of the tree. "For a long time the holy grail was to build a tree of life," says Eric Bapteste, an evolutionary biologist at the Pierre and Marie Curie University in Paris, France. A few years ago it looked as though the grail was within reach. But today...
  • Mythic Birthplace of Zeus Said Found

    02/09/2009 1:15:59 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 26 replies · 767+ views on Yahoo ^ | 2/9/09 | Heather Whipps
    The Greek god of thunder and lightning had Earthly beginnings, and scientists think they finally know where. Ancient Greeks first worshipped the omnipotent Zeus at a remote altar on Mount Lykaion, a team of Greek and American archaeologists now think. During a recent dig at the site, the researchers found ceremonial goods commonly used in cult activity and dated at over three millennia old, making them the earliest known "appearance" of Zeus in Greece. The discovery challenges the idea that Zeus worship began on the Greek island of Crete, which at least one classical historian names as the god's mythic...
  • Applying Meaning to Management With Ancient Hindu Mythology

    01/31/2009 11:29:49 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 3 replies · 500+ views
    Washington Post ^ | Monday, January 26, 2009 | Rama Lakshmi
    Fifteen young managers with a top Indian retail company met in their office basement recently to sip coffee and listen to a talk about their specialty: brand building. The speaker, renowned mythology expert Devdutt Pattanaik, is also the company's "chief belief officer." Cupping his chin in his hand, Pattanaik launched into a story: "Once upon a time, there was a conference of the gods to discuss the affairs of human beings." The ancient Hindu tales that Pattanaik, 38, tells his corporate audiences are full of fallible kings, stoically suffering queens, demons enticing the gods into lawless jungles, gods with rivers...
  • The Improvised Odyssey of Barack Obama

    12/30/2008 12:06:50 AM PST · by neverdem · 23 replies · 974+ views
    American Thinker ^ | December 28, 2008 | Jack Cashill
    There is no science to validate the thesis that follows, no academy to adjudicate it, and little hope of convincing the Obama faithful even to consider it, let alone concede its validity. That much said, the evidence is self-evident, accessible to all, and overwhelming. The thesis is simple enough: Bill Ayers served as Barack Obama's muse in the creation of Obama's 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father. Ayers breathed creative life into this ungifted amateur, who had written nothing of note before, and reconceived him as a literary prodigy. "I was astonished by his ability to write, to think, to...
  • Noah's Ark - Fact Not Fiction

    08/22/2008 9:59:31 AM PDT · by Fennie · 81 replies · 1,784+ views
    In 1943 during WW2, an army Sgt., Ed Davis, was working in Iran near the Turkish border, in charge of locals hired by our army to build a road through Iran to the Soviet border, which would carry supplies to the Soviets instead of flying them in. In short, Ed did a tremendous favor for a little Kurdish village near Ararat. His workers were mostly Kurds and the chief of the village came to Ed and asked if he would like to see Noah's Ark. He said the summer on the mountain had been hottest in many years and the...
  • Creationist Bill Signed by Jindal

    06/27/2008 2:04:21 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 490 replies · 1,879+ views
    LGF ^ | June 27, 2008
    Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has signed a stealth creationist bill into law, and American educational standards take a huge step backward: Science law could set tone for Jindal. The creationist front group called the Discovery Institute is quietly crowing, and maintaining the fiction that the bill is not religiously-based.
  • Anchorage digs out after record snowfall

    04/28/2008 3:17:04 AM PDT · by MNJohnnie · 23 replies · 84+ views
    Anchorage continues to dig out from a snowfall that set a record for the day and the month.The National Weather Service says 17.2 inches fell at its office just south of Anchorage's international airport and 22 inches fell in northeast Anchorage on Friday and Saturday. The heaviest snow fell between 3 and 6 p.m. Friday at a rate of almost two inches per hour. The monthly total at the weather service office is now 29.7 inches, breaking a record from 1963 when 27.6 inches fell during April.
  • ISU "intelligent design" prof denied tenure.

    06/11/2007 6:07:54 AM PDT · by LinnKeyes2000 · 53 replies · 1,010+ views
    Iowa State University ^ | 6/11/07 | Greg Happel
    It seems that a prof that sees value in intelligent design theory has been barred from tenure.
  • Creation Museum Marries Adam, Eve and Dinosaurs

    05/26/2007 9:24:34 AM PDT · by Sleeping Beauty · 358 replies · 5,268+ views
    ABC News ^ | May 25, 2007 | Staff
    Some Scientists Worry That Sophisticated Center Will Distort Children's Views of Science According to an ABC News poll, 60 percent of Americans believe God created the world in six days. In Petersburg, Ky., this weekend, a creation museum is opening that depicts a story far from what you may have learned in science class. Exhibits at almost every natural history museum teach that dinosaurs are millions of years old, and that they died out long before human beings existed. But at the Creation Museum, they say God created dinosaurs and humans at the same time. The Creation Museum, designed by...
  • Dinosaur 'feathers' are no such thing

    05/22/2007 8:36:06 PM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 177 replies · 3,506+ views ^ | May 23, 2007 | Staff
    The theory that dinosaurs gave rise to birds has been dealt a blow by palaeontologists who have examined critical evidence from a Chinese fossil. The discoverers of the turkey-sized dinosaur Sinosauropteryx say it would have had primitive feathers, supporting the bird-from-dinosaurs theory. But the latest research says these 'proto-feathers' are really frilly structures on the creature's back. Researchers led by South African academic Professor Theagarten Lingham-Soliar at the University of KwaZulu-Natal publish their study in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B. The debate focuses on Sinosauropteryx, a fossil found in 1994 by a farmer in Liaoning province, northeastern China....
  • Man-to-Monkey Billboards Used to Challenge Evolution

    05/17/2007 9:02:34 AM PDT · by Sopater · 68 replies · 1,799+ views
    Cybercast News Service ^ | May 17, 2007 | Randy Hall
    ( - Billboards that show a man turning into a monkey and an online game entitled "Let's See How Evolution Works" are two elements of a new national campaign launched by a Christian group to call attention to the "lack of proof" for the theory of evolution. Billboards at six locations in Oregon and Georgia ask "Are They Making a Monkey Out of You?" and additional signs are planned for Pennsylvania, Ohio, Tennessee, Kentucky and Missouri, according to Julie Haberle, founder of the Who Is Your Creator non-profit organization. The billboards direct viewers to the group's website, which presents a...
  • Non-OPEC Oil Production Seen Peaking in 2015

    04/03/2007 8:58:47 AM PDT · by thackney · 11 replies · 464+ views
    Dow Jones Newswires via Rig Zone ^ | April 03, 2007 | Oliver Klaus
    Oil supplies from non-Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries producers will increase by as much as 4 million barrels a day and peak in 2015 before dropping from then until 2030, OPEC said Tuesday. Conventional non-OPEC crude production is expected to rise to at 50.5 million barrels a day in 2015 and will fall by nearly 2 million barrels a day to 48.6 million barrels a day over the following 15 years, according to a presentation held by OPEC's research director, Hasan Qabazard, in Riyadh. Non-OPEC production stood at 46.8 million barrels a day in 2005, the presentation, entitled "Global Oil...
  • Some college classes questioning evolution take hold

    10/19/2006 8:28:29 AM PDT · by SirLinksalot · 6 replies · 660+ views
    Pittsburgh Post Gazette ^ | 11/14/2005 | Daniel Golden
    By Daniel Golden, The Wall Street Journal AMES, Iowa -- With a magician's flourish, Thomas Ingebritsen pulled six mousetraps from a shopping bag and handed them out to students in his "God and Science" seminar. At his instruction, they removed one component -- either the spring, hammer or holding bar -- from each mousetrap. They then tested the traps, which all failed to snap. "Is the mousetrap irreducibly complex?" the Iowa State University molecular biologist asked the class. "Yes, definitely," said Jason Mueller, a junior biochemistry major wearing a cross around his neck. That's the answer Mr. Ingebritsen was looking...
  • UK Organization Promotes the Teaching of Scientific Criticisms of Darwinian Theory

    09/25/2006 8:14:34 AM PDT · by SirLinksalot · 10 replies · 393+ views
    TRUTH IN SCIENCE ^ | 09/25/2006
    From their website : ---------------------------------- Welcome to Truth in Science, a new organisation to promote good science education in the UK. Our initial focus will be on the origin of life and its diversity. For many years, much of what has been taught in school science lessons about the origin of the living world has been dogmatic and imbalanced. The theory of Darwinian evolution has been presented as scientifically uncontroversial and the only credible explanation of origins. This is despite the National Curriculum which states: Pupils should be taught "how scientific controversies can arise from different ways of interpreting empirical...
  • Fact, Fable, and Darwin

    09/15/2006 3:39:45 PM PDT · by ofwaihhbtn · 341 replies · 3,597+ views
    One America ^ | 09-2004 | Rodney Stark
    Fact, Fable, and Darwin By Rodney Stark I write as neither a creationist nor a Darwinist, but as one who knows what is probably the most disreputable scientific secret of the past century: There is no plausible scientific theory of the origin of species! Darwin himself was not sure he had produced one, and for many decades every competent evolutionary biologist has known that he did not. Although the experts have kept quiet when true believers have sworn in court and before legislative bodies that Darwin's theory is proven beyond any possible doubt, that's not what reputable biologists, including committed...
  • Evolution led to obesity pandemic

    09/04/2006 10:50:50 AM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 30 replies · 757+ views
    The Scotsman ^ | September 4, 2006 | Michael Perry
    SYDNEY (Reuters) - Evolution and the environment, not just gluttony, has led to a global obesity pandemic, with an estimated 1.5 billion people overweight -- more than the number of undernourished people -- an obesity conference was told on Monday. The mounting epidemic of obesity in children would see many die before their parents, said Kate Steinbeck, co-chair of the 10th International Congress on Obesity in Sydney. [Snip] McGill, senior lecturer in Population Health at the University of Auckland, said humans were designed to maximise their energy intake because their large brains used about one-quarter of their total energy expenditure....
  • Pope prepares to embrace theory of intelligent design

    08/28/2006 12:02:43 PM PDT · by Abathar · 67 replies · 1,586+ views
    Guardian ^ | 08/28/06 | John Hooper
    Philosophers, scientists and other intellectuals close to Pope Benedict will gather at his summer palace outside Rome this week for intensive discussions that could herald a fundamental shift in the Vatican's view of evolution. There have been growing signs the Pope is considering aligning his church more closely with the theory of "intelligent design" taught in some US states. Advocates of the theory argue that some features of the universe and nature are so complex that they must have been designed by a higher intelligence. Critics say it is a disguise for creationism. A prominent anti-evolutionist and Roman Catholic scientist,...
  • New Book To Redefine Design/Evolution Debate

    There have been a couple books that have been turning points in the development of design theory. Evolution: A Theory in Crisis, Darwin's Black Box and The Creator and the Cosmos are all such books. From what I have seen, Creation as Science is the next groundbreaking book. It does what other design books have failed to do, formulate a testable scientific model for design. The author began this in Origins of Life and Who Was Adam?, but here it is the focus of the book. **** Creation As Science: A Testable Model Approach to End the Creation/Evolution Wars Development...
  • Show links Darwin, Hitler ideologiesHolocaust was fallout of evolution theory

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    World Net Daily ^ | Posted: August 19, 2006 | World Net Daily
    Show links Darwin, Hitler ideologies Holocaust was fallout of evolution theory, says new production -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted: August 19, 2006 1:00 a.m. Eastern 2006 Charles Darwin should share with Hitler the blame for the 11 million or more lives lost in the Holocaust, a new television special explains. And, the program says, the more than 45 million American lives lost to abortion also can be blamed on that famous founder of evolutionary theory. The results of Darwins theories "This show basically is about the social effects of Darwinism, and shows this idea, which is scientifically bankrupt, has probably been...
  • U.S. Lags World in Grasp of Genetics and Acceptance of Evolution

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    Live Science ^ | 08/10/06 | Ker Than
    A comparison of peoples' views in 34 countries finds that the United States ranks near the bottom when it comes to public acceptance of evolution. Only Turkey ranked lower. Among the factors contributing to America's low score are poor understanding of biology, especially genetics, the politicization of science and the literal interpretation of the Bible by a small but vocal group of American Christians, the researchers say. American Protestantism is more fundamentalist than anybody except perhaps the Islamic fundamentalist, which is why Turkey and we are so close, said study co-author Jon Miller of Michigan State University. The researchers combined...