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  • UK Organization Promotes the Teaching of Scientific Criticisms of Darwinian Theory

    09/25/2006 8:14:34 AM PDT · by SirLinksalot · 10 replies · 393+ views
    TRUTH IN SCIENCE ^ | 09/25/2006
    From their website : ---------------------------------- Welcome to Truth in Science, a new organisation to promote good science education in the UK. Our initial focus will be on the origin of life and its diversity. For many years, much of what has been taught in school science lessons about the origin of the living world has been dogmatic and imbalanced. The theory of Darwinian evolution has been presented as scientifically uncontroversial and the only credible explanation of origins. This is despite the National Curriculum which states: Pupils should be taught… "how scientific controversies can arise from different ways of interpreting empirical...
  • Religion of peace in action, desperate to prove the Pope's wrong/right...

    09/22/2006 7:16:39 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 8 replies · 1,002+ views
    The Guardian of Islamic Extremism ................................................................................................... Churches Firebombed By Members Of The "Religion of Peace" ...................................................................................................If Islam is the religion of peace, it should act like it The Free Lance-Star, VA - Sep 21, 2006... My next complaint is the lame argument that says something along the lines of "Islam (the religion of peace) doesn't promote violence; remember Christians are ......................................................................................................Death threats from the 'religion of peace'
  • JIHAD on the CHURCH, Muslims want Pontiff out

    09/22/2006 2:02:14 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 41 replies · 2,428+ views
    CalSun ^ | Sep; 22; 2006
    Muslims want Pontiff out Clerics, scholars call for Benedict removal after controversial Islam remarks by AP LAHORE, Pakistan -- About 1,000 Muslim clerics and religious scholars meeting yesterday in eastern Pakistan demanded the removal of Pope Benedict for making what they called "insulting remarks" against Islam.
  • Religion of "peace": If you call me a killer one more time, I'm gonna kill ya

    09/21/2006 10:40:49 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 4 replies · 911+ views
    If you call me a killer one more time, I'm gonna kill ya September 20, 2006 If you call me a killer one more time, I'm gonna killa ya. `Show me just what Mohammed brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached." Those are the words Pope Benedict uttered that has caused quite a stir. Those words were originally uttered in the 14th century by the Byzantine Emporor Manuel II. Now, contrary to the replies from Muslim fanatics, Byzantine was...
  • Religion of Peace Dying to Kill Again

    09/20/2006 11:10:16 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 8 replies · 1,048+ views
    CFP ^ | Monday, September 18, 2006 | J.B. Williams
    Muslims, Islam, Pope Benedict Religion of Peace Dying to Kill Again Al Qaeda terror commander hints at big attack on N.Y., Washington... The new al-Qaeda field commander recently interviewed in Afghanistan, is calling for Muslims to leave the U.S. -- particularly Washington and New York -- in anticipation of a major terror attack to rival Sept. 11, says the Canada Free Press story. Like most peace loving free people of the western world, I'd like very much to believe that Islam is indeed a peaceful religion seeking a peaceful coexistence with all peaceful peoples of the world. It's just hard...
  • Searching For Moderate Muslims (keep searchin'...)

    09/20/2006 12:46:11 AM PDT · by PRePublic · 454+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | September 20, 2006 | David Keene
    Searching For Moderate MuslimsBy David Keene September 20, 2006 The Islamic world, along with the politically correct world, is in a snit because Pope Benedict had the bad judgment in an academic forum to quote a Byzantine emperor's criticism of Islam's justification of forced conversion during his time. Islamic spokesmen reacted quickly, asserting that theirs is a religion of peace, condemning the Pope and blaming him as their followers began a new round of torching Christian churches around the world and killing those who attend them. I am agnostic on the question of whether Islam is at its heart peaceful...
  • Liars descend on 9/11

    09/15/2006 10:41:04 AM PDT · by Sergeant Tim · 162 replies · 3,913+ views
    Stop the New York Times ^ | September 14, 2006 | editors
    While thousands came on 9/11/2006 to honor and remember the 3,000 murdered five years ago by Islamofascists terrorists, a couple hundred people came to repeat scurrilous accusations. Their gathering to express these views is free speech yet their gathering on 9/11, at Ground Zero, says a lot about their lack of character.CLICK ON THE IMAGE ABOVE FOR DETAILSThe leader of these self-proclaimed "9/11 truthers" is Alex Jones, who was also there Monday. He is the guy in the sunglasses in the bottom left of the photo below. The truth is the last thing these ghouls want for their otherwise mundane...
  • The "running out of oil" myth, and the inside story on illegal immigration

    09/05/2006 7:05:37 AM PDT · by seasoned traditionalist · 61 replies · 2,465+ views
    Renew America ^ | September 4, 2006 | Wes Vernon
    Next time you stop at the pump and pay through-the-stratosphere prices to fill your car's tank, just ponder this: We are not — repeat, we are not running out of oil. There is no good reason you should be paying through the nose. There are only bad reasons for it. If you are also angry about illegal aliens pouring over the border, you should know that illegal immigration is the price we are paying to keep to keep gas prices from going even higher, maybe two or three times higher.
  • Evolution led to obesity pandemic

    09/04/2006 10:50:50 AM PDT · by DaveLoneRanger · 30 replies · 757+ views
    The Scotsman ^ | September 4, 2006 | Michael Perry
    SYDNEY (Reuters) - Evolution and the environment, not just gluttony, has led to a global obesity pandemic, with an estimated 1.5 billion people overweight -- more than the number of undernourished people -- an obesity conference was told on Monday. The mounting epidemic of obesity in children would see many die before their parents, said Kate Steinbeck, co-chair of the 10th International Congress on Obesity in Sydney. [Snip] McGill, senior lecturer in Population Health at the University of Auckland, said humans were designed to maximise their energy intake because their large brains used about one-quarter of their total energy expenditure....
  • Recruits Processing Into Military Defy Misconceptions, Myths

    08/02/2006 4:47:03 PM PDT · by SandRat · 16 replies · 664+ views
    FORT MEADE, Md., August 2, 2006 -- A step through the doors of the Military Entrance Processing Station here blows away the myths that the military is struggling to get enough recruits, dropping its standards to get those it does, or glossing over the fact that it’s recruiting into a wartime force. July 31 was the last day of a month in which all the services had already met their quotas for recruits. It was a relatively slow day at the station -- one of 65 dotting the country. Yet the station buzzed with activity as 102 men and women...
  • TxDOT’s "Myth Versus Reality" Press Release Misses the Mark

    07/20/2006 5:38:08 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 60 replies · 812+ views
    Corridor Watch ^ | July 20, 2006 | Corridor Watch
    The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently issued a press release titled, "Myth Versus Reality." A more accurate title might have been, "Myth Versus PR Response." What’s missing in large measure is the Reality. Media outlets that receive this press release should do some fact checking before presenting it to the public without qualification. Granted it is difficult to address every issue in black and white terms. However, TxDOT has a vested interest in making every pig’s ear of the TTC a silk purse. At our goal is education and to call a pig’s ear a pig’s ear. We...
  • News Media and DNC Myths Exposed by Pentagon

    07/14/2006 6:45:22 AM PDT · by Hadean · 4 replies · 716+ views
    Magic City News ^ | 7-13-2006 | Jim Kouri
    Despite news stories and antiwar partisans claiming that military recruitment numbers are down and not meeting Defense Department goals, a Pentagon report shows otherwise. Each of the branches of the military -- Army, Navy, Marines and Air Force -- have met or exceeded their recruitment goals for the 13th month in a row, in spite of not being allowed on many college and high school campuses. The Pentagon report states, "Active-duty recruiting numbers, both for June and for the first nine months of fiscal 2006, continued to exceed 100 percent of goal across the board." The DoD also said that...
  • Education Myths

    06/18/2006 5:50:31 AM PDT · by Valin · 183 replies · 3,455+ views
    The American Enterprise ^ | July/August 2006 | Jay Greene
    Myths aren't lies. They are beliefs that people adopt because they have an air of plausibility. But myths aren't true, and they often get in the way during serious problem-solving. This essay identifies seven common myths that dominate established views of education these days. Dispelling these misconceptions could open the door to long-awaited improvement in our nationÍs schools. The money myth If people know anything about public schools today, it's that they are strapped for cash. Bestselling books, popular movies, and countless lobbying groups portray urban schools as desperately underfunded, and editors of the New York Times write without fear...
  • Costly wager

    06/05/2006 9:18:39 AM PDT · by yoe · 9 replies · 610+ views
    Houston Chronicle ^ | May 5, 2005 | CLAUDIA FELDMAN
    In An Inconvenient Truth, Al Gore warns that if we continue to ignore the causes and effects of global warming, we do so at our peril, with catastrophic results. At the end of the presidential campaign six years ago, Al Gore was political dead meat. Even supporters winced at his stiff campaign style, and a New York Times columnist who asked if he was a dud or a dude pronounced him a dud. That Gore is nowhere to be seen in the movie coming to the Landmark River Oaks Friday, An Inconvenient Truth. Instead, the star of the show is...
  • CIRCUMCISION: Did you know?

    04/05/2006 5:19:29 PM PDT · by Giant Conservative · 580 replies · 13,865+ views
    The Daily Barometer ^ | Today | Daniel Cullen
    The debate about neonatal circumcision is over. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), neonatal circumcision is the result of ignorance, bad medical practice and American social and cultural pressure. Regarding the three most commonly cited justifications for neonatal circumcision (penile cancer, venereal disease and penile hygiene), the AAP now states that the benefits are negligible, which means that the majority of American men are walking around without foreskins for no good reason. Yet, the barbaric practice shows no sign of abating, and for this reason I plan to shed some light on the cultural dark spot of circumcision....
  • Palace Of Homer's Hero Rises Out Of Myths

    03/28/2006 10:59:23 AM PST · by blam · 40 replies · 1,291+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | 3-28-2006 | John Carr
    Palace of Homer's hero rises out of the myths From John Carr in Athens ARCHAEOLOGISTS claim to have unearthed the remains of the 3,500-year-old palace of Ajax, the warrior-king who according to Homer’s Iliad was one of the most revered fighters in the Trojan War. Classicists hailed the discovery, made on a small Greek island, as evidence that the myths recounted by Homer in his epic poem were based on historical fact. The ruins include a large palace, measuring about 750sq m (8,000sq ft), and believed to have been at least four storeys high with more than thirty rooms. Yannos...
  • Our Worst Nightmare: The Puncture of the Current U.S. Housing Bubble

    03/15/2006 12:37:13 PM PST · by ex-Texan · 85 replies · 3,412+ views
    Resouce Investor ^ | 1/32/2006 | Lorimer Wilson
    The key to holding up the entire speculative U.S. financial system with its current excessive levels of debt - federal (current account and trade), state, municipal, corporate and household - is maintaining the U.S. housing bubble. Anything less would result in America’s worst nightmare and, in short order, the entire world. The housing market is dominated by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac who hold 75% of all outstanding home mortgages (and the Federal Home Loan Bank Board to a much lesser extent). One too many additional increases in the Fed rate may well turn out to be the U.S. economy's...
  • Tonight on 20/20: John Stossel Explodes Myths

    02/10/2006 7:45:18 PM PST · by logician2u · 94 replies · 3,224+ views
    ABC News ^ | 2/10/2006
    John Stossel's "Myths, Lies and Nasty Behavior" Think Gas Is More Expensive, Urban Sprawl Is Bad? Think Again Do you think farmers need more government assistance? Do you think gasoline is more expensive than ever? John Stossel may make you reconsider. (ABC) Here's my latest list of things you may have been led to believe are true ? but aren't. I'm also including some nasty behaviors that are more than just annoying, they cost us all money. I hope this will give you a different perspective about your money, your neighbors and your politicians.
  • Eight Myths About India

    02/06/2006 9:47:28 AM PST · by SirLinksalot · 26 replies · 1,039+ views ^ | 02/06/2006 | Alvaro Vargas Llosa
    Eight Myths About IndiaBy Alvaro Vargas Llosa India was the star of the recent World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland (a world- gathering of movers and shakers that has become more fun since a few Hollywood icons decided to spice it up with their guilty consciences.) The fuss over India has surprised many people who think China is the undisputed emerging nation. This seems the right occasion to address eight myths about India today: 1. INDIA HAS SLOWED DOWN. Although the economy is still growing at a rate of 7 percent per year, it has been fashionable to claim India’s...
  • Bye-bye Delay! So long crooks! Goodbye world, I'm gone by ZOT!

    01/08/2006 6:43:32 PM PST · by SoLongCrooks · 317 replies · 9,527+ views
    Yaa, you repukes are not doing so well, huh? Imagine, you repukes control the presidency, both houses of Congress, and appointed 7 of the 9 Supreme Court justices. Yet the Supreme Court thre out sodomy laws in all 50 states and recognized the right of government to seize land for any reason. And you couldn't pass your Social Security changes could you? Sorry, that was your last shot. Come November, we're going to start seeing more Democratic faces in the House. It's the end for you guys. You guys are celebrating when Bush's numbers go *up* to 45%. Then Faux...