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  • Holy cr@p! This zombie attack bike is powered by a chainsaw

    03/31/2012 10:57:19 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 54 replies
    IO9 ^ | March 10, 2012 | Robert T. Gonzalez
    Holy cr@p! This zombie attack bike is powered by a chainsaw I'm sorry, did you think I meant a chainsaw motor? I suppose that's understandable (after all, two-stroke chainsaw engines are often used to convert bicycles into rear-wheel-drive motorbikes), but I didn't say chainsaw motor, did I? I said chainsaw. Because whoever pieced together this unholy death machine has clearly left the power source attached to a number of other components. They've even opted for a FWD conversion so that the saw's guide blade and cutting chain could be front-mounted. 100% terrifying, 100% brilliant. Perfect for plowing through hordes of...
  • Man sings ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ in police car after being arrested for public intoxication

    03/30/2012 4:23:31 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 54 replies
    In this hilarious video, a Canadian man arrested for being drunk in public is seen arguing (gently) in front of a squad car police camera. At first, the man denies "having been sort of intoxicated, as you proclaim." After stumbling over his words, he segues into a rendition of Queen's 1975 hit "Bohemian Rhapsody." As in singing the entire song. (He does get a few of the lyrics wrong.) He even attempts an a capella rendition of the song's musical breakdown
  • Man caught at Texas-Mexico border smuggling birds in pants

    03/30/2012 10:19:32 AM PDT · by Paleo Conservative · 29 replies
    DEL RIO — A Texas man caught trying to smuggle baby parrots back from Mexico by putting the birds in his pants has been fined more than $2,600. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials said Thursday that agents in Del Rio also confiscated 56 blades that are used for cockfighting. Authorities said the 33-year-old man is from the West Texas town of Comanche but did not release his name. Birds cannot be brought across the border due to concerns of spreading disease. The small, green parrots were found Sunday in the man's pockets and in his backpack.
  • dravidians

    03/29/2012 8:05:33 PM PDT · by susa · 101 replies
    your website states that zoroastranism has influenced hinduism.. this is not true..the dravidians started coming from iraq /iran..ten thousand years ago...same race of people...except..the original people of India..australoids and proto mongoloids...have mixed it with most dravidians ....
  • Meet the real-life Barbies: Internet craze sees teenagers turn themselves into freakish

    03/29/2012 3:59:31 PM PDT · by Nachum · 43 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 3/29/12 | Sadie Whitelocks
    Young girls are fast becoming internet sensations not because of their vocal skills or dance moves, but because they resemble living dolls. Staring doe-eyed at the camera, with cupids bow lips and a porcelain complexion Dakota Rose has been hailed a real-life Barbie. Known to her fans as Kota Koti, she has amassed a global audience with her YouTube fashion and beauty tutorials. In most of the videos she remains silent while subtitles provide the viewer with a step-by-step guide on how to apply cosmetics, style hair or dress fashionably.
  • Lady Gaga Impersonator Wrapped in Caution Tape Gets DUI

    03/29/2012 1:42:46 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 15 replies
    Orlando Sentinel ^ | March 28, 2012 | Gary Taylor
    A self-described Lady Gaga impersonator wore a crime-scene inspired outfit last weekend – even before police accused her of drunk driving. Brittney Kay Harland's attire for the night included yellow-caution tape that was wrapped around her neck, inner thighs and buttocks and glued to her skin. Harland, 27, faces a charge of DUI involving property damage after she was involved in a two-car crash on the Orange Blossom Trail at Long Street in Orlando about 2:45 a.m. Sunday. Harland told officers the other car ran a red light, but a witness said it was Harland who ran the light, according...
  • Gotta Check [ER doctor puzzled by shemale]

    03/28/2012 10:47:53 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 37 replies
    ER Stories ^ | 3/26/12 | Doc
    In the ER we occasionally see transgender patients.  Usually it is fairly obvious that a “woman” is really a “gurl”.  Ranging from bad drag to stuffed bras, to stubble on the face, to a deep voice, it’s usually not hard to tell what genotype the person was born as.Anyway, occasionally we are stumped.  Sometimes you are just not sure.  Sadly its rarely where you confuse a man for a beautiful woman.  Men simply look better as men – unless you have extremely fair skin, slight features, hormones, and surgery.  So usually in the cases where one is not sure, it’s...
  • John Edwards' mistress furious over claims disgraced senator was one of Manhattan Madam's clients

    03/28/2012 2:05:17 PM PDT · by C19fan · 44 replies
    UK Daily Mail ^ | March 28, 2012 | Rachel Quigley
    What goes around comes around. And if claims that disgraced senator John Edwards was a client of 'Manhattan Madam' Anna Gristina are true, then his mistress Rielle Hunter just got a taste of her own medicine. .................................................... A source told the National Enquirer: 'The news reports hit Rielle like a ton of bricks. She's been trying to have a second child with John - and now this. It's caused a major blowout!'
  • Man claims attack by lion, saved by a bear

    03/28/2012 4:20:37 PM PDT · by SJackson · 32 replies
    Paradise Post ^ | 3-28-12 | Trevor Warner
    A Paradise man says he is lucky to be alive after an attack by a mountain lion Monday morning. Robert Biggs, 69, often hikes in the Bean Soup Flat area, which is about a mile and a half above Whisky Flats. He came across a mother bear, a yearling and a newborn, which were about 40 feet from where he was standing. After watching the bear family for a few minutes he decided to leave them be and turned to walk back up the trail. As he turned, a mountain lion pounced on him grabbing hold of his backpack with...
  • The World's Weirdest Food

    03/28/2012 12:58:08 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 35 replies
    News ^ | March 22, 2012 | Anthony Dennis
    I'M sitting at a sushi bar in Sapporo, the main city on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido, and staring at a strange, small, raw and salmon-coloured object on my plate. "Er, is it the brain of a fish?", I asked my dining companion, who happens to be Tetsuya Wakuda, the celebrated Sydney-based Japanese-Australian chef with whom I’m travelling for a magazine article. “No,” he replies. “It’s fish’s semen sac.” Sometimes it’s best not to ask. But there were ever weirder dishes to come (see below) at this lunch. There are the adventurous types who actively seek out weird food...
  • Palm Springs Nudist Resort Defends 'No Children' Policy

    03/28/2012 12:12:52 PM PDT · by Beaten Valve · 37 replies
    KESQ-TV ^ | March 27, 2012 | KESQ-TV
    The co-owner of a Palm Springs nudist resort today defended the facility's policy banning children, saying it is not discriminatory -- despite claims to the contrary by an anonymous group of detractors. Desert Sun Resort owners John and Elizabeth Young, who live in Orange County, filed a lawsuit March 16 in Orange County Superior Court against 500 unnamed defendants, asking a judge to rule that the clothing-optional resort's policy against children does not violate state law. According to Elizabeth Young, the lawsuit was filed in response to a letter she received Feb. 17 from Palm Springs attorney David Baron. The...
  • 5 Ways Modern Men Are Trained to Hate Women [FreeRepublic "mentioned"]

    03/27/2012 9:41:48 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 78 replies ^ | 3/27/12 | David Wong
    -snip-For instance, on crazy political message board, posters referred to the girl in the above-referenced story (Sandra Fluke) as a "Nasty, disease-ridden plodding uterus, an utter skank crack-ho filthy whore, a prostitute slutbag juice-receptacle" and a "Sperm-burpin' gutter slut," and said she "... is so encrusted and used, that I had to throw out my flat-panel TV because her appearance on my TV infected it with AIDS, gonorrhea and syphilis." There are many, many more worse comments collected here and here and here.-snip-
  • 'I've lost 10 stone': Octomum Nadya Suleman poses topless

    'I've lost 10 stone': Octomum Nadya Suleman poses topless as she reveals she 'pinged back into shape like a rubber band' Most new mothers would recoil at the thought of stripping off for the camera after giving birth. But Nadya Suleman, otherwise affectionately nicknamed Octomum, has posed nude to reveal her post-baby body - albeit with a pair of flesh coloured knickers to protect her modesty. Now that her eight little tots have turned three, Nadya has finally shrunk back to a size she likes. The mother of 14 has embraced her new shape, claiming that she has 'never...
  • Austrian saws off own foot to avoid work: report

    03/26/2012 8:28:42 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 40 replies · 87+ views
    VIENNA — An unemployed Austrian man on Monday deliberately sliced off his left foot with a mechanical saw and threw it into an oven ahead of a health check on whether he was fit to work, police said. -snip- The man had mounted the mitre saw on two stools in his boiler room using nails and removed the guard plate before slicing off the foot above the ankle and around 5:00 am (0300 GMT). Emergency services "looked in the oven and were able to recover the foot ... The foot was taken the hospital but it was so badly burned...
  • Explosion Reported at Home of Ga. 'Chicken Man' (Chicken Man Blows Himself Up)

    03/26/2012 2:35:31 PM PDT · by Responsibility2nd · 27 replies · 32+ views
    ABC News ^ | 03/26/2012 | GREG BLUESTEIN Associated Press
    An explosion on Monday rocked the suburban Atlanta home of a man known for his fight to keep chickens on his property, and emergency officials say a body was found inside. Marshals had been on the scene for about two hours trying to evict Andrew Wordes, who's known as the "Chicken Man," when the explosion happened around 12:45 p.m., said Antonio Johnson of the Fulton County marshal's office. Minutes before the explosion, Wordes told them to leave the property that was in foreclosure. Other than the body found inside the house, which officials did not immediately identify, no one was...
  • 728-Pound Susanne Eman Wants To Be The World’s Fattest Woman [VIDEO]

    03/25/2012 11:38:37 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 139 replies · 16+ views
    wcrz ^ | 3-2012
    (VIDEO AT LINK) I guess it’s great to have goals, but this one could be fatal. Mother of two Susanne Eman is on a mission to be the fattest woman in the world, and she is well on her way at 728lbs. Susan is only at the half way mark of her 1600lb goal. Meet Susanne and get the rest of the story after the jump. Susanne Eman, 32, runs her own blog on the way to 1600+pounds where she describes herself as “your average gal next door who just happens to have a body to match the size of...
  • 5 Real Judges Who Put the Most Evil Supervillain to Shame

    03/25/2012 10:02:09 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 13 replies · 3+ views ^ | March 25, 2012 | E. Reid Ross, Tom Rodgers
    It's one thing for a judge to be corrupt -- we sort of expect that to happen in all public jobs, because we watch the news. It's quite another for judges to be hilarious lunatics, criminally lazy schemers or just impossibly evil. Yet it happens, and more often than you'd think.
  • The 5 Creepiest 'Progressive' Parenting Fads [WARNING: They're not kidding!]

    03/25/2012 9:38:03 AM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 33 replies · 1+ views ^ | March 25, 2012 | Dawn Morrow
    We've shown before how nightmarish and cruel good intentions can be when parenting. You don't want to be your old-fashioned, neglectful parents; no, you're the wave of the future, and your kids are the waviest of the future, and you know it. And then that entire line of thinking gets completely out of hand and ridiculous stuff like this starts happening.
  • I’m Batman … Getting Pulled Over In A Lamborghini

    03/23/2012 4:24:16 PM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 11 replies
    Jalopnik ^ | Mar 23, 2012 | Matt Hardigree
    I’m Batman … Getting Pulled Over In A Lamborghini Batman drives the Batmobile when he's Batman and, as we've learned, he typically drives a Lamborghini when he's Bruce Wayne. Unfortunately, Bruce Wayne forgot to put a license plate on his Lamborghini Gallardo and went out while still dressed as Batman. Silly, silly Batman. You're not Steve Jobs. You can't get away with that. UPDATE! We've unmasked the Batman Here's what they said: "Yes, Batman was stopped by MCPD on Wednesday,S/B Route 29 at Prelude Dr. for no tags on Batmobile" His repeated attempts to use the Bat Signal as a...
  • Man Gets Ticket For Yelling At Cat

    03/23/2012 3:20:25 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 55 replies · 4+ views
    CBS Minnesota ^ | March 22, 2012
    A man who was heard yelling obscenities at his cat was cited by police in Chaska, Minn. According to the city’s police department, neighbors called in, complaining of the noise. The man, who was not identified, admitted to authorities that he had been swearing loudly at the cat. His defense to officers was that he is “human.” Police said this is not the first time the man had been warned or cited for disorderly conduct. He was issued a new citation for disorderly conduct for the recent incident.
  • Yummy: Mobster On The Menu

    03/22/2012 4:00:33 PM PDT · by AtlasStalled · 25 replies · 1+ views
    Friends of Ours ^ | 03/22/12 | Friends of Ours
    It's one thing when mobsters whack a traitor; it's another thing to eat him. Apparently Milan Jurisic, a fugitive gangster convicted for the assassination of Serbian prime minister Zoran Djindjic in 2003, was on the menu for the Zemun clan after he stole from the crime group as reported by Sky News: "his remains were ground up with a meat grinder, cooked, and eaten, according to a confession by another Zemun Clan member, Sretko Kalinic, nicknamed 'The Butcher.'" The mobster allegedly was served up at a 2009 dinner party for the Zemun clan in Madrid, Spain upon the initiative of...

    03/22/2012 4:32:05 PM PDT · by Lazamataz · 227 replies · 1+ views
    David Brock is Media Matters founder, and recently, I have seen many posts ridiculing him for being homosexual. David Brock’s sexual orientation is not the issue. Making fun of it just lowers us to the level of the Left’s personal attack strategy. We can do better. There is utterly no need to mention that David Brock is a giggling little donut-puncher, or a skipping lavender-scented pillow-biter. We do not need to mention that David Brock is a pearl-necklace adorned tumblebunny, nor do we need to say he is a limp-wristed prancing knob-jockey. Never will it cross my keyboard to mention...
  • 2 US men arrested on gay cruise in Caribbean (illegal in Dominica)

    03/21/2012 6:30:10 PM PDT · by Libloather · 70 replies · 1+ views
    SF Gate ^ | 3/21/12 | CARLISLE JNO BAPTISTE
    2 US men arrested on gay cruise in CaribbeanBy CARLISLE JNO BAPTISTE, Associated Press Wednesday, March 21, 2012 ROSEAU, Dominica (AP) - Two California men on a gay cruise of the Caribbean were arrested Wednesday in Dominica, where sex between two men is illegal. Police Constable John George said police boarded the cruise ship and arrested the two men on suspicion of indecent exposure and "buggery," a term equivalent to sodomy on the island. He identified the men as John Robert Hart, 41, and Dennis Jay Mayer, 43, but did not provide their hometowns. George said the men were seen...
  • Teen caught with nipple chain down his pants

    03/21/2012 5:39:41 PM PDT · by WesternCulture · 29 replies · 1+ views ^ | 03/19/2012 | The Local/rm
    A cash-strapped 18-year-old man from northern Sweden was found leaving a sex shop with a nipple chain hidden in his pants after his lack of funds prompted him to pilfer the trinket for his girlfriend. The man took his time browsing around the shop, which is called Ladyland and located in central Sundsvall, in June last year. Store employees recalled him as friendly and chatty, according to local paper Sundsvalls Tidning. However, upon leaving, the 18-year-old set off the store's anti-shoplifting alarm. A search of the man revealed he had pocketed a so called nipple chain, worth some 119 kronor...
  • Woman falls off pier while texting

    03/21/2012 5:49:50 AM PDT · by JoeProBono · 54 replies · 1+ views
    wwlp ^ | 20 Mar 2012,
    ST. JOSEPH, Mich. (WOOD) - A 45-year-old woman was rescued from Lake Michigan after she fell in while texting on her phone and walking on a pier, police said. Bonnie Miller of Benton Harbor told 24 Hour News 8 she was with her husband and 15-year-old son when she lost her balance on the South Pier in St. Joseph. She was fully clothed and had trouble treading water due to the heavy current. A passerby -- Rebecca Van Zant of Mishawaka, Ind. -- jumped into the water and was able to keep Miller afloat until rescue personnel arrived. A male...
  • "The King of Jinn Is Calling Me”…Sorcerer

    03/20/2012 3:41:06 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 21 replies · 1+ views
    Emirates 24/7 ^ | Tuesday, March 20, 2012
    A sorcerer who was arrested in Saudi Arabia told police to immediately set him free on orders from the “King of Jinn (spirits).” The Gulf kingdom’s religious police seized the 54-year-old man from the Kazakhstan city of Turkestan while making magic work for a woman in the western town of Makkah, Sabq newspaper said. “When they caught the sorcerer, his mobile phone began ringing,” the Arabic language daily said, quoting an official from the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice. “He told them he was receiving a call from the King of jinn in Nigeria ordering...
  • How not to cut down a tree

    03/19/2012 1:22:45 PM PDT · by DeoVindiceSicSemperTyrannis · 41 replies
    Telegraph ^ | 3-19-12
    YouTube footage has emerged of an amateur lumberjack attempting to chop down a huge evergreen tree just a few feet away from his house - with disastrous consequences. In the amusing video the sound of four large wedges being driven into the trunk echo out as a man takes to the tree armed with only an axe. Seconds later the creaking and groaning of timber can be heard as the giant conifer slowly crashes down directly onto the one story house beside it. The axeman, realising that he has felled the tree onto the roof of his own home seems...
  • Geek Uber Cool Video of Sweet Home Alabama played on Tesla coils !

    03/18/2012 7:12:56 PM PDT · by tophat9000 · 27 replies
  • Florida atheists ‘unbless’ highway with ‘unholy water’

    03/19/2012 12:48:37 AM PDT · by LucyT · 70 replies
    FoxNews ^ | March 18, 2012 | Staff
    LAKELAND, Fla. – A group of atheists in Florida spent part of their weekend washing away a blessing placed upon a local highway by a religious group. Armed with brooms, mops and "unholy water," the atheists gathered Saturday to symbolically clean up holy oil that Polk Under Prayer put down on Highway 98 near the Pasco-Polk county line last year, Bay News 9 reported. "We come in peace," Humanists of Florida director Mark Palmer announced before he and members of other atheist organizations launched their cleanup.
  • Florida woman bit on buttocks by bear

    03/17/2012 5:48:15 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 61 replies
    upi ^ | March. 16, 2012
    LONGWOOD, Fla., -- Wildlife officials in Florida said a woman walking her dog was bitten on the rear end by a black bear. Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission spokeswoman Joy Hill said the woman was walking her dog at an apartment complex on Sable Drive in Longwood around 7 a.m. Friday when the bear attacked, the Orlando Sentinel reported Friday. The woman sustained four puncture wounds to her rear end and was taken to Florida Hospital Altamonte for treatment, Hill said. Hill said wildlife officers are setting traps for the bear, which they plan to euthanize.
  • 6 Subtle Ways The News Media Disguises Bull**** As Fact

    03/17/2012 1:22:23 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 29 replies · 2+ views ^ | March 17, 2010 | C. Coville
    As anybody who has ever wistfully imagined Keith Olbermann and Bill O'Reilly fighting to the death over a pit of lava knows, most media outlets are biased. Usually it's not part of anybody's grand scheme to brainwash you, but rather just the result of newsrooms being staffed by fallible, opinionated humans. The problem is they're generally not allowed to come right out and say they think the subject of their news story is a flaming d*****bag, so they have to rely on subtle and sometimes downright dishonest methods to gently sway you one way or the other. When you browse...
  • Police: Lack of 7-11 sausages sends Bridgeton woman into frenzy

    03/16/2012 12:54:19 PM PDT · by SMGFan · 48 replies ^ | March 16, 2012 | By Stephen Smith/
    BRIDGETON — A woman who was angry that 7-11 did not have any fully-heated sausages for her started attacking an employee and ultimately had to be pepper-sprayed, police said Friday. Brittany C. Glanville, 25, of West Lincoln Street, was arrested Friday and charged with disorderly conduct. Chief Mark Ott said an officer responded to the 7-11 on West Broad Street when someone set off a panic alarm at 3:05 a.m. As the officer pulled up he said he saw Glanville wing an item at the clerk on duty’s head. With quick reflexes the clerk was able to snatch the item...
  • Star Wars video game to allow characters to have homosexual romances

    03/16/2012 3:59:47 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 63 replies · 2+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | 3/16/12 | Ben Johnson
    MIAMI, FLORIDA, March 16, 2012, ( – Soon, a child’s online exposure to homosexual romance will not just exist in a galaxy far, far away. BioWare, the company that created the online video game “Star Wars: The Old Republic,” has relented after two years of lobbying and announced it will create an upgrade that allows players to have same-sex relationships as part of the gaming experience. “Same gender romances with companion characters in Star Wars: The Old Republic will be a post-launch feature,” BioWare declared in an online statement. The new functions will be developed as the company releases “content...
  • Scientist seeks deposits for elephant sperm bank

    03/16/2012 12:52:52 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 32 replies · 1+ views
    The Local ^ | 16 Mar 12 | Ben Knight
    Elephants in captivity are becoming too inbred, so a German researcher has amassed a sperm bank of wild elephant semen for zoos to draw on. There’s just one small problem – sperm is not a commodity bull elephants give up lightly.
  • Miami Plastic Surgeon Under Investigation After Commissioning 'Jewcan Sam' Music Video

    03/15/2012 2:41:38 AM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 22 replies
    ABC All Barack Channel ^ | 3/14/2012 | MIKAELA CONLEY and ERIN MCLAUGHLIN
    A Miami-based plastic surgeon is under investigation after commissioning a song and music video that encourages plastic surgery for a character whose nose is described as a "beak like Jewcan Sam." Dr. Michael Salzhauer, 40, funded the video "Jewcan Sam" to "connect" to a younger audience. The creator of the song, a band known as The Groggers, describes itself as a "Jewish pop-punk band with a comic twist."
  • 5 Reasons The War Between Dog and Cat People Needs to Stop

    03/14/2012 8:26:12 PM PDT · by Slings and Arrows · 65 replies · 1+ views ^ | 3/15/11 | Christina H
    It seems like there's been a never-ending argument between certain "dog people" and "cat people," which seems pretty crazy considering how most of us can agree that dogs and cats are both cute and both make good image macros. A lot of people just seem really invested in proving for whatever reason that one group is better than the other, which is plain silly for a number of reasons.
  • Principal: Teacher Told Student To Urinate In Bucket After Restroom Plea Refused

    03/13/2012 4:27:30 PM PDT · by Morgana · 43 replies · 1+ views
    CBS ^ | 3/13/2012 | CBS
    SAN DIEGO (CBS) — A Southland high school teacher was on leave Tuesday after a 14-year-old student claimed she was forced to urinate in a bucket after the teacher refused her request to use the restroom. KNX 1070′s Tom Reopelle reports school officials with Patrick Henry High School in San Diego are investigating the allegations. A claim filed against both the school and the San Diego Unified School District alleged that art teacher Gonja Wolf prohibited the unidentified student from leaving the classroom despite her insistence that the request was urgent. Wolf allegedly directed the girl to use a bucket...
  • Cop Blames Bieber Doll For Beating

    03/12/2012 7:07:54 PM PDT · by Jahoohio · 65 replies
    7 news Denver ^ | 3/12/2012 | Alan Gathright
    DENVER -- A Denver police officer arrested in the beating of his girlfriend claimed that she attacked him with a Justin Bieber doll. Officer Michael Nuanes, Jr., 37, said that his girlfriend hurled a Barbie-sized Justin Bieber doll at him, injuring his foot.
  • Vegetable Orchestra: Chinese Brothers' Unusual Instruments

    03/12/2012 6:47:31 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 21 replies · 2+ views
    ITN ^ | Mon Mar 12 2012
    Two brothers from Beijing have carved out an unusual career - making musical instruments from carrots, potatoes and other vegetables. Nan Weidong and Nan Weiping have been making playable flutes with everything from leeks to carrots. Frequent projects see them using a sweet potato as an ocarina, a bamboo shoot as a flute, and a yam might become a whistle. The pair make a living from their instruments which have seen them appear on Chinese talent shows and other high-profile performances, which pay up to $8,000 a time. Each does however, require a new set of instruments, as the vegetables...
  • 4 Amish Arrested on Alcohol Charges After Buggy Hits Cop Car

    03/12/2012 5:56:58 PM PDT · by Morgana · 38 replies
    NBC10 ^ | 3/12/2012 | NBC10
    Authorities in western New York say they've charged four young Amish adults with illegal possession of alcohol after their buggy collided with a police car responding to a report of a drinking party under way. The Chautauqua County Sheriff's Office tells media outlets that the crash occurred around 7:15 Sunday in the rural town of Sherman, near the Pennsylvania border in New York's southwest corner. Officials say deputies were responding to reports that people were drinking in several Amish buggies on a country road. As a patrol car arrived on the scene, one of the Amish buggies changed lanes, colliding...
  • In 1939, a robot dog was killed while chasing a car. Really.

    03/11/2012 10:57:41 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 26 replies · 1+ views
    IO9 ^ | Mar 10, 2012 | Esther Inglis-Arkell
    In 1939, a robot dog was killed while chasing a car. Really. Sometimes you stumble across a piece of history that is too good not to follow up on. Sparko, the robot dog, is one such piece of history. Prepared for the World's Fair in 1939, he got out of his pen, chased a car, and was killed. No fooling. Androids may dream of electronic sheep, but people have dreamed, for decades, of electronic dogs. Robots, a threatening concept, became much less frightening when put in the form of man's best friend. This relationship turned out quite satisfying for people...
  • Pet Pigs and Carrier Pigeons Just a Few of the Craziest Tax Deductions

    03/11/2012 1:03:26 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 9 replies
    WHPTV ^ | 3/09
    It's tax time again and people are going to drastic measures to pay the least amount possible. CNN Money recently compiled a list of the craziest deductions accountants have ever seen. These are some examples that actually worked. Two Phoenix-area business men got a deduction by claiming they only communicate by carrier pigeon. An exotic dancer was allowed to claim fake eyelashes, tanning and teeth whitening as job expenses. Another businessman was able to write off having a security dog travel with him to protect important documents. While these deductions did work, all the people involved received advice from a...
  • Boulder arrives at Los Angeles museum

    03/11/2012 10:13:43 AM PDT · by JoeProBono · 77 replies
    upi ^ | March. 10, 2012
    LOS ANGELES, -- Residents say the newest acquisition by Los Angeles County Museum enjoyed a rock star reception early Saturday morning as the 340-ton boulder rolled into town. The rock arrived at 4:30 a.m. aboard its 176-wheel transport truck to a crowd of admirers armed with cellphone cameras and noisemakers. The behemoth boulder will be the centerpiece of the art museum's new outdoor installation entitled "Levitated Mass," the Los Angeles Times reported. When the transport truck broke down for 30 minutes, onlookers jumped at the chance to touch the rock, pressing palms to its protective plastic wrap. "I came a...
  • 'Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good': Girl who can't stop drinking GASOLINE

    03/11/2012 5:14:39 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 49 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | March 11, 2012 | Daily Mail Reporter
    If smelling gasoline weren't a health hazard enough, meet the girl who drinks it. Lifting a red gas canister before the cameras, a girl named Shannon demonstrates her claimed addiction of drinking gasoline for TLC'S television program My Strange Addiction. 'It tingles at first and then it, it burns the back of my throat,' Shannon says describing her toxic habit which reaches up to 12 teaspoons a day. 'Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good,' she says, of either licking the cap or drinking it straight out of the canister which she says is her favorite way.
  • Catholic Shampoo

    03/10/2012 3:58:20 PM PST · by NKP_Vet · 42 replies
    March 10, 2012
  • LSD May Help Cure Alcoholism, Study Says

    03/10/2012 6:23:53 PM PST · by AnTiw1 · 126 replies
    AllMediaNY ^ | March 10, 2012 | Vania Andre
    There’s a case for legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes, but what about LSD? A new report released Friday suggests LSD can be used to treat alcoholism. LSD can prevent patients from relapsing during alcohol abuse treatment, researchers from Norwegian University of Science and Technology found. “A single dose of LSD has a significant beneficial effect on alcohol misuse,” the researchers wrote. The study was published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology. “LSD worked in an entirely different way than any current psychiatric drugs,” Teri Krebs, researcher at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology. “Many patients said they had gained a...
  • Charges in burning of 3,500-year-old Fla tree (smoking meth inside)

    03/09/2012 5:44:47 PM PST · by Libloather · 42 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 2/28/12
    <p>LONGWOOD, Fla. (AP) — Authorities say a central Florida woman is in jail, charged with setting a fire that burned one of the world's oldest cypress trees.</p>
  • 16-year-old bride's REAL Big Fat Gypsy Wedding (guests please dress smart... electronic tags incl.)

    03/09/2012 4:13:26 PM PST · by Stoat · 62 replies · 2+ views
    The Daily Mail (U.K.) ^ | March 9, 2012 | DEBORAH ARTHURS
    <p>The 16-year-old star of Channel 4 reality TV show Big Fat Gypsy Weddings today married the boy who 'grabbed' her in a disco last year.</p> <p>Cheyenne Pidgley of Hersham, Surrey, wed 18-year-old fellow Traveller John McFadyen in a ceremony held at St Peter's church this afternoon, with 200 family and friends in attendance.</p>
  • Coralville Man Arrested at Grocery Store for "Criminal Mischief With The Cheese"

    03/08/2012 5:54:23 PM PST · by Free ThinkerNY · 20 replies ^ | March 6, 2012 | Stephen Schmidt
    An allegedly intoxicated Coralville man has been accused of stealing items from the First Avenue Hy-Vee Friday afternoon, including a jar of cheese that he allegedly proceeded to use to smear all over the men's restroom. According to a criminal complaint from the Iowa City police department, Blake Oren Robinson, 28, of Coralville was seen loitering in the store, and then was shown on security video stealing a jar of Tostitos Salsa Con Queso Medium Cheese, chips and beer. He then allegedly began consuming them in the men's restroom, "committing criminal mischief with the cheese," according to the criminal complaint....
  • Police: Stalker planned wedding for her, victim

    03/07/2012 10:36:46 PM PST · by Stoat · 26 replies
    The Seattle P.I. ^ | March 7, 2012 | LEVI PULKKINEN
    DES MOINES, Wash. -- A Des Moines woman accused of planning to wed a man she relentlessly followed for more than a year has been charged felony stalking. King County prosecutors contend Madeline Ann Desmet went so far as to order a wedding ring and reserve a Seattle courtroom for the ceremony before she was arrested in late February. Having been convicted of stalking previously, she's now again charged with the crime. Desmet, 64, met her alleged victim in early 2010 and soon after professed her "undying love" for him, Seattle Police Detective Nathan Janes told the court. The...