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  • A Cyber-Pearl Harbor On Horizon?

    07/15/2011 5:28:21 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | July 15, 2011 | Staff
    Security: The Pentagon has disclosed perhaps the largest theft of sensitive data by an unnamed foreign government. The threat to our electronic infrastructure is real, growing and as dangerous as a North Korean missile. In outlining America's cyberwarfare strategy last Thursday at the National Defense University, Deputy Secretary of Defense William Lynn disclosed that 24,000 sensitive files containing Pentagon data at a defense company were accessed in a cyberattack in March, likely by a foreign government. He didn't disclose the identity of that government, but in a bit of an understatement he acknowledged, "We have a pretty good idea." So...
  • Obama Plans - Gut U.S. National Security?

    07/11/2011 8:27:12 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 5 replies
    Right Side News ^ | 7/10/2011 | Jim Kouri
    With the media frenzy over the "big showdown" Sunday night between President Obama -- with Democrat lawmakers -- and Republican lawmakers to hash out a proposed budget agreement, few reporters are covering the deep, deep budget cuts for agencies that protect the United States, its citizens and its interests. In an effort to tell voters during the 2012 election cycle that he significantly reduced government spending, President Barack Obama is said to be considering national security budget cuts totaling upwards of $700 billion in a deal to raise the debt limit. That’s about twice the amount President Obama originally quoted...
  • Superman's Dead: Happy Memorial Day

    05/30/2011 9:00:30 AM PDT · by Silverfiddle · 4 replies
    Western Hero ^ | 30 May 2011 | Silverfiddle
    America has become the despised superhero Among nations, we really are a superhero.  We assimilate immigrants like no other nation, we come to the aid of everybody, destroy dictators and kill bad guys...  Our frightful military prowess is unrivaled. No Good Deed Goes Unpunished We've earned nothing but hatred for our efforts.  We are Batman, fighting nihilistic Jokers but pissing everybody off in the process.  They level charges of torture, illegal prisons and habitually bombing Muslim wedding parties and killing innocent civilians. We are excoriated for invading Iraq and Afghanistan...  by the same crowd that urges us to kill Khadaffi...
  • Black Hawk Down — China Up?

    05/11/2011 4:02:36 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | May , 11, 2011 | Staff
    Secrets: Good news of bin Laden's death may be followed by bad news of Pakistan giving China a peek at our downed helicopter. Will we be threatened by our own technology? They are something out of the latest Batman flick, the modified Black Hawk helicopters that were used in the raid on Osama bin Laden's Pakistani compound. With a curious hublike housing around the unusually configured rear-rotor, among other things, it was clearly designed to be as quiet and stealthy as possible. When one of the copters clipped a wall in bin Laden's compound, it had to be destroyed, leaving...
  • Treatment of Christian chaplains versus Major Hasan

    04/13/2011 3:24:33 PM PDT · by cradle of freedom · 7 replies
    Why is it that Christian chaplains are not allowed to pray in the name of Jesus Christ but jihadi Major Hasan was allowed to stay in the military even after he issued violent gruesome threats against nonmuslims?
  • Ron Paul expelled from advisory board of Young Americans for Freedom

    02/14/2011 12:23:44 PM PST · by FredJake · 6 replies ^ | 2/14/2011 | Joe Newby
    Congressman Ron Paul (R-TX) was booted off the Advisory Board of the conservative group Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) over what the group calls his "delusional and disturbing alliance with the fringe Anti-War movement." According to a post at the organization's web site: “It is a sad day in American history when a one-time conservative-libertarian stalwart has fallen more out of touch with America’s needs for national security than the current feeble and appeasing administration,” said YAF’s Senior National Director Jordan Marks. Paul has served on the Advisory Board for the conservative organization for more than two decades, and was...
  • Nation At Greater Risk

    02/08/2011 10:53:41 AM PST · by Academiadotorg · 7 replies · 1+ views
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | February 8, 2011 | Malcolm A. Kline
    The national decline in education standards is starting to affect national security. “Almost a quarter of young people who tried to join the military between 2004-2009 did not pass the entrance exam, according to a study released last month,” according to a story which appeared in The Education Reporter in January. “The dismal pass rate is causing concern among military leaders about national security.” “The 23% military exam failure rate is even more disturbing because the exam is only given to people who meet other requirements; the Pentagon reports that 75% of 17- to 24-year olds don’t even qualify to...
  • Federal government spends millions on hoop houses

    01/17/2011 5:00:30 AM PST · by markomalley · 37 replies · 1+ views
    AP/Beaumont Enterprise ^ | 1/17/11 | Steve Karnowski
    The federal government has spent millions of dollars to help farmers nationwide buy greenhouse-like structures called high tunnels that can add valuable weeks and even months to their growing seasons by protecting produce from chilly temperatures. About $13 million has gone to more than 2,400 farmers in 43 states to help pay for the low-tech tunnels that look like a cross between Quonset huts and conventional greenhouses. The structures, also known as hoop houses, have been particularly beneficial in the north, where they allow farmers to plant as much as four weeks early and keep growing later in the fall....
  • US defence cuts are not about saving money – they are about changing America’s strategic role

    01/13/2011 9:10:31 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 8 replies
    Daily Telegraph ^ | January 13, 2011 | James Corum
    President Barack Obama has made it very clear that he is not in the least interested in getting American government spending under control. A month ago he urged Congress to pass a $1.2 trillion spending bill larded with tens of billions of dollars for projects for Democratic Party core constituencies. Luckily, Senate Republicans found enough backbone to stop Obama’s latest binge spending programme as Mr Obama criticized the Republicans for their rare exercise of spending discipline. Now we have a new budget proposal by the President. He wants $78 billion in cuts in US military spending, with large cuts to...
  • The Unveiling Of China's Raptor

    01/06/2011 5:03:48 AM PST · by Kaslin · 20 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | January 5, 2011 | Staff
    Defense: While America has stopped production of its stealth fighter, China prepares to challenge U.S. air supremacy in the Western Pacific with its own. China is on another Long March, one it hopes will lead to military supremacy over the U.S. at least in the Western Pacific. It is deploying a carrier-killing mobile missile, the Dong Feng 21D, and is expected to launch its first aircraft carrier this year, the refurbished ex-Soviet carrier Varyag. China is also conducting preflight tests on a fifth-generation stealth fighter expected to challenge the best the U.S. has to offer. Photographs reportedly showing China's J-20...
  • China's New Missile: A Game Changer?

    12/28/2010 7:43:01 PM PST · by raptor22 · 56 replies · 9+ views
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | December 28, 2010 | IBD staff
    China's Challenge: As tensions elevate on the Korean peninsula, Pyongyang's patron deploys a weapon designed to sink the very ships we are sending to protect an ally. This does not bode well. The prospects that the Korean War, which ended in only an interminable armistice, may resume has become an increasingly real possibility in recent months. That its patron, China, without which North Korea would collapse of its own rot, now has deployed a missile designed to target and sink U.S. carrier battle groups adds a new and disturbing element to any confrontation in the region. Admiral Robert Willard, commander...
  • Rush agrees: It was a missile off the California coast

    11/23/2010 10:29:06 AM PST · by JoeA · 167 replies ^ | 11/23/2010 | Joe Alfieri
    In today's broadcast, conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh said that the contrail spotted off the California coast by a KCBS news helicopter was a missile. "I've talked to experts" he said. "It was a missile." The comment puts him in line with many who doubt the administration’s characterization of the contrail seen off the California coast as that of an airplane.
  • Experts: Mystery contrail was from Chinese missile - WND Video

    11/21/2010 11:45:59 AM PST · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 61 replies · 1+ views
    WND ^ | 11/20/10 | WND
    Although the U.S. Defense Department and North American Aerospace Defense Command have speculated publicly that the unidentified contrail of a projectile soaring into the skies off the California coast – and recorded by a KCBS television crew – came from a jet and posed no security threat to the U.S., several experts are raising provocative and disturbing questions about the government's official response, reports Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin. Two governmental military experts with extensive experience working with missiles and computer security systems have examined the television video and conclude the mysterious contrail originating some 30 miles off the coast near...
  • Denying Our Soldiers The Vote

    09/23/2010 4:47:16 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 36 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | September 23, 2010 | INvestors Business Daily staff
    Election '10: The Department of Justice is failing to enforce a law that protects the voting rights of soldiers overseas. They're allowed to fight and die for their country, but they can't vote for its leaders? Last Saturday was the deadline under the Military and Overseas Voter Empowerment Act (MOVE) for states to have sent unmarked absentee ballots to soldiers overseas so they can exercise the same right to vote as those they risk their lives to protect, including Afghans and Iraqis. The MOVE Act, passed with overwhelming bipartisan support last year, says states must provide overseas ballots 45 days...
  • China's Naval Game-Changer

    08/06/2010 4:12:06 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 48 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | August 6, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    Military Superiority: By the end of the year, China could deploy an anti-ship missile capable of hitting U.S. aircraft carriers at long range. The naval dominance that American foreign policy depended on may be at an end. When the naval planners of Imperial Japan were laying out the attack on Pearl Harbor, the major question on their mind was — where are the American carriers? In the end, their failure to find them doomed Imperial Japan to defeat. Since World War II, every president alerted to a crisis has asked the same question — where are the carriers? These floating...
  • U.S. national security headed for 'train wreck'

    08/05/2010 3:15:50 AM PDT · by Man50D · 8 replies ^ | August 04, 2010
    An independent panel has warned that U.S. national security is headed for a "train wreck" if decisive action isn't taken to increase the size of the Navy, improve training of U.S. military personnel and replace aging equipment used by the military services, according to a report from Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin. In a review of the Department of Defense's Quadrennial Defense Review process, the panel headed by former Defense Secretary William Perry under the Clinton administration and former National Security adviser Stephen Hadley under the Bush administration warned that the United States will be unable to meet its international commitments...
  • The President's False START

    07/29/2010 6:21:37 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | July 29, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    National Security: Think Moscow will violate the New START arms limitation treaty? A just-issued report says it never obeyed the first one. The motto of the Obama administration is blindly trust, don't verify and unilaterally disarm. You can forget about peace through strength, the Reagan doctrine that won the Cold War. Our policy is now peace through wishful thinking. If Neville Chamberlain and Jimmy Carter had a child, his name would be Barack Obama. The president is pushing ahead with what is called the New START Treaty to rid the world of nuclear weapons, but not those who would use...
  • China Fills America's Vacuum

    07/21/2010 5:29:23 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | July 21, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    Strategy: As the U.S. retreats from the world stage, the nation's top military officer is warning us about China's military buildup and intentions. Already, China is telling us to keep off the grass. Joint Chiefs Chairman Mike Mullen, visiting U.S. troops at Camp Red Cloud in South Korea on Wednesday, talked about his growing concerns about China. "I've moved from being curious about what they're doing to being concerned about what they're doing," the admiral said. "I see a fairly significant investment in high-end equipment — satellites, ships ... anti-ship missiles, obviously high-end aircraft and all those kinds of things....
  • U.S. Military Goes Green, Testing Fuel Cell M1 Abrams Tanks

    07/14/2010 10:24:17 AM PDT · by Willie Green · 33 replies
    Daily Tech ^ | Wednesday, July 14, 2010 | Tiffany Kaiser
    Army looks for ways to use fuel cells with non-petroleum sources The United States Army has started the development and application of hydrogen fuel-cell technology to their vehicles. The first vehicle to receive this technology will be the workhorse M1 Abrams battle tank. This type of tank requires vast amounts of onboard computing power for sensors, computing equipment, battle command technology and other electronic equipment, so using fuel cell technology would be able to provide greater electrical power than the current setup, which is a diesel engine/alternator arrangement.  In addition, the use of a fuel cell would make the tank's motor run in...
  • Dropping The Shield

    06/30/2010 4:55:36 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 11 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | June 30, 2010 | Investors Business Daily staff
    National Security: The administration is ready to sign a treaty stripping us of our ability to defend ourselves against enemy nuclear missiles, including Iran's and North Korea's. In space, no one can hear you surrender. On Monday, the ground-based Terminal High Altitude Area Defense system, part of the U.S. missile defense shield, successfully shot down a ballistic missile launched from a ship's deck off Kauai, Hawaii. The test simulated an Iranian SCUD launched from the deck of a ship off the U.S. coast, which, if armed with a nuke, could devastate the American heartland. The simulated Scud was launched from...