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  • Natural Law Vs. Positive Law: It's relevance to the Eric Garner case

    12/20/2014 5:08:06 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    Townhall ^ | 12/15/2014 | Jack Kerwick
    In the fallout following a grand jury’s decision to not indict police for the death of Eric Garner, there is no shortage of libertarians who claim that Garner was innocent as far as the natural law is concerned. “Natural law” is an ethical tradition with an illustrious pedigree stretching back millennia. From this perspective, natural law is a transcendent moral order that provides the standard of justice for “positive law,” i.e. human legislation.The law forbidding the sale of loose cigarettes that Garner violated (repeatedly) is unjust. Garner “aggressed” against no one. He merely exercised his “natural right to dispose of...
  • Pope Francis Wants To Know What Rick Warren, Russell Moore, N. T. Wright Think about Marriage

    11/04/2014 1:26:15 PM PST · by Mrs. Don-o · 50 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | 11/3/2014 | Morgan Lee
    <p>Even Southern Baptists know not to turn down an invitation from the Pope.</p> <p>Rick Warren, senior pastor of Saddleback Church, and Russell Moore, president of the Ethics and Religious Liberties Commission, will meet Pope Francis and offer an evangelical Protestant perspective as part of a Vatican colloquium on marriage and family held this November 17-19.</p>
  • Marriage Is Not a Water Fountain

    09/29/2014 7:49:50 AM PDT · by rhema · 16 replies
    Public Discourse ^ | September 29th, 2014 | Anthony Esolen
    Segregation was based on irrational, peculiar prejudice. By contrast, protecting marriage between one man and one woman is based on universal truths about our human nature.As readers of Public Discourse know, some proponents of homosexual pseudogamy now assert that argument is no longer necessary. We do not argue with segregationists, they say. We ignore them, we scorn them. They are not worth our time. They are mad or wicked. So too our courageous Ryan Anderson, who says that marriage by nature requires a man and a woman. Shut up, they explain. I fear that our age is so enslaved to...
  • Rights Are Freedoms, Not Powers

    09/16/2014 11:50:01 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 6 replies
    Foundation for Economic Education ^ | Aug 01, 1976 | Oscar W. Cooley
    The word "right," used as a noun, means, my dictionary tells me, a "just, or lawful claim." Claim on what? On whatever I want and can lawfully have. I have a right to life, that is, a just claim on life. I have a right to liberty, a just claim to be free. I have a right to property, a just claim on land, goods, or other wealth. My right is not life, liberty, property, but rather my proper and just claim upon these things. The distinction is important. It was understood by our revolutionary forefathers but is widely misunderstood...
  • Progressivism and America's Tradition of Natural Law and Natural Rights

    09/16/2014 11:20:16 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 5 replies
    The U.S. Constitution, as its framers understood it, was a means to an end. It was crafted and adopted for the sake of achieving the natural-law principles referred to in the Declaration of Independence. The progressives understood this very clearly as well. The robust regulatory and redistributive aims of the progressive policy agenda were inevitably at odds with the natural-law theory of the founding. This basic fact makes understandable Woodrow Wilsons admonition (in an address ostensibly honoring Thomas Jefferson) that, if you want to understand the real Declaration of Independence, do not repeat the preface. Do not, in other words,...
  • Golden Apple; Silver Frame

    09/16/2014 11:15:24 PM PDT · by Ray76 · 1 replies
    Constitutional Writes ^ | Apr 24, 2012 | Jim O'Neill
    The US Constitution is much more important, and in much greater danger than most people realize. I will discuss both issues in this article. Some people believe, and I am one of them, that there is one short passage in our founding documents that encapsulates, enshrines, and defines what is so unique and important about the US Constitution, and the United States of America. Oddly enough it is not to be found in the Constitution at all it is in The Declaration of Independence. I am talking about the preamble to the Declaration specifically the first sentence. Without...
  • Science Proves Natural Law

    07/20/2014 3:12:44 PM PDT · by NYer · 11 replies
    NC Register ^ | July 19, 2014 | AGNES M. PENNY
    I don’t usually read Smithsonian magazine. In fact, to be honest, I never read Smithsonian. However, recently, a kind neighbor dropped off a stack of Smithsonian magazines, and as I leafed through them briefly, something on the cover of the January issue caught my eye: a huge photo of a baby with the provoking words “The New Morality.” As a Catholic living in what has been called the post-Christian era, I naturally felt my interest piqued at what a secular magazine would say about morality. Moreover, as a mother, I felt the irresistible attraction to all things pertaining to babies....
  • Downward and Deeper into Sexual Confusion: Parents Choose to Raise Genderless Child

    05/31/2011 2:51:40 PM PDT · by NYer · 16 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | May 30, 2011 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    It is no secret that our culture as a whole is descending into an ever-deeper sexual confusion. Recently two examples of this were in the news.In the first article which I summarize here, a Canadian couple have chosen to raise (impose upon?) their child a “genderless” upbringing. For now, they have refused to tell any of their family or friends the sex of their child, whom they call “Storm,” and groom and dress the infant child ambiguously.I would like to provide excerpts of a much longer article here and comment as we go. As usual, the article is in bold,...
  • Can government 'create' gay rights?

    12/12/2013 6:50:05 PM PST · by ReformationFan · 26 replies
    Renew America ^ | 12-12-13 | Fred Hutchison
    Do our rights come from the government, or do they come from God or from natural law? The founders of the American Republic thought our rights came from God or from natural law. As such, our inalienable rights are the rights of all mankind and are universal, changeless, and applicable to all people, at all times and in all places. In terms of natural law, if man has a nature, then human rights must be in accord with that nature and must be necessary to the flourishing of that nature. If our rights are thus innate and fixed for all...
  • Masking Totalitarianism

    11/26/2013 9:29:00 PM PST · by ReformationFan · 4 replies
    Jewish World Review ^ | 11-27-13 | Walter Williams
    One of the oldest notions in the history of mankind is that some people are to give orders and others are to obey. The powerful elite believe that they have wisdom superior to the masses and that they've been ordained to forcibly impose that wisdom on the rest of us. Their agenda calls for an attack on the free market and what it implies voluntary exchange. Tyrants do not trust that people acting voluntarily will do what the tyrant thinks they should do. Therefore, free markets are replaced with economic planning and regulation that is nothing less than the...
  • A Perfectly Natural July 4th

    07/04/2013 11:24:42 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | July 4, 2013 | Paul Kengor
    <p>Will you be celebrating Natural Law this July 4th? You should be. Your Founding Fathers did.</p> <p>In declaring their independence and asserting their God-given rights, the Founding Fathersparticularly the pen of Thomas Jeffersonacknowledged the Laws of Nature and Natures God.</p>
  • The Law that Dare Not Speak Its Name

    04/27/2013 8:40:34 AM PDT · by NYer · 36 replies
    The Catholic Thing ^ | April 27, 2013 | Francis J. Beckwith
    Over the past couple of months, in the pages of First Things – both real and virtual – as well as in a few other online venues, an important and animated conversation has been occurring over the nature and limits of natural law reasoning. It started with an essay written by the eminent theologian David Bentley Hart (author of the magnificent book Atheist Delusions). His critics have included philosophers Edward Feser (here and here) and R. J. Snell (here and here).  Among Hart’s sympathizers are Rod Dreher, Peter Leithart, and Alan Jacobs, a soon-to-be colleague of mine at Baylor.The strength...
  • A Look at Some Biblical Texts in Opposition to Contraception

    04/18/2013 3:15:23 PM PDT · by NYer · 54 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | April 17, 2013 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    In the following post I seek to lay out a few of the biblical texts related to the Church teaching against contraception. This is not a post intended to give a full defense of the teaching against contraception. I have done that elsewhere, e.g. HERE & HERE & HEREThis post is intended only to set for the kind of biblical logic and background for the teaching which comes to us from antiquity. In fact, no Christian denomination prior to 1930 ever taught the contraception was anything but sinful. The first denomination to depart from this received teaching was the Anglicans,...
  • If Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right,' There Are No Rights

    03/28/2013 7:53:15 AM PDT · by NYer · 20 replies
    CNS News ^ | March 27, 2013 | Terence P. Jeffrey
    The old adage that one lie leads to another is never more apparent than when modern American public officials deal with issues arising from sexual immorality. President Bill Clinton, for example, started a chain of lies when he decided to have an adulterous relationship with a White House intern. Clinton first lied to his wife, then to a federal court, then to the American people. Nor could Clinton's lies, delivered as president, be his lies alone. His partisans in Congress either had to abandon him or add another link to the chain of lies by declaring that perjury and obstruction...
  • If Same-sex Marriage Is a 'Right,' There Are No Rights

    03/27/2013 6:14:19 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 27 replies ^ | March 27, 2013 | Terry Jeffrey
    The old adage that one lie leads to another is never more apparent than when modern American public officials deal with issues arising from sexual immorality. President Bill Clinton, for example, started a chain of lies when he decided to have an adulterous relationship with a White House intern. Clinton first lied to his wife, then to a federal court, then to the American people. Nor could Clinton's lies, delivered as president, be his lies alone. His partisans in Congress either had to abandon him or add another link to the chain of lies by declaring that perjury and...
  • The Sickness of Western Culture: Can We Survive it?

    02/03/2013 11:26:29 AM PST · by walford · 10 replies
    Natural Law/Natural Religion ^ | Feb. 3, 2013 | walford
    Cultures shifting sands on moral standards by Gilbert T. Sewell Sixty years ago juvenile delinquency and what to do about it suddenly drew a round of national soul searching. We no longer even use the term. We think in terms of juvenile monsters. Yesteryears hoods and troublemakers seem quaint and innocent beside todays appalling school murders, gang rapes and teenage mayhem... ...Put together violent, porn-saturated electronic entertainment and armed, shame-free, unparented young men. Crazy things happen... ...Who is delinquent? A sociopath? A truant, an unwed mother, a rapist of drunken and unconscious girls, a meth addict or a mass murderer?...
  • "Liberty, Equality, Homosexuality?"

    12/01/2012 5:48:55 AM PST · by IbJensen · 12 replies
    TFP ^ | 11/28/2012 | Luiz Srgio Solimeo
    The French Revolution of 1789 was based on the ideological philosophy of the Enlightenment summarized in the famous trilogy, Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. By imposing full equality on society, the advocates of this philosophy sought to bring about complete freedom and an idyllic brotherhood among men. The Guillotines Fraternity As is well known, the immediate effects of that equality were the execution of King Louis XVI, his sister Princess Elizabeth and Queen Marie Antoinette; thousands of nobles were guillotined; clergy were persecuted and massacred or had to go underground. The peasants of the Vendee who rose up in defense of altar...
  • Todays palliative care disrespects the natural law

    09/30/2012 3:19:54 PM PDT · by Brian Kopp DPM · 58 replies
    Celebrate Life Magazine ^ | September-October 2012 | Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD
    Celebrate Life September-October 2012 Todays palliative care disrespects the natural lawBy Elizabeth D. Wickham, PhD The natural law tells us that, in the context of health care, 1) food and water are basic treatment and care, and should not be withdrawn lightly; 2) morphine must not be used aggressively to hasten death when a patient is not near the time of death; and 3) pain management must be properly titrated to avoid overdose. In the early 1980s, the right-to-die movement identified a serious roadblock to its agenda: Society still considered the provision of nutrition/hydration as basic care. Journalist Diana Lynne...
  • Obamas Truth

    09/18/2012 2:53:53 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 10 replies
    National Review Online ^ | September 18, 2012 | Charles R. Kesler
    More than any Democratic president since Franklin Roosevelt, Barack Obama in his writings and speeches has worked out an impressive interpretation of American history that culminates in modern liberalism. It also culminates, not incidentally, in him. As a writer, Obamas strength is telling tales, and his story of America mixes together social, intellectual, and political history. It begins and keeps contending with the Founding with the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. He tries to tell a new story about the country that acknowledges, and then contextualizes, traditional views in ways that are meant to be reassuring but that point...
  • Dolan spoils the party (Why did Democrats allow the cardinal to give a right-wing prayer? )

    09/08/2012 6:12:36 AM PDT · by NYer · 62 replies
    Salon ^ | September 7, 2012 | SARAH POSNER
    The Democrats still have a religion problem. No, not that religion problem. They just cant seem to get past wanting the blessing of a larger-than-life religious figure even when that figure has called their policies un-American and depicts their core beliefs as antithetical to our most cherished freedoms.The circumstances leading up to Cardinal Timothy Dolans benediction last night were politically fraught, but they didnt have to be. First, Mitt Romney announced Dolan would be giving the closing benediction at the Republican National Convention. (At the time, I wrote that the move signaled Dolan had chosen sides with the GOP....
  • Ryan's Address: 'Our Rights Come from Nature and God, Not Government'

    08/11/2012 8:48:02 AM PDT · by conservatism_IS_compassion · 103 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 8/11/2012 | Paul Ryan
    Thank you Governor Romney, Ann. I am deeply honored and excited to join you as your running mate. Mitt Romney is a leader with the skills, the background and the character that our country needs at a crucial time in its history. Following four years of failed leadership, the hopes of our country, which have inspired the world, are growing dim; and they need someone to revive them. Governor Romney is the man for this moment; and he and I share one commitment: we will restore the dreams and greatness of this country. I want you to meet my family....
  • A Lament at the Secular Worlds Rejection of Natural Law

    07/21/2012 1:08:40 PM PDT · by NYer · 20 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | July 19, 2012 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    One of the great losses to Western Culture is the increasing refusal to accept that there is a Natural Law to which we may commonly refer. This is especially problematic in pluralistic and secularist societies like the post-Christian West where reference to the sacred text of Scripture is not considered authoritative by many.Hence, it has been the long practice of the Church, even before secularizing trends to base her witness to the truth not only on Scripture but also on Natural Law. The recourse to such a basis for discussion is now largely impossible for us, as most secularists have...
  • Washington's Finest Moment

    07/06/2012 9:02:32 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | July 6, 2012 | Linda Chavez
    For all the talk of incivility in the Nation's capital, the last week has restored my faith in the basic decency of the people who live there. Although the storm that hit Washington and the surrounding area June 29 has not received as much national attention as hurricanes, tornados, and other natural disasters usually do, the human toll has been high. In the Washington metro area alone, five people died in the storm and more than 20 have died subsequently from the heat, as hundreds of thousands suffered days without electrical power. But through it all, most people have behaved...
  • How the Constitution Crisis Will End

    03/21/2012 9:07:25 AM PDT · by harpu · 12 replies · 2+ views ^ | April 2012 | Stephen Flurry
    What happens when leaders put themselves above the law. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg must have missed the memo about Egypts radical Islamist transformation over the past year. Since Hosni Mubaraks government crumbled under heavy pressure from the United States, Islamic extremists have been assaulting Coptic Christians, raping their wives and daughters, and burning their homes and churches to the ground. In September, terrorists ambushed Israels embassy, prompting a late-night emergency evacuation in September. In January, Islamist hard-liners, led by the Muslim Brotherhood, won 72 percent of the seats in Egypts parliament. They refuse to recognize the State of...
  • Remarkable and Lesser Known Insights by CS Lewis on the Loss of Faith in the West

    03/10/2012 7:20:58 PM PST · by marshmallow · 27 replies · 1+ views
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 3/7/12 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    One of the lesser known and lesser read works of CS Lewis is his correspondence with Rev. Fr. Don Giovanni Calabria. Few indeed have read them since they were written in Latin. And though an English translation was published in 1998, I know few who have ever heard of these letters. The full collection of these letter is here: The Latin Letters of CS LewisIn these letters, there are some very important insights that CS Lewis offers for the loss of faith in Europe that was already well underway in the 1950s when the letters were exchanged. Indeed I would...
  • Vatican Cardinal Burke: Were well on the way to Christian persecution in the U.S.

    11/28/2011 8:49:17 PM PST · by ReformationFan · 93 replies · 1+ views
    Life Site News ^ | 11-28-11 | John-Henry Westen
    VATICAN, November 28, 2011 ( One of the highest ranking cardinals in the Vatican has said that the United States is well on the way to the persecution of Christians. Cardinal Raymond Burke Cardinal Raymond Burke, former Archbishop of St. Louis and now the head of the Vaticans highest court, told Catholic News Agency that he could envision a time when the Catholic Church in the U.S., even by announcing her own teaching, is accused of engaging in illegal activity, for instance, in its teaching on human sexuality. Asked if the cardinal could even see American Catholics being arrested...
  • House Democrats File Brief Against DOMA

    11/03/2011 9:56:41 PM PDT · by neverdem · 13 replies · 1+ views
    Roll Call ^ | Nov. 3, 2011 | Jessica Brady
    House Democrats today filed a brief in support of a legal challenge to the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that defines marriage as between one man and one woman. The amicus brief filed by 133 Democrats, including the party’s top leaders, maintains that Congress hastily passed legislation during President Bill Clinton’s presidency to limit who can marry and asserts that the law is unconstitutional. The brief was filed in a consolidated court case being considered in the 1st U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, although a release said House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (Calif.) and other top Democratic leaders...
  • 2,000 Evangelical, Orthodox Chaplains Join Catholics in Opposing Pentagon Directive on SSM

    10/06/2011 1:11:36 PM PDT · by NYer · 11 replies
    CNS ^ | October 5, 2011 | Pete Winn
    Dr. Ron Crews, executive director of the Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty. (AP Photo.) ( A national group representing more than 2,000 military chaplains from evangelical Christian and Orthodox backgrounds said on Wednesday that the Pentagon has launched a direct assault on marriage, and the chaplains they endorse will not be allowed to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies under any circumstances.Dr. Ron Crews, executive director of the newly formed Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty, said his 2,000-plus membership is concerned about a Sept. 30 Pentagon memorandum that authorizes chaplains and military chapel facilities to be used for any private ceremony,...
  • The Doctrine of Natural Law

    08/30/2011 1:16:12 PM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 9 replies
    Peacemaker's Institute ^ | August 30, 2011 | Cary K. Gordon
    The Peacemakers Institute Author: Rev. Cary K. Gordon A sermon on the spiritual and legal ramifications of “Nature and Nature’s God”, and its direct correlation with what Americanism truly is, outlining what must be done if America is to be saved from its current trend toward ruin. Select here:The Doctrine of Natural Law to watch Rev. Gordon’s opening message for Cornerstone’s “Homecoming 2011″ Convention, preached on August 7th, 2011!
  • Homosexual "marriage" is not a natural right

    07/21/2011 11:36:10 AM PDT · by Titus Quinctius Cincinnatus · 39 replies
    Renew America ^ | 21 June 2011 | Tim Dunkin
    One of the fundamental truths about the founding tenets of this nation is that our ordering principles the basis of our laws, our conception of rights, the purposes to which government is supposed to obtain are built upon the acknowledgement of and respect for natural law. Natural law presupposes that there are absolute standards of right and wrong, and carries with it the necessary understanding that this natural law, far from being the product of random happenstance or social consensus, is instead instituted by the Divine authority of a Creator God who formed the world in which we...
  • Natural Law

    05/29/2011 9:58:52 AM PDT · by loveliberty2 · 19 replies
    Our Ageless Constitution ^ | 2008 - 2nd Edition | Stedman & Lewis
    Natural Law - The Ultimate Source of Constitutional Law"Man ... must necessarily be subject to the laws of his Creator.. This will of his Maker is called the law of nature.... This law of of course superior to any other.... No human laws are of any validity, if contrary to this: and such of them as are valid derive all their force...from this original." - Sir William Blackstone (Eminent English Jurist) The Founders DID NOT establish the Constitution for the purpose of granting rights. Rather, they established this government of laws (not a government of men) in order...
  • A Sequence of 12 Logical Facts that could Save America!

    04/03/2011 2:54:35 PM PDT · by EternalVigilance · 40 replies
    PeaceMakers Institute ^ | April 3, 2011 | Rev. Cary K. Gordon
    1) Divine laws exist that men did NOT make, and these “natural laws” are good. 2) Government is limited by the REALITY of natural laws. 3) Laws exist that men DID make, and these “human laws” are often bad because they deny the REALITY of natural and Divine law. 4) Law is the material necessary for the construction of a human conscience, and every human being has a conscience built with either good or bad law. 5) Government cannot save the human soul, but can encourage either its redemption or damnation, therefore, it must also be restrained by the Divine...
  • MLK's Jail Letter, 2011

    03/17/2011 11:07:10 AM PDT · by EllisWashingtonReport · 3 replies ^ | 01/15/11 | Ellis Washington
    I believe that one of MLK's greatest works is his "Letter from the Birmingham Jail," dated April 16, 1963. This seminal writing established the moral foundations of Natural Law as the basis for the Constitution and eloquently connected it to the non-violent civil-rights demonstrations of the Birmingham campaign. King's letter was a reply to an open letter "A Call For Unity," signed by eight white clergymen of Birmingham published in the Birmingham News on the day he was arrested. The "Call For Unity" was critical of the protests and provocative acts organized in Birmingham by "outsiders" and urged more tolerance,...
  • Vattel's Law of Nation is the textbook for National Law; William and Mary College 1830

    03/16/2011 7:39:43 AM PDT · by bushpilot1 · 21 replies · 1+ views
    Google Books ^ | 1830 | William and Mary College
    5. The Professor of Political Law shall deliver Lectures on Natural and National Law, Political Economy, Metaphysics, Government and History. The Text Book on Natural and National Law shall be Vattel, with reference to Rutherforth's Institutes.
  • Democracy to mobocracy to genocide

    03/11/2011 2:47:19 PM PST · by EllisWashingtonReport · 8 replies ^ | 02/26/11 | Ellis Washington
    Above America's original sin of slavery and our existential sin of abortion, I call our greatest international sin exporting democracy around the world rather than republicanism founded under Natural Law, which was the original intent of the framers... Imagine Muslim caliphates in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Libya; communism and state socialism in South America, China, Russia, Europe; Marxist unionism exploding in Wisconsin, Indiana, Ohio, California, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey. While circumstances are different, the ends are inevitably the same: Absent a republic under Natural Law and the Bible, democracy = mobocracy = genocide.
  • Catholics, Conservatism, Three Legged Stools, CPAC and Political Participation

    02/09/2011 4:02:57 AM PST · by tcg · 7 replies
    Catholic Online ^ | 2/9/11 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    Dr. Robert George asked a question which provoked a response being labeled as a sign of a division in the "conservative" movement in America. ..."Is conservatism a three-legged stool or not?" Dr. George used the imagery of the late Ronald Reagan...I am a great admirer of the late Ronald Reagan. Like many other Catholics... The three legs are social conservatives, foreign policy conservatives and economic conservatives. The late President Reagan built an alliance of these three groups of conservatives which changed the political landscape of the Nation. The American Conservative Union (ACU) is the sponsor of the annual Conservative Political...
  • Does Egyptian Censorship Violate Right to Social Media?

    02/02/2011 10:49:17 PM PST · by Walter Scott Hudson · 7 replies
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | February 2, 2011 | Walter Hudson
    I knew I was inviting a headache from the moment I saw the title. "Cairo Sunshine All Around the World" is a Huffington Post article by Raffi Cavoukian, the Egyptian-born Canadian singer who brought us "Baby Beluga" and "Bananaphone" under the mononym Raffi. Are we witnessing the emergence of a new fundamental human right -- the right of citizens to connect via social media -- the digital right to communicate? Does any nation that disrupts or suspends the people's right to communicate by this most democratic of means thus not suspend its own legitimacy? Further on, he discovers another emergent...
  • Faith and Politics Meet: Pope Benedict

    12/02/2010 11:22:19 AM PST · by 0beron · 5 replies · 1+ views
    The Eponymous Flower ^ | 12/02/2010 | Tancred
    Benedict XVI to the New Ambassador from Hungary: Legislative initiatives which value alternative relationships and family models, will promote the relativization of legislation and awareness of values in society. Rome ( morning Pope Benedict received in audience the new Ambassador of the Republic of Hungary to the Holy See, Gábor Győriványi. In his German address, the Holy Father recalled the reinstatement of diplomatic relations with the Holy See and the Hungarian Republic in 1990 and expresse the hope, "that the deep wounds of the materialistic conception of man, which after 45 long years years will strengthen and heal the heart...
  • The True Meaning and Interpretation of Article II "natural born Citizen

    11/04/2010 8:01:39 PM PDT · by STE=Q · 52 replies
    Post & Email ^ | Nov. 4, 2010 | Jedi Pauly
    I wish to undertake a critical analysis of the incomplete works of attorneys Orly Taitz, Phil Berg, and Mario Apuzzo, concerning the meaning and definition of "natural born Citizen" within the political context and intent of Article II. It is my contention that none of the attorneys working on exposing the illegal usurper known as Barack Obama have described any valid theory of law that properly explains why Obama cannot possibly qualify to be President under Article II. I will show what I believe are their mistakes and limitations and expose their incomplete efforts as failed hypotheses rather than valid...
  • What We Believe, Part 4: Natural Law

    10/29/2010 7:33:45 AM PDT · by t-dude · 2 replies
    What makes some laws worth obeying, while others demand to be overturned? In Part 4, Bill examines the difference between Natural Law and Political Law.
  • Two in One Flesh: Marriage in Nature, in the Church and in Civil Society

    10/07/2010 8:14:30 PM PDT · by GonzoII · 1 replies
    Catholic Exchange ^ | October 7th, 2010 | Francis Cardinal George, OMI
    - Catholic Exchange - - Two in One Flesh: Marriage in Nature, in the Church and in Civil SocietyPosted By Francis Cardinal George, OMI On October 7, 2010 @ 12:00 am In The Bishops Speak | No Comments In the Archdiocese of Chicago, on Sept. 19, about 350 couples renewed their marriage vows during the annual Mass to celebrate the anniversary of those married 50 years. In reflecting on their 50 years together, some couples wrote that the best part of being married was the companionship of a husband or wife who could always be counted on, in good...
  • Sir William Blackstone

    09/14/2010 7:10:55 AM PDT · by DariusBane · 5 replies
    The Blackstone Institute ^ | March 2005 | Blackstone Institute
    Bashing Blackstone: The Reconstructionists Attack in Americas Culture War [An initial version of this article was published in Rare Jewel Magazine, March-April 2005] Sir William Blackstone, the eminent Eighteenth Century English law professor and author of Commentaries on the Laws of England, has wielded incalculable effects on law in America for the past 225 years. His Commentaries were the law textbook in Great Britain and the United States well after their initial publication. Bashing Blackstone is an invisible but critical dimension of the Reconstructionists (liberal/activist) attack in Americans Culture War. We Constitutionalists must therefore arm ourselves with a basic knowledge...
  • Jefferson On Citizenship Under A Republican Form Of Government

    08/19/2010 9:51:33 PM PDT · by patlin · 32 replies
    ConstitutionallySpeaking ^ | Aug 19, 2010 | constitutionallyspeaking aka patlin
    Now, let us begin this short visit back into the year of 1803 and the wisdom & patriotism of Thomas Jefferson from his time in the Virginia state legislature But are there no inconveniences to be thrown into the scale against the advantage expected from a multiplication of numbers by the importation of-foreigners ? It is for the happiness of those united in society to harmonize as much as possible in matters which they must of necessity transact together. Civil government being the sole object of forming societies, its administration must be conducted by common consent. Every species of government...
  • Liberal Conservatism: A Bane to the Survival of a Constitutional Republic (taking on the GOP elite)

    08/18/2010 10:59:03 AM PDT · by patlin · 3 replies
    Constitutionally Speaking ^ | Aug. 17, 2010 | constitutionallyspeaking aka patlin
    The art of interpretaing the Constitution & the original intent of the founders is not rocket science. As Justice Joseph Story stated, its mostly just good ole plain & obvious common sense: In the first place, then, every word employed in the constitution is to be expounded in its plain, obvious, and common sense, unless the context furnishes some ground to control, qualify, or enlarge it. Constitutions are not designed for metaphysical or logical subtleties, for niceties of expression, for critical propriety, for elaborate shades of meaning, or for the exercise of philosophical acuteness, or juridical research. They are instruments...
  • The Rule of Law & Natural Rights

    07/29/2010 3:54:53 PM PDT · by Silverfiddle · 8 replies · 3+ views
    Western Hero ^ | 29 July 2010 | silverfiddle
    The Rule of Law Weve lost the original definition of Rule of Law. Republicans abused it badly during the Clinton impeachment trials, but both parties bear responsibility for the perversion of this important concept. Hayek gives us the classical definition: Government in all its actions is bound by rules fixed and announced beforehand--rules which make it possible to foresee with fair certainty how the authority will use its coercive powers in given circumstances and to plan ones individual affairs on the basis of this knowledge." He explains that the Rule of Law should not be ad hoc, but it should...
  • University of IL Professor Pays Price For Political Incorrectness Regarding "Gays"

    07/20/2010 7:13:19 PM PDT · by Daniel T. Zanoza · 2 replies ^ | July 20, 2010 | Beth Rogers
    Letter to the Editor by Beth Rogers EDITOR'S NOTE: Beth Rogers is a frequent contributor to and a pro-family political activist. Rogers, who hails from Springfield, Illinois, is one of the most influential socially conservative leaders in the state. Proponents of "gay" rights have said many times what others do in their bedroom doesn't affect anyone else and is no one's business. The recent circumstances at the University of Illinois prove otherwise as a university professor shared his beliefs on natural moral laws and then was fired for his opinion. Professor Kenneth Howell's firing is only one example of...
  • Editorial: Catholics Need Not Apply. Firing Professor Howell, Rise of Anti-Catholicism

    07/15/2010 6:00:27 PM PDT · by tcg · 13 replies
    Catholic Online ^ | 7/16/10 | Deacon Keith Fournier
    "Teaching a student about the tenets of a religion is one thing. Declaring that homosexual acts violate the natural laws of man is another." Here in one simple sentence is the real danger this whole matter exposes. This is PRECISELY the Catholic claim! Homosexual sexual acts violate the Natural Law. Catholics insist that there is such a Natural Law, "present in the heart of each man and established by reason." This law "is universal in its precepts and its authority extends to all men. It expresses the dignity of the person and determines the basis for his fundamental rights and...
  • Jefferson vs Lincoln: America Must Choose

    03/10/2010 6:35:02 PM PST · by Idabilly · 1,263 replies · 9,597+ views
    Tenth Amendment Center. ^ | 2010 | Josh Eboch
    Over the course of American history, there has been no greater conflict of visions than that between Thomas Jeffersons voluntary republic, founded on the natural right of peaceful secession, and Abraham Lincolns permanent empire, founded on the violent denial of that same right. That these two men somehow shared a common commitment to liberty is a lie so monstrous and so absurd that its pervasiveness in popular culture utterly defies logic. After all, Jefferson stated unequivocally in the Declaration of Independence that, at any point, it may become necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected...
  • Wowed by the Miraculous

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    Challies Dot Com ^ | 1/13/2010 | Tim Challies
    A miracle is a violation of the laws of nature; and as a firm and unalterable experience has established these laws, the proof against a miracle, from the very nature of the fact, is as entire as any argument from experience can possibly be imagined (David Hume). That quote, taken from the Scottish philosopher David Hume, would summarize what the average person believes about miracles. Miracles are impossible because they violate laws of nature, and the very nature of these laws dictates that they are inviolable. Certainly in discussing the Christian faith with unbelievers the Christian evangelist often encounters this...
  • POPE: 12TH-CENTURY LESSON ON NATURAL LAW NEEDED (Warns of "Dictatorship of Relativism")

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    zna ^ | December 17, 2009
    VATICAN CITY, DEC. 16, 2009 ( A 12th-century scholar has a lesson for today on what makes for fair and equal treatment in law, Benedict XVI says.The Pope proposed today during the general audience the teaching of John of Salisbury, an English theologian and philosopher who served as bishop of Chartres, France, from 1176 until he died in 1180.The Holy Father explained how John taught that "there also exists an objective and immutable truth, whose origin is God, accessible to human reason. This truth regards practical and social actions. This is a natural law, from which human laws and political...