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  • The FCC Issues its Proposal On Net Neutrality; Protesters Are Tossed from Hearing

    05/17/2014 10:02:55 PM PDT · by Nachum · 30 replies
    zero hedge ^ | 5/17/14 | tyler durden
    Submitted by Mike Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, As spring unfolds here in the Northern Hemisphere, the future of the free and open Internet hangs in the balance. As such, I strongly believe everyone should have at least some understanding of what is at stake. When most people hear or read the words “net neutrality” their eyes glaze over with a feeling of confusion and despair: “I can’t remember, am I supposed to be for or against this?” This is exactly how the lawyers and lobbyists in D.C. want it, but unless the citizenry is informed we could lose the...
  • Was There Any Doubt About The Outcome? (TRADOC - Women in infantry. The myth of gender neutrality.)

    05/20/2013 11:42:03 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 28 replies
    Blackfive ^ | 5-19-2013 | Deebow
    Well, it appears that TRADOC is now well into the process of attempting to destroy the greatest armed force that the world has ever known. Training and Doctrine Command has launched “two major efforts in support of this full integration of women soldiers.” TRADOC has started a scientific review working with U.S. Army Medical Command, U.S. Army Research Institute for Environmental Medicine and Army Research Institute to assist in the development of gender-neutral physical standards for all Areas of Concentration for commissioned officers and military occupational specialties for enlisted soldiers.In addition, the “TRADOC Analysis Center is examining the institutional and cultural...
  • Irish attitudes to neutrality “narcissistic” (per European Affairs Minister)

    02/04/2013 10:20:44 AM PST · by Olog-hai · 14 replies
    Irish Times ^ | Monday, February 4, 2013 | Ruadhán Mac Cormaic in Paris
    Minister for European Affairs Lucinda Creighton has described Ireland’s position on military neutrality as “narcissistic”, but conceded it would be difficult for Fine Gael to win public support for a major shift in defense policy. A report on Ireland by one of France’s main EU think tanks, due to be published today, quotes Creighton saying she is “very supportive” of Ireland joining common European defense, but doesn’t believe her party could gain “political traction for that in the short term”. … The report by Notre Europe (Institut Jacques Delors), published to mark the 40th anniversary of Ireland’s EU accession, concludes...
  • Action Needed: Obama's Internet Takeover to Begin Nov. 20

    09/28/2011 2:06:37 PM PDT · by SandRat · 80 replies · 1+ views
    Grassfire Nation | Grassfire Nation []
    Late last week, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) took what is being called "the final step" towards implementing their illegal Net Neutrality regulations. You may recall, that back on December 21, the FCC bypassed government regulations and seized control of the Internet -- delivering what many believe is a knockout blow to one of the last, great free-market frontiers our nation and the world has ever seen. According to the organization Less Government, regardless of a multiple lawsuits, a move by the House of Representatives and a D.C. Circuit Court unanimously ruling that the FCC had no authority to take...
  • Net Neutrality Rules Clear Final Barrier, Head for Implementation

    09/16/2011 7:57:12 AM PDT · by 92nina · 3 replies
    Digital Liberty ^ | 2011-09-13 | [Staff]
    ...In fact, Section 706 calls for the expansion of broadband via deregulation, not further regulations. The Court of Appeals for D.C. even ruled that Net Neutrality cannot be justified under this particular section of the Telecommunications Act. As has been seen in The Netherlands, Net Neutrality is extremely detrimental to the telecommunications industry. The largest Dutch wireless company, KPN, has been forced to increase their prices by a significant percentage in order to recoup their financial losses as a result of the new, onerous regulations. In the current economic status, furthering the financial and regulatory burden on companies, and, consequently,...
  • Anoka-Hennepin school district stands by gay 'neutrality' policy

    08/14/2011 9:19:02 AM PDT · by WOBBLY BOB · 10 replies
    pioneer press ^ | 8-14-11 | sarah horner
    It's one sentence. And it has thrown Minnesota's largest school district into the national debate on gay rights. "Anoka-Hennepin staff, in the course of their professional duties, shall remain neutral on matters regarding sexual orientation including but not limited to student led discussions." Controversy over that line within Anoka-Hennepin schools' Sexual Orientation Curriculum Policy has hung over the suburban district for more than two years. The policy itself is the only known one like it in Minnesota. Parents of students who are gay, bisexual or transgender, or perceived to be, say the directive leaves their children vulnerable to bullies. Teachers...
  • Cold War Neutrals Now Taking Sides, Timidly

    04/09/2011 6:33:30 AM PDT · by sukhoi-30mki · 2 replies
    The Associated Press ^ | April 9, 2011 | KARL RITTER
    Cold War Neutrals Now Taking Sides, Timidly Europe's Cold War neutrals now taking sides, timidly, as they redefine security policy The Associated Press By KARL RITTER Associated Press STOCKHOLM April 9, 2011 (AP) Swedish fighter jets are roaring into action over Libya under NATO command. Ireland is offering itself as a transit hub for U.S. military deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. Even famously independent Switzerland has peacekeepers in Kosovo. For Europe's once-staunchly neutral countries, much has changed in the two decades since the Cold War ended. With no East-West conflict as a reference point, the concept of neutrality has been...
  • American Public Sides With Google, Not Government, on Search Neutrality

    01/22/2011 3:21:54 PM PST · by LibWhacker · 20 replies · 1+ views
    Fast Company ^ | 1/10/11 | Austin Carr
    Search neutrality, the belief that search results ought to be impartial, is quickly becoming a hot-button issue in Washington. Critics have accused Internet giants Bing and Google of producing self-serving results, implying that, say, the latter engine's algorithm has been tweaked to push links to Google Maps or YouTube, rather than a competitor's site. Though Google has denied any such action, the question now is: Should federal authorities be tasked with regulating search results on Google and Bing, or might that amount to a "government takeover" of the Internet? According to a new report by Rasmussen, the vast majority of...
  • Net neutrality rules a blow to free markets

    12/21/2010 11:19:43 AM PST · by Nachum · 24 replies · 2+ views
    reuters ^ | 12/21/10 | James Pethokoukis
    Milton Friedman had it right. Business is no friend of free markets. The Federal Communication Commission’s “net neutrality” ruling is more evidence of this. What the FCC should have done is called it a year, went on holiday and left the Internet alone. Instead, it found a solution in search of a problem. And that solution was more or less supplied by Verizon and Google last August. To a great extent, the new rules codify that blueprint, which — at least as those companies see things — acknowledged both the inevitability of some government rule-making and the need to better...
  • Net Neutrality: Treating the Internet Like a Utility

    12/08/2010 8:56:44 AM PST · by Nachum · 28 replies
    pajamas media ^ | 12/8/10 | Patrick Richardson
    According to a story on PJM by Charlie Martin, in 2004 Comcast and some of the other big providers started looking at what data was being sent, and decided to start throttling down how much data of certain types — most notably streaming audio and video — people could receive. This tended to irritate people who watch their favorite shows on Hulu or movies on Netflix (I happen to be one of the people who prefers his shows this way). Thus, the push for net neutrality began. On its face, the idea of net neutrality seems like a good one:...
  • Just What Do They Mean by ‘Net Neutrality’?

    12/08/2010 8:55:16 AM PST · by Nachum · 22 replies
    pajamas media ^ | 12/8/10 | Charlie Martin
    On December 1, FCC Commission Chair Julius Genachowski made a speech announcing proposed rules through which the FCC proposed to establish “net neutrality.” There is much controversy about the rules and about “net neutrality” in general. The frustrating part: when you examine the arguments closely, it’s clear that no two commentators appear to be talking about the same thing. So what does “net neutrality” mean? To answer that question, first of all we need to understand a little bit about the Internet and how it works. (More technical readers can skip this section, or just amuse yourselves observing the simplifications...
  • Sources: FCC chief working on net neutrality proposal

    11/18/2010 4:58:00 PM PST · by ColdOne · 15 replies
    Politico ^ | 11/18/10 | KIM HART
    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski is putting together a net neutrality proposal and plans to take action on the controversial issue as early as next month, according to several sources with knowledge of the situation.
  • Forging a deal for net neutrality

    09/19/2010 8:40:20 AM PDT · by Nachum · 5 replies
    Virginia Pilot ^ | 9/19/10 | Staff
    The Federal Communications Commission has extended a comment period on restricting Internet service providers from playing favorites. The extension marks yet another delay in what has become a tortured pursuit of rules to keep the Internet as it is now - open and accessible for everyone. The issue is no small matter; a decision to impose regulations will ripple beyond the lives of most Americans. Net neutrality rules, if properly drafted, will safeguard the universal access and competition that have made the Internet such an engine for innovation.
  • Federal Communications Commission scraps Internet neutrality talks

    08/06/2010 2:38:08 PM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    politico ^ | 8/6/10 | TONY ROMM & KIM HART
    The Federal Communications Commission Thursday suspended its weeks-long series of talks with Internet providers on Net neutrality, dealing a blow to efforts to produce a deal that the agency could take to Congress. The decision to cut off negotiations marks a major political setback for Chairman Julius Genachowski, whose office reached out to stakeholders six weeks ago to strike an agreement and avoid a public battle over rules that would treat all users’ Web traffic equally. But the end to industry discussions — which a source close to the FCC talks blamed entirely on news that Google and Verizon separately...
  • Net neutrality comes back to haunt Google

    07/13/2010 4:29:11 PM PDT · by george76 · 11 replies
    Financial Times ^ | July 13 2010 | Richard Waters
    Google has become the main advocate in Washington for a set of regulations to prevent internet service providers favouring particular companies’ traffic. However, that campaign, over what is known as “net neutrality”, has handed a gift to its own detractors. This year, “search neutrality” has become the rallying cry of activists who believe that Google has too much power to decide which internet sites are granted the attention that comes with a high search ranking, and which are consigned to outer darkness. After regulating the “pipes” of the internet with net neutrality, says Frank Pasquale, a professor at Seton Hall...
  • Engulfing the Internet: FCC takes next step to neutralize the net

    06/17/2010 6:51:29 AM PDT · by Behind Liberal Lines · 63 replies · 1,059+ views
    American Spectator ^ | 6.17.10 @ 6:10AM
    Despite opposition by a House of Representatives majority and a bipartisan group of Senators, the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday is expected to proceed with plans to impose federal government regulation of the Internet, which would essentially treat broadband networks -- and the companies that invested more than $200 billion in private capital to deploy them -- as utilities. The commission's chairman, Julius Genachowski, and his staff have insisted that imposing federal regulations originally written in the 1930s for the telephone is the only way the Obama Administration can gain the "kind of oversight and control that we need," says...
  • FCC to seek net neutrality using new legal framework

    05/06/2010 9:07:35 AM PDT · by Nachum · 11 replies · 467+ views
    the hill ^ | 5/6/10 | Tony Romm
    Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski on Thursday announced his agency would seek to regain its lost grip on broadband by applying some of the rules that govern phone companies to Internet providers. One month to the day since a federal court stripped the FCC of that authority, setting back the agency's dual goals of expanding broadband access and instituting tough rules to ensure open Internet, Genachowski took the first steps in restoring what he described as "the shared understanding" that the FCC should protect broadband consumers.
  • Whitehouse backs away from net neutrality(Call to action: Freep the FCC)

    01/14/2010 8:32:35 AM PST · by bilhosty · 8 replies · 424+ views
    Big Government ^ | 01/14/10 | Capitol Confidential
    With the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expected to conclude this week a comment-seeking exercise relevant to net neutrality rules proposed last fall by Julius Genachowski, top telecommunications and tech policy observers are claiming that the FCC Chairman could be set to receive a major blow. Not only is the momentum in the net neutrality debate increasingly shifting away from proponents, but a number of experts say the White House itself is souring on Genachowski’s plans—a major knock that could signal the death of efforts to advance net neutrality, at least for now.
  • Net Neutrality FAQ: What's in it for You

    10/26/2009 11:23:06 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 22 replies · 708+ views
    PC World ^ | October 2009 | Tim Greene
    The FCC has approved a notice of proposed rule making on the subject of net neutrality, and here are a few questions and answers to help shine a light on what that means. (See "FCC takes first step toward net neutrality rules")What exactly did the FCC do?The FCC agreed to consider what regulations, if any, to impose on ISPs about the applications and services that they allow, ban or rate limit. The process calls for formally proposing rules and holding public hearings on them. A vote about the rules themselves will take place sometime next year. What is net neutrality...
  • Big Internet carriers win right to manage traffic

    10/24/2009 12:26:42 PM PDT · by ShadowAce · 12 replies · 500+ views
    Globe and Mail ^ | 21 October 2009 | Richard Blackwell
    Canada's big Internet carriers have scored a major victory, as the telecommunication regulator ruled it is okay for them to slow down some of the Web traffic travelling to customers' personal computers – as long as the companies explain ahead of time what they are doing. In a decision that clarifies its approach to the practice known as traffic shaping, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission said Wednesday that companies such as Bell Canada, BCE-T Rogers Communications Inc. RCI.B-T and Telus Corp. T-T should do everything they can to expand network capacity.But if they have to slow down or “throttle”...
  • McCain Moves to Block FCC Net Neutrality

    10/23/2009 3:28:23 PM PDT · by BornToBeAmerican · 14 replies · 824+ views
    PCWorld ^ | Oct 23, 2009 | Tony Bradley
    The FCC voted unanimously yesterday to move forward with the debate in an effort to formalize net neutrality guidelines. Senator John McCain followed up by introducing a bill that would prohibit the FCC from governing communications. Oddly, the bill also contains text stating that any regulations in effect on the day before the Internet Freedom Act is officially enacted are grandfathered in and exempt from the provisions of the Internet Freedom Act. The implication seems to be that if the FCC can formalize net neutrality rules before McCain can get the Internet Freedom Act signed into law, the net neutrality...
  • AT&T lobbyist asks employees, their families and friends to protest net neutrality rules

    10/21/2009 10:42:06 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 3 replies · 312+ views
    Washingon Post ^ | 20 October 2009 | Cecilia King
    AT&T's top lobbyist, Jim Cicconi, sent a letter to all of the telecom giant's 300,000 employees on Sunday, urging them to express their concerns over a net neutrality proposal under consideration by the Federal Communications Commission. Check out his letter and comments on the Actuarian Outpost Web site. The letter was the latest move in a lobbying frenzy days before the FCC votes on a proposal to create new net neutrality regulations. High-tech giants wrote to the agency to support the rules, while dozens of lawmakers from both parties have protested the rules as potentially dangerout to economic growth. "We...
  • Big names support net neutrality

    10/21/2009 10:38:45 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 9 replies · 378+ views
    BBC News ^ | 20 October 2009 | BBC
    A group of the world's largest internet companies has written a letter of support to the US Federal Communications Commission (FCC).The letter is the latest in an ongoing debate about "network neutrality" - or how data is distributed on the web. Some internet providers have called for a tiered system, in which bandwidth-heavy data like videos travel slower. The FCC is opposed to this and wants to preserve an open internet in which all data is treated equally. The letter, signed by the chief executives of Google, Ebay, Skype, Facebook, Amazon and Sony Electronics among others, says that maintaining data...
  • FCC To Introduce Net Neutrality Rule

    09/18/2009 6:44:54 PM PDT · by RushIsMyTeddyBear · 91 replies · 1,885+ views
    Washington Compost ^ | September 18, 2009 | Cecilia Kang
    Julius Genachowski, chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, plans to propose a new so-called net neutrality rule Monday that could prevent telecommunications, cable and wireless companies from blocking Internet applications, according to sources at the agency. Genachowski will discuss the rules Monday during a keynote speech at The Brookings Institute. He isn't expected to drill into many details, but the proposal will specifically be for an additional guideline on how operators like AT&T, Verizon, and Comcast can control what goes on their networks. That additional guideline would prevent the operators from discriminating, or act as gatekeepers, of Web content and...
  • Post shoots self in ethical foot (Marketing ploy backfires on Post)

    07/03/2009 8:12:17 AM PDT · by La Lydia · 21 replies · 676+ views
    Washington Times ^ | July 3, 2009 | Jennifer Harper
    A marketing scheme backfired on The Washington Post on Thursday, forcing the newspaper into uncharacteristic mea culpa mode. A headline in The Post itself tells all: "The Post's 'Salon' Plan: A Public Relations Disaster." In an age of excruciating transparency, revelations that the newspaper planned to pair up political insiders, business leaders, Obama administration officials and Post reporters for cozy, off-the-record "salons" at the home of publisher Katharine Weymouth generated immediate, corrosive buzz -- and lots of reaction. A color publicity flier obtained by Politico revealed that The Post would charge up to $250,000 for these "collegial" encounters, billed as...
  • Democrats sneak Net neutrality rules into 'stimulus' bill

    01/16/2009 12:29:30 PM PST · by BGHater · 28 replies · 1,484+ views
    CNET ^ | 15 Jan 2009 | Declan McCullagh
    The House Democrats' $825 billion legislation released on Thursday was supposedly intended to "stimulate" the economy. Backers claimed that speedy approval was vital because the nation is in "a crisis not seen since the Great Depression" and "the economy is shutting down." That's the rhetoric. But in reality, Democrats are using the 258-page legislation to sneak Net neutrality rules in through the back door. The so-called stimulus package hands out billions of dollars in grants for broadband and wireless development, primarily in what are called "unserved" and "underserved" areas. The U.S. Department of Commerce is charged with writing checks-with-many-zeros-on-them to...
  • Google Wants Its Own Fast Track on the Web

    12/15/2008 8:39:47 AM PST · by Sammy67 · 26 replies · 1,709+ views
    WallStreetJournal ^ | 12/15/08 | VISHESH KUMAR and CHRISTOPHER RHOADS
    The celebrated openness of the Internet -- network providers are not supposed to give preferential treatment to any traffic -- is quietly losing powerful defenders. Google Inc. has approached major cable and phone companies that carry Internet traffic with a proposal to create a fast lane for its own content, according to documents reviewed by The Wall Street Journal. Google has traditionally been one of the loudest advocates of equal network access for all content providers. At risk is a principle known as network neutrality: Cable and phone companies that operate the data pipelines are supposed to treat all traffic...
  • Smoking ban leads to new religion (Dutch cafe owners join 'One and Universal Smokers Church of God')

    07/17/2008 12:42:01 PM PDT · by Stoat · 53 replies · 5,903+ views
    Smoking ban leads to new religion Wednesday 16 July 2008Café owners in the Netherlands are joining religious movement known as the One and Universal Smokers Church of God, the Telegraaf reports on Wednesday.‘We stand firmly behind the church’s teachings and that is smoking,’ Cor Busch, owner of the former Lindeboom café in Alkmaar told the paper. ‘Smokers are being discriminated against… but a beer and a cigarette belong together.’ Smoking has been banned in Dutch bars since July 1. Several dozen bars have joined the movement which claims the Dutch constitution and European rules give it legitimacy under the...
  • 71% of US wants neutrality in conflict

    07/01/2008 8:49:19 PM PDT · by forkinsocket · 38 replies · 63+ views
    The Jerusalem Post ^ | Jul 1, 2008 | STEPHANIE RUBENSTEIN
    Most people in 14 of 18 countries polled recently want their governments to refrain from choosing sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, including in the United States (71 percent)., managed by the Program on International Policy Attitudes at the University of Maryland, polled 18,792 people with a margin of error range of 2% to 4% for the survey released on Tuesday. Questionnaires were distributed from January to May, and the responses represent 59% of the world population. Overall, 58% of respondents said they wanted their respective country to take a neutral stance on the conflict, 20% favored the Palestinians and...
  • Help for old news item

    04/20/2008 10:48:06 AM PDT · by mushroom · 16 replies · 49+ views
    Vanity | 4/20/08 | mushroom
    I'm looking for the news item about the TV anchor who said something along the line of "if I knew of an imminent attack on US forces, I wouldn't tell them because journalists are supposed to be neutral." Might just convince a liberal with this one.
  • CRTC urged to probe 'discriminatory' Internet traffic shaping

    03/28/2008 8:07:51 PM PDT · by em2vn · 7 replies · 322+ views
    national post ^ | 03-28-08 | Matthew Coutts,
    Steps taken by Canadian Internet service providers to shape and control Internet traffic are discriminatory and should be investigated by Canada's telecommunications commission, the National Union of Public and General Employees charged this week. In a letter sent to the CRTC, union president James Clancy said they have become "increasingly concerned about the issue of network neutrality," and asked the commission to investigate the impact on consumers.
  • Fixing the unfairness of TCP congestion control [Long, but good read]

    03/24/2008 7:59:53 AM PDT · by TChris · 16 replies · 577+ views
    ZDNet ^ | 3/24/08 | Bob Briscoe / George Ou
    Bob Briscoe (Chief researcher at the BT Network Research Centre) is on a mission to tackle one of the biggest problems facing the Internet. He wants the world to know that TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) congestion control is fundamentally broken and he has a proposal for the IETF to fix the root cause of the problem. The Internet faced its first congestion crisis in 1986 when too much network traffic caused a series of Internet meltdowns when everything slowed to a crawl. Today’s problem is more subtle and lesser known since the network still appears to be working correctly and...
  • Comcast: FCC lacks any authority to act on P2P blocking (i.e.: Comcast to FCC: 'Drop dead!')

    03/19/2008 2:04:55 PM PDT · by dickmc · 15 replies · 759+ views
    ars technia ^ | March 18, 2008 | Matthew Lasar
    The man who spoke for Comcast at Harvard last month has told the Federal Communications Commission that the agency has no legal power to stop the cable giant from engaging in what it calls "network management practices" (critics call it peer-to-peer traffic blocking). Comcast vice president David L. Cohen's latest filing with the Commission claims that regulators can do nothing even if they conclude that Comcast's behavior runs afoul of the FCC's Internet neutrality guidelines. "The congressional policy and agency practice of relying on the marketplace instead of regulation to maximize consumer welfare has been proven by experience (including the...
  • Unlimited gall to cost Verizon $1 million; Congressman to Comcast: Stop interfering with BitTorrent

    10/25/2007 11:25:39 AM PDT · by dickmc · 47+ views
    Network World, C/Net ^ | October 24, 2006; October 25, 2006 | Paul McNamara; Chris Soghoian
    I have lumped these together as they are symptomatic of underlying interesting issues on corporations vs internet issues: The first is Verizon's definition of unlimited: New York State has given Verizon Wireless a million new reasons understand that the word “unlimited” when used in advertising should mean what it means elsewhere in polite society.The second is a Congressman's comments on Comcast's forging of reset commands to stop BitTorrent legal downloads: "Comcast has made a major mistake in attempting to hinder peer-to-peer file sharing as an aspect of its network management," Boucher said. "The inability of customers to (share files) significantly...
  • FCC investigates network neutrality

    03/26/2007 4:03:05 AM PDT · by familyop · 3 replies · 405+ views
    iTWire (Australia) ^ | 26MAR07 | Stephen Withers
    The US Federal Communications Commission has begun an enquiry "to better understand the behavior of participants in the market for broadband services" - in other words to see whether the traditional non-discriminatory data carriage provided by the Internet is under threat. "In 2005, the Commission adopted an Internet Policy Statement containing four principles. The intent of these principles was to protect consumers’ access to the lawful online content of their choice and to foster the creation, adoption and use of Internet broadband content, applications, and services," said FCC chairman Kevin Martin. But since that time, the FCC has classified broadband...
  • Net Discrimination (AT&T Caves On Net Neutrality)

    01/02/2007 8:11:05 AM PST · by shrinkermd · 26 replies · 791+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 2 January 2006 | Staff
    ...Net neutrality travels under the euphemism of "nondiscrimination," which sounds very nice. But what it really means in practice is that the government dictates what AT&T and other Internet access companies can charge users of their pipelines. So there's "discrimination," all right -- against the companies that have invested billions to lay that pipe. The beneficiaries of this discrimination are Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and other very rich Web businesses, which have loaded up on Beltway lobbyists to have these mandates imposed. Democrats are taking the PAC money and running interference. The Democratic Commissioners -- Jonathan Adelstein and Michael Copps --...
  • How the net was lost

    06/21/2006 6:14:20 AM PDT · by ShadowAce · 43 replies · 936+ views
    Free Software Magazine ^ | 20 June 2006 | David Sugar
    Those who currently struggle to maintain what is called “Net Neutrality” on the internet I think have taken too limited an approach to their struggle. What they ask is to maintain an existing status quo that had already been eroded from the original promise and potential of the internet against those who wish to change it even further. This to me leaves for a poor negotiating position when congress loves to bridge difference with half measures, and even limited compromise between the current status quo and proposed changes would still be disastrous. This would be much like North American civil...
  • Give Me Bandwidth . . . (No one to root for in the net neutrality debate)

    06/17/2006 7:26:48 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 22 replies · 730+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | June 26, 2006 | Andy Kessler
    FINDING IT HARD TO UNDERSTAND the "net neutrality" debate? On one side are the hip, cool, billionaire web service companies like Google, eBay, Yahoo, and even Microsoft. Net neutrality is their rallying cry. Despite the fact that they are basically schlocky ad salesmen on a grand scale, they're pushing this quaint, self-serving '60s notion that the Internet is a town square--all for one and one for them, or something like that. Everyone should be allowed to hang out in the town square and use it as they please, one low price, eat all you want at the buffet.On the other...
  • Defeat for net neutrality backers

    06/09/2006 11:15:26 AM PDT · by Ultra Sonic 007 · 94 replies · 1,532+ views
    BBC NEWS ^ | 6/09/2006
    US politicians have rejected attempts to enshrine the principle of net neutrality in legislation. Some fear the decision will mean net providers start deciding on behalf of customers which websites and services they can visit and use. The vote is a defeat for Google, eBay and Amazon which wanted the net neutrality principle protected by law. All three mounted vigorous lobbying campaigns prior to the vote in the House of Representatives. Tier fear The rejection of the principle of net neutrality came during a debate on the wide-ranging Communications Opportunity, Promotion and Enhancement Act (Cope Act). Among other things, this...
  • Coming Soon: The Web Toll (The tiered internet - kiss small sites goodbye)

    06/03/2006 10:52:42 PM PDT · by slightlyovertaxed · 93 replies · 1,788+ views
    What if the Internet were like cable television, with Web sites grouped like channels into either basic or premium offerings? What if a few big companies decided which sites loaded quickly and which ones slowly, or not at all, on your computer? Welcome to the brave new Web, brought to you by Verizon, Bell South, AT&T and the other telecommunications giants (including PopSci’s parent company, Time Warner) that are now lobbying Congress to block laws that would prevent a two-tiered Internet, with a fast lane for Web sites able to afford it and a slow lane for everyone else.
  • Net Neutrality is More than Meets the Eye

    06/02/2006 2:48:36 AM PDT · by RWR8189 · 24 replies · 700+ views
    RealClearPolitics ^ | June 1, 2006 | Ken Yarmosh
    What's bewildering in the net neutrality debate is that both sides say they have the same goals - they want the Internet to maintain its usefulness, to keep maturing, and to continue to get better. At first glance, it would be easy to think that one side wants that done via government regulation and the other through the free market. But that's really not the case. Network neutrality is a much more complex issue than "Big Business vs. Consumer Rights" or "Big Government vs. Free-market Competition".The term 'network neutrality' relates to the regulation of the Internet or more specifically, to...
  • Gun Owners of America argue conservative case for net freedom!

    05/09/2006 5:34:30 PM PDT · by directorblue · 128+ views
    STI Blog ^ | 05/09/2006 | STI
    "The concept of Network Neutrality has unfortunately been misunderstood by many conservatives, libertarians, and other champions of the free market. That's too bad, because the free market essence of the Internet is exactly what would be lost without Network Neutrality. The large telecoms, some politicians and a number of conservative pundits have characterized the push for Network Neutrality as a left-wing attempt to stifle innovation and put government bureaucrats in control of the Internet. Well, it’s not. Through my work with Gun Owners of America, I am demonstratively a lot further to the right than they are. It is true...
  • Save the Internet: the battle over net neutrality heats up

    05/01/2006 4:57:06 PM PDT · by directorblue · 8 replies · 289+ views
    Doug Ross Journal ^ | 04/28/2006 | Doug Ross
    Ever wonder why the telcos spend so much on lobbyists rather than, oh I don’t know, value-creating new applications like Skype and Vonage? And don’t think for a second that killing net neutrality isn’t a huge issue. It has already happened in Canada and the results weren’t pretty. As the National Journal noted today, this could be an election deal-breaker for the GOP!
  • Net Neutrality vs. Net Neutering

    03/06/2006 6:14:58 AM PST · by ShadowAce · 4 replies · 262+ views
    Linux Journal ^ | 3 March 2006 | Doc Searls
    It's time to define the Internet. We haven't done that yet--certainly not in a way that allows lawmakers and regulators to operate from the same set of assumptions that we do--"we" being the Net-savvy techies of the world.As I pointed out last November in "Saving the Net: How to Keep the Carriers from Flushing the Net Down the Tubes", carriers subordinate the Net to the pipes that carry it, which they own. To them the Net is a container cargo system for the stuff we call "content", and it's subject to whatever traffic control regime they wish to impose on...
  • Battle Lines Drawn in Net Neutrality Debate

    02/08/2006 8:50:28 PM PST · by crushelits · 19 replies · 758+ views
    yahoo ^ | Wed Feb 8 2006 | Jay Wrolstad
    The debate over controlling access to the Internet took center stage in the U.S. Senate this week during a hearing that focused on "network neutrality" and possible new legislation that advocates say would protect the Internet from being fractured by special interests. The crux of the issue is a growing interest among telecom and cable companies, including AT&T and Comcast, which are the primary broadband service providers in the U.S., to charge content and service providers, such as Google, Yahoo, and Vonage, for use of those high-speed networks. At a hearing held Tuesday by the Senate Committee on Commerce, Science,...
  • Singer defends attack on Swiss neutrality (Don't you just love equivocation...)

    02/13/2005 6:48:51 PM PST · by Cornpone · 11 replies · 496+ views
    expatica ^ | 14 Feb 2005 | expatica
    The chairman of the World Jewish Congress is refusing to take back his criticism of Swiss neutrality during the Second World War, which he has called a “crime”. However, Israel Singer said he could see that Switzerland was faced with no other choice at the time. In an interview with the NZZ am Sonntag newspaper, Singer maintained that the Swiss had still not fully learned their lesson from history. “If they had, they would not have been so enraged [by my initial comments],” he said. Singer criticised Swiss neutrality during a speech at a memorial event in Berlin last month...
  • The Successor to Greenspan Has a Very Tough Act to Follow.

    12/05/2004 9:50:05 PM PST · by alessandrofiaschi · 9 replies · 515+ views
    NYT ^ | December 6, 2004 | EDMUND L. ANDREWS
    The Successor to Greenspan Has a Very Tough Act to Follow WHEN Alan Greenspan finally retires from the Federal Reserve, will he leave behind any of his DNA? Now in his 18th remarkable year as Fed chairman, the owlish and idiosyncratic Mr. Greenspan is required by law to step down in January 2006. Nominating a successor could be President Bush's biggest economic decision next year, given Mr. Greenspan's mythic reputation as the guardian of price stability and economic growth. A big uncertainty is how any successor will extend Mr. Greenspan's approach to monetary policy, which has been as much an...

    11/19/2004 6:21:18 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 10 replies · 606+ views
    I don’t like the word “insurgents” as these people are actually being led by terrorist Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the same terrorist team that beheaded their kidnapped hostages and hung the dead bodies of U.S. Marines from the bridge entering Fallujah. Today, there is no honor with terrorists. They think nothing of holding innocent Iraqi citizens in front of them as shields, or pretending to be killed or wounded and then shooting the Marines who come to their aid. Terrorists have even planted booby traps on dead bodies. Lee Ellis is a retired journalist and narrator, formerly with both CBS...
  • Red Cross bomb shows neutrality no protection (from Islamic terrorists)

    10/27/2003 7:09:42 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 10 replies · 114+ views
    Reuters ^ | 10-27-03
    the Red Cross headquarters in Baghdad in an ambulance marked with its own emblem has also shattered the organisation's belief that its neutrality would protect it. The attack, which killed at least 34 people, was the first of its kind on the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), whose avowed mission is to help victims of war and never take sides. "We always believed we were protected by the humanitarian work we do," ICRC spokeswoman Nada Doumani told Reuters after the powerful morning blast on the Red Cross's doorstep on Monday. "We thought that people knew us and we...
  • Charley Reese Says He is "Sick of Conflict"

    10/16/2003 9:48:05 PM PDT · by Theodore R. · 23 replies · 184+ views
    King Features Syndicate, Inc. ^ | 10-17-03 | Reese, Charley
    Sick Of Conflict Be honest. Don't you wish you had never heard of the Middle East? It's like being stuck in somebody else's nightmare. It was OK when the Middle East meant to most Americans a little poetry by Kahlil Gibran, pistachio nuts, Bethlehem at Christmas, "Arabian Nights" and an occasional oil tanker. Now that our politicians have immersed us in its Byzantine conflicts, it means daily casualty lists, bleeding of the treasury and political rancor of the most poisonous type. I have always been an unapologetic isolationist. If isolationism — or, more properly termed, "armed neutrality" — was good...