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  • Red Alert Politics Election 2012 Winners and Losers

    11/07/2012 4:43:47 PM PST · by smoothsailing · 4 replies
    Red Alert Politics ^ | 11-07-2012 | Kelsey Osterman - Commentary
    November 7, 2012 Red Alert Politics Election 2012 Winners and Losers Kelsey Osterman Winner: President Barack ObamaIn spite of his abysmal record, a gigantic national deficit, incredibly high youth unemployment and the fact that he has spent his first term in office campaigning for his second, President Barack Obama was projected as the winner of the 2012 presidential election before 11:30 pm EST. Let’s hope the nation can survive four more years of his “leadership.”Loser: Mitt RomneyNot only did GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney lose the state in which he was governor, he also lost the entire presidential election —...
  • America Goes Into The Darkness (Valerie Jarrett's Secret Talks With Iran)

    11/07/2012 4:35:03 PM PST · by drewh · 19 replies
    Winds of Jihad ^ | 11/7/12 | Melanie Philipps
    Romney lost because, like Britains Conservative Party, the Republicans just dont understand that America and the west are being consumed by a culture war. In their cowardice and moral confusion, they all attempt to appease the enemies within. And from without, the Islamic enemies of civilisation stand poised to occupy the void. A report last month that Obama was secretly negotiating with the Iranian regime took on an even more incendiary aspect a few days ago with a claim that these negotiations were being led by his close friend and adviser, Valerie Jarrett. Jarretts qualifications for being the president while...
  • Tea Party Leader Blames Weak-Kneed Romney, Republicans For Loss to Obama

    11/07/2012 4:20:56 PM PST · by drewh · 46 replies
    Bayou Buzz ^ | Wednesday, 07 November 2012 09:38
    A group Leaders of the Tea Party News Network and offered an unflinching assessment of Election Day results. Todd Cefaratti, editor of the Tea Party News Network said, "We're disappointed in Governor Romney's loss. But this goes to the heart of what we have been saying all along. Bob Dole didn't win. John McCain didn't win. And now Mitt Romney hasn't won. The lesson the GOP and Americans need to learn is that weak-kneed Republicans do not get elected. Conservatives do." "The Tea Party has not yet begun to fight. It's time for a wholesale reassessment of the D.C....
  • Victorious Obama rockets back onto gun control radar with UN arms treaty

    11/07/2012 4:19:02 PM PST · by marktwain · 25 replies
    Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 7 November, 2012 | David Codrea
    Mere hours after declaring victory and his intent for reaching out and working with leaders of both parties to meet the challenges we can only solve together, President Barack Obama demonstrated some of that flexibility he predicted hed have after the election when his administration backed a U.N. committee's callto renew debate over a draft international treaty to regulate the $60 billion global arms trade, Reuters reported today. Arms control advocates had hoped Obama would back the treaty if he was re-elected, Reuters explained, and that he would was a given, as it was his administration that reversed previous policy...
  • Gun Owners May Be In For An Interesting Four Years

    11/07/2012 4:12:42 PM PST · by marktwain · 52 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 7 November, 2012 | Philip Van Cleave
    Covington VA --( With the elections over now, gun owners are heading into what could be troubled waters. I dont have a crystal ball, so were we are headed I cant say for certain. However, based on the Obama Administrations past performance and President Obamas statements made during the debates, I will point out some of my concerns. FUTURE FOR FEDERAL GUN-CONTROL **LAWS** First, with the Republicans maintaining control of the House and enough of the Senate to prevent things being ramrodded through, I dont see gun control, including an assault weapon ban, making it into law during the next...
  • Michael Moore Thanks Mother Nature For Sending Hurricane Sandy To Help Obama

    11/07/2012 3:57:35 PM PST · by drewh · 43 replies
    The Washington Examiner ^ | November 7, 2012 | 2:59 pm | Charlie Spieiring
    This morning, liberal filmmaker Michael Moore wrote a joyful blogpost this morning celebrating President Obamas victory. In his post, he thanked a number of people who helped make the presidents re-election possible, especially Mother Nature. You, Mother Nature, with all your horrific damage, death and destruction you caused last week, you became, ironically, the undoing of a Party that didnt believe in you or your climate changing powers, Moore wrote, referring to Hurricane Sandy that hit the East Coast before the election. Moore also thanked Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey for being cordial with Obama during his visit. Thank...
  • Election Night 2012: Is It 1860 All Over Again?

    11/07/2012 3:54:46 PM PST · by MinorityRepublican · 11 replies
    The Moderate Voice ^ | Nov 6, 2012 | RICK BAYAN
    We couldnt have asked for a more portentious finale to a hard-fought presidential campaign. The swirling storm swept up the Atlantic seaboard, emptied its wrath on the Jersey shore, battered lower Manhattan and the southern shore of Long Island, and produced scenes of Old Testament destruction before it veered inland. Any soothsayer worth his sooth would have quaked in fear of its occult meaning. Coming as it did a week before bitter election, the monster hurricane with the disarming name took our minds off partisan politics for a moment. But make no mistake, America on Election Night 2012 is more...
  • America's coming civil war -- makers vs. takers

    11/07/2012 3:51:00 PM PST · by MinorityRepublican · 228 replies
    Fox News ^ | Published July 12, 2012 | Arthur Herman
    A house divided against itself cannot stand. Abe Lincoln used those words in 1858 to describe a country that was careening toward civil war. Now were a house divided again and another civil war is coming, with the 2012 election as its Gettysburg. Call it Americas coming civil war between the Makers and the Takers. On one side are those who create wealth, Americas private sectorthe very ones targeted by President Obamas tax hikes announced Monday. On the other are the public employee unions; left-leaning intelligentsia who see the growth of government as index of progress; and the millions of...
  • House speaker says he'll consider tax increase (Get Boehner out of there, NOW!)

    11/07/2012 3:48:46 PM PST · by tobyhill · 82 replies ^ | 11/7/2012 | ap
    <p>House Speaker John Boehner offered Wednesday to pursue a deal with a victorious President Barack Obama that will include higher taxes under the right conditions to help reduce the nations staggering debt and put its finances in order.</p> <p>Mr. President, this is your moment, Boehner told reporters. We want you to lead.</p>
  • Biden Sees Clear Sort Of Mandate On Taxes (triple barf bag alert)

    11/07/2012 3:43:18 PM PST · by drewh · 13 replies
    ABC News ^ | Nov 7, 2012 6:14pm
    ABOARD AIR FORCE TWO During a flight between Chicago and New Castle, Del., Vice President Joe Biden told reporters that the election provided a clear sort of mandate on the issue of taxes as he and the president prepare to handle the fiscal cliff. On the tax issue there was a clear, a clear sort of mandate about people coming much closer to our view about how to deal with tax policy, Biden told reporters during a question and answer session on Air Force Two. Biden added that he hopes therell be some real soul searching in the Republican...
  • Muslim Brotherhood: Obama Needs To Accept The Will Of The Arab People

    11/07/2012 3:40:33 PM PST · by SJackson · 18 replies
    CBS ^ | 11-7-12
    WASHINGTON (CBSDC/AP) Islamists in the Middle East are speaking out following President Barack Obamas re-election Tuesday night. The Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood feels that the only foreign policy change Obama can bring is by accepting the will of the Arab people. We must rely on ourselves and on our resources and build our country, Issam Al-Aryan, a top Muslim Brotherhood official, said, according to The Times of Israel. In the absence of direct American influence, Egypt can affect and lead the process of building a democratic and constitutional regime that will become a dream for African and the southern hemisphere....
  • Romney Adviser: Christie Undermined GOP Message (throws Akin & Mourdock under the bus too)

    11/07/2012 3:33:33 PM PST · by drewh · 84 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | November 7, 2012 | 2:38 pm | Beltway Confidential
    National Review reporter Robert Costa talks to an unnamed Mitt Romney adviser who indicates there are a lot of hard feeling between Romneys inner circle and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie over the latters embrace of President Obama after Hurricane Sandy: Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey, the adviser adds, is persona non grata in Romneys inner circle. He went out of his way to embrace the president during the final week of the campaign, the adviser says. It wasnt necessary and it hurt us. Todd Akin, Richard Mourdock, and Chris Christie undermined the Republican message. Christie, of course, had...
  • Why Mitt Romney Lost

    11/07/2012 3:31:00 PM PST · by all the best · 90 replies
    newsmax ^ | November 7, 2012 | Christopher Ruddy
    It was the worst of times and the worst of times. With the 2012 election results in, there are no short- or even medium-term "silver linings" for Republicans. President Barack Obama has won a decisive victory and the GOP, expecting to gain Senate seats, actually had a net loss of three. The "morning after" will bring the expected explanations and after-game quarterbacking. Still, it is important that the GOP understand why we lost this one in hopes of future victory. Perhaps the easy explanation is that two hurricanes and two betrayals by Chris Christie killed Mitt Romney's chances. The first...
  • Fill your sandbags

    11/07/2012 3:29:18 PM PST · by beagleone · 17 replies
    Israel Hayom ^ | 11/7/2012 | David M. Weinberg
    Id like to believe that President Barack Obama's re-election means nothing significant for U.S.-Israel relations, since all Democratic and Republican presidents over the past four decades have been solidly pro-Israel as Deputy Prime Minister Silvan Shalom argued on Israel Radio this morning. But Shalom is putting a pretty face on a forbidding situation. Obamas re-election means that Ehud Olmert is going to run against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the upcoming Jan. 2013 Israeli election. It means that Obama is going to intervene aggressively in our election to boost Olmert. It means that a push for immediate Palestinian statehood...
  • Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips

    11/07/2012 3:27:59 PM PST · by blam · 56 replies
    SHTF Plan ^ | 11-7-2012 | Mac Slavo
    Turn Them Over: Feinstein Moves To Ban ALL Assault Rifles, High Capacity Magazines, and Pistol Grips Mac Slavo November 7th, 2012 The agenda no longer needs to be hidden from public view. With President Obama winning another term and democrats taking control of the Senate, the move to fundamentally change America from within has begun – with a vengeance. We’re all aware of the restrictive gun laws in the State of California which require low capacity magazines for handguns, fixed magazines for “assault” rifles, and a whole lot of running around just to be granted the right to carry a...
  • MSNBCs Chuck Todd: Immigration Reform Will Get 80 to 90 votes in the Senate

    11/07/2012 3:25:18 PM PST · by drewh · 9 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 11:11 11/07/2012 | Jeff Poor
    After Tuesday nights re-election victory for President Barack Obama, MSNBCs Chuck Todd predicted that one of the presidents agenda items one promise he never managed to fulfill in his first term would breeze into law. Immigration reform, he said, will get 80 to 90 votes in the Senate. Since the election night results showed Republicans unable to attract Latino voters, he said, Republicans will run, not walk, in trying to support that now. On the Wednesday broadcast of MSNBCs The Daily Rundown, NBC White House correspondent Kristen Welker said Obamas victory speech in Chicago pointed to an immigration...
  • Mitt Should Have Become The Romney Whom Obama Ridiculed

    11/07/2012 3:21:24 PM PST · by billflax · 3 replies
    Forbes ^ | 11/07/2012 | Bill Flax
    Witnessing the presidential results springs several old sayings to mind. Its been noted that you can vote yourself into socialism, but you cant vote yourself back out. Apparently, America wants to continue testing the iron law of economics trying to find that there is such a thing as a free lunch. Lets keep the fantasy going; someone else will pay for it later. President Obama largely spent his first term campaigning on the taxpayers tab. The bunch from Chicago reconfigured the Executive Branch into a dole dispensing contraption bolstering cronies and bribing the electorate. The result: four consecutive trillion dollar...
  • Taliban Weighs in on Obama Victory

    11/07/2012 3:19:44 PM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 7 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 7/11/12 | Rachel Hirshfeld
    Taliban terrorist insurgents told newly re-elected President Barack Obama on Wednesday to admit that the United States has lost the war in Afghanistan and to act accordingly by pulling its troops out of the country immediately. "Obama must by now know that they have lost the war in Afghanistan," said spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid in a statement posted on the Islamists' website, as reported by AFP. "So, without further lying and delays, they should leave our sacred land and focus on their own country instead." "The American administration should stop acting like police in the world and focus on solving their...
  • Sarah Palin Tells America: Dont Lose Heart!

    11/07/2012 3:09:18 PM PST · by Hojczyk · 24 replies
    Gateway Pundit ^ | November 7,2012 | Jim Hoft
    Sarah Palin told Americans, and conservatives in particular, to not lose heart following yesterdays loss. From her Facebook page: America, dont lose heart. This election is not an Obama mandate, nor is it a rejection of conservatism. Unanswered ads like this one running in blue collar swing states defined Romney early on, and the Obama media also piled on with the narrative that Romney would harm the middle class. (As I personally have witnessed, once a bell is rung by a biased media, its impossible to un-ring it.) Ironically, its Obamas socialist policies that will destroy Americas working class as...
  • Mark Levin Show,Day After Election Day,M-F,6PM-9PM,EST,WABC AM,November 7,2012

    11/07/2012 2:54:26 PM PST · by Biggirl · 130 replies
    Mark Levin Show ^ | November 7,2012 | Mark Levin
    The Legacy Lives On! Marks Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation Conservatism is the antidote to tyranny precisely because its principles are the founding principles. --Mark Levin in Liberty and TyrannyWelcome to The Levin Lounge Step in and have a virtual FRink.Taking the country by storm, one radio station at a time and kicking the BUTTS of the competition! Welcome all, to the most FUN LIVE THREAD on! You can call Marks show: 1-877-381-3811