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  • Election 2012 Marks the End of Evangelical Dominance in Politics

    11/16/2012 4:57:28 AM PST · by darrellmaurina · 78 replies
    The Atlantic ^ | 11/13/2012 | Jonathan Merritt
    Ever since Ronald Reagan was elected president in 1980, evangelicals have been a powerful political force. Jerry Falwell and his Moral Majority organization were credited in part with Reagan's election, having registered millions of evangelicals to vote. Their influence would only grow over the next 25 years: Evangelicals were instrumental in Reagan's reelection, the Republican Revolution of 1994, and both of George W. Bush's victories. But on November 6, 2012, their reign came to an end. "I think this [election] was an evangelical disaster," Albert Mohler, president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, told NPR. He's right, but it wasn't for...
  • Can Romney's loss help Republicans? (the Dems now own it all...and it doesn't look good)

    11/16/2012 4:51:11 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 30 replies ^ | 11/16/2012 | Joseph Smith
    Bret Stephens writes in the Wall Street Journal: And though I have my anxieties about the president's next term, I also have a hunch the GOP dodged a bullet with Mr. Romney's loss. ... the GOP dodged ownership of the second great recession, which will inevitably hit when the Federal Reserve can no longer float the economy in pools of free money. When that happens, Barack Obama won't have George W. Bush to kick around. Stephens's point -- that the wreckage of the past four years now belongs to Obama -- resonates in light of current events: The stock market...
  • Obama vows not to forget storm victims rebuilding [Lying sack o' crap alert]

    11/16/2012 4:48:50 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 14 replies
    Houston Chronicle ^ | November 16, 2012 | Matthew Daly
    President Barack Obama vowed Thursday to stick with New Yorkers still struggling 17 days after Superstorm Sandy "until the rebuilding is complete" after getting an up-close look at devastated neighborhoods rendered unlivable. Obama brought the spotlight to people still without heat or electricity and hugged many of those trying to rebuild their lives. He also delivered a postelection message of unity, nine days after a closely divided America gave him a second term. "During difficult times like this, we're reminded that we're bound together and we have to look out for each other," Obama said from a Staten Island street...
  • The Audacity of 51% -Get ready for higher taxes and no spending reform

    11/16/2012 4:37:26 AM PST · by TurboZamboni · 15 replies
    WSJ ^ | 11-16-12 | james taranto
    Dennis Van Roekel, president of the teachers union that styles itself the National Education Association, told the network: "I brought the message that, number one, it's important that we let the Bush tax cuts disappear for the wealthiest 2%. As we're looking for a $1.2 trillion solution, $829 billion takes us a long way there." Do you see the problem here? The annual budget deficit has been running at around $1.2 trillion. (The Hill reports the deficit for October alone was $120 billion.) Raising taxes on "the wealthiest 2%," it is estimated, would increase government revenues $829 billion over a...
  • Hostess Brands to Wind Down Company After BCTGM Union Strike Cripples Operations

    11/16/2012 4:35:56 AM PST · by Vince Ferrer · 86 replies
    Herald ^ | November 16, 2012 | Hostess Brands Inc.
    RVING, TEXAS, NOV. 16, 2012 — /PRNewswire/ -- Hostess Brands Inc. today announced that it is winding down operations and has filed a motion with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court seeking permission to close its business and sell its assets, including its iconic brands and facilities. Bakery operations have been suspended at all plants. Delivery of products will continue and Hostess Brands retail stores will remain open for several days in order to sell already-baked products. The Board of Directors authorized the wind down of Hostess Brands to preserve and maximize the value of the estate after one of the Company's...
  • Twinkies Maker Will Close After Strike

    11/16/2012 4:34:48 AM PST · by RabidBartender · 106 replies
    ABC News ^ | 16 November 2012 | JEANETTE TORRES and BILL McGUIRE
    Hostess Brands Inc., the maker of the iconic snack, announced today that it will liquidate the entire company because not enough striking employees returned to work by a Thursday evening deadline set by the company. "We deeply regret the necessity of today's decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike," said Gregory F. Rayburn, chief executive officer. "Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders." Hostess said it will seek bankruptcy court permission to close its business and...
  • Republican rep opens door to tax hike talk, while Senate Dems make new demands

    11/16/2012 4:33:11 AM PST · by tobyhill · 14 replies
    fox news ^ | 11/16/2012 | fox news
    A House Republican appeared to open the door Thursday to the GOP caucus considering tax rate hikes, stepping away from the long-held party line on the eve of high-stakes talks over the so-called "fiscal cliff." At the same time, a group of Senate Democrats pressed a new set of fiscal cliff demands that would include significantly more taxes to pay for more stimulus as part of any budget deal. The developments underscored how the terms of the debate continue to shift, as pressure on lawmakers to make a deal only increases. They are facing an end-of-year deadline to strike a...
  • Rasmussen: 54% now call themselves pro-choice, 38% pro-life

    11/16/2012 4:29:56 AM PST · by Third Person · 34 replies
    Hot Air ^ | November 15th, 2012 | Allahpundit
    Wait a sec, you say. Didn’t Gallup find just six months ago that the number who describe themselves as “pro-choice” was at a record low? Indeed they did. But as the saying goes, my friends: Elections have consequences. More voters than ever now identify themselves as pro-choice when it comes to abortion, and most rate the issue as important to how they vote. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of Likely U.S. Voters shows that 54% describe themselves as pro-choice on the issue of abortion, while 38% say they are pro-life. Let’s look at trends on abortion in a...
  • How's That Obamacare Waiver Workin' Out for Ya?

    11/16/2012 4:00:12 AM PST · by Kaslin · 31 replies ^ | November 16, 2012 | Michelle Malkin
    Exactly two years ago this week, the Obama administration announced it had issued more than 100 waivers en masse to a select group of companies, unions and other health insurance providers seeking relief from the onerous federal health care law. The Obamacare waiver winner's club now totals 2,000. Where are they now? Answer: In the same miserable boat as every other unlucky business struggling with the crushing costs and burdens of the mandate. Among the first and most prominent recipients of the Obamacare waivers for favors were large restaurant chains that provide low-wage, seasonal and part-time workers with low-cost health...
  • President Obama's silly, sexist defense of Susan Rice

    11/16/2012 4:21:27 AM PST · by RoosterRedux · 15 replies ^ | 11/15/2012 | Kirsten Powers
    As the president expressed outrage over the atrocity of members of Congress holding administration officials accountable, he said, "I'm happy to have that discussion with them. But for them to go after the U.N. ambassador? Who had nothing to do with Benghazi?" Feast on those words for a second: The U.N. Ambassador had "nothing to do with Benghazi." At this point, the White House press corps should have flown into a frenzy, demanding to know why a person who had nothing to do with Benghazi was put on five Sunday talk shows as...the face of Benghazi! This was an issue...
  • DesJarlais divorce transcript shows he supported abortions, slept with patients

    11/16/2012 4:16:33 AM PST · by tobyhill · 18 replies
    wrcb nbc ^ | 11/15/2012 | Kate Harrison
    A decade before calling himself "a consistent supporter of pro-life values," Tennessee physician and Republican U.S. Rep. Scott DesJarlais supported his ex-wife's decision to get two abortions before their marriage, according to the congressman's sworn testimony during his divorce trial. Obtained by the Chattanooga Times Free Press, the couple's 2001 trial transcript also confirms DesJarlais had sexual relationships with at least two patients, three coworkers and a drug representative while he was chief of staff at Grandview Medical Center in Jasper, Tenn. During one affair with a female patient, DesJarlais prescribed her drugs, gave her an $875 watch and bought...
  • Congress Receives Confusing Benghazi Briefing From Administration

    11/16/2012 4:13:02 AM PST · by billorites · 6 replies
    Daily Beast ^ | November 16, 2012 | Eli Lake
    After weeks of requests and political back and forth, the Obama administration on Thursday shared with Congress video evidence, debriefings, and photographs collected from the evening of the Sept. 11 assault on the diplomatic mission and CIA base at Benghazi, Libya. On Thursday the director of the CIA, the director of National Intelligence, as well as senior military, State Department, and FBI officials were in Congress all day for two separate hearings before the House and Senate intelligence committees. The prescheduled hearings capped off a week of high-level, classified briefings to eight congressional committees on the details of the government’s...
  • There's A Lot More To The Stock Market Sell-Off Than The Fiscal Cliff

    11/16/2012 3:48:00 AM PST · by blam · 21 replies
    TBI ^ | 11-16-2012 | Comstock Partners
    There's A Lot More To The Stock Market Sell-Off Than The Fiscal Cliff Comstock PartnersNovember 16, 2012 While the fiscal cliff problem has absorbed almost all of the financial media comment since the election, there's a lot more to the stock market decline that has virtually gotten lost in the discussion. The market actually topped on September 14th and has trended down ever since. Most importantly, the U.S. economy was a lot weaker than the consensus believes before Hurricane Sandy became a factor. In addition Fed policy is becoming increasingly ineffectual, earnings forecasts are coming down, Europe is officially in...
  • Quinn & Rose - America’s Morning Show - November 16, 2012

    11/16/2012 2:50:41 AM PST · by sneakers · 19 replies
    Listen to the Quinn & Rose Morning Show from 6:00 to 9:00 Eastern on: (104.7 Pittsburgh, Pa) (Rochester, NY) (Frostburg, MD) (Salisbury/Ocean City, MD WOBX - Outer banks NC http (Ashland, OH) :// for archived shows And now on 166 XM
  • Benghazi hearing turns ugly: Republicans accuse Obama of lying, Dems fire back

    11/16/2012 2:23:54 AM PST · by Libloather · 89 replies
    NBC News ^ | 11/15/12 | CarrollAnn Mears
    Benghazi hearing turns ugly: Republicans accuse Obama of lying, Dems fire backBy NBC's CarrollAnn Mears A House Foreign Affairs hearing on "Benghazi and Beyond" quickly turned into a shouting and accusations forum. **SNIP** Naturally, Democrats responded. It began rather timidly and escalated. "Barack Obama was no more responsible for what happened in Benghazi than George Bush was for Sept. 11th or Ronald Reagan was for the blowing up of U.S. Marines in Beirut," Rep. Eliot Engle (D-NY) said. Rep. Gary Ackerman (D-NY) unloaded, first sarcastically: "Let's just hang the guilty parties." "The stench of hypocrisy that hangs over this city...
  • New website logs complaints from Pennsylvania voters (bribery and machine tampering)

    11/16/2012 1:36:19 AM PST · by Libloather · 18 replies
    Triblive ^ | 11/15/12 | Adam Smeltz
    New website logs complaints from Pennsylvania votersBy Adam Smeltz Published: Thursday, November 15, 2012, 12:01 a.m. More than 500 voters used a new Pennsylvania website to complain about possible problems in the Nov. 6 election, the Department of State said Wednesday. The 534 complaints range from concerns about voter intimidation to potential issues with absentee ballots, voter registration, bribery and machine tampering, according to a state report. **SNIP** Election officials in several counties said they haven’t received complaints filed through the page. Ruman didn’t share specifics from the complaint files, but a state overview showed 14 people in Allegheny County...
  • Red China: Traits and Orientations of China's New Politburo Standing Committee

    11/16/2012 12:49:44 AM PST · by bruinbirdman · 5 replies
    Jamestown China Brief ^ | 11/15/2012 | Willy Lam
    On November 15, China announced the seven members of the Political Bureau Standing Committee of the 18th Chinese Communist Party (CCP) Central Committee. These seven members, led by CCP General Secretary Xi Jinping, will form China’s supreme ruling council for the next five years. The transitory nature of this Standing Committee presents an intriguing paradox. The 18th CCP Party Congress has been billed as a watershed event in party history, because it marks the first generational change of leadership in the 21st century and the transition from the Fourth Generation, under outgoing President Hu Jintao, to the Fifth Generation leadership,...
  • Uncovering the secrets of tea

    11/16/2012 12:17:17 AM PST · by neverdem · 19 replies
    Chemistry World ^ | 14 November 2012 | Helen Potter
    Everyone knows that a cup of tea is good for you, but the exact reasons for this are not clear. To discover the fundamentals of tea’s health benefits, scientists in Germany have investigated the interactions of compounds from tea with cells on a molecular level.Both green and black tea contain around 30,000 polyphenolic compounds, some of which have been shown to have numerous health benefits, including reducing cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis and inflammation. Despite their positive effects, which have been seen in epidemiological findings and clinical trials, their exact biochemical mechanism is still not clear. Polyphenols can act as antioxidants,...
  • Chris Christie’s attorney general appoints Islamists to advisory panel

    11/15/2012 11:40:34 PM PST · by Arthurio · 22 replies
    New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s appointee picked four Islamists for an advisory panel intended to improve relations between the government and the state’s small but growing community of Muslim immigrants and settlers, according to a new report by Christie commissioned the 10-member advisory panel in the spring when Islamist and progressive political groups objected to routine surveillance by New York police of nearby Muslim neighborhoods. Attorney General Jeffrey Chiesa, a Christie appointee, set up the panel, which met for the first time in September. The panel meets with state police and political leaders, giving Islamists an opportunity to push...
  • Priebus Will Announce Bid To Seek Re-Election As RNC Leader [Hell, NO!]

    11/15/2012 11:06:15 PM PST · by Steelfish · 71 replies
    WashingtonTimes ^ | November 16, 2012 | Ralph Z. Hallow
    Priebus Will Announce Bid To Seek Re-Election As RNC Leader By Ralph Z. Hallow November 15, 2012 LAS VEGAS — Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus, under fire from some quarters for the failure of the party’s voter-turnout effort on Nov. 6, will inform the RNC’s other 167 members on Friday that he will seek re-election in January, two sources close to the chairman said Thursday. According to the sources, speaking on the condition of anonymity, Mr. Priebus will say Friday during his announcement that 112 fellow RNC members have pledged to support him if he seeks a second two-year...