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  • Community College an Expensive Freebie

    01/12/2015 7:09:58 AM PST · by Academiadotorg · 18 replies
    Accuracy in Academia ^ | January 9, 2015 | Malcolm A. Kline
    It’s one thing for conservative pundits to question the Obama Administration’s latest higher education subsidy. It’s quite another for a writer in The Atlantic to start asking inconvenient questions. “President Obama wants to provide free tuition at community colleges, a proposal that could benefit as many as 9 million students, according to a White House outline of the plan released Thursday,” Fawn Johnson wrote on the Atlantic blog. “But there's one big caveat in the proposal: There isn't plan to fund it, other than to ask Congress for the money.” “Without that crucial piece of the program, which would be...
  • Obama's Free Community College Proposal Is Ridiculous

    01/11/2015 11:32:49 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies
    American Thinker ^ | January 11, 2015 | Michael Filozof
    As someone who has spent over 15 years teaching at community colleges, I cannot think of a worse idea than President Obama’s proposal for the federal government to provide “free” community college tuition nationwide. Here’s why: Nothing in life is “free”: The lesson we should be teaching our students is that nothing of value is free. “Free community college” for students translates into “a tax increase for somebody else.” Who is going to pay for the billions of dollars it will cost to provide “free” tuition at community colleges, which are heavily subsidized by taxpayers already? College should be affordable,...
  • Jeb In 94: I Would Do ‘Probably Nothing’ For African-Americans

    01/10/2015 8:40:48 PM PST · by Bratch · 27 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | January 10, 2016 | SCOTT GREER
    Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush appears poised for a presidential run and is currently leading the polls among potential Republican candidates for 2016, but the comments he made in 1994 during his first run for Florida’s highest office may come back to haunt him.The Associated Press reports that Bush described himself then as a “head-banging conservative” and used fiery rhetoric — such as claiming he would do “probably nothing” for African-Americans if he became governor — in his ultimately unsuccessful bid. Bush made that statement in response to a question on what he would for African-Americans if elected to office.“It’s time...
  • Obama's Free Community College Idea May Be Hard Sell

    01/09/2015 11:26:01 AM PST · by AngelesCrestHighway · 45 replies
    ABC News ^ | 01/09/15 | Devin Dwyer
    Free community college for all. Conversation-starter? Definitely. Political possibility? Not any time soon. President Obama unveiled the idea in a video posted to Facebook on Thursday night. But administration officials provided no price tag, no legislation, and little evidence of Republican support on Capitol Hill. But the White House says that’s beside the point at this stage. The president hopes “to start a conversation,” Obama domestic policy adviser Cecilia Munoz told reporters.
  • Obama Proposes Publicly Funded Community College for All

    01/09/2015 9:27:52 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 66 replies
    ABC News ^ | 01/09/2015 | By NEDRA PICKLER
    President Barack Obama wants publicly funded community college available to all Americans, a sweeping, multibillion-dollar proposal that would make higher education as accessible as a high school diploma to boost weak U.S. wages and skills for the modern workforce. The program is expected to cost the federal government $60 billion over 10 years, said White House spokesman Eric Schultz, and it faces a Republican Congress averse to big new spending programs. Obama was promoting the idea on Friday at Pellissippi State Community College in Knoxville, Tennessee, a follow-up to a video message posted to Facebook Thursday evening. "Put simply, what...
  • Why Free Community College is Anything But Free

    01/09/2015 8:16:23 AM PST · by Hardens Hollow · 45 replies
    The Daily Signal ^ | January 9, 2015 | Lindsey Burke
    The Obama administration announced Thursday that it will propose two years of “free” community college for students maintaining a “C” or better, paid for by taxpayers. The federal government would finance three-quarters of the costs, and the administration says it hopes the remainder would be financed by states.  Just 20 percent of community college first-years complete their program within three years. The White House claims the proposal will save students $3,800 per year in tuition costs. When asked about the cost of the proposal to taxpayers, however, the administration said it did not yet have a price tag, but...
  • Obama's 'Free' Community College Plan Could Cost $34B Per Year

    01/09/2015 7:27:37 AM PST · by yoe · 53 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | January 9, 2015 | JERYL BIER
    (According to) to Justin Sink of the Hill, Cecilia Muñoz, director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, declined to put a price tag on the plan during a conference call Thursday evening. Rather Muñoz said details of the plan will be in the president's next budget proposal. However, the president's announcement said that the plan could benefit as many as nine million students who could save an average of $3,800 per year. This would put the total cost at a little more than $34 billion. In a (video) accompanying the announcement, the president said that his plan would be...
  • Obama proposes free community college program

    01/09/2015 2:24:24 AM PST · by St_Thomas_Aquinas · 66 replies
    Fox News ^ | 1/8/2015 | Fox
    WASHINGTON – President Obama on Thursday proposed making community college free "for everybody who is willing to work for it." In a video posted on Facebook, the president previewed his plan, which will be formally announced during a trip to Tennessee Friday. "It's not for kids," Obama said. "We also have to make sure that everybody has the opportunity to constantly train themselves for better jobs, better wages, better benefits." The proposal drew an immediate critical response from House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, who said, "with no details or information on the cost, this seems more like a talking point...
  • Obama to propose two free years of community college for students

    President Barack Obama on Friday will propose making two years of community college free for students. In a White House video posted Thursday evening, Obama said he wanted to offer “a little preview” of his plans for the Jan. 20 State of the Union address. “What I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who’s willing to work for it,” Obama said. “It’s something we can accomplish, and it’s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world.” The proposal would make two years...
  • Obama to propose two free years of community college

    01/08/2015 5:19:48 PM PST · by TWhiteBear · 18 replies
    politico ^ | 1/8/15 6:48 PM EST | Allie Grasgreen
    President Barack Obama on Friday will propose making two years of community college free for students. In a White House video posted Thursday evening, Obama said he wanted to offer “a little preview” of his plans for the Jan. 20 State of the Union address. “What I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who’s willing to work for it,” Obama said. “It’s something we can accomplish, and it’s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world.” The proposal would make two years...
  • Obama to propose two free years of community college for students

    01/08/2015 4:39:51 PM PST · by 9thLife · 116 replies
    Politico ^ | 1/8/15 6:48 PM EST | Allie Grasgreen
    President Barack Obama on Friday will propose making two years of community college free for students. In a White House video posted Thursday evening, Obama said he wanted to offer “a little preview” of his plans for the Jan. 20 State of the Union address. “What I’d like to do is to see the first two years of community college free for everybody who’s willing to work for it,” Obama said. “It’s something we can accomplish, and it’s something that will train our workforce so that we can compete with anybody in the world.” The proposal would make two years...
  • Countdown to the next crisis is already under way

    10/19/2009 1:17:19 AM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 11 replies · 1,278+ views
    The Financial Times ^ | 10/18/2009 | Wolfgang Münchau
    We did not need to wait until the Dow Jones Industrial Average hit 10,000. It has been clear for some time that global equity markets are bubbling again. On the surface, this looks like 2003 and 2004 when the previous housing, credit, commodity and equity bubbles started to inflate, helped by low nominal interest rates and a lack of inflation. There is one big difference, though. This bubble will burst sooner. So how do we know this is a bubble? My two favourite metrics of stock market valuation are Cape, which stands for the cyclically adjusted price/earnings ratio, and Q....

    10/07/2009 1:35:24 PM PDT · by SWAMPSNIPER · 5 replies · 417+ views
    NET | October 07, 2009 | swampsniper
  • The Price of Free Corn

    08/13/2009 8:43:53 PM PDT · by listenhillary · 12 replies · 1,454+ views
    Various sources | Unknown | Walter J. Burien, Jr.
    Some years ago, an old trapper from North Dakota hitched up some horses to his Studebaker wagon, packed a few possessions and drove south. Several weeks later he stopped in a small town just north of the Okefenokee Swamp in Georgia. It was a Saturday morning -- a lazy day -- when he walked into the general store. Sitting around the pot-bellied stove were seven or eight of the town's local citizens. The traveler spoke. "Gentlemen, could you direct me to the Okefenokee Swamp?" Some of the old-timers looked at him like he was crazy. "You must be a stranger...
  • Big Government? Yes, But There's A Reason (Broad, Stable Government Promotes Economic Reforms Alert)

    04/11/2009 5:11:32 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 2 replies · 313+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | 04/11/2009 | Daniel Doron
    Is Binyamin Netanyahu's government too big? Yes. Is that good? No. So why would Netanyahu, an experienced politician, create such an unwieldy beast? He and his government face two historic challenges: an economic crisis that has yet to fully unfold, and a nuclear threat from Iran. We all want a government that can face these challenges. Could Netanyahu's critics suggest a better alternative to the coalition he managed to form, considering the sanctimonious refusal by Kadima to join a wider coalition? Netanyahu would probably prefer a more compact government. No one has suffered more from coalititis - the disease afflicting...
  • Woman waits in California hospital for a bed to open up here (Canada)

    01/02/2008 3:45:35 PM PST · by CedarDave · 28 replies · 135+ views
    News 1130 Vancourver ^ | January 2, 2008 | Lyle Fisher
    A Surrey woman's holiday in California has turned into a healthcare nightmare. The 68-year old needed emergency surgery after her appendix burst, but now she can't come home due to a lack of hospital beds. Arlene Meeks has been in a California hospital since December 17th. Her family has been trying to get her transferred back to the Lower Mainland for 2 weeks now but they haven't had any luck. Stephen Harris with the South Fraser Health Region says the issue is a shortage of ventilated intensive care unit beds, which are highly specialized. He says over the holidays, it's...

    07/06/2007 11:35:15 PM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 11 replies · 514+ views
    An enduring myth about farm subsidies is that they go to needy family farms. But in reality, price supports have accelerated the demise of small farms because the benefits go to the most profitable growers, says the Wall Street Journal. According to Citizens Against Government Waste: -- Three-quarters of the payments under the 2002 farm bill have gone to the richest 10 percent of farmers. -- More than half of the $1.9 billion sugar program lines the pockets of the wealthiest 1 percent of plantation owners. -- In 2003 the biggest single recipient of farm aid was Riceland Foods in...
  • Fuels Rush In (Biofuels May Cause More Pollution)

    05/14/2007 2:16:01 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 43 replies · 1,179+ views
    Climate Change: A Danish commission looks at the negative effect of biofuels on the environment as a new study shows ethanol use may actually increase pollution. The Kyoto deal is full of unintended consequences. The recently formed Cramer Commission, named after Dutch Environment Minister Jacqueline Cramer, who chaired it before entering the cabinet, was formed to develop ways to ensure that crops used to create biofuels as replacements for oil and gas don't do more harm than good. It seems that in the rush to develop these alternative fuels, forests in Asia have been burned to clear land for palm...
  • Dutch MP says Stay-At-Home Mothers should be Punished for “Throwing Away” Education

    04/04/2006 4:57:48 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 65 replies · 1,012+ views
    LifeSiteNews ^ | 4/4/06 | Hilary White
    AMSTERDAM, April 4, 2006 ( – An MP of the Dutch Labour Party has suggested that stay-at-home mothers who used state subsidies for their education should pay the government back since their work at home is “wasted” on child rearing. Sharon Dijksma believes that punitive measures should be taken against women who choose to stay at home with children after graduating from university instead of entering the paid workforce. “A highly educated woman who chooses to stay home and not to work: that is destruction of capital,” said Dijksma, deputy leader of the Labour Party (PvdA) in 'Forum', a...
  • Nintendo & McDonalds Providing WiFi

    10/18/2005 7:44:16 AM PDT · by markedmannerf · 8 replies · 429+ views
    October 17, 2005 - Nintendo of America on Tuesday will announce a groundbreaking partnership with Wi-Fi provider Wayport to make available free Internet access to DS owners at McDonald's restaurants across the nation. Nintendo and Wayport will offer complimentary Wi-Fi hotspots at McDonald's establishments, enabling DS owners to use the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which launches November 14 in the states, to play online games with or against each other. Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection marks the company's entry into the online arena. The service is dramatically different from competitors because it is entirely free to consumers who already have wireless Internet access...
  • Beware of Katazo.COM (Free Ringtones)

    05/18/2005 11:41:02 AM PDT · by ConservativeMan55 · 20 replies · 1,322+ views
    I was googling looking for ringtones. I thought that maybe I might be able to sign up for an e-mail service or something and get a free ringtone. So I googled and the first thing that came up was I gave them my phone number. They sent me a text message with a number on it. And I put that number into a form on their web site. I didn't get a free ringtone though. All I got was a text message every day. At a rate of 1 dollar per message. And I can't get them to stop...
  • Searching Large Spaces: Displacement and the No Free Lunch Regress

    03/03/2005 1:55:00 PM PST · by Michael_Michaelangelo · 25 replies · 422+ views ^ | March, 2005 | William A. Dembski
    Searching for small targets in large spaces is a common problem in the sciences. Because blind search is inadequate for such searches, it needs to be supplemented with additional information, thereby transforming a blind search into an assisted search. This additional information can be quantified and indicates that assisted searches themselves result from searching higher-level search spaces--by conducting, as it were, a search for a search. Thus, the original search gets displaced to a higher-level search. The key result in this paper is a displacement theorem, which shows that successfully resolving such a higher-level search is exponentially more difficult than...
  • Hydrogen Fuel May Not Be So 'Clean'

    01/23/2005 6:45:16 AM PST · by Blood of Tyrants · 150 replies · 2,236+ views
    FoxNews ^ | 1/23/05 | Unknown
    LOS ANGELES — Hydrogen-fueled cars have been hailed as the future of transportation — clean, safe and propelled by a power source whose only by-products are air and water. [snip] The problem, critics say, is that the technology that makes the fuel of the future generates just as much pollution as the gasoline-powered vehicles we drive right now. [snip] Extracting useful quantities of hydrogen from water requires a massive amount of energy — energy that typically comes from burning oil or coal.
  • DUmmie FUnnies Election Edition #1 ("The American people disappoint the sh*t out of me")

    11/02/2004 8:18:45 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 74 replies · 633+ views
    Various DUmmies and Assorted MOrons | November 2, 2004 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    Today’s Special Election Day DUmmie FUnnies editions starts off much earlier than I had planned. Why? Because yesterday I was suffering a bad case of the pre-election jitters. However, when I woke up this morning my mood completely changed since I am now secure in the knowledge that Bush will WIN big. However, the mood on the DUmmie site is now shifting from false optimism to downright gloom. You can see an example of DUmmie gloom on this THREAD appropriately titled, “I'm very used to having the American people disappoint the shit out of me.” And I think, DUmmie BurtWorm...
  • DU Closes up shop for the night. All nonmembers unable to lurk. LOL

    11/02/2004 10:27:56 PM PST · by smith288 · 59 replies · 610+ views
    DUh | 11-3-2004 | me
    They are cowards...

    11/02/2004 10:28:23 PM PST · by Nathan Zachary · 27 replies · 354+ views
    Nov3 | Nathan
    I guess they didn't want us to see them cry
  • Scientists Claim To Tap The Free Energy Of Space

    10/04/2004 9:23:57 AM PDT · by -=[_Super_Secret_Agent_]=- · 169 replies · 26,851+ views
    For the People ^ | Richard Walters
    Scientists Claim To Tap The Free Energy Of Space by Richard Walters ("For the People" magazine) Physicist Bruce DePalma has a 100 kilowatt generator, which he invented, sitting in his garage. It could power his whole house, but if he turns it on, the government may confiscate it. Harvard educated DePalma, who taught physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for 15 years, claims that his electrical generator can provide cheap, inexhaustible, self sustaining and non polluting source of energy, using principles that flout conventional physics and are still not fully understood. His N machine, as it is called, is...
  • Illegal Aliens Eligible for Social Security Benefits

    02/19/2003 8:55:02 PM PST · by hoosierskypilot · 57 replies · 2,534+ views
    Fox ^ | 2/19/03 | Matt Hayes
    <p>Annie was an ethnic Chinese born in Malaysia who had legally emigrated to the U.S. decades ago. She entered my law office with her mother, who clutched a well-worn copy of a Chinese language book called What You Need to Know About Life in America that is eventually encountered by most immigration lawyers.</p>
  • Hyping Hydrogen: The Energy Scam

    05/07/2003 11:54:50 AM PDT · by Jack of all Trades · 166 replies · 7,138+ views
    CNSNEWS ^ | May 07, 2003 | Alan Caruba
    Not long ago I wrote a commentary, "The Great Hydrogen Myth," in which I opined that throwing another billion dollars at more research for the purpose of replacing oil, coal, or natural gas was a huge waste. Recently, that commentary was posted on an Internet site for those who work in industries that provide and use various forms of energy. It's a favorite among the many engineers and scientists whose lives are devoted to energy issues. Here are some of the responses my commentary received. The names of the innocent have been protected because their jobs depend upon it. "I...