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  • Black Activists Ask Bush to Consider Constructionist Jurists for Supreme Court

    07/04/2005 5:41:28 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 25 replies · 1,037+ views
    PROJECT 21 NATIONAL CENTER.ORG ^ | JULY 1, 2005 | Director, Project
    List of Characteristics Important to Black Americans Cited Today's announcement of a vacancy on the U.S. Supreme Court provides President George W. Bush with an important duty that has the potential to affect judicial decision-making for generations to come. Members of the black leadership network Project 21 are calling upon the President to ensure that all nominees under consideration will preserve and protect the U.S Constitution. Peter Kirsanow, a Project 21 member and commissioner on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, said: "I'm confident that the President will nominate someone with integrity and wisdom who understands that the proper role...

    07/03/2005 2:37:02 PM PDT · by Torie · 78 replies · 2,529+ views
    The New Republic ^ | November 22, 2004 | Jeffrey Rosen
    EVALUATING STRICT CONSTRUCTIONISTS. How to Judge by Jeffrey Rosen Post date 11.22.04 | Issue date 11.29.04 [Sandra Day O'Connor said today that she is resigning from the Supreme Court. Last November, TNR published this guide to the possible replacements.] During his postelection press conference, President Bush made it clear that he intends to appoint a reliable "strict constructionist" to replace the ailing Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist if and when he retires. According to administration officials, there are eight candidates on Bush's short list, all of whom fit the bill. Senate Democrats will try to distinguish between conservatives and moderates...
  • Supreme quotas? - (Thomas Sowell: "Sandra Day O'Connor was a mistake from the beginning! right!)

    07/02/2005 4:06:54 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 61 replies · 1,837+ views
    My reaction to Justice Sandra Day O'Connor's retirement was almost as positive as my reaction in 1981 was negative when the Reagan administration announced that they were going to appoint a woman to the Supreme Court. It wouldn't matter if all nine Justices of the Supreme Court were women, if these were the nine best people available. But to decide in advance that you were going to appoint a woman and then look only among women for a nominee was a dangerous gamble with a court that has become dangerous enough otherwise. The recent outrageous Supreme Court decision making anyone's...
  • Does the Executive Have Any Power? - (extreme importance; confirm Bush nominees!)

    06/28/2005 8:33:25 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 3 replies · 282+ views
    THE RANT.US ^ | JUNE 28, 2005 | SCOTT GRAY
    President Bush came to Washington with the goal of serving as a domestic reformer. In 2000, he became one of the few Republican candidates to focus less on defense and more on reforms to domestic social programs and public education. That was before 9/11, and the ensuing wars in the Middle East. Then, it appeared that the audacious Bush doctrine would set the pace for the ultimate legacy that will be George W. Bush. However, early into his second term, President Bush has another opportunity to leave behind a sturdy legacy in the form of the court system. In the...
  • Curtain to fall on Supreme session - (tense anticipation concerning Rehnquist retirement)

    06/26/2005 10:18:53 AM PDT · by CHARLITE · 5 replies · 530+ views
    The Supreme Court ends its work tomorrow with the highest of drama: an anticipated retirement, a ruling on the constitutionality of government Ten Commandments displays and decisions in other major cases. Traditionally, there is an air of suspense as the justices meet for the final time before breaking for three months. Justices usually wait until then to resolve blockbuster cases. Added to that is the expectation that Chief Justice William H. Rehnquist is presiding over the court for the last time. Chief Justice Rehnquist has thyroid cancer and many court experts believe his retirement is imminent. Long lines have formed...
  • An 'Extraordinary' Muddle - (Frist, George Allen see "nuclear option" coming soon)

    06/24/2005 4:50:47 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 350+ views
    The days of the judicial-filibuster compromise are numbered. The scuttlebutt on Capitol Hill these days is that the McCain compromise will vanish as soon as a Supreme Court nomination appears. That's because the so-called compromise has that one huge loophole: It allows Democrats to filibuster (and thereby block an up-or-down vote on) any nominee they define as an "extraordinary" circumstance. And if Democrats' recent behavior is any indication, "extraordinary" will be used as a ruse for discriminating against judges who give even the slightest hint of holding pro-life views or having faith in God. "Any agreement that opens filibusters to...
  • Genius...Pure Genius. (President Bush and the GOP)

    06/24/2005 10:00:18 AM PDT · by MarketR · 14 replies · 1,286+ views
    Mine | 6/24/2005 | MarketR
    Is it just the cynic in me, or are the planets lining up too perfectly for the next Supreme Court nominee(s)? For the past six years, I as I know some of you have marveled at the deft political maneuvers of our President and his political team. We have wondered silently and sometimes aloud on this site, “Wow…you couldn’t have planned that better if you tried. The hand of G_d must be on this man and his team”. Well, with the most recent major news events, I believe now, it is both. Maybe it’s my background as a professional marketer...
  • Kumbaya or The Battle Hymn of the Republic?

    06/20/2005 7:52:04 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 3 replies · 379+ views
    “He has loosed the fateful lightening of His terrible swift sword. He has sounded forth the trumpet that shall never call retreat.” Those are two lines of “The Battle Hymn of the Republic“. Do they describe the current bunch of Republicans in Congress? As the Democrats continue to be mired in their out-of-power position, they have become more shrill, more audacious, more “in your face”. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois even compared our service people holding enemy combatants in Guantanamo to Hitler, Pol Pot, etc. He is unrepentant, but this is usual for the leftists. The Democrat Party was at...
  • GOP gains momentum on judges - (Frist to use "nuclear option," if Dems start stalling)

    06/12/2005 4:53:45 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 24 replies · 1,394+ views
    Republicans, fresh off the confirmation of five judges to the Appeals court, are finally feeling some momentum on an issue that has been stalled by Democrats for years: Republicans say the confirmations of long-filibustered judges William Pryor, Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen, David McKeague and Richard Griffin for the U.S. Appeals Court show that President Bush can get conservatives on the nation's highest courts despite the objections of Democrats. And it can happen without Republicans voting to eliminate judicial filibusters, a move known as the "nuclear option" because of the intense rancor it would cause. Now that the filibuster tiger...
  • WSJ: Senate Holdup -- Brownbacks' Hold on Finley as ambassador to OSCE

    06/08/2005 5:40:20 AM PDT · by OESY · 4 replies · 437+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | June 8, 2005 | Editorial
    This isn't the first time we've written about a Senate tradition called the "hold," by which an individual Senator can delay indefinitely a Presidential nomination. It's an abuse of the Constitution's advice-and-consent power, and the Senate would be better off without it. This being a Republican administration, most of the current abusers are Democrats, who have announced holds on the head of the Food and Drug Administration, the Deputy Secretary of Interior, a Treasury Undersecretary and an Assistant Secretary of Defense, among other nominees. But sometimes Republicans get in on the bad behavior, and Kansas Senator Sam Brownback is now...
  • Who’ll Have the Last Laugh over Judicial Filibusters? - (the sweet side of the "sour deal!")

    06/07/2005 4:40:50 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 20 replies · 1,730+ views
    Not only is there a bright side for conservatives in the recent Senate “compromise” on Presidential appointments, but it’s hard to find any reason at all to justify celebration by liberal Democrats. President Bush’s long-stalled 5th Circuit nominee, Priscilla Owen, now sits on that federal bench, and confirmations of capable conservatives Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor are soon to follow. Even the prospective nominations of William Meyers and Henry Saad have been sidetracked in thought only. Make no mistake – the dam has cracked and its eventual collapse is as easy as ever to see. The seven Republican signatories...
  • FRACTURED COMPROMISE - (Linda Chavez no longer praises McCain's filibuster "compromise")

    06/04/2005 8:53:19 AM PDT · by CHARLITE · 22 replies · 1,058+ views
    Pardon me while I wipe the egg off my face. Last week I was one of a handful of conservatives praising the Senate compromise on judicial nominees, which preserved the filibuster while guaranteeing several of President Bush's most conservative nominees an up-or-down vote. I argued Democrats would be chastened into using the filibuster judiciously -- only "under extreme circumstances" in the words of the compromise itself. Boy was I wrong. In less than a week, the Democrats were back to their old tricks, filibustering John Bolton's nomination as ambassador to the United Nations. Democrat Sens. Robert Byrd of West Virginia,...
  • Republican Moderates Declare ‘Peace in our Time’ on Judicial Filibusters-(no spine,backbone!)

    06/01/2005 12:20:19 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 23 replies · 870+ views
    Like many, I was tempted to write with outrage about the sellout called compromise by seven Republican senators on the judicial filibuster issue this week. But what the heck. We Republicans have a man in the White House who would do John Wayne and Gary Cooper proud. Most of our Representatives in the House don’t need bloodhounds to find their spines. And Arnold Schwarzenegger, God bless him, is governor of California. We send most of our girlie-men to the Senate - and there’s only seven left there. Time to give thanks for small blessings, I suppose. Here’s a little quiz:...
  • WSJ: Another Senate Fiasco

    05/31/2005 5:32:52 AM PDT · by OESY · 15 replies · 1,202+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | May 31, 2005 | Editorial
    So much for the new era of good feeling. As last week began, 14 Senators struck a deal to save the judicial filibuster by giving three of President Bush's judicial nominees an up-or-down vote. By week's end, Senate Democrats began a filibuster on John Bolton's nomination for U.N. ambassador. If you were among those who believed the deal on judges heralded a new spirit of Congressional bipartisanship, consider yourself disabused. The latest line of attack against Mr. Bolton is that, as Undersecretary of State for Arms Control, he seems to have expressed views about Syria's WMD capabilities at variance with...
  • Open Letter to Americans: ‘The Ball is in Your Court’ - (ex-CBS, Gannett Vice President speaks out!)

    05/28/2005 6:22:52 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 20 replies · 993+ views
    Blaring from network and cable TV: “Democrats forced the Senate to put off a final vote this week on John R. Bolton’s nomination to be U.N. ambassador, the latest setback for the tough-talking nominee President Bush has called "strong medicine for corruption and inefficiency at the United Nations.” This was done by another filibuster that might delay the vote until June, thus shattering the myth that the two parties had joined together in a bond of trust that would end the obstruction that has kept Bush appointees from getting an up and down vote. When is Bill Frist, the Senate...
  • NYT: Judge Says U.S. Must Release Prison Photos

    05/27/2005 6:24:44 AM PDT · by OESY · 31 replies · 944+ views
    New York Times ^ | May 27, 2005 | JULIA PRESTON
    A federal judge in New York told the Defense Department yesterday that it would have to release perhaps dozens of photographs taken by an American soldier of Iraqi detainees in the Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein, said at a hearing that photographs would be the "best evidence" in the public debate about the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by American soldiers at Abu Ghraib. The hearing... came in a [FOIA] suit filed by the [ACLU].... In response to the suit the government has already released more than 36,000 pages of documents that shed sometimes dramatic light...
  • NYT: For Senators, a Pact Does Not Mean Peace --

    05/27/2005 6:14:55 AM PDT · by OESY · 24 replies · 707+ views
    New York Times ^ | May 27, 2005 | CARL HULSE
    The filibuster is far from dead in the Senate. Putting a fitting exclamation point on weeks of bitter partisan fighting, Democrats initiated a stunningly successful procedural attack on Thursday against one of President Bush's high-profile nominees, just days after an unusual compromise averted a showdown over the right to filibuster judicial candidates. Vote to End Debate on Bolton Nomination (May 26, 2005) The vote against cutting off debate over the confirmation of John R. Bolton to be ambassador to the United Nations, just as Congress was recessing for Memorial Day, left Republicans fuming and showed there is still some distance...
  • Bad Senate Deal: The McCain-Kennedy amnesty bill

    05/27/2005 6:04:42 AM PDT · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 32 replies · 633+ views
    NRO ^ | 5/27/05 | Rich Lowry
    This bipartisan deal cut by Sen. John McCain is noxious. No, the issue isn’t judges. (Or campaign finance, or health care, or any number of other things.) It’s illegal immigration and a proposal that has just been cooked up by the Arizona maverick and the Massachusetts non-maverick Sen. Ted Kennedy to grant an amnesty to millions of illegal immigrants. Under the bill, illegals would have to work in the U.S. — which they are already doing — for six years as legal temporary workers, then they would be eligible to apply for green cards. Also, a new category of guest...
  • Senate's third-party caucus restores power to the center - (Dick Morris on McCain's 14!)

    05/26/2005 9:03:32 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 30 replies · 906+ views
    The deal to avert a change in Senate cloture rules is more than just a temporary outbreak of sanity in this highly charged partisan accelerator chamber. It amounts to a transfer of leadership from the polarized, party leaders to the narrow but critical center of the institution. Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-Tenn.) still has the corner office, and Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) still has the key to the executive washroom, but it is the 14 senators who crafted this deal who now are the people to see in the Senate. Few realized that when the Republicans garnered 55 seats...
  • Values Voters Betrayed Twice in One Week - (Dr. Dobson, Gary Bauer voice disappointment)

    05/26/2005 7:48:56 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 3 replies · 495+ views
    RELIGION JOURNAL.COM ^ | MAY 25, 2005 | Staff Writer
    Pro-family leaders are expressing outrage over a compromise deal in the Senate that will allow a vote on some of the president's heretofore filibustered judicial nominees, but preserves the tactic for liberal Democrats to use against nominees they deem too conservative. Last week, 14 members of the U.S. Senate -- seven Republicans and seven Democrats -- proudly announced a Senate compromise to end Democratic filibusters against three of President Bush's judicial nominees: Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown, and William Pryor. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid told reporters that filibusters will continue against two other Bush nominees -- William Myers and...
  • 'Extraordinary' Rhetoric - (Would Democrats now want to repeal the 17th Amendment?)

    05/26/2005 3:22:19 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 11 replies · 776+ views
    The deal on confirmation of judicial nominees seems to have been struck by seven Democrats essentially supported by their party's base and seven Republicans at odds with theirs. It contains one crucial phrase -- Democrats will filibuster only in "extraordinary circumstances" -- and it is undefined. Unless it is defined by the Democrats' recent behavior. But can anyone contrive to tickle coherence from that behavior? Democrats have agreed to stop filibustering the confirmation of three judges they have hitherto identified as extraordinarily dangerous to fundamental American liberties. One of the three, Priscilla Owen, is an impeccable representative of mainstream conservative...
  • NYP: THE MEANING OF 'MAINSTREAM' (in the filibuster fight)

    05/26/2005 5:32:56 AM PDT · by OESY · 11 replies · 667+ views
    New York Post ^ | May 26, 2005 | MARK GOLDBLATT
    In the just-ended fight over filibustering judicial nominees, the Senate gave us something new: defining extremism leftward. Judges whose views Democrats would once have regarded as merely conservative are now seen as right-wing extremists — or, to use the phrase that keeps coming up in the current Senate debate, "out of the mainstream." But what does the phrase mean? From Democrats' recent public statements, it seems to mean the following: Judges who would uphold a state's ban on gay marriage are out of the mainstream; judges who would rule that parents should be notified before their underage daughter has an...
  • The Sky Was Falling--Then Along Came McCain - (RINO alert!)

    05/25/2005 4:07:48 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 16 replies · 625+ views
    Conditions were perfect for a showdown in the Senate over the judicial appointment process. Democrats had managed to convince half the population that the filibuster is some sort of constitutional right endowed by our Creator, and that Bill Frist and those evil Republicans were fixin’ to “nuke” the constitution by ending the misuse of the filibuster, used here only to block the confirmation of qualified nominees on the sole basis of the DNC litmus test. Too bad this half of the population has never read the constitution. A shame they don’t know that their litmus test is a litmus test....
  • Reid Proudly Proclaims: Nuke Is Off the Table - (this guy's demagoguery leaves you speechless!)

    05/24/2005 8:38:54 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 44 replies · 949+ views
    HUMAN EVENTS ONLINE.COM ^ | MAY 24, 2005 | Editor
    Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) released the following statement Monday after 14 senators struck a deal to avert the nuclear option and allow votes on certain judicial nominees. “There is good news for every American in this agreement. The so-called 'nuclear option' is off the table. This is a significant victory for our country, for democracy, and for all Americans. Checks and balances in our government have been preserved. “The integrity of future Supreme Courts has been protected from the undue influences of a vocal, radical faction of the right that is completely out of step with mainstream America....
  • The Deal’s No “Victory” Republicans have been rolled

    05/24/2005 8:20:40 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 28 replies · 1,004+ views
    I agree with John Podhoretz that politics in the real world calls for some compromise — at least when a matter of principle is not involved. But he’s dreaming if he really thinks the filibuster “compromise” struck last night in the Senate is a “victory.” Let’s say the signatory senators had not bothered to write up the kumbaya agreement with all those pretty phrases about “mutual trust and confidence” and “good faith” and “spirit and continuing commitments” (gossamer, if ever there was, rivaled only by “should only be filibustered under extraordinary circumstances” in the depth of its meaninglessness). Let’s say,...
  • Buchanan: Frist Has Ceded Power to McCain - (tells Don Imus that it's not a "done deal!")

    05/24/2005 3:36:16 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 90 replies · 2,698+ views
    Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan had no kind words for Sen. John McCain this morning on the Don Imus radio program. Buchanan said that Bill Frist had the votes to override the filibuster, but that McCain, with his "deal," in essence supported the Democratic filibuster and took the leadership of the Senate away from Frist. Buchanan told Imus that with a change in the rules, President Bush's judicial nominees would have sailed through the Senate, that any Supreme Court nominees would sail through the Senate, and that "the great battle for the supreme Court was about to be won today"...

    05/24/2005 3:00:57 PM PDT · by GeorgeW23225 · 16 replies · 327+ views
    vanity | 5/2/05 | GeorgeW23225
    End the filibuster once and for all. Make it unconstitutional!!
  • Caption the "Victory"

    05/24/2005 11:23:51 AM PDT · by OESY · 115 replies · 3,222+ views
    New York Times ^ | May 23, 2005 | Mine, Mine
    Senators John McCain, John Warner, Robert Byrd and Joseph I. Lieberman announcing the deal on Capitol Hill.
  • Senate Deal Tells Bush to Consult Before Nominating

    05/24/2005 6:10:15 AM PDT · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 43 replies · 1,213+ views
    GOPUSA ^ | 5/24/05 | Susan Jones
    The "memorandum of understanding" signed by 14 Senators Monday evening says they have agreed to invoke cloture (cut off debate) on three of President Bush's stalled judicial nominees ( Janice Rogers Brown, Priscilla Owen and William Pryor), but the "[s]ignatories make no commitment to vote for or against cloture" on William Myers or Henry Saad. The latter two nominees will still be blocked, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid later said. As for future judicial nominations -- those involving the U.S. Supreme Court, for example -- it's a judgment call: "Signatories will exercise their responsibilities under the advice and consent clause...
  • Battle over Supreme Court nominees looms - (Scalia should be NUMBER ONE choice! - smart!)

    05/23/2005 10:26:35 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 25 replies · 730+ views
    If the White House has seemed a bit adrift on domestic matters, my guess is that's because they know something you don't know: The entire domestic debate is about to be taken up by a battle royale over two Supreme Court nominations. Social Security may not be going anywhere, but it makes little sense to try to introduce another major initiative when in a few weeks' time we are likely to have the mother of all partisan confrontations. The likely first move is the announcement that William Rehnquist is stepping down, opening up the job of chief justice of the...
  • Proactive Judicial Activism - (David Limbaugh on Democrats and Dean's Meet The Press comments!)

    05/23/2005 8:53:08 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 2 replies · 358+ views
    In my daily perusal of the news, I caught two items that illustrate, quite clearly, how liberals view the role of the judiciary, thus revealing, in stark terms, how critically important is the battle over the judicial filibuster. First, I read about a commencement speech at Brandeis University by the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court justice who authored the opinion declaring same-sex marriage legal in Massachusetts. reported that Justice Margaret Marshall said, "Our courts function as a pressure valve to defuse political and social tension." Marshall equated criticism of "judicial activism" to a challenge to judicial independence and an effort...
  • Gary Bauer Calls Senate Judicial Deal a 'Sell Out'

    05/23/2005 8:19:01 PM PDT · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 151 replies · 2,789+ views
    US Newswire ^ | 5/23/05 | Kristi Hamrick
    Former Presidential Candidate Gary Bauer issued the following statement late Monday as news of the "travesty" to justice deal on stalled judicial nominees was released. The President of American Values said: "This is a sad day for our nation. The desire of millions of Americans to restore balance to our federal courts has been thwarted behind closed doors by 14 senators. Only three of President Bush's appointees are guaranteed an up or down vote under this sell out. "Under this agreement it is now more likely that radical social change will continue to be forced on the American people by...
  • "Democrats Filibuster - Women and Minorities Hardest Hit" (lib media's glory days gone forever!)

    05/23/2005 12:42:32 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 1,005+ views
    THE RANT.US ^ | MAY 23, 2005 | MR. SMITH
    One of Rush Limbaugh's favorite jokes is about how God has a press conference to warn humanity that the world will end the next day. The headlines vary according to style. New York Daily News has "We're Gone!" in huge type. Wall Street Journal says "Markets to Close Early." Washington Post runs "World Will End - Women and Minorities Hardest hit." For decades, liberal activists and Democrat pollsters have finely tuned their rhetoric through focus groups, polls and so forth and it's curious that they don't see what's looming for them on the election horizon. Contrary to their protestations, their...
  • WSJ: Bush Nominees Could Tip Court Balances--Democrats See Picks Advancing Conservative Trend

    05/23/2005 5:45:44 AM PDT · by OESY · 31 replies · 1,408+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | May 23, 2005 | JEANNE CUMMINGS
    The Senate fight over President Bush's judicial nominees isn't just about their opinions -- it is also about their destinations. The contentious choices would tip the balance in some evenly split appellate courts, or could challenge the prevailing views of other panels on issues such as civil rights or environmental policy.... Democrats say the seven blocked Bush nominees could start a conservative shift in courts that aren't already tilted that way. "Balance on the court matters to us," said Sen. Charles Schumer of New York. "I've always felt a good court would have one [Justice Antonin] Scalia and one [former...
  • Harry Reid: The Goblet Of Dire and Return of the Myth - (way over the top and beyond the pale!)

    05/21/2005 2:22:53 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 39 replies · 1,177+ views
    Instead of a magic wand, Harry Reid uses his mouth. And in place of fighting on the side of good, Harry readily and passionately embraces the dark forces. As Senate Minority leader, Reid has already taken the Democrat art of obstructionism far beyond that of his predecessor Tom Daschle. And in a manner similar to the infamous and ongoing Howie Dean screams, no Republican is safe from his rantings and invented falsehoods. Harry’s once quick smile has turned into a leer and his demeanor has degraded to that of a permanently enraged and deranged man. Yikes! His apprentice training is...
  • Short list begins for Supreme Court - (preparations well under way; 6 names at top of list!)

    05/20/2005 11:38:03 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 34 replies · 1,122+ views
    Others with close White House connections say a short list is well into development. "There's a normal process that the White House has definitely been pursuing for at least six months where they are soliciting views and recommendations," said Samuel B. Casey, executive director of the Christian Legal Society (CLS). "We have submitted our views." Said one top Republican official with close ties to the White House: "The same four or five or six names keep coming up. I'm sure they have a short list already." Top administration and White House officials -- including Attorney General Alberto R. Gonzales, Solicitor...
  • Putting Judicial Nominees in Perspective, Part III

    05/20/2005 10:12:39 PM PDT · by cougar_mccxxi · 7 replies · 599+ views
    National Review ^ | May 20, 2005 | Edward Whelen
    Imagine, if you will, that a Democrat President nominated a judge whose constitutional and policy views were, by any measure, on the extreme left fringes of American society. Let’s assume, for example, that this nominee had expressed strong sympathy for the position that there is a constitutional right to prostitution as well as a constitutional right to polygamy.
  • Phony Apocalypse - (William F. Buckley, Jr. on filibuster showdown in Senate)

    05/20/2005 2:18:18 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 14 replies · 1,257+ views
    Really, you would think the Republicans had proposed to rape the Statue of Liberty. The brummagem moral fanfare imposed on the controversy reminds one of the desperation with which losers will attempt to cope with disappointment at the polls. It is worth pondering what it is that is being fought over. In the 18th century, England went to war with Spain nudged on by evidence that Spanish guards had defaced a British naval officer. What began as the War of Jenkins's Ear had a long afterlife in many phases, but the sliced-off ear was the proximate cause of it, and...
  • Democrats Nuke Party Beliefs To Stop Women - (glaring policy contradictions in obstruct tactics)

    05/19/2005 9:22:53 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 13 replies · 830+ views
    Opinion ^ | May 20, 2005 | Daniel Henninger
    Surveying the Senate's nuclear-missile silos, Court TV's Fred Graham said that of course the Republican majority had the power to change the filibuster rule, and the Democrats would have to lump it: "What are they going to do," he asked, "appeal to the Supreme Court?" They didn't much enjoy their last visit to the high court after the 2000 election. But the nightmare lingers on. The death-struggle in the Senate over the Bush judges is best understood as a re-fighting of the post-2000 Florida election challenge. Democratic logic, premised on the famous 5-4 Bush v. Gore decision, runs like this:...
  • Democrats Thought it was Improper to Filibuster Judicial Nominees

    05/19/2005 8:17:55 AM PDT · by Peach · 169 replies · 11,250+ views
    May 19, 2005 | FR Researchers
    Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Delaware) March 19, 1997: “But I also respectfully suggest that everyone who is nominated is entitled to have a shot, to have a hearing and to have a shot to be heard on the floor and have a vote on the floor.” Sen. Richard Durbin (D-Illinois)September 28, 1998: “We should meet our responsibility. I think that responsibility requires us to act in a timely fashion on nominees sent before us. ... Vote the person up or down.” Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-California) September 11, 1997: “Let’s bring their nominations up, debate them if necessary, and vote them up...

    05/18/2005 2:16:36 PM PDT · by Mikmur · 85 replies · 3,048+ views
    Dear Senator, Please vote with Senator Frist to stop the unprecedented misuse of the filibuster to prevent the president's judicial nominees from receiving an up or down vote. Thank you. Michael C. Murray
  • Ethics Complaint Filed Against Dem Leader: Should Reid Be Censured for His Reckless Remark?

    05/18/2005 11:43:48 AM PDT · by hinterlander · 52 replies · 2,255+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | May 18, 2005 | Robert Bluey
    During a debate on the Senate floor May 12, Minority Leader Harry Reid (D.-Nev.) launched an assault on appellate court nominee Henry Saad, who is awaiting confirmation to the 6th Circuit. Reid’s attack included the suggestion that senators review Saad’s confidential FBI report to understand why Democrats oppose his confirmation. “Henry Saad would have been filibustered anyway,” Reid said on the Senate floor. “He’s one of those nominees. All you need to do is have a member go upstairs and look at his confidential report from the FBI, and I think we would all agree there is a problem there.”...
  • The senatorial ties that bind, and Newt not being Newt.

    05/18/2005 8:02:08 AM PDT · by Smite · 24 replies · 381+ views
    Memos reveal strategy behind judge filibusters (05/18/2005 © Washington Times) In the 14 memos obtained in November 2003 by the Wall Street Journal and The Washington Times, Democratic staffers outlined the concerns held by outside groups about Justice Owen's "hostile" position toward abortion and her "pro-business" attitude. >>>I would assume that their objection means that Democrats are "anti-business"? Heaven forfend that Bush would nominate judges of like mind on key issues. Hillary and Newt: Making music (05/18/2005 © Abilene Reporter-News) It was the handshake seen around the political world: On June 11, 1995, House Speaker Newt Gingrich and President Bill Clinton agreed to a...
  • The Constitutional Truth About Filibusters - (historical fact makes liars out of Reid & Dems)

    05/17/2005 4:36:17 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 8 replies · 918+ views
    On the filibuster issue, the Democrats are anything but protectors of the Constitution. They are anything but principled defenders of time-honored constitutional values. Instead, they are simply following the only political strategy they seem to know - using deception and outright falsehoods to cast themselves as the oppressed, innocent victims of tyrannical Republicans. Under the Democratic scenario, Republican efforts to end the filibustering of judicial nominees amounts to an unprovoked assault on the minority party. What this claim of victimhood ignores is that Democrats are the ones who started the war. For the past four years, they have been filibustering...
  • 7 GOP Senators Key in Filibuster Fight

    05/14/2005 1:57:34 PM PDT · by FairOpinion · 111 replies · 2,593+ views
    WASHINGTON - Seven Republican senators will determine the outcome of a showdown this week between the president and Congress — and a minority within it — over who is going to shape the federal courts. Barring any unforeseen developments, these are the lawmakers in the make-or-break position when it comes to deciding whether to allow a Senate minority to block a president's nominees for the federal bench. The senators are Susan Collins of Maine, Chuck Hagel of Nebraska, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania, John Warner of Virginia, Mike DeWine of Ohio, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and John Sununu of New Hampshire....
  • Get Ready to Rumble - (highest of stakes on the Senate filibuster issue; Repubs MUST win this one!)

    05/12/2005 7:06:45 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 11 replies · 594+ views
    Students of American politics are about to witness a real battle royal in the Senate. The use of the filibuster is the issue. We are not talking about the filibuster as used by Southern Democrats to preserve segregation. That filibuster was the parliamentary standby resorted to by Democratic reactionaries for much of the 20th century. This filibuster is the parliamentary standby resorted to by liberal Democrats. They use it to preserve not segregation but rather judge-made law. They are the reactionaries of the 21st century. In the federal system of government, created by our Constitution, the legislature makes the law,...
  • Another Whopper Lie from CBS News

    05/12/2005 11:25:47 AM PDT · by Richie Rich · 16 replies · 627+ views
    Bizblogger ^ | 05/12/05 | Richie Rich
    The latest story from CBS is one in which the dishonesty is on par with Dan Rather's forged document story. Earlier this week on CBS News, Gloria Borger presented a story about the GOP plans to pursue the "nuclear option" (read: constitutional option) and interviewed Ken Starr in a 20-minute sit down conversation. Ken Starr, Dean of Pepperdine Law School, was once an enemy of the left for prosecuting Bill Clinton in the Whitewater investigation. But after the CBS report this week, he has been praised by the many in the MSM and liberals for "speaking the truth about not...
  • Judicial Filibusters and the Masters of Good and Evil - (Gore railing vs. "sectarian dogma!")

    05/05/2005 3:41:34 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 9 replies · 554+ views
    AGAPE PRESS.ORG ^ | MAY 5, 2005 | Brian Fahling, Esq.
    If Republicans succeed in ending Democratic filibustering of President Bush's judicial nominees, Al Gore recently remarked, then "America would face the twin dangers of an economic blueprint that eliminated most all of the safeguards and protections established for middle-class families throughout the 20th century and a complete revision of the historic insulation of the rule of law from sectarian dogma." Chicken Little, meet Mr. Gore. Mr. Gore's hyperventilating aside, if judicial filibusters are busted, the Republic will undoubtedly survive -- the nation managed to endure more than 200 years without them. The art of politics today is not to compromise,...
  • Race, Sex & Roe - The judicial storm in the Senate (spot on!)

    05/03/2005 9:43:22 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 3 replies · 543+ views
    Professor Steven Calabresi of Northwestern University Law School maintains that the Democrats’ unprecedented filibuster of federal appellate-court nominees is driven by the party’s imperative to retain its political advantage with minorities and women. Professor Calabresi notes that nominees such as “Miguel Estrada, who is Hispanic, Janice Rogers Brown, who is African American, Bill Pryor, a brilliant young Catholic, and two white women, Priscilla Owen and Carolyn Kuhl.” are victims of Democrats’ determination “not to allow any more conservative African-Americans, Hispanics, women or Catholics to be groomed for nomination to the High Court with court of appeals appointments.” On the other...
  • Justice Kennedy becomes target of conservatives' ire-(no wonder!he looks outside US for "guidance!")

    05/03/2005 5:03:47 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 5 replies · 465+ views
    He wasn't President Reagan's first choice for the U.S. Supreme Court - or his second choice for that matter - and plenty of conservatives have never let him forget it. Seventeen years and a handful of decisions later, Justice Anthony Kennedy - a conservative by background but a swing vote on social issues - has become the poster boy, on the part of those calling for President Bush's most controversial judicial nominees to confirmed by the U.S. Senate, for why the president should get to install judges he really wants rather than capitulate to liberals and moderates. Pressure on Republicans...