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  • Trump Supporters: Are We All “White Nationalists” Now? (Vanity)

    08/21/2017 7:55:09 PM PDT · by Political Animal · 37 replies
    8/21/2017 | AQC
    The allocation of culpability for the violence that resulted in the tragic death of Heather Heyer at a protest/counter-protest rally in Charlottesville, VA by the media last week really should not have come as a surprise. In the case of Republicans, the news-cycle will consisted of the following phases: If the violence is perpetrated by a hate group(s) whose members are racists, anti-Semites, and white supremacists, first, implicitly tie the Republican Party and its leaders (or if it is President Trump, explicitly) to the offending hate group; secondly, insist he or she publicly renounce the group; third, if the Republican...
  • Fraud Election: SouthKorea President

    07/12/2017 9:48:23 PM PDT · by ariellacrima · 19 replies
    YouTube (I am the author and the source is me) ^ | June 21,2017 | myself (Ariel S Choe)
    We people in South Korea must tell you that the so-called president in South Korea won the election through fraud that we won't forgive. It was done by issuing out two distinct forms of ballot paper, one of which is one and only "formal" type (type A) while the other is "non-existent" (type B) as claimed by the NEC. Assuring us that not a single piece of "non-existent" form (type B) actually came out in the ballot paper containers when the NEC opened them to count up each paper, NEC threatened people to make a lawsuit against those who would...
  • South Korea Election Fraud

    07/12/2017 9:47:55 PM PDT · by ariellacrima · 3 replies
    Facebook ^ | June 4,2017 | Ariel S. Choe
    We people in South Korea must tell you that the so-called president in S. Korea won the election through fraud that we won't forgive. It was done by issuing out two distinct forms of ballot paper, one of which is one and only "formal" type (type A) while the other is "non-existent" (type B) as claimed by the NEC. Assuring us that not a single piece of "non-existent" form (type B) actually came out in the ballot paper containers when the NEC opened them to count up each paper, NEC threatened people to make a lawsuit against those who would...
  • It's time to break up Amazon

    06/20/2017 3:38:34 PM PDT · by MrExplorer70 · 58 replies
    Fast Company ^ | 06/19/2017 | Douglas Rushkoff
    “Amazon just bought Whole Foods,” my friend texted me seconds after the announcement of the proposed acquisition. “It’s over. The world.” This unease is widespread, and has raised new calls for breaking up Jeff Bezos’s impending monopoly by force. Surely the company, which now generates 30% of all online and offline retail sales growth in the United States, and already controls 40% of internet cloud services, has reached too far. The 3% hike in Amazon’s share price since the announcement—which would alone more than pay for the acquisition—may attest less to the deal’s appropriateness than to investors’ growing fear that...
  • Toledo Police Department Has a Domestic Abuse Problem, Beat Your Wife and Get Promoted!

    Toledo Police Department Has a Domestic Abuse Problem, Beat Your Wife and Get Promoted! Toledo Police Departments Thin Blue Line·Monday, May 29, 2017209 Reads Toledo Police Department Has a Domestic Abuse Problem, Beat Your Wife and Get Promoted! Terrie Pachell, wife of now Toledo Police Captain Jeff Pachell lived through two decades of domestic abuse but after he tried to run her over with his car in August of last year, while his daughter sat in Terrie's car, she had enough! If you are a regular citizen and you beat your spouse, attempt to run her over with a car,...
  • Portland Republican says party should use militia groups after racial attack

    05/29/2017 5:18:23 PM PDT · by BackRoads775 · 39 replies ^ | 05/29/2017 | Jason Wilson
    As tensions continue in Portland following the racially charged murder of two men on Friday, the top Republican in the city said he is considering using militia groups as security for public events. Portland knife attack: tension high as 'free speech rally' set for weekend Read more Taliesin Myrddin Namkai-Meche, 23, and Rick Best, 53, were stabbed to death and 21-year-old student Micah David-Cole Fletcher was injured when they came to the aid of two women being subjected to hate speech on public transport. The suspect, Jeremy Christian, 35, was found to hold white supremacist views and to have attended...
  • Former Righthaven lawsuit victim, wrongfully convicted, forced to sue to prove Actual Innocence

    05/11/2017 9:21:21 PM PDT · by StanleyBolten · 4 replies
    Note: I know this article is a little older, but it is breaking news because of the new developments going on in his case. The Federal Judge, that is very strict against Pro Se filers that don't have an Attorney, has granted Brian's requests in his complaint and seems to be working towards Brian possibly being able to prove in Federal Court that the U.S. Attorney Office has engaged in possibly criminal behavior of obstruction of justice.WASHINGTON - April 27, 2017 - PRLog -- Brian D. Hill, formerly of USWGO Alternative News, has decided to sue the U.S. Department of...
  • North Korean war situation and overview

    04/18/2017 2:33:12 AM PDT · by gold submarine · 33 replies
    George Eaton, the Priority Report | 4/16/17 | George Eaton
    I have noticed news articles about the notion the US will back down and seek a diplomatic solution to the North Korean crisis. In my opinion the US will not back down on what they intend to do and they are not bluffing. We must realize they have the backing of high global finance, the press, and the great majority of politicians. There’s a new sheriff in town, North Korea is going down. We will attack, and we will win. Here is what I commented on a video recently: …It appears the word has been given to go to war...
  • How much is Madonna Net Worth 2017 Top Celebrities Net Worth & Biography News

    04/17/2017 11:49:32 PM PDT · by FCN · 31 replies
    Growing up, Madonna always wanted to be in the spotlight. She got her wish after releasing her first, self-titled, album in 1983. Hit songs such as “Lucky Star,” “Burning Up,” “Borderline” and “Holiday” sent her soaring to worldwide fame. The beautiful blonde named Madonna Louise Veronica Ciccone, originally from Bay City, Michigan, was born on August 16, 1958 as one of seven kids from a strict Catholic family but tragically lost her mother to cancer when she was only seven years old. She overcame hardship and thrived to reach her goal of conquering the world by the age of 24....
  • Trump takes a centrist tack on economic policy, abandoning campaign pledges

    04/12/2017 5:57:06 PM PDT · by PK1991 · 76 replies
    Washington Compost ^ | April 12, 2017 | By Damian Paletta and Ana Swanson
    "President Trump is abandoning a number of his key campaign promises on economic policy, adopting instead many of the centrist positions he railed against while campaigning as a populist. Trump will not label China a “currency manipulator,” he told the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday, despite a campaign pledge that he would apply the label on his first day in office. He also said he was open to reappointing Federal Reserve Board Chair Janet L. Yellen after saying last year that the central banker should be “ashamed” of what she was doing to the country. And he embraced the Export-Import...
  • Fear Grips Communities as MS-13 Gang Proliferates

    04/12/2017 9:35:55 AM PDT · by Epoch Times · 19 replies
    Epoch Times ^ | April 11, 2017 | Charlotte Cuthbertson
    At first, Evelyn Rodriguez thought her teenage daughter had forgotten to charge her phone—it kept going straight to voicemail. Or maybe she had just lost track of time. But Kayla Cuevas and her best friend Nisa Mickens never blew through their 9 p.m. curfew, especially without checking in. “She would call me if she was going to be two minutes late,” said Rodriguez. Sept. 13 was a typical Tuesday in Brentwood, New York, and the girls had gone for a walk while it was still daylight. Earlier in the evening, Cuevas, who had turned 16 two months prior, and Mickens...
  • HAPPY FRanniverary TO MEEEEEE (1999)

    04/12/2017 10:30:35 AM PDT · by martin_fierro · 40 replies
    4/12/17 | martin_fierro
  • We are not Living in the Last Days

    03/24/2017 7:07:06 AM PDT · by searchinsany · 43 replies
    HubPages ^ | 24. 3.17 | searchinsany
    Introduction Mat 24:3 YLT And when he is sitting on the mount of the Olives, the disciples came near to him by himself, saying, `Tell us, when shall these be? and what is the sign of thy presence, and of the full end of the age?' Christ's return was to take place at the culmination of the last days of the age. It is therefore important not only to identify the timeline of 'the last days', but also 'the age' in question. The last days neither referred to the end of time, nor to the end of the world. The...
  • Mnuchin: Too many question marks

    01/26/2017 10:22:31 PM PST · by ganeemead · 20 replies
    I'm recalling the thing in Wizard of Id where Blanche, the wizard's wife says "It's a sin to waste food" and the wizard replies "The sin was committed before it got to me..." A more realistic adage related to food says that if there is ever any sort of a question about food, toss it; no meal is worth major stomach grief. In the case of Steve Mnuchin, the take I'm getting is that there are too many question marks in the picture and at least a couple of them are too big; in my view, the guy's nomination should...
  • White House Petition: Reinstate Chelsea Manning's sentence to 35 years.

    01/30/2017 3:15:03 PM PST · by intellignt1 · 11 replies
    10/30/17 | intellignt1
    Chelsea Manning was convicted of leaking classified information (up to 700,000 documents) obtained while serving as an Army intelligence analyst that included diplomatic cables and troop locations, to the Wiki-Leaks website . House Speaker Paul Ryan described President Obama’s move as “outrageous” and “a dangerous precedent that those who compromise our national security won’t be held accountable for their crimes,” and that “Manning’s treachery put American lives at stake and exposed some of our most sensitive secrets. We are a nation of laws and the laws need to be upheld. What Chelsea Manning did was treasonous and the commutation by...
  • Why German Nazis Were Big Fans of Animal Rights

    01/25/2017 5:50:38 PM PST · by GoldenState_Rose · 20 replies
    The Seattle Times ^ | February 1, 1996 | Alexander Cockburn
    Joseph Goebbels said, famously, "The only real friend one has in the end is the dog. . . . The more I get to know the human species, the more I care for my Benno." As historians Arnold Arluke and Boria Sax put it, "The Nazis abolished moral distinctions between animals and people by viewing people as animals. The result was that animals could be considered `higher' than some people." The blond Aryan beast of Nietzsche represented animality at the top available grade, at one with wild nature. Aryans and animals were allied in a struggle against the contaminators, the...
  • Obama To Pardon Bowe Bergdahl?

    01/17/2017 2:59:47 PM PST · by Strac6 · 57 replies
    Vanity | Strac6
    Please pardon the vanity, but in light of today's commutation of traitor Chelsea Manning's sentence, is there any doubt that Obama will pardon Bowe Bergdahl? Obama has a much greater stake in Bowe Bergdahl than he ever had in the Chelsea Manning case. He had the Rose Garden ceremony with Bergdahl's parents where Obama ignored Bergdahl's desertion, misbehavior before the enemy, and that Americans died trying to rescue him. In addition, Obama put very heavy pressure on the Army to soft-pedal any criminal charges, or even avoid them completely. Obama sees Bergdahl coming back to US as part of his...
  • Downbeat-looking Sasha and Malia return from Hawaii after last family vacation on Air Force One

    01/02/2017 8:03:25 PM PST · by andrewsj · 139 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 20:39 EST, 2 January 2017 | By Anneta Konstantinides and Regina F. Graham
    The First Family have traded their sundresses and shorts for winter coats once more as they returned home after two weeks of vacation in Hawaii. A downbeat-looking Sasha and Malia departed Air Force One for what is likely the last time when they touched down at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland on Monday. Malia was wrapped up in a red coat and lace-up ankle boots, while Sasha kept warm in a fleece-lined denim jacket and knee-high boots. Following close behind them were Obama and Michelle, both of whom coordinated in black and gray ensembles that matched the East...
  • Bitter In Aleppo Defeat, US And EU Seek To Further Demonize Russia

    12/17/2016 8:14:25 PM PST · by Trump_vs_Evil_Witch · 40 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 12-17-2016 | Tyler Durden
    The perverse behavior by Washington and its European satraps is simply a case of sour grapes. Very sour grapes. They have been proven spectacularly wrong about Syria. The liberation of Aleppo this week exposes the Western governments and media in their unrelenting falsehoods and systematic complicity in the Syrian war. This was never a pro-democracy uprising. It was a Western-backed criminal regime-change operation that was unleashed in March 2011, and which is now staring at ignominious defeat. The blood of up to half a million people and many more maimed is on the hands of American and European governments. It...
  • DOJ Declines To Comment On Why Agency Won’t Investigate Threats To Electors

    12/12/2016 7:39:28 PM PST · by Chumdad · 18 replies
    WASHINGTON — The Department of Justice did not want to discuss why the agency refuses to investigate alleged harassment and death threats toward Electoral College voters in states that went for Donald Trump. “The department will decline to comment,” DOJ deputy press secretary David Jacobs told The Daily Caller in an email Wednesday afternoon. Read more: