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  • A New Society. A New Economy. #ItsInOurHands.(here's a third party can'tidate)

    05/21/2016 6:14:42 AM PDT · by rktman · 5 replies ^ | 5/21/2016 | unknown
    Why Jill is running for President with the Green Party We are being battered by unemployment, inequality, poverty, injustice, endless war, impending climate catastrophe, and a broken, corrupt political system. There are solutions for all these problems, but they're being blocked by political parties that serve the corporate elite, not the people. We need a new way forward that puts people, planet and peace over profit.
  • Colonel James Irwin: Creationist Astronaut (article)

    11/01/2013 1:58:23 PM PDT · by fishtank · 10 replies
    Institute for Creation Research ^ | Nov. 2013 | Jerry Bergman, Ph.D.
    Colonel James Irwin: Creationist Astronaut by Jerry Bergman, Ph.D. * James Benson Irwin (March 17, 1930–August 8, 1991), an American astronaut and scientist, was lunar module pilot for Apollo 15 on the fourth human lunar landing and was the eighth person to walk on the moon.1 From childhood, Irwin dreamed of going to the moon.2 After receiving a B.S. in naval science from the United States Naval Academy and a M.S. in aeronautical engineering from the University of Michigan, Irwin graduated from the Air Force Experimental Test Pilot School and the Air Force Aerospace Research Pilot School. In preparation for...
  • Was the Bagram 747 Crash a Terrorist Drone/UAV Attack in the Runway Kill Zone (RKZ)?

    05/02/2013 8:45:09 AM PDT · by Seizethecarp · 72 replies
    Runway Kill Zone (blog) ^ | May 2, 2013 | 2branta
    The horrific crash of a 747-400 at Bagram (here) has yet to be fully investigated and claims are already being made that it was a stall caused by a loose cargo that caused tail of the aircraft to drop and the nose to rise depriving the wings of lift. Maybe. The Bagram 747 crash has many similarities to the even more horrific crash of AWACS flight Yukla-27, (here) which was caused by the aircraft striking at least two Canada Geese in the Runway Kill Zone (RKZ) as discussed on an earlier post on this blog (here). Terrorists familiar with the...
  • NYC Mayor Bloomberg: 'Government’s Highest Duty' Is to Push 'Healthy' Foods

    09/28/2011 12:36:42 PM PDT · by Nachum · 53 replies
    CNS News ^ | 9/28/11 | Eric Scheiner
    ( - During a United Nations General Assembly summit on non-communicable diseases -- a discussion that included diet and eating habits -- New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg said “governments at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option. Speaking on the government's role in diet and health last week, Bloomberg told the UN General Assembly, “There are powers only governments can exercise, policies only governments can mandate and enforce and results only governments can achieve. To halt the worldwide epidemic of non-communicable diseases, governments at all levels must make healthy solutions the default social option. That is...
  • CA Police: Woman Threw Infant From Parking Garage

    08/23/2011 4:16:01 PM PDT · by dragnet2 · 15 replies ^ | 8/23/2011 |
    Sonia Hermosillo Accused Of Throwing 7-Month-Old Son From Parking Garage At Orange County Hospital ORANGE, Calif. -- A 31-year-old La Habra woman was in custody Tuesday on suspicion of throwing her 7-month-old son from a parking structure at Children's Hospital Orange County, leaving him critically injured. The baby was listed in very critical condition after being thrown from the second, third or possibly the fourth floor of the structure at 455 S. Main St. around 6:20 p.m. Monday, Orange police Sgt. Dan Adams said. "We don't think this was an accident," Adams said. The break in the case came after...
  • Tucson Shooting Hero Joe Zamudio Sets Ed Schultz Right On Owning A Pistol

    01/14/2011 3:03:37 AM PST · by Hulka · 14 replies
    Clip from Ed Schultz's show where he is schooled on firearms and personal responsibility.
  • D.C. rally boldly blasts Obama as 'fraud'

    10/23/2010 6:13:01 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 34 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | 10/23/10 | Drew Zahn
    A rally today at the U.S. Capitol pulled no punches in declaring President Barack Obama an "imposter" and "fraud" who should resign before a constitutional crisis of his own making rips apart the nation. The rally was called by Philip Berg, a Pennsylvania attorney who runs the website and was the first to sue over allegations Obama is constitutionally ineligible to occupy the Oval Office. "The main thrust of the rally," Berg told WND, "was to get out the continuing message that Obama is a phony, a fraud, an imposter, and [his eligibility to serve as president] is the...
  • President warns of 'winds of war'

    08/10/2009 11:31:07 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 20 replies · 2,463+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 11 August 2009
    LEFTIST leaders from Venezuela and Ecuador thundered against a US military presence in Latin America today, warning the "winds of war" were blowing across the increasingly polarised continent. Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez led the charge, attacking Colombia's decision to host American forces at seven of its bases, a move also condemned by Chavez's Ecuadoran counterpart and ally Rafael Correa during the inauguration of his second term. Speaking in Quito, Ecuador, at a regional summit, Mr Chavez said he was fulfilling his "moral duty'' by telling fellow leaders that the "winds of war were beginning to blow,'' because of the July...
  • Roy Masters Show Live--Monday Dec 22, 2008 (Bringing the Wisdom of the Ages to the air waves)

    12/22/2008 8:47:02 PM PST · by whatisthetruth · 8 replies · 394+ views
    Who is Roy Masters? In 1960 Roy Masters started America’s first conservative talk radio show on KTYM in Los Angeles, California. Roy Masters and his “Advice Line” radio program continue today as an institution on radio. “Advice Line” is currently broadcast nationwide on a 130 radio stations and available via the internet. For more about Roy see:
  • Venezuela to sue CNN

    05/29/2007 5:26:22 AM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 56 replies · 2,016+ views
    Venezuela says it will file charges against US cable network CNN for linking President Hugo Chavez to Al Qaeda. It says it will also sue a Venezuelan TV network for encouraging Mr Chavez's assassination. The move comes a day after popular Venezuelan TV network RCTV went off the air after the Chavez Government cancelled its broadcast licence. Information Minister William Lara has presented what he says is CNN footage displaying pictures of Mr Chavez juxtaposed with those of an Al Qaeda leader. Mr Lara says CNN also aired a story about the Venezuelan protests but used images taken in Mexico...
  • Can we really support these troops [12 OUT OF 10 BARFIES!]

    02/14/2007 8:52:15 AM PST · by Alouette · 56 replies · 1,801+ views
    The Bridge ^ | Feb. 14, 2007 | June Scorza Terpstra
    During a heated debate in a class I teach on social justice, several US Marines who had done tours in Iraq told me that they had "sacrificed" by “serving” in Iraq so that I could enjoy the freedom to teach in the USA. Parroting their master’s slogan about “fighting over there so we don’t have to fight over here,” these students proudly proclaimed that they terrorized and killed defenseless Iraqis. They intimated that their Arab victims are nothing more to them than collateral damage, incidental to their receipt of some money and an education. Sunday, February 11— A room full...
  • Show Me the Body! (Nutbag site.)

    12/31/2006 7:05:55 PM PST · by Anti-Bubba182 · 14 replies · 483+ views
    Peace Earth and Justice News ^ | 12-31-06 | Kurt Nimmo
    ADE - Kurt Nimmo - From the caves of Afghanistan, where putative hijackers plotted to violate the very laws of physics on September 11, 2001, to the mercurial figure of Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, said to be both a mastermind terrorist and a slow-witted dolt verging on retardation, we are spoon-fed one lie, exaggeration, and fairy tale after another, culminating in an incessant stream of deceit many of us no longer seem to even notice. Thus, when the corporate media tells me Saddam was executed, I am inclined to believe they are full of it, simply parroting more lies and fomenting...
  • Kim Jong-il unmasked

    10/09/2006 5:37:26 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 30 replies · 1,658+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 10 October 2006 | Gerard McManus
    SORTING fact from fiction about Kim Jong-il is a difficult task -- even for intelligence services. On one hand, the North Korean propaganda machine portrays him as the "greatest statesman of the 20th century". Loyal communists are told his birth was "foretold by a swallow, and heralded by the appearance of a double rainbow over the mountain and a new star in the heavens". On the other hand, South Korea provides a stream of bizarre anecdotes painting a picture of one of history's most deranged leaders. Certainly the South has more credibility. Kim Jong-il, or "Dear Leader", is officially head...
  • Keith Olbermann's "A Clockwork Strawberry" (Iowahawk)

    09/27/2006 9:15:44 PM PDT · by IowaHawk · 18 replies · 1,164+ views
    iowahawk ^ | 09 29 06 | David Burge
    [ed. - Found under a pile of discarded MSNBC Nielsen Ratings: first draft of fringe cable TV superstar Keith Olberman's Howard Beale moment] By Keith OlbermannEditor and Chief, MSNBC "Meltdown with Keith Olbermann" And now, turning to the headlines. The headlines are, of course, entirely wrong. Nevermind the fonts, which are totally misleading. Thus it is surely not essential that a revered and beloved past president, pistol-whipped and sandbagged by a subhuman terrorist monkey with a microphone, finally lashed back with a raw, sinewy panther-like ferocity that sent his primate interlocutor scurrying back for the safety of Roger Ailes’ banyan...
  • Tomkitten's 'first poop' on display

    08/30/2006 5:01:50 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 13 replies · 509+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 31 August 2006
    TOM Cruise and Katie Holmes have yet to show their baby daughter off in public, but eager fans were given an unusual preview today with what's claimed to be a bronze cast depicting her first solid stool. The scatological sculpture - more doodoo than Dada - is purportedly cast from 19-week-old Suri's first bowel movement and will be shown at the Capla Kesting gallery in Brooklyn, New York, before being auctioned off for charity. The artist behind the work, Daniel Edwards, previously courted controversy with a life-size nude sculpture of pop star Britney Spears giving birth on a bearskin rug....
  • Chavez takes 'axis of evil' tour

    07/30/2006 9:04:35 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 10 replies · 412+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 31 July 2006 | Frank Zeller
    VENEZUELA'S President Hugo Chavez was heading to Vietnam overnight as part of a world tour dominated by countries that have, or have had, antagonistic relations with the United States. The leftist firebrand leader was due to arrive from Iran on his two-week sweep that also included stops in Cuba and Belarus and a visit to Russia, where he finalised a major arms deal opposed by Washington. During his two-day trip to Hanoi the Latin American leader was scheduled to stop at sites associated with the country's revolutions and wars, including the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, a military museum and a...
  • Cindy Sheehan: “US Flag Fills Me With Shame”

    07/03/2006 3:20:35 PM PDT · by Sam Hill · 222 replies · 5,145+ views
    Sweetness & Light ^ | July 3, 2006 | N/A
    Here is Mother Sheehan's Fourth Of July love poem to our country. Courtesy of her fellow America-hater, Michael Moore: Bombs Bursting in AirMonday, July 3rd, 2006By Cindy SheehanThe rockets red glare,Bombs bursting in air,Gave proof through the nightThat our flag was still there.Oh, say does thatStar spangled banner yet wave,O'er the land of the free,And the home of the brave.The star spangled banner has been in the news quite a lot lately. Some "courageous" Senators, including one of my own, Dianne Feinstein and everyone's favorite left-wing liberal, Hillary Clinton, bravely stuck their necks out to support an amendment that would...
  • What Iran's President Says Is the Reason the U.S. Invaded Iraq

    05/30/2006 8:59:21 PM PDT · by Flavius · 7 replies · 499+ views
    fox news ^ | May 30, 2006 | Brit Hume
    Now some fresh pickings from the Political Grapevine: Insulting Iran? Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says toppling Saddam Hussein was merely a "pretext" for the U.S. invasion of Iraq, telling Germany's Der Spiegel magazine, "The Americans occupy the country, kill people, sell the oil and when they have lost, they blame others."The Iranian leader rejected new talks on improving security in Iraq unless "the Americans change their behavior," saying the U.S. "insulted" Iran after the country agreed to talks earlier this year.
  • Killing Blair 'morally justified' says Galloway

    05/25/2006 5:52:05 PM PDT · by aculeus · 106 replies · 2,970+ views
    The Times (UK) ^ | May 26, 2006 | By Fran Yeoman
    THE assassination of Tony Blair by a suicide bomber would be morally justified as revenge for the War in Iraq, according to George Galloway. The Respect MP for Bethnal Green and Bow said that such an attack would be “morally equivalent to ordering the deaths of thousands of innocent people in Iraq — as Mr Blair did”. He was speaking during an interview for GQ magazine with Piers Morgan, the former Daily Mirror Editor. Morgan asked: “Would the assasination of, say, Tony Blair by a suicide bomber, if there were no other casualties, be justified as revenge for the war...
  • Chavez to buy Russian jets

    05/21/2006 6:49:50 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 70 replies · 1,808+ views ^ | 22 May 2006
    PRESIDENT Hugo Chavez confirmed today that Venezuela will buy Russian fighter jets during a planned visit to Moscow, and warned that Caracas could sell its US-made F-16s to Iran. "We will soon be in Moscow because we will buy Russian fighter jets to defend these skies and land," Mr Chavez said in a speech on state-owned television. Mr Chavez hailed the Russian Sukhoi fighters as "the best in the world, 100 times better than the F-16s". The leftist leader did not say when he planned to travel to Russia, but Venezuela's ambassador to Moscow has said the trip could take...
  • Hugo Chavez Says Bush Guilty of Genocide

    05/15/2006 6:00:20 PM PDT · by Aussie Dasher · 11 replies · 392+ views ^ | 16 May 2006
    LONDON — Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez on Monday said America's suspension of arms sales to his country "doesn't matter to us at all." Chavez, who is on a visit to London, also said his government would not respond immediately with punitive measures. "It's the empire and it has a great capacity to do harm to the countries of the world," he said, referring to the U.S. as "an irrational empire." The comments came after the U.S. State Department announced a ban on arms sales to Venezuela because of what it claims is a lack of support by President Chavez's leftist...
  • Iran President Again Lashes Out at Israel, says it is heading towards "annihilation".

    04/14/2006 5:21:41 PM PDT · by Btrp113Cav · 259 replies · 8,222+ views
    AP ^ | April 14, 2006 | ALI AKBAR DAREINI
    TEHRAN, Iran - The president of Iran again lashed out at Israel on Friday and said it was "heading toward annihilation," just days after Tehran raised fears about its nuclear activities by saying it successfully enriched uranium for the first time.
  • Saudi intellectual: Neo-Cons Are the Closest Thing There Is to Nazism

    04/10/2006 7:15:13 PM PDT · by Alouette · 43 replies · 997+ views
    MEMRI ^ | March 16, 2006 | Awadh Al-Qarni
    Saudi intellectual Awadh Al-Qarni: Neo-Cons Are the Closest Thing There Is to Nazism Following are excerpts from an interview with Saudi intellectual Awadh Al-Qarni, which aired on Iqra TV on March 16, 2006. Awadh Al-Qarni: The real causes for the American invasion of Iraq are: First, the Zionist gang that has colonized America and the American people. Interviewer: What proof do you have? Awadh Al-Qarni: Look at the number of Jews in the American administration - I mean the Likud Jews, the extreme right wing over there... Some of the top American officials have Israeli citizenship. Some of them were...
  • Live Thread - McKinney News Conference

    03/31/2006 2:30:53 PM PST · by Raebie · 722 replies · 23,796+ views
    Should be entertaining...starting any minute.
  • Lawyer Says McKinney a Victim in Scuffle

    03/31/2006 1:15:15 PM PST · by SmithL · 139 replies · 2,976+ views
    AP ^ | 3/31/6 | LAURIE KELLMAN
    WASHINGTON -- A lawyer for Rep. Cynthia McKinney, the Georgia congresswoman who had an altercation with a Capitol Police officer, says she was "just a victim of being in Congress while black." McKinney awaited word Friday on whether she would be charged for apparently striking the officer after she entered a House office building this week unrecognized and did not stop when asked. Two law enforcement officials said it was unlikely a warrant would be issued this week. They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to speak publicly. Her lawyer, James W. Myart Jr., said, "Congresswoman...
  • McKinney faces arrest over security incident

    03/31/2006 4:42:16 AM PST · by rhema · 291 replies · 10,484+ views
    Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 03/31/06 | BOB KEMPER
    Capitol Hill police are expected to seek an arrest warrant next week for Rep. Cynthia McKinney of Georgia, who was involved in a physical confrontation with a Capitol police officer Wednesday, police and legal authorities said Thursday. Officially, the investigation of the incident, in which the DeKalb County Democrat allegedly struck a police officer who tried to stop her from going around a security checkpoint, is ongoing, said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, spokeswoman for Capitol Hill police. However, police have notified the federal prosecutor's office in Washington that they will be seeking an arrest warrant after the investigation is complete next...
  • Gore says Canadian elections are about oil.

    01/26/2006 2:26:02 PM PST · by northernlightsII · 105 replies · 2,036+ views
    The Vancouver Sun | January 26 2006 | Karen Monk
    "Former US vice-president AL gore urged Canadians to be vigilant over their new leader Stephen Harper in light of the newly elected prime minister's pro oil agenda. "The election in Canada was partly about the tar sands projects in Alberta....And the financial interests behind the tar sands projects poured a lot of money and support behind an ultra-conservative leader in order to win the election...and to protect their interests."... Gore said he wasn't surprised to hear about the absence of any tar sands talk during the last campaign,or even the oil lobby was pushing Harper's cause in influential financial circles,and...
  • Clarifications on the Case for Free Trade

    12/10/2005 1:15:33 PM PST · by A. Pole · 26 replies · 590+ views
    Ludwig von Mises Institute ^ | Saturday, January 10, 2004 | Paul Craig Roberts
    Free trade has necessary conditions. Today these conditions are not met. This point has escaped Joe Salerno and George Reisman (both writing on, as it has a vast number of other people. The case for free trade is based on David Ricardo’s principle of comparative advantage. Ricardo addressed the question how trade could take place between country A and country B (England and Portugal in his example) if country B was more efficient in the production of tradable goods (cloth and wine in his example) than A. In other words, if Portugal could produce both cloth and wine at lower cost than...
  • 'Divine Mission' Driving Iran's New Leader

    01/13/2006 7:12:28 PM PST · by blam · 37 replies · 1,129+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 1-14-2006 | Anton La Guardia
    'Divine mission' driving Iran's new leader By Anton La Guardia (Filed: 14/01/2006) As Iran rushes towards confrontation with the world over its nuclear programme, the question uppermost in the mind of western leaders is "What is moving its President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to such recklessness?" Political analysts point to the fact that Iran feels strong because of high oil prices, while America has been weakened by the insurgency in Iraq. President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad But listen carefully to the utterances of Mr Ahmadinejad - recently described by President George W Bush as an "odd man" - and there is another dimension, a...
  • Trial of radical cleric starts

    01/08/2006 7:45:04 PM PST · by Aussie Dasher · 6 replies · 379+ views
    Herald Sun ^ | 9 January 2006
    RADICAL cleric Abu Hamza al-Masri goes on trial in London today on 16 charges of stirring up racial hatred and urging the killing of non-Muslims. Hamza, who is also wanted by the US, will be the most high-profile figure to be tried in Britain charged with such offences since the September 11 attacks on Washington and New York. The Egyptian-born cleric faces 10 charges of using public meetings to incite his followers to kill non-Muslims. Four of the charges say he urged the killing of Jews. He is also accused of using threatening, abusive or insulting behaviour with intent to...
  • Iraq War Protest Vigils Dot U.S.

    08/18/2005 4:16:42 PM PDT · by strange1 · 8 replies · 416+ views
    CBS News ^ | 8/18/2005 | AP
    shortly after her son's death and before she became a vocal opponent of the war. Ah, not exactly correct, she was an opponent before he left. If I were a liberal I'd say that was a lie. Some critics say Sheehan is exploiting her son's death to promote a left-wing agenda supported by her and groups with which she associates. Ok, now that parts true, she is exploiting her sons death, and using his flag draped coffin as a soapbox. Before the Crawford vigil began, Gary Qualls, of Temple, walked to the protesters' memorial to fallen U.S. soldiers and removed...
  • Waco man allegedly drove pickup through "Camp Casey" memorial

    08/16/2005 1:34:20 PM PDT · by strange1 · 82 replies · 2,960+ views
    Smoking Gun ^ | 8/16/2005 | Smoking Gun
    AUGUST 16--Meet Larry Northern. The Texas man, 59, was arrested last night and charged with criminal mischief for allegedly driving his pickup truck over wooden crosses erected near the roadside campsite of Cindy Sheehan, the California woman who has brought her antiwar protest to President George W. Bush's Crawford doorstep. A row of the memorial crosses, which carry the names of U.S. soldiers killed during the Iraq war, were destroyed when Northern, a Waco resident, allegedly drove his truck (which was dragging a pipe and chains) over them. The crosses are part of an encampment Sheehan has dubbed "Camp Casey"...
  • great. now that all you losers voted bush the worls will end! (ZOT!!!)

    11/06/2004 3:12:30 PM PST · by hillary_4_prresident · 225 replies · 2,485+ views
    Another highly educated and thoughtful person, bearing light to us poor slobs.
    bush is the anti-christ so all u so called "christians" who voted for bush are hipocrits....i sure hope all you un-educated-bush-loving-satan-hugging posers are still happy with your decision after theres a draft taking away all your loved ones to fight in a senseless when you see their bodyparts in black bags you can slap a thank you note on georgies desk!
  • Saddam Hussein to write a novel

    05/02/2004 11:44:15 AM PDT · by anniegetyourgun · 37 replies · 163+ views
    Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein is writing a novel in which he casts himself as the hero and US President George W Bush as a villian, a report said here. Hussein has been allowed to write the novel as "his interrogators hope it will provide clues to his mindset - and how to handle the situation in Iraq today," Sunday Express reported. The novel's villains are British Prime Minister Tony Blair, U S President George Bush and Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Saddam calls his hero Salim, "a pure virtuous Arab, tall and handsome with a straight nose and full...
  • American Escapes From Prison in Monaco (Ted Maher)

    01/22/2003 2:56:30 AM PST · by kattracks · 169 replies · 742+ views
    AP | 1/22/03
    MONACO Jan. 22 — An American male nurse convicted in the arson death of billionaire banker Edmond Safra escaped from prison overnight, police said Wednesday.Ted Maher, originally of Auburn, Maine, was convicted of arson in a 1999 fire in Monaco that also killed one of Safra's other nurses, Vivian Torrente.Copyright 2003 The Associated Press.
  • Welcome to the new American Gestapo

    11/20/2002 8:32:00 AM PST · by dts32041 · 169 replies · 439+ views
    Capitol Hill Blue ^ | Nov 20, 2002, 08:32 | By DOUG THOMPSON
    Welcome to the new American Gestapo   Wonder if any of the vast sums of money approved Tuesday for the new Department of Homeland Security are set aside for black uniforms with knee-length boots and black leather trench coats? Should be. Since we've gone to all this trouble to create the new American Gestapo we might as well let them look the part. Excuse me if I don?t join in all the senseless celebration over creation of yet another mammoth bureaucracy of the federal government. Pardon me if I don?t go ga-ga over a federal agency that has been given...