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  • How far do we take this brother stuff? (More from the loony tune pastor) (OPEN)

    01/30/2009 1:43:48 PM PST · by AlaskaErik · 13 replies · 727+ views
    Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman ^ | January 30, 2009 | Howard Bess
    The story is quite simple. Adam and Eve had two sons. The first born son, Cain, became a farmer. The second son, Abel, became a herder of sheep. Abel offered a sacrifice of a lamb to the Lord. The Lord accepted his offering. Cain brought an offering of grain. The Lord had no regard for the offering. Cain was furious. He invited his brother to go out into a field. Cain killed Abel. The Lord came along and asked the whereabouts of his brother. Cain answered, “I do not know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” This is our introduction to...
  • Al Gore's Doomsday Clock - (Snake Oil Salesman <I>Extraordinaire</I>)

    07/22/2008 7:10:46 AM PDT · by yoe · 29 replies · 161+ views
    WSJ. On Line ^ | July22, 2008 | BRET STEPHENS
    Al Gore gave a speech last week "challenging" America to run "on 100% zero-carbon electricity in 10 years" -- though that's just the first step on his road to "ending our reliance on carbon-based fuels." Serious people understand this is absurd. Maybe other people will start drawing the same conclusion about the man proposing it. The former vice president has also recently disavowed any intention of returning to politics. This is wise. As America's leading peddler of both doom and salvation, Mr. Gore has moved beyond the constraints and obligations of reality. His job is to serve as a Prophet...
  • Holy Smoke And Mirrors: The Vatican Conspiracy

    12/25/2007 8:25:48 AM PST · by Fennie · 14 replies · 322+ views
    NEXUS Magazine ^ | David G. Guyatt
    Tens of thousands of SS and other Nazis escaped capture as a result of the Vatican-run "ratlines". Operation Amadeus was exclusively concerned with the flight of SS and Nazi war criminals to the South American continent and their later ferocious covert actions against the indigenous populations justified under the banner of "anti-communism". The principal means of funding Operation Amadeus activities was the hugely profitable narcotics business. Large stocks of SS morphia had been smuggled out of Europe and into "Catholic" South America at the end of the War in accordance with the Sunrise agreement...
  • Photograph of Headquarters

    08/29/2007 1:37:54 PM PDT · by NapkinUser · 130 replies · 3,107+ views
    Ron Paul 2008 ^ | August 29, 2007 | Ron Paul
    Here is a photograph of the Ron Paul 2008 national office in Arlington, Virginia. We have the entire second floor; about 3,000 square feet. The photograph was taken around 6:00 o'clock this morning.
  • Church calls for green weddings

    02/12/2007 6:31:04 AM PST · by hiho hiho · 79 replies · 909+ views
    METRO ^ | February 11, 2007
    Brides should consider travelling to their wedding in a taxi, wearing a second-hand wedding dress and asking guests to bring a bottle to the reception, according to the Church of England. A new guide being used by the Church encourages couples to reject the spend, spend, spend culture surrounding weddings and embrace a more simplistic approach. The pocket-sized book also urges couples to prevent their weddings literally costing the earth, with tips on how to create an environmentally-friendly ceremony and reception. It suggests fairly-traded material could be used for the bride's gown, organic food laid out at the reception and...
  • Heated campus debate (Nutbag Malik Ali spewing at CSULB)

    09/29/2006 4:31:18 PM PDT · by Bella_Bru · 7 replies · 469+ views
    Long Beach Press Telegram ^ | 9/28/06 | By Kevin Butler, Staff writer
    LONG BEACH A speech by a controversial Muslim leader calling Israel an "apartheid state" at Cal State Long Beach on Thursday sparked a demonstration by a Jewish student organization. Amir Abdul Malik Ali, a leader of an Oakland mosque, addressed an audience of more than 200 students, including demonstrators from Beach Hillel, in front of the University Bookstore in the afternoon. Ali, who has spoken before at CSULB, was invited to the campus by the Muslim Student Association. Ali said Israel was an "oppressor" comparable to Goliath, and he likened Muslims, including those in militant groups Hamas and Hezbollah, to...
  • 52 Reasons To Stop Mowing (Zot a la Gallagher)

    07/25/2006 6:58:41 AM PDT · by fruitarian108 · 420 replies · 6,084+ views
    Fruitarian Network ^ | 1973 first version | Nonmowing Coalition
    52 REASONS NOT TO MOW 37 WAYS TO HELP TREES Please download with 100% cotton, rice, recycled, or scrap paper Ron Howard, director of A Beautiful Mind and many other films,made his first film at age 8.. an anti mowing film which showed the nature of mowers' attacks on lawns. Art Buchwald: People shouldn't be judged by the length of their grass. In 2003 through now, the world has seen floods, famine, fire, mudslides, hurricanes, tornados and other disasters created by the unprecedented destruction of trees around the world. Trees are nature's weather stabilizers. We need trillions of trees.. new...
  • New Orleans mayor sees rebuilding plan by year-end

    06/26/2006 5:07:36 PM PDT · by Ellesu · 9 replies · 329+ views
    Reuters ^ | 06/26/06 | Peter Henderson
    New Orleans may take until the end of the year to develop rebuilding plans for all the neighborhoods of the storm-savaged city, Mayor Ray Nagin said on Monday, dismissing criticism that the process is dragging. Hurricane Katrina flooded 80 percent of the city last August, soaking tens of thousands of houses in fetid water for weeks. The disaster left residents uncertain where to rebuild, yet also gave the city a chance to reshape itself. Even 10 months later, many areas of the city are still cleaning up rather than rebuilding, with only isolated signs of construction in hard-hit areas full...
  • My Wife Confronts Illegal Alien Teenagers Waving Mexican Flags

    03/28/2006 1:51:05 PM PST · by Brian_Baldwin · 98 replies · 2,387+ views
    opinion | 3/28/06 | brianbaldwin
    My Wife does volunteer work for an Elementary school in the a city in the San Francisco Bay Area, California. She is on site counsels and committees. She knows all the students, and in fact many if not most, know, and love her. The Principal and school officials are always calling her, and taking advantage of her social conscious and intelligence, and her excellence with children. I have a child who attends that school. Today I receive a phone call from my wife. The cell is ringing, I think it's work related. A quick look at the incoming id, it’s...
  • Virginia County secretly removes Confederate flag from official seal

    03/03/2006 11:37:56 AM PST · by Rebeleye · 1,330 replies · 8,277+ views
    The Daily Press, Hampton Roads, VA ^ | March 2, 2006 | Associated Press
    The removal of the Confederate flag from Amherst County's official seal has upset Southern heritage groups, who contend residents weren't told of the change. County officials acknowledge the image was quietly removed in August 2004 to avoid an uproar.
  • DFU SONG: You're So Vain (Cindy Sheehan is so insane at the SOTU)

    01/31/2006 9:23:57 PM PST · by doug from upland · 27 replies · 1,164+ views
    DFU SONGS | 1-2006 | Lyrics, Doug from Upland
    MIDI - YOU'RE SO VAIN She walked in to the chamber like she was thinking she owned the place Her shirt strategically hidden underneath...this fruitcake is a disgrace She had one eye that was bloodshot like she had been nailed with mace And the Code Pinkos thought she was their hero, she was their hero But she's most of us it's not too surprising Cindy's most of us it's not too it, is it? She really lost it a few years ago...her brave son had lost his life She caused her husband to pull out all...
  • Ranking the Months (Vanity)

    09/12/2005 6:10:48 AM PDT · by Maximus of Texas · 103 replies · 837+ views
    List your two favorite and your two least favorite months and why.
  • ARRRRGH. DARN YOU, CONGRESSMAN WELDON (NRO blogger loses heard on Rush!)

    08/16/2005 10:28:31 AM PDT · by spycatcher · 151 replies · 5,555+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 8/16/05 | Jim Geraghty
    Just heard from a guy I trust that the Pentagon will be releasing information regarding Able Danger in the not too distant future. The short version: Don't expect any bombshells. Thank you, Congressman Weldon, for getting just enough of this story right (the existence of Able Danger and its mission) to get folks like myself and lot of others to take you seriously. Those others weren't just bloggers, by the way - I'm talking about the New York Times, the AP, the Bergen Record... And thanks a [really bad word] heap for getting more than enough wrong that we look...
  • "No shoes allowed" in terrorist captures (Dhimmitude alert)

    08/02/2005 3:35:04 PM PDT · by Antioch · 43 replies · 957+ views
    World Net Daily ^ | August 2, 2005 | World Net Daily
    Police officers in England's Bedfordshire county have been told to take off their shoes and not interrupt anyone praying during raids of Muslim homes, according to leaked guidelines. The 18-point guide, under development before the recent London bombing attacks, says "the Muslim community feels victimized and suspicious of counter terrorist police operations and in the current climate a search at a British Muslim household has the potential to become a critical incident and come under intense scrutiny." Befordshire's largest city is Luton, about 30 miles north of London, one of Britain's hotbeds of radical Islam. A nail bomb was discovered...
  • Clarence Thomas still a bad choice, Anita Hill says

    02/23/2005 2:08:35 PM PST · by KidGlock · 71 replies · 1,454+ views
    Thomas still a bad choice, Hill says Wednesday, February 23, 2005 By Kyla King The Grand Rapids Press GRAND RAPIDS -- In the 13 years since Anita Hill testified during Senate confirmation hearings about alleged sexual harassment by then-Supreme Court Justice nominee Clarence Thomas, she has written books, taught at two universities and penned numerous opinion pieces. And although she will be in Grand Rapids on Thursday to speak about race and gender issues, she expects people also will want to talk about her role in one of the biggest political controversies of the time. "It was a big event,...

    02/10/2005 6:27:02 PM PST · by Quix · 6 replies · 1,381+ views
    A Glimpse Ahead Timothy Snodgrass The Impossible Will Come Alive In 2005 01/28/05 In January of 2004, as we began to intercede for the New Year the Holy Spirit gave us the prophetic slogan, "The Seas will Roar in 2004". This year we were given a new slogan, "The Impossible will come Alive in 2005". As the veil of darkness begins to come down over nations and regions, along with great shakings will come great breakthroughs; signs, wonders, healings and a spectacular release of miracles in impossible circumstances. This year, although we are ultimately poised to gain much ground, there...
  • What's with all the dead scientists?

    01/26/2005 4:41:33 PM PST · by Middle-O-Road · 231 replies · 3,894+ views
    What's the deal with all the dead scientists?

    10/15/2004 7:27:27 AM PDT · by new cruelty · 404 replies · 12,261+ views
    DRUDGE ^ | 10/15/2004
    'You get some gin and get some white raisins — and only white raisins — and soak them in the gin for two weeks. Then eat nine of the raisins a day'...
  • World's Second 'Cloned' Baby Is Born, UFO Cult Says (Oops She did it again!!)

    01/04/2003 8:31:11 PM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 44 replies · 498+ views
    The Washington Post. ^ | January 4th, 2003 | Brigitte Boiseller
    She's cloned another baby...developing on Drudge..breaking...developing...breaking... AMSTERDAM (Reuters) - A UFO cult said on Saturday the world's second cloned baby had been born to a Dutch lesbian, but cloning experts swiftly dismissed the claim as a baseless stunt. "A baby girl was born yesterday evening. The baby is healthy and the mother too," Bart Overvliet, head of the Raelian movement's Dutch branch, told Reuters by telephone.
  • Charlie Daniels: The Nutty Professor.

    12/29/2002 9:05:06 PM PST · by ConservativeMan55 · 24 replies · 380+ views
    Charlie Daniels. ^ | December 9th, 2002. | Charlie Daniels
    The Nutty Professor The other day a friend of mine forwarded an account of an e-mail exchange between a cadet at the Air Force Academy and a professor at St. Xavier University. The cadet was innocently informing the college about an event called The Academy Assembly, a gathering where political subjects are discussed and inquiring about the best methods of advertising in the St. Xavier area. The letter ended up in the hands of a certain professor, Peter Kirstein, and here is the professor’s reply: “You are a disgrace to this country and I’m furious you would even think I...