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  • Please Petition the FCC To Investigate NYTrogate and Exit Poll-Gate. Click Here!

    11/04/2004 4:53:53 PM PST · by jmstein7 · 16 replies · 1,051+ views
    Please take a few moments to send the following email to the Federal Communications Commission at:; fccinfo@fcc.govOr, CLICK HERE to generate a pre-addressed email. Subject:  Two Alleged FCA ViolationsDear Chairman Powell,The FCC has previously has ruled that broadcasters, as public trustees, may not intentionally distort the news. The FCC has stated that "rigging or slanting the news is a most heinous act against the public interest."  I am writing to alert the FCC to two potential violations of this ruling that have occurred over the past two weeks.  The FCC must carry out it's statutory duty -- i.e. implementing...

    10/24/2004 7:16:08 AM PDT · by Rennes Templar · 24 replies · 4,688+ views
    To the Point ^ | Oct. 20, 2004 | Dr. Jack Wheeler
    Scorpio was suspended in the clear night sky above Ghazni, Afghanistan. The air was so pure the tiny two stars of Lambda and Upsilon in Scorpio’s stinger shone brightly. The city below was quiet, the only sounds were emplacements of government soldiers calling out to each other to watch for Mujahaddin attacks. Every few seconds one of them would fire off a round or two from a Dashaka machine gun, the tracer bullets creating bright day-glo pink arcs through the dark. Looming in front of me was the enormous rock fortress of Bala Hissar, on top of which were the...
  • Pentagon Briefing on 200 tons of Al QaQaa explosives destroyed in April 2003 (DRUDGE)

    10/29/2004 8:28:02 AM PDT · by rocklobster11 · 1,363 replies · 55,468+ views
    Fox News
    <p>Brit Baer on Fox News just announced. Coming up in 1 hour.</p>

    10/28/2004 1:48:01 PM PDT · by handy · 660 replies · 24,738+ views
    Drudge ^ | 10-28-04 | Drudge
  • Alleged Terror Tape Gives ABC Pause (DRUDGE gives ABC Hotfoot)

    10/28/2004 7:39:51 AM PDT · by Anti-Bubba182 · 65 replies · 2,573+ views
    Washington Post ^ | October 28, 2004 | Howard Kurtz
    It has all the makings of an incendiary story: a chilling pre-election videotape featuring a supposed member of al Qaeda, declaring in English that "blood will run red in the streets of America." The problem, say ABC News executives, is that they can't determine whether the tape, obtained by a producer, involves a real threat -- or even the identity of the figure on it, a man wearing an ammunition belt and a headdress that obscures his face. The network enlisted the aid of the FBI and CIA but still can't authenticate the 75-minute videotape. "We're not quite there to...
  • No IAEA Seals on Al-Qaqaa Bunkers in KSTP Video

    10/28/2004 9:52:03 AM PDT · by finnman69 · 46 replies · 2,034+ views
    IAEA ^ | 10/28/04 | finnman69
    In the first link is the video of the MN reporters who claim they were in a bunker. In the video, there was definitely NOT one of these sealed on the bunker they clipped open. IAEA inspectors check a seal on a bunker with high explosives. (Credit: Pavlicek/IAEA)
  • Russian convoy fired on in IraqWitness: Convoy caught in U.S.-Iraqi crossfire

    10/27/2004 9:44:36 PM PDT · by Jedidah · 14 replies · 879+ views
    Sunday, April 6, 2003 Posted: 9:23 PM EDT (0123 GMT) FALLUJAH, Iraq (CNN) -- A convoy of vehicles carrying Russian diplomats and journalists came under fire Sunday as it headed out of Baghdad, the Russian Foreign Ministry said.
  • The Financial Times: Russians ‘May Have Taken Iraq Explosives'

    10/27/2004 9:04:27 PM PDT · by quidnunc · 52 replies · 2,532+ views
    The Financial Times ^ | October 28, 2004 | Demetri Sevastopulo, Guy Dinmore and James Harding
    Washington DC and Lancaster County, Pennsylvania – The controversy over Iraq’s missing explosives intensified on Wednesday as the Bush administration rejected charges of incompetence and a senior Pentagon official claimed the munitions may have been removed by Russians before the US-led invasion. Breaking his silence over an issue that has dominated headlines since Monday, President George W. Bush accused John Kerry, his Democratic challenger, of making “wild charges” over the 350 tonnes of explosives and weapons. The Pentagon is still investigating their disappearance. But Scott McClellan, White House press secretary, said there was a “very real possibility” the munitions were...
  • Wesley Clark Comments on Missing Explosives

    10/27/2004 9:59:23 PM PDT · by Agitate · 107 replies · 1,833+ views
    Official Kerry-Edwards Blog ^ | 10/27/2004 | agitate
    General Clark on Bush's Missing Explosives General Wesley Clark released the following statement today in response to President Bush's remarks today about the missing explosives in Iraq: “Today George W. Bush made a very compelling and thoughtful argument for why he should not be reelected. In his own words, he told the American people that “…a political candidate who jumps to conclusions without knowing the facts is not a person you want as your Commander in Chief.” “President Bush couldn’t be more right. He jumped to conclusions about any connection between Saddam Hussein and 911. He jumped to conclusions about...
  • Discrepancy Found in Explosives Amounts: (On DRUDGE story unravels further)

    10/27/2004 9:49:52 PM PDT · by ambrose · 12 replies · 823+ views
    ABC News ^ | 10/27
    Discrepancy Found in Explosives Amounts Documents Show Iraqis May Be Overstating Amount of Missing Material - Iraqi officials may be overstating the amount of explosives reported to have disappeared from a weapons depot, documents obtained by ABC News show. The Iraqi interim government has told the United States and international weapons inspectors that 377 tons of conventional explosives are missing from the Al-Qaqaa installation, which was supposed to be under U.S. military control. But International Atomic Energy Agency documents obtained by ABC News and first reported on "World News Tonight with Peter Jennings" indicate the amount of missing explosives...
  • 101st HQ'd in Al-Qaqaa for Two Weeks! (Vanity - Just spoke with someone who was there)

    10/27/2004 8:21:14 PM PDT · by DTogo · 89 replies · 2,971+ views
    Soldier in Iraq with the 101st | 10-27-04 | DTogo
    As soon as this Al-Qaqaa story "broke" I thought of calling my friend (an officer and unit commander attached to the 101st during Operation Iraqi Freedom) to find out what really happened. Well, I just got off the phone with him and after joking that he was directing traffic for all the Iraqi trucks that looted explosives out of Al-Qaqaa, I asked him what this story is really all about. Turns out several of his unit's men were with the 2nd Brigade that first arrived at Al-Qaqaa, secured it, spent the night, then moved out. The day they left, the...
  • DRUDGE: Russia tied to Iraq´s missing arms; Pentagon: Weaponry relocated before war

    10/27/2004 7:11:06 PM PDT · by The G Man · 1,038 replies · 30,682+ views
    Nothing further. Freaking Russians ...

    10/27/2004 7:58:47 PM PDT · by MichaelTN04 · 726 replies · 28,750+ views
    <p>Just saw on MSNBC Scarborough Country, Pat Buchanan said that the Wash Times is set to report that Russian Troops helped move the explosives and weapons to Syria before the invasion...</p>
  • Message from Lt. Col. Wellman from the 101st Airborne, Ft. Campbell, KY

    10/27/2004 6:23:35 PM PDT · by doug from upland · 27 replies · 1,675+ views
    Lt. Col. Wellman | 10-27-04 | Public Affairs, Ft. Campbell
    NOTE: I phoned this morning to the Public Affairs office at Ft. Campbell, KY, home of the 101st Airborne. The following was sent to me via email after my discussion with Lt. Col. Wellman in the afternoon. =============================================== US Department of Defense Talking Points – Oct. 27, 2004 – Al-Qaqaa Weapons Facility Following are talking points on the 2003 timeline regarding U.S. and Iraqi military activities in the vicinity of the former Al-Qaqaa military facility. According to the Duelfer report, as of mid-September 2004 Coalition forces have reviewed and cleared more than 10,000 caches of weapons. - This includes 240,000...
  • John Kerry's Explosive Attack May Backfire (Great stuff Here!)

    10/27/2004 10:14:37 AM PDT · by Anti-Bubba182 · 45 replies · 3,560+ views
    Washington Dispatch ^ | October 27, 2004 | CK Rairden
    [snip] Let’s let the nervous reporters at NBC off the hook.... As it happens, the 3rd Infantry Division arrived at al Qa Qaa a week earlier on Friday April 3rd, 2003. Published Reports from the Associated Press and CBS verify this news and leave no doubt that they took a long look around the sprawling facility. In fact according to the AP, Col. John Peabody made reporters aware that the 3rd ID had “found thousands of 2-by-5-inch boxes, each containing three vials of white powder, together with documents written in Arabic that dealt with how to engage in chemical warfare.”...
  • BREAKING: Satellite images reveal heavy truck activity at Al QaQaa prior to Iraq war

    10/27/2004 3:11:23 PM PDT · by Steven W. · 546 replies · 47,085+ views
    FNC | 10/27/04 | Bret Baer
    Brett Baer on FNC reports that the Pentagon is reviewing sattelite imagery which reveals considerable truck activity in the days leading up to the Iraq war. The DoD is considering releasing the photographs.
  • ABC News - IAEA Says only 3 tons of high explosives left at Al QaQuaa when last checked

    10/27/2004 4:18:45 PM PDT · by hadrian · 337 replies · 15,614+ views
    ABC World News Tonight | 10/27/2004 | Martha Radditz
    I looked to see if anyone else had posted this - I apologize if I missed it - about 8 minutes into ABC World News Tonight, Martha Radditz ended up her report on the missing explosives with words to this effect: Peter, late breaking information from IAEA is that when they last inspected the Al QAQaa facility in (January? March?) 2003, there were not 180 tons of high explosives, but only 3 tons. She did qualify that I think by stating a particular type of high explosive - either MX(?) or the other of the two types, but whatever it...
  • Bush addresses CBS / NYT / Kerry October (explosives) surprise in PA

    10/27/2004 8:38:20 AM PDT · by Steven W. · 236 replies · 8,980+ views
    10/27/04 | President Bush
    President Bush, on the stump in PA, took some time to address Senator Kerry's reckless handling of the NYT / CBS October Surprise about missing explosives. He noted Kerry is a politician who will say anything to get elected and that his own foreign policy advisor admitted he doesn't have the facts. For a politician to jump to conclusions without the facts, Bush noted, demonstrates Kerry is ill-suited to be Commander-in-Chief. He went on to note that the issue is being investigated and chastised Kerry for belittling our troops, likening it to his attacks against the military for operations in...
  • Urgent Warning on Iraqi Cache Issued in 1995

    10/27/2004 8:07:20 AM PDT · by foofoopowder · 37 replies · 1,676+ views
    New York Sun ^ | 10/27/2004 | Eli Lake
    October 27, 2004 Edition > Section: Foreign Printer-friendly version Email this article Urgent Warning on Iraqi Cache Issued in 1995 BY ELI LAKE - Staff Reporter of the Sun October 27, 2004 WASHINGTON - Nine years ago, U.N. weapons inspectors urgently called on the International Atomic Energy Agency to demolish powerful plastic explosives in a facility that Iraq's interim government said this month was looted due to poor security. The chief American weapons inspector, Charles Duelfer, told The New York Sun yesterday that in 1995, when he was a member of the U.N. inspections team in Iraq, he urged the...
  • WSJ Editorial on Missing Weapons "Munitions Overkill"

    10/26/2004 8:29:27 PM PDT · by icecold · 69 replies · 5,615+ views
    WSJ ^ | 10/27/04
    <p>Kudos to the Kerry-Edwards campaign for responding on a dime to the news that some 380 tons of high-grade explosives have gone missing from the Qaqaa munitions depot near Baghdad.</p>

    10/26/2004 2:55:03 PM PDT · by tomahawk · 127 replies · 7,746+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 10/26/04 | Jim Geraghty
    YET ANOTHER SERVICEMAN REFUTES THE TIMES ACCOUNT [10/26 05:23 PM] From yet another Kerry Spot reader with a ".mil" e-mail address: You are correct in your bottom line conclusion. Here is a second follow up. I was serving as a [identifying information removed by the Kerry Spot] staff member during the time in question. The Commander on the site had complete real time intelligence on what to expect and possibly find at the Al-QaQaa depot. The ordinance in question was not found when teams were sent in to inspect and secure the area. When this information was relayed, Operational plans...
  • Kerry Ad Promoting LIES about Missing Explosives Is LIVE

    10/26/2004 1:52:15 PM PDT · by ezfindit · 68 replies · 4,033+ views
    The Kerry camp is misrepresenting the truth about the missing explosives in Iraq and has released a new video full of more LIES and HYPOCRISY: REALITY CHECK 10/26/2004 evening: Tonight, NBCNEWS reported: The 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives were already missing back in April 10, 2003 -- when U.S. troops arrived at the installation south of Baghdad! An NBCNEWS crew embedded with troops moved in to secure the Al-Qaqaa weapons facility on April 10, 2003, one day after the liberation of Iraq. According to NBCNEWS, the HMX and RDX explosives were already missing when the American troops arrived....
  • NYTrogate [Watch The Video Of Embedded NBC Reporter April 10, 2003] THEY ARE SO BUSTED!!

    10/26/2004 3:40:20 PM PDT · by conservativecorner · 39 replies · 2,983+ views
    Daily Recycler ^ | Oct. 26, 2004 | Recycler
    The right-wing media is out to screw the Kerry campaign! First CBS News tricked Kerry and the Democrats into running "Bush was AWOL" ads by broadcasting what they knew to be forged memos. Now Kerry has been duped into co-opting a phony issue into his stump speeches by the New York Times! We understand that it's an important election -- but it just isn't fair for the New York Times and CBS News to sabotage the Kerry/Edwards ticket in the last week of the campaign! sarcasm!! "NYTrogate" (read nitro-gate) was the brilliant name bestowed on this story by Polipundit readers....
  • Why GIs Didn't Hunt Explosives

    10/27/2004 4:04:25 AM PDT · by Happy2BMe · 40 replies · 2,262+ views
    The first U.S. military units to reach the Al-Qaqaa military installation south of Baghdad after the invasion of Iraq did not have orders to search for some 350 tons of explosives that are now said to be missing from the site. "We were still in a fight," said the commander of the U.S. military unit that was first to arrive in the area, in an interview with CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin, confirming that they did not search the bunkers at the site for explosives, and did not secure the site against looters. "Our focus was killing bad...
  • Saddam Had 'Highly Dangerous, Easily Moved' Explosives, Dem Says

    10/27/2004 6:18:48 AM PDT · by kattracks · 53 replies · 2,209+ views ^ | 10/27/04 | Susan Jones
    ( - Sen. Joseph Biden (D-Del.), a ranking minority member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and an ally of the Kerry campaign, says the 350 metric tons of explosives belonging to Saddam Hussein's government were "highly dangerous and easily moved." In an interview with NBC's Today show Wednesday morning, Sen. Biden said, "Everybody acknowledges there's over 350 metric tons of this stuff somewhere. The debate we're having [over the missing explosives] now is on the edges -- whether or not it was there when we were there; whether it was gone just before, just after, or recently. "The...
  • NYTrogate, Tora Bora, Put Kerry Back In His Element: Slamming the Military

    10/26/2004 10:29:35 PM PDT · by crushelits · 11 replies · 412+ views ^ | October 27, 2004 |
    NYTrogate, Tora Bora, Put Kerry Back In His Element: Slamming the Military There's an old saying that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Well, there's a reason that sayings become "old sayings". Mainly because they've basically been proven correct over time. After listening to John Kerry for the last few days, never has the "old dog" adage been more fitting. What we're talking about specifically here is John Kerry's slander and criticism of our armed forces. As everyone knows by now, upon his return from Vietnam (John Kerry served in Vietnam, did you know that?) Kerry aided and...
  • CBS Reported Suspicious Powder At Al Qaqaa In April 2003 (CBS Blows It Again)

    10/26/2004 9:12:27 PM PDT · by conservativepoet · 88 replies · 5,889+ views
    CBS Reported Suspicious Powder At Al Qaqaa In April 2003 (CBS Blows It Again) Alert CQ reader Samuel Silver sent me this article from the archives of CBS News -- the same organization that helped prepped NYTrogate with the New York Times -- which shows that the Third Infantry Division had reached Al Qaqaa and discovered thousands of vials of a mysterious powdered explosive by April 3, 2003 (coincidentally, my birthday): U.S. troops found thousands of boxes of white powder, nerve agent antidote and Arabic documents on how to engage in chemical warfare at an industrial site south of Baghdad....
  • NBC Nightly News backtracks on Al Qaqaa story, accuses Bush camp of misrepresenting their report

    10/26/2004 3:42:13 PM PDT · by Dont Mention the War · 170 replies · 6,429+ views
    NBC Nightly News | October 26, 2004
    Well, the MSM is out to get Bush again. NBC Night News led with a long report about Al Qaqaa, essentially backtracking on last night's story and turning into a "we don't know what happened" story that was somewhat slanted to imply that the missing weapons were the U.S.'s fault no matter what.Then Tom Brokaw personally went out of his way to note that "what the Bush campaign is claiming is not what we said last night."Then another report by major league liberal David Gregory, saying the White House is itself backtracking and that Bush is refusing to answer questions...
  • Former NBC reporter backs 101st Airborne!!! (was at Al-Qaqaa in April '03!!!)

    10/26/2004 4:15:26 PM PDT · by The G Man · 57 replies · 2,781+ views
    Brit Hume
    Former NBC news reporter, Dana Lewis (now of Fox News), was interviewed tonight by Brit Hume. Lewis was with the 101st when they rolled into Al-Qaqaa in April 2003 and confirms the reports we've been hearing. Says there was no sign anywhere of UN markings,wire,locks, etc on any facilities anywhere, indicating that all the materials the UN inspectors had inventoried and tagged had been removed. There were some locked buildings but best he could tell, any munitions that he saw were damaged. Described bent rockets, etc. Says there was NO WAY a convoy of trucks could have gotten in there...
  • US Finds 'Suspect Vials'(BBC April 2003)

    10/26/2004 11:45:25 AM PDT · by Irelamb · 23 replies · 1,477+ views
    "The US military says one sample was labelled "tabun" US troops say they have found thousands of boxes of unidentified white powder and some nerve agent antidote at an industrial site south-west of Baghdad. They also said they discovered documents in Arabic, which apparently explain how to carry out chemical warfare. A special team has been sent to investigate the discovery at Latifiya - part of a large military complex frequently visited frequently by UN weapons inspectors before the war began. US troops have also reportedly found a second site nearby containing vials of unidentified liquid and white powder. The...
  • UN INspectors Found Nothing At Al-Qaqaa ON March 8, 2003

    10/26/2004 12:31:01 PM PDT · by Prince Charles · 170 replies · 7,624+ views
    Copyright 2003 Valley Daily Bulletin   Inland Valley Daily Bulletin (Ontario, CA) April 4, 2003 Friday LENGTH: 813 words [SNIP] Troops encounter unknown chemical items As the military advances closer to Baghdad, signs of Iraqichemical preparedness are multiplying, although there is still no conclusive evidence Saddam Hussein's regime possesses weapons of mass destruction. On Friday, troops at a training facility in the westernIraqi desert came across a bottle labeled "tabun" a nerve gas and chemical weapon Iraq is banned from possessing. Closer to Baghdad, troops at Iraq's largest militaryindustrial complex found nerve agent antidotes, documents describing chemical warfare and a...
  • Hanoi Kerry attacks 101st Airborne in "Ammogate" smear ad.

    10/26/2004 12:15:27 PM PDT · by 68-69TonkinGulfYachtClub · 59 replies · 2,638+ views
    Enough is Enough!Now Hanoi Kerry attacks the 101st Airborne by accusing them of losing "Ammogate" weapons. Sound familiar? "It is a fact that in the entire Vietnam War we did not lose one major battle. We lost the war at home and at home John Kerry was the field general"- Bob Elder, Swift Boat Veteran For Truth
  • Contact The FCC Now: PLEASE Send Email Alerting the to False Claims in New Kerry Ad (explosives)

    10/26/2004 11:11:02 AM PDT · by jmstein7 · 60 replies · 1,401+ views
    The Kerry-Edwards campaign is planning a new ad based on the false information put forth in the now-discredited NYT story on "missing weapons".This ad is misleading and based on fraudulent information, in violation of the Federal Communications Act.  Unlike "Stolen Honor," this ad is actually based on false and misleading information, and is not protected by the First Amendment.Please send the following email, or a similar one, to the following email; Michael.Powell@fcc.govOr CLICK HERE to generate an email template automatically.Cut-n-Paste the following (or your own) into the email: Subject:  False, Misleading Kerry/Edwards AdDear Chairman Powell,The Kerry/Edwards campaign intends to...
  • NEW YORK TIMES PHONY WEAPONS STORY -- you might want to call them at (212) 556-1234

    10/26/2004 6:28:45 AM PDT · by doug from upland · 110 replies · 3,590+ views
    10-26-04 | dfu
    The NY TIMES has attempted to pull an October surprise with an apparent fabricated story that was even shopped to 60 MINUTES. A huge cache of very serious weapons, about 380 tons of HMX and RDX, were supposedly lost because U.S. troops did not guard them. It is, of course, more evidence that George Bush is an incompetent commander in chief and must go. Unfortunately for the Old Gray Lady, now seemingly to be closer to yellow for its yellow journalism, Jim Miklaszewski of NBC reported the truth in April of 2003 --- the weapons were gone before U.S. troops...
  • Partisan Press Wants YOU Depressed

    10/26/2004 10:36:51 AM PDT · by jmstein7 · 30 replies · 1,119+ views
    EIB ^ | Rush Limbaugh
    Partisan Press Wants YOU Depressed October 25, 2004 Listen to Rush… (...remind us not to focus on the dominant media spin aimed at bumming you out) BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: Here's Doug in Peoria. Nice to have you. Welcome to the EIB Network, sir. CALLER: Hi, Rush. Pleasure to speak with you today. How are you? RUSH: Good. Thank you, sir. Hey, I had a quick comment and a question. I just wanted you to know that all three of my kids were first exposed to you on the way home from the hospital. Went and brought 'em home, put...
  • When Did Missing Explosives Disappear?

    10/26/2004 10:45:02 AM PDT · by MisterRepublican · 9 replies · 895+ views ^ | October 26, 2004 | Kelly Wright and The Associated Press
    WASHINGTON — The mystery over tons of missing explosives in Iraq turned Tuesday from a question of what happened to them to when did they disappear? The United Nations' nuclear department, the International Atomic Energy Agency (search), warned Monday that insurgents may have stolen the 380 tons of conventional explosives — the kind used in the car bombing attacks that have killed many soldiers and bystanders in Iraq.
  • What did 3ID EN BDE find? (More Al Qaqaa digging---RedState needs your help)

    10/26/2004 10:34:27 AM PDT · by mcg1969 · 29 replies · 1,626+ views
    RedState ^ | October 26, 2004 | Trevino & RedState
    The NYT story on Americans "losing" the RDX and HMX explosives at al Qa Qaa referred to here and here is neither over nor debunked. In the past twelve hours, the 10 April 2003 report of NBC's Jim Miklaszewski, who was embedded with the 101st Airborne as it arrived as al Qa Qaa, has been touted (see here, here and here) as proving that the explosives in question were gone when the Americans arrived. Well. They were gone when the 101st arrived, sure. But the Third Infantry Division beat them to the site by one week. The Milkaszewski story therefore...
  • Kerry Blasts Bush on Missing Ammo [Still kickin' that dead horse]

    10/26/2004 10:21:20 AM PDT · by Quilla · 33 replies · 1,212+ views
    Fox News ^ | October 26, 2004 | Wendell Goler, Liza Porteus
    GREEN BAY, Wis. — John Kerry accused President Bush (search) on Tuesday of trying to cover up bad decisions and alluded to the possibility that there's still bad news yet to be uncovered. "Mr. President, what else are you being silent about? What else are you keeping from the American people?" Kerry said during a speech in Green Bay, referring to the estimated 380 tons of highly explosive material that have gone missing from an arms depot in Iraq. Although Kerry and the Democrats are blaming the Bush administration for losing the ammo, calling it "one of the great blunders"...

    10/26/2004 10:39:21 AM PDT · by areafiftyone · 23 replies · 1,041+ views
    MSNBC ^ | 10/26/04
    WASHINGTON - The whereabouts of nearly 380 tons of high-powered explosives that vanished in Iraq remained a mystery Tuesday, even as the timing of their disappearance was becoming an issue in the final days of the U.S. presidential election. In reporting the theft on Monday, the International Atomic Energy Agency said that the explosives had been looted from the sprawling Al-Qaqaa military base, about 30 miles south of Baghdad, since January 2003 due to a “lack of security” at the former Iraqi military facility. An NBC News crew that accompanied U.S. soldiers who seized the Al-Qaqaa base three weeks into...
  • New York Times’ Public Editor Edits Out The Public

    10/26/2004 9:25:44 AM PDT · by The Shrew · 41 replies · 3,866+ views
    Email from the Author ^ | October 26, 2004 | Bruce Kesler
    NOTE: Please feel free to publish this or pass on. New York Times’ Public Editor Edits Out The Public By Bruce Kesler The New York Times’ exalted view of itself extends to naming Daniel Okrent its Public Editor. Other newspapers have Ombudsmen (or women) or Readers’ Representatives. There’s real meaning in that different nomenclature. Daniel Okrent does not represent the concerns or corrections of the New York Times’ readers to the Times’ management and reporters, to improve the Times’ reporting. Although Mr. Okrent labels himself the readers’ representative, his record shows, instead, he represents his own views, and in effect...
  • Report: Explosives could not be found when U.S. troops arrived [CNN catches up]

    10/26/2004 9:45:20 AM PDT · by Mike Fieschko · 89 replies · 2,903+ views
    CNN ^ | Oct 26, 2004 | Suzanne Malveaux and Elise Labott contributed
    (CNN) -- The mystery surrounding the disappearance of 380 tons of powerful explosives from a storage depot in Iraq has taken a new twist, after a television news crew embedded with the U.S. military during the invasion of Iraq reported that the material could not be found when American troops arrived. NBC News reported that on April 10, 2003, its crew was embedded with the U.S. Army's 101st Airborne Division when troops arrived at the Al Qaqaa storage facility south of Baghdad. While the troops found large stockpiles of conventional explosives, they did not find HMX or RDX, the types...
  • NBC Video of al "Ka Ka" weapons found

    10/26/2004 9:32:08 AM PDT · by LesbianThespianGymnasticMidget · 80 replies · 8,955+ views
    From the daily recycler. Click Here
  • Bomb-Gate(Ammogate) NY Times Iraqi arms story based on a false letter! (HERE WE GO AGAIN!)

    10/26/2004 7:15:43 AM PDT · by The G Man · 223 replies · 12,353+ views
    National Review ^ | Cliff May
    This is a post by NR writer Cliff May on their "Corner" blog at NRO:~~~~~~~~~~BOMB-GATE [Cliff May] Sent to me by a source in the government: “The Iraqi explosives story is a fraud. These weapons were not there when US troops went to this site in 2003. The IAEA and its head, the anti-American Mohammed El Baradei, leaked a false letter on this issue to the media to embarrass the Bush administration. The US is trying to deny El Baradei a second term and we have been on his case for missing the Libyan nuclear weapons program and for weakness...
  • CNN starting to retract on Al Aqaa story right now

    10/26/2004 9:08:15 AM PDT · by God luvs America · 183 replies · 7,923+ views
    Live from WH Babara Starr reporting....stating the weapons were there in March '03 but gone when the troops arrived on 4/10/2003. Also- the IAEA can't get their story straight and there are several different reports as to when the stuff was found to be missing... Here's the kicker..she reported many doubt "insurgents" could loot 40-tons of explosives as opposed to a coordinated movement of this material (incinsuation...Sadaam moved them into Syria as our troops moved into Bahgdad?)

    10/26/2004 8:19:31 AM PDT · by Quilla · 325 replies · 14,575+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | October 26, 2004 | Matt Drudge
    <p>News of missing explosives in Iraq -- first reported in April 2003 -- was being resurrected for a 60 MINUTES election eve broadcast designed to knock the Bush administration into a crises mode...</p>
  • Pentagon says its unclear if explosives disappeared after Iraq site fell under US control

    10/25/2004 12:29:32 PM PDT · by areafiftyone · 9 replies · 797+ views
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - A Pentagon (news - web sites) spokesman said it was unclear whether 380 tons of high explosives reported missing from a weapons facility in Iraq (news - web sites) disappeared before or after it fell under control of US forces. The Iraqi government this month reported the disappearance of 380 tons of HMX and RDX explosives to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), which had monitored the explosives before the war because they could be used as a trigger for nuclear devices. "This is a first report. We do not know when -- if those weapons did...
  • 380 Tons Of Explosives Missing -- But When? (check out pics and explanation from a Marine)

    10/25/2004 12:32:58 PM PDT · by hipaatwo · 47 replies · 3,019+ views
    The New York Times has created a storm of controversy with its lengthy and detailed reporting of 380 tons of high explosives that disappeared from the Al-Qaqaa munitions bunker in Iraq (also CNN): The Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives - used to demolish buildings, make missile warheads and detonate nuclear weapons - are missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations. The huge facility, called Al Qaqaa, was supposed to be under American military control but is now a no man's land, still...

    10/25/2004 6:26:01 PM PDT · by Timeout · 913 replies · 36,272+ views
    The Kerry Spot, NRO ^ | 10/25/04 | Jim miclacevski
    KERRY SPOTJim Miklaszewski of NBC News pretty much dismantled the New York Times attack on behalf of Kerry today. NBC News: Miklaszewski: “April 10, 2003, only three weeks into the war, NBC News was embedded with troops from the Army's 101st Airborne as they temporarily take over the Al Qakaa weapons installation south of Baghdad. But these troops never found the nearly 380 tons of some of the most powerful conventional explosives, called HMX and RDX, which is now missing. The U.S. troops did find large stockpiles of more conventional weapons, but no HMX or RDX, so powerful less than...
  • NBCNEWS: Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq -- At Least 18 Months Ago (SIREN)

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    Drudge Report ^ | 10-25-2004 | Drudge
    NBCNEWS: Huge Cache of Explosives Vanished From Site in Iraq -- At Least 18 Months Ago (SIREN ALERT)

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    Drudge Report ^ | 10/25/04 | Drudge
    XXXXX DRUDGE REPORT XXXXX MON OCT 25 2004 22:45:05 ET XXXXX NBCNEWS: HUGE CACHE OF EXPLOSIVES VANISHED FROM SITE IN IRAQ -- AT LEAST 18 MONTHS AGO -- BEFORE TROOPS ARRIVED The NYTIMES urgently reported on Monday how the Iraqi interim government has warned the United States and international nuclear inspectors that nearly 380 tons of powerful conventional explosives are now missing from one of Iraq's most sensitive former military installations. Jumping on the TIMES exclusive, Dem presidential candidate John Kerry blasted the Bush administration for its failure to "guard those stockpiles." "This is one of the great blunders of...