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  • POTUS Obama Puts Hillary Clinton In The Corner!!! "Vanity"

    06/10/2016 5:17:23 AM PDT · by JLAGRAYFOX · 11 replies
    Three Democrats compete to be POTUS spokeperson for Hillay Clinton!!! Wow....this should be a real three circus!!! Of course POTUS, Obama, with his uncontrolled ego and self love will steal the limelight fromMs. Clinton, and, she will in time become a full time "backbencher", following the Obam lead at every turn. so...folks, who is the real 2016 POTUS candidate, Barack Hussein Obama or, Hillary Clinton. Add Eliazbeth warren to this mix of egomaniacs....the fine makings of a "Three-Ring-Circus" surface, almost immediately!!! Should be tons of fun, folly & laughter!!! Bottom line...Obama wants the stage....all to himself. LMAO!!! Go Donald J....
  • Illegal immigrant freed pending drug trial flees (I told you so!)

    02/05/2016 1:22:50 PM PST · by DCdude · 3 replies
    JSOnline ^ | 2/5/2016 | John Diedrich
  • BREAKING: Defense Secretary Slips Up, Reveals Obama Admin LED IRAN Straight to Our Sailors

    01/14/2016 11:21:42 AM PST · by blueyon · 180 replies
    Conservative Tribune ^ | 1/14/16 | By: Wilmot Proviso
    BREAKING: Defense Secretary Slips Up, Reveals Obama Admin LED IRAN Straight to Our Sailors First came the fact that President Barack Obama refused to address the arrest of 10 of our sailors by the Iranian military after their boats had mechanical trouble at sea. Then came news that the Obama administration had offered the Iranians an apology for the release of the sailors. Now comes the disturbing revelation, apparently delivered by Defense Secretary Ashton Carter, that the Obama administration tipped off the Iranians that our soldiers were lost at sea and requested their aid. The news came from Rep. Louie...
  • Republican Party Cowards

    11/22/2014 12:31:45 PM PST · by Sean_Anthony · 42 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 11/22/14 | Jeff Crouere
    Within three months, the dangerous components of the President's immigration plan will become operational. The clock is ticking on a response. Will Republican leaders finally show some courage? As time goes on, President Obama is becoming much more provocative with the GOP. For example, he met with congressional Democrats, but no Republicans, then announced his long awaited plan for executive amnesty, giving 5 million illegal immigrants a pathway to work permits and relief from possible deportation for 3 years. After getting shellacked in the mid-terms, Obama has not compromised with Republicans, he moved further to the political left. It was...
  • Was President Obama watching TV right after the Benghazi attacks?

    09/11/2013 12:53:45 PM PDT · by Nachum · 26 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 9/11/2013 | Tevi Troy
    Obama’s love of TV is in keeping with childhood. By his own admission, Obama watched an enormous amount of television while growing up with his TV-loving grandfather in Hawaii. According to Obama’s memoir, he watched TV – cartoons, reruns, then sitcoms – pretty much from the moment he came home until the moment he went to bed at night. His grandfather was a big fan of Johnny Carson, and even after Obama went off to Occidental College, he continued in his grandfather’s footsteps. He would often get together with friends to watch Johnny Carson’s opening monologue on The Tonight Show....
  • Obama Pushes Syria Intervention with Same Argument He Ignores on Iran

    09/01/2013 8:20:02 PM PDT · by Nachum · 8 replies
    breitbart ^ | 9/1/13 | Anne Bayefsky
    President Obama has turned to Congress to save him from staggering political isolation on the global stage. It is an isolation that is the inverse of the promise of a passionate and reciprocal multilateral embrace that carried him into office. Asking Republicans to rescue him from a foreign policy catastrophe entirely of his own making is not a neat political trick. It dramatically cheapens the office of commander-in-chief. Contrary to the President’s devious portrayal, therefore, the coming vote is so much more than a response to “this attack” or “the massacre” in Syria. The President had the audacity to ask...
  • Breaking - Report: DOJ Leaked Docs to Smear Fast & Furious Whistleblower, Says IG

    05/20/2013 10:18:23 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 94 replies ^ | 5-20-2013 | Matthew Boyle
    The Department of Justice (DOJ) Inspector General published a new report Monday that confirms former U.S. Attorney for Arizona Dennis Burke leaked a document intended to smear Operation Fast and Furious scandal whistleblower John Dodson. The DOJ IG said it found “Burke’s conduct in disclosing the Dodson memorandum to be inappropriate for a Department employee and wholly unbefitting a U.S. Attorney.” “We are referring to OPR our finding that Burke violated Department policy in disclosing the Dodson memorandum to a member of the media for a determination of whether Burke’s conduct violated the Rules of Professional Conduct for the state...
  • Vote Obama. No America.

    10/06/2012 11:18:12 AM PDT · by annajones · 1 replies
    opnion | 10/06/2012 | annajones
    redistribution is not to americans. no jobs = no entitlements. for each class of jobs cut the domino effect will kill the jobs of every class: poor, middle, union. our futre? look at europe.
  • Arpaio: Obama birth record 'definitely fraudulent'

    07/17/2012 7:06:21 PM PDT · by mandaladon · 166 replies
    Yahoo News ^ | 17 Jul 2012
    PHOENIX (AP) — Investigators for an Arizona sheriff's volunteer posse have declared that President Barack Obama's birth certificate is definitely fraudulent. Members of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio's posse said in March that there was probable cause that Obama's long-form birth certificate released by the White House in April 2011 was a computer-generated forgery. Now, Arpaio says investigators are positive it's fraudulent. Mike Zullo, the posse's chief investigator, said numeric codes on certain parts of the birth certificate indicate that those parts weren't filled out, yet those sections asking for the race of Obama's father and his field of work...
  • Obama: "I will not rest!"

    06/01/2012 8:57:39 AM PDT · by GlockThe Vote · 12 replies
    youtube ^ | June 1, 2012 | BO
  • Vanguard experts warn of economic dangers of US ‘fiscal cliff’

    05/18/2012 6:11:39 PM PDT · by SteelToe · 24 replies
    The Royal Gazette ^ | May 18, 2012 | Jonathan Kent
    Global economic recovery will be slow and bumpy over the coming years, a senior economist from Vanguard told financial services professionals in Hamilton yesterday. Speaking at the Vanguard 2012 Bermuda Investment Forum at the Fairmont Hamilton Princess, Roger Aligia-Diaz highlighted several headwinds facing the economy including the European sovereign debt crisis, high oil prices, a slowdown in China and the “fiscal cliff” facing the US at the end of this year. Although Mr Aligia-Diaz warned his audience that his message might appear depressing, the presentation was cautiously optimistic, indicating that growth was happening and was likely to continue. Vanguard, which...
  • Michael Mukasey: Obama and the bin Laden Bragging Rights

    05/07/2012 9:21:15 AM PDT · by nuconvert · 4 replies
    WSJ ^ | April 30, 2012 | MICHAEL B. MUKASEY
    The first anniversary of the SEAL Team 6 operation that killed Osama bin Laden brings the news that President Obama plans during the coming campaign to exploit the bragging rights to the achievement. That plan invites scrutiny that is unlikely to benefit him. Consider the events surrounding the operation. A recently disclosed memorandum from then-CIA Director Leon Panetta shows that the president's celebrated derring-do in authorizing the operation included a responsibility-escape clause: "The timing, operational decision making and control are in Admiral McRaven's hands. The approval is provided on the risk profile presented to the President. Any additional risks are...
  • Obama Pulls Combat Pay for U.S. Troops

    02/06/2012 6:03:41 AM PST · by SWAMPSNIPER · 26 replies
    SHARKTANK ^ | Feb 06, 2012 | swampsniper
    President Obama’s latest policy outrage makes no attempt to hide his contempt for our military, as he is ordering that our troops serving overseas in war zones overseas are not to receive combat pay unless they are being shot at, or at risk of being injured by hostile aggression. A Marine who lives in Florida(also currently serving in Afghanistan) has just posted a note on Facebook which stated that he received a letter from his MyPay account that he would only be receiving his Hazard pay (Imminent Danger Pay) if he is actually in a hostile area and at risk...
  • President Obama at war with himself over Wall Street

    10/23/2011 10:52:18 AM PDT · by mandaladon · 10 replies
    Politico ^ | 21 Oct 2011 | CARRIE BUDOFF BROWN
    First, the White House signaled it would make anger toward Wall Street central to President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. But then, Obama warned against demonizing all of Wall Street — only a few days before he sympathized with the Occupy Wall Street protesters who do exactly that. And that’s just what the president and his team have said since Saturday. The White House’s Wall Street whiplash stretches to the earliest days of the administration, with Obama conciliatory one minute and confrontational the next. His zigzags between embracing the business community and vilifying it have shadowed his presidency, exposing him to...
  • Caption this

    09/30/2011 1:37:05 PM PDT · by crosshairs · 34 replies
  • Why Obama Will Win in 2012 (MSM to the boy Socialists rescue)

    07/24/2011 2:15:53 PM PDT · by GR_Jr. · 24 replies
    The American Prospect ^ | 7-24-11 | Jamelle Bouie
    It might be “the economy, stupid,” but radicalism on the right will doom Republicans’ chances at the presidency. It’s not hard to find signs that President Barack Obama is destined for a single term. Unemployment continues to hover at 9 percent, and a June poll from American Research Group says 39 percent of Americans disapprove of how he has handled the economy, which 71 percent of registered voters say will be “extremely or very important.” When asked whom they’d vote for in the 2012 presidential election, 47 percent said the “Republican Party’s candidate for president,” as opposed to the 39...
  • 'Obama blinked. Now game begins'

    04/27/2011 11:59:16 AM PDT · by RobinMasters · 66 replies
    WND ^ | April 26, 2011 | WND
    Author suggests disputed presidency won't survive publication of book's informationAfter this morning's surprise release by the White House of what it claims is Barack Obama's long-form birth certificate, an author challenging Obama's legal eligibility to be president – whose upcoming book has become a No. 1 bestseller a month before its release – summarizes his response to the day's events in two words: "Obama blinked." Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., whose two previous No. 1 New York Times bestsellers – "Unfit for Command" and "The Obama Nation" both have dramatically affected the presidency – is the author of the forthcoming WND Books...
  • U.S. Oil Output Down to a Trickle? (Gulf's contribution is dwindling)

    01/20/2011 7:39:16 AM PST · by Libloather · 38 replies
    Kiplinger ^ | 1/12/11 | Jim Patterson
    U.S. Oil Output Down to a Trickle?With permits to drill slowed down or in limbo, the Gulf's contribution is dwindling. By Jim Patterson, Associate Editor, The Kiplinger Letter January 12, 2011 Domestic oil production faces a long-term decline in the wake of curtailed offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, stemming from the BP oil spill last year. In four to five years, a loss of several hundred thousand barrels a day from the Gulf is likely, enough to significantly boost U.S. reliance on imported oil. It's no surprise, really. New deepwater drilling has largely come to a standstill in...
  • Socialists stand in line to see Obama in Charlottesville, VA

    10/30/2010 12:03:20 PM PDT · by Gopher Broke · 7 replies I am very disappointed to see fellow Virginians(granted in liberal Charlottesville)support Obamunism. Of course, many of these people were probably bussed in from the large East Coast cities, as Obama has had issues drawing crowds lately......
  • Obama isn't being smart on Arizona

    08/31/2010 8:29:13 AM PDT · by epithermal · 8 replies
    SFGate ^ | August 31, 2010 | Debra J. Saunders
    The report rejects any suggestion that reporting on America's shortcomings in the human rights category equates this country's records with those of repressive regimes. So you see the conceit that only the left has the courage to take a hard look into America's soul. Except the report only takes on perceived shortcomings on the right, while trumpeting the left's agenda on labor, health care and even the Obama economic stimulus package. More Krikorian on the Obama administration: "They feel morally self-righteous, and really, they don't like Americans much." You see it in the State Department report, which starts out with...
  • Obama Has No Policy on 'Housing' For Detainees Convicted by Military Tribunals

    08/13/2010 8:04:59 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 4 replies
    Publius Forum ^ | 08/13/10 | Warner Todd Huston
    After the heming and hawing by the Obama administration over whether we should bring terror suspects to trial before military commissions, Obama's DOJ and DOD finally decided that they could. But once again we see the half-way actions of the Obama administration shining through by the fact that, even as Obama seems to agree with the Bush administration policy of military tribunals for terrorists, the president hasn't made a single plan on what to do with any of those terrorists after they are convicted. As the Washington Post euphemistically puts it, "the Defense Department has no written policy on how...
  • Where would you move to if Obama wins second term?

    07/20/2010 4:57:36 PM PDT · by MrPiper · 111 replies · 2+ views
    Me | 07.20.2010 | me
    If the communist in charge wind up on top this next election cycle,,
  • Theater of the absurd.

    06/27/2010 3:34:42 PM PDT · by izzatzo · 8 replies
    Politico ^ | 06/27/10 | Mike Allen & Glenn Thrush
    On Wednesday, the same day President Barack Obama ousted his humiliated Afghanistan commander, White House press secretary Robert Gibbs walked into the Oval Office with more grim news: The cap on the gushing oil in the Gulf had been dislodged. “What?” Obama replied incredulously. “Well, why did it do that?” A remotely operated vehicle had knocked the cap right off, he was told, leaving oil rushing out as furiously as ever. “Let me get this straight Read more:
  • "Rape Trees" Found in The Sanoran Desert of Arizona (Video Report)

    05/19/2010 11:22:04 PM PDT · by Tom Hawks · 8 replies · 1,724+ views
    ChicoER ^ | 5/19/10 | Chuck Wolk
    To set up the video at the end of this article, I need to take you back to February 23, 2009  when Arizona State Senator Jonathan Paton (R-Tusgon) invited law enforcement officials to the Capital for a hearing.  Paton asked the officers to describe how bad the border violence has become in Arizona.  What the Senate Judiciary Committee learned was that Pima and Cochise counties were seeing an alarming increase of more and more "Rape Trees".  These are memorials, if you will, that are left behind by Mexican drug cartel members, and illegal male immigrants who have raped illegal...
  • US Refuses Visas to all Israeli Nuclear Scientists

    04/08/2010 7:39:29 AM PDT · by the Real fifi · 396 replies · 11,749+ views
    American Thinker ^ | Clarice Feldman
    In a new and ridiculous policy, the US is denying Israeli scientists who work at the Dimona reactor site an opportunity to refresh their knowedge, Joshua Pundit reports: Ma'ariv reported today that the Israeli government was stunned when every nuclear technician at Israel's Dimona reactor who had submitted visa requests to visit the United States for ongoing university education in Physics, Chemistry and Nuclear Engineering had their visa applications summarily rejected, specifically because of their association with the Dimona reactor.
  • Health care reform in Washington meets the Chicago Way (Welcome to Thug-ocracy USA_)

    03/17/2010 7:00:59 AM PDT · by milwguy · 4 replies · 392+ views
    chi tribune ^ | 3/17/2010 | john kass
    Not even three or four pipes full of Hopium could have convinced me that the Congress of the United States would ever start looking like the Chicago City Council. But now, with the Chicago Way White House twisting arms for its federal health care legislation, Democrats in Congress and Chicago aldermen are beginning to share a remarkable resemblance. They're starting to look like fall guys. "The Congress? They're acting like aldermen. Like fall guys. And we know all about fall guys in the city of Chicago," said Jim Laski, a former Chicago alderman and former federal inmate who is now...
  • The End Of The Beginning

    01/27/2010 6:29:40 AM PST · by Free America52 · 187+ views
    Conservative American News ^ | 01/27/2009 | Conservative American News
    Winston Churchill had a famous saying, “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.” I can’t help but think that this quote sums up the state of the far left liberal segment of American politics. Whereas just as recently as one-two years ago, the Dems were boasting of a forty-year rule. I think it’s now safe to discard that comment from James Carville as a boastful and wishful comment.
  • Obama on Pelosi: She's tough

    01/14/2010 4:41:46 PM PST · by Baladas · 21 replies · 805+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | January 14 2010 | Carolyn Lochhead
    Having just caved to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and unions on the Cadillac tax, President Obama loaded on the praise. At a pep rally for Democrats in the Capitol, Obama said, "I hope you don't mind me singling out one of the best partners any President could ever have, and that is your unbelievable Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi." Obama promised Democrats facing a potentially suicidal vote that, "The American people will suddenly learn that this bill does things they like and doesn't do things that people have been trying to say it does. Their worst fears will prove...
  • 40% Say Obama Has Too Many Press Conferences (Obama now HIDING from press since 7/22/09)

    11/08/2009 7:45:05 AM PST · by milwguy · 4 replies · 610+ views
    rasmussen ^ | 7/24/09 | rasmussen
    The president on Wednesday night held his fifth press conference since taking office in January, the fourth in prime time, but he didn’t get a bounce from it as is generally the case. The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll today finds his overall approval rating falling below 50% for the first time.
  • The Myth of ‘08, Demolished

    11/06/2009 5:16:11 AM PST · by Arc51 · 6 replies · 815+ views
    REALCLEARPOLITICS ^ | 110509 | Charles Krauthammer
    A uniquely charismatic candidate was running at a time of deep war weariness, with an intensely unpopular Republican president, against a politically incompetent opponent, amid the greatest financial collapse since the Great Depression. And still he won by only seven points
  • SNL Obama Do Nothing Skit: Still True

    11/02/2009 2:19:34 PM PST · by Arc51 · 1 replies · 287+ views
    SHAWSBLOG ^ | 110209 | SNL
    The Obama Do Nothing skit Video continues to be true of the Obama presidency. SHAW
  • What in he World is Wrong With FNS???

    09/26/2009 6:31:16 PM PDT · by pgkdan · 43 replies · 1,655+ views
    09-26-09 | Me
    What in the hell is up with FNS? I was watching Beck and enjoying it very much when they broke in to show obama speak to the Congressional Black caucus!!! I want to hear Beck I couldn't care less what that commie says to that collection of morons, lunatics abd communists! Does anyone have a phone number I can call to complain?
  • Vanity: Caption This Image of Enthusiastic Obama Youth

    09/09/2009 11:24:58 AM PDT · by buccaneer81 · 32 replies · 3,510+ views
    The Columbus Dispatch ^ | September 09, 2009 | NA
    Second-graders at French Run Elementary in Reynoldsburg (Ohio) eat lunch as President Obama's speech is projected onto a large screen (not visible in this photo) from a live C-SPAN feed.
  • AFGHANISTAN UPDATE - Winning Through Kindness (NOT!)

    08/24/2009 11:14:17 AM PDT · by OneVike · 19 replies · 646+ views
    Post Scripts ^ | 8/24/09 | John Sergeant
  • Obama's Stimulus a Farce in New Hampshire

    08/24/2009 9:28:13 AM PDT · by Mobile Vulgus · 13 replies · 758+ views
    Publius Forum ^ | 08/24/09 | Warner Todd Huston
    One of the first states to attempt to tally the "new jobs" that Obama's stimulus created has issued its first report and the news is rather discreditable to say the least. New Hampshire's Director of the Economic Stimulus, Bud Fitch, recently put out his report and he is asserting that the stimulus "saved" or created 796 jobs in all of the state. Naturally 700 of those jobs were government jobs. New Hampshire Public Radio interviewed economist Brian Gottlob who warned that the supposed 700 jobs saved, nearly all were in education, were probably not jobs on the chopping block in...

    08/22/2009 12:33:04 PM PDT · by woofie · 125 replies · 5,744+ views
    You Tube ^ | 9/22/09 | Smith
    This is Smith ...the guy who tried to sell this on eBay .... Fake? OK I have no idea at this point Have at it Someone should save this in case it diasappears
  • Democratic Party Official Slaps Obamacare Opponent at Town Hall (w/Photo)

    08/07/2009 11:14:57 AM PDT · by kristinn · 196 replies · 12,132+ views
    Friday, August 7, 2009 | Kristinn has a great photo sequence of a woman slapping a man in the face at yesterday's explosive town hall meeting in Tampa held by Rep. Kathy Castor and the goons from SEIU and Obama's Organizing for America.What the Tribune failed to disclose was the fact that the woman doing the slapping is a local Democratic party official, specifically the treasurer of the East Hillsborough County Democratic Party Club.In the eight-photo sequence, two men are seen arguing face to face, with one man wagging his finger in the face of the other. A woman standing behind the finger-wagger reaches around...
  • Barack Obama feels the heat, changes the play

    07/19/2009 4:39:39 AM PDT · by Free America52 · 14 replies · 963+ views
    Politico ^ | 07/19/09 | Free America
    Finally, we’re starting to see him sweat. President Barack Obama made his personal icy cool the trademark of his campaign, the tenor of his White House and the hallmark of an early run of successes at home and abroad. But as the glamour wears off and a long, frustrating summer wears on, he is being forced to improvise — stooping to respond to political foes and adjusting his tactics and demeanor for the trench warfare of a legislative agenda. The root of the change is one that faces every president: Economic and international realities that resist political charm. Iran and...
  • President Obama refuses to meet with Governor Gibbons about tourism comments

    05/18/2009 5:36:18 PM PDT · by The Good Doctor · 18 replies · 984+ views ^ | 5/18/09 | Office of the Governor
    Carson City - The Office of Governor Jim Gibbons was notified today that President Barack Obama has refused to meet with the Governor and key business leaders from Nevada. Governor Gibbons requested the meeting in a letter to President Obama so the President could address statements he made that were critical to Nevada and have caused economic damage to convention business and tourism business in the Silver State.
  • [Twoface] Romney joins the Obama bashing [but flip flops on gun control, health care]

    05/15/2009 4:51:44 PM PDT · by rabscuttle385 · 114 replies · 2,552+ views
    The Boston Globe ^ | 2009-05-15 | Sasha Issenberg / Foon Rhee
    PHOENIX – Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney joined Bush administration officials, including former Vice President Dick Cheney, in arguing today that President Obama’s approach to combating terrorism had left the country less safe. "It's the very kind of thinking that left America vulnerable to the attacks of September 11th," Romney told the National Rifle Association's annual gathering. “And the approval of left-wing law professors and editorial boards won’t be worth much if this country lets down its guard and suffers an attack." Even while declaring an end to past interrogation practices he calls “torture,” Obama has alienated many in his...
  • So who wanted the pictures of Air Force One?

    04/28/2009 5:43:45 PM PDT · by moneyrunner · 80 replies · 1,963+ views
    The Virginian ^ | 4/28/2009 | Moneyrunner
    We know who has taken the fall, Louis Caldera, the Director of the White House Military Office. But lots of questions remain. And in today’s political climate, “taking the fall” means being the one who says he’s sorry. The days of falling on one’s sword, even metaphorically, are long gone for Democrats. Who wanted new pictures of Air Force One against the New York skyline? Why was there a demand for secrecy? And, of course, the big question: who thought that low flying jumbo jets over Manhattan would pass un-noticed by the people who watched their friends die just eight...
  • France Unmoved By Obama Nuclear Speech: Leaked Memo (Obama fails at "Out-frenching" the French)

    04/10/2009 7:07:06 PM PDT · by VRWCTexan · 16 replies · 966+ views
    Dow Jones News (WSJ) ^ | April 10, 2009 | Unknown
    PARIS (AFP)--France said Friday it had begun to reduce its own arsenal long before U.S. President Barack Obama called for a "world without nuclear weapons," as a leaked memo showed Paris unimpressed by his speech. ....Sarkozy's foreign policy advisers were dismissive of Obama's call for an end to the arms race, which he made to a cheering crowd of supporters in Prague on Sunday. France also poured cold water on the idea that disarmament measures by declared nuclear powers would aid nonproliferation work by persuading rogue states and terrorist groups to drop their own weapons programs.
  • Live Obama town hall in France

    04/03/2009 5:24:38 AM PDT · by longtermmemmory · 246 replies · 9,537+ views
    live cnbc
    Obama surrendering to europe. surrendering sovereighty of us to europe with europeans cheering. called europe "a nation"
  • Cap and Trade War

    03/30/2009 3:37:26 PM PDT · by Delacon · 13 replies · 595+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | MARCH 30, 2009
    Team Obama floats a carbon tariff. One of President Obama's applause lines is that his climate tax policies will create new green jobs "that can't be outsourced." But if that's true, why is his main energy adviser floating a new carbon tariff on imports? Welcome to the coming cap and trade war. AP Energy Secretary Steven Chu made the protectionist point during an underreported House hearing this month, when he said tariffs and other trade barriers could be used as a "weapon" to force countries like China and India into cutting their own CO2 emissions. "If other countries don't impose...
  • Russian planes again fly over U.S. Navy ships

    03/19/2009 8:47:31 PM PDT · by NoLibZone · 69 replies · 2,277+ views
    CNN ^ | 3-19-09 | CNN
    WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Russian military aircraft flew just 500 feet over two U.S. Navy ships this week as the ships participated in a joint military exercise with South Korea in the Sea of Japan, according to U.S. military officials.
  • Owning up to what we owe

    02/23/2009 11:10:25 PM PST · by Cindy · 21 replies · 644+ views ^ | Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 7:26 pm | n/a
    Note: The following text is a quote: THE BRIEFING ROOM • THE BLOG Monday, February 23rd, 2009 at 7:26 pm Owning up to what we owe This is big -- the President today promised that by the end of his first term, he will cut in half the massive federal deficit we've inherited. And we'll do it in a new way: honestly and candidly. "This will not be easy. It will require us to make difficult decisions and face challenges we've long neglected," President Obama said. "But I refuse to leave our children with a debt that they cannot...
  • Toast

    11/04/2008 4:37:01 AM PST · by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! · 18 replies · 3,102+ views ^ | November 3, 2008 | seanmalstrom
    I’ve checked my email, and I have over a hundred new messages. And I can’t get to anything resorting to ‘Sean Malstrom’ due to real life situations. Luckily I changed my career gears long ago. But my old profession of political analysis is going to be absolutely destroyed. I still think McCain will win the election and do so by a larger margin than Bush did in 2004. When this happens, a hurricane of outrage will be unleashed at the political analysis business, mostly the pollsters. People will demand to know how they could be so off. In other...
  • Islam Minister Farrakhan Refers To Barack Obama As His Violent Cult's New Messiah

    10/27/2008 7:57:36 AM PDT · by TheFourthMagi · 19 replies · 1,438+ views
    YouTube ^ | October 26, 2008 | "Minister" Farrakhan
    Watch the video here. The Obama Nation is gathering, awaiting the anointing of their leader. SCARY. AS. HELL.
  • So, What’s The Big Hang-up, Joe?

    10/20/2008 10:22:42 AM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 18 replies · 945+ views
    THE MINORITY REPORT ^ | 20 October 2008 | .cnI redruM
    A lot of people got really angry with a character named Joe the Plumber in recent days. He not only had the unmitigated gall to ask Barack Obama a question; he asked him a hard and rather loaded one. And that, according to the Martha Stewart Set, is not a good thing. So this low-brow, Chris Daughtry-looking plumber asks Barack Obama whether he wanted to raise his taxes or not. Silly Hillbilly – engaging in serious political debate is for the cool people. Presumably, arrogant, self-selecting, elitist creeps that the Joe The Plumbers-in-Training of the world badly want to stuff...
  • New York Times Whore Jodi Kantor Trolls Facebook for Dirt on Cindy McCain

    10/19/2008 7:16:23 AM PDT · by hecht · 13 replies · 876+ views
    New York Times Whore Jodi Kantor Trolls Facebook for Dirt on Cindy McCain How do I know Jodi Kantor is a whore? An anonymous tipster told me so. And that's all the evidence I need according to her own standards of decency. "In order to assemble this barrage of petty and personal attacks, the New York Times employed tactics that are obviously unprofessional and almost certainly unethical. This campaign has obtained a copy of an email sent by New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor to a 16-year-old girl and friend of Bridget McCain, the youngest of the McCain children. Ms....