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  • Amateur Hour at State

    06/16/2012 8:00:12 AM PDT · by darkwing104 · 1 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | June 16th, 2012 | Jim Emerson
    Last Tuesday, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton accused the Russians of delivering attack helicopters to the Syrian regime. While attending a question and answer session at the Brookings Institution she said the U.S. was “concerned about the latest information we have that there are attack helicopters on the way from Russia to Syria.” Insinuating that the Russians were arming Syria to kill its own civilians in order to quell a peaceful upraising but she left out an important detail. Omission The British press reported that the helicopters were refurbished and was being returned to Syria. State department and Pentagon officials...
  • America’s Bureaucratized Counterterror Apparatus At Work

    06/16/2012 7:41:22 AM PDT · by LSUfan · 3 replies
    Terror Trends Bulletin ^ | 16 June 2012 | Unattributed
    America is hamstrung in its efforts to defend itself from Jihadist terrorists by a remarkable denial in law enforcement, homeland security, intelligence and military circles as to the nature of our enemy and the threat we face. This stems partly from political correctness and ignorant assumptions about our enemy and his doctrine. But it also is the result of effective influence operations run by the Muslim Brotherhood to control how we ourselves describe our enemies and speak about our enemies. This has reached the point at which the Obama administration has openly embraced the Muslim Brotherhood overseas in nations like...
  • Obama's policy strategy: Ignore laws

    06/16/2012 7:34:58 AM PDT · by Innovative · 28 replies
    Politico ^ | June 16, 2012 | STEVE FRIESS
    President Obama returned Friday to a trusted tactic — satisfying his political allies by not doing something. Conservatives were angry when Janet Napolitano announced the administration would stop deporting certain undocumented immigrants but they should have seen it coming. On issue after issue - gay rights, drug enforcement, Internet gambling, school achievement standards - the administration has chosen to achieve its goals by a method best described as passive-aggressive. Rather than pushing new laws through a divided Congress to enact his agenda, Obama is relying on federal agencies to ignore, or at least not defend, laws that some of his...
  • Obumbles Having a Great Time

    06/16/2012 7:22:46 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 1 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | June 16, 2012 | Reaganite Republican
    Our Tab   h/t Government Mess
  • President Obama: The Biggest Government Spender In World History

    06/16/2012 7:03:40 AM PDT · by Innovative · 19 replies
    Forbes ^ | June 14, 2012 | Peter Ferrera
    The U.S. has never before had a President who thinks so little of the American people that he imagines he can win re-election running on the opposite of reality. But that is the reality of President Obama today. President Obama's own 2013 budget shows that as a result federal debt held by the public will double during Obama's four years as President. That means in just one term President Obama will have increased the national debt as much as all prior Presidents, from George Washington to George Bush, combined. But this 2012 election is defined for the voters by the...
  • Five Reasons Why Romney is the Favorite

    06/16/2012 4:23:11 AM PDT · by safetysign · 54 replies
    Commentary ^ | 06/15/2012 | Peter Wehner
    Why is Barack Obama’s road to re-election so steep and uncertain at this stage? There are five important reasons. 1. An indefensible record. Every election which features an incumbent is, at least in good measure, a referendum on the record of the incumbent. The problem facing Obama is that he can’t offer a convincing case that his policies have succeeded. Recall that at the outset of his presidency, Obama told NBC’s Matt Lauer, “I will be held accountable. I’ve got four years… If I don’t have this done in three years, then there’s going to be a one-term proposition.” Yet...
  • Obama to celebrities: “You’re the ultimate arbiter” of this country’s direction

    06/16/2012 4:18:10 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 18 replies
    Hotair ^ | 06/15/2012 | Erika Johnsen
    President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama visited the home of actors Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick for a joint fundraising appearance on Thursday night, during which the president offered the gathered stars a rather frightening piece of flattery. The intimate dinner banked about $2 million, with 50 people paying $40,000 each. "Speaking in a dimly lighted, art-filled room, Obama told supporters they would play a critical role in an election that would determine a vision for the nation's future."You're the tie-breaker," he said. "You're the ultimate arbiter of which direction this country goes."Among the celebrities on hand to...
  • Romney's Statement On Obama's Amnesty

    06/16/2012 12:00:13 AM PDT · by zeestephen · 96 replies
    Madison Project ^ | 15 June 2012 | Daniel Horowitz
    Romney "agrees" with Rubio. Wants "long term" solution. Full statement in Comments.
  • Reporter who interrupted Obama: I thought he was finished (MSM circles wagons for Dear Leader)

    06/16/2012 2:56:27 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 38 replies
    Yahoo! News' Destination 2012 ^ | June 15, 2012 | Oliver Knox
    The journalist who sparked a ruckus inside the Beltway and on Twitter by interrupting President Barack Obama's formal remarks on immigration wants the world to know it was all a big misunderstanding. The Daily Caller's Neil Munro implausibly claims that he never meant to cut off the president and thought he was finished speaking. "I timed the question believing the president was closing his remarks, because naturally I have no intention of interrupting the President of the United States," Munro said in a statement on the Daily Caller's website after his Rose Garden showdown with Obama. "A reporter's job is...
  • RNC chairman: If Obama wins, ‘we’re going to lose this country’

    06/16/2012 1:07:23 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 103 replies
    The Hill ^ | June 15, 2012 | Cameron Joseph
    Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus framed the presidential election as a moral "battle for the freedom in this country" in a fiery speech Friday to the Faith and Freedom Coalition. Priebus, not known as a bomb-thrower, said the country is facing a stark choice in November between President Obama and Mitt Romney. "It's time to end the Barack Obama presidency before this presidency ends our way of life," he said to loud cheers from the audience of religious right leaders and supporters. "We have to win this election, or we're going to lose this country,” Priebus said. “Collectivism will...
  • Weekly Enewsletter: An Executive Order You Should Know About

    06/15/2012 9:29:39 PM PDT · by manic4organic · 5 replies
    Rep. Granger's Website ^ | 03/30/12 | Kay Granger
    Dear Friend, With all that is going in Washington these days some things don’t make the news the way they should. Fourteen days ago President Obama issued an Executive Order that you should know about. This order gives an unprecedented level of authority to the President and the federal government to take over all the fundamental parts of our economy - in the name of national security - in times of national emergency. This means all of our water resources, construction services and materials (steel, concrete, etc.), our civil transportation system, food and health resources, our energy supplies including oil...
  • Executive Overreach

    06/15/2012 6:04:48 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 18 replies
    National Review ^ | 6/15/12 | John Yoo
    President Obama’s claim that he can refuse to deport 800,000 aliens here in the country illegally illustrates the unprecedented stretching of the Constitution and the rule of law. He is laying claim to presidential power that goes even beyond that claimed by the Bush administration, in which I served. There is a world of difference in refusing to enforce laws that violate the Constitution (Bush) and refusing to enforce laws because of disagreements over policy (Obama).
  • Full Speech: Sarah Palin at Right Online 2012

    06/15/2012 9:03:02 PM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 19 replies
    RightScoop ^ | Friday June 15, 2012
    Sarah Palin spoke tonight at Right Online 2012 about the impact the new media is having on the political landscape, all the way from Matt Drudge and his modem to the new media reporters on the ground exposing the Occupy movement. And of coure, her entire speech was inspired by Andrew Breitbart, remembering his massive impact on all media, and all of us. Watch:
  • Lloyd Marcus: Same-Sex Marriage Costs Obama Same Race Voters

    06/15/2012 8:30:45 PM PDT · by neverdem · 34 replies
    American Thinker ^ | June 15, 2012 | Lloyd Marcus
    I confess. I am stunned and excited. Black family and friends who voted for Obama are saying they will not vote for Obama this time around. Why? It's the "gay marriage-thing." Obama recently came out in support of gay marriage. Black folks simply cannot roll with it. Someone who attends an all-black church told me their pastor said, "God destroyed cities because of homosexuality." Though under-reported, Obama supporting gay-marriage has created a firestorm in the black Christian community. Black pastors are attempting to pressure the president to walk back his support of what they consider an abomination. Black pastors are...
  • Romney Screws the Pooch on Immigration

    06/15/2012 8:14:40 PM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 165 replies
    National Review ^ | 6-15-2012 | Mark Krikorian
    Okay, maybe that wasn’t the best metaphor, but he fumbled an important opportunity. The problem with the president’s amnesty decree is not that it “makes it more difficult to reach that long-term solution because an executive order is, of course, just a short-term matter — it can be reversed by subsequent presidents.” The problem is that it’s u-n-c-o-n-s-t-i-t-u-t-i-o-n-a-l. You would expect Allen West and Steve King to be forceful in denouncing this usurpation, but even Amnesty John McCain and Rick “you don’t have a heart” Perry were strong. Heck, Lindsey Graham — Lindsey Graham — denounced the move as “possibly...
  • Preston's Politicals: Obama cuts to the chase, swooping in Hispanics and Gays by the millions

    06/15/2012 7:46:02 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 19 replies
    The Mobile Tribune ^ | June 15, 2012 | Preston Brady III
    Today Barack Obama came out the gate looking like the horse that wants to win the double crown. It's only June but the man is nasty and mean! I don't remember the name of the man who is running against him, but he's got his you know what cut out for him. Obama, according to most ultra-conservatives slapped legislative and judicial in the face today and announced immigration amnesty to some who are in the U.S. and considered illegal. Although the conservative airwaves are screaming Constitution and how can he, the fact is he can. Almost all executive officers of...
  • Obama's Lauded Appointees Have Failed to Measure Up

    06/15/2012 7:17:15 PM PDT · by neverdem · 9 replies ^ | June 15, 2012 | Richard Benedetto
    Like almost everything written and said about President Obama and his new administration as they stood poised to take office in 2009, the intellectual, governmental and political skills of his Cabinet and executive team were overinflated and fawned over by a news media caught in the national swoon. “The team he has announced so far is more impressive than any other in recent memory,” wrote New York Times columnist David Brooks. “We have not seen this kind of combination of star power and brain power and political muscle this early in a Cabinet in our lifetimes,” chimed in ABC’s George...
  • Obama Administration Holds High-Level Talks With Syrian Rebels In D.C. To Discuss Transfer of Heavy

    06/15/2012 7:00:14 PM PDT · by Nachum · 11 replies
    Weasel Zippers ^ | 6/15/12 | zip
    We already know the rebels have a serious Sunni Islamist bent to the point where al-Qaeda’s al-Nusrah Front is carrying out some of the most sophisticated attacks using suicide bombers. On the other hand we are already passively aiding the shipment of weapons from the Gulf Arab states, mainly Saudi Arabia, to the rebels. (Telegraph) — Syrian rebels have held meetings with senior US government officials in Washington as pressure mounts on the US to authorise a shipment of heavy weapons, including surface-to-air missiles to combat the Assad regime, the Daily Telegraph has learned. A senior Free Syrian Army representative...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-15-12 (Hypocrite DUmmies Attack Obama Questioner)

    06/15/2012 6:57:36 PM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 18 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | June 15, 2012 | DUmmie lonestarnot, DUmmies, and PJ-Comix
    See the picture above of President Bush dodging two shoes thrown at him at a press conference in Iraq in 2008? That picture was featured in a DUmmie FUnnies edition, DUmmies Praise Iraqi Shoe Thrower. And that only featured one of the MANY DUmmie threads echoing that same sentiment. Now the DUmmies are condemning a Daily Caller reporter for (GASP!) asking Obama a question about his illegal alien/re-elect ME announcement today. So which of these two acts do you think is more disrepectful? According to the DUmmies in this thread, I will respond to you motherf*cker, it is the...
  • Obama Campaign: Illegal Aliens Are 'Americans in every way but on paper' (Wonderful News)

    06/15/2012 6:49:12 PM PDT · by kristinn · 55 replies
    Obama for America via e-mail | Friday, June 15, 2012 | Katherine Archuleta
    Wonderful news Friend -- Thanks to our president, this nation's immigration policy just became more fair and more just. Effective immediately, the Department of Homeland Security is taking steps to ensure that young, undocumented immigrants who were brought here as children by their parents, and who have followed the law since then, will be able to request temporary relief from deportation proceedings -- and will be allowed to apply for authorization to work in this country. They're a group that we've come to call the "Dreamers" -- and today, the country they love is telling them they should be able...
  • Joy as Obama relaxes deportation rules (How joyful are you?)

    06/15/2012 6:37:07 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 28 replies
    One News / Reuters ^ | June 16, 2012
    Undocumented Mexican youths who came to the United States as children reacted with joy to an Obama administration rule change that could spare them deportation. "It hasn't really sunk in entirely, but I feel a sense of joy and happiness because I know this is really going to change my life," said Justino Mora, 22, an undocumented computer science student at UCLA in Los Angeles. Mora is among an estimated 800,000 illegal immigrants up to 30 years old who came to the US as children and will benefit by the surprise order announced by US Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano....
  • Mark Steyn: Earthly woes mount as Obama's rhetoric soars(One of today's Must Read)

    06/15/2012 6:19:34 PM PDT · by radioone · 38 replies
    OC Register ^ | June 15, 2012 | Mark Steyn
    Round about this time in the election cycle, a presidential challenger finds himself on the stump and posing a simple test to voters: "Ask yourself – are you better off now than you were four years ago?" But, in fact, you don't need to ask yourself, because the Federal Reserve Board's Survey of Consumer Finances has done it for you. Between 2007 and 2010, Americans' median net worth fell 38.8 percent – or from $126,400 per family to $77,300 per family. Oh, dear. As I mentioned a few months ago, when readers asked me to recommend countries they could flee...
  • US military completes planning for Syria scenarios, CNN says

    06/15/2012 6:01:17 PM PDT · by QT3.14 · 12 replies
    Stars & Stripes ^ | June 14, 2012 | Unattributed
    The U.S. military has completed planning for how American troops would conduct a variety of operations against Syria, or to assist neighboring countries in the event action was ordered, CNN reported. The United Nations declared earlier this week that Syria is now in a state of civil war, after months of fighting between pro-democracy Syrians and President Bashar Assad that has killed at least 14,000 people.
  • Lamar Smith: Obama's amnesty for illegal immigrants is against the law

    06/15/2012 5:59:52 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 38 replies
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | June 15, 2012 | Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) Chairman, House Judiciary Committee.
    It’s said that desperate times call for desperate measures. But in these dismal economic and political times, the Obama administration has called for unlawful measures that grant amnesty to potentially millions of illegal immigrants. Today, Janet Napolitano, secretary of Homeland Security, announced immunity from deportation for illegal immigrants who were brought to the United States before they turned 16 and who are younger than 30 – among other criteria. They can apply for a two-year work permit that can be renewed indefinitely. The decision is not just a breach of faith with the American people. It blatantly ignores the rule...
  • The Devil Wears Obama

    06/15/2012 5:36:50 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 7 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 06-15-12 | DrJohn
    At her swanky Manhattan home, Sarah Jessica Parker held a fundraiser for Barack Obama. NEW YORK - Facing a tightening presidential race and onslaught of cash from pro-Republican outside groups, President Obama tonight got a boost from some of his loyal allies in the film and fashion industries with an exclusive multimillion dollar campaign fundraiser at the home of actress Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, actor Matthew Broderick. A party of 50 donors, each paying $40,000 to attend, gathered around a long table just inside the entryway of Parker's four-story brownstone in the West Village to dine with the...
  • [AZ Gov.] Brewer says US policy muddies waters for Ariz. law [SB1070]

    06/15/2012 4:53:00 PM PDT · by SandRat · 7 replies
    PHOENIX (AP) — Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer said Friday that President Barack Obama’s easing of illegal immigration laws is a “pre-emptive strike” aimed at an impending U.S. Supreme Court ruling that could uphold key parts of the state’s immigration enforcement law.
  • Poll to FReep:Q: Obama: U.S. to no longer deport young illegal immigrants.

    06/15/2012 4:23:03 PM PDT · by AZ .44 MAG · 38 replies
    Fox 10 News, Phoenix, AZ ^ | 6-15-2012 | Fox 10 News, Phoenix, AZ
    Q: Obama: U.S. to no longer deport young illegal immigrants. Bad idea, Good idea.
  • House: Obama's FDA causing drug shortages

    06/15/2012 4:01:36 PM PDT · by libstripper · 7 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | June 15, 2012 | Joel Gehrke
    President Obama's Food and Drug Administration has caused "a public health crisis" -- a prescription drug shortage over the past two years -- by increasing the number of threats issued to raid and close drug manufacturing plants, according to House investigators. "This shortage appears to be a direct result of over-aggressive and excessive regulatory action," House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa, R-Calif., said in a statement. "These drugs can save lives and keep people who need them living healthy lives. The FDA is failing to ensure the availability of quality products."
  • According to Obammy...Americans aren't first anymore...

    06/15/2012 3:50:08 PM PDT · by Dallas59 · 6 replies
    Freerepublic ^ | 6/15/2012 | Me
    Black, White, Asian, "White Hispanic" Real Americans will have a harder time looking for work. How many more hundreds of thousands are tagging along with their kids they brought over? How many will commit fraud? Why not just get rid of immigration laws?
  • Lindsey Graham: Obama Immigration Move ‘Possibly Illegal’

    06/15/2012 3:40:39 PM PDT · by tsowellfan · 46 replies
    ( - Senator Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) took to Twitter Friday to attack President Obama’s move to grant effective amnesty to young illegal immigrants: He was among the first lawmakers to react to the surprise announcement. “President Obama’s attempt to go around Congress and the American people is at best unwise and possibly illegal,” he tweeted. Graham, a former Air Force prosecutor, said the move, “regardless of motivation, will entice people to break our laws.” While Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano insisted the program “is not amnesty,” other senior administration officials admitted that the program will stop illegal immigrants from being...
  • Obama interrupted by heckling reporter

    06/15/2012 11:41:27 AM PDT · by ColdOne · 183 replies
    politico ^ | 6/15/12 | BYRON TAU and DONOVAN SLACK
    "Why’d you favor foreigners over Americans?” Munro asked. “Excuse me, sir, but it’s not time for questions," Obama responded. “Are you going to take questions?” Munro asked. “Not while I’m speaking.” Obama said. Obama eventually addressed Munro's question. "This is the right thing to do for the American people," Obama said. "As a general matter, reporters are there to ask [questions]," Daily Caller editor-in-chief Tucker Carlson told the New York Times' Brian Stelter. Carlson did not immediately respond to a question from POLITICO.
  • FReep this poll! WAPO poll on Obozos amnesty

    06/15/2012 2:38:21 PM PDT · by MeganC · 74 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 6/15/2012 | Washington Post
    There's a poll on the side of the column about Obozo's amnesty today that needs some attention! Please FReep at will!
  • Obama's Term as President to be Extended Beyond 4 Years.

    06/15/2012 2:27:09 PM PDT · by Pilsner · 9 replies
    Earth Orientation Center of IERS ^ | Jan. 5, 2012 | Daniel Gambis
    INTERNATIONAL EARTH ROTATION AND REFERENCE SYSTEMS SERVICE (IERS) Observatoire de Paris, France Bulletin C 43 To authorities responsible for the measurement and distribution of time A positive leap second will be introduced at the end of June 2012. The sequence of dates of the UTC second markers will be: 2012 June 30, 23h 59m 59s 2012 June 30, 23h 59m 60s 2012 July 1, 0h 0m 0s
  • Obama immigration plan: White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414

    06/15/2012 2:07:28 PM PDT · by dragnet2 · 20 replies ^ | 6/15/2012 |
    White House Comment Line: 202-456-1111 or 202-456-1414). Ask to record the call! I was very polite, and asked for permission to record my call...I was put on the line with a supervisor, who asked why, and told them for personal reasons. I was denied. Then the female supervisor on the line refused to identify themselves even by first name and exhibited a very negative attitude. I started to make my polite comment.... Half way through my brief comment the telephone connection was disconnected followed by a dial tone.
  • Marco Rubio calls Obama immigration order a 'short-term answer'(RINO)

    06/15/2012 12:14:00 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 151 replies
    latimes ^ | June 15, 2012, 9:51 a.m. | Lisa Mascaro and Matea Gold
    WASHINGTON -- Republican Sen. Marco Rubio-- whose reaction to the Obama administration’s immigration order will likely be one of the most closely watched of his party-- issued a carefully worded statement Friday that called for helping young illegal immigrants but criticized the president’s approach. “There is broad support for the idea that we should figure out a way to help kids who are undocumented through no fault of their own, but there is also broad consensus that it should be done in a way that does not encourage illegal immigration in the future,” the Florida senator said. “This is a...

    06/15/2012 12:23:16 PM PDT · by SaveOurRepublicFromTyranny · 21 replies
    CNN ^ | June 15, 2012 | CNN
    Video of Maricopa County, AZ, Sheriff Joe Arpaio, commenting about Obama's executive order which Arpaio calls the "first step towards amnesty which is the ultimate goal of this administration."
  • Obama now speaking about giving amnesty to illegals without Congressional approval

    06/15/2012 11:18:58 AM PDT · by pabianice · 130 replies
    Fox News Channel (live) | 6/15/12
    Obama now scolding the press and the public about the righteousness of his unilaterally giving amnesty to illegals. He is scolding a reporter for asking a question. He is on a rant of part anger and part arrogance. He is explaining to us commoners the righteousness of his unilateral action. He "hopes Congress recognizes his righteousness and gets behind" him. he storms off stage, angry and taking no questions.
  • Obama immigration plan may spare 800,000 from deportation

    06/15/2012 12:04:06 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 90 replies
    ctv ^ | Friday Jun. 15, 2012 1:27 PM ET
    WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The election-year initiative addresses a top priority of an influential Latino electorate that has been vocal in its opposition to administration immigration policies and a record number of deportations last year. The policy change, announced Friday by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, will affect as many as 800,000 immigrants who have lived in fear of deportation. It bypasses Congress and partially achieves the goals of the so-called DREAM Act,...
  • Obama Jobs Program: Help Illegals Compete with Americans for Scarce Jobs!

    06/15/2012 11:49:24 AM PDT · by MindBender26 · 16 replies
    Breitbart ^ | Flynn
    Today, the Obama Administration, in an obvious attempt to boost the President's flailing reelection campaign, announced that it would bypass Congress and rewrite the nation's immigration laws. The Obama administration will stop deporting and begin granting work permits to younger illegal immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and have since led law-abiding lives. The election-year initiative addresses a top priority of an influential Latino electorate that has been vocal in its opposition to administration deportation policies. The second sentence of the Associated Press story addresses the true impetus for the policy change; election-year politics. Obama, and today's Democrat...
  • Corruptocrat Eric Holder's GOP Enablers

    06/15/2012 4:29:48 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | June 15, 2015 | Michelle Malkin
    While calls for U.S. Attorney General Eric "Stonewall" Holder's resignation grow and the House GOP gears up for a contempt vote next week, it's worth remembering how we got into this mess. In two words: feckless bipartisanship. "I like Barack Obama and want to help him if I can." That was Utah GOP Sen. Orrin Hatch in January 2009, just weeks before the Senate voted on President Obama's attorney general nominee, Eric Holder. Right out of the gate, upon Obama's election in November 2008, Hatch signaled that he would greenlight the administration's top law enforcer. "I start with the premise...
  • State Spent $2.3 Million to Train 200 in Renewable Energy — Only a Few Got Jobs

    06/15/2012 11:12:50 AM PDT · by MichCapCon · 8 replies
    Michigan Capitol Confidential ^ | 6/15/2012 | Tom Gantert
    In September 2009 with the state reeling and an unemployment rate of 14.1 percent, then Gov. Jennifer Granholm announced a green jobs training program that she said would help make Michigan "a center for renewable energy and green jobs" by training people in eight of Michigan’s most economically depressed cities. Almost three years later, the Energy Conservation Apprenticeship Readiness Program (ECAR) had just 200 people apply statewide, cost $2.3 million in federal stimulus money and yielded few jobs for the enrollees who were trained. For example, of the 24 students who enrolled in the city of Detroit’s program, only one...
  • The Republic is Dead! The Rule of Law is Dead!”

    06/15/2012 11:05:29 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 11 replies ^ | George Spelvin, staff writer
    “The Republic is Dead! The Rule of Law is Dead!,” says America’s new Joan of Arc Ann Barnhardt. Using a seven letter B word with the word Rat, she calls out those 535 “godless, moral degenerate, sociopaths” in Washington, D. C. for refusing to do something about Barack Obama’s lack of presidential eligibility. “They know Obama is not eligible,” and she exhorts her Colorado Springs audience to “Get your heads around this. . .the executive branch is usurped!” And another new video just up has compiled Obama’s own words declaring, “I’m not at an American citizen. I was not born...
  • Blogger Vanderboegh reports murdered ICE agent investigating Fast and Furious

    06/15/2012 7:51:52 AM PDT · by Nachum · 33 replies ^ | 6/15/12 | David Codrea
    In a second bombshell report this week, citizen investigative journalist Mike Vanderboegh is reporting this morning on the Sipsey Street Irregulars blog that Congressional investigators have viewed “an Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) Report of Investigation (ROI) from August 2010 describing 80 weapons seized in an arms smuggling interdiction between Phoenix, Arizona and San Antonio, Texas. Of these weapons, the majority (approximately 50) were noted to have come from Operation Fast & Furious in Arizona…” “The ROI was written and signed by Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jaime Zapata, who was shot dead in an ambush at a fake roadblock...
  • Jews support Romney

    06/15/2012 10:51:00 AM PDT · by jongaltsr · 6 replies
    Jerusalem Post | 6/15/2012 | Herb Keinono
    Most Israelis think Romney would be 'friendlier' By HERB KEINON06/15/2012 01:14Survey finds majority of Israelis think Obama is "friendly" toward Israel but are warmer toward the Republican candidate.
  • Sipsey Street Exclusive: Investigators discover I.C.E. Report of Investigation on seizure of Fast

    06/15/2012 7:45:50 AM PDT · by Nachum · 37 replies
    Sipsey Street Irregulars ^ | 6/15/12 | Dutchman6
    Texas Congressman Michael McCaul grills Janet Napolitano, 15 February 2012. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.): “Madam secretary, there’s been some speculation that the weapons used to kill Agent Zapata may have been possibly linked to Fast and Furious. Do you have any information to indicate there is a connection there?” Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano: “I have no information to that effect, no. I don’t know one way or the other.” -- Hearing before the House Homeland Security Committee, 15 February 2012. Homeland Security Investigations Special Agent Jaime Zapata and the scene of his ambush murder. Congressional investigators permitted...
  • ‘Immigration Reform’ Does Not Automatically Equal ‘Amnesty’ (Stabbed in the back)

    06/15/2012 10:12:38 AM PDT · by C19fan · 19 replies
    National Review Online - The Corner ^ | June 15, 2012 | Tom Minnery
    Webster’s dictionary defines “amnesty” as “a general pardon for offenses, especially political offenses, against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction.” Unfortunately, far too many others define it as the only possible thing anyone means when calling for “immigration reform,” as Focus on the Family did this week. The emotion behind the assumption is understandable. Immigration reform remains a hotly contested issue that stirs up a great deal of passion on all sides. At Focus on the Family, we have a wide range of perspectives as to what might solve what is clearly a problem in the way...
  • Grassley to Holder: Prove claim about Bush-era gun probe

    06/15/2012 4:49:11 AM PDT · by marktwain · 43 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | 14 June, 2012 | Jerry Seper
    The ranking Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee challenged Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. on Thursday to “produce any evidence” proving his claim that a prior attorney general knew about a gunrunning investigation during the Bush administration or apologize “if no such evidence is available.” Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa issued the challenge in response to Mr. Holder’s Senate appearance this week during a hearing on the Fast and Furious gunrunning investigation when he testified that Attorney General Michael B. Mukasey was aware of and remained silent about a similar operation known as Wide Receiver, during which he said...
  • The Obama campaign would like to see some ID, please

    06/15/2012 9:57:37 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 1 replies
    Hotair ^ | 06/15/2012 | Erika Johnsen
    To gain entry into President Obama's speech in Ohio on Thursday, attendees were apparently required to present a photo identification along with their ticket. Which just so obviously, impartially, logically begs the question: Why does the Obama campaign want to disenfranchise minorities? CLEVELAND — President Barack Obama's presidential campaign checked the identification of the supporters attending Obama's "framing" event at Cuyahoga Community College today.The 1,500 supporters in attendance picked up tickets at campaign offices in Northeast Ohio beginning on Monday, though tickets to the event made no mention of an ID requirement. ..."We checked every ID at the door to...
  • How Obama Became Black (Barry the Chameleon)

    06/15/2012 7:16:39 AM PDT · by mojito · 23 replies
    Washington Compost ^ | 6/15/2012 | David "Composite Girlfriend" Maraniss
    “How come his mother’s skin is bright while her son’s is way darker?” Everything about Barry seemed different to his classmates and first-grade teacher, Israela Pareira, at S.D. Katolik Santo Fransiskus in Jakarta, Indonesia. He came in wearing shoes and socks, with long pants, a black belt and a white shirt neatly tucked in. The other boys wore short pants above the knee, and they often left their flip-flops or sandals outside the classroom and studied in bare feet. Barry was the only one who could not speak Bahasa Indonesia that first year. Ms. Pareira was the only one who...
  • Chicago hedge fund manager switches from 2008 Obama fan to Romney backer

    06/15/2012 9:18:31 AM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 6 replies ^ | June 14, 2012 9:48PM | ABDON M. PALLASCH
    Four years ago, hedge fund manager Ken Griffin was impressed enough with Barack Obama that he invited him to speak to his employees and helped raise $50,000 to $100,000 for his presidential run. Griffin also hedged his bets by raising a similar amount for Republican John McCain. But this year, Griffin — ranked by Forbes as Chicago’s fifth-richest man — and his wife Anne, a French-born hedge fund manager herself, are all in with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, telling friends and interviewers they think Romney will better manage the economy. They co-sponsored a $3.3 million fund-raiser on Obama’s home...