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  • Texas Anti-Obama Billboard: Bankrupt America Yes We Can!

    08/20/2012 7:28:47 AM PDT · by davidbellow · 16 replies
    Texas Conservative Republican News ^ | 8/20/2012 | David Bellow
    A friend of mine was driving through Temple, TX when he snapped this picture of a large billboard by the highway. The billboard had a picture of President Obama and it had a simple, clear message: Bankrupt America YES WE CAN!

    08/20/2012 8:47:39 AM PDT · by bramps · 13 replies
    Despite having been—full disclosure—an adviser to John McCain, I acknowledged his opponent’s remarkable qualities: his soaring oratory, his cool, hard-to-ruffle temperament, and his near faultless campaign organization. Yet the question confronting the country nearly four years later is not who was the better candidate four years ago. It is whether the winner has delivered on his promises. And the sad truth is that he has not. In his inaugural address, Obama promised “not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth.” He promised to “build the roads and bridges, the electric grids, and digital lines...
  • How Obamacare's $716 Billion in Cuts Will Drive Doctors Out of Medicare

    08/20/2012 4:50:47 AM PDT · by NCjim · 66 replies
    Forbes ^ | August 20, 2012
    There are 600,000 physicians in America who care for the 48 million seniors on Medicare. Of the $716 billion that the Affordable Care Act cuts from the program over the next ten years, the largest chunk—$415 billion—comes from slashing Medicare’s reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals, and nursing homes. This significant reduction in fees is driving many doctors to stop accepting new Medicare patients, making it harder for seniors to gain access to needed care. Here are a few of their stories. Paul Wertsch is a primary physician in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1977, he and his two partners invested $500,000 of...
  • Shock poll: Obama could lose Illinois

    08/20/2012 5:18:02 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 100 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | August 20, 2012 | Alexis Levinson
    President Barack Obama could lose his home state of Illinois in November, a new poll shows. A poll conducted by Illinois-based pollster and political strategist Michael McKeon found Obama leading Republican Mitt Romney by 49 percent to 37 percent in Cook County, the home of Chicago. That puts him ahead by a far thinner margin than expected in a county he should be winning handsomely. Cook is the most Democratic leaning county in the state. It is also the most populous. Those numbers do not bode well for the president. “He has to come out of Cook County with a...
  • The Strategic Failure of the Obama campaign (Chicago must be terrified )

    08/20/2012 5:37:46 AM PDT · by IbJensen · 11 replies
    Red State ^ | 8/16/2012 | Soren Dayton
    We are one week into Mitt Romney’s selection of Paul Ryan. A number of polls are coming out telling a variety of stories about what it means. But one thing is clear: Barack Obama’s campaign has had several significant strategic failures this summer. And they failed to define Paul Ryan out of the gate with their Mediscare tactics. And they failed to define Mitt Romney this summer with a huge campaign spend. The Obama campaign hoped to use the summer to define Mitt Romney. They spent $25 million in May ads. Obama spent $58m in June. What effect did it...
  • Dinesh D'Souza Sends Money to President Obama's Brother for Sick Child

    08/20/2012 7:28:39 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies
    NewsMax ^ | 08/20/2012 | Patrick Hobin
    Dinesh D’Souza, co-director of the film "2016 — Obama's America," and author of the new book "Obama’s America," sent money to cover the hospital bill of a sick child belonging to President Barack Obama’s brother after George Obama pleaded with him over the phone for help. In a column published on, D’Souza outlines how George Obama, the youngest of eight children sired by Barack Obama Sr., asked him to send $1,000 to cover medical bills for his young son who was sick with a chest condition. D’Souza confirmed that the boy was ill and wired Obama the money. D’Souza...
  • Swing-State Voters Say They Are No Better Off Than in 2008

    08/20/2012 6:49:42 AM PDT · by RobinMasters · 20 replies
    Gallup ^ | August 20, 2012 | Jeffrey M. Jones
    PRINCETON, NJ -- A majority of voters in key 2012 election swing states say they are not better off than they were four years ago; 40% say they are better off. Swing-state voters' assessments of their situation compared with 2008 have varied little since last fall.
  • Conspiracy indictments indicate sanctioned gunwalking, government lies

    08/20/2012 7:00:19 AM PDT · by marktwain · 3 replies
    Gun Rights Examiner ^ | 19 August, 2012 | David Codrea
    Documents analyzed over the past few days in this column, received from a source close to the case of former FBI agent John Shipley, convicted of illegally dealing in firearms, indicate not only a pattern of government-sanctioned “gunwalking” similar to what occurred in the Fast and Furious debacle, but also raise suspicions that federal agents lied on the application to obtain a search warrant for Shipley’s residence. In previous installments of this exclusive story, Gun Rights Examiner documented how collector and hobbyist Shipley sold a Barrett .50 caliber rifle to a former deputy, who then resold it to a trafficker...
  • Dreams from His Brother (Why has the media ignored George Obama?)

    08/20/2012 6:48:03 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    National Review ^ | 08/18/2012 | Lee Habeeb
    You would think the media would be crawling all over a rich-man-poor-man story like this. One brother is poor and lives in Africa. The other is rich and lives in America. One lives in a shanty in a slum in Nairobi on dollars a month. The other lives at the most exclusive address in the world — 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Sound like a fictional Hollywood screenplay, one the Left would eat up? But it gets better. It turns out that the rich American brother made his fortune writing about his own life, and about the father from Kenya he didn’t...
  • The High Price of Obama’s Amnesty

    08/20/2012 6:14:36 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 24 replies ^ | August 20, 2012 | Morgan Brittany
    $585 million dollars.  That is the estimate of what Obama’s new amnesty will cost the American taxpayer.  This back door plan, put into action by imperial edict without any input from Congress, is just another nail in the coffin of our economy.  This past week thousands of children of illegal immigrants were granted the right to apply for “deferred action” in order to stay in this country and sign up for employment opportunities.  Starting August 15th, illegal aliens up to the age of 30 who meet certain requirements can begin submitting their applications that will allow them to remain in...
  • Taking America back -- Have we finally reached the tipping point?

    08/19/2012 10:53:44 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 11 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | August 20, 2012 | Madeline Crabb
    Recently, Americans across this nation finally stood in defiance against radical leftists and homosexual baiters to support Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy, traditional marriage, and free speech. Was this an isolated event, or an indication that Americans have finally reached the tipping point where they will actively begin to take America back? For decades, Americans have been brainwashed and browbeaten by radical left/progressive/liberal/socialist/elitists, with the end goal of making us behave according to their rules. Children have been taught politically-correct conduct and speech in the indoctrination centers called public schools. Words have been twisted to have different meanings. People of all...
  • Shocking Newsweek Cover: 'Hit the Road, Barack - Why We Need a New President'

    08/19/2012 6:25:21 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 27 replies ^ | August 19, 2012 | Noel Sheppard
    After some of the recent Obama-loving/Romney-bashing Newsweek covers, the one hitting newsstands Monday is guaranteed to turn some heads. Under the picture of our dear leader are the words, "Hit the Road, Barack: Why We Need a New Leader." The article is written by Niall Ferguson, a British historian and economist that backed John McCain in 2008. After an introduction, Ferguson made his case: In his inaugural address, Obama promised “not only to create new jobs, but to lay a new foundation for growth.” He promised to “build the roads and bridges, the electric grids, and digital lines that feed...
  • Obama created an “enemies list” which consists of law abiding U.S. citizens who donated to Romney

    08/19/2012 7:58:11 PM PDT · by grundle · 16 replies
    wordpress ^ | August 19, 2012 | Dan from Squirrel Hill
    <p>Barack Obama attempts to intimidate contributors to Mitt Romney’s campaign.</p> <p>Try this thought experiment: You decide to donate money to Mitt Romney.</p> <p>Several days later, President Barack Obama, the most powerful man on the planet, singles you out by name… shames you for “betting against America,” and accuses you of having a “less-than-reputable” record. The message from the man who controls the Justice Department (which can indict you), the SEC (which can fine you), and the IRS (which can audit you), is clear: You made a mistake donating that money.</p>
  • Obama the Great Leader

    08/19/2012 8:04:51 PM PDT · by Chuckmorse · 11 replies
    Obama the Great Leader ^ | August 19, 2012 | Chuck Morse
    The principle of the Great Leader was established in 1917 when Vladimir Lenin came to power in Russia after the Bolshevik coup. With personal control over the Russian media and police, Lenin built his cult of personality and annihilated his opponents. When Lenin died in 1924, his grateful nation resurrected the ancient Egyptian ritual of having his body mummified. His remains are still propped up against the Kremlin wall in Moscow. Adolf Hitler brought the Great Leader principle to a new height, one that will, God willing, never again be attempted. Hitler not only controlled the German media and police...
  • (Vanity) Attention Omaha Area Freepers. Come See "2016 Obama's America" (August 24th)

    08/19/2012 7:49:58 PM PDT · by Kolath · 3 replies
    Nebraska 9/12 ^ | 8/19/2012 | kolath
    INVITATION See "2016 Obama's America" (organized by Nebraska 9/12) Friday, August 24th, 2012 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM Westroads 14 theater 10000 California Street Omaha, NE 68114 Westwoods Mall
  • Obama Schedule || Monday, August 20, 2012

    08/19/2012 7:01:05 PM PDT · by Nachum · 14 replies
    White House Dossier ^ | 8/19/12 | Keith Koffler
    11:05 am || Receives the Presidential Daily Briefing 12:20 pm || Lunch with Biden 2:25 pm || Participates in interviews with local TV anchors from Jacksonville, Florida; Norfolk, Virginia; and San Diego, California; Roosevelt Room 6:15 pm || Has dinner with the first lady and winners of a campaign contest; Washington All times Eastern Live stream of Carney briefing at 1:00 pm
  • Dem Sen. Jeanne Shaheen: Obama “Led The Mission” To Kill Bin Laden…

    08/19/2012 6:46:31 PM PDT · by Nachum · 46 replies
    Weasel Zippers ^ | 8/19/12 | zip
    “And let’s not forget that this is the commander in chief who finally led the mission that brought Osama bin Laden to justice.”
  • Niall Ferguson: Obama’s Gotta Go

    08/19/2012 1:47:13 PM PDT · by blam · 193 replies
    Daily Beast via excerpted version from Business Insider ^ | August 19, 2012 1:00 AM EDT | Niall Ferguson Daily Beast; Joe Weisenthal Business Insider;
    <p>The other day, Newsweek had a cover story about Mitt Romney's "Wimp Factor."</p>
  • Obama reveals he uses Beyoncé to get his heart rate up and that his dream superpower is speaking

    08/19/2012 10:16:14 AM PDT · by ColdOne · 40 replies ^ | 8/17/12 | Nina Golgowski
    full tittle........Obama reveals he uses Beyoncé to get his heart rate up and that his dream superpower is speaking every languageHe may already be the President of the United States but if Barack Obama could have one superpower wish, he’s got it ready, and he's also no different from many men in turning to Beyonce to get his heart rate up. SNIP Asked what kind of super power he could have if any, he revealed the one he cautioned as 'weird.' 'This sounds, it's kind of a weird super power, but if I had something that I could immediately...
  • Farm and/or Drought Bailout

    08/19/2012 5:57:11 PM PDT · by CincyRichieRich · 11 replies
    8-19-12 | Self
    I need some help with status of the "farm bailout" I understand it, Congress is going on recess, and, prior to this, we are likely not bailing out farmers due to pork added to such bills...perhaps this is rhetorical, but is Boehner so stupid that he can't get in front of a microphone and say, "we'll pass something if the Dems would remove pork from the bill and make it just the farm bailout"? From what I see, 0bama's agencies, i.e., him, will get compassion points if we let this go by and look like Scrooge. Sure, I had government...
  • Just the ‘thing’ to beat Obama

    08/19/2012 5:41:48 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 23 replies
    The New York Post ^ | August 19, 2012 | Michael Goodwin
    A political maxim holds that you can’t beat Somebody with Nobody. It largely explains why Mitt Romney was having trouble going head-to-head against President Obama. The incumbent is a much more skillful and confident campaigner, and polls show many Americans like him, despite being unhappy with his policies and the country’s direction. Obama is definitely a Somebody and that’s an advantage. Romney, wooden and rich, was a fat target for the White House’s vicious personal attacks. Despite the president’s economic record, Romney was proving to be a Nobody among many voters, including independents and even some Republicans. He was on...
  • Obama Senior Adviser Dodges Questions About Impact Of Medicare cuts

    08/19/2012 5:16:13 PM PDT · by Nachum · 13 replies
    youtube ^ | 8/19/12 | GOPICYMI
    On "Fox News Sunday" Obama senior advisor Robert Gibbs works hard to dodge questions about Obama's Medicare cuts (August 19, 2012).
  • Niall Ferguson Has Been Wrong On Economics ("Hit The Road, Barack" - Newsweek))

    08/19/2012 4:54:25 PM PDT · by blam · 24 replies
    TBI ^ | 8-19-2012 | Joe Weisenthal
    Niall Ferguson Has Been Wrong On Economics Joe Weisenthal Aug. 19, 2012, 6:44 PM Niall Ferguson has a huge piece in The Daily Beast saying Obama needs to get fired titled: "Hit The Road, Barack."It's basically an ell-encompassing takedown of Obama's record on the economy (it still sucks), the deficit (it's getting bigger) and America's standing in the world (The Mideast has not gotten safer). It even hits Obama for stuff like this, which seems totally inevitable at some point, regardless of who is President.Newsweek Anyway, as you read Niall Ferguson, it's worth noting that he has been wrong on...
  • Norquist: 'Only Took Obama Two Weeks To Screw Lower Income Voters'

    08/19/2012 4:47:05 PM PDT · by Nachum · 7 replies
    Breitbart ^ | 8/19/12 | staff
    CBS: Grover Norquist says the president "didn't keep his word when he said he wouldn't raise taxes" on lower income families, and points to tax increases within the Affordable Care Act as evidence.
  • How to respond to attacks against Obama

    08/19/2012 4:44:30 PM PDT · by ReformationFan · 6 replies
    The People's Cube ^ | 8-18-12 | Colonel 7.62
    Step 1. Plug your ears, and scream RACIST while loudly stomping your foot. Step 2. If this fails, point out that the common proletariat does not know what is best for them, and politely suggest they shut up, and listen to those who do know better than them; namely the Democratic Party. Step 3. If that doesn't work, point out that since they are brainwashed by Fox News and Rush Limbaugh, they do not know what they are talking about, and thus their arguments are invalid. Step 4. If theEnemy of the State person still persists in arguing against Obama,...
  • Gibbs: Obama Has Been Transparent, He Once Took "A Question"

    08/19/2012 4:34:31 PM PDT · by Nachum · 20 replies
    youtube ^ | 8/19/12 | GOPICYMI
    Robert Gibbs says on "Fox News Sunday" that Obama has been transparent, since he took a question one time (August 19, 2012).
  • ‘The Media Is Very Susceptible to Doing What the Obama Campaign Wants’

    08/19/2012 2:19:00 PM PDT · by Starman417 · 10 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 08-19-12 | DrJohn
    Over at the Weekly Standard the Blog catches the exchange between Lester Holt and Mark Halperin in which Halperin says out loud what we've all known for a long time: "The Obama folks clearly know they've found some traction on this tax return issue with Romney," said NBC's Lester Holt. "And then of course late in the week comes this challenge--'give us a little more and we won't complain anymore.' Has this issue come to the point it's jumped the shark?" "I think the press still likes this story a lot, the media is very susceptible to doing what...
  • WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange calls on Obama to end 'witch hunt'

    08/19/2012 1:46:33 PM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 10 replies
    Newsday ^ | 08/19/12
    WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange calls on Obama to end 'witch hunt' WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange urged President Barack Obama to end a so-called "witch hunt" against his secret-spilling website, appearing in public Sunday for the first time since he took refuge two months ago inside Ecuador's Embassy in London to avoid extradition to Sweden on sex crimes allegations. The 41-year-old Australian, who has fought for two years against efforts to send him to Sweden for questioning over alleged sexual misconduct against two women, addressed several hundred supporters and reporters as he spoke from the small balcony of Ecuador's mission, watched...
  • Caption Barry buying peaches

    08/19/2012 12:15:57 PM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 49 replies
    U.S. President Barack Obama buys peaches at Mack's Apples in Londonderry, New Hampshire August 18, 2012. Obama will hold two campaign events in New Hampshire today.
  • What Will The End Of The United States Look Like ?

    08/19/2012 10:36:43 AM PDT · by Absolutely Nobama · 140 replies
    Alan Levy's Brain | 8/19/12 | Alan Levy
    As we stand at the edge of complete economic, political, and social disaster as a nation, I can't help but wonder what the end of the United States will look like. Will it look like Weimar Germany, with its hyperinflation and street battles between socialists (Yes, the Nazis were socialists) and communists ? Will it look like Greece, a bankrupted social democracy with absolutely no chance of ever righting the ship ? Will it look like the mindless mass murders that were the hallmarks of the French and Russian Revoulutions ? An argument can be made for each of the...
  • Defiant Julian Assange asks US to end its 'witch-hunt'

    08/19/2012 10:25:11 AM PDT · by Jyotishi · 36 replies
    PTI, DNA ^ | Sunday, August 19, 2012 | Prasun Sonwalkar
    London - WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on Sunday asked US President Barck Obama to end the "witch-hunt" against his whistleblower website as he emerged in public for the first time in two months since he took refuge in the Ecuador embassy in London to escape extradition to Sweden on alleged sex offences. "I ask President Obama to do the right thing, the United States must renounce its witch-hunt against WikiLeaks," Assange said. "The US war on whistleblowers must end. There must be no more foolish talk about prosecuting any media organisation, be it Wikileaks or the New York Times," the...
  • Obama: The First, Historic, Hen-Pecked President!

    08/19/2012 10:14:48 AM PDT · by NOBO2012
    Michelle Obama's Mirror ^ | 8-19-2012 | MOTUS
    Far be it from me to advance the meme that Big Guy is just a hen-pecked husband and president. In all truth though, I didn’t build that meme, somebody else did that. (H/T Jody Kantor, Ed Klein, David Maraniss) Butt I have to admit, there’s both smoke,            and fire with this one... ...Butt as I promised yesterday, today I examine Lavaughn’s essay for Harvard’s Black Law Student’s Association back when she was a student. You’ll see how Barry and Lavaughn were kindred spirits even before they met. Both of course were law students at Harvard, both were exposed to...
  • Ted Rall: Romney-Ryan extremism could revive liberal support for Obama (Stunningly bad)

    08/19/2012 9:52:24 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 22 replies
    The Tampa Tribune ^ | August 19, 2012 | Ted Rall
    Soviet citizens had to be Kremlinologists, studying subtle linguistic and tonal shifts in state propaganda, noting the seating order of party leaders at official functions, in order to predict the future direction of their lives. So too are we Americans, for without any way to really get to know our politicians—their press conferences and interviews are too infrequent and carefully stagemanaged, unchallenged by compliant journalistic toadies — we are reduced to reading signals. Even to an alienated electorate, the tealeaves are easy to read on the Republican side. Between Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate, his team...
  • Democrat Says Vets’ Criticism of President “Close to Treason”

    08/19/2012 9:28:37 AM PDT · by John Semmens · 32 replies
    Semi-News/Semi-Satire ^ | 18 Aug 2012 | John Semmens
    Long time Democratic partisan Bob Beckel said recent criticisms of security leaks in the Obama Administration by retired veterans of the Special Operations communities of all the Armed Forces “is close to treason.” “First, this is disloyalty of the most egregious sort,” Beckel argued. “The President is this nation’s Commander-in-Chief. As former military men these people ought not be casting aspersions on him. It’s insubordination.” “Second, their characterization of the information revealed as ‘leaks’ is out of line,” Beckel said. “Come on, he’s the C-in-C. He can reveal anything he wants if he thinks it is in the country’s best...
  • Obama wishes Muslims happy Eid

    08/18/2012 10:10:54 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 27 replies
    President Barack Obama wished Muslims well for the feast of Eid al-Fitr marking the end of the holy month of Ramadan. … Wishing Muslims across the United States and around the world "Eid mubarak" (happy holiday), Obama said the celebrations in America speak to "the truth that communities of faith—including Muslim Americans—enrich our national life, strengthen our democracy and uphold our freedoms, including the freedom of religion. That is why we stand with people of all faiths, in the United States and around the world, in protecting and advancing this universal human right." …
  • No Wag the Dog Election Surprise?

    08/19/2012 8:19:49 AM PDT · by FreeAtlanta · 26 replies
    pure vanity | 08/17/2012 | FreeAtlanta
    Is Obama caught between a rock and a hard place? Many of us have speculated that he would do anything to get reelected. He would even have a war with Iran or N. Korea... but, maybe that is off the table. It would not help him with conservatives. We know he is bad and want him gone. It might help a little with moderates or independents, but it would hurt with a large chunk of his no war, noway base. I was fearful that he would get us in a huge international disaster before the election, but with each passing...
  • Obama’s Loot-and-Plunder Theory on Steroids

    08/19/2012 7:46:32 AM PDT · by NaturalBornConservative · 4 replies
    Natural Born Conservative ^ | August 18, 2012 | Larry Walker Jr
    :: Use It or Lose it: We Can't Wait- By: Larry Walker, Jr. -According to unelected hoodlums within the Obama Administration, from 2003 to 2006, Congress set aside $473 million in earmark transportation funds that have never been spent. "These idle earmarks have sat on the shelf as our infrastructure continued to age and construction workers stood on the sideline,” Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood said in a conference call Friday. "I'm taking that unspent money and giving it right back to the states so they can put it to work on the infrastructure projects that they need most --...
  • The Wreck of the Obama-Biden (with apologies to Gordon Lightfoot)

    08/19/2012 6:54:27 AM PDT · by grey_whiskers · 56 replies
    The velveted paws of the typing tabby | 08-19-2012 | grey_whiskers
    The Wreck of the Obama-Biden The Legend lives on from Chicago on Down of the group that they call “The Tea Party” This hate group, they say, loves to eat Chik-Fil-A and their votes in November are hearty. With a deficit score some fifteen trillion more than the Obama-Biden had starting That good ticket and proud was lost like Maureen Dowd when November’s Red State surge came early. The ship was the pride of the Democrat side who swore they would take back Wisconsin As the Socialists go, it was lefter than most ‘cause they came from Chicago or Harvard...
  • Atlas shrugged? Manufacturing seems worn out

    08/19/2012 6:02:03 AM PDT · by KeyLargo · 31 replies
    Market Watch ^ | Aug 19, 2012 | Greg Robb
    Economic Preview Aug. 19, 2012, 12:02 a.m. EDT Atlas shrugged? Manufacturing seems worn out By Greg Robb, MarketWatch WASHINGTON (MarketWatch) — There are signs that the manufacturing sector, which has led the economic recovery, is about to take a breather. “It seems like the [factory] sector is stuck in neutral,” said Guy Berger, an economist at RBS in New York. Several factors appear to be at work, economists said. Smurfit-Stone Container Corporation’s facility in Coshocton, Ohio. Weakness in the global economy is cutting back exports. And factory owners are uncertain about how the outcome of the November election and what...
  • Chesterfield man held in hospital on concerns over Internet posts

    A Chesterfield County man and Marine veteran is in a local hospital after being picked up by federal and local law enforcement officials concerned about threatening Internet postings. Brandon J. Raub, 26, was in Hopewell's John Randolph Medical Center on Saturday. "I'm currently in John Randolph in the psychiatric ward being held against my will," Raub said in a telephone interview. Reports of his detention Thursday have gone viral on the Internet. Raub said Secret Service, FBI and Chesterfield police officers came to his home Thursday. "They were concerned about me calling for the arrest of government officials," he said....
  • "We Can't Wait" Funds Have Been Waiting

    08/19/2012 5:00:29 AM PDT · by LD Jackson · 5 replies
    Political Realities ^ | 08/19/12 | LD Jackson
    Do you recall the initiative unveiled last October by President Obama? It had a catch phrase "We Can't Wait" and it was designed to put pressure on the Republicans, accused by the President of blocking his plans to get America back on track. Much of the initiative was centered around Obama's use of Executive Orders, administrative rule making, and recess appointments to bypass Congress. Nothing really new with that, as we know the President would rather go it alone than have to deal with the oversight of Congress. What I find interesting is that many of the funds associated with...
  • Conservative Offers $20,000 to Anyone Who Can Produce Obama’s College Transcripts

    08/19/2012 1:26:58 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 42 replies ^ | August 19, 2012 | Doug Giles
    If you want to score twenty G’s this summer and garner at least thirty minutes of crazy fame then get busy rooting out Obama’s college transcripts. This past Friday provocateur Brooks Bayne who runs asked me if I’d help get the word out about his offer of 20k to anyone who could produce what the White House does not want us to lay our eyes on, namely: BHO’s college docs. I told Brooks, “Let me pray about it and I’ll get back with you.” Being a man of my word I knelt and prayed, “Lord, what would thou haveth...
  • Voters Want a Champion

    08/19/2012 4:25:06 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 20 replies ^ | August 19, 2012 | Salena Zito
    BEALLSVILLE, Ohio – Seventy-plus men walked out of the ground, overalls and hardhats covered in coal dust, and onto the risers of a stage built for a Mitt Romney speech. To onlookers, mostly press and staffers, the image was stunning. To the 2,600 family members gathered in the gravel parking lot or under tents, eating hotdogs and drinking pop, it was a moment of immense pride. This is what we do, said Tim Wiles: “We make things. We provide energy for the state, food for our families, and businesses are sustained around the county because they make money from...
  • Obamacare’s unpopularity blunts Obama’s attacks on Romney-Ryan Medicare plans

    08/19/2012 1:53:54 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 20 replies
    Mimai Herald ^ | August 18, 2012 | Marc Caputo
    Obamacare was supposed to be President Barack Obama’s legacy. But it’s looking like a political millstone. The mammoth and unpopular health insurance overhaul weighed down Democrats in 2010 when Republicans helped turn seniors to their side. ....“This could cost us the election,”...the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee’s political director wrote in a fundraising email last week. “We have to get the facts out to voters immediately.” .....Right now, Romney might be winning the public-relations war in Florida, according to a poll from Rasmussen Reports,.... Asked which plan “scares you more,” the poll found 54 percent of Florida seniors said Obamacare, while...
  • Could running mate Ryan run the country?

    08/19/2012 1:11:52 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 40 replies
    The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ^ | August 18, 2012 | Jason Stein
    Is GOP running mate Paul Ryan the stuff that presidents and commanders-in-chief are made of? Polling shows that many Americans are still making up their minds about the Janesville Republican as a vice presidential pick, though he's not surprisingly getting higher marks from voters in his home state. Ryan has deep knowledge of Congress and the federal budget, brains and vigor, and a telegenic ease with the media. But if called, could he manage the vast federal bureaucracy, protect the nation from peril overseas and inspire citizens across the country? The question isn't an idle one. Polls show it's the...
  • Hank Williams Jr. Calls Obama 'Muslim' Who 'Hates The Military'

    08/19/2012 12:38:47 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    The Hollywood Reporter ^ | August 18, 2012 | Aaron Couch
    The country singer's comments at the Iowa State Fair come during a month in which musicians have been particularly vocal about their politics. Hank Williams Jr. is giving the encore no one really asked for. The country star, who caused a stir last year by comparing President Barack Obama to Hitler, unleashed more sensational criticism of the Commander in Chief at the Iowa State Fair Friday. According to the Des Moines Register Williams told the crowd: "We've got a Muslim president who hates farming, hates the military, hates the U.S. and we hate him!" The controversial comments went over well...
  • Dump Joe Biden Chains Talk, Just That Talk.

    08/19/2012 12:07:22 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 10 replies
    Thy Black Man ^ | August 18, 2012 | Earl Ofari Hutchinson
    Hillary Clinton spokesman Philippe Reines turned faux rapper when he thumped out a rhythmic message to the press vehemently denying that there have been any meetings, back room deals, or nervous talk at the White House about dumping Joe Biden and replacing him with Hillary. Reines had to move quickly to squelch the incessant media chatter about a Joe Biden exit for two simple reasons. One it’s not going to happen. Even if Hillary hadn’t repeatedly and vehemently said it wasn’t going to happen, history has shown presidents almost never dump their VPs in the midst of their reelection bid....
  • Obama Camp Wants Petition Signatures to Get Romney to Release Tax Returns

    08/18/2012 8:01:57 PM PDT · by smoothsailing · 142 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 8-18-2012 | Bridget Johnson
    August 18, 2012 Obama Camp Wants Petition Signatures to Get Romney to Release Tax Returns Bridget Johnson The Obama campaign is asking supporters to sign a letter to Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney release “just five years of tax returns.”In an email to the list, campaign manager Jim Messina noted the letter he sent Friday morning to Romney’s campaign manager, vowing to get off Romney’s back about the returns if the documents were produced. The Romney camp brushed off Messina’s move.Now Messina has converted his letter into an online petition of sorts.“According to the one full year of returns...
  • Group Using Obama's Hollywood Supporters in Campaign Against Him (Video)[OPSEC]

    08/18/2012 9:30:10 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 15 replies
    The Hollywood Reporter ^ | August 17, 2012 | Paul Bond
    Former military and CIA officers employ images of Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg and Kathryn Bigelow in new effort to derail Obama reelection. A group of former military and C.I.A. officers kicked off a campaign to malign President Barack Obama over alleged security leaks by appearing on seven TV shows on Thursday. The backbone of their effort, though, is a 22-minute video that has been viewed about 400,000 times since it posted Wednesday on YouTube. While the administration and liberal organizations quickly denounced the group, known as OPSEC, as a clone of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth that helped derail...
  • Joe Biden: The “practically perfect” vice president (They're serious!)

    08/18/2012 8:57:51 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 19 replies
    Salon ^ | August 18, 2012 | Jonathan Bernstein
    Ignore the right-wing outrage: Barack Obama couldn't have found a better vice president than Joe Biden. In one of the more futile spin attempts we’ve seen so far in the long and frequently annoying 2012 campaign for the White House, Republicans last week decided to go after Joe Biden, with various conservatives even suggesting that a decision to replace him on the ticket was around the corner. Of course, in real life, Biden’s place is absolutely secure, and not just because presidents from Dwight Eisenhower to Richard Nixon to George H.W. Bush learned that dumping a vice president isn’t as...