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  • Investigative journalist says Obama joined a “gay club” at Occidental College

    02/27/2015 4:49:31 AM PST · by HomerBohn · 34 replies
    Fellowship Of The Minds ^ | 2/26/2015 | Dr. Eowyn
    Last night, Johnson went on a Twitter binge, firing off a series of tweets about Obama, including one I’d never seen/heard of before — that Obama joined a homosexual students’ club when he entered Occidental College in southern California in 1979. In his other tweets, Johnson also claims the following: He knows most of the classes Obama took in Occidental College and Columbia University. He knows who “really funded” Obama’s purported biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr.’s education at the University of Hawaii. Obama’s roommate at Columbia U., the Pakistani named Sohale Siddiqi, is “gay”. Obama’s mother, Stanley Ann Dunham,...
  • Obama Romance Movie In Works – Who Will Play Young Barack? (Barf)

    12/05/2014 10:16:18 AM PST · by C19fan · 77 replies
    Deadline Hollywood ^ | December 5, 2014 | Jen Yamato
    EXCLUSIVE: The White House legend that is Barack and Michelle Obama’s romance is heading to the screen. Southside With You, a drama in the vein of Before Sunrise, chronicles the summer 1989 afternoon when the future President of the United States of America wooed his future First Lady on an epic first date across Chicago’s South Side. Get On Up’s Tika Sumpter will play Michelle Obama (née Robinson), while the search is on to cast the young Barack.
  • Is Obama.....

    08/12/2014 5:14:29 AM PDT · by wolfman23601 · 19 replies
    Guys, we've all seen this picture a countless number of times, but is Obama holding hands with Borat?
  • Joan Rivers Calls President “Gay,” Michelle Obama “Tr*nny” — Watch Video Here

    07/03/2014 7:13:05 PM PDT · by stuck_in_new_orleans · 112 replies
    So Joan called Obama "Gay" and Mooshell "a tranny". Because she insulted a Dem president she will likely be fired.
  • Obama: We sent Putin a message on gay issue

    02/06/2014 4:07:19 PM PST · by SkyPilot · 62 replies
    The Hill ^ | 6 Feb 14 | Rebecca Shabad
    President Obama said he “no doubt” wanted to make clear to Russia that the United States doesn’t accept discrimination by sending gay athletes to the Olympics. Obama sent hockey player Caitlin Kaho and figure skater Brian Boitano to represent the U.S. delegation--both are openly gay. “There is no doubt we wanted to make it very clear that we do not abide by discrimination in anything, including discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation, and one of the wonderful things about the Olympics is that you are judged by your merit,” Obama said in an interview with Bob Costas on Thursday....
  • Claim: Obama hid 'gay life' to become president

    09/18/2013 10:31:21 AM PDT · by golux · 83 replies
    WND ^ | 09/11/2012 | J. Corsi
    (...) “It was preposterous to the people I knew then to think Obama was going to keep his gay life secret,” said Kevin DuJan, who was a gossip columnist in Chicago for various blogs when Obama was living in the city as a community organizer and later a state senator. (...) He pointed to Obama’s association with convicted Chicago real estate magnate Tony Rezko, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Rev. Wright. “Obama was a dirty politician that the media never wanted to vet – that’s what concerned me about Obama,” (...) “President Obama and his chief of staff...
  • Obama's Hidden Gay Lifestyle - new details

    02/28/2013 5:43:47 AM PST · by jsanders2001 · 53 replies
    WND ^ | Jerome E. Corsi
    A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House. “It is common knowledge in the Chicago gay community that Obama actively visited the gay bars and bathhouses in Chicago while he was an Illinois state senator,” Madsen told WND. “Nobody who knew Obama in the gay bar scene thought he could possibly be president,” said DuJan. DuJan, founder and editor of the Hillary Clinton-supporting website,...
  • POST-DEBATE OBAMA ROUGHS UP MICHELE---demands cheese that stays on the cracker

    10/06/2012 4:19:22 AM PDT · by Liz · 38 replies
    COMMENTARY | 10/6/12
    Routed at the all-important first presidential debate, Obama sought to vent his frustrations as his opponent catapulted to the lead in battleground states. Obama---AKA the Hush Puppy President---had to show he really did have strength and good talking points---and that he could actually dominate an intelligent discussion. "For crying out loud," Obama berated Michele, using debate-style assertiverness, "Is it too much to ask that you buy cheese that stays on the frickin' cracker?" Shell-shocked Obama campaign aides were more circumspect---some requested Michele get aerosol Cheeze Whiz to ease their post-debate cheesiness. As flop-sweating Obama aides waited for more suitable cheese,...
  • Jesse Jackson, Wright 'arranged' Obama marriage

    10/04/2012 8:10:10 PM PDT · by MtnClimber · 58 replies
    World Net Daily ^ | Oct 3, 2012 | Jerome R. Corsi
    As a young single woman, Michelle Robinson was a fixture in the home of civil rights leader Jesse Jackson, who along with Rev. Jeremiah Wright “arranged” her marriage to Barack Obama, according to sources in Chicago who know the couple. Jackson’s daughter, Santita, is still one of Michelle’s best friends. “It all relates back to Trinity and to the Jesse Jackson orbit of blacks here in Chicago who gave Obama legitimacy and helped him establish his identity as a black man,” Robyn explained. “The political left wanted to push a black to the presidency, and the key operatives in the...
  • Trinity Church members reveal Obama shocker! (Jeremiah Wright and the "Down Low" gang)

    10/02/2012 9:33:36 PM PDT · by Perseverando · 62 replies ^ | October 2, 2012 | Jerome R. Corsi
    'Matchmaker' Rev. Jeremiah Wright 'provided cover for gays' After nearly four years in office, many Americans still express frustration that much about Barack Obama remains a mystery as establishment media remain incurious about the Democratic president, while seemingly ready to dispatch crack investigative teams at a moment’s notice to probe into the personal lives of Republican figures such as Sarah Palin. Largely ignored in 2008 was research by the Hillary Clinton campaign based on contacts developed with members of the church Obama attended for two decades, Trinity United Church of Christ in Chicago. This is the first of a series...
  • Trinity Church members reveal Obama shocker!

    10/03/2012 5:05:26 AM PDT · by ZachJones · 24 replies
    WND ^ | October 2, 2012 | Corsi
    ...To Trinity insiders, the Down Low Club was simply known as “the program.” “That’s the terminology. At Trinity, you’re urged to ‘get with the program,’” explained a male beneficiary of the Down Low Club. “What that means is it’s OK to go ahead and have sex with men, just as long as you ‘get with the program’ and marry a woman, somebody no straight guy would want to marry.” The wife, the Down Low Club member explained, is “your ‘beard,’ your cover – so you can look like you’re living a straight life, even thought your not.”...

    09/11/2012 10:30:40 PM PDT · by SaveOurRepublicFromTyranny · 20 replies
    WND ^ | September 11, 2012 | JEROME R. CORSI
    A prominent member of Chicago’s homosexual community claims Barack Obama’s participation in the “gay” bar and bathhouse scene was so well known that many who were aware of his lifestyle were shocked when he ran for president and finally won the White House...
  • Kal Penn is to Barack Obama what Marilyn Monroe was to John F. Kennedy

    09/06/2012 12:21:44 PM PDT · by mojito · 30 replies
    HillBuzz ^ | 9/5/2012 | Kevin DuJan
    ....Some day, twenty years or so form now, you’re going to just accept as similar fact that actor Kal Penn and President Obama had a romantic relationship that began on the 2008 campaign trail and continued when Obama asked Penn to move to Washington so they could be close to one another and the two could have sex more frequently. Future biographies of President Obama must contain entire chapters devoted to how Penn’s presence in the White House affected and strained Obama’s relationship with longtime “body man” Reggie Love, who friends and acquaintances since his days playing basketball at Duke...
  • Where Barry Met Larry-historically mark Obama’s gay hot spots in Chicago

    08/17/2012 6:12:04 PM PDT · by Mortrey · 25 replies
    Hillbuzz ^ | August 17, 2012 Read more | Kevin DuJan Read more
    "I also think there needs to be a “historic marker” affixed to Man’s Country Bathhouse up in the Andersonville neighborhood of Chicago, as well..."
  • Is Barack Obama Gay? (videos at link)

    07/22/2012 1:02:30 AM PDT · by tsowellfan · 52 replies
    Since at least the 1964 election, the agenda-driven media in this country has aggressively promoted the Left’s favored candidates in every election while strategically targeting conservatives for destruction. A copy of the Alinsky Rules for Radicals sits in every newsroom in the country, where “journalists” employ Alinsky Methods to polarize, ostracize, ridicule, and impugn Republicans at every available opportunity. In the zeal to destroy conservative politicians, the agenda-drive media quite often reports rumors and innuendo as concrete fact. Leftist websites like rush to be first! in reporting Republican scandals, never much worrying about being “right”. A real double-standard’s in...
  • Obama: 'New York girlfriend' was composite

    05/02/2012 10:05:45 AM PDT · by Bigtigermike · 79 replies
    Politico ^ | Wednesday May 2, 2012
    One of the more mysterious characters from President Obama's 1995 autobiography Dreams From My Father is the so-called 'New York girlfriend.' Obama never referred to her by name, or even by psuedonym, but he describes her appearance, her voice, and her mannerisms in specific detail. But Obama has now told biographer David Maraniss that the 'New York girlfriend' was actually a composite character, based off of multiple girlfriends he had both in New York City and in Chicago. "During an interview in the Oval Office, Obama acknowledged that, while Genevieve was his New York girlfriend, the description in his memoir...
  • Fallout from Cain Accusations Hits White House [Plus the Real Scandal, per Thomas Sowell]

    11/10/2011 11:08:33 AM PST · by QT3.14 · 27 replies
    The Conservatory ^ | November 10, 2011 | Dan Collins
    In response to the media frenzy over the allegations of impropriety aimed at Herman Cain, some people on the Internet, I included, began to revisit the allegations from 2008 that Barack Obama was a member of the homosexual DLC arranged by hate whitey preacher Reverend Wright, either in blogs or on social media. In a story of thwarted bromance almost as compelling as that of the “gay penguins,” Reggie Love is now leaving the White House:
  • Why won’t the media report on Barack Obama being gay, the way they leaped to trash Herman Cain?

    11/10/2011 9:25:35 AM PST · by mojito · 14 replies
    HillBuzz ^ | 11/7/2011 | Kevin DuJan
    Last week, the agenda-driven, drive-by media trashed Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain with unsubstantiated and poorly sourced sexual innuendo. This week, let’s all talk about Democrat President Barack Obama being gay, him sexually harassing male actor Kal Penn, and his frequenting of Chicago gay bathhouse “Man’s Country” — using the Left’s established precedent for journalistic integrity when it comes to rumor and gossip. Fair’s fair, right — in love, politics, and what’s apparently allowable in the 2012 election now that all-out war was declared on the black Republican presidential contender. Why shouldn’t conservatives treat Barack Obama the way the Left...
  • White House Hints at More Economic Speeches, Proposals Ahead

    09/02/2011 12:51:07 PM PDT · by sunmars · 165 replies
    fox ^ | Fox
    In what could be a way of lowering expectations for next Thursday's big economic speech, aides to President Obama are privately spreading word that he will not present his entire jobs plan in his address to a Joint Session of Congress. Aides say Thursday's speech will be part of a bigger plan the White House will roll out throughout the fall with the president hitting the road for speeches and town hall appearances. Aides have already confirmed that Obama will be traveling to California, Colorado, and Washington state for one three-day swing later this month that will include economic events...
  • John Drew on Obama at Occidental College - Barry had a gay old time

    07/15/2010 5:18:55 AM PDT · by vrwc54 · 20 replies · 6+ views
    You Tube ^ | 7/14/10 | John Drew/RobtKraft
    Entire John Drew Interview
  • Female Heads of State Past and Present or Is Obama Our First Woman President

    05/03/2010 6:23:52 AM PDT · by vrwc54 · 2 replies · 395+ views
    You Tube ^ | 5/02/10 | RobtKraft/GrannyJan
    He isn't half the woman that Margaret Thatcher is.
  • Wimpy Wimpy Wimpy

    02/01/2010 4:45:55 PM PST · by vrwc54 · 6 replies · 386+ views
    You Tube ^ | 2/01/10 | RobtKraft/Granny Jan
    Obama is wimpy, wimpy, wimpy. Jihad Kitty is hefty, hefty, hefty.
  • Obama is our first metrosexual president-nothing wrong with that

    11/18/2009 9:27:11 AM PST · by vrwc54 · 6 replies · 361+ views
    You Tube ^ | 11/18/09 | RobtKraft
    You thought he was just our first black president.
  • Larry Sinclair $100,000 Polygraph challenge has been scheduled for next Tuesday in NYC

    02/19/2008 11:46:19 AM PST · by HD1200 · 176 replies · 536+ views
    We're not ready to share all the details about our upcoming evening lie-detecting with Obama accuser Larry Sinclair, but there are a few things that we want to tell you – namely that we've agreed on a time and place to carry out our wager with Mr. Sinclair. We're going to meet him on Tuesday, February 26th at a undisclosed location in New York City. We've picked a polygraph expert, too: a renowned expert who has been involved in quite a few high-profile cases who we're not going to name until the results are not only in, but have been...
  • Keyes, Obama Speak at Sunday Services

    11/01/2004 7:23:17 AM PST · by Keyes2000mt · 4 replies · 385+ views
    On the final Sunday of the senate race, Alan Keyes says he will shock the nation Tuesday with the help of God. Even if he loses, he says he is staying right here in Illinois to rescue republican voters from their "corrupt" party leaders. On the upcoming election, Keyes pleaded with Illinois voters to reject the quote `wicked evil corrupt ways' of Barack Obama, who is taking it all in stride on the way to what figures to be a landslide victory. Republican Alan Keyes, more preacher than politician today, spoke at a south side church. He pleaded with parishioners...
  • Keyes/Obama Debate 1 of 3 (Live Thread for Keyes Supporters)

    10/12/2004 4:43:47 PM PDT · by unspun · 313 replies · 6,379+ views
    10/12/2004 | live thread
    DEBATE – Illinois Radio NetworkLocation: Old State Capitol, Springfieldlisten to live stream from WJBC AM 1230 be carried on the following Illinois Radio Network affiliates:Alton - WBGZ AM 1570Benton - WQRL 106.3 FMBloomington - WJBC AM 1230Carbondale - WCIL AM 1020, WJPF AM 1340Champaign - WDWS AM 1400Chicago - WBBM 96.3 FM, AM 780Danville - WDAN AM 1490Decatur - WSOY AM 1340, 102.9 FMEffingham - WCRC 95.7 FM Galesburg - WGIL AM 1400Joliet - WJOL AM 1340Litchfield - WSMI - 106.1 FM Metropolis - WMOK AM 920Peoria - WMBD AM 1470Quincy - WGEM 105.1 FMRockford - WNTA AM 1330Springfield...