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  • The First English Translation of ‘The Odyssey’ by a Woman Was Worth the Wait

    11/17/2017 7:49:01 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 31 replies
    Washington Post ^ | November 16 | Madeline Miller
    Attempting a new translation of “The Odyssey” is like directing “Hamlet.” Much of your audience knows the work well, and they take their seats with entrenched expectations and the intonations of favorite performances reverberating in their heads. At the same time, though, you will have audience members who have never seen the play, for whom you provide the introduction to a giant of Western literature. And let us not forget those who are there under duress, dreading the upcoming hours of boredom. You must find a way to speak to all these disparate groups, sneaking past the defenses of the...
  • Splendid Strength (Review: The Iliad, Translated by Peter Green)

    06/07/2015 5:40:28 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 39 replies
    The Washingon Free Beacon ^ | June 7, 2015 | Kate Harvard
    When it comes to picking a translation of the Iliad or the Odyssey, readers of Homer sometimes feel as if they are being forced to choose between the beautiful and the good. The most popular translations of Homer are either praised for their poetry or for their accuracy, but not for both. Robert Fitzgerald and Robert Fagles’ translations are known for their lovely verses, but also for taking liberties with the text. Meanwhile, Richard Lattimore’s translation is known for being line-by-line accurate to the Greek, but also for being convoluted and difficult to read. However, his fidelity to the text...
  • Philistines at the Gate

    06/02/2005 8:09:10 AM PDT · by EarthStomper · 33 replies · 736+ views ^ | 06-02-05 | Lee Harris
    In a recent meeting of the Board of Education in the city of Artichoke, Alabama, it was decided to ban the reading of Homer's Illiad and Odyssey in the classroom. The grounds given for the exclusion of these towering masterpieces of ancient literature is that reading them in a public school violated the first amendment's guarantee of the separation of church and state. Wallace Nobrainer, the attorney for the Artichoke school system, explained that "the Homeric texts are obviously designed to promote the polytheistic view of the Greeks," and hence they should be looked upon in the same light as...
  • Author Says a Whole Culture -- Not a Single 'Homer' -- Wrote 'Iliad,' 'Odyssey'

    01/05/2015 1:09:44 PM PST · by SunkenCiv · 65 replies
    National Geographic ^ | January 4, 2015 | Simon Worrall
    In Why Homer Matters, historian and award-winning author Adam Nicolson suggests that Homer be thought of not as a person but as a tradition and that the works attributed to him go back a thousand years earlier than generally believed. Speaking from his home in England, Nicolson describes how being caught in a storm at sea inspired his passion for Homer, how the oral bards of the Scottish Hebrides may hold the key to understanding Homer's works, and why smartphones are connecting us to ancient oral traditions in new and surprising ways... About ten years ago, I set off sailing...
  • Hillary's Odyssey [VDH]

    11/05/2013 11:19:47 AM PST · by Servant of the Cross · 12 replies
    National Review ^ | 11/4/2013 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Hillary Clinton(s) ... current frenetic speaking career is consistent with the ethics that allowed Anthony Weiner’s wife, Huma Abedin, to freelance as a six-figure private “consultant” while simultaneously working as Hillary’s aide ... (snip)Hillary voted for the Iraq War. In October 2002, she gave a fine speech explaining why we had to remove Saddam Hussein — fulfilling the pledge of Bill’s Iraq Liberation Act and his incomplete 1998 Desert Fox bombing — only to become a fierce critic of her 2002 position when the polls went south on the war and she started eyeing the presidency. The complete pullout from...
  • “Curiosity" Safely on Mars!

    08/05/2012 10:40:16 PM PDT · by BwanaNdege · 95 replies
    Odyssey has safely landed on Mars and is transmitting photos.
  • Scientists calculate the exact date of the Trojan horse using eclipse in Homer

    06/24/2008 11:49:01 AM PDT · by LibWhacker · 42 replies · 109+ views
    Telegraph ^ | 6/24/08 | Roger Highfield
    The exact date when the Greeks used the Trojan horse to raze the city of Troy has been pinpointed for the first time using an eclipse mentioned in the stories of Homer, it was claimed today. # The truth about an epic tale of love, war and greed Scientists have calculated that the horse was used in 1188 BC, ten years before Homer in his Odyssey describes the return of a warrior to his wife on the day the "sun is blotted out of the sky". The legend of the fall of Troy is mentioned in Virgil and Homer's poems...
  • Is an Eclipse Described in the Odyssey (and does it date the return of Odysseus to Penelope)

    07/08/2011 11:33:43 AM PDT · by wildbill · 41 replies
    “Now when did Odysseus return to Penelope? The date is given with a precision most unusual in epic poetry.” "Because the lines describing the alleged eclipse are considered suspect, we shall use other passages in the Odyssey to shed some light on the issue, without assuming an eclipse. Given an interpretation of certain passages in the Odyssey as describing astronomical phenomena, we will look for dates in which the phenomena match. We shall find that the most likely day matching these other phenomena is 16 April 1178 B.C., suggesting there may be corroborating information in the epic for the eclipse...

    03/25/2011 8:47:14 AM PDT · by Lucky9teen · 118 replies
    Top 10 Rejected Obama Mission Names Apparently the White House tossed out a number of perfectly good names before arriving at "Operation Odyssey Dawn":10.Operation Nine Months In The Senate Didn't Prepare Me For This 9. Operation Organizing for Libya 8. Operation Double Standard 7. Operation FINE! I'll Do Something 6. Operation Enduring Narcissism 5. Operation So That's What the Red Button Does 4. Operation France Backed Me Into A Corner 3. Operation Start Without Me 2. Operation Unlike Bush Wars This One Is Justified Because Hey Look A Squirrel 1. Operation Aimless Fury Other ideas for Mission names: Operation...
  • Al‐Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq: A First Look at the Sinjar Records

    03/22/2011 1:46:38 PM PDT · by fso301 · 8 replies
    US Military Academy West Point, NY ^ | Dec 2007 | Joseph Felter and Brian Fishman
    Recent political developments in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the prevalence of Libyan fighters in Iraq, and evidence of a well‐established smuggling route for Libyans through Egypt, suggests that Libyan factions (primarily the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group) are increasingly important in al‐Qa’ida. The Sinjar Records offer some evidence that Libyans began surging into Iraq in larger numbers beginning in May 2007. Most of the Libyan recruits came from cities in North‐East Libya, an area long known for jihadi‐linked militancy. Libyan fighters were much more likely than other nationalities to be listed as suicide bombers (85% for Libyans, 56% for all others).
  • Treasure Hunters Pursue U.S. Investors Seeking Golden Adventures

    11/27/2010 7:14:31 AM PST · by Palter · 2 replies
    WSJ ^ | 27 Nov 2010 | DAVID BENOIT
    Spanish doubloons meant to fund wars, solid gold bars bound for Europe's royalty and bronze cannons that protected it all now sit scattered across the ocean floor from shipwrecks. But in a new investment plan by Odyssey Marine Exploration Inc., those long-ago sunken treasures could soon be part of investor portfolios. The Tampa, Fla., company, whose work has been documented on the Discovery Channel and on the pages of National Geographic, plans to allow investors a chance to purchase a share of a treasure hunt and split the spoils. Think of it as a romantic play on all-time highs in...
  • Project Troia -- Bronze Age Troy Just Keeps on Growing

    10/08/2010 6:04:17 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 11 replies
    Heritage Key ^ | Monday, October 4, 2010 | Ann Wuyts
    German archaeologists have made new discoveries at modern day Hisarlik, northwest Turkey -- ancient Troy. The finds further confirm the area occupied during the Bronze Age was not limited to the citadel; Troy VI and VII were much larger than originally thought. The three year research project at Troy -- lead by Prof. Ernst Pernicka, from the University of Tubingen's Institute of Pre- and Early History -- sees scholars focus on the analysis and publication of materials found since the university started excavations at the site in 1988... smaller excavations... in combination with geophysical surveying and the drilling of test...
  • Archeologists make historic discovery (Tomb of Odysseus)

    09/23/2005 7:37:53 PM PDT · by wagglebee · 123 replies · 5,382+ views
    The Madera Tribune ^ | 8/27/05 | Thomas Elias
    POROS, Island of Kefalonia, Greece - The tomb of Odysseus has been found, and the location of his legendary capital city of Ithaca discovered here on this large island across a one-mile channel from the bone-dry islet that modern maps call Ithaca. This could be the most important archeological discovery of the last 40 years, a find that may eventually equal the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann’s 19th Century dig at Troy. But the quirky people and politics involved in this achievement have delayed by several years the process of reporting the find to the world. Yet visitors to Kefalonia, an...
  • Search Locates Homer's Ithaca

    09/29/2005 1:52:09 PM PDT · by blam · 32 replies · 1,005+ views
    BBC ^ | 9-29-2005
    Search 'locates' Homer's Ithaca An amateur British archaeologist says he has located Ithaca, the homeland of Homer's legendary hero Odysseus. Robert Bittlestone - backed by two experts - claims the rocky island depicted in The Odyssey is part of Greek tourist destination Cephalonia. He used satellite imagery to match the area's landscape with descriptions in the poem about the return of the man behind the wooden horse of Troy. Many experts had stated Homer was referring to the island of Ithaki. They had explained geographical inconsistencies in The Odyssey by suggesting that Homer lived much later than the events portrayed...
  • Odyssey's End? The Search for Ancient Ithaca

    04/02/2006 9:48:35 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 10 replies · 269+ views
    Smithsonian Magazine ^ | Fergus M. Bordewich, Photographs by Jeffrey Aaronson
    Scholars have long agreed that ancient and modern Zachynthos are one and the same. Similarly, ancient Same was certainly the main body of modern Cephalonia, where a large town named Sami still exists. But modern Ithaca—a few miles east of Cephalonia—was hardly "the farthest out to sea," and its mountainous topography doesn't fit Homer's "lying low" description. (Bittlestone believes ancient Doulichion became modern Ithaca after refugees came there following an earthquake or other disaster and changed its name.) "The old explanations just felt unsatisfactory," says Bittlestone. "I kept wondering, was there possibly a radical new solution to this?" Back home...
  • Drill hole begins Homeric quest

    10/11/2006 9:53:43 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 10 replies · 409+ views
    BBC News ^ | Wednesday, 11 October 2006 | Jonathan Amos
    Most people think the modern-day Ionian island of Ithaki is the location. But geologists are this week sinking a test borehole on nearby Kefalonia in an attempt to test whether its western peninsula of Paliki is the real site. The scientists hope to find evidence that the peninsula once stood proud, separated from Kefalonia by a narrow, navigable marine channel. It is only within the last 2,500-3,000 years - and long after Homer's time - that the channel has been filled in, the team contends. "We can't prove the story of the Odyssey is true, but we can test whether...
  • "Adultery: Siren's Song"

    07/18/2009 5:29:23 PM PDT · by mft112345 · 5 replies · 922+ views
    Youtube ^ | July 18 | MT
    If you hear the siren's song, traveler it won't be long. You'll fall prostrate at her feet so bewitched that you can't eat. Won't you fill your ears with wax before siren's song attacks? Have us tie you to the mast; otherwise you will not last. You'll forget all in her voice; step back while you have a choice. Go home to your worried wife. Beauty hopes to end your life.
  • Wreck of renowned British warship found in Channel

    02/01/2009 9:42:19 AM PST · by george76 · 20 replies · 1,022+ views
    Associated Press ^ | February 01, 2009 | MITCH STACY,
    Florida deep-sea explorers who found $500 million in sunken treasure two years ago say they have discovered another prized shipwreck: A legendary British man-of-war that sank in the English Channel 264 years ago. Odyssey Marine Exploration hasn't found any gold this time, but it's looking for an even bigger jackpot. The company's research indicates the HMS Victory was carrying 4 tons of gold coins that could be worth considerably more than the treasure that Odyssey raised from a sunken Spanish galleon in 2007, co-founder Greg Stemm said ahead of a news conference set for Monday in London. So far, Odyssey...
  • The Improvised Odyssey of Barack Obama

    12/30/2008 12:06:50 AM PST · by neverdem · 23 replies · 974+ views
    American Thinker ^ | December 28, 2008 | Jack Cashill
    There is no science to validate the thesis that follows, no academy to adjudicate it, and little hope of convincing the Obama faithful even to consider it, let alone concede its validity.  That much said, the evidence is self-evident, accessible to all, and overwhelming.  The thesis is simple enough:  Bill Ayers served as Barack Obama's muse in the creation of Obama's 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father.  Ayers breathed creative life into this ungifted amateur, who had written nothing of note before, and reconceived him as a literary prodigy.  "I was astonished by his ability to write, to think, to...
  • Iowahawk: The Idiossey

    08/29/2008 8:55:24 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 31 replies · 201+ views
    Iowahawk | August 29, 2008 | David Burge
    The Not-Really-That-Epic Poem of Obamacles (with Apologies to Homer) Continued