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  • Shouldn't California be collapsing right about now?

    03/23/2013 11:28:54 PM PDT · by eekitsagreek · 43 replies
    I am not an economist, but with all that is going on over there: high taxes, decrease in revenues, businesses leaving, low-skilled and poorly educated illegal immigrants sucking up the social services, etc...shouldn't we be seeing signs of collapse? I would have thought that something would have happened by now. I keep hearing all this talk about economic collapse not just for certain states, but for the entire country. Is that really going to happen with chaos reigning, or will it more likely be just be just a condition where everything is stagnant?
  • EPA/LISA JACKSON Looks like there is another scandal of the socialist party unfolding.

    01/16/2013 7:16:21 PM PST · by modernline2009 · 7 replies
    What did Lisa Jackson do? Looks like there is another scandal of the socialist party unfolding but I don't know the details of it. Does anyone know?
  • Chris Christie- RINO

    10/04/2011 7:44:00 AM PDT · by Thunder90 · 22 replies
    Chris Christie is a RINO. He supports illegal aliens He supports Obamacare He supports gun control While he cut spending, Christie relied on stimulus funding for his state His record on spending is not that stellar.
  • Perry Played Race Card First (Vanity)

    10/04/2011 4:15:08 AM PDT · by no dems · 32 replies
    October 4, 2011 | no dems
    Reference: Herman Cain's comments re: the offensive, racial slur on the big rock at the Hunting Camp visited by the Perry family for decades. Now that the bruhaha over Herman Cain's comments (Perry showed insensitivity) have subsided somewhat, I'd like to make this observation: Many have accused Cain of "playing the race card". Well, granted, he jumped the gun and failed to avoid the "trap" set for him by the liberal media. He needs to apologize and move on. However..... IMO, Rick Perry played the race card big-time when, in the last Debate, he accused those of us who oppose...
  • Do Republicans who read/watch liberal media suffer from a form of battered wife syndrome?

    09/29/2011 8:47:14 AM PDT · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 13 replies
    As the current republican primary process unfolds, I find one parallel to be very interesting. The liberal media has smeared all candidates except one, Mitt Romney. They've gone out and manufactured fake out of context videos about "big black clouds", they've said things where blatantly false when they were blatantly true, and yet one candidate stands alone as unsmeared. He's not getting great press, don't misunderstand. But he's not the subject of the media war that we've come to all be familiar with. Why? The media absolutely love and adore Barack Obama, so it's not for lack of zeal. AND!...
  • FOX NEWS: Tax Hikes 'Impossible' Under Debt Deal? Think Again ( Debt deal is indeed a BIG TAX HIKE!)

    08/01/2011 11:06:13 AM PDT · by Kevin in California · 264 replies
    FoxNews ^ | August 01, 2011 3:20PM Eastern | Staff
    <p>Just reported that in this debt deal is indeed a BIG TAX HIKE!</p>
  • Vanity: Have We Reached the Point of No Return in Politics?

    08/01/2011 11:01:55 AM PDT · by Raycpa · 95 replies · 1+ views
    August 1, 2011 | Self
    I have always thought that the direction our country would be set by people yielding to practical solutions that work. The left has always wanted us to be socialists but at least willing to push for changes that did little or no damage to our countries economy or its military status. The right has been patient with the left. Like a parent trying to discipline a child, the right has restrained itself and just like a parent has given in too much and given too little discipline. However, I sense that we have reached a point of no return. The...
  • AMAZING..Americans don't like Obamacare Death Panels Congress agrees to do it for Zero.

    08/01/2011 8:43:51 AM PDT · by Marty62 · 24 replies
    Self | 8-01-2011 | Self
    Yes it is amazing that Americans are ready to buy that pig because the Washington Whores put lipstick and a tootoo on the Medical commissions. Zero and his Medical Fascist had to back off (really?) the Care Commission. But how did they get around it? By putting it in Congresses hands. NO agencies and departments on the block. MILITARY and HEALTHCARE. The can claim it's only Medicare. But according to Obamacare Eveyone must be covered by the Obamacare T-4 Program. WHEN in the H will Americans get a CLUE?
  • When the Senate bill, goes to the House, has Boehner promised to keep the 72 hr rule?

    07/31/2011 1:40:42 PM PDT · by ken5050 · 17 replies
    one man's opinion...
    We are told there is a time critical element to this whole process, though it seems that Tuesday may NOT be as hard and fast a deadline as we're led to believe. Has Boehner promised that he will keep the 72 hr rule..that a bill MUST be online for that time period before voting on it.
  • Fox Morning: Debt deal will involve Repubs folding

    07/31/2011 6:28:45 AM PDT · by pabianice · 46 replies
    Fox News Live | 7/31/11
    Per discussion this AM about the debt ceiling/tax cut proposals, several congresspeople say deal now involves making sure it would go past the 2012 elections and would mean one dollar cuts for each two dollars of debt ceiling increase, with immediate cuts being tiny. Looks like the Repubs are folding.
  • Two billion dollar cut in this years budget

    07/14/2011 8:39:33 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 15 replies
    July14 ,2011 | Hojcyzk
    Listening to John Batchelor...Mitch McConnel asked OBAMA what are the cuts in this years budget..answer TWO BILLION....the rest of the 1.5 trillion is out years smoke and mirrors...that is why he came up with his plan..Why not send something to the senate..GOP is hopeless is guess..hope I'm wrong..
  • The MaggieCarta PDS Dictionary (The OTHER Word of the Day)

    12/07/2010 9:11:13 PM PST · by MaggieCarta · 63 replies
    Various | 12/7/10 | You Know Who
    Maybe you know her as the “PDS” Princess, the splenetic sister of snark, a loyal correspondent or perhaps a really fun time waster. Whatever you call her, DeMille can forget getting his close-up, because the FReeper known as MaggieCarta is ready for her zot, Mr. Robinson… Ok, before I begin the Dictionary, I'd like to say, I've really enjoyed my time here on FR. Best wishes, and a Merry Christmas and a Happy 2011 to all. The dictionary begins below...
  • Vanity - 6 weeks to go, make your Predictions

    09/20/2010 7:36:48 PM PDT · by Perdogg · 71 replies
    09.21.10 | Perdogg
    1) Nevada Sharon Angle or Dirty Harry 2) Delaware O'Donnell or Coons 3) California Carley or Boxer 4) NY Gov Paladino or Cuomo 5) Cal Gov Meg or Jerry 6) GOP House will net a) >70 b) 40 > but <70 c) <40 d) Less than zero 7) Surprise of the night?
  • If Republicans reject Sarah Palin, we don't deserve to win

    08/04/2010 2:07:38 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 262 replies · 1+ views
    To all who support Sarah Palin. Please do not support or send money to anyone that rejects her in the future. Do not support the RNC. Send your money to SarahPac. To all of those who don't support Sarah Palin. I am seeing far too many people buy into the idea that she is not ready to be President. My question is this, What more does she have to do to be ready ? She already has excutive experiance. She is a great leader. I see no reason that she could not be a great President. What makes you think...
  • Has Everyone Seen The Cover of Time Magazine?

    08/04/2010 6:26:56 AM PDT · by the invisib1e hand · 53 replies
    myself ^ | 080410 | me
    I'm not posting the picure here, and if anyone does, please post the link only, out of deference to the dignity of the child on the cover.Comments?
  • Rove is such a Wuss!

    08/02/2010 6:24:35 AM PDT · by spacejunkie01 · 151 replies · 19+ views
    8/2/2010 | vanity
    He's on with Hemmer/Martha and he thinks Palin was out of line using 'cojones' to describe what's needed and what the AZ gov has and Obama doesn't! Rove stinks. And his amnesty push does too.
  • Palin DOES NOT want to be worshipped (why are people saying that ?)

    07/29/2010 8:49:11 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 211 replies · 1+ views
    There seems to be a tactic used by many here and elsewhere to mock Sarah Palin as some kind of messiah figure because she has a lot of fans. This is not only wrong, this is disgusting. Sarah Palin has never presented herself as an Obama type figure that wants to be seen as a savior. She has been polite and decent on the national stage. She has treated people around this country very good in her time on the national stage. Yet, some people talk about her as an object or a piece of trash. We have someone around...

    07/24/2010 1:53:54 AM PDT · by davidosborne · 59 replies · 3+ views
    David Osborne | TODAY - 2010 PRIMARY/GENERAL | David Osborne
    NOTICE OF REPOSSESSION ---- In light of recent of evidence of unreported DEBT owed by the RNC I plan to send my party a NOTICE OF REPOSSESSION -- and I encourage you to do the same. (I HIGHLY reccomended sending your notice in one of those POSTAGE-PAID envelopes that you get in the mail asking for money) WE THE CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE hereby repossess the Republican Party on the grounds that the party has supported too many RINO's and has drifted too far left in recent years. Attach a copy of a check that you sent to a REAL conservative organization...
  • On Palin: The Politics of Criticism vs. the Politics of Destruction

    06/26/2010 1:15:17 PM PDT · by CondoleezzaProtege · 91 replies · 1+ views
    June 26, 2010 | vanity
    It is good to criticize fanaticism, esp. BLIND fanaticism, but be equally weary of the fanatical Palin haters that parade around this site. Regardless of how some mask their true wishes for Palin in "constructive critic" guise, there are plenty of writers and thinkers out there who offer honest critique of Palin while having her and our country's best interests in mind and therefore want her to come out WINNING. Most of the FR trolls who post the latest Palin hit-piece of the day could care less for Palin and take joy everytime she supposedly "falls." To these types, Palin...
  • Losing friends over Palin (Have you ever lost friends over politics ?)

    05/31/2010 9:46:47 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 415 replies · 5,475+ views
    I have lost THREE real life friends now in trying to defend Sarah Palin. On one hand I tend to think the people who call her stupid are not the kind of people I even want as friends anyhow. However, I wonder if im being too harsh and going too far. I know our country was divided on President Bush. But the division and the hatred for Sarah Palin has been able to top anything. Before Palin, I had a much more positive outlook on people (especially women, mothers, ect) and life in general. Now I find myself seeing people...
  • Politics is really depressing me...

    05/12/2010 1:01:07 AM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 92 replies · 1,872+ views
    Does anyone else have this problem ? I think I need a break. I thought this was going to be the year we took back congress and things were going to get better. I just don't feel the positive momentum anymore. Sometimes I fear our fate is sealed as a country. I pray something changes. Obama pushed healthcare through. I felt like we were united against it. And he still pushed it through. I don't know if we fell short or he simply outlasted us. I just want something to go our way. I wake up on some mornings and...
  • Message for Chuck DeVore (Do what is right for your country)

    05/07/2010 10:51:05 PM PDT · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 57 replies · 1,093+ views
    I am from Ohio so I don't really have a dog in this fight. But over the last couple of days. The situation in California has divided the Republican Party nationally. There is a lot of in-fighting. A lot of people who are fighting. Sarah Palin is being attacked for no good reason. I think the solution is simple. You are not going to win the nomination. Put out the fire, fold up the tent and support the best of the last remaining two candidates. With you on the ballot, the only possible roll you have is spoiler. So please,...
  • Charlie Crist Gets Owned(!) by Rubio on Fox Debate - Now

    03/28/2010 6:16:00 AM PDT · by quesney · 205 replies · 3,849+ views
    Live now on Fox Rubio is framing the contrast very well. Excellent debate and criticism of Florida Governor Christie's support of the stimulus plan. Rubio: "We need someone who can stand up to Obama" Rubio on partisanship: "Lower the corporate tax, lower thwe capital gains tax, reduce the obstacles that make it increasingly hard to do business in America, and I'll be happy to cooperate....but what the Obama administration is attempting to do is fundamentally change America, and we can not cooperate on that."
  • (vanity). Purge the Palin haters from our party.

    11/10/2009 11:39:26 AM PST · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 177 replies · 3,214+ views
    I am noticing an increasing number of anti Palin comments among Republicans. I think this is a good time to filter the trash out of our party. We Republicans tend to tip toe through the tulips. But if we want to get our party back, we need to do it now. As much as I dislike Obama. and many of us mocked his "get in their faces quote". I want to ask you. How did we dominate the healthcare debate in August ? We stood up and got in their faces. It worked. You can do this without being violent,...
  • Obama wins Silver Sow Award

    10/09/2009 10:32:29 AM PDT · by Made In The USA · 13 replies · 574+ views
    WKRP News Center | 10/9/09 | Self
    Barack Obama awarded the coveted 'Silver Sow' award for newsreporting in the greater Cincinnati area. WKRP radio personality Les Nessman could not be reached for comment.
  • Piedmont Airlines it was 20 years ago today

    08/06/2009 2:04:31 PM PDT · by arlomoore · 15 replies · 650+ views
    A dear friend sent this to me today, Ok folks, 20 years ago today was the darkest day in aviation history. On August 5th, 1989, Piedmont Airlines was merged into USAir. I often think back on the words of its leader one Mr. Ed Colodny - "Were going to replace southern hospitality with northern ingenuity"...Yeah, Mr. Colodny...hows that working out for you now????? People that know me know the plans I have after he leaves this earth. Trust me!!!!
  • VANITY: Possible way for Romney to gain Palin's support [mega baforama!!]

    07/04/2009 5:09:47 AM PDT · by yongin · 212 replies · 4,501+ views
    July, 4, 2009 | yongin
    Many FReepers are skeptical of Romney's conservative credentials. They don't like his past positions on abortion, healthcare, and gay marriage. They feel his rightward shift on social issues to be less than sincere. Many conservatives are angered by the Left's attempts to character assassinate Palin thru silly ethics complaints. They have made Palin's administration and family into side shows. The ethics complaints have driven her to be $500,000 in debt. This situation might provide an opening for Romney to gain Palin's support. Romney could step in to pay off Palin's legal debt. He then could make a speech about how...
  • 6 Factors in the Decline of the Roman Empire (and perhaps America)

    06/25/2009 11:16:21 PM PDT · by Osnome · 84 replies · 4,150+ views
    Osnome | 6-25-09 | Osnome
    Six Most Important Factors that destroyed Roman Civilization: 1)Overtaxation 2)Opression of the Provences by the Central Government 3)Government topheavy with bureaucracy 4)Military power overextended across the world(their world at the time) 5)The Populace diverted by degenerate mass entertainment 6) The Borders poorly defended against increasing foreign migration(in their case, Barbarians)
  • UN/Left employing age-old technique to dominate America

    03/30/2009 8:19:52 AM PDT · by chuck_the_tv_out · 4 replies · 526+ views
    me | 30 Mar 09 | me
    Of all this week's news, this is the only life-changing thing I've seen: "Somali Muslims Changing Small Town" (direct) From the (mainly sympathetic) article: Immigrants are chosen from UN refugee camps. The selected refugees then undergo a few days of cultural orientation and are soon on their way to America. Like me, you probably assumed that the one redeeming feature of such "refugees" was that at least they possessed the industriousness to try and make it to America; that at least they had enough of a personal desire to come to America, to try and get to America by themselves....
  • Block just one Caucus?

    02/25/2009 8:11:58 AM PST · by DannyTN · 49 replies · 1,046+ views
    DannyTN | 02/25/2008 | DannyTN
    Is there a way to see everything except one Caucus. Like for example the LDL Caucus. I can't reply and refute those articles, so I don't even want to see them. To me they are just propaganda that makes the FR experience much less enjoyable.
  • Why are certain Republicans anti-Palin ?

    01/20/2009 2:56:01 PM PST · by se_ohio_young_conservative · 266 replies · 4,480+ views
    I don't that our party is doing enough to unite behind Sarah. I feel that there is a steady effort to disown her at the RNC and among East Coast elites. But I have also talked to some run of the mill conservatives recently who are not Palin fans, and that shocked. I get the feeling that Governor Palin has a lot of work to do. 2012 will be an uphill battle. But I wanted to ask you all.. Why are so many Republicans dead set against her ? and why is her support seemingly frozen at the moment ?...
  • Getting donations back from the McCain campaign

    12/19/2008 2:33:37 PM PST · by o2bfree · 54 replies · 1,254+ views
    Anybody know if its still possible to get a donation back from the McCain campaign? I made a $200 donation on Oct. 30th and want a refund. The reasons are obvious! If you know who I should contact to make this happen let me know. If you think its impossible let me know. Or if there is another thread on this, let me know that too. If you think I was crazy to make this donation in the first place, I would concur with your assessment!
  • Free Republic is Drowning in Vanity Postings--Please Stop (Mod note--we concur)

    11/05/2008 8:11:28 PM PST · by kristinn · 251 replies · 12,902+ views
    Wednesday, November 5, 2008 | Kristinn
    Enough already. Please.Vanities used to be well thought out, researched and/or funny and somewhat rare. Now the vanities consist of whatever crap pops in someone's head and they are drowning out whatever news is being posted.I'm not the forum police, but please add you're rant, joke or pearl of wisdom to an ongoing thread.
  • A Song For the Media - A Vanity

    11/06/2008 11:00:03 AM PST · by el_texicano · 9 replies · 558+ views
    Song Lyrics | 11/06/08 | texicanstar
    Been pondering Rush's comments and the fact that the media does not know who they have elected. This song was going through my head the past few days by Al Wilson entitled "The Snake". Now the song is about a foolish woman who in spite of her better judgment rescues a poor half frozen snake and takes it home. The media really knows better for they had all the warning information on Obama and then some. And the arrogance and radicalness of Obama could very well come back to bite them royally. So in honor of the media, here is...
  • Drudge starting to hammer Obama

    11/01/2008 7:09:29 PM PDT · by Maverick68 · 91 replies · 3,303+ views
    Seriously, take a look at Drudge. He's doing his best to expose Obama for the quasi-dictator that he aspires to be.
  • California Teachers Association Bends Over For the Gays on Prop 8

    11/01/2008 7:15:19 PM PDT · by Stayfree · 7 replies · 371+ views
    Vanity ^ | November 1, 2008 | Stayfree
    Not only have the teachers union come out in favor of gay marriage, but so has Hussein Obama...WHY...does the gay community control the teachers of our kids...does Obama want gays to control our kids...ask yourself why they favor they favor Christianity, family values...HELL NO, THESE ARE NOT CHRISTIANS AND THEY DO NOT GIVE A DAMN ABOUT JUDEO CHRISTIAN VALUES!
  • Vanity: Guess Zogby's Poll Numbers

    11/01/2008 7:17:38 PM PDT · by Chet 99 · 90 replies · 3,673+ views
    The Zogby Sauce
    Vanity: Guess Zogby's Poll Numbers The official release is in 3 hours. Still no leaks from Drudge, so maybe Zogby took a look at Gallup and got nervous.
  • If nothing else do it for the kids

    11/01/2008 7:18:37 PM PDT · by Bush or Kerry You decide · 2 replies · 217+ views
    I have had about as much I can stand. Yes, if the election goes for Obama, times would get tough. But our children are the ones who would really lose out. The effects our children would feel would be catastrophic. Imagine trying to tell your grandchildren about freedom. The freedoms we hold so dear are in the balance...Pray, pray, and don't stop praying....
  • Are the polling firms substantially altering the internals in the polls

    11/01/2008 7:43:49 PM PDT · by airedale · 22 replies · 1,262+ views
    With all the polls done by major firms and major media outlets I was wondering if they had remained consistent on the internals or have they been altering them as we come up to the election. In a lot of the earlier polls they were getting 15-30% more Democrats than Republicans and almost as many if not more independents as Republicans. As the election gets closer are they shifting to a closer balance of Republicans to Democrats? Are they playing other games? The polls would need to be compared to others done by that same firm (Gallup to Gallup, etc.)...
  • If McCain Wins ... what will happen to the Democratic Party?

    11/01/2008 9:00:21 AM PDT · by SnakeDoctor · 69 replies · 1,245+ views
    Myself ^ | 11/01/2008 | Hemorrhage
    Regardless of whether McCain wins or loses, it is clear that the Republican Party has some rebuilding to do. We need to refocus and re-sell conservatism. We need to find our Goldwater and Reagan to reignite the movement, reinvigorate the party, and re-vindicate conservatism. But, I've been wondering what becomes of the Democratic Party if Barack Obama loses this election. They will have taken the most advantageous electoral situation imaginable -- and squandered it. I long for the days when the Democratic Party was a reasonable conservative alternative -- when I actually had a decision to make electorally. Ideally, the...
  • December 26, 2012

    10/29/2008 1:40:24 PM PDT · by Lazamataz · 156 replies · 4,438+ views
    The Future | 12/26/2012 | Lazamataz
    Hi folks. Yes, this is Lazamataz. This my first and only message on Free Republic in about 2 years, or more. Free Republic was shut down on March 15, 2010, as part of the the Internet Freedom Act of 2009. Jim Robinson was declared a Information Criminal and executed months later. His son still languishes in prison. It is December 26, 2012. I have found a way to send this message to Free Republic, from the future, to this time. I need to tell you all what happened. It's too late for me, but maybe you can prevent it. Barack...
  • (VANITY) Guaranteed way to get LA Times to release the tape:

    10/29/2008 12:39:24 PM PDT · by Yossarian · 17 replies · 872+ views
    Yossarian's fermented brain | 10/29/08 | Yossarian
    I hereby submit the following proposal which I guarantee will cause the LA Times to release the Obama-Khalidi Party tape: Just copy and paste the following to : Dear Mr. Stanton, Editor of the mighty Los Angeles Times: I write to you regarding a matter of great national security. I am quite worried that the LA Times may be tempted by public pressure to release materials that would set back our nations war against terror. My business provides lunch catering to the CIA's training facilities for agents looking to infiltrate Middle Eastern terrorist organizations. (You should stop by and...
  • This election is NOT lost

    10/29/2008 12:39:54 PM PDT · by bogen · 15 replies · 698+ views
    10/29/2008 | Bard
    This election is by no means lost. For God would not be stirring up his children all across this nation and indeed around the world, to pray, if he did not want to give us the victory in this election. And he wants us to join him in the battle. God will hear the cries of his children if we will only cry out to him with fervent, earnest, prayers for this election and this nation. If those who are being drawn to prayer by the Spirit will indeed enter into a time of prayer and seeking His face, then...
  • VANITY: From what is known, which items should be in a hypothetical "Obama Presidential Library"?

    10/29/2008 8:27:06 AM PDT · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 18 replies · 405+ views
    Shall we start with copies of his college & law school SATs, LSATs, class rankings and overall GPA scores and grades?

    10/29/2008 6:40:15 AM PDT · by SMARTY · 12 replies · 603+ views
    10-29-08 | SMARTY
    I think it's pretty obvious that the MSM is NOT serving ALL American voters in this election-and has not for a very long time. Also... I work at a survey research center, and I can tell you that even if the MSM was scrupulously unbiased in its presentation of survey results, it would not matter. The surveys themselves are utterly skewed and the data is worthless. This country conducted elections before the age of 24/7 television hype so I say... return to THAT scenario. We don't need to be perpetually deluged with eroneous data in order to make up our...
  • Obama - his own worst enemy

    10/29/2008 6:48:30 AM PDT · by UKrepublican · 8 replies · 351+ views
    As an 'observer' (I'm British lol), what has surprised me about this election is how the grass routes...i.e. FR, has dug out most of the dirt trail Obama has left behind him. All these quotes, have been turned up by the base doing their homework. This marxist really is the most despicable candidate ever put forward by one of the main parties. Is there any sort of organized campaign to research this man? Little drips and drabs have come out...but I just have a feeling, with enough of us doing out homework, searching the archives, doing a little homework...there is...
  • Where is Oliver North? (vanity)

    10/29/2008 6:48:35 AM PDT · by ncfool · 18 replies · 1,159+ views
    10/29/08 | Self
    How about Ollie North. He has been MIA at FOX for at least 30 days. Shawn mentioned him last night? Will he appear the next 48 hours with something breaking like the OCTOBER SURPRISE?I sure hope so!
  • Can Freeper Airforce Fly Again? (LATimes Tape)

    10/29/2008 5:57:44 AM PDT · by icwhatudo · 21 replies · 1,258+ views
    The desire to win | 10-29-08 | self
    Anyone watching the HBO movie "Recount" about the 2000 election will notice a scene where a banner plane is flying overhead with "Surrender Gorethy". Not as famous as Sore/Loserman but one of many Freeper inspired slogans that helped shape the mood during Gore's attempt to steal the 2000 election. Back in those days it was our own "Freeper Airforce" who took to the skies to put up these political messages. Freepers "Seeking the Truth" (aka Gene) and "flygirl" seem to have been flying political messages as early as October and flew the "Surrender Gorethy" banner on Thursday 11/16/2000. So my...
  • Where can I find the pols of what people think of Congress?

    10/29/2008 6:01:31 AM PDT · by A Cyrenian · 9 replies · 309+ views
    I've seen others refer to this. But I don't know where they are getting the information. Does anyone know what their rating is currently?
  • Obama's Civilian Security Force

    10/29/2008 6:36:07 AM PDT · by Paine in the Neck · 21 replies · 2,317+ views
    10/29/08 | Paine in the Neck
    It is time to face the real heart of what Obama has in mind for this country should he be elected. He knows, and his Marxist handlers know, that when his true social and economic plans are revealed there will be resistance. We have clues as to how he plans to handle this resistance in the way Joe the Plumber, Sarah Palin, and various uppity reporters have been attacked. However, there are darker, more alarming hints.