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  • The Oil Weapon in America's Hands

    11/14/2014 1:54:09 PM PST · by Kaslin · 38 replies ^ | November 14, 2014 | Pat Buchanan
    In July of 1941, after Japan occupied French Indochina, the Roosevelt administration froze Japan's assets in the United States. Denied hard cash, Japan could not buy the U.S. oil upon which the empire depended for survival. Seeing the Dutch East Indies as her only other source, Japan prepared to invade. But first she had to eliminate the sole strategic threat to her occupation of the East Indies -- the U.S. battle fleet at Pearl Harbor. FDR's cutoff of oil to Japan was thus a primary cause of WWII in the Pacific, which led to hundreds of thousands of U.S. war...
  • Gas is Cheaper. Where are the Grandstanding Politicians?

    11/12/2014 11:39:02 AM PST · by Kaslin · 44 replies ^ | November 12, 2014 | Jeff Jacoby
    Oil prices are plunging. Gasoline is now cheaper than milk. Why doesn't Washington do something already?Since peaking in June, the price of oil has tumbled by 25 percent. Texas light sweet crude futures have fallen to around $77.40 a barrel, a three-year low, while Brent oil, the global benchmark, sank on Monday to its lowest price in four years.With cheaper oil has come cheaper gasoline. The national average price for a gallon of regular is now just $2.926. Drivers haven't seen pump prices this low since December 2010. Nor have they seen such a sustained decline — the price has dropped...
  • The Good News About Offshore Oil Rigs

    10/22/2014 7:03:37 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 20 replies ^ | October 22, 2014 | Jonah Goldberg
    Never let it be said that Mother Nature doesn't appreciate irony. A new study led by researchers at Occidental College and the University of California at Santa Barbara has found that the oil platforms dotting the California coast are fantastic for sea life. In a 15-year study, researchers found that the ecosystems that build up around artificial rigs host 1,000 percent more fish and other sea life than natural habitats such as reefs and estuaries. The California rigs outstripped even famously rich ecosystems such as the coral reefs of French Polynesia. Now, as a big fan of artificial reefs, I...
  • New Technology has Destroyed the Myth of Peak Oil

    10/06/2014 1:30:37 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 34 replies ^ | October 6, 2014 | Thomas Miller
    The Wall Street Journal ran an article recently exploring why the Peak Oil Predictions had not come true. Written by Russell Gold, the Journals senior energy reporter based in Austin, Texas, who himself released his first book called The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World, the article was an excellent walk through the ups and downs of the oil industry going back even to the late 1800s. For example, did you know that John D. Rockefellers partner in Standard Oil, John Archbold, said, I will drink every gallon (of oil) produced west of the...
  • American Oil and Gas Needed a Voice

    10/02/2014 11:17:31 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | October 2, 2014 | Thomas Miller
    Hats off to my friend, co-host and boss, Chris Faulkner. This past Monday, the Dallas Business Journal announced their 2014 Whos Who in Energy list. Under the Oil and Gas tab, it read the following: James L. Poston, Aruba PetroleumT. Boone Pickens, BP Capital Chris Faulkner, Breitling Energy I have to admit, I was pretty proud when I read that Monday afternoon. Ive been working with Chris on radio programs since December of 2013, and immediately I became aware of his incredibly sharp, witty and fast-thinking mind. These days, he and I may do up to 7 hours of oil...
  • American Oil and Gas Needed a Voice

    10/02/2014 10:15:13 AM PDT · by Kaslin
    Hats off to my friend, co-host and boss, Chris Faulkner. This past Monday, the Dallas Business Journal announced their 2014 Whos Who in Energy list. Under the Oil and Gas tab, it read the following: James L. Poston, Aruba PetroleumT. Boone Pickens, BP Capital Chris Faulkner, Breitling Energy I have to admit, I was pretty proud when I read that Monday afternoon. Ive been working with Chris on radio programs since December of 2013, and immediately I became aware of his incredibly sharp, witty and fast-thinking mind. These days, he and I may do up to 7 hours of oil...
  • The Oil Market: Time to Get off This Rollercoaster

    09/22/2014 9:55:28 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 33 replies ^ | September 22, 2014 | Ken Blackwell
    One look at todays headlines will tell you that events around the world seem more unpredictable and chaotic than ever. Russia is showing no sign of backing down in Ukraine, even under increasing sanctions. The terrorist group, the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) continues to wreak havoc in the Middle East, energized by up to $2 million a day in captured oil revenues. And political violence from Iraq to Libya continues to escalate. Americans are stuck wondering what, if anything, we can and should be doing. In the midst of all this chaos, oil prices were expected...
  • Iraq Crisis: Latest Sign of U.S. Vulnerability to Oil Price Spikes

    06/24/2014 3:04:37 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | June 24, 2014 | Ken Blackwell
    The ongoing conflict in Iraq has serious implications for vital U.S. interests, the extent of which are difficult to decipher at this early stage. Who ends up holding the keys to power within Iraqi territory? What happens to the regional balance of power? How will Irans pursuit of nuclear weaponsand our efforts to stop thembe affected? One immediate effect of the turmoil, however, is painfully obvious: oil prices have already hit a nine-month high. Brent crude reached $115 per barrel this week, a level our country has not experienced since the height of U.S. tensions with Syria in September 2013....
  • Memorial Day Travel: American Families Pay at the Pump

    05/22/2014 7:18:23 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | May 22, 2014 | Ken Blackwell
    Summer is officially upon us, and millions of American families will soon be embarking on their annual trips to the beach, the mountains, the lake, grandmas house, or any other of the fantastic destinations our country has to offer. The beginning of summer driving season is also a time when many Americans turn even greater attention to the price of gasoline. After all, traveling several hundred or more miles in a loaded up minivan can rack up an awfully large fuel bill. But what about this year? Everyone knows that domestic oil production has been surging, and that this...
  • Cruder Than Alberta Tar Sands

    04/24/2014 7:28:22 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 2 replies ^ | April 24, 2014 | Debra J. Saunders
    According to experts cited by The New York Times, President Barack Obama's eventual decision on the Keystone XL pipeline -- last week, the administration once again postponed a decision -- "will have a marginal impact on global warming emissions." The global economy releases lots of greenhouse gas -- 32.6 billion metric tons of carbon in 2011. The Keystone XL pipeline would add 18.7 million metric tons. In the global greenhouse gas picture, it won't make a dent. To the working men and women of America, however, the project represents "a lifeline to good jobs and energy security," according to Terry...
  • Big Hole in Big-Oil Lawsuit

    03/06/2014 12:27:35 PM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | March 6, 2014 | Debra J. Saunders
    The story starts with a former journalist and Harvard Law School graduate who wanted to improve conditions for Ecuadorean people living in the Amazon rain forest, polluted by a big oil company. In 2011, attorney Steven Donziger won a $9.5 billion judgment against Chevron Corp. But don't expect a happy ending for his clients. On Tuesday, Lewis Kaplan, a federal judge in New York, ruled that the Chevron judgment was "procured by fraud" and later covered up by "half-truths." Donziger's legal team "submitted fraudulent evidence," paid off a court-appointed "global expert" and even wrote the $9.5 billion judgment handed down...
  • Facing Reality on Carbon Dioxide

    02/25/2014 1:43:30 PM PST · by Kaslin · 10 replies ^ | February 25, 2014 | Mona Charen
    Though you wouldn't necessarily know it based on news coverage, the United States in the reign of President Barack Obama is enduring the most prolonged period of slow growth and high unemployment since World War II. The president asserts that he saved us from another Great Depression, which, like his claim that the stimulus would "create or save" millions of jobs, is about as provable as the number of angels that can dance on the head of a pin. The Obama administration has done little to spur job creation, but a great deal to inhibit it. The president mocks the...
  • Free the Keystone XL Pipeline, Mr. President

    02/05/2014 10:22:50 AM PST · by Kaslin · 4 replies ^ | February 5, 2014 | Jonah Goldberg
    Welcome to the "year of action." In last week's State of the Union address, the president vowed to do whatever he must to help the economy, even if that means working around Congress: "What I offer tonight is a set of concrete, practical proposals to speed up growth, strengthen the middle class and build new ladders of opportunity into the middle class. Some require congressional action, and I'm eager to work with all of you. But America does not stand still, and neither will I. So wherever and whenever I can take steps without legislation to expand opportunity for more...
  • Boehner Stands Up for Keystone

    02/04/2014 3:56:40 PM PST · by Kaslin · 14 replies ^ | February 4, 2014 | Heather Ginsberg
    As approval of the Keystone Pipeline continues to be an issue of debate, Speaker Boehner felt it was necessary to give the president a nudge with some impassioned words. After a member of the press asked Speaker Boehner whether the pipeline plan was too complex to attach to legislation raising the debt ceiling, he quickly responded by shooting that idea down. "Complex? The Keystone pipeline is complex?" Boehner said. "It's been under study for five years! "We build pipelines everywhere in American everyday. Do you realize there are 200,000 miles of pipelines in the United States? "The only reason that...
  • Remember The Energy Crisis?

    12/10/2013 10:13:58 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | December 10, 2013 | Paul Greenberg
    Who says the news is always bad? It's just that a discouraged editor on the night shift or a reader picking up her paper from the doorstep next morning may have to search for the good news between outbreaks of the other kind. Sometimes it helps to just pause and notice what's not there anymore, what's missing. Like any mention of what used to be a sad staple of the news, decade after decade: the Energy Crisis. Energy Crises used to come as regularly as flu seasons, some years or whole eras worse than others. Let's see, there was...
  • High Oil Prices Taxing American FamiliesBut Theres A Solution

    11/25/2013 4:29:01 AM PST · by Kaslin · 11 replies ^ | November 25, 2013 | Ken Blackwell
    At the beginning of this year, many Americans opened their paychecks to find that their take-home pay was suddenly less than it had been the previous month. The payroll tax cut had expired, resulting in the average American worker owing an additional $700 in payroll taxes this year compared to last. For a two-parent household, thats $1,400 less with which to pay the bills, put food on the table, and fill up the gas tank. But its far from the only added expense straining family budgets. Oil prices, in particular, have skyrocketed over the past decade, imposing higher direct and...
  • How Fracking Is Drying Up One Unlucky Texas Town

    08/29/2013 4:11:37 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 43 replies ^ | 16 August 2013 | Douglas Main
    If you had to choose between natural gas production or drinking water in your hometown, which would it be? Some Texas residents feel they haven't been given this choiceand that hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is taking more than its fair share of their groundwater, exacerbating the drought problems in an already parched region. The Guardian recently reported on the predicament facing a small town in Barnhart, Texaswhich "appears to have run dry because the water was being extracted for shale gas fracking." And fracking appears to play a role in many of these water shortages elsewhere in the state. Another...
  • Fracking Brings Employment And Economic Revival

    07/27/2013 5:21:17 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 22 replies ^ | July 27, 2013 | Paul Driessen
    Signs of pride and prosperity were evident all over Williamsport and the gorgeous northern Pennsylvania countryside around it. Friendly, happy people greeted us. New cars, trucks, hotels and restaurants sparkled in a clean, bustling downtown. New roofs topped barns and houses, while late model tractors worked the fields. Former dirt roads are now paved. Men and women again have high-paying jobs, young people are coming back instead of moving away, their salaries are supporting other businesses and jobs, and many are taking college programs in oilfield technical and business specialties, Vince Matteo told me. As president and CEO of the...
  • Gas

    04/30/2013 8:58:27 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 17 replies ^ | April 29, 2013 | Rich Galen
    I've done work for T. Boone Pickens and the Pickens Plan since 2008. I wanted to mention this at the top because we're going to be discussing natural gas. Don'tdon't go on your next email yet, this is actually pretty interesting. New data from the Environmental Protection Agency indicates that drilling for natural gas releases significantly less methane (the main component of natural gas) into the atmosphere than previously thought. Twenty percent less. This is not seen as good news for the ultra-environmentalists who fervently believe that any fuel made from fossilized plant or animal matter (coal or natural gas)...
  • America's Big Fat Advantage

    03/21/2013 6:19:14 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | March 21, 2013 | Victor Davis Hanson
    For all the Obama-era talk of decline, there is at least one reason why America probably won't, at least not quite yet. "Peak oil" and our "oil addiction" were supposed to have ensured that we ran out of either gas or the money to buy it. Now, suddenly, we have more gas and oil than ever before. But the key question is: Why do we? The oil and gas renaissance was brought on by horizontal drilling and fracking that opened up vast new reserves either previously unknown or considered unrecoverable. Both technological breakthroughs were American discoveries, largely brought on...
  • Who Would Follow Our Example on Keystone?

    03/15/2013 5:07:03 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 7 replies ^ | March 15, 2013 | Jonah Goldberg
    While many have long seen America as the global bad boy, everybody likes Canada. If Uncle Sam tucks his pack of Marlboros under his T-shirt sleeve and plays by his own rules, the Canadian moose -- or whatever their Uncle Sam equivalent is -- always wears his blue blazer and school tie and does his chores without being asked. Canada is a global citizen, a good neighbor, a northern Puerto Rico with an EU sensibility that earns its gold stars from the United Nations every day. This fact should have relevance below the 49th parallel. Right now, we're all...
  • Washington Turns Science to Science Fiction

    02/16/2013 12:34:05 PM PST · by Kaslin · 12 replies ^ | February 16, 2013 | Rich Tucker
    If you build it, an Iowa corn farmer was told in the movie Field of Dreams, they will come. That worked out so well for all concerned that the federal government is reviving the approach, with some slight edits. If we mandate it, the science will come, seems to be Washingtons motto. Instead, government has ended up replacing science with, well, fiction. Consider the push for renewable fuels. Its easy to see why lawmakers would want to encourage Americans to grow energy rather than dig it out of the ground. But in their eagerness to create an industry, lawmakers...
  • Billions in gas drilling royalties transform lives

    01/28/2013 5:24:58 AM PST · by thackney · 7 replies
    Fuel Fix ^ | January 28, 2013 | Associated Press
    Private landowners are reaping billions of dollars in royalties each year from the boom in natural gas drilling, transforming lives and livelihoods even as the windfall provides only a modest boost to the broader economy. In Pennsylvania alone, royalty payments could top $1.2 billion for 2012, according to an Associated Press analysis that looked at state tax information, production records and estimates from the National Association of Royalty Owners. For some landowners, the unexpected royalties have made a big difference.
  • No Time to Get LOST

    12/21/2012 9:28:04 AM PST · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | December 21, 2012 | Ed Feulner
    It is an outrage. The source of Defense Secretary Leon Panettas anger? The fact that the United States has yet to approve a treaty known as the U.N. Convention on the Law of the Sea, which often goes by the acronym LOST. Panetta was speaking after the election. His ire about LOSTs status suggests that the Obama administration may well make this a second-term priority. Its come close to being ratified by the U.S. Senate before -- it dates back to 1982, in fact. But LOST has never been able to gain enough supporters in the Senate. That could change,...
  • Winners and Losers Energy Policies

    10/18/2012 1:12:21 AM PDT · by Kaslin ^ | October 18, 2012 | Paul Driessen
    Governor Mitt Romney strongly supports North American energy independence as the foundation of renewed US employment and prosperity. President Obama is waging war on fossil fuels, job creation, and efforts to end our economic recession and reduce dependence on Middle Eastern and Russian oil. Romneys emphasis on careful analysis and due diligence brought him and Bain Capital notable winners like AMC Entertainment, Burger King, Burlington Coat Factory, Dominos Pizza, Dunkin Donuts and Staples. Obamas focus on ideology, political calculation, cronyism and campaign contributors produced losers and scandals like Abound Solar, Crescent Dunes, Ener1, Fisker, Mountain Plaza, Solyndra, Tesla, and a...
  • Vermont first state to ban fracking

    05/17/2012 9:48:37 AM PDT · by FreedomPoster · 63 replies
    CNN ^ | updated 10:41 AM EDT, Thu May 17, 2012 | CNN Wire Staff
    (CNN) -- Vermont's governor has signed a bill making it the first U.S. state to ban fracking, the controversial practice to extract natural gas from the ground. "This is a big deal," Gov. Peter Shumlin said Wednesday. "This bill will ensure that we do not inject chemicals into groundwater in a desperate pursuit for energy."
  • Federal energy policy? Be careful what you wish for

    05/05/2012 7:09:11 AM PDT · by Oldeconomybuyer · 4 replies
    Salem News (OH) ^ | May 5, 2012 | Editorial
    Last month President Barack Obama signed an executive order that could lead to more federal rules on gas drilling. Obama said it is important to take advantage of natural gas resources, but he added air and water quality must be safeguarded. Of course. But what Obama did last week was to establish a "working group" to coordinate federal oversight of the natural gas industry. It will be headed by Heather Zichal, who is deputy assistant to the president for energy and climate change. Zichal is no friend of fossil fuels. She once worked with the Sierra Club and was an...
  • TX Congressman Poe Calls for Resignation of EPA Official Who wanted to "Crucify" Oil & Gas Producers

    04/27/2012 6:51:28 AM PDT · by davidbellow · 15 replies
    Daily Caller ^ | 4/26/12 | Caroline May
    Theyd go into a little Turkish town somewhere, theyd find the first five guys they saw and theyd crucify them, said Armendariz. And then you know that town was really easy to manage for the next few years. And so you make examples out of people who are in this case not compliant with the law. The comments made by Administrator Armendariz back in 2010 confirm what weve known all along: the EPAs crusade to destroy the oil and gas industry is a politically premeditated effort, not one meant to protect the environment, Poe said. Administrator Armendarizs words reflect his...
  • EPA Official on Non-Compliant Companies:

    04/25/2012 5:30:35 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 15 replies
    The Blaze ^ | April 25, 2012 | Becket Adams
    Are you familiar with a certain Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official named Al Armendariz? Chances are you’ve never heard of him. We suspect most Americans haven’t. However, with the recent unearthing of the video below, that could change very soon.Thanks to a little digging by the staff of Sen. Jim Inhofe (R-OK), attention has been brought to a 2010 video that seems to confirm what many conservative have long suspected: that the EPA is at war with the oil and gas industries.“[O]il and gas is an enforcement priority, it’s one of seven, so we are going to spend a fair...
  • Obama Administration's Energy Policy A Boon To Petrotyrants

    04/23/2012 5:26:41 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies
    Ibd Editorials ^ | April 23, 2012
    Oil & Gas/Fact & Fiction SeriesStrategy: Wittingly or not, President Obama has contributed to high oil prices by stymieing U.S. production. But if that's the idea, it makes sense to secure energy abroad. He hasn't. In fact, Obama's stated policy, in his March 30, 2011, energy speech has been a crude central planner's diktat of reducing oil imports by a third over the next 10 years and replacing them with increased production of biofuels and other unproven "green" energies yet to be developed. Net result: high oil prices and reduced U.S. access to overseas suppliers. A shrewder strategy would have...
  • Obama's Real Oil Agenda

    03/26/2012 7:15:52 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 9 replies · 13+ views ^ | March 26, 2012 | Dan Holler
    Soaring gas prices pose a major electoral vulnerability to a President so damaged he refused to celebrate the two year anniversary of his marquee domestic accomplishment. That is why, for the past several weeks, President Obama and his administration have been in damage control mode. At stops around the country, he sought to deflect blame for the pain Americans are experiencing at the pump. President Obamas basic defense goes something like this: presidents cannot control the price of gasoline, but I have increased domestic oil production and decreased our reliance on foreign oil, so really, when you think about...
  • Video: Obama says were producing too much oil and gas

    03/22/2012 12:05:04 PM PDT · by Nachum · 16 replies · 4+ views
    Hot Air ^ | 3/22/12
    President Barack Obama is in my home state of Oklahoma today, touting his tired talking points about energy in little Cushing, the town that fossil fuel built. For the record, most Oklahomans arent happy hes here. The state administration will give him no official welcome and protesters have already gathered near the location of the presidents speech, which predictably was closed to the public. First, listen to this portion of the presidents energy address (h/t Greg Hengler).
  • What If Oil and Natural Gas Are Renewable Resources? (Evidence mounting on limitless supply of oil)

    03/19/2012 6:58:46 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 137 replies · 1+ views
    American Thinker ^ | 03/18/2012 | Greg Lewis
    President Barack Obama and his green energy confederates are determined to scare the public about a declining supply of "fossil fuels." If we accept the idea that oil is produced by the conversion of organic matter -- from plants to dinosaurs -- under extreme pressure, we must also accept the idea that there is a limited supply of oil and that we've got to do everything we can to find a replacement for fossil fuels before we run out. The evidence is mounting that not only do we have more than a century's worth of recoverable oil in the United...
  • Big Oil, Bigger Taxes

    03/15/2012 4:39:00 PM PDT · by RicocheT · 9 replies
    Wall Str Journal ^ | March 14, 2012 | REVIEW & OUTLOOK
    President Obama says he wants to end subsidies for what he calls "the fuel of the past," but lucky for him oil and gas will be the fuels of the future too. His budget-deficit blowout would be so much worse without Big Oil, because the truth is that this industry is subsidizing the government. Much, much worse, actually. The federal Energy Information Administration reports that the industry paid some $35.7 billion in corporate income taxes in 2009, the latest year for which data are available. That alone is about 10% of non-defense discretionary spendingand it would cover a lot of...
  • Exxon barred from Iraqi oil, gas auction

    02/14/2012 4:34:26 PM PST · by ColdOne · 17 replies ^ | 2/14/12 | upi
    BAGHDAD, Feb. 14 (UPI) -- U.S. supermajor Exxon Mobil won't be able to take part in an oil and natural gas licensing auction scheduled for May in Iraq, a spokesman said. Iraq is expected to put around a dozen oil and natural gas blocks up for auction in its fourth licensing round, scheduled for May. Exxon Mobil is prohibited from taking part because it has contracts with the semiautonomous Kurdistan Regional Government. "The Iraqi government has decided that Exxon won't be allowed to participate in the next oil- and gas-bidding round," Faisal Abdullah, a spokesman for the Iraqi Oil Ministry,...
  • Ambrose: An energy boom looms, despite Obama

    02/09/2012 1:37:13 PM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 18 replies
    Scripps Howard News Service ^ | February 9, 2012 | By JAY AMBROSE
    Even the worst of presidents cannot stop the best of times, and it's beginning to look as if an unprecedented energy boom just might save President Barack Obama's re-election, despite his undying efforts to thwart energy development. He's worked hard at it, you know, and few things I've read sum it up better than a Wall Street Journal article by Stephen Moore. He interviewed Harold Hamm, an oil-company CEO who first discovered the Bakken oil fields in Montana and North Dakota, which was a bit like discovering gold in California in the 19th century but more than that. This is...
  • Environmental Scientist Caught Agreeing To Ignore Her Own Data, Make Up New Claims

    12/13/2011 12:19:01 PM PST · by Mount Athos · 12 replies
    Wizbang Blog ^ | December 12, 2011 | Kevin
    Dr. Ann Maest is a managing scientist at Straus Consulting, and shes the go to expert on all things groundwater. In the press release announcing her reappointment to the National Academy of Sciences, they mention that she is focused on the environmental effects of mining and petroleum extraction and production, and, more recently, on the effects of climate change on water quality. Maest is in high demand as an expert for those looking to stop oil and mineral exploration. Shes also heavily used by the federal government, even though after new details about her past work are coming to light...
  • Focus Folks, It's Obama (Part 2)

    12/12/2011 5:23:04 AM PST · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | December 12, 2011 | Bruce Bialosky
    As we sprint toward the first official vote of the Republican primary season to decide who will (hopefully) replace President Obama on January 20, 2013 it is essential that we focus on the real goal. Rather than go after each other, the candidates must continue to confront the policies of the most inept President in modern times. The following is a selection of issues the candidates should emphasize as the rationale for replacing our current President: 1. Gibson Guitar The Obama Administration entered the headquarters of an internationally-renowned, iconic American company and treated it like it was...
  • Oil-Rich America? (Yes, If Democrats will allow it)

    12/08/2011 7:02:06 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 20 replies · 4+ views
    National Review ^ | 12/08/2011 | Victor Davis Hanson
    There is a revolution going on in America. But it is not part of the Tea Party or the loud Occupy Wall Street protests. Instead, massive new reserves of gas, oil, and coal are being discovered almost everywhere in the United States, due to revolutionary methods of exploration and exploitation such as fracking and horizontal drilling. Current prices of over $100 a barrel make even complex efforts at recovery enormously profitable. There were always known to be additional untapped reserves of oil and gas in the petroleum-rich Gulf of Mexico, off Americas shores, and in the American West and Alaska....
  • World Power Swings Back to America- And I Don't See the Name "Obama" in this Article

    10/23/2011 3:49:58 PM PDT · by CWSNTEXAS · 24 replies
    The Telegraph ^ | 10-23-2011 | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
    The American phoenix is slowly rising again. Within five years or so, the US will be well on its way to self-sufficiency in fuel and energy. Manufacturing will have closed the labour gap with China in a clutch of key industries. The current account might even be in surplus.
  • EPA issues final air permit to Shell Offshore Inc. for Arctic oil and gas exploration.

    10/22/2011 8:23:51 PM PDT · by Rabin
    yosemite.epa ^ | 10/21/2011 | Suzanne Skadowski, EPA Public Affairs
    (Seattle - Oct. 21, 2011) Today, EPA Region 10 issued a final air permit to Shell Offshore Inc. for oil and gas exploration drilling in the Alaska Arctic. This air permit is one of several federal authorizations Shell needs to explore for oil and gas on the Outer Continental Shelf in the Beaufort Sea starting in July 2012. The permit authorizes air pollutant emissions during Shells exploration drilling with the Kulak drill rig and a support fleet of icebreakers, oil spill response vessels, and supply ships for up to 120 days each yearEPAs final permit significantly reduces the potential air...
  • Why not embrace America's oil and gas boom to revive the moribund economy?

    09/28/2011 7:19:27 PM PDT · by MinorityRepublican · 36 replies
    The Hill ^ | 09/27/11 | Bernard L. Weinstein
    Over the past three years, we have seen a dramatic rebound in Americas oil and natural gas production after a hiatus of almost 40 years. This has occurred despite falling output in Alaska, the moratorium on deep-water drilling imposed in the wake of the Gulf of Mexico oil-rig blowout last year, and extremely low prices for natural gas. New technologies for extracting oil and gas from deep under the ocean floor as well as shale formations have been largely responsible for the countrys fossil fuel renaissance. All this is good news for Americas consumers. Though gasoline and diesel prices have...
  • Obama Judge Rules Against Obama Agenda

    08/16/2011 8:53:42 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | August 16, 2011 | Marita Noon
    What if you paid $38,000 to lease a house and were then told you cannot move in until some studies are done to determine if it is safe, but you do not get your money back? Years go by while the landlord is holding your money. This is exactly what the Obama administration has been doing to the oil and gas industry since May of 2010. The same Obama who is crisscrossing the country touting fair. On Friday, a US District Judge, appointed by Obama, decided that the administration wasnt playing fair. In October 2010, the Western Energy Alliance (WEA),...
  • Southwestern to probe Smackover Brown Dense lime

    08/01/2011 12:28:43 PM PDT · by Shaley · 14 replies
    Southwestern Energy Co., Houston, said it has accumulated 460,000 net acres prospective for oil in Upper Jurassic Lower Smackover Brown Dense limestone along the Arkansas-Louisiana state line. The unconventional play is the first the company has revealed publicly of several new ventures it has been pursuing the last 1-2 years and in which it holds a combined 835,000 net acres. The formations commerciality is still to be determined, Southwestern said. Southwestern plans to spud its first horizontal well in the play, in Columbia County, Ark., just southwest of Atlanta and east of Dorcheat-Macedonia oil field, late in the third quarter...
  • Endangered Listing Proposed for Lizard (Enviros find new way to stop O&G activity in NM)

    12/14/2010 5:57:15 PM PST · by CedarDave · 15 replies
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | December 14, 2010 | Rene Romo
    The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is proposing to list the dunes sagebrush lizard, or sand dune lizard, as an endangered species, a move that could restrict oil drilling, grazing and off-road vehicle use in the lizard's habitat in southeastern New Mexico. The Center for Biological Diversity said an endangered species designation would require limits on herbicide spraying used by some ranchers and restrictions on oil and gas drilling, plus additional funding for research and the development of a recovery plan. ... A 60-day public comment period begins with the publication today of the proposal in the Federal Register. Fish...
  • Sarah Palin: Further Proof of the Need for Energy Independence

    10/06/2009 5:47:49 PM PDT · by Al B. · 39 replies · 2,105+ views
    facebook ^ | Sarah Palin
    The British newspaper The Independent reported today that Gulf oil producers were negotiating with Russia, China, Japan and France to replace the dollar in pricing oil with a basket of currencies.[1] According to the Wall Street Journal, Arab oil officials have denied the story, but even the possibility of such a talk weakens the dollar and renews fears about its continued viability as an international reserve currency.[2] In fact, today a United Nations official called for a new global reserve currency to replace the dollar and end our privilege to run up huge deficits.[3] We can see the effect of...
  • US Sen Bingaman Outlines Climate Change Energy Legislation

    03/05/2009 7:21:34 AM PST · by jessduntno · 12 replies · 616+ views
    DOW JONES NEWSWIRES ^ | Today | Talley
    US Sen Bingaman Outlines Climate Change Energy Legislation WASHINGTON -(Dow Jones)- Influential Democratic U.S. Sen. Jeff Bingaman, D-N.M., has set the stage for a congressional battle with the Obama Administration over upcoming climate legislation. Bingaman, who heads the Senate Energy committee, outlined Thursday a package that would give a major boost to the renewable energy, efficiency and transmission sectors and reveals that, despite their censure of the oil industry, Democrats acknowledge that crude oil will play a vital role in the nation's energy mix for years to come. Speaking to reporters at a Platts Energy Forum, Bingaman said his energy...
  • Morning Bell: More Than ANWR

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    The Heritage Foundation ^ | June 16, 2008 | Editorial
    ----snip---- Then there is the granddaddy of them all: the oil shale in Green River Formation, which goes through Colorado, Utah and Wyoming. According to a RAND Corp. study, there are 1.5 trillion to 1.8 trillion barrels worth of oil shale in the Green River Formation. That is more than triple the proven oil reserves of Saudi Arabia. At $95 a barrel, it was not economically viable to develop these resources, but at $130 it definitely is. Furthermore, Shell Oil scientists have already conducted small-scale field tests that if replicated on a large scale would make developing the oil shale...

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    The Oregonian ^ | June 10, 2007 | David Reinhard
    Sunday, June 10, 2007 Peter J. Robertson had no idea what he was walking into Tuesday morning. The vice chairman of Chevron Corp's board of directors was visiting The Oregonian's editorial board, and I had just filled up at the gas station. Like many Oregonians, I was not a happy. I had just spent $3.29 for a gallon of gas. Admittedly, my TNG Milano 49 only needed a gallon for a week of commuting, but this cheapskate didn't join Scooter Nation to watch Big Oil gobble up my gas savings. I wanted answers, and I wanted them now. More to...
  • National Archives Indian Records Discarded

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    ap on Yahoo ^ | 9/21/05 | John Heilprin - ap
    WASHINGTON - Federal officials are investigating how National Archives documents of interest to Indians suing the Interior Department were found discarded in a trash bin and a wastebasket. The discovery came to light on Sept. 1, when Archives staff noticed federal records in one of the trash bins behind the National Archives Building near the Capitol. They notified the Archives' inspector general, Paul Brachfeld, whose staff recovered the documents. They found at least a portion of the documents were Bureau of Indian Affairs records dating to the 1950s, according to Jason Baron of the Archives' Office of General Counsel, in...