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  • The New Free Republic (ZOT!!)

    09/19/2009 12:51:49 PM PDT · by holly101 · 290 replies · 7,939+ views
    holly101 | 9-19-09 | holly101
    Free Republic used to be the most up to date web site where you could go for the latest news. Now it's been overrun with so many personal blogs and opinions that it's a chore to wade through all the personal stuff to find the real headline news. Even religous post like the daily rants of Joel Osteen, (whom I detest because he's a fake getting rich off gullible Americans)is allowed to be posted on a regular basis but you're not allowed to refute anything he says. Why is he not being put in religion where he belongs? The categories...
  • HELP! How can I delete my account??

    08/10/2009 7:17:47 AM PDT · by AL_76 · 291 replies · 7,770+ views
    Can someone please tell me how to delete my account? A friend talked me into creating an account, but I have found this just really isn't for me. I've looked everywhere I can think of, but have yet to find a way to disable/delete my account. Any help would be appreciated.
  • Polarik is leaving FR

    08/09/2009 4:45:11 PM PDT · by Polarik · 314 replies · 9,393+ views
    The Greater Evil ^ | 08/09/2009 | Polarik
    Basically, it comes down to this. I made a promise to my family get off of here, but continued to break that promise. There is sufficient momentum for the birth certificate issue to where any further research is unnecessary. The fact that Hawaii refuses to authenticate or acknowledge producing the COLB that the libs insist that is real, along with the statements made to me by Dr. Alvin Onaka in late October, pretty much nixes any hope by the opposition that a real Obama 2007 COLB exists. The libs can refute my research all they want, but it's not going...
  • reply to unwarranted insults made by old farts

    08/09/2009 1:21:34 AM PDT · by disenfranchised agitator · 81 replies · 4,586+ views
    Wow. I find it utterly astounding that people wasted their effort criticizing somebody for simply posting up lyrics to a song. You guys are truly leading the revolution! Right from your lap tops. Haha. I wonder if you would have the guts for any real activism. Doubt it highly. Have fun continuing to be a part of the millions of Americans, who believe that they are informed about world affairs from what CNN gives you. Count me out. And by the way... I do work. I dont do any kind of drug. But hey. What do I care if you...
  • An Open Letter to Jim Robinson

    07/18/2009 3:09:39 PM PDT · by mrmeangenes · 392 replies · 12,961+ views
    07/18/09 | vanity
    Dear Mr. Robinson: I've given the matter quite a bit of thought and have decided it is time to ZOT you. I was tempted when I noticed posters were allowed to insult anyone who disagreed with them; even more tempted when I saw new posters banned for asking questions, or expressing an opinion outside the mainstream - (though I must confess anyone adopting the screen name "Christ was killed by conservatives" was not going to last very long ! I'm sure he was referring to the Sanhedrin, but still...) When I saw your post today about getting "millions of people"...
  • Stick a Fork in Me, I'm Done (VANITY)

    07/16/2009 5:20:15 AM PDT · by EQAndyBuzz · 68 replies · 3,225+ views
    7/16/09 | EQAndyBuzz
    Admin, Please Remove my ID from FR.
  • Obama Worship vs. Palin Worship...What's the difference?

    07/11/2009 10:48:53 AM PDT · by Bob J · 189 replies · 3,255+ views
    7-11-09 | Bob J
    We all loved Sarah. She rescued the sinking McCain campaign, said all the right things and holds pretty much the same positions of most FReepers. They all love Obama. He rescued the sinking DNC, said all the right things and holds pretty much the same positions of most liberals. Dems, liberals and the MSM are condemned for their all consuming adoration, virtual blindness to any mistakes or faults and slobbering worship of the man. Yet when the same thing happens to Palin it turns into a virtue. Sarah was a real coup for conservatives. But when she announced her resignation...
  • Good-bye [if I can't post my 9/11 troofer garbage to FR, I'm leaving]

    06/25/2009 12:41:23 AM PDT · by ThePythonicCow · 224 replies · 15,322+ views
    self ^ | June 25, 2009 | ThePythonicCow
    Good-bye. A few months ago, I posted some information on bank financial strength. The post was a complex table and it took me sometime to make the post. Not long after, I forget but perhaps 10 or 20 minutes, the post disappeared. Figuring I made a mistake, I posted it again. This time I was pretty sure I posted it correctly. It disappeared within a few minutes. To verify that this was what was happening, I posted a third time. It again disappeared immediately. I never received any feedback from FreeRepublic on this matter. It annoyed me, but since I...
  • Opus

    06/23/2009 3:23:20 PM PDT · by gridlock · 80 replies · 2,890+ views
    6/23/08 | gridlock
    So long folks! You've been great. See you down the road, maybe. JimRob... You're the best!
  • Why I'm Leaving Free Republic

    04/10/2009 6:10:22 PM PDT · by pctech · 328 replies · 10,596+ views
    I am leaving Free Republic. After I post this message I will not come back and most likely ask the moderator to remove my account. You may ask why. Today I posted a copy of a letter I received from an anti-terrorism officer in the United States Air Force. It was received through official channels but was not classified or top secret and I was granted permission to share it. It was an article concerning the possibility of a terrorist attack on American soil and it was pulled because, and I quote "Proven incorrect on snopes." This is one time...
  • This is my "OPUS" - "Good-Bye" to Free Republic! (I HATE to do this!)

    03/31/2009 11:19:45 PM PDT · by yorkie · 56 replies · 1,459+ views
    mine | April 1, 2009 | yorkie
    Happy April Fools Day, Everyone!!!! I would be the FOOL to be leaving my most favorite site in the whole wide world! Show your support to keep our forum alive and well - OK?
  • Is it time to dump Free Republic?

    01/28/2009 10:46:53 AM PST · by PlainOleAmerican · 403 replies · 7,032+ views
    FR | January 28, 2009 | Me
    Repeatedly, FR moderators have moved TOP postings related to current NEWS and calls for conservative ACTIVISM from the News and Activism section, over to "blogger's and personal" which has no traffic by comparison. I fully understand Jim Robinson's original purpose in launching FR, to provide a community in which conservatives could get TRUTH not available in the MSM, information not available in the MSM and access to fellow conservatives so that we could work together towards a conservative agenda. Yet time after time, FR moderators bury this information over in "blogger's and personal" and kill story after story, vital to...
  • Soliton signing out!

    12/25/2008 7:55:05 PM PST · by Soliton · 967 replies · 18,102+ views
    12/25/2008 | Soliton
    After 10 years and many thousands of replies, I am leaving FR. I don't really care, and I don't know why anyone else would. I am leaving before I am banned (again). Truth doesn't seem to matter on FR. I don't know if it is donations or sympathetic opinions that do, but I have been suspended twice when I followed the rules and the people who complained to the moderators didn't, yet the moderators sided with them. For the record, evolution is a fact and the Shroud of Turin is a fraud. I would prove it if the admin moderators...
  • Waiting for the Free Republic COLB Purge to Begin

    12/09/2008 8:34:17 PM PST · by fortunate sun · 478 replies · 7,057+ views
    Vanity | December 10, 2008 | fortunate sun
    There has always been a desire to maintain credibility and integrity on Free Republic. That is eroding with each new, Obama, birth certificate story. Many of those creating this ruckus claim are flying a false flag of Constitutionality when it is actually an effort to paint all Conservatives with the broad brush of conspiratorialism of the most dangerous kind. Thank you.
  • Goodbye, ya'll...

    11/04/2008 11:55:36 PM PST · by Positive · 136 replies · 7,863+ views
    Experience | 11/4/2008 | Self
    Well you folks, I recently passed the 10 year mark under this screen name and was here for a while before that under another screen name. I love you all and will miss wasting my time here.... But that is what it has been, a waste. Our once proud nation, today admitted that it has become a pathetic bunch of losers who are no longer proud to be Americans, I have written here and spoken to friends and associates that; I don't fear an Obama presidency, I fear a fellow citizenry who would be so pitiful and wanting and niave...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 06-21-08 (Perry Logan Tombstoned)

    06/21/2008 10:48:51 AM PDT · by Paul Heinzman · 68 replies · 176+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | 06-21-2008 | DUmmie Perry Logan, DUmmies, and Paul Heinzman
    I am really excited. It's the weekend and I'm taking the smoker I received for Father's Day on it's maiden run with a five pound butt end of a picnic shoulder. But you know, that's going to take hours, so I'm going to need something to tide me over. I think I'll have some pizza. Now, faithful readers of DUmmie FUnnies know that PJ Comix prefers those $1.50 DiGiorno pizzas, but I'm in the mood for a Tombstone with extra ham. To provide that, we have none other than DUmmie Perry Logan. Perry Logan, the Scorsese of screed, the...
  • My best to all of you.

    06/14/2008 8:17:49 PM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 350 replies · 636+ views
    6/14/08 | Dawnsblood
    I wish you all the best. I have tried to post tributes to the Army, info on Obama's horrendous run for office and McCain's slightly less horrible attempt. I wish you all the best but FR is just as likely to exclude people from the deabte as anyone else. They have that right, freedom to cleave to whoever you like is a right I agree with but I am guessing I am not one Jim wants associate with. I wish you all the best but I am bowing out of this forum. Have a great life. God bless u all!
  • “Free Republic” Site Kind Of Godless “Conservatism” Christian

    04/23/2008 4:10:48 AM PDT · by Man50D · 269 replies · 400+ views
    The American View ^ | April 23, 2008 | John Lofton
    I’ve been kicked off the “Free Republic” web site. No more posting allowed. The problem? The results of my brain scan. It revealed I had one — a definite no-no if you’re posting among the “FReepers.” But, seriously…… Have any of you spent any time looking at the “Free Republic” web site? Yikes! If most of the folks posting on this site are what a “Free Republic” produces, then give me Communist Slavery every time. Just kidding— about the “Communist Slavery” crack. But, I’m not kidding about the “Free Republic” site. So, why, seriously, was I dumped? Well, I posted...
  • FRiends, It's Time To Say Good-Bye! My Opus. (Sniff!)

    03/31/2008 10:20:08 PM PDT · by yorkie · 79 replies · 965+ views
    My heart | April 1, 2008 | yorkie
    APRIL FOOL'S! How could I ever leave such wonderful friends, and the greatest forum on the net? Hugs to you all! Now, go trick some other unsuspecting friends.
  • Vanity: My opus on combating vote fraud

    03/26/2008 10:35:37 AM PDT · by darth · 117 replies · 2,496+ views
    Vote Fraud and How to Combat It Introduction I have been involved in campaigns and volunteering at the polls since 1994. In every election where I have been involved there was evidence of vote fraud. Based on personal experience I estimate that in important national elections up to 10% of all votes cast are fraudulent. Did you notice how polls that favor Republicans to win on Election Day are almost always off by a significant amount when the votes are counted? Have you noticed how Philadelphia turns in more ballots than the number of adults in the city? Who are...