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  • Updates in the BARNETT v OBAMA case in Judge Carter's court (new alias for Obama?)

    12/04/2009 4:05:37 PM PST · by rxsid · 72 replies · 3,954+ views
    FR ^ | 12/4/2009 | rxsid
    Updates in the BARNETT v OBAMA case in Judge Carter's court: Request for investigation of misconduct in legal proceedings, submission of perjured affidavits, submission of a letter to court by an attorney with improper purpose of covering up criminal activity and obstruction of justice, withholding evidence by attorneys, and US attorneys acting under conflict of interest From 11.11.09. to 11.22.09. I had the honor to be a delegate at the Continental Congress 2009. One of the guest speakers for the Continental Congress was a former Immigration officer and currently a private investigator in CO, Mr. John Samson. I have stated...
  • Obama birthplace attorney files new allegations

    12/03/2009 7:42:53 PM PST · by USALiberty · 122 replies · 4,097+ views
    Laguna Niguel attorney Orly Taitz had her lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s presidency thrown out on Oct. 29, but that hasn’t stopped her from filling a new document in the case with a broad array of allegations. “There was a concerted and a well orchestrated effort by a number of individuals to assassinate my character, endanger my law license and ultimately derail my case against Mr. Obama,” Taitz writes in the document filed with the federal court today. “A number of criminal activities were perpetrated upon this court.”
  • Obama Treason Charges Advance In Tennessee Grand Jury

    11/29/2009 6:13:52 PM PST · by USALiberty · 93 replies · 4,892+ views
    American Grand Jury ^ | November 28, 2009 | JB Williams
    On June 10, 2009 I wrote about formal treason charges filed against Barack Hussein Obama, aka Barry Soetoro, in - Is Obama Guilty of Treason? I followed that column up with - Why Commander Fitzpatrick Is NOT Guilty of Mutiny! on June 13. Since then, numerous others have filed similar treason charges against Obama/Soetoro with little or no fanfare… If Obama is indeed guilty of treason - then we have a growing list of folks who are also committing treason. Namely, every member of law enforcement and the justice system who have taken an oath to uphold and defend the...
  • 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals sets date for Kerchner vs. Obama & Congress

    11/26/2009 11:44:18 PM PST · by STARWISE · 17 replies · 1,789+ views
    The Post and Email ^ | 11-25-09 | John Charlton
    The long process of appealing the ruling of Judge Jerome B. Simandle, who dismissed the case of Kerchner et al. vs. Obama & Congress has begun. The Federal 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, has set the due date for the filing of briefs of the appellants in the case: January 4th, 2010. Commander Charles F. Kerchner, Jr., USNR Retired, issued a public statement regarding the announcement: We look forward to moving ahead with this very important constitutional case along the legal pathway to the ultimate decision maker for this historic and precedence setting lawsuit, the U.S. Supreme...

    11/27/2009 10:14:27 AM PST · by syc1959 · 64 replies · 2,788+ views ^ | Nov 17,2009 | syc1959
    As of this date 17 Nov 2009, Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro has spent in excess of $1.8 million to defend lawsuits regarding his eligibility under the United States Constitution. Bauer’s client Barack Hussein Obama aka Barry Soetoro might like to explain why he claims to have his original Birth Certificate. As mentioned in “Dreams of My Father” he claims finding his birth certificate. On Page 26 of “Dreams of My Father”, Obama writes: “I discovered this article, folded away among my birth certificate and old vaccination forms, when I was in high school,” While this brief quote does...
  • Counsel for DNC Services Corporation Performs 3 Card Monte for Federal Court

    11/23/2009 6:09:25 AM PST · by jbjd · 146 replies · 2,944+ views
    jbjd ^ | 11.23.09 | jbjd
    ... Question: But given that Bob Bauer was willing to risk his license to practice law by tricking the court into taking judicial notice of misleading facts that, at best, could only establish Barack Obama was a “native” born citizen, anyway, and which notice he would have to message in order to dupe Americans into believing this meant, his client was also Constitutionally qualified for POTUS; why was he unwilling to risk his license on Nancy Pelosi’s Certifications, which explicitly stated, his client was Constitutionally qualified for the job of POTUS, judicial notice of which fact the court likely would...
  • Lucas Smith: attorney will file a new legal action against Obama's eligibility

    11/17/2009 1:11:11 PM PST · by Seizethecarp · 98 replies · 3,743+ views
    InspectorSmith ^ | Nov. 16, 2009 | Lucas Smith
    Posted by Lucas Smith Nov 16, 9:00 PM: InspectorSmith Hello everyone. For some time now I've been looking for a new "in" to get my foot in the door of a courtroom to expose Obama for the native Kenyan that he is. I found an attorney that is willing to work with me, and on my terms. The attorney is originally from Iowa, as I am. We will not be filing Quo Warranto. We will not be filing anything similar to the civil / criminal actions that have been brought against Obama to date. Respectfully, Lucas Smith. Posted by Lucas...
  • Hollister v Soetoro - Hemenway lead attorney now. Berg, Joyce, Bauer request leave of case.

    11/21/2009 1:22:49 AM PST · by rxsid · 71 replies · 3,456+ views
    Scribd ^ | 11/21/2009 | rxsid
    Notice Filed Hollister v Soetoro I. JURISDICTIONAL STATEMENT A. The Basis for the District Court’s Subject Matter Jurisdiction The District Court had jurisdiction pursuant to the Federal Interpleader Act, 28 U.S.C. § 1335. Alternatively Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 22 and diversity under 28 U.S.C. § 1332 existed. In addition, in a proposed amended complaint the plaintiff Hollister asserted jurisdiction also for a direct violation of the constitutional requirement in Article II, Section 1, Clause 5 concerning the eligibility of an individual to be President of the United States if he is not, as is there stated, a “natural born...
  • The Criminal charges of “Conspiracy and Fraud” are served against Nancy Pelosi

    11/18/2009 7:40:28 PM PST · by Man50D · 163 replies · 7,039+ views
    American Grand Jury ^ | November 18, 2009
    Rest of the title: in US District Court, Nashville, Tennessee The Criminal charges of “Conspiracy and Fraud” are served against Nancy Pelosi in US District Court, Nashville, Tennessee RELEASED BY: American Grand Jury Charges filed with multiple State Election Commissions claiming Election fraud by Pelosi and Obama. American Grand Jury has incorporated the Nancy Pelosi/Barack Obama criminal complaints within its Presentments. The Presentments were served on the United States District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee, Nashville, TN on November 6th, 2009. A Response in the form of an “Order” has been issued by Judge Todd Campbell and received...
  • Orly Taitz Refuses to Pay Judge’s $20,000 Sanction

    11/17/2009 12:06:33 PM PST · by mnehring · 118 replies · 4,743+ views
    Orly Taitz is refusing to pay a $20,000 sanction issued by Judge Clay Land, who is also presiding over the Mark Shelnutt trial. Taitz is the California attorney who filed a motion for Capt. Connie Rhodes. Rhodes attempted to halt her Iraq deployment on the grounds that President Obama’s holding office was not legitimate. Taitz told News 3 that she believes the sanctions were asserted in an attempt to silence her challenge of Obama’s legitimacy. “I really haven’t done anything that would justify the sanction. If anything it is the opposite. The sanction was not justified. It was a political...
  • Gary Kreep Files Notice of Appeal In Barnett v. Obama

    11/17/2009 12:00:33 PM PST · by Drew68 · 6 replies · 1,068+ views
    scribd ^ | 16 Nov 09 | Gary Kreep
    Single page Notice of Appeal at link. Off to the 9th Circuit.
  • Witnesses: Obama birth lawyer told us to lie

    11/12/2009 12:36:30 PM PST · by fours · 117 replies · 5,147+ views
    A man claiming to have been Barack Obama’s homosexual lover and another claiming to have Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate say Laguna Niguel attorney Orly Taitz asked them to lie in federal court. Taitz planned to use the two as witnesses in her effort to prove Obama was born in Kenya and is not a legitimate president. However, the case was dismissed on Oct. 29 by U.S. District Judge David O. Carter without going to trial. In his dismissal, Carter wrote, “the Court has received several sworn affidavits that Taitz asked potential witnesses that she planned to call before this Court...
  • Rare Non-Orly Taitz Birther Smackdown

    11/12/2009 11:52:29 AM PST · by circumbendibus · 67 replies · 3,012+ views
    The Washington Independent ^ | 11/12/09 | David Weigel
    Phil Berg, who by my lights is the original “birther” attorney — he filed a lawsuit challenging then-candidate Barack Obama’s citizenship in August 2008 — has been dealt a serious blow in his quest to overturn the results of the presidential election. The Court of Appeals for the Third District has affirmed the dismissal of Philip J. Berg, Esquire v. Barack Hussein Obama, et al., and the decision does not spare Berg for piling weird rumors and allegations into his arguments. An example:
  • Judge Directs US Attorney To Collect $20K From Orly Taitz After Failure To Pay Fine

    11/13/2009 7:52:09 AM PST · by Cardhu · 109 replies · 4,729+ views
    TPM ^ | November 13 2009 | Justin Elliot
    A federal judge in Georgia has ordered the US Attorney to collect a $20,000 judgment against Orly Taitz after the Birther attorney failed to pay the fine -- which she appealed -- within 30 days.Here's the full order from Judge Clay Land, of the US District Court in the Middle District Of Georgia:"Orly Taitz has failed to pay the $20,000.00 sanction ordered by the Court on October 13, 2009. Accordingly, the Clerk is ordered to enter final judgment in favor of the United States of America and against Orly Taitz in the principal amount of $20,000.00. The United States Attorney...
  • ANKENY et al v. GOV. of INDIANA (Ind. App. Ct.)

    11/12/2009 3:55:21 PM PST · by Sibre Fan · 61 replies · 2,723+ views
    Court of Appeals of Indiana ^ | Nov. 12, 2009 | Court of Appeals of Indiana
    Excerpt: Based upon the language of Article II, Section 1, Clause 4 and the guidance provided by Wong Kim Ark, we conclude that persons born within the borders of the United States are “natural born Citizens” for Article II, Section 1 purposes, regardless of the citizenship of their parents. Just as a person “born within the British dominions [was] a natural-born British subject” at the time of the framing of the U.S. Constitution, so too were those “born in the allegiance of the United States [] natural-born citizens.”
  • BERG v. OBAMA: Third Circuit Affirms Dismissal of Case

    11/12/2009 10:51:25 AM PST · by Sibre Fan · 54 replies · 2,704+ views
    Scribd ^ | Nov. 12, 2009 | Third Circuit Court of Appeals
    * * * In sum, we agree with the District Court that Berg lacks standing to bring this suit because he has suffered no injury particularized to him. A prerequisite of standing is that the litigant has suffered or will suffer an injury in fact that is caused by the complained-of conduct by a defendant and that can be redressed by the court. Taliaferro, 458 F.3d at 188. An “injury in fact” is “an invasion of a legally protected interest which is (a) concrete and particularized and (b) actual or imminent, not conjectural or hypothetical.” Lujan, 504 U.S. at 560...
  • Fox News Is Ready for Your (Update: Birther) Protest

    11/11/2009 1:19:32 PM PST · by SvenMagnussen · 6 replies · 1,378+ views
    Gawker ^ | Nov. 11, 2009 | Hamilton Nolan
    This memo went out to News Corp employees today, advising them of a protest that should be going on right now. [UPDATE: It's birther queen Orly Taitz and her Birther Brigade!] Please send us dramatic action photos immediately. (Some below!)
  • Obama's Birth Certificate

    11/10/2009 5:50:48 PM PST · by getitright · 50 replies · 3,065+ views
    Let me first apologize for my laziness and ineptitude for not completing this assignment myself (although I just may), but here's the deal: Wouldn't it be great to complile a collection of birth certificates for every U.S. president from George Washington through G.W. Bush and leave the screaming blank for Barack Obama? On the one hand, it would be fantastic U.S. history. On the other hand, it would put a laser beam spotlight on the current fashion trend of annihilating U.S. history in favor of P.C./New World Order/Greenie Weenie/U.N.owned BULLSPIT. I want to see it. What a cool collection that...
  • BARNETT v OBAMA Motion to Reconsider, Taitz Declaration, Coroner report, Sinclair affidavit

    11/09/2009 5:32:54 PM PST · by rxsid · 93 replies · 4,594+ views
    Scribd ^ | 11/9/2009 | rxsid
    Recently filed court docs in the BARNETT v. Obama case in the UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT, CENTRAL DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIABARNETT v OBAMA Motion for ReconsiderationBARNETT v OBAMA Taitz DeclarationBARNETT v OBAMA Coroner Report & Sinclair Affidavit
  • Orly Taitz, Birther Queen, Rejected Again

    11/03/2009 3:22:08 PM PST · by steve-b · 12 replies · 1,428+ views
    The Examiner ^ | 10/30/09 | Michael Stone
    Orly Taitz, Birther Queen, has been rejected again. US District Judge David O. Carter threw out a lawsuit questioning Barack Obama's eligibility to hold the office based on his "natural born" citizenship status Thursday, saying the courtroom is not the proper arena to "challenge a president’s election." Judge Carter dismissed Barnett et al v. Obama et al. This had been Taitz's most successful lawsuit to date, which is not saying much. However, it is the one that got the furthest through the legal system....
  • Judge dismisses Cal. eligibility challenge - Plaintiffs promise appeal of ruling protecting Obama

    10/29/2009 11:46:17 AM PDT · by pissant · 260 replies · 8,309+ views
    WND ^ | 10/29/09 | Bob Unruh
    A California judge has dismissed a complaint challenging President Obama's eligibility to be president citing the "birth certificate from the state of Hawaii" that apparently refers to an Internet image of a "Certification of Live Birth" released during Obama's campaign. The ruling came this morning from Judge David Carter who as WND reported last night apparently recently hired a law clerk out of the law firm that has been paid nearly $1.7 million to defend Obama from such eligibility challenges. A Wikipedia page has been cited by dozens of bloggers after it listed Siddarth Velamoor as one of the newest...
  • Judge Carter Ruling on MTD

    10/29/2009 10:19:10 AM PDT · by Elderberry · 669 replies · 19,838+ views
    scribd ^ | 10/29/09 | Judge Carter
    Judge Carter Ruling on MTD
  • Orly donates to least she did until 2006

    10/28/2009 10:44:03 AM PDT · by conimbricenses · 55 replies · 2,601+ views
    I don't know if anyone has brought this up yet, but it certainly raises some questions about her in my mind - especially since she is taking such a prominent role in the "birther" movement. It appears that Orly Taitz is a very recent convert to the Republican Party. Prior to 2008, her donation history was Democrat including a very hefty check to the DSCC in 2006. From the FEC database... TAITZ, ORLY LAGUNA NIGUEL,CA 92677 SELF/DENTIST AND ATTORNEY 10/22/08 $500 Republican National Cmte (R) TAITZ, ORLY DR Laguna Niguel,CA 92677 SELF-EMPLOYED 9/17/08 $2,000 Republican Party of California (R) TAITZ,...
  • DOJ notifies Judge Carter re: Kerchner ruling - with thanks to Citizens Against Pro-Obama Media Bias

    10/23/2009 2:29:59 AM PDT · by STARWISE · 54 replies · 3,628+ views
    This is news .. the DOJ has officially notified CA Judge David Carter, presently reviewing his next move in the Keyes et al v. Obama et al lawsuit ... of a GA judge's decision in the Kerchner v Obama lawsuit. ______________________________________________________ It clearly shows that Judge Carter doesn’t deserve to be addressed as such the guy is looking for the easy way out while making sure not to upset the Usurper-in-Chief. I may be wrong but Carter has sold out. -David Crockett Maybe Judge Carter was waiting for Judge Simandle’s ruling granting dismissal in the Kerchner case. It came down...
  • Birther Soldier Makes Good (1st Lt. Scott Easterling)

    10/21/2009 4:21:59 PM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 4 replies · 654+ views
    Washington Examiner ^ | 10-21-09 | David Weigel
    1LT Easterling received an administrative reprimand for violation of the UCMJ. 1LT Easterling is currently assigned to Headquarters and Headquarters Company, 3d Sustainment Command (Expeditionary) in the Support Operations Division. After this incident and subsequent investigation and action, 1LT Easterling was not involved in any other incidents. As a result, his supervisors recommended him for promotion for his officer evaluation report.
  • Signed Certificate of Live Birth for BO

    10/20/2009 6:54:41 AM PDT · by rocco55 · 221 replies · 8,913+ views
    I received a signed COLB this AM. It is in a PDF format. I cannot find how to paste it into the post ? I don't now if it's real, but appears to be from a law firm last night at approx. 11:30 PM. Does anyone know if a PDF file can be posted ?
  • Carter shows his ethics: hires lawyer from Obama firm, as clerk Oct. 1st

    10/18/2009 6:07:15 PM PDT · by blueyon · 276 replies · 10,050+ views
    thepostnemail ^ | 10/17/09 | John Charlton
    In a stunning blow to the impartiality of the American Judicial system, Federal Judge David O. Carter, who is hearing the case Barnett vs. Obama, in the Central District, Southern Division Court at Santa Ana, California, has just hired a lawyer who works for a law firm where Robert F. Bauer, one of Obama’s top lawyers is a partner. And that, just days before the Oct. 5, 2009 hearing on the Motion to Dismiss, in which his demeanor radically changed, according to Dr. Orly Taitz, esq., lead counsel for the Plaintiffs. Siddharth Velamoor is the lawyer chosen by Carter to...
  • Taitz On Sanctions: “A Mockery Of Justice”

    10/16/2009 12:52:55 PM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 43 replies · 2,373+ views
    Oh for Goodness Sake ^ | Oct. 16, 2009 | staff
    I will clearly appeal this mockery of justice. Judge Land was totally dishonest and misstated and misrepresented 99% of what was written in the pleadings and what transpired during the hearings. He broke and violated each and every rule in the book: his own local rules, clear precedents, rule of law and Constitution in order to appease this Kenyan dictator and his regime. Will the Circuit Court of Appeals be less corrupt, remains to be seen. We have seen total dereliction of duties by so many in the Federal government, nothing will surprise me.
  • Obama's Achilles heel - Natural Born Citizenship

    10/15/2009 2:13:26 PM PDT · by Danae · 282 replies · 8,155+ views ^ | 10-15-2009 | Dianna Cotter
    This is my own work, I own any associated copyrights to it. ... What is a Natural Born Citizen? ... Ҥ 212. Citizens and natives. The citizens are the members of the civil society; bound to this society by certain duties, and subject to its authority, they equally participate in its advantages. The natives, or natural-born citizens, are those born in the country, of parents who are citizens. As the society cannot exist and perpetuate itself otherwise than by the children of the citizens, those children naturally follow the condition of their fathers, and succeed to all their rights. The...
  • Orly Taitz: Obama Birther Fined $20,000

    10/15/2009 8:44:33 AM PDT · by steve-b · 76 replies · 4,195+ views
    RightPundits ^ | 10/15/09 | Bryan McAffee
    Okay okay, one final birther story. Unfortunately for the true believers your leader, Orly Taitz, was fined $20,000 for mis-use of the legal system. Justice Clay Land wrote a 43 page order railing against Ms. Taitz and warned her against misusing the court system to push purely political agendas. You can read the order here (it's pretty scathing). For any who are not familiar with Orly Taitz, she is one of the leaders of the so-called birther movement who has sought to have the legitimacy of President Obama's election over-turned through the claim that he never provided a true birth...
  • Judge Smacks Down 'Birther' Orly Taitz For Abusing Court

    10/14/2009 1:42:54 PM PDT · by steve-b · 80 replies · 3,802+ views
    NPR ^ | 10/14/09 | Frank James
    Federal District Judge Clay D. Land has slapped top birther Orly Taitz with a $20,000 fine for wasting the court's time, among other issues, with her constant filings after he, last month, dismissed her lawsuit against President Obama's right as commander-in-chief to deploy the military because he allegedly isn't legally president. Because he didn't get rid of her the first time, he's hoping she gets the message this time from the barbed language in the 43-page order he issued Tuesday. Right off the bat, on page 1 he writes: For justice to be administered efficiently and justly, lawyers must understand...
  • Columbus Attorneys Disapprove Of Orly Taitz's Actions

    10/13/2009 10:55:29 AM PDT · by steve-b · 38 replies · 2,195+ views
    Ledger-Enquirer ^ | 10/13/09 | Alan Riquelmy
    Columbus attorney William Mason has seen "birther" lawyer Orly Taitz on television and read about her in the newspaper. He's quick with a description of the California lawyer: "She's nuts," Mason said. “Based on what I saw and read, she's nuts." Mason said her court filings don't appear written by someone familiar with the court system. Also, members of the Georgia bar, to which Taitz doesn't belong, aren't allowed to advance an untrue cause. And, he said, she's never been able to support speculation made in federal court that President Barack Obama wasn't born in the United States. For attorney...
  • Judge Land’s hard on Orly Taitz, Esq. It’ll cost her $20,000

    10/13/2009 10:39:05 AM PDT · by GoldStandard · 162 replies · 7,887+ views
    The Atlanta Journal-Constitution ^ | 10/13/2009 | Jay Bookman
    U.S. District Court Judge Clay Land, in Columbus, has come down hard on birther attorney Orly Taitz, fining her $20,000 for willfully abusing her right to practice law. I suspect Taitz won’t have that right much longer. “The Court finds that counsel’s conduct was willful and not merely negligent. It demonstrates bad faith on her part. As an attorney, she is deemed to have known better. She owed a duty to follow the rules and to respect the Court. Counsel’s pattern of conduct conclusively establishes that she did not mistakenly violate a provision of law. She knowingly violated Rule 11....
  • Susan Daniels signed affadavit confirming Obama used deceased man's SS#

    This is outrageous. I believe we really are experiencing a bloodless coup. Our representatives need to be forced to ask questions about Obama's Social Security fraud recorded in this affadavit dated September 30, 2009. Look at the document at the link.
  • Orly Taitz Awarded Nobel Birther Prize

    10/09/2009 12:15:54 PM PDT · by JoeProBono · 22 replies · 1,163+ views
    Orly Taitz Awarded Nobel Birther Prize
  • Orly Taitz Blog is being redirected.

    10/01/2009 3:13:13 AM PDT · by plenipotentiary · 4 replies · 753+ views
    Orly Taitz ^ | Oct 1, 2009 | plenipotentiary
    Could someone let Orly know her website is being redirected. She probably gets so much email, her reminder got lost in the rush. Good luck Orly
  • Judge (Land) refuses to accept Rhodes’ Letter

    09/29/2009 3:49:08 AM PDT · by Red Steel · 20 replies · 1,626+ views
    The Post & Email ^ | Sept. 28, 2009 | John Charlton
    LAND GRANTS TAITZ’S MOTION TO BE DISMISSED AS COUNSEL The citizen journalist, Larry Sinclair, has been vindicated; the Rhodes letter will not be considered by the Court; so says Judge Clay D. Land of the Federal Court, Middle Division, Georgia; whose assistant clerk appears to have not observed proper procedures about the admission of documents to the docket.The Post & Email has covered the letter in a separate article, last week. Judge Land makes his statements in his ruling, granting Attorney Taitz’s motion to be dismissed as Rhodes’ counsel, in the case Rhodes vs. Mac Donald, to wit: Moreover, the...

    09/21/2009 10:11:47 PM PDT · by Red Steel · 199 replies · 8,712+ views
    Scribd ^ | September 21, 2009 | Orly Taitz
    -Snip- PLAINTIFFSÂ’ PRELIMINARY RESPONSE TO DEFENDANTSÂ’ MOTION TO DISMISS, to be supplemented by filing PlaintiffsÂ’ Second Amended Complaint on or before October 2, 2009 Come now the Plaintiffs with this their Preliminary Response toDefendantsÂ’ September 4, 2009, Document 56 Motion to Dismiss (with reservation of rights to Respond further by filing PlaintiffsÂ’ Second Amended Complaint on or before Friday, October 2, 2009). POLITICAL RELATIVITY vs. CONSTITUTIONAL ABSOLUTES: IS THE POLITICAL QUESTION DOCTRINE VIABLE AS A MEANS TO EVADECOMPLIANCE WITH UNVARIABLE STANDARDS? Fundamentally, this case comes down to a single bifurcated question question: (1A) does the constitution mean what it says...
  • Interesting note posted today re Judge Land and Obama 'discovery'

    09/21/2009 7:03:17 AM PDT · by cycle of discernment · 65 replies · 3,995+ views Leon Brozyna Says: September 21st, 2009 at 4:09 am Dr. Taitz: In perusing a number of web sites and commentary on the Rhodes case and the latest results, I find that the comments generally fall into two groups — *** 1 - the judge is terrible and the ruling is an injustice. *** 2 - the judge is correct in properly smacking down Orly. I suggest that there is a third possibility that exists that no one seems to have publicly mentioned — that Judge Land is brilliant by handing down a deliberately inflammatory ruling bordering on judicial misconduct...
  • Former Cleveland law director Subodh Chandra sues challenger of Barack Obama birth site

    09/19/2009 9:56:34 AM PDT · by pabianice · 36 replies · 2,418+ views
    Subodh Chandra Add a Cleveland voice to the legal wrangling over President Barack Obama's birth. Former Cleveland Law Director Subodh Chandra waded in Thursday, Sept. 17, with a complaint to the State Bar of California that focused more on the leading challenger of Obama's U.S. citizenship than on the issue itself. Chandra asked the bar to investigate Orly Taitz, a California lawyer pressing cases centering on Obama's citizenship across the country, for making disparaging remarks about a federal judge and for wasting the court's time with frivolous cases. Taitz is an outspoken member of the so-called "birther" movement that claims...
  • $10,000 Sanction Proposed Against “Birther” Lawyer (Orly Taitz)

    09/18/2009 4:09:29 PM PDT · by GoldStandard · 278 replies · 13,955+ views
    WRBL ^ | September 18, 2009 | Teresa Whitaker
    <p>Federal Judge Clay Land may have made good on his threat of sanctions against a lawyer for an army officer fighting deployment on the claim that President Barack Obama was not born in this country. In an order today Judge Land denied a motion for a Stay of Deployment for Captain Connie Rhodes, filed by Attorney Orly Taitz yesterday. The motion was filed after Judge Land threatened sanctions and dismissed the complaint calling it frivolous. Taitz has 14 days to show why a $10,000 penalty as a sanction should not be imposed against her. We tried reaching Taitz. She has not returned our calls.</p>
  • Taitz Talks About Jones' And Davis' Birther Lawsuit On MSNBC

    09/18/2009 1:28:02 PM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 27 replies · 1,359+ views
    Fired Up! Missouri ^ | Sept. 18, 2009 | Sean
    Orly Taitz on MSNBC this morning, Sept. 18, 2009 Video
  • Judge applies different standard to Obama than to Orly Taitz

    09/17/2009 10:56:30 AM PDT · by lonewacko_dot_com · 26 replies · 1,368+ views
    24AheadDotCom ^ | 9/16/09 | 24AheadDotCom
    In yesterday's decision about the latest Orly Taitz case, the judge applied a different standard to evidence offered by Taitz than he did to that from the other side. This post is only about that aspect of this issue, and it's an aspect that most people should agree with. Here's what the judge says about the picture of a COLB on Obama's site (PDF here), a picture that's never been authenticated by any government agency: Counsel makes these allegations although a “short-form” birth certificate has been made publicly available which indicates that the President was born in Honolulu, Hawaii on...
  • Rhodes v. MacDonald(Obama) Dismissed (Judge Land's 14 page court ruling inside)

    09/17/2009 10:10:11 AM PDT · by Jpd · 5 replies · 635+ views
    US Archives ^ | 9-16-09 | USDJ Clay D. Lands
    Captain Rhodes entered the Army in March of 2005 and presently serves as a medical doctor. The American taxpayers paid for her third and fourth years of medical school and financially supported her during her subsequent medical internship and residency program. In exchange for this valuable free medical education, Captain Rhodes agreed to serve two years in active service in the Army. She began that term of active service in July of 2008 and had no concerns about fulfilling her military obligation until she received orders notifying her that she would be deployed to Iraq in September of 2009.Captain Rhodes...
  • Army doctor says she was barred from answering judge's call to court on Obama's eligibility

    09/14/2009 8:15:50 PM PDT · by BP2 · 63 replies · 3,600+ views ^ | Mon, Sept 14, 2009 9:23 pm EST | Drew Zahn
    Capt. Connie Rhodes, who claimed her superiors had prevented her from attending her previous, emergency court hearing, finally stood before a judge today to question the constitutional eligibility of her commander in chief. ... But when Judge Clay Land – the same judge who earlier dismissed a similar case filed by Maj. Stefan Frederick Cook – ordered Rhodes to appear and testify before him in an emergency hearing last week, Rhodes didn't show. She claims she had requested leave, but her superiors denied it, meaning she would be considered AWOL – and therefore subject to court martial and imprisonment...
  • Judge questions Orly Taitz claims to have Obama birth certificate in hearing ...

    09/14/2009 1:33:00 PM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 383 replies · 14,522+ views
    Ledger Enquirer ^ | Sept. 14, 2009 | CHUCK WILLIAMS
    During a hearing in U.S. District Court Monday, an attorney for an Army officer fighting deployment to Iraq questioned Barack Obama’s legal right to serve as president, asserting he was born in Kenya, not Hawaii. Judge Clay Land, inquisitive throughout the 90-minute hearing, said he will issue a decision on Capt. Connie Rhodes’ request for a temporary restraining order by noon Wednesday. Rhodes was represented by Orly Taitz, a California lawyer and a national figure in the “birther” movement that claims Obama does not meet the qualifications to be president. California attorney Orly Taitz, the president of the Defend Our...
  • Judge postpones ‘birther’ hearing until Monday; Orly Taitz claims to have Obama birth proof

    09/11/2009 2:38:33 PM PDT · by plenipotentiary · 170 replies · 6,482+ views ^ | Friday, Sep. 11, 2009 | CHUCK WILLIAMS
    A U.S. District Court hearing to determine if a Army captain fighting deployment to Afghanistan because of the challenged the legitimacy of Barack Obama’s presidency was rescheduled for Monday. Capt. Connie Rhodes filed the complaint last week and Judge Clay Land granted an emergency hearing Friday afternoon in the Columbus federal courthouse. Rhodes, a medical doctor who was with her unit in Fort Riley, Kan., did not attend the hearing. That prompted Land to reschedule it for noon Monday. Rhodes is scheduled to arrive at Fort Benning Saturday and deploy within seven days. Rhodes’ attorney Orly Taitz — a national...
  • Auto Czar to Congress -- BUTT OUT!1

    09/08/2009 5:35:58 AM PDT · by opentalk · 24 replies · 1,080+ views
    The LID ^ | July 21, 2009 | Sammy Benoit
    The Obama administration's auto czar on Tuesday said political interference by Congress could jeopardize the bailouts of General Motors and Chrysler.
  • China forces worth watching- US admiral

    09/01/2009 7:15:13 PM PDT · by Flavius · 5 replies · 623+ views
    sky ^ | 9/1/09 | sky
    A US military commander says China's military build-up should be watched very carefully but has stopped short of calling the emerging superpower a threat. The head of the US Pacific Command, which patrols the Pacific Ocean from California to China, has held talks in Australia with Defence Force Chief Angus Houston. Admiral Timothy Keating, whose command covers 51 per cent of the earth's surface, says the US is monitoring China's military build-up.
  • Orly, the Queen of Israel

    08/20/2009 10:22:49 AM PDT · by SvenMagnussen · 15 replies · 2,124+ views
    Harpers Magazine ^ | Aug 20, 2009 | Ken Silverstein
    Over the last two weeks, Taitz has been featured in a segment on Channel 10 television’s popular nightly news show “London and Kirschenbaum,” filmed a segment for the far-right Arutz 7 Web site and recorded a show for their radio channel, was featured in a three-page article in mass circulation daily Ma’ariv, and was the subject of a feature on Channel 1 TV. Israel’s Russian press has also taken notice, and interviewed Taitz for a feature for Russian radio and Israel’s Russian-language Channel 9. Taitz will also be the subject of a lengthy article in “Vesty,” Israel’s largest Russian-language newspaper.