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  • Obama to Seek New Assault Weapons Ban

    02/25/2009 8:20:19 PM PST · by model B · 364 replies · 14,109+ views
    ABC News ^ | 02-25-2009 | Jason Ryan
    As President Obama indicated during the campaign, there are just a few gun-related changes that we would like to make, and among them would be to reinstitute the ban on the sale of assault weapons," Holder told reporters. I think closing the gun show loophole, the banning of cop-killer bullets and I also think that making the assault weapons ban permanent, would be something that would be permitted under Heller," Holder said, referring to the Supreme Court ruling in Washington, D.C. v. Heller, which asserted the Second Amendment as an individual's right to own a weapon.
  • Obama Blows His OBL Moment

    10/25/2008 11:15:23 PM PDT · by Brown Deer · 52 replies · 1,970+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | Friday, May 11, 2007 | INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY
    The nation's first serious black candidate for president should be outraged that al-Qaida would try to exploit African-Americans for the terror cause. Oddly, he's not. Osama bin Laden's deputy last week made a sinister pitch to blacks in the U.S., and Barack Obama shrugged.Al-Qaida's Ayman al-Zawahri earlier this month courted blacks by frequently invoking Malcolm X, aka Al-Hajj Malik al-Shabazz, a past leader of the Nation of Islam.Shamelessly, al-Zawahri encouraged blacks to join al-Qaida's holy war against the American "oppressor," and sacrifice their blood against "injustice" like the "struggler and martyr" Malcolm X.He noted that the Muslim civil-rights leader condoned...
  • #1 Chicago Beats New York, Los Angeles In Murders [Obamatown]

    10/24/2008 8:58:22 PM PDT · by XR7 · 40 replies · 1,524+ views
    CBS 2 ^ | 10/24/08 | Mike Puccinelli
    CHICAGO (CBS) ― Chicago is the Second City in nickname and the third in population, but when it comes to murder, the city has the dubious distinction of being second to no city in America. As CBS 2's Mike Puccinelli reports, the Chicago Sun-Times pointed out on Friday that Chicago has seen 426 homicides this year through Tuesday, compared with 417 in New York and 302 in Los Angeles. At the end of 1998, Chicago made international headlines as the U.S. "murder capital" after surpassing New York's homicide totals for the first time ever. Chicago shed that dubious distinction when...
  • Prosecutor: Al-Qaida inspired Fort Dix plot

    10/20/2008 9:01:57 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies · 711+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 10/20/08 | AP
    CAMDEN, N.J. Five men who planned an attack on a New Jersey military base were inspired by al-Qaida and Osama bin Laden, a prosecutor said Monday during opening statements in their terrorism trial. The government has presented the case as one of the most frightening examples of homegrown terrorism since the Sept. 11 attacks. Authorities said that in 2006 and 2007, the men turned paintball games into terrorist training sessions and met to discuss a plot to sneak onto the Army's Fort Dix base and kill soldiers. No attack was carried out. "Their motive was to defend Islam. Their...
  • 'Socialist,' 'Muslim' Ugly reception for Obama (North Carolina Folks Slam Obama's Visit)

    10/19/2008 4:43:21 PM PDT · by DrHannibalLecter · 124 replies · 7,305+ views
    Politico ^ | Oct 19th | By POLITICO STAFF
    Barack Obama's stop at Cape Fear BBQ and Chicken in Fayetteville, N.C. The trip, according to a pool report, offered some powerful and at times ugly interaction. Many patrons applauded as he walked into the diner, but Diane Fanning, 54, began yelling Socialist, socialist, socialist get out of here! Fanning said shed heard that former Secretary of State Colin Powell had endorsed Obama but said that Colin Powell is a RINO, R-I-N-O, Republican In Name Only. Later, Obama came to the long table where Fanning and other members of a local First Presbyterian church were gathered. He held out...
  • Obama and Ayers Shared an Office for Three Years [with Klonsky]

    10/19/2008 8:22:41 AM PDT · by KayEyeDoubleDee · 72 replies · 5,364+ views
    Verum Serum ^ | 2008-10-19 | Scott Ragan & John Sexton
    Its nice to be the guy getting tips for once instead of the guy sending them. Yesterday I got two great tips from Morgen, a reader who had found my earlier posts digging into the Obama Ayers connection. Both tips appear to check out and the second one is, I think, big news.First, the smaller oneThis Chicago Annenberg Challenge website from 2002 shows the total amount of funds given to Bill Ayers Small Schools Workshop from 1995 to 2001. The amount is not the $175K I had reported earlier. According to this page, the total given under Barack Obamas direct...
  • LEARNING THE HARD WAY - what may be in store for America

    10/18/2008 10:42:33 AM PDT · by RED SOUTH · 11 replies · 1,007+ views
    A Letter from Israel. | Naomi Ragen , Keith Davies.
    Below is a letter from the writer, Naomi Ragen, which nails the issues we face on Nov 4th. While the economic issues take center stage, the problem of Islamic theology which causes terror will be much more of an issue over the next four years than the economy. If we as a nation believe in freedom, liberty and the pursuit of happiness we must elect leaders who stand for those values. If we elect Obama, our freedoms and way of life will be destroyed, if not forever, then at least for some considerable time to come. Germany elected Hitler and...
  • **"JOE THE PLUMBER" Political Legend Already Starting In JAPAN (Freeper Translation)**

    10/15/2008 11:37:28 PM PDT · by AmericanInTokyo · 120 replies · 4,085+ views
    Goo News in Japan (from Japanese) ^ | 17 October 2008 | Goo News in Japan (from original Japanese)
    Links Here in Japanese to Japanese commentary about last night's debate and elevates the issue of *JOE THE PLUMBER* as indicative of middle class concerned Americans.Translates him as [働く配管工のジョー] "Hataraku Haikanko no Joe-san" (literally, "Joe, the Working Plumber"), and states he is an interesting developing campaign story in the USA delineating the differences between McCain and Obama on basic TAX ISSUES.Going global, folks. From my own research just now, even some of the dummies over at DU's heads are exploding in anger over this sudden, new, real live NARRATIVE to the American political landscape, Joe The Plumber (who conveniently...
  • OBAMA to self-employed plumber: "I'm going to 'spread the wealth around'!"

    10/13/2008 8:10:19 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 66 replies · 3,354+ views
    Townhall ^ | October 13, 2008 | Kevin McCullough
    I've said repeatedly that Obama lies as easily as he breathes. More proof of this has been self-evident in his "giving 95% of voters a tax-cut." (Only I guess its not as self-evident as I would like it to be - because liberals are stupid and do not look at facts when their Messiah speaks.) But here's the thing. The bottom roughly 37% of citizens do not pay federal taxes. So that means that under his plan only 58% will get a "tax-cut". Those bottom 37%ers will be getting PURE WELFARE. Stolen directly from the small business owners of America...
  • Obama Paid ACORN $800,000 & Failed to Report

    10/09/2008 9:44:41 PM PDT · by GOPbabe · 75 replies · 5,008+ views
    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review ^ | August 2008 | David M. Brown
  • Debate filled with tension, but little venom [Echoes of Jimmy Carter]

    10/08/2008 5:11:17 AM PDT · by XR7 · 32 replies · 602+ views
    The Seattle Times ^ | 10/08/08 | Frank Bruni
    Neither presidential candidate was selling "morning in America." At times it seemed more like a competition to see who could paint the gloaming in the least unsettling hues. Tuesday night's presidential debate was remarkable for the dourness of its mood...the frequently subdued demeanors of the candidates even as they tore into each other, which they did with somewhat less vigor and venom than expected, given how little time remains until Election Day, given how nasty the campaign had turned in recent days. The debate the second of three, and the only one to be conducted in a town-hall style...
  • Lee County Sheriff Scott's 'Hussein' reference sparks federal probe

    10/07/2008 10:27:10 PM PDT · by Chet 99 · 104 replies · 4,811+ views
    Lee County Sheriff Scott's 'Hussein' reference sparks federal probe
  • CNN Did A Major Ayers Investigation -- Proves Little Messiah A Big Liar

    10/06/2008 7:47:21 PM PDT · by DHarry · 552 replies · 27,245+ views
    CNN - Youtube ^ | 10-06-08 | DHarry
    On Anderson's Cooper 360 they did a major investigative look at the Ayers/Obama connection. They even interviewed Stanley Kurtz. Bottom line: Just a guy in my neighborhood? Served on one board together? CNN Says bulls**t! They worked closely with each other and worked together on TWO boards -- both Annenberg and the Woods Foundation. They also talked about Ayers little tea party to launch Obama and found Obama hadn't been entirely honest about "just stopping by..." It was an event they planned and hosted TOGETHER. Sarah Palin needs to come out tomorrow and ride this just like she did the...
  • McCain on FOX Naming Names and Kicking Butt (Vanity)

    10/06/2008 12:37:55 PM PDT · by Islander7 · 395 replies · 24,154+ views
    FOX ^ | Oct 6, 2008 | Vanity
    Taking Obama to the woodshed!
  • Christian Website Endorses Obama as Pro-Life ( "Christian?" )

    10/05/2008 7:40:35 AM PDT · by kellynla · 40 replies · 1,212+ views ^ | October 03, 2008 | Drew Zahn
    A group of Christian supporters of Barack Obama who has a 100 percent pro-abortion Senate voting record have created a website touting the Democratic presidential candidate as the most pro-life choice in November's election. The Pro-Life Pro-Obama website argues that Obama's economic and health care plans and support of programs for the poor will do more for reducing abortions in the U.S. than the positions of his Republican opponent, Sen. John McCain.
  • Obama Promising Dangerous Bankruptcy Law Changes To Win Votes on Bailout Bill

    10/02/2008 9:46:27 PM PDT · by Dems_R_Losers · 71 replies · 2,801+ views
    Politico ^ | October 2, 2008 | Patrick O'Connor
    Barack Obama called Maryland Rep. Elijah Cummings on Tuesday with a promise: As president, he would revisit bankruptcy laws to give judges more leeway to prevent foreclosures. Obama didn't need to lay out a quid pro quo because the message was clear. Cummings, who voted against the financial-markets bailout on Monday, told Obama he was open to changing his vote but wasnt there yet. "I have to look beyond [the bailout] to a rainbow called Obama," he said. "When you bring in the Obama factor, that's very very important." As the final high stakes vote on the bailout bill approaches...
  • "I Will Follow Him": Obama As My Personal Jesus

    10/01/2008 8:40:00 AM PDT · by greyfoxx39 · 128 replies · 3,541+ views
    Smith College Sophian (via NRO Campaign Spot) ^ | September 18, 2008 | Maggie Mertens
    My interest was piqued, but the dark time lived on until my faith in others was renewed on Jan. 4 in the Iowa state primary. Obama had beat out squeaky clean southern boy John Edwards and former first lady and next in the line of political succession Hillary Clinton. I was in shock. And then I came to Jesus/Obama. I donated to the campaign. I followed every primary with bated breath, and muttered my prayers to the political gods while proselytizing the miracle of my new prophet. I got a car magnet, I bought a t-shirt; a pin and bumper...
  • BREAKING SCANDAL: Missouri Governor Accuses Obama of Conspiring to Violate Civil Rights

    09/27/2008 4:06:19 PM PDT · by Winged Hussar · 513 replies · 20,657+ views
    Please copy, paste, and circulate this press release from the Governor of Missouri. Note the Web domain of the press release, This is not "someone's blog," a "rumor," or a "smear." It is the official Web site of Missouri's state government. The Governor of Missouri says openly that Barack Obama conspired to misuse his state's law enforcement resources to "threaten and intimidate his critics."We cannot overemphasize the gravity of Governor Blunt's accusation. While we are not attorneys and cannot give legal advice, "Conspiracy against rights" is a felony under the U.S. Code, Title 18 (Crimes). At present, Governor Blunt's...
  • Obama [the Kenyan] and DNC Hide Behind Legal Issues

    09/24/2008 10:23:04 PM PDT · by solfour · 44 replies · 2,091+ views
    Obama Crimes ^ | 9/24/08 | Philip Berg
    Obama & DNC Hide Behind Legal Issues While Betraying Public in not Producing a Certified Copy of Obamas Vault Birth Certificate and Oath of Allegiance Country is Headed to a Constitutional Crisis (Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania 09/24/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obamas lack of qualifications to serve as President of the United States, announced today that Obama and Democratic National Committee [DNC] filed a Joint Motion to Dismiss on the last day to file a response, for the obvious purpose of delaying Court action in the case of...
  • Racism Could Hurt Obama in Pennsylvania

    09/23/2008 12:35:46 PM PDT · by Chet 99 · 77 replies · 585+ views
    MEDIA, Pa.On a cigarette break outside the Seven Stones coffee house yesterday, Ashleigh Piazza, 23, did not hesitate when asked how Democratic nominee Barack Obama's race could affect his success here in southeastern Pennsylvania. "It's kind of sad to say, but I think it's a major issue," said Piazza, a file clerk at the nearby Delaware County Courthouse, where in a few hours GOP nominee John McCain and his running mate, Sarah Palin, would hold a rally. "There's lots of talk about his race around town," says Piazza. An Obama supporter even offered Piazza's mom $40 at a local bar...