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  • Report: Palin shopping another reality show

    12/12/2011 3:26:43 PM PST · by maggief · 78 replies
    The Hill ^ | December 12, 2011 | Alicia M. Cohn
    Sarah Palin is interested in starring in a second reality TV series, according to a report Monday. The new series Palin and reality TV producer Mark Burnett are shopping to various networks would be focused on Palin’s husband Todd and his career as a championship snowmobile racer, according to the Hollywood Reporter.
  • It’s Really God’s Fault that Palin Hasn’t Decided (Buck-toothed Lesbian Blogger hates Sarah)

    10/01/2011 5:00:31 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 32 replies ^ | October 1, 2011 | Malia Litman
    Gosh darn it! How long does it take for God to make up his mind whether he wants Sarah to run for President? He’s had plenty of time. Sarah has talked with him often, so he’s had ample opportunity to bring up the subject. What’s wrong with him? Is He scared or intimidated by her? Is he afraid that Todd and his buddies will beat him up?From the minute the election of 2008 was over, God should have been considering all options. What was he thinking? Tim Pawlenty declared his intention to run in March 2011.That should have been a...
  • McGinniss says people quoted in Sarah Palin book have been threatened

    09/29/2011 5:07:02 PM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 51 replies
    Winnipeg Free Press ^ | 09/29/2011 | Lee-Anne Goodman
    WASHINGTON - Author Joe McGinniss says some of the people quoted by name in his controversial book on Sarah Palin have been threatened since its release last week."A couple of them have already gotten some blowback," McGinniss said Thursday in a telephone interview from Toronto, where he was in town promoting "The Rogue: Searching For The Real Sarah Palin.""One guy was even told he'd better watch his back because it's going to be a long winter; he might not see the end of it because he has such a big mouth." After months spent fending off similar threats when he...
  • Joe Scarborough: ‘Sarah Palin Is The Republican Party’s Barack Obama’

    08/13/2011 3:57:33 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    Mediaite ^ | August 13, 2011 | Frances Martel
    Joe Scarborough may have just come up with the worst possible backhanded compliment to Sarah Palin. Discussing her trip to Iowa with Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC today, he lauded her as “the one political star in the Republican Party right now” and for her “questionable ability to govern” and status as a “political superstar,” crowned her “the Republican Party’s Barack Obama.” “She’s got star quality,” Mitchell noted as she observed the massive crowds following her in Iowa. Scarborough agreed enthusiastically, arguing that “of all the candidates in this race, there’s no doubt Michele Bachmann and Ron Paul excite their different...
  • FOX News Poll: August 10, 2011 (Comaparison of all Presidential candidates, declared and undeclared)

    08/11/2011 2:33:03 PM PDT · by Polybius · 123 replies
    FOX News ^ | August 10, 2011 | FOX News Poll
    Link to the PDF of the latest FOX NEWS comprehensive Presidential election poll, released at 6PM ET Wednesday, August 10, 2011.
  • Palin causes blood vessel to burst

    07/18/2011 4:05:34 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 89 replies
    There was a time when arriving at work with an eye the color of an overripe tomato would have been because I had a really good time the night before. This one is all Sarah Palin's fault. My very competent and nice eye doctor, Dr. Baxter, told me that a blood vessel burst in my left eye. It is something that can happen from a sudden increase in blood pressure, like what happens when you have a coughing fit. Or when Sarah Palin makes the cover of Newsweek magazine. "Ready to run," the cover reads. Oh, spare me. It is...
  • Is Sarah Palin sending mixed messages in her Newsweek article?

    07/11/2011 8:22:01 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 52 replies
    The Christian Science Monitor ^ | July 11, 2011 | Linda Feldmann
    Just when you thought Sarah Palin was fading from view, boom, she’s back. On the cover of Newsweek. Looking distinctly unpresidential in a gray hoodie that says “Edge Fitness,” hands on hips, hair blown back. In a Newsweek interview, the former governor of Alaska says she believes: that she can win a national election, that the field of GOP hopefuls should be bigger, and that she still has months to decide if she wants to enter. So what will she do? “I’m still thinking about it,” she told Peter J. Boyer. “I’m not so egotistical as to believe that it...
  • A Review of ‘Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin’

    07/02/2011 7:24:41 PM PDT · by curth · 51 replies
    C4P ^ | July 02 2011 - 3:57 PM | Nicole Coulter
    Nothing is quite so damaging to the mainstream media as publishing their own words in context. In her new book, Bring Her Down: How the American Media Tried to Destroy Sarah Palin, conservative author and C4Per Gina Dalfonzo does just that – in chilling fashion. Ever wanted to compare ABC News anchor Charles Gibson’s fawning interview with Obama to his condescending inquisition of Palin? Dalfonzo has it for you. Here’s a fair representation of the questions which Dalfonzo has in longer form … I can’t think of a better way to illustrate liberal media bias than this. Gibson to Obama:...
  • Bristol Palin knocks ‘Middleton’ in autobiography

    06/29/2011 7:53:05 PM PDT · by Hawk720 · 34 replies · 1+ views
    Middletown Journal ^ | 06/29/2011 | Eric Robinette
    In her new tell-all memoir, Bristol Palin, daughter of former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, talks about her life and her loves. And apparently the 20-year-old has no love lost with Middletown. Palin’s autobiography, “Not Afraid of Life: My Journey So Far,” hit stores June 21. In the book, she dishes on everything from her early brushes with sex and alcohol to her on-again, off-again relationship with the father of her child, Levi Johnston and her drama with Meghan McCain, daughter of former presidential candidate Sen. John McCain. But tucked amidst those revelations are a few jabs at the town...
  • Palin NOT Reaching Out to Key Iowans Ahead of Visit

    06/27/2011 1:36:45 PM PDT · by Hawk720 · 73 replies
    RCPolitics ^ | 06/27/2011 | Scott Conroy
    Sarah Palin appears to be designing her impending visit to Iowa to be as low-key as possible. The former Alaska governor is slated to arrive in the small Iowa town of Pella on Tuesday to attend the premiere of "The Undefeated" -- a flattering documentary that highlights her accomplishments in office and bangs the drum for a potential insurgent campaign for the Republican presidential nomination. Though she is never lacking for attention, Palin's trip figures to be scrutinized especially closely, since it will mark her first appearance this year in the nation's first voting state. Politico reported on Monday that...
  • Top Chicago Cop Targets Palin

    06/27/2011 4:26:23 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 75 replies
    IBD Editorials ^ | June 27, 2011 | Staff
    Gun Control: Chicago's new police superintendent blames Alaska's ex-governor for inner-city gun violence and crime, and says gun-rights advocates are racist. Disarming victims doesn't prevent crime, sir. Speaking to the choir, literally, about gun control, Garry McCarthy, former police chief of Newark, N.J., told an audience at St. Sabina Church in the Windy City about leaving a homicide scene in Newark, returning home and flipping on the TV to find an episode of "Sarah Palin's Alaska." "She was caribou hunting and talking about the right to bear arms," McCarthy said. "Why wasn't she at the crime scene with me?" We...
  • Liberal friend:OK..she did a good job in Alaska, but can she run all 57 states???

    06/24/2011 4:28:00 PM PDT · by American Dream 246 · 135 replies
    Free Republic ^ | 06/24/11 | American Dream 246
    Just talked with a good friend of mine, but sadly very liberal -- seems irreversible -- told her about the great reviews for The Undefeated, Sarah Palin documentary - her record in Alaska - and I tried to explain to her that she should at least get informed about Sarah before calling her the wilderness barbie. She then said: OK so she did a great job in Alaska, but is she able to run all US states (in all fairness, she did not say 57..). These people have an answer for everything..darn! What would you say to that - besides...
  • The ABC’s vilification of Sarah Palin

    01/10/2011 2:55:05 PM PST · by epithermal · 24 replies ^ | January 10, 2011 | Andrew Bolt
    he ABC’s 7.30 Report devotes an entire report tonight to the “toxic” political rhetoric that reporter Michael Brissenden suggests inspired the shooting of Democrat congresswomen Gabrielle Giffords. That rhetoric, Brissenden implies, doesn’t just date from the rise of Sarah Palin two years ago, but came with her. She is, after all, the only politician he singles out, and her political arrival is assumed as the date the trouble started. Not once does Brissenden try to establish the truth of the claim that gunman Jared Loughner was driven by this political climate to kill, or, indeed, that he was a Palin...
  • Larry Flynt Wishes Sarah Palin’s Son Trig Had Never been born

    06/04/2011 8:42:31 PM PDT · by KentTrappedInLiberalSeattle · 78 replies
    Big Hollywood ^ | 06/04/11 | AWR Hawkins
    Larry Flynt, founder of Hustler magazine who allegedly raped one of his daughters and allegedly asked another one of them to marry him, was recently in the news lashing out at Sarah Palin. What’s his beef with Palin? He’s uptight over the fact that she didn’t abort baby Trig and even more bothered by the fact that now that she has a son with Down Syndrome, she dares treat him like she would any other child in her family. Moreover, he actually has the nerve to accuse her of having the child just for political expediency.
  • Deranged about Sarah Palin

    06/15/2011 12:04:13 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 39 replies
    The Toronto Sun ^ | June 15, 2011 | Ezra Levant
    Could they be more pitiful? The liberal media are literally dumpster-diving Sarah Palin now — combing through 24,000 pages of Palin’s e-mails during her time as governor, including from her Yahoo e-mail account. It’s not just the American press gallery. Leftist media like the New York Times and Washington Post have flown reporters to Juneau, the capital of Alaska, to sift through the e-mails, like breathless schoolchildren reading from the private diary of the girl they really hate. And let me tell you: It’s juicy. Even the Guardian — a newspaper from London, England, put four reporters on the file,...
  • US Is Suffering Sever Case Of Palinosis (Rant of the week!)

    06/14/2011 4:00:44 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 85 replies
    Eurasia Review ^ | June 14, 2011 | Prof. David Michael Green, Hofstra Univ.
    I hope I never write another piece on Sarah Palin again. The woman is a disease, and I choose my words carefully there. She is everything that is wrong with America, and indeed, that is the only reason I’m writing this at all. This essay is altogether far more a commentary on Governor Quit’s America than it is on the woman herself. Our national problem is Palinosis far more than it is Palin. There have always been people like Sarah Palin, and presumably there always will be. The two real questions are why anyone cares about them and, most astonishingly,...
  • American Way: Sarah Palin email frenzy backfires on her media antagonists

    06/11/2011 12:24:18 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 81 replies
    The London Telegraph ^ | June 11, 2011 | Toby Harnden
    The trove of more than 13,000 emails detailing almost every aspect of Sarah Palin’s governorship of Alaska, released late on Friday, paints a picture of her as an idealistic, conscientious, humorous and humane woman slightly bemused by the world of politics. One can only assume that the Left-leaning editors who dispatched teams of reporters to remote Juneau, the Alaskan capital, to pore over the emails in the hope of digging up a scandal are now viewing the result as a rather poor return on their considerable investment. If anything, Mrs Palin seems likely to emerge from the scrutiny of the...
  • Sarah Palin emails: [Governor] Palin fielded death threats as campaign heated up

    06/10/2011 7:55:37 PM PDT · by bronxville · 62 replies
    LA Times ^ | June 10, 2011 | Matea Gold
    Among the emails Sarah Palin fielded while she was on the campaign trail were a batch of vicious threats against her life. On Sept. 12, 2008, she received a message through the state of Alaska's website that accused her of being racist and suggested that she would have joined the Ku Klux Klan if she were a man. "She doesn't belong to the NRA to support the right of each citizen to have weapons in an aim of self-defence, but just to support the right of every Southern white citizen to shoot all non-white people legally!" wrote the sender, identified...
  • NY Times mixes message on call for reader help with Palin email investigation, now denies request

    06/09/2011 6:59:41 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 37 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | June 9, 2011 | Matthew Boyle
    The New York Times originally denied making an open call for readers to help “investigate” e-mails from former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, which are set to be released on Friday. “The New York Times has not asked for readers to help with an investigation,” NYT spokeswoman Danielle Rhoades Ha said in an e-mail to The Daily Caller, pointing TheDC to a specific news story about the Palin e-mails’ release. Rhoades Ha appeared to have missed a story her own newspaper published on its website, titled, “Help Us Review the Sarah Palin E-mail Records.” The two paragraph story, published on the...
  • EDITORIAL: The media ride of Sarah Palin--The left does not revere history

    06/07/2011 4:17:16 PM PDT · by jazusamo · 38 replies
    The Washington Times ^ | June 7, 2011 | Editorial
       Listen, my children, and you shall hearAbout a political dustup over Paul Revere,On the second of June in Twenty-eleven;Hardly a liberal now alive, by heaven,Won’t stop saying “Sarah Palin” with a sneer. Sarah Palin’s impromptu, slightly rambling statement about Paul Revere last week set off volleys of verbal musket fire from her many left-wing critics in the media. Touring Boston on Thursday, she gave a folksy account of Revere’s ride, saying he was one of the men who “warned the British that they weren’t gonna be takin’ away our arms, by ringin’ those bells and by makin’ sure that as...
  • Blumenauer asks Park Service if Sarah Palin received special--and expensive--treatment (Democrat)

    06/07/2011 2:46:35 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 17 replies
    The Oregonian ^ | June 7, 2011 | Charles Pope
    WASHINGTON -- Suggesting that Sarah Palin's recent tour of historic sites was anything but a low-cost family get-away, Rep. Earl Blumenauer on Tuesday asked the National Park Service if it extended extra services to a private citizen. He also demanded that Palin should reimburse the government any additional cost caused by her high-profile visits to Gettysburg, Independence Hall, Fort McHenry and other iconic sites on a swing along the Northeast last week. "I am writing with serious concerns about the use of federal resources in conjunction with the 'One Nation' partisan political tour conducted by former Gov. Sarah Palin," Blumenauer...
  • Comic Chris Titus hints at assassinating Palin 'if she gets elected president'

    06/07/2011 1:24:46 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 49 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | June 7, 2011 | Jeff Poor
    Sometimes there is a line that is crossed between what appropriate for comedy and what’s likely off limits. But did comic Christopher Titus cross that line? In an appearance on Monday’s “The Adam Carolla Show” podcast, Titus may have waded into that territory. In responding to a question about former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s appearance on “Fox News Sunday,” in which Palin defended her interpretation of what happened during Paul Revere’s pre-Revolutionary War famous ride, Titus launched into a description of what he would do if Palin were elected. “You know what man?” Titus said. “I am going to literally...
  • Palin’s gambit builds her strength, exposes media hypocrisy; Update: York reports...

    06/03/2011 3:32:28 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 7 replies
    Hot Air ^ | June 3, 2011 | Ed Morrissey
    CNN asked me to write an opinion piece on how a Sarah Palin campaign — or lack of one — would impact the Republican nomination race. Instead of hitting that directly, I decided to write an analysis of what Palin has accomplished with her bus tour and how it will impact the race regardless of whether she decides to run in 2012 at all, and CNN graciously published it this morning: The media turned Palin’s bus tour into a celebrity chase, instead of covering it as a political event. As a political event, Palin’s travelogues show that it’s been pretty...
  • Please make it stop (Sarah hit piece)

    06/03/2011 1:58:08 PM PDT · by Hojczyk · 93 replies
    Washington Post ^ | June 3,2011 | Greg Sargent
    Everyone has already had a grand old time mocking this video of Sarah Palin bungling her Paul Revere history, but I actually think it amounts to quite an eloquent statement. It’s as eloquent an argument as anyone could make that this woman really should not be treated by any of us as anything resembling a presidential candidate until it’s absolutely necessary — which is to say, until she actually runs for president.
  • Jedediah Bila: Why Sarah Palin scares them

    05/13/2011 9:00:10 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 18 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | May 13, 2011 | Jedediah Bila
    Some media commentary on Sarah Palin continues to amuse me quite a bit. There are those who love to talk about how irrelevant she is — usually in the midst of a lengthy blog post or column that obsesses about something Palin recently said or tweeted. There are those who continue to distort her record, despite the surplus her policies afforded Alaska and a list of accomplishments that includes substantial spending reductions, incentivizing and expanding drilling for oil and natural gas, investing in state savings, and a commitment to transparency, ethics reform, and tackling corruption. And there are an array...
  • What If Sarah Palin Became the 45th President of the United States? (Hurl warning)

    03/24/2011 4:02:58 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 52 replies
    The Global Economic Crisis ^ | November 17, 2010 | Sheldon Filger
    <p>The last time members of the political establishment and media commentators seriously grappled with the question posed by my title occurred in the weeks following Senator John McCain’s seemingly mercurial and impulsive selection of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his vice presidential running mate. Many would say that doubts about the intellectual and leadership fortitude of Ms. Palin as a possible successor to an elderly and illness-prone Senator McCain, had he prevailed in the 2008 U.S. presidential election, was a leading factor in persuading many independent voters, and even some Republicans, to cast their votes for Barack Obama.</p>
  • Dana Milbank: How I survived my Palin-free February

    03/01/2011 12:23:57 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 37 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | March 1, 2011 | Dana Milbank
    I admit there were doubts in those early days about whether I could make it through all of February without invoking her name. The tremors and sweats were manageable. But I couldn't overcome an abiding terror: What if Sarah Palin announced her presidential bid, right in the middle of my self-imposed, month-long moratorium? The turning point came when I watched Fox News on Feb. 11. A banner flashed on the screen: "FOX NEWS ALERT." Dramatic music played. Stuart Varney, in for Neil Cavuto, delivered the bulletin: "Sarah Palin has issued a tweet." This was news? It was then that I...
  • Sarah Palin: Even Conservatives Duped by Liberal Media Branding

    02/26/2011 5:24:42 AM PST · by radioone · 124 replies
    American Thinker ^ | February 26, 2011 | Lloyd Marcus
    This article is not about endorsing Sarah Palin for president. It is about illustrating the liberal media's ability to brand an image. Case in point, conservatives saying Palin is not smart enough to be president. The Left launched their "Sarah Palin is Stupid" campaign the next day after her incredible VP nomination acceptance speech. A woman, pretty, smart, witty, confident and bold with an ability to inspire and fire up the conservative base, Sarah Palin was the Left's worst nightmare. They were livid. The only thing which could have made it worse would have been if Palin was black. The...
  • Palin Haters Continue Assault, But Why?

    02/24/2011 8:04:25 AM PST · by Lakeshark · 85 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | 2/24/2011 | M Catherine Evans
    Sarah Palin continues to be a repository for the Left's paranoia. Ever since her arrival in St. Paul,Minnesota the self-motivated, good-looking, charismatic, conservative Governor has been subjected to all-consuming assaults coming from both genders and both parties. The carnivalistic orgy of insults and torrent of false accusations have not abated, despite the general consensus that she is "unelectable." While Palin's gender automatically makes her vulnerable in the race for the White House, (no female has ever been elected President or Vice-President), there's some deeper unknown that turned normal curiosity about an unknown candidate in 2008 into full-blown rage.
  • Would Sarah Palin's America Truly Be 'Exceptional' Today? (Grab a bucket)

    02/14/2011 6:24:01 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | February 14, 2011 | William Browning
    Sarah Palin's favorite word in describing America is "exceptional." She uses the term in her book "America by Heart" as it relates to Alexis de Tocqueville, a Frenchman who traveled through the United States in the early 1830s. Tocqueville was sent to America in 1831 by the new French king Louis-Phillipe of Orleans to study the prison system. Instead, Tocqueville ended up taking notes on every aspect of American life, society and government during his nine month sojourn in North America. The French philosopher predicted many things in his book "Democracy in America" -- slavery splitting the nation, religious fervor...
  • ACU Chief on Palin, Huckabee: 'Not Serious' [David Keene's replacement speaks]

    02/11/2011 5:46:12 PM PST · by Al B. · 34 replies
    National Journal Hotline ^ | February 11, 2011 | Lindsey Boerma
    Take Sarah Palin and Mike Huckabee out of the 2012 presidential mix, says Al Cardenas, new chair of the American Conservative Union: If they were serious about running, "they'd probably be here." Interviewed at the end of the second busy day of his organization's Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, Cardenas dismissed the chances of the two high-profile no-shows. "Both Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin would be formidable contenders, but are unlikely to be nominees," he told On Calll. "But my sense I they're not serious about running because I would think they'd probably be here if they were."
  • Sarah Palin is Not Your Sugar Mama, GOP

    02/11/2011 1:28:20 PM PST · by sjneuf · 129 replies
    C4P ^ | February 11, 2011 | Nicole Coulter
    The desperation is palpable. The Beltway Gang have now officially floated every conceivable presidential candidate this side of Rich Lowry’s cat.
  • Call me a black-toothed, stuck-up Brit, but this conservative can't get excited by Sarah Palin

    02/10/2011 2:16:27 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 55 replies
    The London Daily Telegraph ^ | February 10, 2011 | Ed West
    She’s pro-freedom, she’s pro-life, she’s anti-illegal immigration, she gets up liberals’ noses, both in the States and over here, she’s a self-made mother of five who worked her way up and shoots from the hip. So why doesn’t Sarah Palin do it for so many British conservatives? It’s not just her tendency towards the odd gaffe, whether it be her Shakespearean coinage of new words or her misunderstanding of what “blood libel” means; Obama makes just as many gaffes, as will anyone in the spotlight. But for some reason they don’t get mentioned on the BBC. Perhaps it’s just her...
  • Gibbs doesn't get Palin's criticism

    02/07/2011 1:36:43 PM PST · by ColdOne · 17 replies
    Politico44 ^ | 02/07/11 | ABBY PHILLIP
    The White House won’t take the bait on Sarah’s Palin’s latest criticism, in which she said President Obama’s response to the crisis is Egypt was like a 3 a.m. phone call that was ignored. “This is that 3 a.m. White House phone call,” Palin said on CBN’s The Brody File, reviving an image from the 2008 campaign. “It seems that that call went right to the answering machine, and nobody yet has explained to the American public what they know ... and surely they know more than the rest of us know who it is who will be taking the...
  • Palin defends GOProud participation at CPAC (misleading headline)

    02/07/2011 7:21:00 AM PST · by pissant · 262 replies
    Hot Air ^ | 2/7/11 | Morrisey
    No great surprise here, really; Palin has quietly backed the end of DADT and expressed support for conservative gays and lesbians in the past. Speaking here with David Brody from the Christian Broadcast Network and excerpted by Breitbart TV, Palin doesn’t endorse GOProud but does defend their attendance at CPAC, and argues that the value of events such as CPAC is to debate the issues and provide as much information as possible to attendees:
  • The Atheist Antidote: Sarah Palin & The Liberal Psyche (You must see this video!!)

    02/06/2011 10:34:55 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 53 replies
    Politicons ^ | February 6, 2011 | Henry D'Andrea
    I saw this video over on Conservatives4Palin And one minute into it, I had to share it. Enjoy. (VIDEO AT LINK) The very sound of her name provokes reactions that run from reverence to loathing. She has become for better or worse a hopeless tangle of causes and effects. Here is a woman who carries all the symbolic freight of America’s culture war. It has become her fate to symbolize everything that some people like, and others detest about this country’s red states. Sarah Palin has been criticized not only for her record and positions but for her intelligence, her...
  • Loving Palin, but not for president, cont'd

    02/05/2011 12:12:57 PM PST · by pissant · 137 replies · 1+ views
    Politico ^ | 2/5/11 | Ben Smith
    Last Spring in New Orleans, Jonathan Martin and I picked up a very clear sentiment from Republican activists about Sarah Palin, reporting from the Southern Republican Leadership conference that "the wide admiration for Palin among the rock-ribbed Dixie Republicans gathered in the room wasn't matched by a confidence that she was ready to run." Jeff Zeleny picks up something very similar at the Reagan Library this weekend: Roy Billings, a Reagan admirer and a longtime contributor to the [Young America's Foundation], said he liked Ms. Palin a great deal, but he hoped that she would not run for president in...
  • Wanted: US conservatives prepared to 'come out' as opponents of Sarah Palin

    02/02/2011 7:11:12 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 56 replies
    The London Telegraph ^ | February 2, 2011 | Damian Thompson, Blog Editor & Religion reporter
    As my colleague Janet Daley notes, ConservativeHome USA has declared war on Sarah Palin, rounding up US conservatives who think she’d be a disaster as the next Republican presidential candidate. What I find strange, however, is the way it’s gone about it. In a piece signed by “The Editors”, ConHomeUSA has awarded anti-Palin Republicans the melodramatic title of “Truth Tellers”. And, rather bizarrely, it is recruiting for more: If you are a Truth Teller, or want to recommend a commentator who is, email us here. Don’t get me wrong. I think Sarah Palin is basically nuts, as I suggested when...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 02-02-11 (Palinoia strikes deep: DUmmies DUped by Palin-invade-Egypt spoof!

    02/02/2011 3:41:11 PM PST · by Charles Henrickson · 25 replies
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | February 2, 2011 | DUmmie nadinbrzezinski, DUmmies, and Charles Henrickson
    Palinoia strikes deep. Into DU it will freep. . . . Yes, every day of the month the moonbats suffer from PMS (Palin Madness Syndrome). It causes the DUmmies to believe just about anything--anything bad--about Sarah Palin. Thus they will fall for even an obvious piece of satire written about Mama Grizzly, thinking it is true. That's what happened the other day in DUmmieland. It started when the media guy the DUmmies most look up to, Rachel Mancow, read a portion of an article about Mooselini preparing to invade Egypt--a satirical piece--and Rachel thought it was true! And so...
  • Chris Matthews Expands Bizarre Obsession With Bachmann To Now Include Palin Too

    01/27/2011 4:35:34 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 41 replies
    Mediaite ^ | January 27, 2011 | Matt Schneider
    The most entertaining segment of Hardball the past few nights has been watching host Chris Matthews consistently seethe at the mere mention of the name Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. And with Sarah Palin’s “WTF” moment, she too has re-entered Matthews’ zone of contempt, a place where Matthews seriously serves up an endless supply of eye-catching insults. For the past few days, after a clip of Bachmann played, smoke would nearly come out of Matthews’ ears as he then proceeded to mock her as a “balloon-head,” yelled at Tea Party leaders for refusing to admit she’s ignorant, or worried she might lack...
  • Michele Bachmann emerges as face of Tea Party as Sarah Palin's star wanes

    01/26/2011 11:59:15 AM PST · by pissant · 93 replies
    Telegraph UK ^ | 1/26/11 | Tony Harnden
    With Mrs Palin's political star apparently on the wane after a much-criticised response to the Arizona shootings, Mrs Bachmann appears ready and willing to step into the breach. Although the official Republican response to Mr Obama's address to Congress was made by Representative Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, the Tea Party response by Mrs Bachmann was carried live on CNN. Mr Ryan, 40, a mild-mannered fiscal policy specialist, was scathing about Mr Obama's policies but maintained a measured tone, speaking with unadorned, straightforward language. At points, he even praised Mr Obama, stating that "some of his words were reassuring". In contrast,...
  • Palin-hatred, and what it shows

    01/23/2011 11:12:52 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 32 replies
    Enter Stage Right ^ | January 24, 2011 | Daniel M. Ryan
    "If you want to know what someone's like, put him in charge." That old saying has a lesser-known complement: if you want to know what someone is like, watch him when he gets angry. What H.L. Mencken called the "purple moment" not only strips aside conscious self-control, but also whisks away built-up habits of politeness and consideration: civility, if you will. The hatred directed at Sarah Palin is as revealing as any other outburst. It gives a glimpse into the liberal mind. The Evolution Of Palin-Hatred When Mrs. Palin first stepped onto the national stage, there was actually little hatred....
  • Forgetting Sarah Palin: Love Palin or hate her, you can't ignore her-or can you?

    01/22/2011 1:28:45 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 8 replies
    The London Guardian ^ | January 22, 2011 | Richard Adams
    It's journalism at its most post-modern: a writer for the Washington Post, concerned at the number of articles he has written about Sarah Palin, writes another article explaining how he's going to have a month-long moratorium from writing articles about Sarah Palin. Dana Milbank, a politics columnist for the Washington Post, announced on Friday that he was declaring February to be a Sarah Palin-free zone. After admitting "I can no longer hide the truth. I have a Sarah Palin problem," Milbank writes: "I hereby pledge that, beginning on Feb 1, 2011, I will not mention Sarah Palin - in print,...
  • Palin is potential ‘sleeper’ candidate

    01/20/2011 12:51:04 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 17 replies
    The Tri-State Defender ^ | January 20, 2011 | George E. Hardin
    Managing the message you present and controlling your image is crucial for a person in politics. Sarah Palin is a sterling example of someone who is raising that strategy to unparalleled heights. She restricts her statements largely to social media and self-produced video clips. She has learned what Marshall McLuhan said—“the medium is the message”—and has mounted an approach that could wreak havoc on both the Democratic Party and President Barack Obama. Obama, by contrast, gracious as he is, seems to spend more time trying to cooperate with his opponents and win their support than promoting his own accomplishments. That...
  • Should Sarah Palin Be Indicted for Incitement to Violence? (They're serious!)

    01/18/2011 6:56:46 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 49 replies
    Death & Taxes ^ | January 18, 2011 | Stephen Blackwell
    On Monday, Ross Douthat defended Sarah Palin in his op-ed “Scenes from a Marriage.” Sure, he took the position that the media ought to give up on Palin and get back to normal productive coverage of normal productive politicians. But he also aimed to extinguish any “possible link between Jared Lee Loughner’s crime and Palin’s martial campaign rhetoric.” The next day Palin took a spectacular dip in the polls, down to a 38% approval rating. There’s already a burgeoning movement that suggests Palin and her contemporaries, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh, shouldn’t be let off so easy in there connection...
  • Why the Left Hates Sarah Palin

    01/18/2011 12:48:43 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 48 replies
    FrontPage Magazine ^ | January 18, 2011 | Evan Sayet
    It just happened again. I spend a fair amount of time at my local coffee shop. I like to do my writing outside and, besides, it gives me an opportunity to try and initiate political conversations with the people who pass by, my hope always being to begin to enlighten them as to what conservative really believe (and not just what the Leftist media tells them.) Today the conversation turned to Sarah Palin and my new acquaintance blurted out “Oh I hate her.” Not yet knowing my politics, I’m sure that, being her in Los Angeles she expected to hear...
  • Scenes From a Marriage: Why Sarah Palin and the media may need a trial separation.

    01/17/2011 8:25:01 AM PST · by Behind Liberal Lines · 35 replies · 1+ views
    New York Times ^ | Published: January 16, 2011 | By ROSS DOUTHAT
    the media manage to be consistently unfair to the former Alaska governor — gossipy and hostile in their reportage, hysterical and condescending in their commentary — even as they follow her every move with a fascination bordering on obsession. (MSNBC, in particular, should just change its name to “Palin 24/7” and get it over with.) When commentators aren’t denouncing her, they’re busy building up her legend — exaggerating her political acumen, overpraising her communications strategy, covering her every tweet as if she were the Viceroy of Red America, and spinning out outlandish scenarios in which she captures the White House...
  • New Lows in Palin Derangement Syndrome

    01/16/2011 11:01:38 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 3 replies
    Front Page Magazine ^ | January 17, 2011 | Rich Trzupek
    So, everyone now agrees that the Jared Lee Loughner, the Arizona shooter, wasn’t motivated by any political agenda, or by so-called “extreme” rhetoric. One look at Jared Lee Loughner’s mug shot makes it pretty darn obvious that this kid’s deck doesn’t come close to containing fifty-two cards. Yet, Palin Derangement Syndrome on the left is so pervasive that the tragedy in Tucson has somehow morphed – in their eyes – into a disturbing controversy that demonstrates how terribly unfit the former governor of Alaska is to lead. Pundits on the left like Keith Olbermann, Chris Matthews and David Brock stepped...
  • Palin derangement syndrome now eclipses Bush derangement syndrome

    01/13/2011 10:19:21 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 59 replies
    I personally never thought it would happen. I mean the Left HATES and I mean HATES President Bush. I mean he had the audacity to win an election after all and he was not even a Conservative, but Sarah Palin has now rocketed to that coveted position. I am not going to spend a lot of time digging into the past but suffice it to say it has a lot of relevance. One such example I remember is the clothes “SCANDAL”. You might recall the McCain campaign bought thousands of dollars worth of clothes for Sarah because they didn’t like...
  • Snooki knocks Sarah Palin's Reality TV Show

    12/31/2010 9:18:22 AM PST · by pissant · 50 replies
    Politico ^ | 12/31/10 | Pat Gavin
    "Jersey Shore" star Snooki might be a fan of Sen. John McCain, but she apparently does not share the same love for the Arizona senator's onetime running mate, Sarah Palin. The tanned reality star tweeted Wednesday, "Sara Palin has a reality show? ....I'm bored ... maybe ill come stir up some excitement in that alaskan home.." Perhaps Snooki is just trying to fend off the competition. Palin's own reality show, "Sarah Palin's Alaska," has gotten plenty of buzz and "Jersey Shore's" third season begins in just a week.