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  • The First 100 Days…of parties

    03/17/2009 5:53:27 AM PDT · by slomark · 4 replies · 318+ views
    Behold, the evolution of community organizing. The Washington Times reports that “the Obama administration invited top editors of three of Washington’s local luxury lifestyle magazines — Capitol File, DC magazine and Washington Life — to a meeting where they discussed, among other things, how President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama can embrace Washington’s glittery social scene.” .....
  • Obama kicks up White House entertaining (While the nation suffers, Obama parties)

    03/02/2009 11:00:29 AM PST · by utahson · 30 replies · 1,288+ views ^ | 3-2-09 | DARLENE SUPERVILLE
    Since the presidency changed hands less than six weeks ago, a burst of entertaining has taken hold of the iconic, white-columned home of America's head of state. Much of it comes on Wednesdays. The stately East Room, where portraits of George and Martha Washington adorn the walls, was transformed into a concert hall as President Barack Obama presented Stevie Wonder with the nation's highest award for pop music on Wednesday. A week before that, the foot-stomping sounds of Sweet Honey in the Rock, a female a cappella group, filled the East Room for a Black History Month program first lady...
  • A Moment of Clarity

    02/26/2009 8:19:23 AM PST · by yukruk · 30 replies · 769+ views
    me ^ | February26,2009 | yukruk
    I experienced a moment of clarity: The Republican coalition can not stand the dominance of the neocons. 1) Communism possessed a powerful military force with numerous nuclear weapons. Radical Islam does not threaten us in the same way. 2) Businessmen do not feel as threatened by Islam. 3) Some in the Republican coalition will worry that Israel is using us. 4) Converting Moslems into our friends is made harder by our Middle Eastern conquests. The Communists were easier to convert by conquest, they rarely held any real love for Communism. Neoconservatives can be a part of the coalition, but they...
  • Christmas In The Workplace

    12/17/2008 2:07:04 PM PST · by Mrs. Frogjerk · 7 replies · 351+ views
    Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights ^ | December 17, 2008 | Bill Donohue
    “Cindy Wigglesworth, founder of Conscious Pursuits, says Christmas represents a ‘challenge’ to employers. The so-called challenge is how to have ‘an enthused workforce and be faith-friendly and faith-neutral and not violate any laws.’ She does not say what laws might be violated, but apparently she wants to guard against the prospect of someone calling 911. In any event, she has a mind of her own: ‘We’d much rather bring your child to work than bring your faith to work. We have not had a safe way to talk about faith.’ But what if your child comes to work and tells...
  • Dan Proft: The People Who Play By The Rules Party

    10/27/2008 8:40:15 AM PDT · by JulianaJohnson · 1 replies · 190+ views
    Urquhart Media, LLC ^ | Oct 27, 2008 | Dan Proft
    During this Presidential cycle, America has truly become the land of short term memory. Both political parties embrace socialism as if the ravages of that failed ideology were never visited upon the 20th Century. On the campus of the University of Chicago, the legacy of Milton Friedman is protested while the presence of Bill Ayers across town at the University of Illinois-Chicago (UIC) is heralded. Against this backdrop, I am proposing the creation of a new party. Not a party for "working families" or the "middle class", two categories stretched beyond recognition and rendered meaningless by overuse. I want to...
  • A Message From George Washington On Party Unity

    07/01/2008 5:41:12 AM PDT · by Jabrown · 3 replies · 141+ views
    PDOP ^ | 07/01/2008 | Jarid Brown
    So…On this week in which we celebrate the birth of our nation and the liberties and freedoms which our predecessors have fought so hard to uphold, I bring you a simple message; a reminder and a warning from our First President and the man who was charged with uniting and building this great nation...
  • Both parties duck on immigration

    06/08/2008 10:22:36 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 27 replies · 65+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 6/08/08 | Julie Hirschfeld Davis - ap
    WASHINGTON - The tricky politics of immigration, an issue once seen as a driving force of the 2008 election, have relegated it to a back but hot burner in the presidential campaign debate and paralyzed Congress on the topic. Both John McCain and Barack Obama support giving legal status to millions of illegal immigrants, a position that strategists see as crucial to winning over Hispanics. But Republican and Democratic candidates are also wary of alienating white conservatives and blacks who oppose granting legal status or benefits to people who broke the law to come to the United States. The searing...
  • How is it that we find ourselves in this sorry predicament? (this will probably be controversial)

    02/11/2008 12:40:30 AM PST · by incindiary · 101 replies · 723+ views
    I know that many people are extremely frustrated with politics these days and the current state of the Republican party. Many people are sad that their first-choice candidate dropped out, then their second-choice, and they keep having to compromise more and more until we get to the point where we feel pressured to vote for a liberal, open-borders, unconstitutional insider politician who we ordinarily would never dream of voting for. But have you asked yourself: how is it that we find ourselves in this predicament? And is there anything more to it than meets the eye? I know that anything...
  • A game of chicken.

    01/30/2008 8:11:08 AM PST · by B Knotts · 3 replies · 62+ views
    Ipsissima Verba ^ | 1/30/2008 | B Knotts
    The Rockefeller Republicans are celebrating today. They have had their revenge, long in coming. While John McCain was not their first choice (that would be Rudy Giuilani), he’ll do. He supports enough of the moderate wing’s agenda to be satisfactory. McCain’s chief qualification is that conservatives dislike him. This is shaping up to be an unusual war; each side is championing a candidate who is somewhat difficult to get behind. McCain’s demeanor does not endear him to the elitists who are now resigned to supporting him. Mitt Romney is an unlikely champion of doctrinaire conservatism. But that is how things...
  • Symbolitics As Usual

    01/29/2008 8:36:56 AM PST · by forkinsocket · 1 replies · 44+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 01/21/2008 | John J. DiIulio Jr.
    For those who thought that Hillary Clinton was through because Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus, or because the polls supposedly proved she would lose in New Hampshire, or because they let the personal, ideological, or partisan wish be father to the thought--and for those who made proclamations about John McCain being kaput, Mike Huckabee having no chance, and Ron Paul staging a surge--herewith a political science recovery plan. But first, to sugarcoat the academic pills, swallow a catchall election--analysis concept that might help to discipline the discourse from now through November: symbolitics. The term was coined during the 2004...
  • The Question Is, Do You Want To Keep It?

    12/09/2007 6:39:31 PM PST · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 34 replies · 203+ views
    Chuck Shiflett ^ | October 21, 2007 | Chuck Shiflett
    In last week's column I highlighted comments made to the Financial Times of London by U.S. Comptroller General David Walker in which he compared the current political, social, and economic situation in the United States to that of the Roman Empire shortly before its collapse. I heard from a number of readers in response to the column… Democrats, Republicans, and Libertarians. While a couple of folks used the opportunity to plug a particular presidential candidate or legislative issue, almost all were in agreement that things in our nation must change drastically and quickly. Despite a booming economy, low unemployment, and...

    11/05/2007 10:38:50 AM PST · by Turret Gunner A20 · 7 replies · 169+ views
    Nealz Nuze/WSB RAdio ^ | November 5, 2007 | Neal Boortz
    You have to feel for the residents. These students are there for about four years .. nine months every year .. and they're really upset because the Statesboro City Council has put the brakes on some of the wilder drinking happy hours at area bars. Soooooo .... A couple of bar owners run for the city council, and the students launch a voter registration drive to get them elected. Students voting? Fine. And it is so good to see the students at Georgia Southern have finally found something that will drive them to the polls ... preserving their ability to...
  • Democratizing the Constitution: The Failure of the Seventeenth Amendment

    10/18/2007 10:40:11 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 30 replies · 241+ views
    National Humanities Institute ^ | April 8, 2000 | C. H. Hoebeke
    From The Center for Constitutional Studies Democratizing the Constitution: The Failure of the Seventeenth AmendmentC. H. Hoebeke*[From HUMANITAS, Volume IX, No. 2, 1996 © National Humanities Institute, Washington, DC USA] It was with no small sense of vindication that Secretary of State William Jennings Bryan signed the proclamation of 31 May 1913, declaring the Seventeenth Amendment duly ratified and incorporated into the fundamental laws of the United States. More than twenty years earlier as a Nebraska congressman, "The Great Commoner" had joined the struggle to free the Senate from the control of corrupt state legislatures, and despite three failed campaigns for...
  • Hurricane Fears Cool New Year Parties

    12/30/2006 5:56:30 PM PST · by blam · 15 replies · 696+ views
    The Telegraph (UK) ^ | 12-31-2006 | Rob Sharp
    Hurricane fears cool New Year parties Rob Sharp, Sunday Telegraph Last Updated: 11:44pm GMT 30/12/2006 Extreme Weather caused havoc across the country yesterday, disrupting plans for New Year celebrations tonight. Up in smoke: Edinburgh’s Hogmanay celebrations have already started, but 80mph winds are forecast Gales toppled trees in Staffordshire, killing an 18-year-old woman in a caravan. Hurricane-force winds of 80mph have been forecast for parts of the UK today, casting doubt on whether celebrations will go ahead as planned. Liverpool Council has pulled the plug on a firework display, with Birmingham and Leeds councils threatening to do the same. Local...
  • The Princess Treatment (A Cultural Contribution of the Liesure Class)

    09/13/2006 5:49:08 AM PDT · by shrinkermd · 17 replies · 886+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 8 September 2006 | PIA CATTON
    "...Sweet Sixteen events have exploded in size and popularity at the same time that the Hispanic tradition of the Quinceañera, a party thrown for a girl of 15 to mark her transition into womanhood, is receiving more attention. Though both events are more secular than Bat Mitzvahs, they bear a similar social function to the Jewish tradition. The host and her family -- rather than a committee of ladies-who-lunch -- make the decisions about attendees, decor and entertainment. As a result, the party may be an expression the family's status and wealth -- rather than a rite of passage for...
  • Parties To Tackle China's Distortion Of History (Koguryo Kingdoms - Korea)

    09/09/2006 10:59:39 AM PDT · by blam · 10 replies · 410+ views
    The Korean Times ^ | 9-9-2006 | Lee Jin-woo
    Parties to Tackle China¡¯s Distortion of History By Lee Jin-woo Floor leaders of the governing and opposition parties yesterday agreed to cooperate to address China's distortion of history. The five parties also decided to fully support a resolution unanimously proposed by a National Assembly panel on Thursday. In the resolution, members of the Unification, Foreign Affairs and Trade Committee denounced China for intentionally distorting ancient Korean history. They said the controversial research results of the state-funded Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) are not purely a scholastic product, but the Chinese government's intention to claim ancient Korean kingdoms originated in...
  • Court says Ohio too hard on some parties

    09/08/2006 12:01:50 PM PDT · by freepatriot32 · 17 replies · 655+ views ^ | 9 8 06 | DAN SEWELL
    CINCINNATI - Ohio's rules for primary elections make it too hard for minor parties to get on the ballot, a federal appeals court ruled. The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals panel said the primary requirements allow the Republican and Democratic parties to monopolize general elections. Ohio "is among the most restrictive, if not the most restrictive, state in granting minor parties access to the ballot," the ruling said. Parties automatically qualify for the primary ballot if their candidate for governor or president received at least 5 percent of the vote in the previous Ohio election. Any other party must...
  • New Deals & Old Answers. The key to the Democratic Party’s future may lie in its past.

    07/22/2006 6:38:42 AM PDT · by A. Pole · 31 replies · 841+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | July 31, 2006 Issue | James P. Pinkerton
    What’s wrong with the Democrats? In the May issue of The American Prospect, Michael Tomasky argued that his fellow Democrats need to develop “a politics of the common good,” the sort of majoritarian thinking that “made liberalism so successful from 1933 to 1966.” Today, Tomasky observed, Democrats lack “a big idea that unites their proposals and converts them from a hodgepodge of narrow and specific fixes into a vision for society.” Ouch. But Tomasky aimed still more rhetorical punches at his own team: Dems “don’t even think in philosophical terms and haven’t for quite some time. … They’ve all been...
  • Alachua manager switches parties and blasts Democrats (Florida)

    06/25/2006 7:19:19 PM PDT · by LdSentinal · 9 replies · 749+ views ^ | 6/24/06 | JEFF ADELSON
    Alachua County Republicans gained two new allies and candidates for the 2008 elections Friday at an event intended to show the growth of the county party. Alachua City Manager Clovis Watson and Ward Scott, a Sante Fe Community College professor, traded in their Democratic party registrations for Republican ones and announced their intentions to run at a "switch event" held in downtown Gainesville. "I'm a man of action and ideas," Watson told a group of a few dozen Republicans who attended the event. "I cannot continue to support a party that uses criticism and calumny as its stock in trade."...
  • Talk of Pelosi as Speaker Delights Both Parties

    05/29/2006 8:56:48 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 40 replies · 1,177+ views
    NY Times ^ | 5/29/06 | Mark Leibovich
    WASHINGTON, May 29 — Hoping to win a Congressional majority in November, some optimistic Democratic lawmakers have taken to referring to Representative Nancy Pelosi as "speaker," as in speaker of the House. So have some optimistic Republicans. --snip-- Ms. Pelosi, the California Democrat and House minority leader, lends herself to easy caricature by Republicans. She is an unapologetic liberal, with a voting record to match (the Republican National Committee chairman, Ken Mehlman, said she was neither a "New Democrat" nor an "Old Democrat" but a "prehistoric Democrat"). She is wealthy (married to an investment banker, she has assets listed at...
  • Need help finding decorations for a Republican event

    04/19/2006 1:03:55 PM PDT · by BrynS728 · 39 replies · 717+ views
    I'm in charge of decorations for my Republican group's candidate forum. I'm looking for specifically Republican themed decorations, not just red, white and blue - but I'm not having much luck. Any help in directing me to a source is appreciated!
  • Parties, parades as Britain's Queen Elizabeth II turns 80

    04/16/2006 10:20:44 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 21 replies · 880+ views
    AFP on Yahoo ^ | 4/16/06 | AFP
    LONDON (AFP) - Showing few signs of slowing down, Queen Elizabeth II -- Europe's longest serving monarch -- marks her 80th birthday on Friday with a host of parties and engagements that run until June. It looks set to be a colourful affair as the royal family enjoys a period of calm compared with a decade ago, when divorce and scandal put the House of Windsors in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. But the celebrations will also be on a smaller scale than a four-day party thrown for Queen Elizabeth's golden jubilee in June 2002, as her 80th...
  • Kyl: Parties are fractured (Over Border Issue)

    04/09/2006 12:22:14 PM PDT · by SandRat · 31 replies · 724+ views
    SIERRA VISTA — Republicans and Democrats are badly split within their parties when it comes to immigration reform, Republican U.S. Sen. Jon Kyl said Saturday. While being optimistic about an immigration reform bill passing Congress this session, Arizona’s senior senator said it will take hard work to overcome the different views within the GOP ranks and to bring a sufficient number of Democrats into the fold for a bill to make it out of the upper chamber. The main issue is a temporary guest-worker plan, something the president wants and that can be found in a proposal put forward by...
  • For girls, is 12 the new 15? (Nightclubs replacing slumber parties)

    04/03/2006 6:00:20 PM PDT · by Number57 · 45 replies · 1,203+ views
    National Post (Canada) ^ | April 01, 2006 | Anne Marie Owens
    It's Saturday night, and as one group of 12-year-old girls prepares to head out for a night at an all-ages dance in Toronto's nightclub core, another group of preteens is busy fussing over their expensive gowns and shoes and wheedling their parents to arrange a limousine for their Grade 8 graduation. In the week that has followed an altercation involving a 12-year-old girl stabbed on the streets of Toronto's Entertainment District at 2:30 a.m. last Saturday, there has been an outcry over parental abdication of responsibilities, calls for a strict children's curfew, and considerable hand-wringing about what kind of society...
  • What I Believe... And What Most Politicians Don't

    04/01/2006 10:21:43 PM PST · by DARCPRYNCE · 9 replies · 1,323+ views
    ChronWatch ^ | 04/01/06 | Edward L. Daley
    Here's what I believe to be true regarding some of the most important issues facing America today, and what most politicians apparently don't. IMMIGRATION LAW ENFORCEMENT I'm going to be as blunt as I can be with respect to the illegal alien problem in this country, while refraining from using the profane terms that routinely leap to my mind every time I think about our government's unrelenting failure to address this issue in any responsible way. To get right to the point, any person in this country who doesn't support (A) doing whatever is necessary to stop illegals from entering...
  • Russia's Olympic party wins the cool war

    02/25/2006 8:15:01 PM PST · by jb6 · 16 replies · 803+ views
    OUTSIDE the Russia House, headquarters for the country's Olympic delegation in Turin, a horde of people gathered at the entryway, looking frozen and distraught. "Please, I am Russian," one woman in heavy mascara and skintight jeans pleaded to a security guard late last Tuesday night. But the guard, in his red Russian team jacket, did not budge. The red rope keeping the woman from the hottest party spot at the Turin Games did not fall away. "Sorry, but everybody says they are Russian," the security guard said before looking the other way. For decades, Russian and Soviet Union athletes represented...
  • Invalid Rule Spares Former Prosecutors from Discipline

    01/21/2006 4:46:19 AM PST · by hdrabon · 20 replies · 1,487+ views
    The Raleigh News & Observer ^ | Jan 21, 2006 | Joseph Neff
    The disciplinary arm of the N.C. State Bar dropped charges of felonious misconduct against two former Union County prosecutors Friday because of a 1999 clerical error at the state Supreme Court. The State Bar had charged Kenneth Honeycutt and Scott Brewer with lying, cheating and withholding evidence in a 1996 death penalty case. The ruling Friday marks the second time that Honeycutt and Brewer won on procedural grounds before the bar's Disciplinary Hearing Commission, which sits as judge and jury in disciplinary cases. . . . Prosecutors around the state are concerned that the case is damaging their reputation and...
  • The Party Of Treason

    12/06/2005 7:16:00 PM PST · by pissant · 152 replies · 2,000+ views ^ | 12/6/05 | Ed Daley
    Article III, section 3, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution relates that "Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, GIVING THEM AID AND COMFORT." On December 4, 2005 Senator John Kerry told Bob Schieffer of the CBS television program 'Face the Nation', "There is no reason, Bob, why American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the middle of the night, TERRORIZING kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the - of the historical customs - religious...
  • WA State: Political Mood Assessed at Puyallup Fair

    10/03/2005 9:27:45 AM PDT · by Publius · 48 replies · 1,242+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligencer ^ | 3 October 2005 | Bill Johnston
    Every year I work in the Democrat Party's information booth at the Puyallup Fair. I usually volunteer for one shift each week the fair is open and while there is no pay for my time, I do get benefits. One benefit is free admission. I have not paid to "do the Puyallup" for 20 years. Second, the fair is a great people-watching experience, plus the food is uniquely greasy and not available anyplace else. Then there's politics. After three shifts in the Democrat booth at the fair you have a good idea in which direction politics is moving -- and...
  • Republican Liberty Caucus as a virtual third party

    10/01/2005 1:18:41 PM PDT · by maxxoccupancy · 78 replies · 7,636+ views
    October 1, 2005 | Albert Abramson
    I have been talking to people about the Republican Liberty Caucus, but I have been having a hard time explaining the issue to people. Our statements of principle have always centered around smaller government and proptecting our rights. A surprisingly small majority of Americans support these two principles, but it's enough to form a political movement. The RLC has its own statement of principles, and its own conventions. Members are not expected to tow the party line, especially for RINO's. I believe that we should sell the RLC as a separate political group that supports libertarians, constitutionalists, reform party members,...
  • I am having serious doubts about continuing to be a Republican. ZOT!

    09/02/2005 3:48:10 PM PDT · by UndercoverFreeper · 30 replies · 654+ views
    Hi, I'm a long time lurker, having posted a few times, but been a Freeper for close to two years. I have had lots of doubts with President Bush for some time, even before the 2004 elections, but I didn't like Kerry so I voted for Bush again. But this tragedy has hit too close to home. I lived in Idaho for several years before moving back to Alabama, and I live in Washington County, and I left before Katrina hit, and my home is powerless and won't have power or oil for a while. Although I continue to support...
  • Opinion: What Russia's liberals should learn from the Polish Solidarity movement

    08/31/2005 11:33:11 AM PDT · by jb6 · 1 replies · 143+ views
    RIA Novosti ^ | 30/ 08/ 2005 | political commentator Peter Lavelle
    MOSCOW, August 30 (RIA Novosti, political commentator Peter Lavelle). The meaning of Poland's Solidarity movement (Solidarnosc in Polish), established 25 years ago this week in Gdansk, has not been learned by Russia's liberal opposition. The political breakthrough Solidarity achieved against Poland's communist regime was due to a definition of politics that was not about power, but about representation. Once Russia's liberals absorb this lesson, the country's political environment will begin to change for the better. Twenty-five years ago Polish shipyard workers, with the help of the country's dissident intelligentsia, started a social movement that would eventually bring about the end...
  • The Threat To Conservatism Posed By Pat Robertson. (And the Opportunity He Also Presents)

    08/25/2005 1:43:08 PM PDT · by .cnI redruM · 29 replies · 646+ views
    Vanity ^ | 25 August 2005 | .cnI redruM
    There are currently two major parties that stand a reasonable chance of acquiring and keeping political power in the next two election cycles. One of these parties, The Republican Party, enjoys that power and bears the burden of governing. The other party, The Democratic Party bears none of that power but suffers the consequences of repeated defeat. We may nearly be a “50-50” nation, but the last two elections have not been random coin flips. The Republican Party won the last election by knowing which parts of its base were worthy of nurturing and which parts were weeds that had...
  • From Europe to America: the populist moment has arrived (Long but pure genius)

    08/25/2005 11:10:46 AM PDT · by jb6 · 7 replies · 636+ views
    Spiked ^ | 13 June 2005 | Frank Furedi
    On both sides of the Atlantic, the political class has become convinced that the people do not know what is best for them. by Frank Furedi At first sight, opponents of the EU Constitution appear to have very little in common. In France, campaigners for 'Non' often sought to defend their system of welfare arrangements against an institution that they believe has come under Anglo-Saxon neo-liberal domination. British eurosceptics oppose the bureaucratic and regulatory ambitions of Brussels. In Holland, some 'Nee' campaigners feared the loss of their national identity and the entry of Turkey into the EU. Others used the...
  • Judges can get parties' support(2002 related SCOTUS case)

    08/03/2005 9:19:49 AM PDT · by Rakkasan1 · 222+ views
    Pioneer Press ^ | 8-3-05 | Shannon Prather
    A federal appeals ruling Tuesday lifting restrictions on candidates for judgeships could turn Minnesota's nonpartisan judicial elections into political battles. The 8th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals struck down a state rule limiting Minnesota judicial campaigns after deciding that the restrictions violated First Amendment free speech rights. Judicial candidates may now seek political party endorsements, attend political conventions and personally solicit campaign dollars. The ruling handed a victory to the Republican Party of Minnesota and former state Supreme Court candidate Gregory Wersal, who had challenged the election restrictions on judicial candidates. It's Wersal's second victory in challenges to Minnesota's rules...
  • GOP, Democratic parties at NAACP summit

    07/14/2005 5:51:05 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 12 replies · 410+ views
    Bakersfield Californian ^ | 7/14/05 | Carrie Antlfinger - AP
    MILWAUKEE (AP) - Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman told NAACP members Thursday the GOP was wrong for ignoring the black vote for decades and said he hoped the groups could restore their historic bond. "By the '70s and into the '80s and '90s, the Democrat Party solidified its support in the African-American community, and we Republicans did not effectively reach out," Mehlman told more than 500 NAACP members at their annual convention. "Some Republicans gave up on winning the African-American vote, looking the other way or trying to benefit politically from racial polarization. I come here as Republican chairman...
  • Black Conservative Says Dean Shows Many Democrats' True Colors-(Jesse Lee Peterson speaks out)

    06/20/2005 2:08:41 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 4 replies · 709+ views
    Despite the much-criticized rhetoric of late from Democratic Party Chairman Howard Dean, which has struck many in the GOP as well as members of his own party as divisive, the outspoken DNC leader is making new appeals for support, both in Republican territory and among America's "ethnic communities." But one African-American leader believes more and more blacks are getting wise to Dean's true sentiments. According to Associated Press reports, Howard Dean appeared at recent events in Houston, Austin, and Corpus Christi, Texas, taking his message to a Republican stronghold that had been written off by Democrats until Republican House Majority...
  • HOW THE PARTIES POLARIZED - (good history of development of rigidly fierce partisanship)

    06/01/2005 9:24:39 AM PDT · by CHARLITE · 17 replies · 733+ views
    There is much hand-wringing now in Washington about the inability of Republicans and Democrats to compromise even on seemingly unimportant issues. I think it is the inevitable result of long-term trends going back 100 years. The movement started in 1913 with the 17th Amendment to the Constitution. This requires election of senators by popular vote. As provided by the Founding Fathers, senators previously were elected by state legislatures. Before the 17th Amendment, senators represented states as states. This made the states much more significant players in national politics -- collectively coequal to the national government in our federal system. But...
  • Parties Court Blacks in Filibuster Fight

    05/19/2005 1:46:18 PM PDT · by Libloather · 19 replies · 470+ views
    Yahoo News ^ | 5/19/05 | DAVID ESPO
    Parties Court Blacks in Filibuster Fight By DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent 8 minutes ago Minority leader Sen. Harry Reid, D-NV, center, answers questions at a news conference with members of the Congressional Black Caucus in the Senate Radio-TV Gallery on Capitol Hill, in Washington on Thursday, May 19, 2005. Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid said Thursday that President Bush and Republican senators are trying to 'rewrite the Constitution and reinvent reality' in their push to confirm controversial judicial nominees. (AP Photo/Kevin Wolf) WASHINGTON - Republicans and Democrats injected racial politics into the struggle over President Bush's judicial nominees and...
  • Yushchenko accused of trying to discredit opposition

    04/29/2005 9:44:17 AM PDT · by jb6 · 7 replies · 165+ views
    Interfax-Ukraine ^ | Apr 29 2005
    KYIV. April 29 (Interfax-Ukraine) - The Social-Democratic Party of Ukraine has accused President Viktor Yushchenko of trying to discredit the opposition. The party criticized Yushchenko's April 28 interview with Ukraina Molodaya newspaper, in which the president said the Social-Democratic Party and the Party of Regions were created "through pressure and violence." Such statements are intended to distract society's attention from administrative methods that helped establish the Our Ukraine People's Union, the honorary chairman of which is Yushchenko, the Social- Democratic Party said in a Friday statement. Yushchenko's interview coincided with the detention of the secretary of the party's branch for...
  • The Origin of the Word 'Filibuster' - (entertaining & informative!)

    04/26/2005 4:59:32 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 6 replies · 1,558+ views
    [“obstruction of legislation in the U.S. Senate by prolonged speechmaking,”] filibuster: The use of the term for “a politically delaying tactic such as a long irrelevant speech or several such speeches used by politicians to delay or prevent the passage of some undesired legislation” has now virtually obliterated its former semantic equivalence to freebooter which originated in the USA in the 1880’s. A freebooter is defined as “anyone who lives by plundering others, especially a pirate.” In the middle of the nineteenth century bands of adventurers organized in the United States were in Central America and the West Indies, stirring...
  • Outing Filibuster Fallacies - (food for thought...the "bigger picture?")

    04/26/2005 3:16:44 PM PDT · by CHARLITE · 20 replies · 748+ views
    I find it hard to say this as a conservative, but the current Republican position on judicial filibusters is not in the long-term best interest of either the party, or our nation. And, unfortunately, our conservative leaders and pundits are demonstrating an almost incomprehensible myopia by advocating a procedural change that would prevent such a practice in the future. With those sentiments out of the closet, I can foresee e-mail messages flooding my inbox in much the same way as Obi-Wan Kenobi felt a shift in the force when Princess Leia’s home planet of Alderaan was destroyed by the Empire’s...
  • Of, By and For the Party! - (self interest of elected officials!)

    03/09/2005 8:49:13 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 1 replies · 236+ views
    FOR DECADES, WE HAVE SAT HELPLESSLY WATCHING as a government intended to be of, by and for the people became increasingly all about the Party…All about the politics and the politician. So there is a good reason why the Internet is now the new target for censorship by Washington insiders and media elites alike…. Network news ratings are tanking, newspaper circulations are plummeting and Washington elites are growing weary of answering a steadily increasing volume of mail from we the people… This isn’t how it is supposed to work (in their minds). We the people are supposed to go to...
  • Specter Blames Both Parties for Impasse

    02/24/2005 1:53:49 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 41 replies · 962+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 2/24/05 | Jesse J. Holland - AP
    WASHINGTON - Both political parties are to blame for the impasse on confirming President Bush (news - web sites)'s judicial nominees, says Arlen Specter, Republican chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee (news - web sites). "No one wants to back down and no one wants to lose face," Specter said Thursday in his first interview with Washington reporters since disclosing he has Hodgkin's disease. Specter will initiate this year's confirmation battles between Bush and the Democrats by holding hearings on the nominations of former Interior Department Solicitor William Myers on Tuesday, a nominee who was blocked last year, and U.S....
  • 2005: The Splintering of the Democratic Party

    02/03/2005 9:04:20 AM PST · by Publius · 232 replies · 8,040+ views
    A Publius Essay | 3 February 2005 | Publius
    The year 2005 will mark the 72nd anniversary of the New Deal, the seminal event of the modern Democratic Party. Democratic policies and rhetoric all hail from that era of Big Government protecting the American people from Big Business. As long as the party held to its roots in economic equality, it prospered. When it marched boldly into the quicksand of social change, it alienated the Great Middle of American politics and lost its way. Now the signs are all in place for another great Democratic debacle, but with one major difference. This time, the Democrats are headed for the...
  • Dutch Muslims find a voice - of reason? (Islam's March on Europe Alert)

    01/31/2005 3:44:18 PM PST · by Cornpone · 6 replies · 406+ views ^ | 1 Feb 2005 |
    The establishment of a political party to represent Muslims in the Netherlands is as welcome as it is overdue. But it also entails very real risks. The announcement by columnist Mohammed Jabri that moves are afoot to launch a political party for Dutch Muslims by the beginning of summer should come as no surprise to anyone who has followed events in the Netherlands in recent years. The Muslim Democratic Party (MDP) could be a real force for good if it plays a positive role. It should forthrightly defend aspects of Muslim life that are worth defending; help spread understanding and...
  • Voiceover (Katherine Mangu-Ward, pol-watcher)

    01/27/2005 6:34:36 PM PST · by RWR8189 · 388+ views
    The Weekly Standard ^ | January 31, 2005 | Katherine Mangu-Ward
    HILLARY LEANS IN TO HER husband, teeth clenched in a polite smile: "Bill! I swear, you are so predictable. Stop ogling that woman in the black beret! It's Karl's wife, for heaven's sake."The Inaugural Luncheon is underway in the Capitol's Statuary Hall, and the table assignments are offering a world-class opportunity for my favorite pastime, which is to make up dialogue for people I can see but not hear. Fifty of the highest-ranking government officials are assembled with 200 of their nearest and dearest for a post-speech nosh. The press has been offered access to the Statuary Hall balcony, overlooking...
  • Youth and the New Conservatism - (Kate Wilson on!)

    01/13/2005 3:41:50 PM PST · by CHARLITE · 1 replies · 275+ views
    Something occurred to me as a result of leftover November buzz (what happened in November?) about the American youth, that much-hyped group who were meant to have blown this election (oh that) out of the water. One question? Why did this youth vote necessarily ally itself with the challenger – why did that word, “youth,” send shivers down the spine of the incumbent? Why did their slogan, “Vote or Die” necessarily attach itself to the sly “Vote for Change”? Well, so here’s what occurred to me – there’s a disconnect somewhere in this formula, and there is, more importantly and...
  • Inaugural Parties Are Shaping Up And Selling Out

    12/16/2004 7:14:57 AM PST · by crushelits · 8 replies · 303+ views ^ | Thursday, December 16, 2004 | Neely Tucker
    The tickets for Washington's hottest inaugural bash went in 48 minutes, all 10,000 of them. The ones with the Hollywood firepower, with Macy Gray headlining, went on sale yesterday at $1,000 a pop. By the close of business, perhaps 200 of the 1,000 tickets were still available. Even before the few public tickets for the nine official inaugural balls go on sale or the artists performing at those events are announced, the parties around the nation's 55th presidential inauguration are shaping up to be hard sellouts by the end of the holidays. Greg Jenkins, executive director of the Presidential...

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