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Pets/Animals (Bloggers & Personal)

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  • ‘He Didn’t Deserve This’: Retired Police K-9 Found Sick, Abandoned on Georgia Street

    11/27/2015 5:44:01 PM PST · by chrisinoc · 22 replies
    KTLA.com ^ | 11/26/2015 | CNN Wire
    A sick, stray dog recently picked up in Clayton County, Georgia, was discovered to be a retired police dog. According to a Fundrazr.com post by Partners for Pets, the dog’s original handler became sick several years ago and the canine had to be re-homed.
  • Out of Death Comes Life

    11/27/2015 10:41:34 AM PST · by Revski · 4 replies
    Revski (o7jimmy) Youtube Ministy ^ | 11/27/2015 | Revski (o7jimmy)
    I stopped by the local cemetery and at the grave site of a American pilot, Captain Michael Scott Speicher, a veteran of the golf war who was the first pilot shot down and his remains were found in the Iraq about 18 years later. I sing A-Capella the hymn, Down At The Cross. At the beginning and end of this video a flock of Canadian Geese stopped to rest and eat.
  • Bengal Tiger & Jungle Friends

    11/22/2015 4:44:45 PM PST · by Revski · 2 replies
    Revski (o7jimmy) Youtube Ministy ^ | 11/22/2015 | Revski (o7jimmy)
    I wish all a very happy and blessed Thanks Giving and upcoming Holidays. This is an animation of a Bengal tiger, also called the Royal Bengal tiger, is the most numerous tiger subspecies. It is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. By 2011, the total population was estimated at fewer than 2,500 individuals with a decreasing trend. Merlin Falcon in flight, is a small species of falcon from the Northern Hemisphere. A bird of prey once known colloquially as a pigeon hawk in North America. A South American, Colombian Parakeet (Perija) that is listed as critically endangered and...
  • Bengal Tiger & Jungle Habitat

    11/21/2015 3:38:47 AM PST · by Revski · 4 replies
    Revski (o7jimmy) Youtube Ministy ^ | 11/21/2015 | Revski (o7jimmy)
    This is an animation of a Bengal tiger, also called the Royal Bengal tiger, is the most numerous tiger subspecies. It is the national animal of both India and Bangladesh. By 2011, the total population was estimated at fewer than 2,500 individuals with a decreasing trend. A South American, Colombian Parakeet (Perija) that is listed as critically endangered and is a threatened species is quoting biblical scriptures.
  • I Do Not Want a Bath

    11/20/2015 7:57:17 AM PST · by Revski · 5 replies
    Revski (o7jimmy) Youtube Ministy ^ | 11/20/2015 | Revski (o7jimmy)
    With a few of my pet animals, I put together this inspiring animated video. I sing A-Capella the song, Are Your Washed In The Blood. Check it out it's a short video but entertaining.
  • The Bossy Cat And Owner-Directed Aggression

    11/15/2015 1:44:07 PM PST · by EBH · 62 replies
    Veterinary Practice News ^ | 2/8/2012 | Nicholas Dodman, BVMS, Dipl. ACVB
    Owner-directed aggression in dogs has been written and talked about at length, but feline owner-directed aggression has received less attention. In dogs, “conflict aggression” has replaced “dominance aggression” as a more accurate description of the behavior’s motivation. The change occurred because pundits no longer accept the premise that the relationship between dogs and their owners is governed by pack mentality, as neither dogs in the wild nor, as it turns out, wolves seem to organize themselves along these lines. With this in mind, it seems ludicrous to discuss dominance or status-related aggression in cats, as they do not organize themselves...
  • Build Your Own Antler Trap to Collect Sheds

    11/12/2015 9:13:42 AM PST · by w1n1 · 27 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 11/12/2015 | C Buckner
    If you want to find deer sheds but don't have time to search, build your own antler trap. There are many benefits to walking through the woods and searching for deer sheds. You can get a better lay of your land, you can see where the deer were most recently moving, and shed hunting is a great way to introduce hunting to a youngster. But for many hunters there is just not always enough time to get in the woods and hunt sheds. But with just a few dollars and a little bit of time you can build an antler...
  • Two more Bear Spray Failures in Montana

    11/12/2015 4:50:32 AM PST · by marktwain · 56 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 5 November, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    Bear spray is a useful tool that can help protect humans and bears in limited circumstances. It seems that if a bear is not serious about mauling, killing, and/or eating the human, the spray can convince a bear to stop investigating the human and leave them alone. But the ability of spray to stop bears bent on attack is far less certain. Here are two more cases where bear spray failed and bullets were necessary. From kxlo-clcm.com: A lone female grizzly bear reportedly surprised a man hunting elk at Big Creek north of Gardiner on Oct. 28. The hunter...
  • Would You Shoot them or Wait?

    11/09/2015 7:39:53 AM PST · by w1n1 · 18 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 11/9/2015 | Cal Editors
    Monday morning question of the day, while hunting if you come across a buck and a doe mating, would you shoot them after they're done, or during?Go here to see the video of what this hunter did.
  • Dramatic Kitty

    11/08/2015 3:47:54 PM PST · by Revski · 3 replies
    Revski (o7jimmy) Youtube Ministy ^ | 11-8-2015 | Revski (o7jimmy)
    This animated video of a small wet kitten is inspiring and informative. The end song, Higher Than I Ever Been, is shortened for it's message, sung by; Evangelist Ezekiel Cash.

    11/06/2015 2:01:29 PM PST · by NYer · 53 replies
    Atlas Obscura ^ | November 4, 2015 | TAO TAO HOLMES
    Wild canine hybrids lurk in our midst. (Photo: WikiCommons/Public Domain)Have you heard any wolves howling in the northeast recently? Most likely not, since there aren’t any of them left. But if you heard one 150 years ago, this is probably the English translation of her cries: “I have literally no dating options left in my species … Any wolves out there? Anyone!” Nope.Wolves in eastern North America, whose populations steadily dwindled due to deforestation and hunting, had no choice but to settle for coyotes. Interspecies dating is a wonderful thing, but for a wolf, the larger and handsomer of the two canines, a...
  • Rut Stands: Three Different Strategies to take Go Time Bucks

    11/06/2015 10:57:10 AM PST · by w1n1 · 4 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 11/6.2015 | M Melotik
    The mystical, magical whitetail rut. It's what many of us wait feverishly to experience all year long—anticipation that builds into both blessing and curse. Especially when it comes to smart stand selection at go time. Obsess over most anything for a good length of time and, eventually, you can experience near-absolute clarity of thought. Seconds later, you can be trapped in a wicked tailspin of second-guessing. This is the dark side of our obsessive behavior. To help ensure your focus (and success) during the fast-approaching rut, we've tapped a trio of die hard whitetail fanatics, guys who seem to have...
  • Woman Looking For Forever Homes For Her Dogs Before Her Death Passes Away, Animals' Fate Uncertain

    11/04/2015 8:37:18 PM PST · by chrisinoc · 16 replies
    WTVC.com ^ | November 3, 2015
    NewsChannel 9 has learned from her friends that Anne Wild, the terminal cancer patient who pleaded with viewers to care for her pets after she died, has passed away. Her three animals still looking for a forever home. Wild told us when we interviewed her last month that if she could not find a permanent home for them, she would have them euthanized and buried with her. All three dogs are rescues. Wild isn't sure how old they are, but she estimates all of them are between six and seven years old. Lilly is a small female Dachshund/Labrador mix, Peach...
  • Coywolf: Greater Than The Sum Of Its Parts

    11/04/2015 6:47:50 PM PST · by Lorianne · 28 replies
    Economist ^ | 31 October 2015
    It is rare for a new animal species to emerge in front of scientists’ eyes. But this seems to be happening in eastern North America. ___ Like some people who might rather not admit it, wolves faced with a scarcity of potential sexual partners are not beneath lowering their standards. It was desperation of this sort, biologists reckon, that led dwindling wolf populations in southern Ontario to begin, a century or two ago, breeding widely with dogs and coyotes. The clearance of forests for farming, together with the deliberate persecution which wolves often suffer at the hand of man, had...
  • Prayers needed for a sick kitty (Post to Rodamala)

    10/28/2015 3:01:11 PM PDT · by Gefn · 109 replies
    Vanity | 10/27/2015 | Me
    Our FRiend Rodamala's cat, The Purr Monster, is in the Animal Hospital probably til this weekend, with urinary blockage. Poor Purr Monster is also in a great deal of pain. Please, keep The Purr Monster In your thoughts, maybe if enough people think of him he can come home early and feel better.,
  • A Deer Hunt

    10/26/2015 6:48:26 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 8 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | Walt Hampton
    She was a big old doe, with that long head and thick, squared-up body; she conducted herself with a caution and attention not seen in the younger deer. She was alone with no trailing fawns; they had been weaned and were off seeking their own way, and she was only concerned with the white oak acorns at her feet. Hidden in a pile of brush, just an odd-shaped stump, nothing to worry about here, I watched her, had been watching her, as she had first appeared and while she worked the thicket, first out of range, now closer, now close...
  • Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

    10/25/2015 8:04:57 AM PDT · by MtnClimber · 12 replies
    NY Daily News ^ | 25 Oct 2015 | Numerous Photographers
    Numerous photos at link from the Tompkins Square Parade in New York.
  • TWEET: Man Plays Hilarious Joke On PETA But PETAs Clueless Reaction Made It Go Viral

    10/24/2015 11:01:19 PM PDT · by Impala64ssa · 13 replies
    ts widely known that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is nothing more than a complete joke. While some of their members undoubtedly have good intentions, they are widely ridiculed around the globe for being silly and, well, gullible. Most recently, Bar Stool Sports reported that PETA got pranked by a Twitter user, and their response proved just how ridiculous they often are. Youd have to be really dense actually think this guy was being serious: And PETA thought he was serious. Baby bears. In Chicago. Being slaughtered by New Yorkers. You do the math. PETA has since taken...
  • Horsing Around at the Worlds Richest Race

    10/22/2015 1:34:03 PM PDT · by LibWhacker
    A Continuous Lean ^ | 10/22/15 | Jared Paul Stern
    Horsing Around at the Worlds Richest Race Oct 22nd, 2015 | Categories: Jared Paul Stern, LIFE, Sports | by Jared Paul Stern The Prix De lArc de Triomphe, held every fall at the Longchamp course in Paris, is one of the worlds longest running and most prestigious horse races and is rivaled only by Royal Ascot in terms of glamour, though it doesnt get as much publicity. First run in 1920, it has long been known as the worlds richest race, and nowadays carries a purse of 5 million. Of course its Parisian setting means the event has always had...
  • Ideal Scopes for Deer Hunting

    10/20/2015 1:50:25 PM PDT · by w1n1 · 52 replies
    Cal Sportsman ^ | 10/20/2015 | C Cocoles
    There are a multitude of Choices for Rifle Scopes for Hunting White-Tailed Deer When is the last time you saw a deer rifle without a scope on it? I am betting it has been quite a few deer seasons ago. I think it has been 1970 since I saw a deer rifle in the woods using only open sights. I remember this because it was my first deer rifle, a Winchester Model 94 in 30-30. I bought the rifle at J.C. Penney for $66. I killed my first buck with that rifle at a whopping range of 20 yards....
  • Neighbor Stops Rampaging Feral Hog; Media credits Officials

    10/20/2015 1:22:20 PM PDT · by marktwain · 21 replies
    Ammoland ^ | 20 October, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    200+ pound feral hog pictured above was causing considerable damage when one of the neighbors shot the pig with a .40 caliber handgun. From wbtv.com in North Carolina. Gaston County Animal Care and Enforcement responded to the 4000 block of Wimbledon Drive Sunday where there were reports of a vicious hog that had been charging residents in the area and damaging property, according to Captain Jentsch with the Gaston County Police Department.Jentsch said that a neighbor shot the hog before Gaston County Police officers arrived on scene and euthanized the animal. The reporter found a neighbor who complained about...

    10/18/2015 3:00:21 PM PDT · by NYer · 79 replies
    Atlas Obscura ^ | October 15, 2015 | DAN NOSOWITZ
    Best friends. (Photo:artvintage1800s.etsy.com/flickr)It can be hard to look at a modern dog breed and see any sort of use for it other than a snuggle buddy. Dog breeds have been systematically manipulated by humans to exemplify certain traits which may or may not have any relation to the purpose that type of dog originally served.What, in short, is the point of a pug?Almost everysingle dog we love today once had a real purposeand the ones that didn't are sometimes the most fascinating. We surveyed the first 20 breeds of dog recognized by the American Kennel Club, and delved into their...
  • "Mommy, Am I Gonna Die?": Cop Aims For Dog, Shoots 4 Year Old, After Injured Mom Calls 911

    10/15/2015 2:30:32 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 112 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 10/13/15
    To Protect and Serve? When Whitehill resident Andrea accidentally cut her arm on glass, her sister frantically called 911, "I need a paramedic." Columbus Police Officer Jon Thomas responded to the house where he pulled out his gun and shot toward the family's dog (which he claims ran toward him), missed, and hit Andrea's four-year-old daughter Ava in the leg, shattering her bone. As The Columbus Dispatch reports, Andrea also revealed that the cop never apologized or asked if Ava was okay and immediately left after shooting her. A Columbus police officer accidentally wounded a 4-year-old girl in Whitehall...
  • MT: Fed Bears, Dead Bears; and Dead Woman

    10/11/2015 6:55:05 AM PDT · by marktwain · 32 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 9 October, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    Was an 85-Year-Old woman a victim of Disneyitis? She was born two years after the release of the first Mickey Mouse cartoon. She, much like Timothy Treadwell, appears to be a victim of severe anthropomorphism (thinking of animals as humans). In this case, she was feeding several black bears. One of them broke into her house and killed her. From missoulian.com: KALISPELL - The elderly woman attacked by a black bear inside her home west of Kalispell over the weekend has died from injuries she sustained in the incident. The Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks personel stated the problem...
  • Four Emaciated Dogs Rescued From Pico Rivera Home After Disturbing Photo Goes Viral

    10/08/2015 7:12:05 PM PDT · by chrisinoc · 38 replies
    KTLA.com ^ | 10/8/2015 | Tracy Bloom and Kimberly Cheng
    A disturbing photo that went viral on social media captured the heart-wrenching sight of four dogs -- barely more than skin and bones -- huddling together in a backyard in Pico Rivera. A photo taken by a neighbor that went viral captured the heart-wrenching sight of four dogs -- barely more than skin and bones -- huddling together in a backyard in Pico Rivera. Janette Gonzalez initially posted the picture of the emaciated dogs to Instagram and Facebook on Tuesday, about an hour after it was taken by her friend in the 8900 block of Coffman Pico Road. The dogs...
  • Hog-Nosed Shrew Rat Is 'Exciting' New Species

    10/06/2015 12:21:53 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 29 replies
    Sky News ^ | October 6, 2015
    Scientists say the rat is part of an "amazing group of rodents" only found in a remote part of Sulawesi Island in Indonesia.A new species of rat has been discovered on an island in Indonesia. The previously unknown hog-nosed shrew rat (Hyorhinomys stuempkei) was found in a remote and mountainous region of Sulawesi Island located about two days' hike from the closest village. Scientists consider the rat so exceptional that they have described it not only as a new species but a new genus - a step up from the "new species" label. The rat was discovered by an international...
  • I want my country back

    09/18/2015 5:17:24 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 5 replies
    Coach is Right ^ | 9/18/15 | John Porter
    It would be so refreshing to hear President Barack Obama tell the truth, both about the way things really are and what that means to us. But rest assured, this will never happen. For Obama practices only deception, by telling us what he wants us to think and what he wants us to think it means. This man, I believe, considers the American people to be stupid; unable to think unless he directs the thinking process for us. It is intentional deceit on his part. Those who are familiar with Islamic Sharia Law understand the very significant role that the...
  • JURUPA VALLEY (CA): Suspect announced in animal shelter break-in

    09/16/2015 2:17:47 PM PDT · by chrisinoc · 1 replies
    Press Enterprise ^ | 9/16/2015 | Brian Rokos
    Riverside County sheriffs investigators believe a man broke into the county animal shelter in Jurupa Valley last week to steal three dogs that had been quarantined, then created carnage at the shelter as a diversion. Jason Ernest Johnson, 42, was announced Wednesday, Sept. 16, as a suspect in the weekend break-in, which resulted in the deaths of four dogs. He remains at large, and there is a warrant out for his arrest, sheriffs officials said at a news conference.
  • JURUPA VALLEY (CA): 3 dogs dead, 12 missing after break-in at animal shelter

    09/13/2015 9:43:48 PM PDT · by chrisinoc · 33 replies
    Press Enterprise ^ | 9/13/2015 | Patrick O'neill
    At least three dogs are dead and 12 more are missing after someone broke into the Riverside County Animal Shelter in Jurupa Valley and opened up their kennels, officials said. Animal Services spokesman John Welsh said a man in dark clothing can be seen on surveillance footage breaking locks early Sunday, Sept. 13, to release 22 dogs from their kennels at 6851 Van Buren Road.
  • Missing service dog found in Texas

    09/08/2015 7:04:15 PM PDT · by chrisinoc · 17 replies
    San Diego Union Tribune ^ | 9/8/2015 | Teri Figueroa
    A former Marines missing service dog turned up in Texas last week, nine months after the German shepherd disappeared and was possibly stolen from a North County home, a Vista-based sheriffs detective said Tuesday. On Aug. 31, a tip led Kais owner, Alexandra Melnick, to a home in Aubrey, about an hour north of Dallas. The Vista woman flew to Texas and confirmed that her dog was at the home, Detective Debra Hutches said.
  • Locals, biologists free polar bear caught in fishing net in Arctic Alaska

    09/07/2015 5:09:45 PM PDT · by skeptoid · 13 replies
    Alasja Dispatch News ^ | September 6, 2015 | Michelle Theriault Boots
    Kaktovik residents and visiting biologists worked together to free a large polar bear that became entangled in a fishing net near a Beaufort Sea barrier island Saturday night. The large male polar bear got stuck in a net near the North Slope village of about 300 people Saturday evening, the U.S. Geological
  • Prayer request for Buster

    09/06/2015 10:41:31 PM PDT · by Secret Agent Man · 59 replies
    Just asking for a prayer request, if you are so moved, for my Buster boy. I have him on cbd oil right now fighting his cancer, and I believe it is doing good things. I actually have photos I take of his obvious tumor area and I believe tonite I have the first photos that have shown a reduction in one of the growth areas. I need prayers for him to keep his stamina up, his appetite strong, and for his body to be able to handle the extra strain of removing the waste products of the destroyed cancer cells,...
  • McDonald's, Tyson Foods drop farm after videotape shows animal cruelty

    08/29/2015 12:53:50 PM PDT · by bob_denard · 21 replies
    Soshiok ^ | Sunday, Aug 30, 2015
    LOS ANGELES - McDonald's Corp and Tyson Foods both severed ties on Thursday with a Tennessee farm where workers were seen stabbing, clubbing and stomping on chickens in an undercover video shot by animal rights activists. The videotape, which was unveiled by Mercy For Animals at a news conference in Los Angeles, depicts gruesome animal cruelty toward the birds at what the group said was T&S Farm in Dukedom, Tennessee, which was under contract to Tyson Foods. Tyson supplies chicken to McDonald's, the world's biggest fast-food chain, for its McNuggets. Representatives for T&S Farm could not be reached for comment....
  • Willis Eschenbach and the Myth of the Sixth Wave of Extinction

    08/25/2015 6:20:19 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 7 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/25/15 | Dr. Ileana Johnson Paugh
    Predation by another species is the number one cause of extinction Willis Eschenbach, who takes pride in saying that he is not a trained scientist but has logged thousands of hours of research on the subject, was the first person to file a FOIA request for the infamous data from the University of East Anglia CRU. Hackers downloaded emails from said university that had shown that scientists had manipulated the data to agree with the global warming theory. Eschenbach lectured an audience in California about the Myth of Species Extinction, more specifically, the legend that humans have caused the disappearance...
  • Woman uses New York Reload on Grizzly in Idaho

    08/19/2015 10:29:13 AM PDT · by marktwain · 59 replies
    Gun Watch ^ | 16 August, 2015 | Dean Weingarten
    Some people say the fastest way to continue firing when your gun runs dry is to grab another gun. It is called a "New York reload". It happened to a woman protecting her children in northern Idaho, not far from the scene of the famous Ruby Ridge case. The blue arrow points to Moyie Springs, where Barbara Casey shot the grizzly bear. The Ruby Ridge shootings occurred near the red arrow about 15 miles SouthWest. Barbara Casey did not want to shoot a grizzly bear. She wanted to scare it off her property, and she almost succeeded. She...
  • Dozens of Cecil the Lions Being Shipped off to China along with Baby Elephants

    08/19/2015 8:20:58 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 2 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/19/15 | Judi McLeod
    Difficult to hold out hope for Zimbabwe elephants and lions being shipped like so much coal off to China In faraway Zimbabwe, when the veterinaries had to come to put down the family pets, because of widespread poverty, few outside the country noticed. The Western World never heard from animal rights activists until an American big game hunter dentist took down Cecil, the Lion, who now has his own Facebook page. The screams of animal rights activists went up worldwide. In the aftermath of Cecil the Lion, we learn of reports that staff at Hwange National Park have been suddenly...
  • Prayer Request for Buster

    08/18/2015 6:19:45 PM PDT · by Secret Agent Man · 21 replies
    If you ave a moment, please add my Buster to your prayers. We have been doctoring him through cancer for 16 months. He's doing good, and we keep doing what we can do for him, but it has started to affect him a bit. Still happy, enjoys food and treats, affectionate, real good patient for his treatments.
  • HELP! Need advice about dog leg amputation.

    08/17/2015 9:06:32 AM PDT · by NCDave · 84 replies
    Hello everyone, I would like to hear from the vast knowledge of Freepers about anyone who has had to have a dogs leg amputated and also if anyone has had their dog fitted with a prosthetic after. I have a senior female Great Dane that has to have her front leg amputated somewhere above her wrist. She has tumors that grow and have to be removed, and now they are embedded in her paw bones and are not able to be removed. Right after the last surgery 2 weeks ago, a new tumor grew out and won't allow the paw...
  • The Dodos Posthumous Message to Mankind

    In 1681, the last dodo bird on the planet breathed its last breath. But that was not the final chapter of the birds story. Some 300 years later, botanists on Mauritiusthe island where the dodo had livednoticed that a certain species of tree was rapidly dying off. Tambalacoque trees had historically grown in abundance on Mauritius, but by the 1970s only 13 remained. And all of those remaining were thought to be around 300 years old. Even though they were producing fruit containing seeds each year, none of the seeds were sprouting into saplings. This meant that no new Tambalacoque...
  • Animal Biz Uses Doggies' Love Looks to Make Big Bucks

    08/07/2015 10:46:54 PM PDT · by CharlesOConnell · 2 replies
    Freep | 8/8/2015 | Charles O'Connell
    The images animal-biz solicitors use to get money, are generally not of abused animals. Search for such images, you'll discover that's not what you're being shown. Think about your own experience with dogs: this is not a look of fear or sadness. This image shows a typical dog's feeling of love, affection. It is a complete misrepresentation to portray this as sadness. Animal -biz's couldn't make money with that real images of horrific abuse that you can find by searching for "abused dogs". The love-look, coupled with pathos music and an announcer's sad tone of voice, are what it takes...
  • I need some dog advice

    08/07/2015 2:30:04 PM PDT · by TASMANIANRED · 133 replies
    none | 8/7/15 | tasmanianred
    I need some advice on my dog. I had 2 dogs, both rescues for the past 11 years. They were pups together. Solitare was the best dog in the world. She was a farm lab. No breeding but all character. She was Athletic, loving, smart, funny and exuberant. I lost her Tuesday to metastatic cancer.
  • Does Michelle Obamas private family safari stand in the way of lion killers extradition?

    08/06/2015 7:21:10 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 5 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 08/06/15 | Judi McLeod
    Animal lovers should not wait for Barack Obama to avenge Cecil the Lion's death. Obama knows that it is not only the Walter Palmers of this world who get to go off on safaris Any serious attempts by the Obama administration to extradite Cecil the Lion killer Walter Palmer would be more far more laughable than laudable. When Michelle Obama took herself off on safari at the Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa in June of 2011with her personal hairdresser and makeup artist in towshe was hunting publicity rather than big game. But Michelle went off on safari all the...
  • Getting K9 Hunters Back In Shape

    08/06/2015 6:44:46 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 4 replies
    AShooting Journal ^ | 8/6/2015 | S Haugen
    I sat back inquisitively, watching in amazement as Howard Meyer of Chipewa Kennels and dog trainer, handled his dogs with utmost patience. Cmon, Violet, get in, get in here, Meyer encouraged in a soft voice. Sure enough, Violet waded into the water and got into the canoe on her own. As Meyer began paddling across the small river, two other adult dogs followed, swimming by his side. Two pups, eight-month-old brothers, hesitated at first, but their anticipation mounted the further away Meyer and the other dogs got. Cmon, hop in Cmon, Meyer kept enticing the pups in his calm...
  • Roadrunner versus Rattlesnake

    08/03/2015 5:16:14 AM PDT · by Duke C. · 22 replies
    Dang. Roadrunner vs Rattlesnake
  • Search and Rescue Guru Trace Sargent

    07/31/2015 10:14:29 AM PDT · by w1n1 · 1 replies
    AShooting Journal ^ | 7/31/2015 | Tatiana Whitlock
    Looks can be profoundly deceiving. At first glance, Tracy Trace Sargent could easily be a high-powered corporate CEO or lead a marketing firm. This petite Georgia blond with a commanding presence and the charisma and intellect to match, looks like she would fit elegantly at the head of a boardroom. You certainly dont envision this refined, vibrant woman with a sweet Southern drawl to be out enthusiastically hunting lost persons, getting dirty, crawling through rubble, or chasing down fugitives by moonlight. Yet that is exactly what she has been doing with her K9 partners for over 20 years, gracefully shattering...
  • Judge: 'Efforts to extend legal rights to chimpanzees are thus understandable'

    07/31/2015 5:38:43 AM PDT · by lifeofgrace · 10 replies
    sgberman.com ^ | 7/31/15 | Steve Berman
    I am not making this up. A New York judge dismissed a lawsuit by the Nonhuman Rights Project to grant personhood to two chimpanzees, namedHercules and Leo. This isn't the first attempt to grant "human" status to chimps: last year a judge threw out a similar request for a chimp named Tommy. But the worst part isn't the fact that self-hating humans keep trying to elevate soulless primates and give them equal status with lawyers--it's the judge's reaction. State Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jaffe wrotethis: "Efforts to extend legal rights to chimpanzees are thus understandable; some day they may even...
  • Whats worse: to hunt a lion in Africa or not to care about Africa except when someone hunts a lion?

    07/30/2015 7:15:24 PM PDT · by marktwain · 28 replies
    ideas.aeon.co ^ | 29 July, 2015 | Brigid Hains
    The meaning of an individual animal Among the reasons not to feel outraged about the killing of Cecil the lion are these two: he had a human name and he was a well-known tourist attraction. I say tourist attraction instead of 'beloved lion because that hackneyed phrase seems to me a concept empty of meaning. How can a lion be wild and be 'beloved by people who saw him once from a safari jeep? You dont earn the right to 'love a lion that way. Cecil was a wild lion who was habituated to humans, collared for a biology study,...
  • Man Gives Everything to Care for 12 Military Dogs After Their Return From War

    07/28/2015 7:11:04 PM PDT · by chrisinoc · 15 replies
    American Kennel Club ^ | 7/28/2015 | Liz Donovan
    A dozen four-legged heroes bravely served our country overseas, saving thousands of American lives. But for the past year and a half, theyd been living in limbo at a kennel in Chester, Virginia, while a contract company who purchased the dogs from the Department of Defense tried to place them as therapy dogs. The new job for the dogs never came through, leaving the kennel owner to care for them indefinitely.
  • Adorable moment mom walks in to check on baby daughter

    07/28/2015 12:56:58 PM PDT · by Kartographer · 22 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 7/28/15 | James Dunn
    She wrote: 'That moment you can't find your dog and you even go outside looking for him...only to walk in the house and find him snuggled up in bed next to your toddler. 'People that say "money can't buy happiness" have never paid an adoption fee. 'Ten years ago I left a rescue with this little guy and I often wonder... who rescued who?
  • The deadly diseases you can innocently catch from animals

    07/22/2015 12:21:43 AM PDT · by Berlin_Freeper · 20 replies
    heraldsun.com.au ^ | July 22, 2015 | Herald Sun
    Cats can give people schizophrenia: There is actually a link between people who own cats and mental illnesses, including schizophrenia, and scientists blame Toxoplasma. The instances are still low but studies have found just over half of people with schizophrenia had a cat as a child.