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  • Gun deaths down 30%

    10/25/2015 6:44:53 AM PDT · by Isara · 9 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 10/23/15 | Paul Bedard
    The number and rate of firearm murders has hit a new low since the sky-high gun killings during the 1990s, with California topping an FBI list despite having some of the toughest anti-gun laws on the books. Data from the FBI and Pew Research Center show that all gun violence has declined since the Clinton era, though suicides blamed on guns has ticked up. In a new report, Pew said that between 1993 and 2000, the firearm murder rate dropped by almost half, from seven homicides to 3.8 homicides per 100,000 people. It also said that all gun deaths --...
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Evangelicals From Pew's Religion Report

    05/18/2015 8:15:03 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 05/18/2015 | Napp Nazworth
    The big story this week from Pew Research Center's report, "America's Changing Religious Landscape," was the sharp decline in the number of Christians and large growth in those who are unaffiliated with any religion. Digging deeper, the report contains interesting news about Evangelicals. Here are 10 interesting facts about Evangelicals from the report: 1. The number of Evangelicals likely increased. Evangelicals were the only segment of Christianity that likely saw growth. Evangelicals added about two million to their fold from 2007 to 2014. Taking the margin of error into account, the actual increase could be anywhere between zero and five...
  • Cable news is in trouble, and it’s more about the news than the cable

    05/10/2015 9:26:12 AM PDT · by E. Pluribus Unum · 46 replies ^ | May 10, 2015 | Ezra Klein
    Cable news is in trouble. The Pew Research Center reports that the median daily audience for Fox, CNN, and MSNBC is down about 11 percent since 2008. The Washington Post's Paul Farhi sees a grim future for the industry. He argues that cable news outlets are pretty much where newspapers were a decade ago: their audience is aging, their medium is being disrupted by new technologies, and the next generation of viewers is developing habits and preferences that they're poorly placed to serve. (This is probably a good moment to note that I'm a contributor to MSNBC.) The networks may still...
  • What Could Go Wrong? Pew Research: Millennials are underemployed, unhitched, and unchurched

    03/10/2014 11:45:57 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 65 replies
    National Review ^ | 03/09/2014 | By W. Bradford Wilcox
    The portrait painted of Millennial Americans by the Pew Research Center in its new report Millennials in Adulthood is not rosy. Sure, compared with earlier generations, Millennials (now aged 18 to 33) are exceptionally tolerant, optimistic about their economic future, and connected to friends, family, and colleagues on the “new platforms of the digital era” — from Facebook to Twitter. But this report makes clear that Millennial ties to the core human institutions that have sustained the American experiment — work, marriage, and civil society — are worryingly weak. Take work. About 80 percent of young adults aged 25...
  • God is Alive and Well (For Those Wondering)

    01/15/2013 9:03:25 AM PST · by CHRISTIAN DIARIST · 2 replies
    The Christian Diarist ^ | January 15, 2012 | JP
    God bless Frank Newport. The Gallup Poll’s editor-in-chief is author of the recently published book, “God is Alive and Well: The Future of Religion in America.” It punctures the myth that the ranks of the nation’s non-religious are growing by leaps and bounds. The myth has gained currency in the mainstream media, thanks to a dishonest poll published this past fall by the left-leaning Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life. By playing fast and loose with polling data, and by employing semantic gymnastics, Pew was able to make the dubious claim that 20 percent of Americans “do...
  • Digital gadgets make us read more news

    03/19/2012 8:17:22 PM PDT · by RayChuang88 · 8 replies
    CNN Money web site ^ | March 19, 2012 | David Goldman
    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) -- As the mobile tech revolution takes hold, the way in which we get our news is changing. More than a quarter of Internet-connected Americans now follow news on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets and e-readers, according to the Pew Research Center's annual State of the News Media report, which was released on Monday.
  • Little Change in Public's Response to 'Capitalism,' 'Socialism' (A Political Rhetoric Test)

    01/02/2012 7:37:08 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Pew Research ^ | 12/29/2011
    The recent Occupy Wall Street protests have focused public attention on what organizers see as the excesses of America's free market system, but perceptions of capitalism -- and even of socialism -- have changed little since early 2010 despite the recent tumult. The American public's take on capitalism remains mixed, with just slightly more saying they have a positive (50%) than a negative (40%) reaction to the term. That's largely unchanged from a 52% to 37% balance of opinion in April 2010. Socialism is a negative for most Americans, but certainly not all. Six-in-ten (60%) say they have a...
  • Four in 10 say marriage is becoming obsolete

    11/18/2010 8:11:18 AM PST · by mlizzy · 67 replies · 3+ views
    Comcast ^ | 11-18-10 | Hope Yeh
    WASHINGTON — Is marriage becoming obsolete? As families gather for Thanksgiving this year, nearly one in three American children is living with a parent who is divorced, separated or never-married. More people are accepting the view that wedding bells aren't needed to have a family. A study by the Pew Research Center, in association with Time magazine, highlights rapidly changing notions of the American family. And the Census Bureau, too, is planning to incorporate broader definitions of family when measuring poverty, a shift caused partly by recent jumps in unmarried couples living together. About 29 percent of children under 18...
  • Pew Research Poll: Voters Say THROW DA BUMS OUT !!

    11/11/2009 3:37:55 PM PST · by Shellybenoit · 3 replies · 516+ views
    Pew/The Lid ^ | 11/11/09 | The Lid
    According to a new Pew Research poll Americans are not happy, Jimmy Carter Might call it malaise. We don't like the way things are going maybe because the economy as the same poll says that 90% of Americans are not happy with the economy and two thirds feel that their personal finances are in the dumps. We don't like the way the Afghan war is going, we blame the President, and we still don't want our health care controlled by the government. Put it all together it and American sentiment is anti-Incumbent, we want to throw the bums out. All...
  • Survey: Fewer Americans Worried About Warming

    10/22/2009 9:03:00 AM PDT · by BobMcCartyWrites · 9 replies · 420+ views
    Bob McCarty Writes ^ | 10/22/09 | Bob McCarty
    There has been a sharp decline over the past year in the percentage of Americans who say there is solid evidence that global temperatures are rising, according to results of a new survey released today by The Pew Research Center for People and the Press. And fewer also see global warming as a very serious problem – 35% say that today, down from 44% in April 2008.
  • What Muslims Really Think

    05/23/2007 4:20:18 PM PDT · by Kitten Festival · 26 replies · 976+ views
    IBD Editorials ^ | 23 May 2007 | Staff
    Homeland Security: We can all breathe easier now. The first major poll of the U.S. Muslim community finds that "only" one in four young Muslim Americans would be suicide bombers. The liberal Pew Research Center, which surveyed 1,050 Muslims earlier this year, did its best to put a PC spin on the results. It says its "overall" findings confirm that Muslims in America are "mostly mainstream" compared with their more radical co-religionists in Europe. But as is usually the case with such polls, the devil is in the details. Data buried deep inside Pew's 100-page report put the lie to...
  • Pew Survey Finds Most Knowledgeable Americans Watch 'Daily Show' and 'Colbert'

    04/16/2007 2:57:37 PM PDT · by Karl Rand · 76 replies · 2,122+ views
    EDITOR & PUBLISHER ^ | April 15, 2007 11:30 PM ET | E&P Staff
    Pew judged the levels of knowledgeability (correct answers) among those surveyed and found that those who scored the highest were regular watchers of Comedy Central's The Daily Show and Colbert Report. They tied with regular readers of major newspapers in the top spot -- with 54% of them getting 2 out of 3 questions correct. Watchers of the Lehrer News Hour on PBS followed just behind. Virtually bringing up the rear were regular watchers of Fox News. Only 1 in 3 could answer 2 out of 3 questions correctly. Fox topped only network morning show viewers.
  • Perhaps The Most Important Question of Our Age

    02/28/2006 2:23:39 PM PST · by PurpleMountains · 7 replies · 205+ views
    From Sea to Shining Sea ^ | 2/28/06 | Purple Mountains
    Although I am a conservative and I often get critical and derogatory comments from liberals when I post a particular column, the most abusive and obscene comments I get come from the extreme-right when I advise moderation in our views and policies towards Muslims. Even the most sanguine American must, by now, have woken up to the fact that some portion of the Muslim population is singularly devoted to taking over the rest of the world and subjecting it to Muslim rule, but does this mean we should hate all Muslims?
  • The Free Fall That Wasn't re: Bush's poll numbers among blacks

    10/14/2005 10:42:40 AM PDT · by OESY · 30 replies · 1,933+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | October 13, 2005 | Ed Morrissey
    Dan Froomkin wrote a breathless column for today's web edition of the Washington Post that should have been pulled. Instead, the Post allowed it to remain on the site with a buried nugget that negated the entire thrust of his article. Titled "A Polling Free-Fall Among Blacks", Froomkin related the findings of an NBC/Wall Street Journal poll that supposedly gave George Bush a 2% approval rating among African-Americans: In what may turn out to be one of the biggest free-falls in the history of presidential polling, President Bush's job-approval rating among African Americans has dropped to 2 percent, according to...
  • How Dan Rather And Media's Kings Lost Their Crowns

    11/12/2004 8:54:37 AM PST · by OESY · 15 replies · 1,075+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | November 12, 2004 | Daniel Henninger
    It is [said]... the only sure winner in American politics is the media.... Maybe not this time. Big Media lost big. But it was more than a loss. It was an abdication of authority. Large media institutions, such as CBS or the New York Times, have been regarded as nothing if not authoritative. In the Information Age, authority is a priceless franchise. But it is this franchise that Big Media, incredibly, has just thrown away. It did so by choosing to go into overt opposition to one party's candidate, a sitting president. It stooped to conquer... National Guard... Abu Ghraib......
  • Pew Survey Finds Moderates, Liberals Dominate News Outlets

    05/23/2004 7:55:14 PM PDT · by aft_lizard · 53 replies · 468+ views
    editorandpublisher ^ | 23 May | E & P Staff
    NEW YORK Those convinced that liberals make up a disproportionate share of newsroom workers have long relied on Pew Research Center surveys to confirm this view, and they will not be disappointed by the results of Pew's latest study released today. While most of the journalists, like many Americans, describe themselves as "moderate," a far higher number are "liberal" than in the general population. At national organizations (which includes print, TV and radio), the numbers break down like this: 34% liberal, 7% conservative. At local outlets: 23% liberal, 12% conservative. At Web sites: 27% call themselves liberals, 13% conservatives. This...

    04/27/2004 12:53:11 AM PDT · by kattracks · 15 replies · 151+ views
    New York Post ^ | 4/27/04 | AP
    <p>April 27, 2004 -- WASHINGTON - President Bush's approval ratings have climbed during April, despite growing instability in Iraq and the deadliest month for U.S. forces there since the invasion last year, according to a new poll.</p> <p>Bush's overall job approval rose to 48 percent, 5 percentage points higher than the rating he received in early April, according to a poll by the Pew Research Center for The People & The Press.</p>
  • Columnist Joseph Farah: The Role of the Watchdog Media

    07/17/2003 6:49:08 AM PDT · by Theodore R. · 1 replies · 198+ views ^ | 07-17-03 | Farah, Joseph
    The role of the watchdog Posted: July 17, 2003 1:00 a.m. Eastern © 2003 Good news! Americans still believe the central role of a free press in a free society is to serve as a watchdog on government. Bad news: I'm not sure the people who work in the press understand their mission. The Pew Research Center for the People and the Press conducted a wide-ranging survey on press issues this month and found Americans remain largely supportive of the media's role as a political watchdog. Most people – 54 percent – say that by criticizing political leaders, news...
  • Pew Research wants government regulation for US broadband elites.

    06/24/2002 1:40:28 PM PDT · by Scott McCollum · 8 replies · 297+ views
    World Tech ^ | Copyright 2002 - June 24, 2002 | Scott McCollum
    A clip: “Broadband Internet access via cable modem is not subject to the same Soviet-style regulatory constraints placed on Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) providers like AT&T, SBC and Verizon. These constraints, placed on DSL providers by the idiotic Telecommunications Act of 1996, forced their networks to share their infrastructure and provide 'open access' to their less well-funded competitors. In essence, if SBC spent $100 billion to build a DSL network that blankets the whole of the United States, a guy with some company letterhead that reads 'BubbaTel' in Hope, Arkansas would legally be able to charge his customers to use...