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  • Conservative Think Tank: Mess Is the GOP's Fault (Gingrich "extremism must be punished and ignored")

    04/30/2012 3:42:33 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 51 replies
    Newser ^ | April 30, 2012 | Mark Russell
    Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist slammed for radicalizing Washington Washington is more dysfunctional than it has been in 40 years, and while Democrats have deserved their share of the blame over the years, today "the core of the problem lies with the Republican Party," write Thomas E. Mann and Norman Ornstein in the Washington Post. What makes their column particularly interesting is that Ornstein is not liberal, but a resident scholar at the conservative American Enterprise Institute, and Mann is a senior fellow at the Brookings Institution. Together, they call the GOP an "insurgent outlier in American politics" because of the...
  • End-of-life care: Pain control carries risk of being called a killer

    04/29/2012 4:46:29 PM PDT · by Brian Kopp DPM · 195 replies
    AMA News ^ | April 16, 2012 | Kevin B. O'Reilly
    End-of-life care: Pain control carries risk of being called a killer Accusations of euthanasia are common as patients, families and even other health professionals struggle to adjust to the new realities of end-of-life care. By Kevin B. O'Reilly, amednews staff. Posted April 16, 2012. Three decades after hospice emerged as the standard of care for terminally ill patients, the end-of-life treatments that palliative medicine physicians provide are frequently referred to as murder, euthanasia and killing.More than half of hospice and palliative medicine physicians say patients, family members and even other health professionals have used those terms to describe care they...
  • Wilders Agonistes

    04/29/2012 2:54:51 PM PDT · by robowombat · 1 replies
    Right Side News ^ | SUNDAY, 29 APRIL 2012 05:41 | ANDREW BOSTOM
    Wilders Agonistes SUNDAY, 29 APRIL 2012 05:41 ANDREW BOSTOM Andrew Bostom: A review-essay on Marked for Death: Islam’s War Against the West and Me [1], by Geert Wilders, Regnery Publishing, May1, 2012, 256 pp. As I told the Editor of The American Thinker, Tom Lifson: "Although lengthy, this review-essay will provide readers with a definitive understanding of one of the West’s most important political leaders, whose grasp of the civilizational jihadist threat, and willingness to combat it, are unequalled.” » If you like this article, please subscribe to Right Side News Daily Both part1 [2] and part 2 [3] are...
  • Brave New World (is Here!)

    04/29/2012 9:16:09 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 31 replies
    New York Post ^ | April 28, 2012 | KYLE SMITH
    Brave New World (is Here!) If Orwells 1984 is a cautionary tale about what we in the capitalist West largely avoided, Aldous Huxleys Brave New World is largely about what we got a consumerist, post-God happyland in which people readily stave off aging, jet away on exotic vacations and procreate via test tubes. They have access to Feelies similar to IMAX 3-D movies, no-strings-attached sex, anti-anxiety pills and abortion on demand. They also venerate a dead high-tech genius, saying Ford help him in honor of Henry Ford just as today we practically murmur In Jobs We Trust. In many...
  • Women That Love Guns

    04/28/2012 8:46:35 AM PDT · by marktwain · 50 replies ^ | 26 April, 2012 | Gabby Markowitz
    Am I less feminine because Im a gun-loving girl? Of course not. (If anything, I find myself getting more girly the more I play with guns.) However, a few conversations Ive had lately have caused me to examine how loving guns affects my projected self. Allow me to be clear: By no means am I fixated on others opinions of me, but as a single woman in my early 30s, I believe its understandable that I care (within reason) about my perceived femininity and sexuality. The first conversation happened a few weeks ago while I was in NYC visiting my...
  • 8 Ways the Media Doesnt Understand Gun Owners

    04/28/2012 8:01:34 AM PDT · by marktwain · 11 replies ^ | 27 April, 2012 | Kyle Wintersteen
    This is a dire situation: I have three anti-gun media hit pieces left to read, and Im down to my last antacid. I normally ration them, but that last story was a real doozy. Why endure such torture? If you can grasp the mindset of someone who fears gun ownershipwho doesnt even trust himself with the right, let alone youyoull be better equipped to articulate your point of view. The more were familiar with the other sides argument, misguided as it may be, the better equipped we are to defeat it. Ive learned something through this approach: Big Media does...
  • College Group Told to Eliminate 'Personal Commitment to Jesus' in Bylaws

    04/27/2012 9:23:36 PM PDT · by Iam1ru1-2 · 46 replies ^ | Alex Murashko
    A Christian student group at Vanderbilt University has been told by the school's administration that it will lose its recognized status on campus unless the group removes its requirement that its leaders have a "personal commitment to Jesus Christ," says a Christian legal association. Despite a discussion with school officials at the beginning of the year that led members of the group to believe their bylaws were approved, the group was told last week that the university's new policy barring religious groups from selecting members and leaders based on faith requirements will disqualify the group next school year. The Christian...
  • A Mormon America, Brought To You By Mitt Romney

    04/27/2012 4:16:26 PM PDT · by Mozilla · 172 replies
    christiannewstoday ^ | 4/27/10 | By Tricia Erickson, author of the book, Can Mitt Romney Serve Two Masters?
    If the GOP didnt hurt us enough by propping John McCain up to be our 2008 nominee, handing us Barack Obama on a silver platter, now, by serving up this horrendous Romney Manchurian Candidate to be our next President, they are further promoting another party member, the POM, the Party of Mormonism. We have seen the power of the Mormon voting bloc by way of Romney winning Arizona, Idaho, Nevada, Wyoming, Hawaii and Florida, and Utah will be a slam-dunk. We can expect that 90% of the 6 million US Mormons will vote for Romney. According to LDS statistics and...
  • Big Labors big moment

    04/27/2012 11:52:43 AM PDT · by pabianice · 2 replies
    Politico ^ | 4/27/12 | Allen/Bravender
    Unions' recent efforts include the Wisconsin recall campaign. For years Big Labor has been looking small, but it doesnt feel that way now. Unions won an Ohio referendum overturning Gov. John Kasichs effort to restrict collective bargaining for government employees. They built a recall campaign that could still knock Republican Scott Walker out of the governors mansion in Maple Bluff, Wis. And on Tuesday night, they kneecapped Rep. Jason Altmire in a Pennsylvania Democratic primary getting payback for his vote against the presidents health care law. Not bad for a movement that had been read its last rites. The...
  • Homer Simpsons Dumber Brother Is Back

    04/27/2012 6:41:00 AM PDT · by marktwain · 15 replies ^ | 27 April, 2012 | Bruce Krafft
    Former U.S.ambassador Dan Simpson is once again weighing in on the gun issue. Some of you may remember the modest proposal he came out with shortly after the VA Tech shootings, and while his new screed does not contain ideas like: The disarmament process would begin after the initial three-month amnesty his proposals are still unacceptable. Perhaps he needs a reminder of just what sort of unintended consequences his anti-gun nuttery might produce . . . [Foreword by David Codrea: This may make some uncomfortable, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. And after all, it's just a hypothetical "ping,"...
  • Dad rescues brain dead son from doctors wishing to harvest his organs boy recovers completely

    04/26/2012 3:07:34 PM PDT · by NYer · 25 replies
    Life Site News ^ | April 25, 2012 | MATTHEW CULLINAN HOFFMAN
    LEICESTER, England, April 25, 2012 ( - According to the Daily Mail newspaper, a young British man owes his life to an insistent father who would not allow his son’s organs to be removed from his body, despite assurances from four doctors that his son could not recover from the wounds he had suffered in a recent car accident. The Mail reports that Stephen Thorpe, then 17, was placed in a medically-induced coma following a multi-car pileup that had already taken the life of his friend Matthew, who was driving the vehicle. Although a team of four physicians insisted that...
  • Barney Frank Makes a Misdiagnosis on Obamacare (psychotic Dem alert!)

    04/26/2012 12:19:24 PM PDT · by pabianice · 10 replies
    Realclearpolitics ^ | 4/26/12 | Conason
    Representative Barney Frank, who is not seeking re-election, gave a memorable exit interview this week to New York magazine suggesting that President Barack Obama "underestimated, as did Clinton, the sensitivity of people to what they see as an effort to make them share the health care with poor people." The Democratic Party "paid a terrible price for health care," Frank said. "I would not have pushed it as hard." Frank's take is self-serving... ...But let's not pretend health care reform was a fatal Iraq-style distraction from the main event. Instead of costing thousands of lives, it will potentially save many...
  • Cut world population and redistribute resources, expert urges (Says Stanford Prof. Paul Ehrlich)

    04/26/2012 12:06:28 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 57 replies
    The Guardian ^ | 04/26/2012 | John Vidal
    The world's most renowned population analyst has called for a massive reduction in the number of humans and for natural resources to be redistributed from the rich to the poor.Paul Ehrlich, Bing professor of population studies at Stanford University in California and author of the best-selling Population Bomb book in 1968, goes much further than the Royal Society in London which this morning said that physical numbers were as important as the amount of natural resources consumed.The optimum population of Earth enough to guarantee the minimal physical ingredients of a decent life to everyone was 1.5 to 2...
  • Scientists Confirm: Guns are Manly

    04/26/2012 5:28:08 AM PDT · by marktwain · 55 replies ^ | 25 April, 2012 | dabneybailey
    UCLA anthropologists found that test subjects holding a handgun are significantly more terrifying than people holding tools or other objects. Are you surprised? During the experiment, scientists asked men to hold an object, ranging from hand guns and water guns to saws and paint brushes. The anthropologist took a photograph of each hand and showed them to 600 test subjects, who were then asked to guess the approximate height and strength of the person holding the object. Their answers confirmed what we knew all along: people who hold guns are more intimidating. On average, test subjects guessed that men with...
  • From a Progressive "Christian" Online Group: "How I Became a Heretic with Help from Jesus"

    04/25/2012 1:00:43 PM PDT · by Iam1ru1-2 · 14 replies
    North Seattle Progressive Christians Meetup Group | Jonathan Tong
    University Congregational United Church of Christ Come hear one of the most passionate and committed voices for progressive Christianity speak this Wednesday at the U District in Seattle. The title of the lecture is "How I Became a Heretic with Help from Jesus." Rev. Meyers is senior minister at Mayflower Congregational United Church of Christ, the fastest growing UCC church in the Kansas Oklahoma conference. He is also a tenured professor of philosophy at Oklahoma City University, an author, a syndicated columnist, and an award-winning commentator for National Public Radio.
  • Atheist group wants firefighter's 91-year-old war memorial and prayer removed

    04/25/2012 10:33:20 AM PDT · by servo1969 · 10 replies ^ | 4-25-2012 | unknown
    WOONSOCKET, R.I. (FOX 25) - The Firefighters Prayer is a creed dear to firefighters all over the United States; however, that prayer and a monument in Woonsocket, R.I. are under fire by a national group which says the department is blurring the lines of religion. Tom Poole, a disabled veteran, is one of many in Woonsocket trying to protect a cross that stands on top of a monument located in the parking lot of the citys fire station on Cumberland Hill Road. The monument was erected 91 years ago to honor Woonsocket war veterans, including the three brothers killed in...
  • Smith Gets GOP Nod in Jammed Senate Race (Smackdown of Pennsylvania GOP-e by TEA Partier)

    04/25/2012 8:32:48 AM PDT · by Vigilanteman · 23 replies
    Tribune-Review (Pittsburgh area) ^ | 24 April 2012 (updated 4 hours ago) | Andrew Conte
    Armstrong County coal entrepreneur Tom Smith broke away from a crowded field of contenders on Tuesday to win the Republican nomination for U.S. Senate and the opportunity to take on incumbent Sen. Bob Casey Jr. Smith, 64, of Plumcreek won 42 percent of the vote with 65 percent of precincts reporting, preliminary results showed. "This election will be about Sen. Casey's record. In his six years in the Senate, Casey has been President Obama's most trusted ally in massively expanding government, ballooning the debt and eroding our freedoms," Smith said. "A half-million unemployed Pennsylvanians deserve a senator with the real...
  • Georgetown community criticizes Sandra Fluke campus event (closed to public & media)

    04/25/2012 6:10:03 AM PDT · by NYer · 11 replies
    EWTN ^ | April 24, 2012
    Georgetown University Healy Hall. Credit: Aurelien Guichard More than 100 students and alumni of Georgetown University criticized activist Sandra Flukes recent invitation to speak on campus without clarification of the Catholic Churchs teaching on contraception. The group signed a letter calling on the Jesuit university to release a statement clarifying its position on this fundamental issue of debate to ensure that students are accurately informed on both the universitys current insurance policy and Church teaching. The statement came in response to an April 16 campus event, titled A Conversation with Sandra Fluke on Contraception Access.Fluke gained national attention in February,...
  • Why America Is Still the Best Hope

    04/25/2012 5:51:03 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 4 replies
    National Review ^ | 04/25/2012 | Dennis Prager
    Does it break some unwritten rule for a columnist to bring his readers attention to his own book? If so, I ask your indulgence. But, after nearly a thousand columns and twelve years since my last book, I hope readers will forgive me for noting that today, April 24, 2012, HarperCollins is publishing the culmination of a lifetime of thinking and years of the most challenging writing of my life. The book is Still the Best Hope: Why the World Needs American Values to Triumph. It is an argument on behalf of the moral superiority and universal applicability ...
  • Should every family own a gun?

    04/25/2012 5:21:47 AM PDT · by marktwain · 71 replies ^ | 24 April, 2012 | Lisa Bedford
    Anti-gun rhetoric has been a fact of my life as long as I can remember. As a new mom, I even tried keeping toy guns out of the house, because I had bought into some of the myths surrounding gun ownership, such as: 1) Accidental gun deaths are bound to happen with a gun in the house. 2) A gun-free home will keep kids safe from guns. 3) If kids play with toy guns, they will grow up to be violent. All of those are nonsense, of course, but as a mom, all I wanted was for my children to...