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  • Should Hillary Drop Out?

    03/29/2008 10:21:31 AM PDT · by moderatewolverine · 53 replies · 1,073+ views
    Primetime Politics ^ | March 29, 2008 | Chuck Todd, Anne E. Kornblut, Perry Bacon Jr., Jonathan Alter
    It is amazing how loud some of the buzz is for Sen. Hillary Clinton to "do what's best for the party" and get out. More than any other week, this one seemed to have the most actual calls for a Clinton withdrawal. It started last Friday with Bill Richardson. It has continued throughout the past seven days with calls from both Sen. Barack Obama supporters (Chris Dodd and Pat Leahy) to supposed uncommitted Dem bigwigs (Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi).
  • EDITORIAL: Is it something we said?

    03/28/2008 8:09:55 AM PDT · by SmithL · 6 replies · 581+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 3/28/8 | Editor
    We admit it. The Chronicle editorial board was disappointed when Hillary Rodham Clinton refused our invitation for a meeting before we endorsed a Democrat in the Feb. 5 presidential primary. But it really hurts to learn that not only did Clinton snub us, but Tuesday she also met with the editorial board of the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. At the meeting, Clinton chatted up the paper's owner, Richard Mellon Scaife, the man who once served as the éminence grise/bankroller of what the then-first lady dubbed the "vast right-wing conspiracy." It's true. Clinton is fighting desperately for a huge win in Pennsylvania, while...
  • Clinton Calls on Obama to Back Primaries

    03/19/2008 10:27:33 AM PDT · by SmithL · 30 replies · 848+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 3/19/8 | DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent
    DETROIT, (AP) -- Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton bluntly challenged Barack Obama to agree to new primaries in Michigan and Florida on Wednesday and said it was "wrong, and frankly un-American" not to have the two delegations seated at the Democratic National Convention. "Senator Obama speaks passionately on the campaign trail about empowering the American people," said the former first lady, who trails her rival in delegates won to date. "Today I am asking him to match those words with actions." Obama has yet to declare his support or opposition, although his campaign has raised a number of procedural and legal...
  • Politics Today: Ford Jr. would be viable Clinton running mate {Call me, Harold }

    03/17/2008 11:32:53 AM PDT · by SmithL · 64 replies · 812+ views
    Memphis Commercial Appeal ^ | 3/17/8 | Blake Fontenay
    After last week's developments on the campaign trail, it seems highly unlikely that Barack Obama would agree to be Hillary Clinton's vice presidential running mate. But would Harold Ford Jr.? Several days ago, Clinton's campaign floated the idea of selecting Obama as her running mate as a way of keeping Democrats unified in the November election. Obama shot that idea down the day before his win last week in the Mississippi primary. So if Clinton were to win the nomination, where else might she turn to find a running mate who could appeal to Obama's supporters, who include large numbers...
  • Anita Creamer: It's absurd to assume all women back Hillary Clinton

    03/16/2008 2:26:42 PM PDT · by SmithL · 49 replies · 955+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 3/16/8 | Anita Creamer
    Maybe the problem isn't that some people won't vote for a female presidential candidate. Maybe the problem is that the candidate is this particular woman, Hillary Clinton. That's what I think when I hear people complain about the role of sexism in the primaries. First whispered, then shouted, the allegations of sexism have caught hold online, at dinner parties and at family gatherings. Women have even been known to accuse other women of gender disloyalty for remaining cool toward Clinton. Granted, ever since she came to national attention in 1992, the country's conflicted feelings about women have been projected onto...
  • Pelosi asks Clinton, Obama to quit bickering

    03/07/2008 1:16:43 PM PST · by SmithL · 38 replies · 308+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 3/7/8 | Zachary Coile
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi urged both leading Democratic presidential candidates to cease their bickering, warning that the escalating rhetoric could hurt the party's chances in November. "I would encourage both of them, as I have, to remember we have to keep our eyes on the prize, which is the general election in November," Pelosi said Friday at a luncheon in New York sponsored by Lifetime Networks and the Hearst Corp., parent company of The Chronicle. "We are all very passionate about our politics and the issues we believe in, but we have to be very dispassionate about how we approach...
  • Getting Ugly

    03/03/2008 10:08:37 AM PST · by SmithL · 25 replies · 90+ views
    SFGate: PoliticsBlog ^ | 3/3/8 | Carolyn Lochhead
    Whatever the outcome of Texas and Ohio voting tomorrow, there's enough dirt being thrown in the final throes of the Democratic campaign to arm Republican John McCain with an arsenal of attacks on Barack Obama. The Clinton campaign contends they are closing in Ohio and Texas after seeing their double-digit polling leads evaporate in both states. In a conference call with reporters, the campaign said voters will wake up Wednesday to newspaper headlines that show Sen. Hillary Clinton being being "successful" in both states, though they conceded that she would remain far behind rival Sen. Barack Obama in pledged delegates....
  • Ex-President, Husband, Superdelegate

    02/20/2008 11:57:00 AM PST · by SmithL · 23 replies · 104+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 2/20/8 | VALERIE BAUMAN, Associated Press Writer
    Albany, N.Y. (AP) -- The Democratic nomination for president could come down to a vote-by-vote struggle for superdelegates, and while Hillary Rodham Clinton has lost her delegate advantage over Barack Obama, she knows she can bank on one superdelegate no matter what. Bill Clinton is guaranteed a spot as a superdelegate: Safe to say his wife gets his vote. With the two candidates separated by 85 delegates, every vote counts. So, is it an unfair edge to be married to a super-duper-delegate, a former two-term president, the last Democrat to hold the office and a leader who's still wildly popular...
  • Tom Cruise's Lawyers Among 244 Names on Pellicano List (CLINTON THUG GOING ON TRIAL)

    02/20/2008 5:45:07 AM PST · by icwhatudo · 11 replies · 332+ views
    FOX News ^ | February 19, 2008 | Roger Friedman
    Prosecutor Daniel Saunders has issued his list of potential government witnesses in the Anthony Pellicano case, and we’ve got it exclusively. The government may not call them all, but there are 244 names on the witness list for the trial set to begin Feb. 27, in which Hollywood private eye Pellicano faces federal charges of racketeering and illegally wiretapping celebrities. The list — which was obtained by this column on Monday — includes a lot of stars, studio execs and other Hollywood players whose names are familiar either because they’re famous or infamous. You decide. What’s clear is that the...
  • NAACP Head Wants Barred Delegates Seated

    02/12/2008 12:48:28 PM PST · by SmithL · 93 replies · 160+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 2/12/8 | BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
    WASHINGTON — A prominent civil rights leader has told the Democratic National Committee that refusing to seat delegates from Florida and Michigan would disenfranchise both states' minority communities. In a Feb. 8 letter to DNC Chairman Howard Dean, NAACP chairman Julian Bond expressed "great concern at the prospect that million of voters in Michigan and Florida could ultimately have their votes completely discounted." Refusing to seat the states' delegations could remind voters of the "sordid history of racially discriminatory primaries," he said. The DNC penalized Michigan and Florida for moving their primaries to earlier dates in violation of party rules....
  • Yes, Virginia, I Need a Santa Claus

    02/12/2008 10:38:12 AM PST · by SmithL · 1 replies · 60+ views
    SFGate: Politics Blog ^ | 2/12/8 | Carolyn Lochhead
    Sen. Hillary Clinton may not win Virginia today, but she needs to hold rival Sen. Barack Obama well below the devastating 68 percent wins he secured last weekend in Nebraska and Washington. Obama is expected to sweep all three races in the Potomac Primary today: Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia. But it's Virginia that's the key. With each Obama sweep in the post-Super Tuesday contests, Clinton watches the Democratic nomination slip further from her once presumptive grasp. With more losses expected next week in Wisconsin and Hawaii, it's becoming clearer that had Clinton not won convincingly in California...
  • The Cooper Concerns (1993 Hillary: We'll crush you. You'll wish you never mention this to me")

    02/06/2008 6:03:48 PM PST · by neverdem · 69 replies · 221+ views
    NY Times ^ | February 5, 2008 | DAVID BROOKS
    I’m not a Hillary-hater. She’s been an outstanding senator. She hung tough on Iraq through the dark days of 2005. In this campaign, she has soldiered on bravely even though she has most of the elected Democrats, news media and the educated class rooting against her. But there are certain moments when her dark side emerges and threatens to undo the good she is trying to achieve. Her campaign tactics before the South Carolina primary were one such moment. Another, deeper in her past, involved Jim Cooper, a Democratic congressman from Tennessee. Cooper is one of the most thoughtful, cordial...
  • How Clinton won California

    02/06/2008 8:35:12 AM PST · by SmithL · 23 replies · 100+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 2/6/8 | Zachary Coile
    California has long been "Clinton country," but Hillary Rodham Clinton seized Super Tuesday's biggest prize by winning big among women, Latinos, Asian-Americans, gays and lesbians, older voters and working class Californians - which blunted Barack Obama's strong support from African Americans, white men and independents, according to exit polls. While Obama was able to carry some of the state's progressive centers - including San Francisco, Marin and Santa Cruz counties - Clinton dominated in the voter-rich Democratic strongholds of Los Angeles, Alameda and Santa Clara counties. The New York senator also vacuumed up support in inland areas like Fresno, Riverside...
  • Forcing Young People Into the System (Hillary Willing to Garnish Wages!)

    02/03/2008 3:03:16 PM PST · by mdittmar · 50 replies · 867+ views
    Power Line ^ | February 3, 2008 | Power Line
    The least-acknowledged fact in the present debate over health care is that many millions of Americans have no good reason to buy health insurance. This is especially true of single young people, above all single men. They rarely become seriously ill, and they know that if they are unlucky enough to be in an accident or contract a serious illness, they will be treated anyway. So, quite properly, they see no reason to pay for health insurance or--the same thing--place a high value on health insurance as an employment benefit. Pizza Hut learned this a few years ago when it...
  • He said, she said

    02/01/2008 7:41:58 AM PST · by SmithL · 6 replies · 106+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 2/1/8 | Debra J. Saunders
    The "he said/she said" debate was a historic first face-off between the first viable African-American and the first viable female candidate for president. But forget the history for a moment. Ask yourself: When was the last time you tuned into a political event and had no idea what would happen? Would Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama snub or snog, brawl or be genteel, rumble or punt? Then the CNN Democratic debate started, and I realized I had to be insane to think that either senator might mix it up. This is politics, after all. Of course, the candidates decided to...
  • PHOTO THAT HAS WOMEN FURIOUS (Mod Note, Do not post image in thread re copyright)

    01/30/2008 1:03:29 PM PST · by presidio9 · 179 replies · 261+ views
    New York Post ^ | January 30, 2008 | GEOFF EARLE
    From the looks of this photo, new pals Ted Kennedy and Barack Obama are enjoying an old-boys'-club moment at the Capitol - and women are fuming at the power pair's snub of Hillary Rodham Clinton just a few feet way. PHOTO GALLERY: Hillary Snubbed Some female leaders, in fact, are calling the apparently contemptuous stare-down - which took place before the State of the Union Address Monday night - downright sexist. "In general, they've been disre spectful, and I think that women voters are going to get very tired of seeing that," said Marsha Pappas, who heads the New York...
  • Caption Hillary at the SOTU Address(Vanity)

    01/28/2008 7:51:37 PM PST · by Kaslin · 64 replies · 1,082+ views
    Yahoo!News ^ | January 28, 2008
  • Caption Hillary - stuck on "manic"

    01/28/2008 12:45:56 PM PST · by redstates4ever · 71 replies · 121+ views
    Yahoo! News Photos ^ | 1/28/08 | staff
  • Tony Rezko arrested, sources say (timing is everything)

    01/28/2008 6:54:22 AM PST · by SE Mom · 168 replies · 1,080+ views
    Chicago Tribune ^ | 28 January 2008 | Jeff Coen and John Chase
    Antoin "Tony" Rezko was arrested early Monday at his Wilmette home by federal agents on an alleged bond violation, the Tribune has learned. Investigators had in recent weeks become concerned about the movement of some of his finances, a source said. Rezko, who is scheduled to stand trial on corruption charges in less than a month at the Dirksen U.S. Courthouse, was taken into custody due to an alleged bond violation, a source confirmed.
  • Bill Clinton: Wife's 'Defender-In-Chief'

    01/24/2008 10:25:14 AM PST · by SmithL · 18 replies · 69+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 1/24/8 | NANCY BENAC, Associated Press Writer
    It started with dismissive talk of a fairy tale and deteriorated into more of a nightmare. As he campaigns for his wife's presidential run, Bill Clinton has been taking aim at her rival Barack Obama and the media with increasing rancor, trading the roles of elder statesman and supportive spouse for that of attack dog. Obama has joined in, going after the former president with increasingly heated criticism. Bill Clinton, campaigning in South Carolina, complained Wednesday that Obama had put out a "hit job" on him. He didn't explain what that meant. "Shame on you!" he scolded a reporter who...
  • Obama camp slams Clintons over drugs talk

    01/14/2008 12:45:07 PM PST · by vietvet67 · 14 replies · 134+ views
    Politico ^ | Jan 14, 2008 | Mike Allen
    Barack Obama’s campaign has dismissed as not believable a prominent Hillary Rodham Clinton backer’s “tortured explanation” for seeming to inject Obama’s youthful drug use into the 2008 presidential campaign, and called it “troubling” that Clinton has not done more to distance herself from the remark. Former President Bill Clinton was drawn into the controversy on Monday in appearances on black radio talk shows. He told one host, Roland Martin, that impolitic remarks by supporters sometimes “just happen” in politics and said, “I think it's important not to overreact to them.” Obama has admitted in his memoir to using drugs as...
  • Hillary Booed at NH Democratic Party Dinner (On Drudge)

    01/04/2008 7:50:43 PM PST · by advance_copy · 326 replies · 839+ views
    Time ^ | 01/04/08
    If the New Hampshire Democratic Party’s 100 Club dinner is any bell weather – Barack Obama will handily win here. When Obama, the dinner’s last speaker, took the stage the crowd surged forward chanting “O-bam-a” and “Fired Up, Ready to Go!” So many people pressed toward the stage that an announcer asked people to “please take their seats for safety concerns.” By comparison Hillary was twice booed. The first time was when she said she has always and will continue to work for "change for you. The audience, particularly from Obama supporters (they were waving Obama signs) let out a...
  • Democratic Fundraiser Norman Hsu Sentenced to 3 Years in Calif. Fraud Case

    01/04/2008 12:40:04 PM PST · by frogjerk · 58 replies · 1,137+ views
    REDWOOD CITY, Calif. — A judge on Friday sentenced disgraced political donor Norman Hsu to three years in state prison after rejecting the one-time Democratic rainmaker's bid to throw out a 16-year-old fraud conviction. Hsu's lawyers had asked Superior Court Judge Stephen Hall to dismiss his 1992 no contest plea, arguing his right to a speedy trial was violated because authorities weren't actively pursuing him during his years as a fugitive. They could easily have arrested Hsu, his lawyers argued, at one of the fundraisers he hosted in California for prominent local politicians. Hsu also faces federal fraud charges in...
  • Disgraced donor headed to prison; judge rejects dismissal bid { Hillary's Hsu }

    01/04/2008 12:15:10 PM PST · by SmithL · 27 replies · 96+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 1/4/8 | PAUL ELIAS, Associated Press Writer
    Redwood City, Calif. (AP) -- A judge on Friday sentenced disgraced political donor Norman Hsu to three years in state prison after rejecting the one-time Democratic rainmaker's bid to throw out a 16-year-old fraud conviction. Hsu's lawyers had asked Superior Court Judge Stephen Hall to dismiss his 1992 no contest plea, arguing his right to a speedy trial was violated because authorities weren't actively pursuing him during his years as a fugitive. They could easily have arrested Hsu, his lawyers argued, at one of the fundraisers he hosted in California for prominent local politicians. Hsu also faces federal fraud charges...
  • Hillary to Iowa Voters: None of Your Bees Wax

    12/31/2007 8:20:48 AM PST · by jdm · 27 replies · 316+ views
    NRO Corner ^ | Dec. 31, 2007 | Jonah Goldberg
    Monday, December 31, 2007 Hillary to Iowa Voters: None of Your Bees Wax   [Jonah Goldberg] So much for listening tours. From the Des Moines Register: Iowa Falls – Iowans have noticied that Democrat Hillary Clinton is not taking public questions from audiences during her final-push campaign rallies. After her 40-minute monologue ended shortly before 10 p.m. Sunday, Clinton immediately began to sign autographs, pose for photographs and listen to caucusgoers’ concerns one on one. Iowa Falls resident Alene Rickels, 51, when asked her thoughts about the event, said: “Her speech was really good, but it would’ve been interesting to...

    12/27/2007 10:06:51 AM PST · by SmithL · 4 replies · 63+ views
    New York Post ^ | 12/27/7 | Dick Morris
    AS Bill Clinton crisscrosses America defending his wife's candidacy, he's fuel ing speculation about who'd be in charge should Hillary be elected. Sen. Clinton - the incredible shrinking candidate - seems at times almost a bystander at her husband's campaign, merely playing a somewhat more active role than she did in '92. In our modern era of dynastic politics, the elder members of the dynasties have a duty to step aside to let their less experienced heirs shine. Former President George H.W. Bush, for example, has stayed well out of the limelight to let his son have center stage. Yet...
  • Experiencing the Clintons' revisionism

    12/18/2007 8:07:15 AM PST · by SmithL · 19 replies · 177+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/18/7 | Debra J. Saunders
    "No experience matters," former President Bill Clinton told PBS' Charlie Rose last week. "I mean, in theory, we could find someone who is a gifted television commentator." But to elect such a candidate - read: Barack Obama - president would be to "roll the dice." Thus Bubba framed the Democratic primary as a contest between a handsome but empty Obama and a Hillary Clinton who often touts her 35 years of experience. Clinton also took the opportunity to talk up the possibility of a John Edwards win in Iowa. Neither Clinton saw much virtue in experience in 1992 - when...
  • Hillary’s Dean Moment – Not the Scream, But Building…

    12/17/2007 5:09:24 PM PST · by COBOL2Java · 102 replies · 127+ views
    National Review Online ^ | 17 December 2007 | Jim Geraghty
    Sometimes we forget that before Howard Dean’s infamous “YEARRRGH!” moment, there were a bunch of signs that he was hitting the skids beforehand. First there were a couple of brusque debate moments – I remember Peggy Noonan comparing him to a teapot that looked ready to boil over. But the other big warning sign came when a guy at an Iowa town hall meeting asked for less negative campaigning and a Biblical teaching of “love thy neighbor”, and Dean gruffly snapped to a “George Bush is not my neighbor.” When the questioner interrupted Dean, he shouted, “You sit down! You...
  • Wearing the Pants {Mrs. Clinton}

    12/13/2007 6:21:53 AM PST · by 3AngelaD · 64 replies · 176+ views
    Washington Post ^ | December 9, 2007 | Robin Givhan
    ...How many pantsuits does Hillary Clinton have in her closet? And does she ever wear them in the same combination more than once? The pantsuit is Clinton's uniform. Hers is a mix-and-match world, a grown-up land of Garanimals: black pants with gray jacket, tan jacket with black pants...There are a host of reasons to explain Clinton's attachment to pantsuits. They are comfortable. They can be flattering, although not when the jacket hem aligns with the widest part of the hips (hypothetically speaking, of course). Does she even have hips?... Women have come a long way from the time when wearing...
  • Clinton Says Hillary Was Always the One

    12/10/2007 1:05:42 PM PST · by OldCorps · 112 replies · 147+ views
    Brietbart ^ | Dec 10, 2007 | Mike Glover
    AMES, Iowa (AP) - Campaigning for his wife, former President Clinton says that when they were starting out he was so struck by her intellect and ability he once suggested she should just dump him and jump into her own political career. That didn't happen, of course, and on Monday he gave an Iowa crowd his version of why it didn't. "I thought it would be wrong for me to rob her of the chance to be what I thought she should be," said Clinton. "She laughed and said, 'First I love you and, second, I'm not going to run...
  • Dems race narrowing in early contests - top contenders woo state

    12/10/2007 7:33:56 AM PST · by SmithL · 2 replies · 77+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/10/7 | Carla Marinucci
    For months, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has appeared to have an iron grip on California's primary election, with an army of top-name endorsers and a formidable ground organization that helped her amass a 2-1 lead in the polls over Illinois Sen. Barack Obama. But with Clinton's "inevitability" armor appearing tarnished by Obama's gains in crucial Iowa and New Hampshire, some political observers are now debating whether shifts in those early states may have a ripple effect that could put California in play. The increasingly heated competition among Democrats for attention and dollars in the nation's most populous...
  • Newsom may hurt Clinton more than he helps her in general election

    12/08/2007 10:22:57 PM PST · by SmithL · 29 replies · 565+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 12/8/7 | Cecilia M. Vega
    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom will join Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton on the presidential campaign trail when she comes to town on Tuesday - and Republicans couldn't be happier about it. The way they see it, the more face time the pro-gay-marriage, pro-sanctuary-city, pro-gun-control mayor of the most leftist, liberal city in America spends with the Democratic front-runner, the better. A recent news release distributed by the Republican National Committee to political reporters around the country lambasted Newsom as "Hillary's San Francisco Treat" and took a direct guilt-by-association swipe at Clinton by highlighting the mayor's signature last month on a...
  • Why Liberal Women Dislike Hillary Clinton

    12/07/2007 8:16:21 AM PST · by rface · 79 replies · 1,577+ views
    CBS ^ | 12.07.07 | Keach Hagey
    Jane Fonda summed up this view best in which she called Clinton "a ventriloquist for the patriarchy with a skirt and a vagina." (It would be such a great quote, except when was the last time Hillary wore a skirt?)....... They are like her, but they don't like her. Such is the curious phenomenon of many educated, professional, liberal women of a certain age when it comes to Hillary Clinton, the Los Angeles Times reports. In fact, upper-middle-class women on the left are "historically her toughest crowd," the paper reports. Why is this? The Times offers a handful of possibilities:...
  • Gennifer Flowers Mulls Vote for Clinton

    12/06/2007 1:14:43 PM PST · by SmithL · 147 replies · 386+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 12/6/7 | KATHLEEN HENNESSEY, Associated Press Writer
    LAS VEGAS (AP) -- The one-time other woman in Hillary Rodham Clinton's life says she's considering casting her vote for the former first lady. "I can't help but want to support my own gender, and she's as experienced as any of the others — except maybe Joe Biden," Gennifer Flowers said in a recent telephone interview from her home in Las Vegas. Flowers said she is still undecided, supports abortion rights and has long wanted to see a woman in the White House. "I would love to see a woman president, I just didn't think it would be her," Flowers...
  • We TOLD You...

    12/02/2007 8:43:46 PM PST · by Seadog Bytes · 62 replies · 255+ views
    Strange Cosmos ^ | December 2, 2007 | Seadog Bytes
  • Clinton, Democrats find religion, court evangelical voters

    11/29/2007 8:46:41 PM PST · by SmithL · 22 replies · 339+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11/29/7 | Carla Marinucci
    Lake Forest (Orange County) -- A wise man once said it was easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to get into heaven - and it used to be nearly as tough for a Democratic candidate to take a presidential campaign to a conservative evangelical church. But Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did just that today with a visit to one of the country's most influential megachurches that dramatized the new Democratic efforts to win support from evangelical voters the party once considered out of reach. Clinton received a standing ovation...
  • Song Parody: Soundin' Way too Shrill

    11/15/2007 10:16:19 AM PST · by LonePalm · 6 replies · 329+ views
    LonePalm | 11/15/07 | LonePalm
  • Clinton no open book on healthcare [Hillarycare]

    11/11/2007 11:15:54 AM PST · by Enchante · 16 replies · 165+ views
    Los Angeles Times ^ | 11/11/07 | Peter Nicholas
    "Now, all of the records, as far as I know, about what we did with healthcare, those are already available," Clinton said at a Democratic debate last month. But a big part of that history is being concealed. Hundreds of pages of memos and correspondence involving the healthcare plan of the early 1990s have been withheld, leaving a gap in a historic period when Clinton undertook one of the most ambitious domestic policy forays ever attempted. Some of the records kept from public view are memos from the early 1990s that White House aides wrote to Clinton about members of...
  • Hsu's case delayed amid speculation of a plea deal {Hillary's Hsu }

    11/02/2007 1:08:27 PM PDT · by SmithL · 22 replies · 60+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 11/2/7 | John Coté
    REDWOOD CITY - Disgraced Democratic fundraiser Norman Hsu's effort to have his grand theft case from the early 1990s thrown out was delayed today at his attorneys' request. Defense attorney James Brosnahan did not say why he had sought the delay after meeting with the prosecutor and a San Mateo County Superior Court judge. Attorneys on both sides deflected questions about whether they were negotiating a plea that would cover both Hsu's San Mateo County case and criminal charges filed in federal court in New York in September. "There's more to be done. That's all," Brosnahan said as he left...
  • Poll: Hillary Clinton's Face Still the Spookiest as Top-Selling Candidate Halloween Mask

    10/29/2007 10:09:32 AM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 9 replies · 21+ views
    Fox ^ | 10/29/07 | Associated Press
    Once again, Hillary Rodham Clinton leads in a poll. This time, she was top choice when people were asked which major 2008 presidential candidate would make the scariest Halloween costume. Asked about costume choices, 37 percent in an Associated Press-Ipsos survey this month chose New York Sen. Clinton, the front-runner among Democratic presidential contenders. Fourteen percent selected former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, who leads Republicans in national polls. No other candidate exceeded 6 percent. Clinton was the choice of four in 10 men and one-third of women. While a predictable two-thirds of Republicans picked her, she also was the...
  • Edwards Labels Clinton an Insider

    10/29/2007 7:57:51 AM PDT · by SmithL · 19 replies · 95+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 10/29/7 | NEDRA PICKLER, Associated Press Writer
    Manchester, N.H. (AP) -- Looking to shake up Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's lead in the Democratic presidential race, John Edwards is making an ardent push for voters to turn away from Washington insiders and what he condemns as a corrupt political system. Edwards railed against the "bankrupt ways of Washington" on Monday — but his aim seemed less to target Republican President Bush's leadership than to cast fellow Democrat Clinton as the insider whom voters should reject. "This corruption did not begin yesterday, and it did not even begin with George Bush," Edwards said in speech excerpts provided by his...
  • FR EXCLUSIVE: Talk radio host Mancow threatened for talking about Hillary scandal [Paul v. Hillary]

    10/29/2007 7:14:33 AM PDT · by RonDog · 142 replies · 718+ views
    phone call from doug | October 29, 2007 | doug from upland (via RonDog)
    FREE REPUBLIC EXCLUSIVE This just in from FReeper doug from upland:Chicago talk radio host Mancow Mueller has been threatened for reporting on Hillary scandal.More to come soon -- from doug from upland, currently in New York for a screening of his new movie.
  • Romney Jabs at Clintons''Family Values'

    10/25/2007 11:13:12 AM PDT · by SmithL · 17 replies · 36+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 10/25/7 | Glen Johnson, Associated Press Writer
    Manchester, N.H. (AP) -- Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney on Thursday jabbed at the "family values" of Democratic front-runner Hillary Rodham Clinton and her husband, harkening back to former President Clinton's affair with a White House intern. Responding to a guest at a house party in Hooksett, N.H., who asked him how he would instill "family values" as president, Romney said that if elected he would try to set an example. "One of the ways that you help instill, if you will, family values is by having a White House be a place that demonstrates family values," Romney said. "And,...
  • Clinton Could Lose Nomination If...

    10/25/2007 11:09:00 AM PDT · by SmithL · 89 replies · 60+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 10/25/7 | Nedra Pickler
    Memo to the Democratic presidential candidates: You can still beat Hillary Rodham Clinton, but you better act fast. The former first lady looks more likely to win the nomination every day, showing strength in polling, fundraising and setting the campaign agenda. She's so strong, in fact, that the race has become about her. And Democratic operatives from presidential campaigns past and present say the only way for any other candidate to win the nomination is to make an even stronger case against her. "If this were a wedding, we'd be at the 'speak now or forever hold your peace' part,"...
  • Tina Brown Marvels at Indestructible Hillary in 'Purpose-Built Pantsuit'

    10/25/2007 7:34:11 AM PDT · by governsleastgovernsbest · 26 replies · 37+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    I'd be curious to see how Tina Brown describes someone she dislikes. Because after painting what seemed for all the world an unflattering portrait of Hillary Clinton, Brown proclaimed that she think's Hillary's great. Brown, the former editor of Vanity Fair, the New Yorker and Talk appeared on today's "Morning Joe" largely to discuss British royal doings as dished in her "Diana Chronicles"and otherwise. View video here.

    10/20/2007 8:39:27 AM PDT · by Ralph4America · 20 replies · 268+ views
    NORWAY PUBLIC TV2 ^ | OCT. 20, 2007 | RALPH
    KING HARALD V OF NORWAY HAS BEEN EXPOSED AS A RELATIVE OF DEMLIB FLIP-FLOPPER JOHN KERRY!!!!!!: The Democrat’s president candidate John Kerry is related to King Harald of Norway…. Not only did Kerry live a couple of years in Oslo during his youth, he is also related with the Norwegian King, according to Harold Brooks-Baker, director of Burke’s Peerage, the "bible" of the European royal families….. THIS PUTS THE ENTIRE NOBEL AWARDS PROCESS INTO QUESTION!!!!! WHAT PRESSURE DID THE DEMLIBS PUT ON THE NOBEL COMMITTEE THROUGH JOHN KERRY’S COUSIN ON THE NORWEGIAN THRONE!!!!! HOW CAN THE KING IN GOOD CONSCIENCE...
  • Not Really Feeling It (emotionless Hillary)

    10/15/2007 9:21:15 AM PDT · by RDTF · 24 replies · 89+ views
    newsweek via Drudge Report ^ | Oct 15, 2007 | Jonathan Darman
    Never mind the man she's married to, Hillary Clinton isn't big on feelings. "Unthinking emotion," she wrote a friend in college, "has always been pitiful to me." In "For Love of Politics," Sally Bedell Smith's new book on Bill and Hillary Clinton's marriage during their White House years, the First Lady is a woman determined not to surrender to emotion, even when her husband and the nation have. While President Clinton idles away an hour hugging his way through a rope line at a Democratic Leadership Council fund-raiser, his wife, backstage, waits patiently to depart. As the president admits on...
  • Clinton Outlines Retirement Proposal

    10/09/2007 1:42:34 PM PDT · by jobnick · 41 replies · 986+ views
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 10/09/2007 | JACKIE CALMES
    New York Sen. Hillary Clinton, continuing to hit on economic themes in her White House campaign, said the government should do more to help people save for retirement, and is proposing an annual tax credit of up to $1,000 to help do that. The Democratic presidential frontrunner's plan would allow households earning up to about $100,000 a year without employer-provided 401(k) plans to open new "American Retirement Accounts," and get a tax credit matching contributions up to a maximum $1,000. But the incentives would be available also to savers with 401(k)s or Individual Retirement Accounts. To offset the revenue lost,...
  • Many warming unexpectedly to Clinton

    10/09/2007 11:00:29 AM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 64 replies · 1,549+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | October 9, 2007 | Sasha Issenberg
    Don Schwartz, who describes himself as "a super-Deaniac progressive type," decided to back Hillary Clinton - whose centrist views, he concedes, do not necessarily match his own - for a simple reason. He wanted, finally, to be with a winner. "I was actually surprised how many people said they were for Hillary," Schwartz said. "Now, they're getting to know her, and they're starting to like her. She is a nice person!" That reaction to the kind feelings the New York senator is able to generate has been a common one in New Hampshire, where a range of Democrats said last...
  • Hillary Offers Little Change to Bush's Policies

    10/09/2007 9:14:30 AM PDT · by NCDragon · 14 replies · 468+ views ^ | October 8, 2007 | Radley Balko
    Polls show Hillary Clinton has now opened up a striking 33-point lead over Barack Obama in the race for the 2008 Democratic presidential nomination. The latest poll shows that likely Democratic primary voters favor her in every major policy area. Clinton also raised $27 million in campaign contributions in the last quarter, adding to an already-significant lead over her Democratic rivals. For seven years, the left has been up in arms about President Bush's aggressive foreign policy, his secrecy, his partisanship, and his expansive claims on executive power. It's odd, then, that they're prepared to nominate Hillary Clinton to carry...