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  • Common Sense Immigration Reform

    There is no question that America has a range of difficult problems facing her; the economy, unemployment, Social Security, Medicare, and healthcare are pushing our great country to the brink. However, there is an underlying problem which is a contributing factor to all of these problems – illegal immigration. The U.S. Government estimates that there are between 8 to 12 million illegal immigrants currently residing within our borders but independent studies have shown that number is significantly higher. The Californians for Population Study (CAPS) released a report by four leading immigration experts who believe that there is somewhere between 20...
  • The Suffering Caused By Stupid People Setting Policy

    09/28/2011 6:36:05 AM PDT · by Tribune7 · 9 replies
    ConocoPhillips announced, yesterday, that it is joining Sunoco in ending oil refining in the Philadelphia region if it cannot find a buyer for its refinery in Trainer. Joining the Obama bread-lines -- or SNAP lines rather -- will be 400 workers, Also hundreds of hazardous-waste impregnated acres useless for anything but oil refining will be idled and the United States will become further dependent on Hugo Chavez for gasoline. And of course a large part of the tax base of tiny Trainer and the Chichester School District, which includes Marcus Hook which is the site of one of the Sunoco...
  • Cattle and R/C Cars — A Metaphor (Video at Link)

    09/26/2011 4:12:32 PM PDT · by Fester Boyle · 7 replies
    Two things you guys. First, this video is very cute. Second, watching these cattle follow the remote-control car reminds me of how the Left operates. Except the cattle smell better and have a superior intellect.
  • Romney Front-Runner By Default While Cain Wins FL Straw Poll (Palin's opening)

    09/24/2011 7:18:54 PM PDT · by ak267 · 98 replies
    C4P ^ | 9-24-2011 | Mark America
    After the FoxNews/Google debate, it had begun to crystallize in the view of many Republicans is that Rick Perry isn’t the candidate many had hoped. Capturing the straw poll in Florida on Saturday, Herman Cain reached new heights as Perry’s slide down hill has accelerated. Bachmann has peaked and begun to taper off, while Gingrich, Paul, Santorum and Huntsman continue to struggle in the middle-to-low single digits. This leaves Mitt Romney out front, not because he’s such a great candidate, but because to date, his chief opponents have grossly underperformed. This begs the question most conservatives want most to ask:...
  • Shaking Up The GOP Field

    09/24/2011 6:25:59 PM PDT · by CaroleL · 31 replies ^ | 09/24/11 | CaroleL
    After his win today in Florida's Presidency 5 straw poll, former Godfather Pizza CEO Herman Cain declared, "This is a sign of our growing momentum and my candidacy that cannot be ignored." With all due respect to Mr. Cain, it is more likely a sign that none of the candidates have been able to gain any lasting momentum and there is still no clear frontrunner whose message, skills and record are good enough for primary voters.
  • Govt. Work Meant $5 Million For The Day

    09/24/2011 6:41:37 AM PDT · by Tribune7 · 4 replies
    Dennis Gannon, the former president of the Chicago Federation of Labor who works for a hedge fund, is getting paid a $158,000 pension by the City of Chicago for a day's work in 1994. The city hired him for a sanitation job then granted him leave to do his union duties.
  • It's Your Destiny Sarah (Saturbray)

    09/24/2011 6:58:35 AM PDT · by bray · 19 replies ^ | 11-24-11 | bray
    But you, man of God, flee from all this, and pursue righteousness, godliness, faith LOVE, endurance and gentleness. 1 Tim 6:11 We are now seeing a huge void starting to develop in the presidential race. We are obviously in need of an articulate Conservative after the display we saw on Thursday during the debates. As much as Perry makes an attractive candidate from a resume standpoint, the last thing the Republicans need is another tongue tied Texan. His performance from a verbal standpoint was a disaster as it was a debate nobody won but Rick Perry lost. There is now...
  • A Bridge Between Two Speeches

    09/22/2011 4:01:58 PM PDT · by CaroleL · 15 replies ^ | 09/22/11 | CaroleL
    President Barack Obama hit another American city today claiming to care about the nation's unemployment crisis but showing his real concern is for his own political future. His chosen backdrop of the Brent Spence Bridge which links Ohio and Kentucky was the perfect setting for an attack against two of his political opponents House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky). But his usual mixture of sarcasm and lies were no match for the truth Senator McConnell ably delivered from the Senate floor.
  • Regarding Education: When Will Republican Leaders Wake Up?

    09/22/2011 3:33:56 PM PDT · by BruceDeitrickPrice · 22 replies
    Fast Pitch ^ | Sept. 8, 2011 | Bruce Deitrick Price
    This is a recurring annoyance for me. The RNC seems to have no idea that education is hugely important to most Americans, and should be a major campaign issue. Frankly, big visions are NOT required. Details need NOT be mentioned. Just say that public schools are a mess, liberal ideas made them that way, and Republicans can turn things around. All true.Problem is, we need people at the top with practical common sense and a desire to win. These people need to be aggressive. The weird wizards now in charge of public education will not notice anything less than a...
  • The Beginning of the End for Obama's Presidency

    09/10/2011 3:28:35 PM PDT · by jazzpatriot · 20 replies
    The Jazz Patriot ^ | Sep 10, 2011 | jazzpatriot
    Like Queequeg in the 1851 novel Moby Dick, by Herman Melville, President Obama began building his own coffin with his “American Jobs Bill” speech last night. None of his proposals will spur growth in the private sector and I believe he knows it and simply doesn’t care. As long as the economy continues to tank and America continues to lose influence in the world, he’ll be happy to begin his campaign now and blame Republicans in every speech for not getting on board, even though I’m sure they will support many of his proposals like 1) the extension of unemployment...
  • American Jobs Act is a political farce

    As expected, President Obama’s jobs speech was full of political pabulum and worn out Democrat talking points straight out of the Bolshevik takeover of Russia. I predicted earlier this week, the president’s plan would be little more than a speech. He has no plan to send congress so that they can “pass it now” as the president repeated seventeen times during his speech. Mr. President, if passing a bill, which doesn’t exist, is so important – why did you wait almost three years to take action? Furthermore, why is there no bill for Congress to take action on? President Obama...
  • Rick Perry's Strategic Debate Blunders

    09/09/2011 2:26:35 PM PDT · by kevinaw2 · 31 replies
    Ward World ^ | 09/09/2011 | Kevin A Ward
    It has taken me a couple days to fully compose my thoughts on Wednesday's GOP debate on MSNBC. Like most, I was looking forward to seeing Rick Perry perform on stage for the first time. I like Rick Perry and would gladly support him, but he made two obvious blunders as far as I can see. One can be fixed, the other is his to own. I was and am still hoping that Governor Perry can improve himself as I am no great fan of Mitt Romney. While I prefer Rick Perry on the substance of the issues he failed...
  • President Obama Desperately Needs Boondoggles And World War III - To "Succeed"

    09/07/2011 6:43:44 PM PDT · by joeclarke · 5 replies
    JoeClarke.Net ^ | 09/07/2011 | JoeClarke.Net
    Examples Of Make-Do Work Provided To Keep The Masses Busy During The Greatest Depression. Boondoggles, above, were devices used to fasten scarves, and the CCC Civilian Conservation workers were paid $16.00 per day in today's money. I'm not thinking Obama will be able spur the economy with these sort of jobs, much less find modern Americans who would pass the time making boondoggles or be employed in real shovel ready jobs like the CCC did years ago. Herbert Hoover may have prepared the way for the Greatest Depression, but FDR exasperated the problem. Although President Bush expanded government projects...
  • New Poll Shows Turner Ahead In NY-9

    09/06/2011 1:50:29 PM PDT · by CaroleL · 33 replies ^ | 09/06/11 | CaroleL
    A new poll released today shows Republican Bob Turner with a 4 point lead over Democrat David Weprin in their race to replace disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner (D-New York). In addition to the surprising lead in a district in which Democrats out number Republicans by a margin of 3 to 1, the poll also found that Mr. Turner wins the favorability contest with 37% of respondents viewing him favorably compared to just 29.8% for Mr. Weprin. With just one week before the special election to fill a seat that was recently considered a sure hold for the Democrats, there's more...
  • Pa GOP Has Tea Party Trouble

    09/06/2011 1:25:25 PM PDT · by Tribune7 · 11 replies
    Pennsylvania's Republican establishment has a Tea Party problem. As indicated in an earlier post, establishment fav Steve Welch is not warming the hearts of those whose votes he needs. Now, Paula Stiles of the Chester County Patriots is sounding the call for the common folk to attend the General Republican Meeting of the State Committee, which is 9:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Sept. 17, at Harrisburg Hilton, 1 N. 2nd St., Harrisburg. "We are asking constituents from every county in Pennsylvania to attend. . . and personally experience the disdain that PA GOP leadership has for their fellow Republicans," she...
  • Debunking the "Debunking": Rick Perry Still Can't Answer for His Record

    09/05/2011 6:31:29 AM PDT · by Students4Palin · 188 replies
    Students4Palin ^ | 9/5/2011 | Mary
    In Governor Palin’s speech in Iowa on Saturday, she spoke about crony capitalism and about the importance of vetting a candidate based on his or her record: “So, please, you must vet a candidate’s record. You must know their ability to successfully reform and actually fix problems that they’re going to claim they inherited. Real reform never sits well with the entrenched special interests, and that’s why the true voices of reform are so quickly demonized.” These words really stuck out to me. Since Governor Perry entered the presidential race a couple weeks ago, I have spoken with many conservatives...

    08/31/2011 7:16:57 AM PDT · by NationalSpotlight · 74 replies
    National Spotlight ^ | 8/31/11 | Derek Petrella
    On September 3rd, Sarah Palin will be at a Tea Party rally in Iowa. There is plenty of speculation that she will announce her candidacy on that day. A Tea Party ad featuring Sarah Palin has been hitting the airwaves over the past week. After the rally in Iowa, reports have confirmed that Sarah Palin will fly to New Hampshire for another Tea Party rally. Last year, I told all of my friends and everyone I know that Sarah Palin will run for President in 2012. Now, I really believe it is going to happen. As Karl Rove stated on...
  • NY-9 Will Vote On The Obama Agenda

    08/31/2011 9:59:37 AM PDT · by CaroleL · 15 replies ^ | 08/31/11 | CaroleL
    If there was any question that next month's special election in New York's 9th congressional district will be a referendum on President Barack Obama's policies, yesterday's New York Times endorsement removes all doubt. Not surprisingly, the left-leaning paper's editorial board has chosen to support Democrat David Weprin in the September 13 contest to replace disgraced Congressman Anthony Weiner. But the reasons given for that support have little to do with the candidate's qualifications and everything to do with the Obama agenda.
  • Don't Forget Your Godly Ancestry!

    08/22/2011 5:42:40 AM PDT · by WorthyNews
    Worthy Devotions ^ | 8/22/2011 | Worthy Devotions
    Don't Forget Your Godly Ancestry! James 1:17 Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and comes down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shadow of turning. Last week, a rare archaeological discovery was made in Northern Israel. Archaeologists discovered a ½ meter statue of Hercules which they say was dated to the second century. In Greek mythology, Hercules was the son of the Greek god Zeus, and the mortal mother Alcmene – the wisest and most beautiful of all mortal women. Hercules was said to surpass all mortal men in strength,...
  • Indonesian Mayor Decides Churches Can't Be Built on Streets with Islamic Names

    08/22/2011 5:40:07 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 10 replies · 1+ views
    Worthy News ^ | 8/22/2011 | Worthy News
    Bogor's mayor has a new reason not to allow the Yasmin church to open: the name of the street on which it is built bears an Islamic name.
  • Perry's Twin Mandates For Kids---Gardasil for the Veins; Islamopropaganda for the Brains

    08/20/2011 11:52:40 AM PDT · by Brices Crossroads · 327 replies
    08/20/2011 | Brices Crossroads
    Before I began to research Rick Perry's record, I perceived him to be nothing more than a garden variety southern Republican governor, probably conservative, certainly more conservative than his 2010 opponent Kay Bailey Hutchison. But the fact that he had such a spirited challenge from both sides in the GOP primary, both from the moderates AND the Conservatives, made me wonder just how conservative he really was. Just a bit of research revealed the gardasil mandate on preteen girls and their parents (and the cronysim associated with it), his full throated advocacy of open borders, including a pipeline for illegals...
  • Obama's Latest Blames, Games And Lies

    08/20/2011 11:19:02 AM PDT · by CaroleL · 2 replies ^ | 08/20/11 | CaroleL
    In his weekly radio address, President Barack Obama offered the same old list of what he calls "common sense ideas" followed by the same finger pointing at Congress for not implementing them. The problem is he's lying both about the sense most of these ideas make and that Congress, not his administration, is the reason the best of them has not been implemented.
  • Why Israel will strike Iran

    07/16/2008 1:01:19 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 24 replies · 154+ views
    London Times ^ | WorthyNews
    President George W Bush has told the Israeli government that he may be prepared to approve a future military strike on Iranian nuclear facilities if negotiations with Tehran break down, according to a senior Pentagon official.
  • FADC: Hand out gas masks immediately

    07/17/2008 4:30:06 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 1 replies · 59+ views
    Jerusalem Post | Jul. 15, 2008 | Rebecca Anna Stoil
    Israeli civilians are unprepared for nonconventional attacks, warned prominent members of the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee Tuesday afternoon, blasting the defense establishment for ignoring calls to fix the situation. According to Steinitz, between four million and five million gas mask sets are currently sitting in warehouses awaiting distribution. The Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee has already threatened sanctions against the defense establishment if it does not hand out the equipment.
  • Iran does not expect Israeli or U.S. attack

    07/19/2008 4:38:04 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 7 replies · 159+ views
    Retuers ^ | Sat Jul 19, 2008 | Parisa Hafezi
    Iran said on Friday it did not expect an attack from Israel or the United States triggered by the long-running dispute over its nuclear programme. "The possibility of such an attack (from Israel or the U.S.) is almost zero," Mottaki said, via a translator, in an interview with Turkish broadcaster NTV during a visit to Turkey. However, when asked whether it meant Iran was ready to freeze any expansion of its nuclear programme in return for the U.N. Security Council halting further sanctions measures against it, the source said "not at all".
  • Iran Confrontation Coming…

    07/21/2008 4:30:12 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 9 replies · 109+ views
    WorthyNews ^ | Jul. 21, 2008 | WorthyNews
    "Iran now has a clear choice to make: suspend its nuclear program and accept our offer of negotiations or face growing isolation and the collective response not of one nation but of many nations," Brown was expected to say. "Just as we have led the work on three mandatory sanctions resolutions of the United Nations, the U.K. will continue to lead - with the U.S. and our European Union as partners - in our determination to prevent an Iranian nuclear weapons program," the excerpts said. After talks in Geneva ended in a stalemate on Saturday, the six major powers gave...
  • Is this the beginning of another Cold War?

    07/23/2008 3:11:49 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 14 replies · 67+ views
    Worthy News ^ | 7/23/2008 | Worthy News
    Suddenly within the past month, it feels like we’re returning to the Cold War. It’s obvious that the Russians are quite annoyed by the attempts of the U.S. deploying a missile shield in Eastern Europe — the former backyard of the Russians.
  • Analysis:Israel’s Debate Over an Iran Strike

    07/26/2008 4:49:56 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 2 replies · 35+ views
    Worthy News ^ | July 25, 2008 | WorthyNews
    In today’s edition of Time, there was an interesting analysis of the potential problems of an Israeli strike on Iran.
  • Christians join Jews to express support for Israel

    07/21/2011 2:45:44 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 4 replies
    Worthy News ^ | July 21, 2011 | Joseph DeCaro
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Pastor John Hagee and radio personality Glenn Beck all spoke to Israel’s Christian supporters during the sixth annual “Christians United for Israel” summit at the Convention Center in Washington, D.C..
  • Obama's Prayer at the Western Wall

    07/29/2008 3:56:17 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 4 replies · 80+ views
    Worthy News ^ | 7/29/2008 | WorthyNews
    “Lord - Protect my family and me, Forgive me my sins, and help me guard against pride and despair. Give me the wisdom to do what is right and just. And make me an instrument of your will.”
  • Islamists Torch Churches in Tanzania

    08/05/2011 8:22:18 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 1 replies
    Worthy News ^ | 8/5/2011 | Joseph DeCaro
    Islamists burned down a church on Zanzibar Island Saturday just three days after another church facility there was reduced to ashes.
  • Two Indonesian Churches Torched

    08/05/2011 8:23:54 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 1 replies
    Worthy News ^ | 8/5/2011 | Joseph DeCaro
    Two house churches in Riau were burned down Tuesday, the latest of a series of attacks on minority religious groups in Indonesia.
  • Reports: Iran Seizes Thousands of Bibles; Destroys Church

    08/19/2011 1:43:49 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 7 replies
    Worthy News ^ | 8/18/2011 | Worthy News
    Iranian authorities seized thousands of Bibles in north-west Iran and destroyed a church in the Islamic country's south-east as part of a wider crackdown on Christianity, Iranian Christians said in messages monitored by Worthy News.
  • When Immigration is the Issue, Bachmann's the Only Real Conservative

    08/18/2011 5:11:21 AM PDT · by Reaganite Republican · 53 replies
    Reaganite Republican ^ | August 18, 2011 | Reaganite Republican
    In grading the 2012 GOP field, none but her and  Cain even manage a passing grade... it's sad This from an organization that promotes  common-sense immigration policy: Michele Bachmann:   B - "Rep. Bachmann earns an Excellent rating because her actions and statements have clearly opposed mass legalizations and have been recent." Herman Cain:   C-  Mitt Romney: D Sarah Palin:  D  Rick Perry:  D- Jon Huntsman:  D-  Newt Gingrich:  D- Ron Paul:   F Gary Johnson:   F Rick Santorum:   F Of course we all know were the other side stands: can't get any lower from the viewpoint of those patriots...
  • The Three Problems With Obama's Vacation

    08/17/2011 9:25:10 PM PDT · by CaroleL · 16 replies ^ | 08/18/11 | CaroleL
    As President Barack Obama departs on his 10 day Matha's Vineyard vacation, let me first say that I do not begrudge he and his family some time away together and I believe that no matter where he may be the US president is 'always on the job'. But three things about this particular president and this specific vacation prove that, despite his occasional references in campaign speeches, he is completely oblivious to the real economic suffering most Americans currently endure.
  • O’Donnell tells Piers Where to Stick it

    08/17/2011 8:17:45 PM PDT · by DEConservative · 74 replies
    DEConservative Blog ^ | 8/17/2011 | DEConservative
    No doubt the News Journal “reporters” are hammering away at their keyboards after Christine O’Donnell’s appearance on Piers Morgan’s CNN show. O’Donnell was on to promote her book and the interview started out fairly well. She was amiable and Piers was nice enough but throughout the interview, Morgan continued to turn the topics away from the subject matter of the book, which is a return to our founding principles and an embrace of fiscal responsibility, limited government and a breakup of the crony capitalist system. Now, CNN’s website only shows the last few minutes of the exchange but for those...
  • With B.O.'s approval now under 40%, "I'm Goin' Down" is the 8/15 Song of the Day

    08/16/2011 4:47:21 PM PDT · by Adam Taxin · 59 replies
    Hahahaha. Despite the fact that Osama Bin Laden is still apparently dead, the approval rating for Barack Obama just sunk for the first time under 40%. According to Gallup, the approval rating for the occupier of the White House was at 39%, while the disapproval rating was at 54%. (Racism, obviously!) There are so many possibilities for songs that could accompany this development. However, Philadelphia Jewish Culture Examiner goes back a quarter-century to the still-possibly-ironically-given-this-particular-case-titled Born in the U.S.A. album by the ponderous, humorless Bruce Springsteen, who has not released a song that will linger in any sort of canon...
  • Obama’s Church Preaches White Genocide

    08/13/2011 10:42:32 AM PDT · by Roger-SD · 32 replies
    Black Liberation Theology is a cult religious doctrine which is not only racist, but actually advocates white genocide, destruction of American democracy and the traditional Christian church. The doctrine states that all whites are collectively guilty, white oppressors must “cease to be” and equates white society to the Antichrist, calling whites the “symbol of depravity” and “the enemy of mankind.” These are genocidal religious concepts, that white society is too evil to exist. Black Liberation Theology is the doctrine of Obama’s church in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ. Whether there is an explicit plan to carry out a genocide...
  • Are There Radicals In Your Parish

    Many argue that Bishop Williamson's ideas are not the ideas of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX). This is theoretically true. The SSPX's statutes and theological positions do not touch upon Fascism and Antisemitism. But there is an undercurrent among many of the faithful and priests that tends in that direction. This undercurrent has been exacerbated by thirty years of indoctrination from Bishop Williamson. It has also been saddening to see that the SSPX has done little publicly to curb or even denounce the radicals that make use of their organization. The SSPX is in a precarious situation. The...
  • Feed Your Friend - Starve Your Enemy? That is NONSENSE!

    08/06/2011 5:32:59 AM PDT · by GADEL · 46 replies · 1+ views
    HubBlogs with GADEL ^ | Saturday, August 6, 2011 | GADEL
    If you are left in an island with a piece of bread and two people all starving to death, your friend before you and your enemy behind you, who would you feed? Would you pick and choose your friend who has been so good to you or would you pick your enemy who has consistently attempted but failed in killing you? Well, anyone who would choose friend over enemy is both emotionally and spiritually immature as I'll attempt to demonstrate. I know many would chant, "Feed your friends - starve your enemies!" That is not just NONSENSE but diabolical at...
  • Do You Believe in Eucharistic Miracles?

    08/02/2011 1:38:12 AM PDT · by GADEL · 101 replies
    HubBlogs with GADEL. ^ | Wednesday, July 6, 2011 | Godwin Delali Adadzie
    The story of a Eucharistic Miracle that happened in Kumasi a city in Ghana in the 1990s. A Protestant man took the picture of the Monstrance during the Corpus Christi procession and after the image was processed, an image of Jesus Christ was the result. Find the article over here Eucharistic Miracle: Face of Jesus captured by a Skeptic
  • New Mexico School Suspends Students for Sharing Bible Verses

    07/22/2011 3:01:37 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 18 replies
    Worthy Christian News ^ | 7/22/2011 | Joseph DeCaro
    Yet another case of academic alien-ation in Roswell, New Mexico? A lawsuit by Liberty Counsel alleges that the Roswell Independent School District retaliated against a school Christian group by suspending its members after giving Krispy Kreme doughnuts with Bible verses to their teachers; one student was sent home and two others spent a Saturday morning alone in a classroom for four hours.
  • Saudi Arabia Releases House Church Christians

    07/25/2011 3:38:10 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 4 replies
    Worthy News ^ | 7/25/2011 | Stefan Bos
    Two Indian Christians of a thriving Pentecostal house church in Saudi Arabia were back in their home country Sunday, July 24, after they were unexpectedly released by Saudi officials from an overcrowded prison, a church official confirmed to Worthy News.
  • The "Christian" Terrorist Who Wasn't Very Christian

    07/26/2011 2:02:07 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 9 replies
    Worthy News ^ | 7/26/2011 | Josep[h DeCaro
    Anders Behring Breivik’s 1,500-page manifesto shows that the Norwegian terrorist’s depiction as a “right-wing, Christian fundamentalist” by many in the mass media may be as inaccurate as that of their so-called “Christian” bomber, Oklahoma City terrorist Tim McVeigh. Breivik was charged with two violent attacks in and around Oslo: a bombing in the capital that killed seven, and a shooting spree at a youth political retreat that killed more than 80, but though he was called a Christian for these most unChristian acts, Breivik’s own words reveal he isn’t very religious and actually prefers science over scripture.
  • Church Attack in Northern Iraq Wounds 23

    08/04/2011 12:36:11 AM PDT · by WorthyNews · 3 replies
    Worthy News ^ | 8/4/2011 | Joseph DeCaro
    Although security forces found and disabled two cars packed with explosives in northern Iraq Tuesday, a third exploded outside a Christian church, wounding 23 people.
  • Miraculous Photos of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Do you believe this? (Catholic Caucus)

    08/03/2011 6:22:58 AM PDT · by GADEL · 98 replies · 1+ views
    HubBlogs with GADEL ^ | Sunday, June 26, 2011 | Godwin Delali Adadzie
    A collection of some 'miraculous' photographs of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Well, as Saint Augustine of Hippo says, "Unless you believe, you will not understand." These are pictures taken by various people including apparitions witnessed by millions in Egypt including the former president of Egypt, Abdul Nasser. See post at Miraculous Photos of the Blessed Virgin Mary
  • What The Debt Deal Proves

    08/01/2011 7:39:50 AM PDT · by CaroleL · 4 replies ^ | 08/01/11 | CaroleL
    Ordinarily when both sides in a negotiation are unhappy with the outcome, it means a compromise has been achieved. But the 11th hour debt deal reached between Congressional leaders is far from a compromise. It is a resounding defeat for President Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats and it is proof that Republicans cannot achieve significant victory until after November of 2012.
  • McCain is turning into Walter Matthau, calling his fellow Repubs "hobbits."

    07/28/2011 6:30:41 AM PDT · by donjuanluis07 · 16 replies ^ | Jul 28, 2011 | donjuanluis
    Just got this from Glenn Beck's The Blaze news blog. Wow, McCain is turning more and more into Walter Matthau each day. Here is the link to the Blaze article. Comment at will. Sorry ahead of time for the short post. More are coming in the next few weeks, as I have been on hiatus for the summer. Look for a list of Repubs that vote for either a Bonner plan or something like it.
  • Back When Boehner Took Principled Stands

    07/28/2011 4:41:42 AM PDT · by jenk · 7 replies ^ | 7/28/2011 | Jen Kuznicki
    When John Boehner was a Freshman in Congress, he was one of the "Gang of seven" that took on the House Banking Scandal, that implicated both Democrats and Republicans, and the House Post Office Scandal that implicated and eventually led to the conviction of Democrat Dan Rostenkowski. Looking back on his involvement with the Gang of Seven, he has said "I think showing the American people that there are people willing to take a principled stand in Washington is a very good thing." Ever since the tea party phenomenon began in early spring of 2009, it has been diminished, maligned...
  • Slouching Toward Sharia

    07/28/2011 5:51:50 AM PDT · by Stoutcat · 3 replies
    Grand Rants ^ | 07-28-11 | Stoutcat
    No, not here in America. Not yet. But lawyer and radical preacher Anjem Choudary is determined to bring Muslim extremism to young people in London, as reported in June at Creeping Sharia. And this month he’s going even further in his efforts to “radicalise the youth” and imprison Londoners in an iron cage of Islamic rule. Mr. Choudary is attempting to set up sharia law zones in London in which smoking, drinking, music, and concerts are banned. The Daily Mail reports: “‘You are entering a Sharia-controlled zone – Islamic rules enforced.’ “The bright yellow messages daubed on bus stops and...