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  • Crack unit of female soldiers hunting Islamic State kidnappers

    08/19/2014 8:54:08 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 23 replies
    Irish Mirror ^ | Aug 19, 2014 | Jeremy Armstrong
    Crack unit of female soldiers hunting Islamic State kidnappers Aug 19, 2014 11:10 By Jeremy Armstrong Heavily armed women from the Turkish PKK have gone into into Iraq to tackle the jihadists A-Team: An elite unit of female soldiers is on the hunt for ISIS fighters A crack unit of female soldiers is on the trail of Islamic State killers who have captured 3,000 innocent women in Iraq.Thousands of non-Muslim women and girls have been kidnapped by Islamic State thugs on the rampage in the country over the past two weeks.They face the terrifying prospect of being forced into...
  • PKK and YPG Hinder Peshmerga and US [advisers] in Attacking Sinjar

    08/14/2014 9:05:49 AM PDT · by GonzoII · 6 replies
    BasNews, Erbil ^ | 14.08.2014 | Mewan Dolamari
    PKK fighters near Qandil Mountain in Northern Iraq News / Kurdistan PKK and YPG Hinder Peshmerga and US in Attacking Sinjar 14.08.2014  Mewan Dolamari BasNews, Erbil   On the night of August 13th, Kurdish Peshmerga forces with the support of US military advisers met near Sinjar Mountain, intent on forming a plan to attack Sinjar town which lay far below, crawling with IS militants that have since taken over the city.   However according to Peshmerga sources, their efforts have been hindered, , by guerrillas of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) and Kurdish Communities Protection Units (YPG), who requested...
  • Syria’s Kurds Play Political Odds between Assad, Erdogan

    09/17/2013 7:56:36 PM PDT · by Tailgunner Joe · 1 replies ^ | September 16, 2013 | David Arnold
    Civil war may have devastated much of Syria over the past two-and-a-half years, but one part of the country – its northeastern Kurdish region – has been relatively unscathed. Last month, however, a flood of nearly 200,000 Syrian Kurdish refugees into the largely autonomous Kurdish region of northern Iraq raised new fears that Syria’s Kurds are becoming increasingly embroiled in the Middle East’s most violent conflict. The refugees were fleeing attacks by jihadist groups that attacked Kurdish communities along the Turkish border. Militant groups such as al-Qaida’s affiliate in Syria, Jabhat al-Nusra, are fighting to control border areas near Turkey...
  • Syria: U.S. passport found at Al Qaeda base

    07/23/2013 4:19:10 PM PDT · by markomalley · 13 replies
    JIhad Watch ^ | 7/23/2013 | Robert Spencer
    Now wait a minute. We're constantly told that no Muslims in the U.S. -- none -- adhere to Al Qaeda's understanding of Islam, and only greasy Islamophobes think otherwise. So how did Amiir Farouk Ibrahim, no doubt known to all and sundry back home in Pennsylvania as a solid and respectable burgher of serious mien, come to misunderstand his peaceful religion so resoundingly? "American passport found at al Qaeda base in northern Syria," by Bill Roggio for the Long War Journal, July 23 (thanks to Jerk Chicken): A passport said to belong to an American citizen was found among a...
  • Shurat HaDin Helps U.S. Citizens Win Lawsuit Against Syria

    12/18/2012 12:34:16 AM PST · by ilcenter
    Israel National News ^ | 12/18/2012 | Elad Benari
    A Tel Aviv based law center has represented two families of American citizens in their successful $338 million lawsuit against the government of Syria. The decision, handed down Monday in the United States district court for Washington D.C., found that the government of Syria was responsible for providing material support and resources to the Kurdish Workers Party ("PKK"), a terrorist organization designated by the U.S. State Department. Chief District Court Judge Royce Lamberth ruled that Syria was vicariously liable for the PKK's 1991 kidnapping of a group of American biblical archeologists leading an excavation in Turkey. The Americans, who were...
  • Kurds Confirm Initial Oil Payment from Baghdad

    10/09/2012 8:47:20 PM PDT · by Rabin · 2 replies
    Dow Jones ^ | Monday, October 08, 2012 | Hassan Hafidh
    BAGHDAD – The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), confirmed Monday that it had received an initial $547 million payment. "We can confirm receipt by the KRG of the first portion of the money which is 650 billion Iraqi dinars Baghdad will pay the KRG IQD1 trillion, some IQD650 billion out of which will be paid now, while the remaining IQD350 billion will be paid either by the end of this year or the beginning of 2013, depending on the central government's budgetary procedures. This agreement comes after KRG suspended crude oil exports of nearly 100,000 barrels a day in April, citing...
  • Turkey and US plan 'intelligence shield' and Syria 'after Assad'

    08/24/2012 5:48:09 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 9 replies ^ | Friday, August 24, 2012 | unattributed (probably agencies)
    Washington and Ankara have agreed to create an "intelligence shield" to prevent militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party from freely entering and operating on the Turkish territory from Syria as they discussed "after Assad" future. The format of the Turkish-American anti-terrorist cooperation anticipates joint collection and sharing of intelligence data on militants' activities on the Syrian territory and Turkish border districts, including possible rotation of chemical weapons on Syrian territory. According to the Turkish NTV channel the "intelligence shield" is to be directed by CIA operatives that have been previously working in Afghanistan and Pakistan. The shield's creation is the...
  • At Least 8 Killed in Southeastern Turkey Car Bombing

    08/20/2012 2:20:10 PM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 6 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 20/8/12 | Chana Yaar
    At least eight people were killed and dozens of others wounded Monday night in Turkey after a car exploded in the southeastern town of Gaziantep. The car was apparently was packed with a bomb and was set off by remote control, officials said. It was situated near the Gaziantep police station when it exploded, according to Turkish media. According to a report broadcast on NTV television, as many as 50 people were wounded in the blast. The bombing came as people were celebrating the second of the two-day holiday of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the Islamic holy...
  • Not Everyone in the Middle East Hates Israel (my title)

    12/19/2001 7:29:22 AM PST · by mmmmmmmm....... donuts · 4 replies · 550+ views
    Jerusalem Report ^ | December 31, 2001 | Michael Rubin
    In the safe haven of Iraqi Kurdistan, the Jews and Israel are remembered fondly,if increasingly vaguely. "THEY CALL That lack of restraint?" the former Iraqi army officer exclaimed, while watching the BBC’s coverage of the Al-Aqsa Intifada on satellite TV last winter. "If this demonstration were held in Baghdad, there’d be 10,000 bodies in the street," said the Arab from Baghdad who now teaches in Iraqi Kurdistan. Almost 4 million people live in the safe haven of northern Iraq. A de facto autonomous region, it has been administered by the Kurds since 1991 when Saddam Hussein withdrew his administration in ...
  • Turkey could act against Kurdish rebels in Syria

    07/26/2012 3:37:17 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 10 replies
    Reuters ^ | Thursday, July 26, 2012 | Ozge Ozbilgin
    Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Thursday Turkey could act against a "terrorist" organisation in northern Syria if it sees it as a threat, in a warning to Kurdish militants believed to be active in the region. Erdogan's talk of possible intervention marked a new escalation in tensions between Turkey and its southern neighbour, which have been increasingly at odds since Syrian President Bashar al-Assad failed to heed Ankara's calls to quit... His comments were Ankara's first acknowledgement of concern about the growing influence of Syria's Democratic Union Party (PYD) - linked to the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) which has...
  • Turkey's Kurdish policy, the PKK and growing tensions between Turkey and Syria

    05/28/2012 11:23:26 AM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 3 replies
    The Kurdish Globe ^ | Monday, May 28, 2012 | Mehmed Sabri Akgonul
    The outdated policies implemented by states in the Middle East, including Turkey, are no longer applicable. Heavy clashes have intensified between the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) and Turkish military forces. Wide-ranging operations have increased across the mountainous terrain of north Kurdistan... Last week, the PKK kidnapped Veysel Celik, who has served as the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AKP) district official in Diyarbakir's Kulp district, and abducted 6 village guards ("korucu" in Turkish), who are Kurdish militias armed by the Turkish state to fight against the PKK guerillas. Nureddin Sofi explained that these kinds of activities will continue... Moreover, details...
  • Syria faces neo-mujahideen struggle

    05/12/2012 11:17:51 PM PDT · by Pride_of_the_Bluegrass · 2 replies
    Asia Times Online ^ | Victor Kotsev
    Syrian President Bashar al-Assad may have won a battle earlier this year (as the retreat of the Free Syrian Army from the ruined city of Homs testifies), but he is nowhere near winning the war. The uprising is quickly turning into a full-scale insurgency - a foreign-sponsored insurgency, to be more precise, which some analysts term a "neo-mujahideen strategy".
  • Turkey Claims Israel is Aiding Kurdish Rebels

    01/17/2012 5:58:08 PM PST · by Eleutheria5 · 6 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 18/1/12 | Elad Benari
    Turkish intelligence agencies are claiming that Israeli Heron unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) spied for the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK), the Turkish daily Today’s Zaman reported. According to the report, the Turkish intelligence agencies prepared a report after two Israeli Herons were detected in Turkey’s Hatay and Adana provinces roughly two months ago. The report says the Herons were collecting intelligence on Turkish military units in order to aid PKK operations in those regions. The report asserts that the PKK’s training camps in northern Syria, near Turkey’s Hatay border “where Turkish military border posts are relatively weak” were established in those...
  • Subtergenekon and Other Crimes: In Turkey, alleged terrorism requires a brand-new vocabulary.

    01/05/2012 2:00:21 PM PST · by neverdem · 4 replies
    City Journal ^ | 3 January 2012 | Claire Berlinski
    George Orwell’s greatest act of genius was the invention of Newspeak, the official language of Oceania, devised to meet the ideological needs of “Ingsoc,” or English Socialism. Explaining the nature of a mass trial in Turkey likewise requires the construction of a language all its own. Of late, journalists’ trials have received particular notice in the foreign press, but only because the arrest of journalists excites other journalists. In fact, early-morning raids, mass arrests, detentions without trial, and mass trials are a common feature of the Turkish landscape—for academics, students, suspected members of the so-called KCK (the urban wing of...
  • {Kurdistan Worker's Party}PKK and Zoroastrianism

    12/22/2011 6:43:15 AM PST · by Cronos · 18 replies ^ | 17 Dec 2011 | WLADIMIR van WILGENBURG
    Some Middle Eastern governments often use religion as a tool to attack their opponents. In Turkey, the authorities have for long tried to portray the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) as non-Muslims in order to delegitimize their movement among Muslim Kurds and Turks. Charging the Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) and the PKK with promoting Zoroastrianism is yet another campaign by Turkey against the Kurdish rebel group. The idea that Kurds are actually Zoroastrians is not something new. Kurdish nationalists such as the Bedirkhan brothers tried to revive Zoroastrianism and Yezidism as the original religion of the Kurds in the 1920s...
  • Turkish pipeline ablaze after blast

    07/04/2010 3:03:59 AM PDT · by BlackVeil · 6 replies
    Press tv ^ | Sat, 03 Jul 2010 | anon
    An explosion has blown up a section of a pipeline carrying oil from Iraq to southern Turkey and set it on fire. The blast occurred on Saturday near the town of Midyat in the southeastern province of Mardin, but the cause is still unknown, Turkey's Anatolia news agency reported. Firefighters have arrived on the scene, but the fire is still raging, according to the latest reports. The 970-kilometer (600-mile) twin conduit pipeline begins in Iraq's northern oil hub of Kirkuk and ends in the port of Ceyhan on Turkey's Mediterranean coast ...
  • Five Killed in Istanbul Bomb Attack on Soldiers' Bus

    06/23/2010 1:28:27 AM PDT · by Cindy · 3 replies
    BBC News ^ | Page last updated at 14:31 GMT, Tuesday, 22 June 2010 15:31 UK | n/a
    SNIPPET: "A remote-controlled bomb that hit a bus carrying Turkish soldiers and civilians has killed five people and left at least 12 injured in Istanbul. The explosion took place when the vehicle was passing through the Halkali district on the outskirts of the city. The Kurdistan Freedom Falcons (TAK), believed to be an offshoot of the PKK Kurdish rebel group, later claimed responsibility for the attack. The PKK has recently stepped up its attacks on Turkish military targets."
  • Supreme Court considers terrorism support law

    02/23/2010 2:35:40 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 20 replies · 449+ views
    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 2/23/10 | James Vicini
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Supreme Court justices on Tuesday questioned whether a law that bars Americans from providing support to foreign terrorist groups violated constitutional rights of free speech and association. Some justices seemed concerned the law outlawed the provision to such groups even of advice about lawful advocacy, such as petitioning the United Nations or filing legal briefings in American courts. The hour-long arguments represented the first test to reach the Supreme Court after the September 11, 2001, attacks pitting First Amendment rights of free speech and association against government efforts to fight terrorism. Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg said verbal...

    07/27/2009 11:55:08 PM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 4 replies · 410+ views
    Bayram Bozyel, the General Chairman of Turkey’s pro-Kurdish Hak-Par (Rights and Freedom Party) has disclosed a plan he claims will soon be implemented to dissolve the Kurdistan Workers Party (Partiya Karkeren Kurdistan – PKK) and end the longstanding conflict between Turkey’s military and the Iraqi-based Kurdish militants (Haber Turk, July 6; Sabah, July 11). Hak-Par seeks greater Kurdish autonomy within a Turkish federal system. According to Bozyel, who made the revelations following meetings with leading members of northern Iraq’s Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG), the four-part plan was drawn up by Turkey, Iraq and the United States and has the full...
  • Treasury Designates Free Life Party of Kurdistan a Terrorist Organization

    02/05/2009 11:13:26 PM PST · by Cindy · 8 replies · 409+ views
    Note: The following text is a quote: February 4, 2009 TG-14 Treasury Designates Free Life Party of Kurdistan a Terrorist Organization Washington, DC – The U.S. Department of the Treasury today designated the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), a Kurdish group operating in the border region between Iraq and Iran, under Executive Order 13224 for being controlled by the terrorist group Kongra-Gel (KGK, aka the Kurdistan Workers Party or PKK). "With today's action, we are exposing PJAK's terrorist ties to the KGK and supporting Turkey's efforts to protect its citizens from attack," said Stuart Levey, Treasury's Under Secretary...
  • The PKK is putting more bombing and assassination plans into action

    11/21/2008 4:03:05 AM PST · by Cindy · 3 replies · 249+ views
    Zaman via THE MEMRI ^ | November 17, 2008 | n/a
    Note: The following blog entry is a quote: The PKK is putting more bombing and assassination plans into action Analysts say the PKK is putting more bombing and assassination plans into action in order to prevent its dissolution of and to strengthen its grassroots support for the pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) ahead of the March local elections. Turkey's National Intelligence Organization discovered that the PKK sent a specially trained assassination team to Ankara to carry out the attack against the general, whose name was not disclosed. The team, which infiltrated Turkey from northern Iraq, reportedly possessed high-technology and...
  • Istanbul police arrest 350 suspects in anti-drug raids over last 20 days

    11/16/2008 12:26:36 AM PST · by Cindy · 5 replies · 522+ views
    AA via ^ | Sunday, 16 November 2008 09:08 | AA via
    Istanbul Police said 222 kg of heroin, 184 kg of hashish, 2 kg of cocaine and thousands of synthetic pills were confiscated in 141 operations in several parts of the metropolis.
  • Kurdish Rebels Kill 15 Turkish Soldiers

    10/04/2008 4:03:07 AM PDT · by BlackVeil · 24 replies · 1,756+ views
    Voice of America ^ | 4 Oct 2008 | anon
    The Turkish military says 15 of its soldiers have been killed in clashes with Kurdish rebels in southeastern Turkey. At least 23 members of the rebel Kurdistan Workers Party were also killed in the fighting near the Iraqi border. The Turkish military says it was responding to a rebel attack on a military outpost. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he will return early from an official visit in Turkmenistan because of the attack. Turkey has carried out several air strikes and a brief ground offensive against PKK targets in northern Iraq this year. Turkey claims that the rebels...
  • Turkish warplanes hit Kurdish rebel target in Iraq

    08/17/2008 5:36:20 PM PDT · by DeaconBenjamin · 2 replies · 169+ views
    Times of India ^ | 17 Aug 2008, 1555 hrs IST,AP
    ISTANBUL: Turkish warplanes hit a suspected Kurdish rebel target in northern Iraq, Turkey's military said on Sunday. The cross-border air assault targeted a rebel shelter late on Saturday where a group of PKK Kurdish rebels were believed to have gathered before a planned attack in Turkey, the military said on its website. The military provided no casualty figures. The reported air raid on the Avasin-Basyan region of Iraq could not independently be confirmed. Turkey's military has launched several air raids and one ground incursion targeting the PKK rebel safe havens in northern Iraq since the parliament authorized cross-border military moves...
  • Russia: BTC Pipeline is 'Dead'

    08/16/2008 5:45:46 PM PDT · by Snickering Hound · 61 replies · 207+ views
    Threats Watch ^ | 8-15-08 | Steve Schippert
    A Turkish energy ministry official confirmed that the BTC pipeline blast was a terrorist act. But what’s more, Russia’s international politics advisor to the Russian Duma declared the pipeline “dead” and that it would never operate again. An adviser to the Russian parliament also claimed the closed pipeline would not be opened again and declared the line is “dead”. “The world and countries in the region have seen that not NATO, but Russia is the only one who could secure the energy routes,” Alexander Dugin, international politics advisor to the Russia’s Duma, told Turkish Cumhuriyet daily. “In this context, regarding...
  • Three German tourists kidnapped in eastern Turkey

    07/09/2008 3:17:31 AM PDT · by bd476 · 4 replies · 167+ views
    Three German tourists kidnapped in eastern Turkey Three German tourists were kidnapped in Turkey's eastern province of Agri, CNNTurk reported on Wednesday. They were kidnapped by terrorists, it added quoting the governor of Agri. (UPDATED) Three German climbers on Mount Ararat were kidnapped in Turkey's eastern province of Agri, CNNTurk reported on Wednesday. The three, who were party of a 13-member team, were kidnapped by terrorists, it added quoting the governor of Agri
  • Threat Matrix: July 2008

    07/02/2008 7:02:59 PM PDT · by nwctwx · 1,101 replies · 9,633+ views
    Al-Qaeda Draws New Recruits Via Internet Al-Qaeda is using the Internet to recruit vulnerable young people to its terrorist network, according to a programme aired on Saudi Arabian TV late on Tuesday. Umm Osama, the founder of al-Qaeda's first women-only website, al-Khansa, joined several others on the programme to discuss how they renounced jihadist ideology. Among those who sought a response to this question was an imam from the Medina mosque, Saleh Ibn Awad al-Mudamsi, and the father of a young al-Qaeda suspect held in an Iraqi prison. Read More Qaeda Targets U.S. Oil Interests in North Africa U.S....
  • Three German mountaineers kidnapped by PKK in eastern Turkey

    07/09/2008 8:39:55 AM PDT · by Siberian-psycho · 14 replies · 201+ views
    Three German mountaineers were kidnapped by terrorists in Turkey's eastern province of Agri, the state-run Anatolian Agency reported Wednesday quoting the governor. (UPDATED) PKK terrorists seized the climbers, part of a group of 13 mountaineers, as they were ascending the mountain in Agri province, provincial governor Mehmet Cetin told the AA. "The terrorists said they carried out this action because of the German government's recent moves against PKK associations and sympathizers," the Anatolian Agency reported the Governor Mehmet Cetin as saying. Cetin said the terrorists kidnapped the three late on Tuesday, adding the gendarmerie had launched a wide-scale search and...
  • American Support For Teheran?

    05/11/2008 7:19:35 PM PDT · by Dawnsblood · 1 replies · 75+ views
    Watching America ^ | 5/10/08 | Translated By Ron Argentati
    The Iranian sister organization of the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) has accused the United States of indirectly supporting the Teheran regime’s war against the rebels. Head of the Free Life Party of Kurdistan (PJAK), Haji Ahmedi, declared that the U.S. provided aerial reconnaissance intelligence to Turkey which was then passed through Ankara to Teheran. On May first, Turkish warplanes bombarded PKK positions in the Kandil Mountains. According to Turkish military sources, 150 PKK rebels were killed in that action. Turkish media speculated that the attacks also killed PKK military chief Murat Karayilan. The PJAK, however, denied these reports claiming only...
  • Threat Matrix: April 2008

    04/01/2008 8:13:21 PM PDT · by nwctwx · 1,366 replies · 5,737+ views
    Afghanistan to Ask NATO for Bigger Army Afghan officials will go to the NATO summit in Romania Thursday with a request: pay to increase our national Army by 40 percent. A bigger Army, Afghan officials argue, will allow the US and other coalition members to scale back in the coming years. This appeal comes amid pleas from the US and Canada for other NATO members to commit more to the Afghanistan mission, which many analysts say has floundered over the past year for lack of resources and a coherent strategy. France is expected to contribute another 1,000 forces and...
  • Threat Matrix: March 2008

    03/05/2008 5:59:39 PM PST · by nwctwx · 1,515 replies · 23,048+ views
    Petraeus: Al Qaida Trying to 'Come Back In' U.S. military officials said there will be no significant reduction in coalition troops in the Baghdad area as part of an effort to stop the Al Qaida offensive in northern Iraq. They said Al Qaida was trying to reenter Baghdad and reverse its losses in 2007. "Al Qaida is trying to come back in," U.S. military commander Gen. David Petraeus said. "We can feel it and see it, and what we're trying to do is rip out any roots before they can get deeply into the ground." Read More Militants Assert...
  • Turkish Troops Pull Out of Iraq

    02/29/2008 8:12:42 AM PST · by SmithL · 6 replies · 186+ views
    CUKURCA, Turkey (AP) -- Turkey's military said Friday it has ended a ground offensive against Kurdish rebels in Iraq, but said that foreign influence did not play a role in its decision. At least 200 trucks carrying Turkish troops were seen leaving the Iraqi border area and heading into Turkey's interior. The move came a day after Defense Secretary Robert Gates told Turkish leaders during a visit in Ankara that they should end the offensive as soon as possible. In Washington, President Bush made a similar point Thursday, saying Turkey needed to move quickly and get out. "Both the start...
  • Gates pressures Turks on Iraq offensive

    02/28/2008 5:09:10 AM PST · by a_Turk · 5 replies · 100+ views
    AP ^ | 2/28/2008 | LOLITA C. BALDOR
    ANKARA, Turkey - Defense Secretary Robert Gates said he told his Turkish counterpart on Thursday that Turkey should end its offensive against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq as soon as possible, but that the U.S. is making no threats against its NATO ally if it fails to comply. "The United States believes the current offensive should be as short and precisely targeted as possible," Gates said after a meeting with Turkish Defense Minister Vecdi Gonul. Gates said that a specific timetable for the Turks to stop their attack "did not come up during my meeting with the defense minister," but...
  • U.S. Knew of Turkey's Plan To Hit PKK, Didn't Object

    02/26/2008 3:22:05 AM PST · by Truth29 · 12 replies · 198+ views
    Wall Stret Journal ^ | February 26, 2008 | Yochi J. Dreazen
    WASHINGTON -- The Turkish government briefed the Bush administration about its plans to strike northern Iraq well in advance of launching the controversial operation and the U.S. raised no objections, according to American and Turkish officials. Turkish representatives told U.S. diplomatic and military officials that Ankara was planning to send ground troops into Iraq to strike targets belonging to the Kurdish Workers Party, or PKK, an anti-Turkish guerilla group, according to officials from both countries. Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan personally told President Bush about the plans, the officials said. The White House confirmed the conversation occurred. "In terms of...
  • Iraq too fragile for Turkish incursion

    02/24/2008 6:19:21 PM PST · by a_Turk · 4 replies · 150+ views
    Financial Times ^ | 2/25/2008 | N/A
    Turkey’s decision to send ground forces into northern Iraq, its biggest incursion into the Kurdish territories across its border for a decade, may be an understandable response to the reviving campaign by rebel separatists hiding there. But it is the last thing an Iraq trying to claw itself back from the precipice needs. The palpable improvement in the security situation in Iraq over the past year is fragile and uneven. Any destabilisation of Iraqi Kurdistan, the only relatively calm area of the country, could put paid to what is only a small chance that improvement can be turned into a...
  • Turkey warns Iraqi Kurds against sheltering PKK rebels

    02/24/2008 6:01:47 PM PST · by a_Turk · 6 replies · 130+ views
    CIZRE, Turkey: The Turkish Army on Sunday warned Iraqi Kurds not to shelter Kurdish rebels fleeing its military offensive in northern Iraq, as Baghdad labeled the incursion a "threat" to its sovereignty. As fighting intensified, the army said it had killed another 33 militants of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), taking the rebel toll, according to Turkish figures, to 112 since the cross-border incursion began Thursday evening. PKK rebels "are trying to flee southward in panic," the general staff said in a statement. "Local Iraqi groups are expected to prevent members of the terrorist organization - the biggest enemy of...
  • Kurdish Soldiers in Iraq Caught Between Competing Allegiances

    02/24/2008 6:21:29 AM PST · by a_Turk · 59+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 2/24/2008 | Joshua Partlow and Ellen Knickmeyer
    BALINDA, Iraq, Feb. 23 -- The Iraqi Kurdish soldiers stood at the edge of the collapsed steel bridge and looked down into the teal waters rushing below. The last sign of the Iraqi government, a small border checkpoint, was far behind them down in the river valley. Ahead were snow-dusted mountains, abandoned villages and more bridges bombed by Turkish warplanes. The soldiers were at least 15 miles from Turkey's border. They could go no farther. It is in these rugged, largely inaccessible mountains along the border, an area inside Iraq but uncontrolled by any nation, that Turkish soldiers are fighting...
  • Iraq's Kurds vow to defend themselves against Turkey

    02/24/2008 5:48:35 AM PST · by a_Turk · 5 replies · 90+ views
    Reuters ^ | 2/24/2008 | Shamal Aqrawi
    ZAKHU, Iraq, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Angered by heavy shelling and aerial bombardments, Kurds in northern Iraq's mountainous provinces vowed to defend themselves against Turkish attacks on Sunday, and accused Turkey's troops of targeting their villages. Turkish troops backed by warplanes and artillery crossed into Iraq's largely autonomous northern Kurdistan region last Thursday, to rout Kurdish separatist rebels who have hideouts in the mountains from which they launch attacks in southern Turkey. As Turkish forces pressed on with the incursion on Sunday, pickup trucks and minibuses full of Iraqi Kurdish Peshmerga security forces were patrolling the region's snow-covered mountain roads....
  • Turkey's Kurds fed up with fighting, seek 'normal' life

    02/24/2008 5:45:42 AM PST · by a_Turk · 2 replies · 72+ views
    AFP ^ | 2/24/2008 | Burak Akinci
    AS fighting rages across the nearby Turkish-Iraqi border between a Turkish expeditionary force and rebels of the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK), Kurds in this Turkish town at the heart of the conflict say they are fed up with the violence and long to lead "normal" lives. "We want to live normal lives and not fear for our future," said Mehmet Demir, a Turkish Kurd. "Personally, I hope the army wipes out the PKK this time: it will be the best for everyone - Kurds and Turks." The town of Cizre - population 80,000 - is located in Sirnak province, 45...
  • Iran reinforces Iraq border after Turkish attack (Turkish helicopter shot down by Kurds)

    02/24/2008 5:42:27 AM PST · by maquiladora · 60+ views
    TEHRAN (Reuters) - Iran said on Sunday it had reinforced its border security after Turkey launched an offensive in north Iraq against Kurdish rebels, a move an analyst said was likely aimed at stopping rebels hiding in Iran. Iranian forces have also often clashed in Iraqi border areas with rebels from the Party of Free Life of Kurdistan (PJAK), an offshoot of the PKK and which analysts say has bases in northeastern Iraq from where they operate against Iran. "Necessary measures have already been taken to reinforce our borders," Foreign Ministry spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini told a weekly news conference....
  • Iraq - Kurdish rebels say Turkish helicopter shot down

    02/24/2008 12:58:23 AM PST · by HAL9000 · 16 replies · 195+ views
    Reuters ^ | February 24, 2007 | Shamal Aqrawi
    Excerpt - ZAKHU, Iraq, Feb 24 (Reuters) - Kurdish PKK guerrillas said on Sunday they had shot down a Turkish Cobra attack helicopter during clashes with Turkish forces in northern Iraq. "At 6 p.m. (1500 GMT) yesterday, our fighters shot down a Cobra helicopter," Ahmed Danees, head of foreign relations for the separatist Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), told Reuters by telephone. He gave no details of casualties but said more information would be released later. The incident had occurred during fighting in the remote Chamsku area close to the border, Danees said. ~ snip ~
  • Turkey launches ground operation in Iraq

    02/22/2008 1:41:26 AM PST · by TigerLikesRooster · 27 replies · 538+ views
    AP ^ | 02/22/08 | CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA
    Turkey launches ground operation in Iraq By CHRISTOPHER TORCHIA, Associated Press Writer 1 minute ago Turkish troops have launched a ground incursion across the border into Iraq in pursuit of separatist Kurdish rebels, the military said Friday — a move that dramatically escalates Turkey's conflict with the militants. It's the first confirmed ground operation by the Turkish military into Iraq since the U.S.-led invasion that toppled Saddam Hussein, and it raised concerns that it could trigger a wider conflict with the U.S.-backed Iraqi Kurds. The ground operation started after Turkish warplanes and artillery bombed suspected rebel targets on Thursday, the...
  • Minority Rules

    02/19/2008 3:15:42 PM PST · by forkinsocket · 1 replies · 90+ views
    NY Times ^ | February 17, 2008 | MELINE TOUMANI
    Walking through the Sur district of Diyarbakir with Abdullah Demirbas was like taking an old-fashioned mayoral stroll. As the day got under way in one of the largest cities in southeastern Turkey, Demirbas passed through the narrow stone alleys, and one by one, shopkeepers stepped outside and waved. In return, Demirbas patted his chest and called out loud greetings. He stopped to compliment a cafe owner’s new door frames, asked a trio of women if they were satisfied with the trash collection and teased some kids about getting to school on time. Demirbas addressed most of the locals in Kurdish,...
  • Turkish Planes Strike Kurdish Rebel Targets in Northern Iraq

    02/04/2008 3:29:48 PM PST · by forkinsocket · 72+ views
    FOX News ^ | February 04, 2008 | AP
    ANKARA, Turkey — Turkish warplanes attacked dozens of Kurdish rebel targets in Iraq on Monday as part of a U.S.-backed campaign to chip away at guerrilla strength while avoiding the risks of a ground-based offensive across the border. The planes hit 70 targets that were "detected and verified by intelligence sources," the Turkish military said in a possible reference to the U.S. intelligence it is receiving. The Turkish government has fought for more than two decades against Kurdish rebels who seek autonomy in southeastern Turkey. For years, the PKK rebel group has launched attacks into Turkish territory from virtual safe...
  • Threat Matrix: January 2008

    01/02/2008 8:53:38 PM PST · by nwctwx · 1,340 replies · 9,982+ views
    Still in Control Pervez Musharraf was calm, confident and—despite a flurry of rumors—not about to announce his resignation. Instead, the Pakistani president's "concession" to his troubled nation was an announcement that he would allow Britain's Scotland Yard to help local law enforcement agencies with their investigation into last week's assassination of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto. Speaking in a nationally televised address two hours after Pakistan's election commission announced the postponement of the ballot to Feb. 18, six weeks later than had been scheduled, Musharraf was notably deferential in his remarks about Bhutto, often invoking her "martyrdom" and extolling...
  • Car bomb kills 5, wounds 67 in Turkey

    01/03/2008 7:08:12 PM PST · by a_Turk · 2 replies · 91+ views
    AP ^ | 1/3/2008 | Selcan Hacaoglu
    ANKARA, Turkey - Suspected Kurdish rebels detonated a car bomb Thursday near a bus carrying soldiers in a Kurdish-dominated city in southeastern Turkey, killing five people and wounding 67. Thirty soldiers were among the wounded in the attack, the deadliest against Turkish troops since an Oct. 21 ambush that left 13 soldiers dead and prompted Turkey to mass tens of thousands of troops on the border with Iraq, where Kurdish rebels have hideouts. The attack appeared to be in retaliation for three airstrikes by Turkish warplanes against shelters of the Kurdistan Workers Party, or PKK, in northern Iraq last month....
  • Turkey thanks US for aiding airstrikes

    12/26/2007 3:45:00 PM PST · by a_Turk · 14 replies · 253+ views
    Times Online ^ | 12/27/2007 | N/A
    ANKARA Abdullah Gül, the Turkish President, praised the US for providing military intelligence as Turkey confirmed its third airstrike in ten days against Kurdish rebel hideouts in northern Iraq. The attack on Nirvorokan in Dohuk province was the third against Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) targets in northern Iraq that the military has confirmed since December 16, in addition to a cross-border ground operation. The Turkish general staff said that six PKK militants were killed in mountains inside Turkey, bringing to 11 the death toll from a two-day security operation in the area. The PKK has waged a bloody campaign for...
  • Misjudging Turkey's war on terror[Letter to the Editor]

    12/26/2007 12:19:29 PM PST · by BGHater · 8 replies · 122+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 26 Dec 2007 | Ambassador NABI SENSOY
    THE GLOBE'S editorial on Turkey's fight against terror ("Turkey's harmful empty gesture," Dec. 18) shows a stunning disregard for the Turkish citizenry. The Globe contends that Turkey conducted air strikes in the name of "nationalist bravado." In reality, the strikes were conducted in response to PKK terrorist attacks from northern Iraq that have claimed the lives of at least 45 Turkish civilians and soldiers in the past few months. The toll of this campaign has been more than 30,000 in the last two decades. Like any sovereign nation, Turkey cannot stand idly by and allow terrorist attacks to shatter the...
  • BBC: Turkey in fresh Iraq air strikes

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    BBC ^ | Saturday, 22 December 2007, 19:15 GMT | BBC Staff
    Turkey in fresh Iraq air strikes It is the second such Turkish air strike in one week Turkey has launched fresh air strikes against Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq, the Turkish military says.Fighter planes attacked positions held by the Kurdistan Workers' Party (PKK) in a 35-minute raid, according to a statement on the army's website. Similar air strikes last Sunday were followed by an incursion involving several hundred Turkish soldiers across the border into Iraq two days later. Turkey says the PKK is using bases in Iraq to launch attacks on Turkey. Operations 'to continue' In a statement on...
  • Turkey pre-warned US of raids on Kurd rebels: Pentagon

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    AFP ^ | 12/19/2007 | N/A
    WASHINGTON (AFP) - Turkey informed the United States well in advance before launching weekend air raids into northern Iraq against Kurdish rebel bases, the Pentagon said Wednesday. "We had ample notification of the air strikes by the Turkish Air Force against PKK (Kurdish separatist group) positions in northern Iraq," spokesman Geoff Morrell said, confirming for the first time that Washington knew of Ankara's plans. "It was communicated to us through the Ankara coordination center, this has been opened for some months now, in which you have Turkish personnel along with US military personnel working to share intelligence." He told reporters...