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  • Are We Embracing Diversity and Tolerance or Committing Treason?

    07/31/2016 8:21:19 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 15 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 7/31/16 | James Wilson
    Political Islam is not a religion. It is a political system that disguises itself as religion in order to achieve its ultimate goal: to conquer and subjugate the entire world to Sharia law through terror. Political Islam’s modern-day method of accomplishing this goal is to use the laws of free nations to their advantage in order to further their political agenda. Political Islam has enslaved civilizations for over 1400 years. Most were subjugated by violence. However, in recent history this ideology has seized control of western nations incrementally. The first stage is accomplished through propaganda. This method of repeated deception...
  • <B>Are Christians really Suicidal?<br><br>Ohio Council of Churches celebrate Ramadan?</B>

    06/09/2016 5:18:21 AM PDT · by RamingtonStall · 23 replies
    The Ohio Council of Churches ^ | 3-JUNE-2016 | The Steubenville Register, Bishop Monforton
    Columbus, OH - The Ohio Council of Churches, Rebecca J. Tollefson, executive director, is urging people to demonstrate a caring spirit toward Muslim Ohioans and place a "Blessed Ramadan" sign in their yards, office window, home window, church during the month of Ramadan, as a gesture of witness and welcome. Ramadan is the month ... It is June 6 - July 5. ..... One of the Five Pillars of Islam, .... Signs can be ordered - Telephone: 651-489-0803 or visit
  • Jihad vs Crusades (548 Moslem battles for Conquest, 200 battles fought in Spain alone)

    02/22/2015 3:50:21 PM PST · by Titus-Maximus · 25 replies
    Youtube ^ | Aug 2014 | Bill Warner, PHD
    Database of 548 Jihad battles in which Islam fought against Classical Civilization. Video of dynamic battle map of Mediterranean, showing the battles in groups of 20 year increments - into France, Spain, Italy, eastern Europe and the islands.
  • Political Islam: The Jihad That Led to the Crusades

    02/21/2015 8:58:09 AM PST · by Perseverando · 46 replies
    Political Islam ^ | February 09, 2015 | Dr. Bill Warner
    Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list: 0355 After removing a Roman temple from the site (possibly the Temple of Aphrodite built by Hadrian), Constantine I has the Church of the Holy Sepulcher constructed in Jerusalem. Built around the excavated hill of the Crucifixion, legend has it that Constantine’s mother Helena discovered the True Cross here. 0613 – Persians capture Damascus and Antioch. 0614 – Persians sack Jerusalem. damaging the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in the process. 0633 – Muslims conquer Syria and Iraq. 0634 –...
  • Memo to President Obama: The Jihad That Led to the Crusades

    02/14/2015 4:43:15 PM PST · by lbryce · 13 replies
    Pamela Geller Atlas Srugs ^ | fEBRUARY 3, 2015 | PAmela Geller
    Political Islam breaks it down: crusades25 The Jihad That Lead to the Crusades Obama’s remarks about the evil of the Crusades, needs to be factually examined in detail. Here is such a list: 0355 After removing a Roman temple from the site (possibly the Temple of Aphrodite built by Hadrian), Constantine I has the Church of the Holy Sepulcher constructed in Jerusalem. Built around the excavated hill of the Crucifixion, legend has it that Constantine’s mother Helena discovered the True Cross here. 0613 – Persians capture Damascus and Antioch. 0614 – Persians sack Jerusalem. damaging the Church of the...
  • Justin Trudeau's Islamist Revival

    12/21/2012 1:46:45 PM PST · by bayouranger · 3 replies ^ | 20DEC12 | David B. Harris Special to IPT News
    Nothing says bug-eyed clerical fanaticism more than inviting a hate-spewing Saudi cleric to address your religious revival meeting. But this is part of the under-reported history of the Reviving the Islamic Spirit (RIS) Convention, a conference that Justin Trudeau, a frontrunner in Canada's Liberal Party leadership race – and son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau – will address this weekend in Toronto. It's also why moderate Muslims and non-Muslims are aghast at the prospect of Trudeau's presence legitimizing the conference and some of its notables. Although organizers pitch the gathering as "A Unique Youth Effort" "to help overcome new...
  • Video: Bill Warner "Islam and the Golden Rule"

    11/28/2012 10:31:16 AM PST · by bayouranger · 5 replies
    europenews ^ | 28NOV12 | Sun News
    Dr. Bill Warner appeared tonight on Michael Coren’s program to talk about what he means by "political Islam”, and why Islam is fundamentally and irreconcilably different from all other religions: Vid - 8:42
  • Islamic Genocide - mass casualties by political Islam 1915-2012

    06/07/2012 6:50:42 AM PDT · by Milagros · 5 replies
    ISLAMIC GENOCIDESome of highlighted mass casualties by (political) Islam in course of the last century, from 1915 and on (updated June, 2012) Casualties: 2,700,000 Chritians - (1915-1923) by Ottoman-Empire Muslim Turkey. 750,000 Assyrians, 500,000 Greeks and 1.5 million Armenians.[1] Nature: 1.) Ethnic cleansing.[2] 2.) Islamic Jihad.[3] Casualties: close to 27,000. In Israel between 1920-2012, at the hands of Arab/Muslims. 24,526 Israelis/Jews killed, 35,356 injured, and 1,967 Arab "Palestinians" killed by other Arab "Palestinians."[4] Nature: roots and motivation: the genocide campaign[5][6][7][8] began (mainly) in the early 1920s by the supreme Islam leader, the pan-Arab Mufti, Haj Amin al-Husseini, motivated by both:...
  • Muslim propagandist: ' Most Communists, were White Christians, including Catholic Joseph Stalin.'

    05/16/2012 6:18:26 AM PDT · by Milagros · 19 replies
    Muslim propagandist: ' Most Communists, were White Christians, including Catholic Joseph Stalin.' Reply to a Muslim anti-Israel propagandist writing to me. First of all, being brought up in a certain way, doesn't --automatically -- make you as such. True, Joseph Stalin studied to be a Catholic priest in his youth, yet, as soon as he proclaimed his Communism, he showed he is NOT Christian - any more. The same with those 'mostly Christians,' or atheist secular Jews vs the religious and conservatives. Now let's see political Islamists and Communists in action... PLO Granted Observer Status at the UN, 1975 The...
  • Coptic Christians fear rise of Islamists on eve of presidential elections

    05/13/2012 12:51:12 AM PDT · by Milagros · 20 replies
    WP ^ | May 12, 2012 | Leila Fadel
    A year after an attack by ultraconservative Muslims raised the spectre of a wave of religious strife in Egypt, the Christian churches in Cairo’s Imbaba district have been repaired, with sturdy wooden rafters, fresh paint and portraits of the Virgin Mary and Jesus ready to be hung anew. But the deep wounds from those attacks and ensuing clashes, which left 12 dead, cannot be painted over. Coptic Christians, whose forefathers lived in Egypt before the arrival of Islam, had hoped that the 2011 uprising that ousted authoritarian President Hosni Mubarak would give them equal rights. Instead, things have worsened. Egypt’s...
  • "Democracy and Political Islam Can't Co-exist,"explains cadiologist, Zuhdi Jasser

    03/17/2011 8:11:51 PM PDT · by Seeing More Clearly Now · 9 replies
    Jerusalem Post ^ | March 18, 2011 | Oren Kessler
    Zuhdi Jasser is a respected Arizona-based doctor of internal medicine and nuclear cardiology, formerly a lieutenant-commander in the US Navy and attending physician to the US Congress. As founder and president of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, he is also one of the most controversial Muslims in the United States. Jasser, raised in Wisconsin by Syrian immigrant parents, describes himself as a devout Sunni Muslim, but his organization’s unyielding battle against political Islam has placed him in the crosshairs of groups like the Council on American-Islamic Relations and the Islamic Center of America, which he says have failed to...
  • Second Letter from a Fearfully Concerned Muslim to an American-Jewish Friend

    02/25/2011 8:47:01 AM PST · by Kaslin · 12 replies
    Pajamas Media ^ | February 24, 2011 | Salim Mansur
    We are creatures of history even as we make history. (Click here for Roger L. Simon's reply to Salim's original letter.) Dear Roger,Thanks for your extending our conversation in cyberspace. I welcome your questions, and expect more to follow.I believe it is more than right for you to pose them, since I wrote you as a Muslim. In these times, Muslims do have a lot to answer for — and non-Muslims do have reason to be skeptical.But I am a student of history, much more so than theology, and I trust you will grant me the following observation. We live...
  • Euro Anti-Sharia Speaker Faced Possible Jail Time For Speaking Truth

    02/16/2011 9:32:02 AM PST · by Rhonda Robinson · 3 replies
    David Horowitz's NewsReal Blog ^ | Feb.16, 2011 | Paul Cooper
    In some parts of Europe it appears you can abuse Muslim women, but you can’t speak out against the Muslim men doing it. This week Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff actually stood trial in a Austrian court for speaking out against the dangers of Sharia. It appears when Sharia moves in to a multicultural society, free speech must be pushed out. Last September Wolff was informed that she — like the Netherland’s Geert Wilders and Canadian Ezra Levant — had been charged with “incitement to hatred” and “denigration of religious beliefs of a legally recognized religion”. The first charge means jail time and...
  • Evidence of hope for Egypt (and its neighbors)

    02/01/2011 12:15:41 PM PST · by emax · 16 replies
    Religion Dispatches ^ | Jan 28, 2011 | Haroon Moghul
    "Just as in the case of Tunisia, we’ve been caught off guard by the rapid pace of events in Egypt. Commentators are having a difficult time understanding the dynamics of the Arab world and especially the role of religion in this latest apparent revolution. Many wonder why this isn’t an Islamic Revolution, and are audibly breathing a sigh of relief that it isn’t—assuming that somehow Egypt would follow Iran’s rather unique trajectory in 1979 and thereafter. So why isn’t Egypt’s revolution an Islamic one? And what sets Tunisia and Egypt apart from Iran? Due to the quickly shifting nature of...
  • VIDEO DEBATE: Is Islam Dominated by Radicals?

    11/24/2010 6:45:34 PM PST · by damonw · 12 replies
    Moderator: Robert Siegel. Speaking for the motion: Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, Paul Marshall and Asra Q. Nomani. Speaking against the motion: Reza Aslan, Richard W. Bulliet and Edina Lekovic Before the debate, the audience held these positions: 46% were for the motion, 32% were against the motion, 22% were undecided. After the debate, the audience was polled again. The results were: 73% were for the motion, 23% were against the motion, 4% were undecided. I really enjoyed this debate. It is one of those that the Muslims actually admit the point of the debate. One example of this is when Nadir Ahmed...
  • Time to take sides

    07/28/2010 5:24:43 PM PDT · by nuconvert · 9 replies · 3+ views
    AIFD ^ | 07/27/2010 | Dr. Zuhdi Jasser
    As a dedicated American Muslim activist, I have devoted my life to advocating for reforms against political Islam – the root cause of Islamist terrorism. To that end, I debated Bilal Kaleem, executive director of the Muslim American Society of Boston (MAS) at an April Ford Hall Forum in Boston. I focused on the threat of Islamism (political Islam and shar’iah) to the west, human rights, and freedom. When confronted, Mr. Kaleem feigned ignorance and dismissed the realities of political Islam staying lockstep with his employers. And why wouldn’t he when a coalition of local faith and political leaders continue...
  • The Unfought War on Islamism. To stay civilized and free, we can’t be ignorant [willful blindness]

    09/11/2008 1:25:22 PM PDT · by Tolik · 12 replies · 446+ views
    NRO ^ | September 11, 2008 | M. Zuhdi Jasser
    In 1816, Thomas Jefferson proclaimed in a letter to a friend an adage that we should be heeding today: “If a nation expects to be ignorant and free in a state of civilization, it expects what never was and never will be.” Never was this advice more desperately needed — or more consciously avoided — than it is today. American’s educational system has seemed unwilling to enlighten our children to the nature, history, and implications of the war that has been declared on us and on free people in general by Islamist theocratic totalitarians. At best, the subject is entirely...
  • The Hidden Face Of Political Islamism

    07/14/2008 6:38:51 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 8 replies · 310+ views ^ | July 15, 2008 | Dean Godson
    It is increasingly hard to draw a line between the agendas of the violent and non-violent -- Who says that Islamists can't learn a trick or two from the West when they have to? Take a glance at the glossy brochure of Islam Expo - billed as Europe's “biggest Islamic cultural festival” - which ended at Olympia yesterday. You could be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at the catalogue for the forthcoming Boden sale that comes to the venerable London exhibition centre in a few weeks' time. Visitors to Islam Expo would have witnessed such innocent activities as...
  • Archbishop, you’ve committed treason

    02/10/2008 10:53:59 AM PST · by mojito · 46 replies · 142+ views
    Times Online (UK)/Sunday Times ^ | 2/10/2008 | Minette Marrin
    My text for today is “Hold fast that which is good”: 1 Thessalonians 5:21. These are words I heard so regularly in prayers at my Anglican girls’ school that I have been unable to forget them. I draw them to the attention of the Archbishop of Canterbury, who seems to have forgotten them. At least, he seems to be losing his grip on what is good in this country and, indeed, to be throwing it away with both hands in his curious suggestion that aspects of sharia should be recognised in English law. In an interview on Radio 4 last...
  • The Duel in Islam, Turkey's New Model VS. Iran's

    01/04/2008 9:36:01 AM PST · by nuconvert · 6 replies · 86+ views
    New York Post ^ | January 04, 2008 | Amir Taheri
    The Duel in Islam, Turkey's New Model VS. Iran's New York Post January 04, 2008 Amir Taheri For centuries, Iran and the Ottoman Empire, of which modern Turkey and Egypt were parts, fought for influence in the Muslim world. That changed when Turkish westernizers under Kemal Ataturk and their Iranian counterparts under Reza Shah Pahlavi decided that religion was the cause of their nations' decline. -excerpt- Turkey and Iran have reverted to their traditional roles by offering rival models of political Islam. -excerpt- The Iranian model began to emerge after the mullahs seized power in 1979 and proceeded to invent...
  • The Infidel Revolution

    02/21/2007 7:25:02 AM PST · by milford421 · 21 replies · 1,552+ views
    Frontpage Magazine ^ | 2/21/07 | milford421
    Bill Warner - Center for the Study of Political Islam (interview) "The task ahead is to confront a lot of ignorance, especially in the media." "Since 9/11 we have had intellectual warriors who have studied Political Islam, built websites, blogged and written books. We now know the entire scope of Islamic doctrine and the biggest elements of a repressed and denied history of the dhimmitude, and annihilation of cultures. To repeat, we now know the doctrine and history of Political Islam at a strategic level. We now know the enemy and this is a mark of our success."
  • From 1933-1945, the enemy was Nazi Germany. Today, it's political Islam

    02/27/2006 5:47:21 AM PST · by SJackson · 32 replies · 739+ views
    Jewish World Review ^ | 2-27-06 | Caroline B. Glick
    Barbarous murder in France should be wake-up call | Ilan Halimi's barbarous murder in France should awaken all Jews to the most significant truth of our times: Today, every Jew in the world is on the front lines of war. As was the case seventy years ago, every Jew today is a target for our enemies, who shout from every soapbox and prove at every opportunity, that their goal is the annihilation of the Jewish people. From 1933-1945, the enemy was Nazi Germany. Today, the enemy is political Islam. Its call for jihad aimed at annihilating the Jews and...
  • It's the Policy, Stupid - Political Islam and US Foreign Policy (Gallup Islam Study)

    08/19/2006 8:07:02 AM PDT · by Nicholas Conradin · 16 replies · 679+ views
    Harvard International Review ^ | August 19, 2006 | John L. Esposito
    US foreign policy and political Islam today are deeply intertwined. Every US president since Jimmy Carter has had to deal with political Islam; none has been so challenged as George W. Bush. Policymakers, particularly since 9/11, have demonstrated an inability and/or unwillingness to distinguish between radical and moderate Islamists. They have largely treated political Islam as a global threat similar to the way that Communism was perceived. However, even in the case of Communism, foreign policymakers eventually moved from an ill-informed, broad-brush, and paranoid approach personified by Senator Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s to more nuanced, pragmatic, and reasonable policies...
  • Political Islam takes center stage since 9-11 [Puke!]

    09/05/2006 11:47:45 AM PDT · by Alouette · 17 replies · 482+ views
    Reuters ^ | Sept. 5, 2006 | Andrew Hammond
    RIYADH (Reuters) - In the five years since the September 11 attacks, U.S. intervention abroad has fed the extremism it seeks to destroy and cemented the rise of political Islam as the ideology of choice for millions in the Middle East, experts say. Today, political Islam -- a diverse movement with moderate as well as hard-line elements -- has been widely embraced in the Arab world, where many feel alienated by corrupt rule and foreign policies seen as serving the interests of the United States and its ally Israel. "Since September 11, I have worked on massive public opinion polls...
  • The Study of Political Islam (Islam as a poitical force, must read)

    02/06/2007 5:01:32 AM PST · by dennisw · 36 replies · 897+ views
    frontpagemag ^ | feb 5 2007 | Glazov-Warner
    The Study of Political Islam By Jamie | February 5, 2007  Frontpage Interview’s guest today is Bill Warner, the director of the Center for the Study of Political Islam (CSPI). CSPI’s goal is to teach the doctrine of political Islam through its books and it has produced a series on its focus. Mr. Warner did not write the CSPI series, but he acts as the agent for a group of scholars who are the authors. FP: Bill Warner, welcome to Frontpage Interview. Warner: Thank you Jamie for this opportunity.   FP: Tell us a bit about the Center for...
  • The Study of Political Islam

    02/12/2007 4:36:04 PM PST · by ventanax5 · 41 replies · 867+ views
    Political Islam has annihilated every culture it has invaded or immigrated to. The total time for annihilation takes centuries, but once Islam is ascendant it never fails. The host culture disappears and becomes extinct. We must learn the doctrine of political Islam to survive. The doctrine is very clear that all forms of force and persuasion may and must be used to conquer us. Islam is a self-declared enemy of all unbelievers. The brilliant Chinese philosopher of war, Sun Tsu, had the dictum—know the enemy. We must know the doctrine of our enemy or be annihilated. Or put another way:...
  • How Islam got political: Iran

    11/10/2005 7:17:18 AM PST · by F14 Pilot · 37 replies · 686+ views
    BBC News ^ | Thursday, 10 November 2005 | By Mukul Devichand
    The growth of political Islam is one of the most important ideological events of the past century. In these features, BBC Radio Four's Analysis programme charts the growth of this ideology - and its stunning effects around the world, including Britain. Islam is a faith and code of conduct for over a billion people worldwide. But for some, Islam is also a political project. On these pages, you can read and hear the history of political Islam's development. Koran and Country: How Islam got Political is broadcast on BBC Radio Four on Thursday 10 November at 8pm. The news that...