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Keyword: populism

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  • Sound and Fury: A Tale Told by a Populist

    11/24/2015 6:11:11 AM PST · by Kaslin · 6 replies ^ | November 24, 2015 | Paul Greenberg
    The Wall Street Journal calls it populism ("Populism Rises in GOP Race," Page 1, November 12, 2015), but you could just as well describe populism as what it has always been since it was all the rage -- and I mean rage -- as it swept the Great Plains in the wilder years of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. How begin to describe the wild mix called populism? Among its many ingredients: know-nothingism, conspiracy theories, anti-Catholic and anti- Semitic feeling, and the xenophobic, anti-immigrant, anti-foreigner, and just about anti-everything else. Except the kind of anti-Us feelings fueled by...
  • Wall Street Journal Shock Scoop: Populism On The Rise In GOP Race

    11/12/2015 3:27:58 AM PST · by Biggirl · 22 replies ^ | November 12, 2015 | Breitbart News
    The latest presidential debate vividly captured how the 2008 financial crisis has reshaped the Republican Party by unleashing a potent populist strain that could further scramble an already unpredictable primary contest.
  • Donald Trump's Liberal Stripes Are Starting To Show

    11/06/2015 4:04:41 AM PST · by IBD editorial writer · 155 replies
    Investor's Business Daily ^ | 11/05/2015 | Staff
    As Donald Trump's poll numbers have faltered, his rhetoric, if you can believe it, has heated up. Except now he's starting to attack his Republican opponents from the left.
  • Rove to GOP: 'Don't choose a nominee that reflects populist outrage'

    10/24/2015 12:25:45 PM PDT · by jimbo123 · 184 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 10/22/15 | GABBY MORRONGIELLO
    Longtime political strategist Karl Rove is warning Republicans not to nominate a presidential candidate that reflects the same "populist anger" that gave birth to the rise of Donald Trump. In his latest op-ed for the Wall Street Journal, Rove explained the GOP will have two choices when delegates gather in Cleveland, Ohio, next July to determine which remaining Republican hopeful they wish to see challenge Democrats in the general election. "Will the party choose a nominee with a conservative agenda or one reflecting populist anger?" Rove wrote. "The two are hardly the same," he noted. "Conservative principles provide a winning...
  • Why Donald Trump's populist attitude toward the rich is a mortal threat to the GOP

    09/02/2015 9:06:47 AM PDT · by ek_hornbeck · 66 replies
    The Week ^ | 9/1/15 | Michael Brendan Dougherty
    Donald Trump's rhetoric on immigration has sparked his surge in the polls. But it is his economic critique of the GOP, and his attack on the financial corruption of the Republican donor class and leadership, that is a mortal threat to the party. Over the weekend, Byron York reported on Donald Trump's efforts to form a "comprehensive" plan on tax reform. He has signaled an interest in raising taxes on the richest Americans, and he has set his targets on the carried-interest loophole favored by hedge fund managers. He has said repeatedly that hedge funds pay too little in taxes,...
  • Sweden's Populist Surge

    08/31/2015 1:29:48 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 19 replies ^ | August 30, 2015 | Daniel Pipes
    According to the most recent poll, the innocuously-named but ferociously anti-establishment Sweden Democrats (Sverigedemokraterna or SD) has the largest support of any political party in Sweden. This news has potentially momentous implications not just for Sweden but for all Europe. Sweden is a special place. One of the richest and most peaceful countries in the world (it has not been engaged in armed conflict for two centuries), until recently it was a remarkably homogenous society where socialism, with its optimistic assumption that people are born good and circumstances make them bad, worked and the government enjoyed great prestige. Swedish pride...
  • Up from Trumpism ("Trumpís appeal is a cartoon version of Richard Nixonís")

    08/28/2015 9:28:19 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 31 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | The September 7, 2015 Issue | William Kristol
    ¬ĎThe Muse of History must not be fastidious.¬Ē Thus Churchill the historian. But as Churchill the politician knew, the Muse of Politics must not be fastidious either. Which brings us to Donald Trump. Trump is, to say the least, not in favor among the fastidious. He¬ís not even in much favor among those of us who are nonfastidious in our politics. We at The Weekly Standard enjoy the rough-and-readiness of the American political scene¬óbut we also understand the distinction between a reality show and reality, between performing and governing. We love American democracy and are impressed by Trump¬ís mastery of...
  • Ted Cruz Is the Only Candidate Using Trump to His Advantage

    08/28/2015 11:47:06 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 15 replies
    Esquire Magazine ^ | August 28, 2015 | Charles P. Pierce
    The Texas senator has so far avoided confronting Donald Trump, and now he's trying to get the ear of Trump's audience.‚Äč(Optional Video Accompaniment To This Post) OK, credit where it's due. Tailgunner Ted Cruz is the only other candidate in the Republican field who has reacted smartly to the sudden arrival of the Libidinous Visitor. While shoring up his natural base of support from the Bible-banging hayshakers in Iowa, Cruz also has refrained from trying to harsh the mellow of the Summer of Trump. And now he's pulled the shrewdest play of all. The Texas GOP senator's campaign announced Thursday...
  • Rubio: Trump wonít be our nominee because weíre not an angry nation

    08/26/2015 3:04:21 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 124 replies
    Hot Air ^ | August 26, 2015 | Ed Morrissey
    Is Marco Rubio sure about that? The 2016 cycle appears ready to boil down to the question of whether the US electorate is an angry one. Rubioís betting on no ó and strategizing on it as well: In his stump speech to fewer than 100 people in the northern part of the second presidential nominating contest, Rubio gently poked at the real estate tycoon who is towering over the Republican field in the polls, portraying Trumpís message as one of anger as opposed to the senatorís message of hope and opportunity. ďThereís another gentleman running for president whose slogan is...
  • The politics of A.P.E.

    08/16/2015 2:19:32 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 3 replies
    The City Wire ^ | August 16, 2015 | Dr. Williams Yamkam
    In 2013, right after she stepped down as U.S. Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton enjoyed a high approval rating from the American people. Her trust level was on solid ground. Given her loyal service to the country and to President Barack Obama after the bruising 2008 Democratic presidential primaries in which she and Obama vigorously contended, Clintonís standing among Democrats was sky high. This situation has allowed Clinton to be perceived as the prohibitive Democratic presidential nominee for the 2016 general elections. A few months ago, U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., was undetectable on the presidential political radar as few...
  • What is the matter with America?

    07/26/2015 5:23:34 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 26 replies
    Al Arabiya ^ | July 26, 2015 | Hisham Melhem
    In 2004, American journalist and historian Thomas Frank published a book entitled ĎWhat is the matter with Kansas? How conservatives won the heart of Americaí, in which he explored the reasons why so many citizens vote against their own economic and political interests. The phenomenon of individuals Ďbetrayingí their social class is well known, and the history of left-wing activism in the twentieth century is full of examples of leftist and Marxist leaders betraying their privileged classes and leading the charge of the downtrodden, against the entrenched economic and political order. Frankís book is a complex and fascinating tale, told...
  • What Donald Trump is Doing Right

    07/09/2015 5:45:10 PM PDT · by Kaslin · 51 replies ^ | July 9, 2015 | S.E Cupp
    On the left and the right, he's called a buffoon and a blowhard, and occasionally Donald Trump lives up to those descriptions (see his presidential announcement speech). And despite covering him constantly, most in the media insist Trump's candidacy is unserious and his viewpoints are dangerous. And yet -- and yet -- he is doing well in public opinion polling -- so well that more than one headline has referred to his "momentum." He is leading among Republican primary voters in North Carolina, according to a recent Public Policy poll. A CNN/ORC poll has him trailing only Jeb Bush among...
  • Equality versus liberty: Which one worries voters most?

    07/09/2015 4:43:51 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 12 replies
    KMGH-TV's Decode DC ^ | July 9, 2015 | Dick Meyer
    Economic populism is having a moment of celebrity these days. But so is economic gluttony. These conflicting impulses Ė equality versus liberty Ė have been in constant competition. For some, equality of opportunity and outcomes is the ultimate political value; for others, it is liberty, which is degraded when property rights are too restricted by taxation and regulation. There is a view in both parties that voters are in an egalitarian mood. I donít buy it. The icon of economic gluttony in politics today is Donald Trump, however grotesque and trivial that may seem. Trump is doing well in the...
  • The demagogue cometh: The Donald Trump campaign

    07/08/2015 2:31:26 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 11 replies
    Donald Trump, loud-mouth-in-chief, has recently been in the news for some of his earliest comments as a Presidential candidate. Most notably Trump launched a jeremiad filled with derogatory and entirely false information about Latin American immigrants. The comments themselves are so offensive and absurd they do not bear repeating, and in fact the comments themselves are somewhat beside the point. Donald Trump is playing one of the most notable roles in American bourgeois politics, that of the populist demagogue who plays on peopleís deepest fears while holding out the promise of a clearly fanciful future prosperity. We have seen this...
  • Why Is Donald Trump Polling So Well?

    07/01/2015 12:54:57 PM PDT · by Mariner · 108 replies
    National Journal ^ | July 1st, 2015 | By Lauren Fox
    July 1, 2015 Macy's is ditching him, NBC has let him go, and Univision refuses to broadcast his famed beauty pageant. But American voters are still entertaining the idea of President Donald Trump. In a Republican presidential field rich with esteemed governors and senators, tough-talking businessman Trump has managed to rise in the polls to be a top-tier candidate even after he elicited controversy for his statements about Mexican immigrants during his campaign announcement. A CNN/ORC poll released Wednesday showed Trump had 12 percent of the vote among Republicans and Republican-leaners, second only to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, who...
  • Liberals Who Love Huckabee: I used to be one of them. I still sort of am.

    06/08/2015 8:40:58 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 12 replies
    National Journal ^ | June 5, 2015 | Bob Moser
    I thought I could quit him. I swear I did. From the first time we met, in Iowa in 2007, Mike Huckabee was nothing but trouble, unsettling my fixed ideas, seducing me into pooh-poohing some of my staunchest convictions. The man was never really my typeóthe farthest thing from itóbut you know how that can make an attraction stronger. Forbidden love and all that. Most of my friends, of course, never approved. He's not like the rest of them, I'd protest. When he says he hates Wall Street and wants to build infrastructure, he means it. He's a Republican poking...
  • Huckabeeís Anachronistic Brand of Progressivism

    05/27/2015 1:14:47 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 49 replies
    The National Review ^ | May 27, 2015 | Jonah Goldberg
    Mike Huckabee doesnít have a lot of prominent defenders, and I am not volunteering for the job. Huckabee has always struck me as a right-wing populist-progressive. A deeply religious ó and by all accounts decent ó man, Huckabee nonetheless has a view of the state that would have jibed almost perfectly with such forgotten titans of the Progressive Era as Richard Ely, Josephus Daniels, and even William Jennings Bryan. Ely, a mentor to Woodrow Wilson and Teddy Roosevelt and the founder of the ďWisconsin schoolĒ of progressivism, believed that ďGod works through the state in carrying out His purposes more...
  • Weíre all populists now

    05/15/2015 12:21:31 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 21 replies
    The Washington Post ^ | May 15, 2015 | Professor David Greenberg, Rutgers University
    Candidates of the left, right and center have something in common: They all want to be seen as populists. Hillary Clinton attacks income inequality and issues booklets showing how well she stacks up, even against Sen. Elizabeth Warren, as a booster for the embattled middle class; Sen. Marco Rubio invokes the American dream; Mike Huckabee and putative libertarian Sen. Rand Paul are against giving President Obama a free hand to negotiate the Pacific trade pact. Meanwhile, pundits and journalists prowl for populists everywhere: Sen. Ted Cruz is a ďpopulist egghead.Ē Rubio showcases ďpopulist themesĒ of up-by-the-bootstraps success. Huckabee is going...
  • Trump: Huckabee can't protect entitlements like I can

    05/07/2015 8:41:37 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 36 replies
    The Hill's Ballot Box ^ | May 7, 2015 | Mark Hensch
    New York real estate mogul Donald Trump said Thursday that former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) could not prevent funding cuts to entitlement programs if elected president in 2016. ďHuckabee is a nice guy but will never be able to bring in the funds so as not to cut Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid,Ē Trump tweeted. ďI will.Ē Trump, a possible 2016 GOP presidential candidate, also argued Huckabee was stealing his potential campaign ideas. ďHuckabee copied me,Ē Trump wrote. ďI was the first & only potential GOP candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare &...
  • Populist opposites: On Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz

    05/04/2015 11:36:29 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 29 replies
    The Austin American Statesman ^ | May 4, 2015 | Jonathan Tilove
    Good morning Austin: Today¬ís question. Who is more populist ¬Ė Bernie Sanders or Ted Cruz? Bernie, right?I mean his campaign is all about ¬Ė all about ¬Ė wealth and income inequality and breaking up the incredible concentration of American wealth in the hands of a tiny few. He¬ís so far left in the Democratic Party that he¬ís not even actually a member of the Democratic Party. At a time when Democrats are afraid of being called ¬ďliberal,¬Ē he¬ís proud to call himself a socialist. He¬ís running against the Koch Brothers and Cruz is a creature of the Kochs. So, no...
  • Ted Cruz Channels His Inner John Edwards

    03/10/2015 4:27:32 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    The Huffington Post ^ | March 10, 2015 | Sam Stein
    Income inequality was a prominent theme among the many potential presidential candidates who addressed the International Association of Fire Fighters presidential forum on Tuesday. But no one else had a line quite like that from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas). ďWeíve seen over the past number of years two Americas emerge. At the very top, top 1 percent today, with the largest federal government weíve ever had, the top 1 percent earn a higher share of our income [than they have] since 1928,Ē said the Texas Republican. Veterans of recent presidential campaigns probably did a spit take. "Two Americas" is a...
  • Sally Kohn: Why This Liberal Hearts Huckabee

    01/06/2015 12:59:49 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 33 replies
    The Daily Beast ^ | January 6, 2015 | Sally Kohn
    Democrats would be mistaken to underestimate Mike Huckabee, perhaps the strongest Republican presidential contender. I like Mike Huckabee. A lot. Heís simply a fun, funny, principled, appealing guy. Whether or not I think heíd make a good president (and I donít), he would definitely make a great presidential candidate. And that should have Democrats scared. During my time at Fox News, I appeared on Gov. Huckabeeís show a handful of times. We always had fiery but friendly exchanges. And behind the scenes, even more than in front of the camera, Gov. Huckabee was always affable and downright, double-me-over funny. Heís...
  • Populist Warren could rewrite American politics

    12/19/2014 10:21:31 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 26 replies
    The Day ^ | December 19, 2014 | Harold Meyerson
    The word on Elizabeth Warren - the Democratic Massachusetts senator who fomented the opposition last week to a rollback of financial regulations in the bill funding the government - is that she's the left's answer to shut-'em-down Ted Cruz. In a recent Washington Post column, Dana Milbank concluded that Warren is more like former South Carolina senator Jim DeMint, the Republican ideologue who left his elective office to better lead the far right to glory. These assessments miss one crucial difference between Warren and the right-wingers: She has crossover appeal. More importantly, so does Warrenism. Cruz and DeMint can claim...
  • Plans for UCLA visit give rare glimpse into Hillary Clintonís paid speaking career

    11/26/2014 6:54:19 PM PST · by Baynative · 28 replies
    WaPo ^ | 11/26/14 | Rosalind S. Helderman and Philip Rucker
    <p>When officials at the University of California at Los Angeles began negotiating a $300,000 speech appearance by Hillary Rodham Clinton, the school had one request: Could we get a reduced rate for public universities?</p> <p>The answer from Clintonís representatives: $300,000 is the ďspecial university rate.Ē</p>
  • In Iowa, Biden preaches populist theme on taxes

    09/17/2014 12:00:27 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 9 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Sep 17, 2014 2:17 PM EDT | Thomas Beaumont
    Vice President Joe Biden is preaching a populist theme during a visit to Iowaóan important early-voting state in the presidential nominating calendar. Heís telling voters to elect Democrats who support raising taxes on companies. Biden is hitting an election-year theme of restoring what he calls ďbasic fairness.Ē Ö
  • Right wingís worst nightmare: The master stroke that turns red states blue

    07/27/2014 2:33:12 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 109 replies
    Salon ^ | July 27, 2014 | Paul Rosenberg, Al Jazeera & Senior Editor, Random Lengths
    (FAKE COLLAGE PHOTO AT LINK) Our divisions are phony: There's broad agreement on more issues. Here's how we convert the Tea Party. Elizabeth Warrenís rock star reception at Netroots Nation came as a surprise to absolutely no one, but not so her popularity as a draw for red state Democrats running for Senate, like West Virginiaís Natalie Tennant or Kentuckyís Alison Lundergan Grimes. Yet, there shouldnít be anything surprising about Warrenís broad economic populist appeal. It was, after all, the foundation of Democratic Party power from 1932 through 1968, a period in which Democrats won seven of nine presidential elections...
  • Eric Cantorís Opponent Beat Him By Calling Out GOP Corruption

    06/12/2014 10:21:04 AM PDT · by Theoria · 8 replies
    Republic Report ^ | 12 June 2014 | Lee Fang
    ďAll of the investment banks, up in New York and D.C., they should have gone to jail.ĒThat isnít a quote from an Occupy Wall Street protester or Senator Elizabeth Warren. Thatís a common campaign slogan repeated by Dave Brat, the Virginia college professor who scored one of the biggest political upsets in over†a century by defeating Majority Leader Eric Cantor in the Republican primary last night.The national media is buzzing about Bratís victory, but for all of the wrong reasons.Did the Tea Party swoop in and help Brat, as many in the Democratic Party are suggesting? Actually, the Wall Street...
  • Obama frames populist theme for Dems in 2014

    02/28/2014 10:46:26 PM PST · by Olog-hai · 4 replies
    Associated Press ^ | Feb 28, 2014 8:10 PM EST | Josh Lederman
    Striking a decidedly partisan tone, President Barack Obama sought Friday to define this yearís elections as a stark choice between Republicans pushing failed policies from a bygone era and Democrats advocating freedom and opportunity for all Americans. Rallying the party faithful at a Democratic National Committee summit, Obama rattled off a list of issues where he said Republicans were stuck in the past: gay rights, womenís equality, wages and health care, to name a few. Driving the midterm election campaigns across the country this year, he said, is a fundamental disagreement between the parties about the best way to secure...
  • Obama Plans to 'Mobilize' Americans Around a 'National Mission'

    01/13/2014 5:31:23 AM PST · by PROCON · 141 replies
    CNSNEWS ^ | Jan. 13, 2014 | Susan Jones
    ( - President Obama says he will use his upcoming State of the Union Address to "mobilize the country around the national mission of making sure our economy offers everyone who works hard a fair shot at opportunity and success." In his weekly radio address on Saturday, he outlined some of the steps he'll take to make 2014 "a year of action." "Working folks are looking for the kind of stable, secure jobs that went overseas in the past couple decades. So next week, I'll join companies and colleges and take action to boost the high-tech manufacturing that attracts the...
  • Middle-Class Heroes? To take on Big Business, the GOP needs more than rhetoric.

    01/02/2014 10:59:13 AM PST · by steelhead_trout · 19 replies
    National Review Online ^ | December 31, 2013 | Andrew Stiles
    [W]hile crony capitalism has certainly flourished under the Obama administration, the GOP hasnít exactly gone out of its way to combat the trend. Many have argued that taking on crony capitalism, and perhaps adopting a more populist tone that emphasizes the needs of working-class Americans, should be an important aspect of the GOPís rebranded agenda. By advancing a message and a policy agenda that combat the stereotype of Republicans as beholden to Big Business, the party could go a long way toward regaining some lost trust with the American people. But the partyís actions havenít matched this desire to change...
  • The Populist Egghead - Sen. Ted Cruz is a rare political species

    10/25/2013 12:40:25 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 18 replies
    Slate ^ | October 25, 2013 | John Dickerson
    Sen. Ted Cruz is a rare political speciesóa supposed man of the people who is attacked for his elite credentials and lack of common sense. ----------------------- Sen. Ted Cruz may be the conservative movement's first populist eggheadóa grassroots leader who is attacked for being too smart to have common sense. In political theater, you're usually allowed to wear only one of these costumes. The populist claims to possess the horse sense of the electorate and has no need for fancy schools, with their eating clubs, trays of sherry, and debating societies. That was Sarah Palin's posture. It was also true...
  • Republicans Need Family-Friendly Conservative Populism, Not A Shift To The Left

    09/25/2013 4:34:49 AM PDT · by Colonel Kangaroo · 10 replies
    First Things ^ | September 9, 2013 | Pete Spiliakos
    Ronald Brownstein argues that Republicans need to win over a larger share of nonwhite voters if they are to remain competitive in future presidential elections. Brownstein suggests ďcomprehensive immigration reformĒ as the kind of policy Republicans need to make gains among nonwhites. The victory of Tony Abbott in Australia indicates that Republicans can grow their party without obeying the wishes of liberal journalists. Republicans donít need to move left on immigration or abortion. Republicans need to shift their focus from high-earners to the middle-class and people who are struggling to join the middle-class. Brownstein argues that winning over the ďmissing...
  • The Death of Populism (Victor Davis Hanson, " politician speaks for the common man.)

    08/01/2013 10:53:17 AM PDT · by neverdem · 15 replies
    National Review Online ^ | AUGUST 1, 2013 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Plenty of pleaders for rich and poor, but no politician speaks for the common man. Occupy Wall Streeters claimed that they were populists. Their ideological opposites, the Tea Partiers, said they were, too. Both became polarizing. And so far populism, whether on the right or left, does not seem to have made inroads with the traditional Republican and Democrat establishments. Gas has gone up about $2 a gallon since Barack Obama took office. Given average yearly rates of national consumption, that increase alone translates into an extra $1 trillion that American drivers have collectively paid in higher fuel costs over...
  • Is Populism Dead?

    08/01/2013 5:09:16 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 3 replies ^ | August 1, 2013 | Victor Davis Hanson
    Occupy Wall Streeters claimed that they were populists. Their ideological opposites, the Tea Partiers, said they were, too. Both became polarizing. And so far populism, whether on the right or left, does not seem to have made inroads with the traditional Republican and Democrat establishments. Gas has gone up about $2 a gallon since Barack Obama took office. Given average yearly rates of national consumption, that increase alone translates into an extra $1 trillion that American drivers havencollectively paid in higher fuel costs over the last 54 months.Victor DavisVictor Davis Hanson is a classicist and historian at the Hoover Institution,...
  • The Country Party

    07/30/2013 10:47:51 AM PDT · by JSDude1 · 5 replies
    NRO/The Corner ^ | July 29, 2013 | Yuval Levin
    In a characteristically superb column yesterday, Ross Douthat described our contemporary political situation in terms of the ďcourt partyĒ and ďcountry partyĒ ó terms drawn from 17th-and 18th-century British politics that refer to a party that wields power for the benefit of elite players and institutions and an opposition that seeks more dispersed power for the benefit of a larger public. No historical analogy is ever perfectly apt, but this one is powerfully clarifying. Particularly as laid out by its foremost intellectual leader, Henry St. John (the Viscount Bolingbroke), the country partyís idea of an organized political opposition as well...
  • Nostalgia Act: The Great Sarah Palin Revival Tour of 2013 (Disses Cruz & Palin as fake libertarians)

    06/18/2013 3:06:27 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 37 replies
    The Daily Beast's Politics Beast ^ | June 18, 2013 | Nick Gillespie, editor, Reason Magazine
    Are you ready for the great Sarah Palin Revival of 2013? The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice-presidential candidate is back from her exile at Fox News and, like the former child star played by Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?, the self-described Mama Grizzly is ready for a big comeback. But, to be blunt, she seems more like a relic of a bygone, little-missed era in showbiz-cum-politics. Indeed, she no more represents a viable future for the GOP than her 76-year-old ďangry birdĒ running mate, John McCain.To give her full credit, Palin is talking what sounds...
  • Quigley: ĎDuck Dynastyí Nation Needs Sarah Palin

    05/21/2013 11:09:56 AM PDT · by Bratch · 5 replies
    Conservatives4Palin ^ | May 20 2013 | Brian Lerch
    Bernie Quigley is one of the few writers for an MSM publication who gets Governor Palin.† He has written extensively on her impact on culture and our current state of politics.† You can check out what he wrote about her last week here.†† Todayís column on her was no exception.† He starts out by saying this: Why Sarah Palin? Because when I write a blog here on Jeb Bush or President Obama, it will bring in maybe 10 comments. A piece on Sarah Palin last week brought 135. Same every time. She strikes a chord which runs deep.She has a...
  • Obama asks Americans to help with gun law changes [Totalitarian Pretends He Cares What You Think]

    12/21/2012 5:33:15 AM PST · by SoFloFreeper · 29 replies
    CBS ^ | December 21, 2012
    A website set up by the White House to solicit petitions has been flooded in the wake of last Friday's gun massacre at a Newtown, Conn., elementary school, and today, President Obama issued a video response to petitioners, indicating that he hears the outpouring loud and clear. "We hear you," said Mr. Obama. "Like the majority of Americans, I believe the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms...It's encouraging that many gun owners have stepped up this week to say there are steps we can take to prevent more tragedies like the one in Newtown - steps that both...
  • China: Bo Xilai is down, but not out yet

    05/31/2012 7:12:51 AM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 1 replies
    China Post ^ | 05/31/12 | David Kan Ting
    Bo Xilai is down, but not out yet Thursday, May 31, 2012 By David Kan Ting, Special to The China Post The oft-quoted Chinese saying, ¬ďpeople's eyes are snow-brilliant,¬Ē (šļļśįĎÁöĄÁúľÁĚõśėĮťõ™šļģÁöĄ) has a ring of truth, after all. The adage, attributable to Chairman Mao Zedong, asserts that the eyes of people are piercing and sharp, able to see the difference between right and wrong, and to penetrate the smoke and mirrors of the reactionaries and counterrevolutionaries. The chairman seems to have got it right again this time as mainland China is rocked by scandal after scandal. Time magazine called the country...
  • California tax initiatives test power of populism

    02/08/2012 2:41:00 PM PST · by NormsRevenge · 7 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 2/8/12 | Jim Christie - Reuters
    SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - California voters this fall may have the chance to answer a question of deep interest to politicians around the United States: will populist appeals to "tax the rich" resonate more than pragmatic arguments for budget-balancing solutions? Governor Jerry Brown, a Democrat, has all but staked his governship on a tax hike ballot initiative consisting of temporary increases in sales and income taxes. He has positioned the measure as a practical and necessary move to combat chronic budget deficits .. By contrast, the California Federation of Teachers (CFT), the smaller of two statewide teachers unions, last week...
  • The Twisted Tree of Progressivism

    12/20/2011 9:51:16 AM PST · by Zionist Conspirator · 5 replies
    The Freeman ^ | Joseph R. Stromberg | Joseph R. Stromberg
    Sorting out the Progressive movement and its constituent ideologies can be difficult in that the very term ďprogressiveĒ is burdened with contested meanings. Rather than work along lines agreeable to presently out-of-office politicians hoping to regain power by denouncing long-dead Progressives, we begin with some deep background. One portent of Progressivism is found in the Liberal Republican movement of the 1870s. Prone to Paris Commune panics, distressed by strikes and labor trouble, such reformers as Charles Francis Adams (descended from John Adams), Francis Amasa Walker (Boston laissez-faire economist and Indian manager), and E. L. Godkin (Anglo-Irish editor of The Nation)...
  • Populist Winds Blowing

    10/07/2011 3:23:18 PM PDT · by Sick of Lefties · 5 replies
    Noman Says ^ | 9/7/11 | Noman
    Senators--mostly Democratic, but not exclusively--are incensed at China's artificially low currency, which reduces the value of its exports to the US, and increases American firms' propensity to source overseas. Taken as an isolated phenomenon, this costs the US manufacturing jobs. Critics of China specifically, and global sourcing generally, are reluctant to recognize the domestic benefits flowing from outsourcing, e.g., lower domestic consumer prices; money flowing to more efficient and competitively advantageous domestic uses thereby creating jobs in new growth industries. Neither do they care that a stronger Chinese Yuan will merely shift the venue of sourcing, not its incidence. The...
  • Frankly, Scott has a better idea on highway funding

    09/29/2011 1:01:24 PM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 2 replies (Star-Ledger) ^ | September 29, 2011 | Paul Mulshine
    The other day our sister newspaper, the Gloucester County Times, reported on a raid at a fraternity house at Rowan University where ó get ready for a shock ó some college kids were drinking. About 100 of the kids were underage and will face charges. Believe it or not, that incident has its roots in the same problem that led to the controversy over the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere" in Alaska. That problem lies in the way the federal government distributes highway funding: poorly. Itís obvious in the case of the bridge that would have connected the city of Ketchikan,...
  • Palin's Shrewd White House Strategy: Populism 101

    09/14/2011 11:57:36 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 25 replies · 1+ views
    Hispanic Business ^ | September 14, 2011 | Paul Goldman, former chairman VA Dem Party and Professor Mark J. Rozell
    With her recent attacks on "corporate crony capitalism" and the "permanent political class," Sarah Palin is telling supporters she is indeed running for president. But in 2016, not 2012. There is likely no mileage in running a late-entry campaign now. And Palin believes that Republicans could lose in 2012. The reason? The party's indebtedness to those crony capitalists and their retainers in the political class. Her recent speeches make the case why the GOP leaders for the nomination -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney -- are too tied to this problem to be the solution...
  • Thatís All, Folks: Confronting Backwards Populism (Sarah, stop! You're scaring the Lefties!)

    09/10/2011 1:39:44 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 34 replies
    Dissident Voice ^ | September 10, 2011 | Joseph Grosso
    As the presidential election campaign starts to occupy more and more of the airwaves someone should carry a counter and click every time the word Ďfolksí is uttered by a candidate. Even better would be how that final count would compare to the number of times a candidate would use a word like Ďcitizensí (at least citizens in a positive, civic light, not only in comparison to illegal Ďaliensí). In the opening chapter of her very relevant book The Age of American Unreason, Susan Jacoby laments the ever widening usage of the words like Ďfolksí and Ďtroopsí in American social...
  • The right should denounce Trump and Palin (from an NRO/CNN hack???)

    04/29/2011 10:13:39 AM PDT · by Baladas · 60 replies
    CNN Opinion ^ | April 29, 2011 | Will Cain
    (CNN) -- The other night, having a few beers with a conservative friend, I mentioned how hacked off I was that there hadn't been a wholesale denouncement of the likes of Donald Trump and Sarah Palin from conservative politicians and opinion-makers. To be sure, many, many, many, many have denounced both -- but I think a chorus as simple and clear as a Cee-Lo Green song is deserved. It should be unanimous and unmistakable. (The past 48 hours should make it pretty easy to dump on Trump.) My buddy, though, responded with an (almost) perfect analogy. He said: It's kind...
  • Analysis: Trump, Perot, Populism, Conservatism and the Pop Culture (transcript)

    04/20/2011 2:21:08 PM PDT · by Lakeshark · 9 replies
    Rush ^ | 4/20/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: Movies, books, television shows. The left owns it. He's trying to introduce pop culture conservatism to the fans of pop culture, and so you think Trump might do this. Now: What is Trump saying that might cause people who live in the pop culture to have, say, a favorable view of what you and I believe? It's not a trick question. I want to know what you really think. CALLER: Well, I think he's bringing credence to the conservative mentality. If they like him as an icon, they recognize his success, they feel like he's a happening guy, and...
  • Far-Left Presbyterian Pastor: Sarah Palin, the phony populist (Compares her to Jesus!)

    03/20/2011 12:12:03 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 31 replies
    The Vail Daily ^ | March 20, 2011 | The Rev. Jack R. Van Ens
    Wielding rapier-sharp wit, Sarah Palin slices her opponents, although some don't notice she's drawn their blood. That's because Palin delivers verbal stabs with down-home charm. Using folksy faux-cuss words that Joe Six-pack swears by, she gets ďdarnĒ agitated at the ďdangĒ liberals whose truth is ďbullcrap,Ē which makes for ďbass-ackwardsĒ politics. ďHow's that hopey-changey stuff workin' out for ya?Ē she sarcastically asks. Palin speaks and acts like a populist. Populism is a form of political persuasion in which the little guy's voice is pitched against East Coast elites. Populism thrives when its leaders effectively pit ďThe PeopleĒ against unions, Wall...
  • Defending populism against the Tea Party movement

    01/22/2011 1:58:31 PM PST · by smokingfrog · 12 replies ^ | 12 Jan 2011 | Luke Bretherton
    .. most analysis of the Tea Party movement ignores history and sees the Tea Party as something new and rather bizarre. Yet the Tea Party is a form of populism - a perennial feature of American politics and perhaps one of its defining characteristics. American populism has its origins in the broad-based and fissiparous movement that emerged from the 1850s onwards. It reached its high point in the 1890s with the formation of the People's Party, which challenged the duopoly of the Republicans and Democrats but declined rapidly as a formal movement thereafter. Yet, like an event of nuclear fission,...
  • The Stealthy Spread of Socialism in the U.S.

    01/01/2011 3:50:18 AM PST · by Scanian · 22 replies
    The American Thinker ^ | January 01, 2011 | K.E. Campbell
    The biggest challenge facing Republicans in the 112th Congress is not Barack Obama. It is not Harry Reid and the Democrat-controlled Senate. It isn't high unemployment, repealing ObamaCare, the threat of Islamism and shariah in America, the deficit, or the looming insolvency of several (mostly blue) states. These, broadly speaking, are symptoms. The disease is socialism or, at the very least, a pervasive socialistic mindset. According to a February 2010 Gallup poll, "61% of liberals say their image of socialism is positive" and "53% of Democrats have a positive image of socialism." Overall, 36% of Americans view socialism favorably. Winston...