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  • I Voted for Obama. Will I Go Straight to. . . ? (Yes)(barf alert)

    02/23/2008 4:22:37 PM PST · by markomalley · 25 replies · 251+ views
    Washington (com)Post ^ | 2/24/2008 | Joe Feuerherd
    Like most Maryland Democrats, I voted for Sen. Barack Obama in the recent Potomac Primary. By doing so, according to the leaders of my church, I put my soul at risk. That's right, says the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops -- tap the touch screen for a pro-abortion-rights candidate, and you're probably punching your ticket to Hell. For a church that "thinks in centuries," things sure are moving quickly. Back in 2004, as Washington correspondent for the independent National Catholic Reporter, I covered what Comedy Central's Jon Stewart dubbed the "wafer wars." A handful of conservative bishops warned Democratic presidential...

    02/17/2008 10:35:36 AM PST · by 3AngelaD · 55 replies · 126+ views ^ | February 15, 2008 | DICK MORRIS & EILEEN MCGANN
    Who was it that defined neurosis as repeating the same mistake again and again, and expecting a better outcome each time? That's really what the Clinton campaign is doing in its post-Chesapeake primary strategy. Now Hillary defines Obama as the candidate who makes speeches, while she is the one who provides "answers" and "solutions." Why is Hillary embracing this new line? It's not that she has any great record of solutions or answers of which to boast, but rather that she wants to highlight Obama's lack of a legislative record. Once again, she and her campaign geniuses are making the...
  • The Grand Old White Party Confronts Obama

    02/16/2008 9:30:47 PM PST · by ricks_place · 45 replies · 259+ views
    New York Times ^ | February 17, 2008 | FRANK RICH
    THE curse continues. Regardless of party, it’s hara-kiri for a politician to step into the shadow of even a mediocre speech by Barack Obama. Senator Obama’s televised victory oration celebrating his Chesapeake primary trifecta on Tuesday night was a mechanical rehash. No matter. When the networks cut from the 17,000-plus Obama fans cheering at a Wisconsin arena to John McCain’s victory tableau before a few hundred spectators in the Old Town district of Alexandria, Va., it was a rerun of what happened to Hillary Clinton the night she lost Iowa. Senator McCain, backed by a collection of sallow-faced old Beltway...
  • Going Negative At Team Hillary

    02/14/2008 4:50:43 PM PST · by jdm · 19 replies · 63+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | Feb. 14, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    Speculation had begun this week that Hillary Clinton's campaign might start going negative on Barack Obama. She didn't have much to lose after the debacle of the Potomac Primaries, and she desperately needs to slow down his momentum. Apparently, the speculation was correct, as Hillary has begun slamming Obama's economic proposals on the stump in Ohio: Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton, criticized for taking corporate special interest contributions, proposed restrictions on a wide array of industries Thursday and stepped up her assault on rival Barack Obama, casting him as the candidate more beholden to corporations. In a speech to General Motors...
  • She's Come Undone (Hillary Spirals Downward)

    02/14/2008 3:42:16 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 74 replies · 642+ views
    The Atlantic ^ | February 13, 2008 | Andrew Sullivan
    <p>So did Hillary lose in Virginia? Or did she get smoked like a Virginia ham? Answer: things are looking pretty hamlike tonight.</p> <p>Two snaps, okaaaay?</p>
  • Fall of Gilchrest, Wynn signals 'change' (MD)

    02/14/2008 11:10:06 AM PST · by JZelle · 15 replies · 74+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | 2-14-08 | Kristen Wyatt and Stephen Manning
    CENTREVILLE, Md. (AP) — Even as Maryland primary voters cited "moderation" in their picks for president, two congressional districts turned out incumbents for the first time in more than 30 years, one Democrat and one Republican, both accused of being too moderate. The losses Tuesday of Republican Rep. Wayne T. Gilchrest, an antiwar critic of President Bush, and Democratic Rep. Albert R. Wynn, whose 2003 vote authorizing the war chafed loyalists in his party, signaled anti-incumbent sentiment that surprised many state politicians. But maybe not voters. "Psychologically, people want to see change," said John Davis, 45, a Republican from Chestertown,...
  • Incumbent (RINO) Congressman Loses To Conservative Republican In Maryland’s 1st District

    02/12/2008 8:20:44 PM PST · by icwhatudo · 59 replies · 229+ views
    wbal election returns ^ | 2-12-08 | Self
    For those not familiar with Maryland, we are like that that red/blue map of America. Most of the state is conservative but is overwhelmed by the liberals concentrated in Baltimore City and the DC suburbs. Until recently Maryland was divided 4/4 in its congressional representation until the dems redistricted (gerrymandered) Republicans into two main congressional districts. This pretty much guarantees republican wins for these two congressional seats but the problem is that one of these seats is held by a "RINO"-Wayne Gilchrest. Gilcrest voted with Nancy Pelosi more than any other (r)epublican in congress. He is the poster boy for...
  • Mike Huckabee Reacts to Potomac Primary

    02/13/2008 3:10:27 PM PST · by Berlin_Freeper · 55 replies · 55+ views
    Fox News ^ | February 13, 2008 | Interview
    VAN SUSTEREN: So what's your plan now? HUCKABEE: We're headed to Wisconsin tomorrow. We'll be up there for a couple of days. We'll kind of see where we're going to be over the weekend, then we'll be back probably in Wisconsin. A lot of our focus over the next few weeks is going to be in Texas, in Ohio. Those are two big states. Texas is a state that's obviously next to us, close to us. We've got a strong organization, a lot of supporters in Texas. It's a very conservative state, and I think that's where we're going to...
  • TIME: The Meaning Of Obama's Momentum

    02/13/2008 11:59:23 AM PST · by jdm · 41 replies · 159+ views
    TIME Magazine ^ | Feb. 13, 2008 | By DAVID VON DREHLE
    **EXCERPT** The old head-scratcher — what happens if an irresistible force meets an immovable object? — now gets its test in the Democratic presidential primary. The force is Barack Obama. His sweep of the Potomac primaries in Virginia, Maryland and Washington, DC on Tuesday gives him seven straight wins since Super Tuesday, not to mention his first lead in pledged delegates. Unprecedented amounts of money are pouring into his campaign coffers. He now has momentum that any challenger would envy in any year. Indeed, in any other year, a candidate with his numbers would have the nomination locked up tight....
  • CBS Political Analyst: McCain Critics are Conservative ‘Crazies’

    On Wednesday’s CBS "Early Show," co-host Harry Smith discussed the ‘Potomac Primaries’ with Democratic Strategist Dee Dee Meyers and Republican CBS Political Analyst Nicole Wallace, who said of John McCain’s conservative critics: "The more that we see kind of the crazies like Ann Coulter out attacking John McCain, the better Republicans feel about their chances in the general election."
  • Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Thread - Wednesday 2/13/08

    02/13/2008 8:36:32 AM PST · by TSchmereL · 356 replies · 64+ views
    The EIB Network ^ | February 13, 2008 | Rush Limbaugh
    AND NOW . . . amidst billowing clouds of fragrant, aromatic first- and second-hand premium cigar smoke. . . it is time for . . . that harmless, lovable little fuzz ball, the highly-trained broadcast specialist, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, from behind the golden EIB microphone, firmly ensconced in the prestigious Attila-the-Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, with talent on loan from G-d, at the cutting-edge of societal evolution, with half his brain tied behind his back — just to make it fair, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling,...
  • McCain Camp to Huckabee: It’s Over

    02/13/2008 8:49:39 AM PST · by Scythian · 93 replies · 39+ views
    Coming off a sweep in the Potomac Primaries, John McCain’s campaign has a message for Mike Huckabee: It’s over. The campaign released a memo after McCain won Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia Tuesday night saying the victories make it “mathematically impossible for Governor Huckabee to secure the Republican nomination for president.”
  • The scent of defeat ... (Hillary Clinton's campaign is now entering dangerous territory)

    02/13/2008 8:06:19 AM PST · by IrishMike · 77 replies · 191+ views
    Guardian ^ | 13 Feb 2008 | Michael Tomasky
    Of all the ways to describe Tuesday night as a bad night for Hillary Clinton, perhaps the most dramatic is to point out this: the pundits on CNN and MSNBC started comparing her to Rudy Giuliani. Giuliani, of course, has become a national punch line for his decision to skip the first four Republican contests and put all his chips on Florida, where he lost humiliatingly because ... he skipped the first four Republican contests. Clinton is not in that bad a position, and fans of Barack Obama who are tempted to think so need to refrain from gloating -...
  • Senator Obama's Victory Speech in Madison, WI

    02/12/2008 9:15:23 PM PST · by Racehorse · 74 replies · 323+ views
    Obama08 ^ | 12 February 2008 | Barack Obama
    . . . the same Washington game . . .It’s a game where the only way for Democrats to look tough on national security is by talking, and acting and voting like Bush-McCain Republicans, while our troops are sent to fight tour after tour of duty in a war that should’ve never been authorized and should’ve never been waged. That’s what happens when we use 9/11 to scare up votes, and that’s why we need to do more than end a war – we need to end the mindset that got us into war.That’s the choice in this primary. It’s...
  • DUmmie FUnnies 02-13-08 (Obama Cultists Worship Their Messiah)

    02/13/2008 7:13:43 AM PST · by PJ-Comix · 98 replies · 56+ views
    DUmmie FUnnies ^ | February 13, 2008 | DUmmies and PJ-Comix
    With his string of overwhelming victories last night in the Potomac primaries, the cult of Obama worship has now become more reverent than ever. In keeping with this mood, first let me indulge in a bit of revent Obamassiah music composed by that famous Tin Pan Alley songwriter, pastor, and DUFU guest host, Charles Henrickson who currently, at great personal sacrifice, has given up eating lima beans for Lent although we expect him back soon after Easter. So now let us listen to his Obama cult composition titled, I Don't Know Why I Love Him from the Hit Musical,...
  • McCain Solidifies Lock On Nomination

    02/13/2008 7:20:06 AM PST · by jdm · 19 replies · 168+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | Feb. 13, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    In the end, the Mike Huckabee surge in Virginia fell far short of victory. John McCain swept the Potomac Primaries last night, winning by nine in Virginia and winning among conservatives in Maryland. The delegate count now makes his nomination inevitable: Sen. John McCain (Ariz.) swept Republican primaries in Virginia, Maryland and the District last night, defeating former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee and adding to his vast delegate lead in the race to become his party's presidential nominee. But even as he dominated the Potomac Primary, McCain lost conservatives in Virginia, as he has across the South and parts of...
  • Clinton Ignores Losses, Gets Booed

    02/13/2008 7:00:20 AM PST · by jdm · 152 replies · 399+ views
    Captain's Quarters ^ | Feb. 13, 2008 | Ed Morrissey
    After Barack Obama swept the Potomac Primaries last night, one might have expected Hillary Clinton to say a few words to her supporters to explain the losses. If so, the crowds that turned out for her in Texas had to manage their disappointment. They managed to let her know when they disagreed with her, however: As news of her triple defeat in the Potomac Primary sank in, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton did what has become a specialty in recent weeks: She headed someplace else. After flying from Virginia to Texas for a rally on Tuesday night, Clinton did not publicly...
  • Despite loss, Huckabee Enjoyed Strong Support from Conservatives

    02/13/2008 6:20:07 AM PST · by dano1 · 17 replies · 75+ views
    OneNewsNow ^ | 2/12/2008 | Jim Brown
    A conservative political commentator says former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee's savvy campaigning held Arizona Senator John McCain to only a modest victory in the winner-take-all Virginia Republican primary. A strong showing in the more affluent Northern Virginia suburbs propelled McCain to a close win over Mike Huckabee, who trailed in a recent Virginia poll by 28 points. Exit polls show Huckabee did well among conservatives in Virginia, while McCain did well among self-described conservatives in Maryland. Former Republican National Committee official Genevieve Wood notes endorsements McCain picked up from veteran Senator John Warner and two former Virginia Governors - George...
  • GMA's Maudlin Metaphor for Hillary's Hard Climb

    02/13/2008 4:58:01 AM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 23 replies · 36+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    The media loves campaign metaphors. Yesterday, some MSM wag delighted in pointing out that Mike Huckabee's campaign van had twice run out of gas. Today, it was Hillary Clinton's turn. In the wake of her devastating defeats in the Potomac primaries, Good Morning America rolled an extended clip of her struggling up an airplane stairway. Speaking with Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopoulos had just finished opining that if in Texas Obama cuts into Hillary's coalition of women and Hispanics the way he did last night, he will be the nominee. View video.
  • The Battle Begins--McCain vs. Obama.

    02/13/2008 4:44:50 AM PST · by SJackson · 103 replies · 468+ views
    The Weekly Standard | Frontpagemagazine ^ | February 13, 2008 | Stephen F. Hayes
    JOHN MCCAIN AND Barack Obama swept the Chesapeake Primaries, as expected. With his victories last night, McCain further solidified his status as the almost-certain nominee of his party. Obama, meanwhile, has taken a lead among delegates to the Democratic convention and is now arguably the frontrunner. With the outcomes last night widely expected, aides to both Obama and McCain had plenty of time to craft victory speeches that would reflect their candidate's thinking on the state of the race. And with varying degrees of intensity, both men used that freedom to begin to frame a McCain-versus-Obama general election contest, something...
  • McCain targets Obama [After McCain swept the D.C., Maryland and Virginia primaries tonight0

    02/12/2008 8:07:05 PM PST · by Salvation · 87 replies · 258+ views ^ | Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008 22:40 EST | Alex Koppelman
    By Alex Koppelman Tuesday, Feb. 12, 2008 22:40 EST McCain targets Obama ALEXANDRIA, Va. -- John McCain doesn't seem to be betting very heavily on a Hillary Clinton comeback. After McCain swept the D.C., Maryland and Virginia primaries tonight -- another step in his now nearly unstoppable march to the Republican nomination -- he focused all his rhetorical fire on Barack Obama, ignoring Clinton completely in his remarks. "Hope, my friends, is a powerful thing," McCain said. "I can attest to that better than many, for I have seen men's hopes tested in hard and cruel ways that few...
  • Clinton gets 'Obama-ed'

    02/12/2008 8:25:53 PM PST · by Salena Zito · 40 replies · 196+ views
    Tribune-Review ^ | Salena Zito
    Clinton gets 'Obama-ed' TRIBUNE-REVIEW By Salena Zito Hillary Clinton did not look back in the rearview mirror tonight after getting “Obama-ed” in the "Potomac Primary." Instead, she did what she does best: move on and move forward to the next contest. Kicking off in El Paso in what has now become the most important phase of the primary campaign, she hit the border at the same time her campaign became more marginalized by stinging defeats to Barack Obama in Virginia, Maryland and the District of Columbia.
  • For Clinton, chickens come home to roost (Super Delegates may NOT stand by Clinton)

    02/12/2008 11:11:45 PM PST · by xtinct · 113 replies · 388+ views
    Boston Globe ^ | 2/13/08 | Ron Fournier
    For years, Bill and Hillary Clinton treated the Democratic National Committee and party activists as extensions of their White House ambitions, pawns in a game of success and survival. more stories like this. She may pay a high price for their selfishness soon. Top Democrats, including some inside Hillary Clinton's campaign, say many party leaders -- the so-called super delegates -- won't hesitate to ditch the former New York senator for Barack Obama if her political problems persist. Their loyalty to the first couple is build on shaky ground. "If (Barack) Obama continues to win .... the whole raison d'etre...
  • Hillary on the offensive

    02/12/2008 7:56:18 PM PST · by doug from upland · 44 replies · 106+ views
    abc news ^ | 2-12-08 | Jake Tapper
    Hillary on the Offensive February 12, 2008 8:44 AM So what will these next three weeks look like, until we hit the March 4 primaries in Ohio and Texas where Sen. Hillary Clinton, D-NY, is looking for a win? They could get pretty tough, if last night's candidate interviews on WJLA, ABC's Washington DC affiliate, are any guide. You can watch them in full HERE. Or you can see our Good Morning America report from this a.m. on the interviews HERE. "I have been vetted, I have been through this," she said. "I understand exactly what is coming at me….I...
  • Incumbent Reps Wynn (D) And Gilchrest (R) Defeated In Maryland Primary

    02/12/2008 10:23:33 PM PST · by Clintonfatigued · 51 replies · 98+ views
    Talking Points Memo ^ | February 12, 2008 | Eric Kleefeld
    Late Update: With 51% reporting, the Associated Press has projected Donna Edwards the winner over Al Wynn — and apparently by a landslide. In Gilchrest's district, Harris leads 41%-35% with 74% of precincts in. No projection has yet been made, but it's not looking good for the incumbent here. Late Late Update: Harris has been projected the winner over Gilchrest.
  • McCain 'Fired Up' to Face Democrats

    02/12/2008 9:34:17 PM PST · by bshomoic · 106 replies · 161+ views
    McCain 'Fired Up' to Face Democrats By LIBBY QUAID – 1 hour ago ALEXANDRIA, Va. (AP) — Republican John McCain said he was "fired up and ready to go" against either Democratic presidential contender as he celebrated primary victories Tuesday in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. "We do not yet know for certain who will have the honor of being the Democratic Party's nominee for president," McCain said of Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. "But we know where either of their candidates will lead this country, and we dare not let them." He told supporters at a...
  • Clinton: Still no congratulations for Obama

    02/12/2008 7:29:59 PM PST · by james500 · 37 replies · 154+ views
    CNN ^ | Feb 12, 2008 09:55 PM ET | Peter Hamby
    For the second election night in a row, Hillary Clinton failed to acknowledge or congratulate Barack Obama after he won the day in dominating fashion. ... But as the race has shifted to a delegate chase with dozens of states in play around the country, the notion of congratulating one’s opponent seems, for Clinton, to have fallen by the wayside.
  • Incumbent Albert Wynn (D) Trailing Neophyte Anti-War Candidate in Maryland

    02/12/2008 7:20:12 PM PST · by 11th_VA · 43 replies · 175+ views
    He was opposed by - If Al goes down get ready to say hello to Senator Al Franken in November ... The Obama sunami will change Amerika forever.Edwards, Donna 1974 64.85% Wynn, Albert R. 889 29.20%
  • Clinton Deputy Campaign Manager Mike Henry Resigns

    02/12/2008 5:59:47 PM PST · by hole_n_one · 88 replies · 827+ views
    CNN | 2/12/08
    CNN reporting that Deputy Campaign Manager for Hillary Clinton, Mike Henry, has resigned.
  • Analysis: Facing Losses, Clinton Recasts

    02/12/2008 4:46:53 PM PST · by SmithL · 31 replies · 208+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 2/12/8 | BETH FOUHY, Associated Press Writer
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Democratic Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has found a lot of ways to explain her string of losses to Sen. Barack Obama. She's going to have to come up with yet another excuse for losing Virginia Tuesday night. Obama prevailed by a 2-to-1 margin in the state based on exit surveys conducted for The Associated Press and the television networks. He was also expected to win primaries in Maryland and the District of Columbia, after sweeping four states plus the Virgin Islands this past weekend. It's been a weekly challenge for Clinton, once the "inevitable" front-runner, to justify...
  • McCain Wins in Virginia

    02/12/2008 6:17:12 PM PST · by DBCJR · 55 replies · 118+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 1/12/08 | By Amy Gardner
    Washington Post Staff Writer Sen. John McCain narrowly defeated former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee in the Virginia Republican primary today. With about half the vote counted, McCain was ahead 47 percent to 44 percent, a lead that was expected to hold. Still, Huckabee's strong showing suggested difficulties for McCain. Despite his status as the presumptive nominee, McCain performed poorly among evangelicals and conservatives, according to the exit polls. Although it is nearly impossible for Huckabee to win the GOP nomination now, the results demonstrate the challenge McCain faces to win conservatives over before the fall election...

    02/12/2008 6:04:58 PM PST · by yoely · 51 replies · 148+ views
    Just breaking
  • FoxNews: VA called for McCain - Winner take all 70 Delegates

    02/12/2008 5:37:57 PM PST · by Bronco_Buster_FweetHyagh · 228 replies · 93+ views
    FoxNEWS calls McCain win over Huckabee. 60 Delegates.
  • Clinton's Deputy Campaign Manager Steps Aside (another one bites dust)

    02/12/2008 5:29:37 PM PST · by xtinct · 26 replies · 381+ views
    Washington Post ^ | 21/12/08 | Chris Cilliza
    Mike Henry, deputy campaign manager for Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton (N.Y.) has resigned, according to a source familiar with the decision. Henry tendered his resignation yesterday morning but worked the last two days on a volunteer basis. His departure is not entirely unexpected, as he was brought into the campaign by Patti Solis Doyle, who stepped down on Sunday. In an email sent to staff and obtained by The Fix, Henry writes: "As someone who has managed campaigns, I share the unique understanding of the challenges that the campaign will face over the next several weeks. Our campaign needs to...

    02/12/2008 5:14:12 PM PST · by jdm · 87 replies · 281+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | Feb. 12, 2008 | Drudge
  • Planned Parenthood takes aim at McCain [should we wish them luck]

    02/12/2008 5:04:06 PM PST · by SJackson · 25 replies · 54+ views
    Fox News ^ | 2-12-08 | Mosheh Oinounou
    Richmond, VA — With enemies like this, who needs friends? Could a Planned Parenthood radio ad launched Sunday taking aim at John McCain’s pro-life record actually help the Arizona Senator within the conservative activist community (on top of his Gary Bauer endorsement today) as McCain seeks to reach out to his right flank? The ad attacks McCain’s “anti-choice” stance, noting that his “plan to outlaw abortion threatens the lives and health of women.” The 60-second spot will air in the DC area through Tuesday and adds that McCain has a “zero percent rating from Planned Parenthood Action Fund, the lowest...

    02/12/2008 4:31:49 PM PST · by Blogger · 712 replies · 646+ views
    Did not see a live thread to keep track of how things were going. Latest results from VA on the Repub side Mike Huckabee 12,025 47.85% Precincts Reporting: 169 of 2,472 (6.836% reporting) John McCain 11,379 45.28% Ron Paul 867 3.45% Mitt Romney 628 2.49% Fred D. Thompson 163 0.64% Rudy Giuliani 65 0.25%
  • Fox calls Virginia for Obama; Huckabee ahead of McCain

    02/12/2008 4:30:59 PM PST · by pabianice · 73 replies · 87+ views
    Fox News | 2/12/08
    Obama ahead of Hillary 3-2; Huckabee ahead of McCain in early tallies.
  • Obama Wins Virginia's Democratic Primary

    02/12/2008 4:06:57 PM PST · by SmithL · 103 replies · 133+ views
    AP via SFGate ^ | 2/12/8 | DAVID ESPO, AP Special Correspondent
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Barack Obama has won Virginia's Democratic primary, defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton. Obama is also hoping to capture first place in Tuesday's Democratic primaries in Maryland and the District of Columbia. Republicans are voting, too, and it looks like Mike Huckabee is making an unexpectedly strong challenge to John McCain in Virginia. The Associated Press made its Democratic call based on surveys of voters as they left the polls. THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information. AP's earlier story is below.
  • "The Chris Plante Show" - Exclusive Interview w/ President Clinton & Potomac Primaries LIVE Forum

    02/12/2008 3:47:26 PM PST · by SilvieWaldorfMD · 75 replies · 453+ views
    HEAR PLANTE'S EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH PRESIDENT BILL CLINTON, WHICH TOOK PLACE EARLIER TODAY!!! (This ought to be good!!!) Show starts at 8:06 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. on 630 WMAL, Washington, D.C. (see links below). Analyzing the Virginia, Maryland and District of Columbia primary results, live and straight from the studios of conservative news talk radio station 630 WMAL in Washington, D.C. Tune in through streaming audio (or radio in the D.C. region) for two hours of the most fun-filled, fastest-growing and sensational radio talk show, “The Chris Plante Show” (see links below). Chris will be on from 8:06 to 10:00...
  • Early Exit Poll Data For Tonight

    02/12/2008 3:34:21 PM PST · by Oliver Optic · 28 replies · 114+ views
    National Review Online ^ | February 12, 2008 | Jim Geraghty
    Early exit poll data for tonight... In Maryland, McCain 57 percent, Huckabee 31 percent. In Virginia, the second wave of data shows an extremely close race, less than a percentage point between McCain and Huckabee. But I warn you, at this point, or even a little later a week ago, the data was saying McCain and Romney were tied in Arizona, and McCain won comfortably. No word on the Democrats yet, and no word on D.C....
  • VA called for OBAMA!

    02/12/2008 3:29:52 PM PST · by illiac · 271 replies · 335+ views
    Drudge ^ | Drudge Report
  • Breakfast With Huckabee

    02/12/2008 8:14:22 AM PST · by Berlin_Freeper · 45 replies · 56+ views
    New York Times ^ | February 12, 2008 | John M. Broder
    Mike Huckabee, the lone remaining challenger to Senator John McCain for the Republican presidential nomination, visited with about 30 reporters this morning for the Washington ritual Christian Science Monitor breakfast (motto: Better Journalism through Bacon). He didn’t make much news and he didn’t eat any eggs, but as always he had a number of quotable things to say. On running for the United States Senate if this presidential thing doesn’t work out: “It’s more likely I’ll dye my hair green, get a bunch of tattoos and go on tour with Amy Winehouse.” On the rigors of a presidential campaign: “Arkansas...
  • Rush Limbaugh LIVE Radio Thread - Tuesday 2/12/08

    02/12/2008 8:51:17 AM PST · by TSchmereL · 314 replies · 91+ views
    The EIB Network ^ | February 12, 2008 | Rush Limbaugh
    AND NOW . . . amidst billowing clouds of fragrant, aromatic first- and second-hand premium cigar smoke. . . it is time for . . . that harmless, lovable little fuzz ball, the highly-trained broadcast specialist, having more fun than a human being should be allowed to have, from behind the golden EIB microphone, firmly ensconced in the prestigious Attila-the-Hun chair at the Limbaugh Institute of Advanced Conservative Studies, with talent on loan from G-d, at the cutting-edge of societal evolution, with half his brain tied behind his back — just to make it fair, the all-knowing, all-caring, all-sensing, all-feeling,...
  • A Good Day For Virginia To Send A Message: No Way McCain

    02/12/2008 5:13:20 AM PST · by Nextrush · 59 replies · 84+ views
    2/12/08 | Self
    This is a great day to keep sending a message to John McCain in the winner takes all delegates Virginia Primary. I've heard John McCain say this election will be about higher taxes or lower taxes. It could be if we elect him our next president. Is anyone reading his lips about this one? From the Freepers on the Virginia board it seems a lot of robocalls have been going on out there. The Trust Huckabee operation is my guess as to who's behind the robocalls that attack Huckabee's opponents. This outfit who's leader Patrick Davis has pictures of the...
  • Decision Time

    02/12/2008 4:37:54 AM PST · by Kaslin · 34 replies · 101+ views ^ | February 12, 2008 | Oliver North
    Just four hours after former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney's pragmatic decision to suspend his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination, Sen. John McCain stood before the annual Conservative Political Action Conference and asked the assembled activists to support his bid for the White House. The "maverick" acknowledged differences he has had over the years with many in the room, offered a spirited defense of his 24-year record in Congress, and made an eloquent, self-effacing appeal for conservatives to unite in the "urgent necessity of defending the values, virtues and security of free people against those who despise all that is...
  • “THE MARK LEVIN SHOW,” Live Thread – Tuesday – Feb. 12, 2008

    02/12/2008 2:24:28 PM PST · by Fudd Fan · 380 replies · 114+ views
    Welcome to “The Levin Lounge”… Step in and have a virtual FRink.Will we hear… Taking the country by storm, one radio station at a time – and kicking the BUTTS of the competition! Welcome all, to the most FUN LIVE THREAD on! You can call Mark’s show: 1-877-381-3811
  • I need some reassurance that I did the right thing.

    02/12/2008 1:52:27 PM PST · by Gatcko · 163 replies · 642+ views
    Basically, I live in Virginia. It was my first time voting, and I honestly didn't like any of the candidates. I told myself to vote anyone but McCain. I didn't want to vote Huckabee, and I knew that if I crossovered and voted Obama just to knock Hillary off my conscience would feel very guilty, simply because I despise Obama, so I figured that I had no other choice but to vote for Ron Paul. All the way there, I tried telling myself that "It's ok. He's can't possibly REALLY be rascist, right? Right?" but somehow, I wasn't convinced. Then,...
  • Gregory Sign-off: 'Thanks for Washington'

    02/12/2008 1:52:37 PM PST · by governsleastgovernsbest · 16 replies · 81+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | Mark Finkelstein
    OK, it was probably just a Freudian slip by someone with the Potomac Primary on the noggin. But perhaps big-government loving MSNBC should consider it as its official new sign-off. In any case, here's how David Gregory said goodbye at 3:59 PM ET at the end of his stint as network host this afternoon: DAVID GREGORY: That's going to do it for me. My colleague Norah O'Donnell will take over our coverage. I'm David Gregory, thanks for Washington. Thanks for watching, rather. Stay with MSNBC -- all day coverage of Chesapeake Tuesday. Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews will host coverage...
  • Bill Clinton Tells Va Campus Hillary Would 'Stop Bad Things'

    02/12/2008 12:14:12 PM PST · by kingattax · 161 replies · 479+ views ^ | February 12, 2008 | Evan Moore
    Fairfax, Va. ( - In advance of today's Potomac Primaries in Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C., former President Bill Clinton led a rally for his wife's campaign at George Mason University Monday night. Although polls show Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) trailing Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) in Maryland and the District, some analysts think Clinton has a chance in Virginia. The "first thing that you want in a president is somebody who will keep big bad things from happening," President Clinton told the crowd at GMU. A president must also "make sure good things happen." The former president said the nation...