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  • With More Vacation Days and Separate Travel, Price of Obama’s...... (Outrageous)

    12/18/2011 8:07:06 AM PST · by yoe · 65 replies · 1+ views
    Hawaii Reporter ^ | December 16, 2011 | MALIA ZIMMERMAN
    Secret Service has arrived, street barricades are in place, and the U.S. Coast Guard has stationed itself in the waters surrounding Kailua, Oahu. That is a sure sign President Barack Obama’s security team is preparing for the first family to arrive in the small beachside community as early as Friday night for what is expected to be a 17-day vacation. The President and his family are traveling separately to Hawaii because he wants resolve the payroll tax cut issue before leaving Washington – and his wife does not want to wait. But the advanced trip and the cost that comes...
  • 60 Minutes of one deluded president (The real Middle-Class knows Obama is a fraud)

    12/12/2011 9:48:14 AM PST · by tobyhill · 25 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 12/12/2011 | By Jennifer Rubin
    President Obama’s appearance last night on “60 Minutes” confirms how severely out of touch he is with political reality. He has become entirely predictable, and his insincerity is unrestrained. There is the phony familiarity, a strained attempt to bond with working-class voters he’s lost. We therefore have an epidemic of missing “g’s”: He tells Steve Kroft: “Look, the — everybody’s at — concerned about inequality. Those folks in there, who were listenin’ to the speech, those are teachers and small-business people, and probably some small-town bankers, who are in there thinking to themselves, ‘How is it that I, we’re workin’...
  • America's Communist President

    12/12/2011 9:53:10 AM PST · by Olympiad Fisherman · 13 replies
    The Canada Free Press ^ | 12/11/2011 | Alan Caruba
    In his extraordinary book, “Dupes: How America’s Adversaries Have Manipulated Progressives for a Century”, the historian, Dr. Paul Kengor, stated in his introduction that “We now know that American Communists and their masters in Moscow were acutely aware that they could never gain the popular support they needed to enlist the support of a much wider coalition that could help them push their private agenda.” Most threatening, however, was Dr. Kengor’s discovery that “it was nothing short of stunning to research this book during the presidential bid of Barack Obama and hear so many of the names in my research...
  • Michele Bachmann sticks to guns despite drop in polls (Yes, she's still in the race)

    12/06/2011 2:02:58 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 151 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 12/06/2011 | Byron York
    ROCK HILL, S.C. - After her victory in the Ames, Iowa, straw poll last August, Michele Bachmann went from front-runner to back-in-the-packer faster than any candidate in this volatile political season. First Rick Perry, then Herman Cain, and now Newt Gingrich have risen to challenge establishment choice Mitt Romney, while Bachmann's support has been stuck in the single digits, not only here in South Carolina but in Iowa, New Hampshire and across the country. But now there's something happening with the Bachmann campaign. It's not a boom, not even a boomlet. But many Republican voters are recognizing Bachmann's sheer determination...
  • Speaking of Historic Opportunity

    11/26/2011 10:18:07 PM PST · by VaConstitution · 6 replies
    'Journal of Constitutional Reset from Virginia' ^ | 2011-11-26 | Russell Davis publisher of the 'Journal of Constitutional Reset from Virginia'
    Virginia has a history that caused her to become the mother of FF presidents.That history still shows within the extraordinary beauty of Virginia’s constitution and statutes. Virginia’s law is still enables her to save the constitutional republic of the United States if she will first save herself from the custom of cavalier conceits of authority whose toxic culture came to the ‘Old Dominion’ with refugees from the English Civil War.Virginia appears to be the only state that has a law equivalent to VA18.2-481(5) where ‘Resisting the execution of the laws under the color of its authority’ is defined as ‘Statutory...
  • What Christians want in a president

    11/26/2011 8:10:47 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 8 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 11/26/2011 | Jim Daly
    On Faith asks: Dr. Richard Land recently suggested that “people who campaign as traditional moral individuals are asking to be judged by different standards. If you’re going to stand up, you have to walk the walk.” What kinds of ethics, values and morals should we expect from our candidates? A: From my perspective there are baseline non-negotiable qualities and characteristics that anyone must first embody in order to be considered worthy of holding a position of leadership – at any level. These same standards apply whether or not you’re leading a Boy Scout troop, a Fortune 500 company or serving...
  • EDITORIAL: CAIN'S FOREIGN POLICY (Exclusive interview-Wash Times)

    11/24/2011 9:51:02 PM PST · by VinL · 40 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 11-24-11 | Wash Times Editorial
    One of the digs at Ronald Reagan before he was president was that he lacked a keen grasp of foreign policy. The former actor and California governor had never had to grapple with those questions firsthand. Surely, critics argued, he couldn’t match the abilities of people with real-world experience like George H.W. Bush or John Connally. Once in office, Reagan demonstrated that principle and vision could more than make up for inexperience. He had a good plan and stuck to it; the rest was just a matter of details. Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain is taking a page from the...
  • Obama's Thanksgiving Proclamation Strikingly Different From Predecessors'

    11/24/2011 10:48:23 AM PST · by Kaslin · 16 replies ^ | November 23, 2011 | Janet M.LaRue
    Psychiatrist Karl Menninger, founder of the Menninger Clinic, raised the question, “Whatever became of sin?” in his 1973 book title. There was a time when U.S. presidents made certain that our sin didn’t fade from our national conscience. Not this year. The Huffington Post reviewed the Thanksgiving Proclamations of 26 U.S. Presidents from Washington to Barack Obama, and concluded that they’re “strikingly the same”: "Whereas it is the duty of all Nations to acknowledge the providence of almighty God, to obey his will, to be grateful for his benefits, and humbly to implore his protection and favor..." With these words,...
  • Herman Cain: An inspiring leader for our times

    11/21/2011 10:10:58 PM PST · by Fred · 72 replies · 1+ views
    Wahington Times ^ | 112111 | Jim Picht/Michelle Scott, M.D.
    WASHINGTON, November 21, 2011 ― On November 19, 2011, Carter Lee wrote an article titled, "Mr. Cain on David Letterman: Cain Simply Can't Cut It." Others who heard the same interview thought, unlike Lee, that Herman Cain handled himself well. We remain inspired by his life story and ideas. A tit-for-tat analysis of Lee's opinion would be pointless, as it is obvious from his article that he has complete disdain for Cain, with biases so complete that he couldn't find even one thing that he liked. I would just request that he comment on something more relevant in assessing a...
  • Prepare Yourself for Obama's Second Term (Maybe we should fear a repeat of 1996...)

    11/18/2011 8:07:56 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 118 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 11/18/2011 | Michael Filozof
    For some time now, many conservatives have thought that President Obama is the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter. They think that chronic 9% unemployment, creeping inflation, and a foreign policy of self-abasement and weakness will doom Obama to a single term, and that he'll slink off with his tail between his legs in disgrace, just like Carter did after 1980. Maybe they should be thinking about the election of 1996 instead. Does anyone remember the disaster that was Bill Clinton's first term? The first attempt to put gays in the military, the first attack on the World Trade Center by...
  • Freep Favor? *BASIC* PhotoShop Skillz Required 4 a Brief Task...

    11/16/2011 3:18:58 PM PST · by gaijin · 22 replies
    Cerbrium ^ | 11/16/2011 | me
    Using photoshop, can a savvy Freeper assemble my "gay Obama" photos into a single, low-rez MONTAGE photo? (to go easy on our servers) ------------------------------------------------------------ Cain is getting pounced on for made-up stuff. Meanwhile Larry Sinclaire's amazing allegations regarding fellatio & crack cocaine go completely ignored. That's unfair. Fair is fair. Last night some radio journalists re-interviewed Larry Sinclaire regarding his story, and I must say he was WAAAAY more believable than I'd thought (when I first heard the story I simply paid it no attention). I'm no closer to endorsing Larry Sinclaire's lifestyle than I was then, but now I...
  • Freep Favor? *BASIC* PhotoShop Skillz Required 4 a Brief Task...

    11/16/2011 3:18:41 PM PST · by gaijin · 2 replies
    Using photoshop, can a savvy Freeper assemble my "gay Obama" photos into a single, low-rez MONTAGE photo? (to go easy on our servers) ------------------------------------------------------------ Cain is getting pounced on for made-up stuff. Meanwhile Larry Sinclaire's amazing allegations regarding fellatio & crack cocaine go completely ignored. That's unfair. Fair is fair. Last night some radio journalists re-interviewed Larry Sinclaire regarding his story, and I must say he was WAAAAY more believable than I'd thought (when I first heard the story I simply paid it no attention). I'm no closer to endorsing Larry Sinclaire's lifestyle than I was then, but now I...
  • Is Newt for real? (If the base wants a fighter...)

    11/15/2011 12:26:03 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 71 replies
    Hotair ^ | 11/15/2011 | Ed Morrissey
    In this cycle, that question applies to, well, everyone except Mitt Romney, whose support has been consistent if not impressive in primary polling. Romney has clearly failed to engage the enthusiasm of the Republican base, which wants a more conservative candidate, as well as hoping for another quality they find missing in Romney. In my column for The Week, I point out the common thread of the boomlet candidates, and explain why Newt Gingrich’s rise might be the candidate that fits that quality best: One might be tempted to just dismiss the latest boomlet for Gingrich as a simple matter...
  • Shaking Herman's Hand @ the "Big Sky Diner" in Ypsilanti MI

    11/10/2011 10:22:17 AM PST · by taildragger · 35 replies
    n/a | 11/10/2011 | Taildragger
    It was cold standing outside the "Big Sky Diner" in Ypsi, but it was well worth standing their for just over an hr this morning. The wait staff came out a served us coffee, which helped warm up many. While we thought we got their early the "Dr" and I just missed getting inside, but that is ok.When Herman Arrived the bus pulled in and it took a while for Herman to exit the bus. Music played on a loud speaker outside that doubled as a speaker for his speech, once he made it up the receiving line. The throngs...
  • For Your Amusement: 17 Occutard Cartoons

    11/09/2011 8:53:09 AM PST · by peopleofows · 22 replies
    People of OWS ^ | 11/09/2011 | Spotter
    Hi, folks. Here's a collection of some of the better Occutard political cartoons I've come across. Hope you enjoy! 17 Occutard 'Toons
  • Boots-on-the-Ground 4 "Constitutional Reset"

    Boots-on-the-Ground to stand in the Gap - Agreement with God in prayer support of "Constitutional Reset"IMH observation "The goal of the Constitution Party is to restore American jurisprudence to its Biblical foundations and to limit the federal government to its Constitutional boundaries."  from is entirely within the heart’s desire of "God & Country".  Is this so?IMH observation it appears that the Constitution Party is entirely in agreement with the 912 Project's  9 principles and 12 values.  Is this so?IMH observation it appears that the Republican Party of Virginia has a large enough constituency that is mostly in agreement with the Project's 9 principles and 12 values that it is moving...
  • The Tea Party Case for Newt Gingrich

    11/07/2011 7:00:02 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 67 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 11/07/2011 | Kevin Tharp
    The Republican Party seems to be struggling to find a candidate it can unite around. One impediment may be a mindset common among some of my fellow Tea Partiers, a false dichotomy that if you are in government you are part of the problem, and if you are not in government, you are part of the solution -- whatever those problems or solutions may be. Herman Cain says, "The folks in Washington have held public office. How's that working out for you?" It's a catchy comeback. But is government tenure, whether recent or not, the reality of the problems in...
  • Is it now Gingrich’s turn?

    11/05/2011 2:39:42 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 84 replies
    Hotair ^ | 11/05/2011 | Ed Morrisey
    While Mitt Romney has remained a constant in polling for the Republican presidential nomination at around 25-28%, inconstancy has been the constant among his opponents. Michele Bachmann became the first to ride a wave to Romney’s relative polling position, only to fade when Rick Perry entered the race. Now Perry has faded after a series of awful debate performances and Herman Cain has taken his place for the last six weeks. If Cain can’t maintain his momentum, who will be the next Not-Romney? Byron York reports from Iowa that it may well be Newt Gingrich: For days, there’s been talk...
  • Cain Catches Flak, but Will It Shoot Down His Candidacy? (Real test of legitimacy lies ahead)

    11/03/2011 6:35:39 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 17 replies
    National Review ^ | 11/03/2011 | Michael Barone
    Washington was all a-Twitter (literally) Monday over Politico’s story about the sexual-harassment charges against Herman Cain — and about Cain’s serial self-contradictions. Faithful Fox News viewers saw him in the afternoon saying he didn’t know the terms of a settlement reached with the complainants and then saw him tell Greta Van Susteren in the 10 p.m. hour that he did. The Politico story, quoting no named sources, described Cain’s alleged misconduct as “conversations allegedly filled with innuendo or personal questions of a sexually suggestive nature” and “physical gestures that were not overtly sexual.” That sounds bad but not horrible. A...
  • Can Gingrich Break Through? .

    11/02/2011 7:25:34 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 42 replies
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 11/02/2011 | Paul Gigot
    The College Board and News Corp. sponsored a forum on education with four GOP presidential candidates last week, and the runaway winner was Newt Gingrich. (Truth in advertising: I moderated the session along with Joel Klein, the former New York schools chancellor who now runs an educational unit for our employer, News Corp. Each candidate received 30 minutes, which was refreshing after the 30-second trivial pursuits of the debates.) Michele Bachmann (local control), Rick Santorum (moral values) and Herman Cain (business principles) stuck mainly to their talking points, but Mr. Gingrich kept the crowd of 1,000 or so engaged and...