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  • EPA building named for former President Clinton

    07/17/2013 7:38:17 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 22 replies
    Yahoo! News ^ | 7/17/13 | Shaquille Brewster, Associated Press
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former Clinton administration officials and congressional leaders packed into the Environmental Protection Agency headquarters Wednesday to mark the building's renaming in honor of former President Bill Clinton. "This is a very strong building, and Bill Clinton was a very strong president," Senator Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., said as she welcomed guests to what is now the William Jefferson Clinton Federal Building. Boxer sponsored the legislation to change the building's name. In front of family and friends Clinton strongly defended his environmental legacy, saying his administration's efforts to promote clean air, conserve land, and combat dirty water made a...
  • Disinvite Former President Bill Clinton From the DNC Convention Over His History of Abusing Women

    08/21/2012 5:23:21 AM PDT · by lbryce · 15 replies
    We The People ^ | August 20, 2012 | Staff
    We petition the obama administration to: Disinvite Former President Bill Clinton From the DNC Convention Over His History of Abusing Women In light of President Obama's comments at a White House press conference on Aug. 20, 2012, condemning rape and efforts at "qualifying forcible rape versus non-forcible rape," we the undersigned respectfully urge Pres. Obama to uphold his own standard of condemning sexual abuse of women by disinviting former Pres. Bill Clinton from the upcoming Democratic party convention. Mr. Clinton has a history of abusing women. He has been credibly accused of raping Juanita Broaddrick when he was Arkansas Attorney...
  • Last U.S. Ambassador to Yugoslavia Dies

    02/04/2004 1:01:40 PM PST · by joan · 2 replies · 91+ views
    Las Vegas Sun ^ | January 4, 2004
    WASHINGTON (AP) - Warren Zimmerman, the last U.S. ambassador to Yugoslavia, died Tuesday of pancreatic cancer. He was 69. Zimmerman, a career Foreign Service officer, was named ambassador to Yugoslavia in 1989 by the first President Bush. At the time, the former communist country was breaking up into warring factions, and Zimmerman led the administration's efforts to keep the state together. Bush recalled Zimmerman in 1992 to protest the outbreak of civil war. The war lasted until 1995 and pitted the country's Muslims, Orthodox Christian Serbs and Catholic Croats against each other. The war killed 260,000 and forced 1.8 million...
  • Report: Obama Asks Pres. George W. Bush to Co-Lead Haiti Relief Effort With Bill Clinton

    01/14/2010 5:08:56 AM PST · by kristinn · 145 replies · 4,272+ views
    Thursday, January 14, 2010 | Kristinn
    NBC's Chuck Todd reported on MSNBC's 'Morning Joe' this morning that Barack Obama called former President George W. Bush last night to ask him to co-lead relief efforts for earthquake victims in Haiti along with Bill Clinton.This would be in keeping with Bush asking Clinton and his father President George H. W. Bush to co-lead the relief efforts for the 2004 Sumatra tsunami.Todd said the White House may wait a few days to make the announcement.
  • IowaHawk: Obama Names Bill Clinton to Presidential Post

    11/24/2008 3:53:03 PM PST · by Patrick1 · 48 replies · 2,278+ views
    IowaHawk ^ | 11/25/08 | Patrick1
    Obama Names Bill Clinton to Presidential Post WASHINGTON DC - Ending weeks of speculation and rumors, President-Elect Barack Obama today named Bill Clinton to join his incoming administration as President of the United States, where he will head the federal government's executive branch. "I am pleased that Bill Clinton has agreed to come out of retirement to head up this crucial post in my administration," said Obama. "He brings a lifetime of previous executive experience as Governor of Arkansas and President of the United States, and has worked closely with most of the members of my Cabinet." Clinton said he...
  • Democratic Donor Gets Money Back Due To [Florida]Primary Dilemma

    03/28/2008 6:55:56 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies · 681+ views
    NBC 6 TV ^ | March 28, 2008
    MIAMI -- A donor to the Democratic Party asked for a rebate out of frustration over the party's Florida delegate dilemma -- and he got it. Federal records show that Paul Cejas has given six-figure sums to the Democratic National Committee for years, NBC 6's Nick Bogert reported. Cejas asked for his last donation back. He said he was angry with the party, particularly party Chair Howard Dean, over the failure to resolve Florida's delegate dilemma. "Frankly, he's dropped the ball, and I told him, 'You're going to go down in history as the worst chairman of the Democratic Party...
  • When Travel Is Experience [Michael Reagan - Spot On!]

    03/28/2008 9:25:31 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 19 replies · 1,370+ views
    Townhall ^ | March 27, 2008 | Michael Reagan
    I'm indebted to Hillary Clinton for the revelation that my global wanderings when my dad was president qualify me to run for the presidency myself. Mrs. Clinton has been insisting that her global junkets as first lady, and her meetings with foreign leaders, qualify her to be president of these United States. I never thought of it that way, but if she is correct then I am eminently qualified to follow my father's footsteps and take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., not merely as a member of the president's family, but as president in my own right. Hillary, who...
  • The Case for an Obama-Clinton Ticket

    03/24/2008 4:47:31 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 31 replies · 1,027+ views
    The New York Observer ^ | March 24, 2008 | Steve Kornacki
    Maybe, just maybe, it’s now worth at least asking whether Hillary Clinton might wind up as the Democratic candidate for vice president. When the chatter about a Democratic “dream ticket” began last year, it was easy to dismiss. Either Clinton or Obama would win a clear victory in the primaries and, after what inevitably would be a contentious campaign, each would want as little to do with the other as possible. Clinton, if she emerged victorious, would instead choose some kind of national security graybeard to her political right, a retired general perhaps, or maybe even a Republican. Likewise, Obama...
  • Hillary’s Economic Hail Mary (Barf Alert)

    03/23/2008 1:57:41 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 23 replies · 879+ views
    Newsweek ^ | March 20, 2008 | Michael Hirsh
    Hello, Hillary? Hate to wake you, but it's 3 o'clock in the morning, and we have a real crisis. It's your campaign, senator. It's Hail Mary time. You've lost the bid for a revote in Florida and, it seems, in Michigan, which means your prospects for prevailing over Barack Obama in the primary popular vote by June are vanishing fast. The Illinois senator, meanwhile, has just delivered a JFK-like speech on race in America--a savvy move that may well have stanched the hemorrhaging of his campaign over the controversial remarks made by his pastor, Jeremiah Wright. The mood could be...
  • Dining Dirty (Jeremiah Wright met with President Clinton)

    03/20/2008 8:09:50 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 7 replies · 369+ views
    Holy Coast ^ | March 21, 2008 | Rick Moore
    An interesting photo has surfaced (h/t Drudge): That's the Rev. Jeremiah Wright grippin' and grinnin' with President Bill Clinton on September 11th, 1998, at a meeting of various clerics where Clinton gave his "I have sinned" speech following the Lewinsky affair. I guess Rev. Wright didn't consider an invitation to the White House as "being treated the same way Clinton treated Lewinsky", to quote the good Reverend. The same day this photo popped up, the story leaked out that the Clintons are shopping the Rev. Wright controversy around to superdelegates in the hopes of getting them to abandon Obama While...
  • Bill Clinton Throws Hillary’s White Flag Up In Iowa

    12/16/2007 1:51:27 AM PST · by enewsreference · 21 replies · 76+ views ^ | 12/16/2007 | eNews Reference
    Bill Clinton gets on television with Charlie Rose and comes out essentially admitting defeat saying, “She might win in Iowa.” And, “I didn’t think she had a chance in Iowa,” as part of a strategy to soften the blow. Unfortunately the problem with this strategy is that the voters in Iowa might be saying something that voters all over the country will say in a fundamental way. It’s time to turn the page on the Bush/Clinton era in politics.
  • Thompson Compares Fund-Raising Of N.Y. Senator With 1996 Scandal

    11/01/2007 12:35:23 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 33 replies · 184+ views
    The New York Sun ^ | November 1, 2007 | Josh Gerstein
    Republican presidential candidate who led a Senate inquiry into illegal foreign fund raising in the 1996 presidential campaign, Fred Thompson of Tennessee, is warning that the phenomenon may be repeating itself with Senator Clinton's current White House bid. "From what I read in the papers, it looks to me like some of the same familiar refrains are playing when I look at Senator Clinton's situation," Mr. Thompson told reporters yesterday during his first campaign swing through California. "I'm not going to jump to any conclusions or make any accusations until all the facts are in, but when I see people...
  • Larry Craig and "Don't Tap, Don't Tell" (Must Read)

    09/05/2007 1:20:24 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 44 replies · 1,498+ views
    Townhall ^ | September 5, 2007 | Michael Medved
    The ignominious fall of Senator Larry Craig casts new light on the importance of the nation’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy banning open homosexuals from military service. If preventing public sex in airport men’s rooms is important enough to justify the deployment of undercover cops, isn’t it similarly significant to avoid, at all costs, sexual encounters in military latrines? Imagine the impact on morale and unit cohesion if two guys from the same barracks engaged in toe-tapping hanky-panky (and perhaps much more) while occupying adjacent bathroom stalls in the military facilities? Of course, advocates for gays in the military will...
  • Edwards jabs at former President Clinton (over NAFTA and cost/loss of American jobs)

    08/06/2007 11:20:52 AM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 20 replies · 761+ views
    AP on Yahoo ^ | 8/6/07 | Amy Lorentzen - ap
    CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa - Democratic presidential contender John Edwards on Monday criticized former President Clinton, arguing that he allowed corporate insiders to shape the 1993 North American Free Trade Agreement that has cost U.S. jobs. Edwards' complaints about the former president beloved by voters in his own party was a defiant move meant to highlight rival Hillary Rodham Clinton's relationship with special interests. It comes two days after Clinton refused Edwards' challenge to stop taking campaign donations from lobbyists, saying many represent good causes. "It's time that the president stood up and fought for American workers," Edwards told a crowd...
  • The private Giuliani tests the public's tolerance (2 marriages/'messy' divorce)

    05/08/2007 12:32:32 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 16 replies · 918+ views
    The Los Angeles Times ^ | May 7, 2007 | Paul Lieberman
    Rudolph W. Giuliani's first inauguration as mayor here was a family affair. His 7-year-old son, Andrew, mugged for the cameras as Papa Rudy toasted his television hostess wife, Donna, as "my partner, my inspiration and my lover." Then daughter Caroline, 4, hid behind her hat as the couple kissed that Jan. 2, 1994. Thirteen years later, that familial unit is nowhere to be seen in the Giuliani presidential campaign. The once rambunctious Andrew, now a burly Duke sophomore, has indicated that he has no plans to stump for his father — he's too busy working on his golf game. Neither...
  • Hillary's censorship decree (Can't Mention Bill's Impeachment!)

    03/05/2007 11:35:33 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 27 replies · 1,488+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | March 6, 2007 | Les Kinsolving
    "Clinton Fights to Keep Impeachment Taboo" headlined the Washington Post, with the following subheadline: "After Spat, Campaigns Know to Expect Swift Reprisal for any Hint of the Scandal." And the Post reported: "Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton has a new commandment for the 2008 presidential field: Thou shalt not mention anything related to the impeachment of her husband." Can you believe this? The American people are now expected through all members of the media – and all election crowd questioners – to observe censorship. There are to be no questions regarding impeachment, trial and conviction for perjury and obstruction of justice...
  • San Francisco Mayor Says Negative Reaction to His Affair & Alcohol Problem Unfair

    02/11/2007 10:19:39 AM PST · by John Semmens · 42 replies · 772+ views
    AZCONSERVATIVE ^ | 10 Feb 2007 | John Semmens
    San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom said he cannot understand why people are so upset with him. News of Newsome’s sexual affair with his former appointments secretary, Ruby Rippey-Tourk, wife of former Newsom adviser Alex Tourk has sparked criticism and calls for his resignation. Unsurprisingly, the criticism has not been ameliorated by Newsome’s announcement that he is going to undergo treatment for alcoholism. “I don’t see what all the fuss is about,” Newsome complained. “President Clinton had lots of affairs, but he’s ‘Mr. Cool’ with the media. Senator Kennedy got drunk, drove off a bridge and killed a young woman he...
  • CA: Former President Clinton speaks to UCLA crowd about oil tax - Prop 87

    10/13/2006 4:57:26 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 44 replies · 840+ views
    Former President Bill Clinton was cheered Friday as he spoke to a university crowd in support of a California ballot measure that would tax oil to fund alternative energy research. Clinton called Proposition 87 "California's way to energy independence." The measure would tax companies drilling for oil in California until it has generated $4 billion. The money would be set aside for loans, grants and subsidies to promote alternative fuels and more energy-efficient vehicles. "To save the planet, improve our national security and create the next generation of good jobs for the American people - that's what Prop 87 represents...
  • Clinton's Latest Glow Job [Ann Coulter]

    10/11/2006 3:17:13 PM PDT · by pogo101 · 78 replies · 3,390+ views ^ | October 11, 2006 | Ann Coulter
    With the Democrats' full-throated moralizing of late, I'm almost tempted to vote for them — although perhaps "full-throated" is the wrong phrase to use with regard to Democrats and sex scandals. The sudden emergence of the Swift Butt Veterans for Truth demonstrates that the Democrats would prefer to talk about anything other than national security. Unfortunately for them, the psychotic Kim Jong Il seems to be setting off nukes, raising the embarrassing issue of the Clinton administration's 1994 "peace" deal with North Korea. At least with former Rep. Mark Foley, you could say the Democrats' hypocritical grandstanding was just politics....
  • NYT Attacks Accuracy Of 9/11 Docu-Drama

    09/06/2006 12:38:40 AM PDT · by Sam Hill · 44 replies · 2,567+ views
    NYT/Sweetness & Light ^ | September 6, 2006 | N/A
    In their never ending quest for the truth, the "Paper Of Treason," the New York Times casts aspersions on the accuracy of the upcoming ABC docu-drama "The Paths To 9/11": 9/11 Miniseries Is Criticized as Inaccurate and BiasedBy JESSE McKINLEYPublished: September 6, 2006SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 5 — Days before its scheduled debut, the first major television miniseries about the Sept. 11 attacks was being criticized on Tuesday as biased and inaccurate by bloggers, terrorism experts and a member of the Sept. 11 commission, whose report makes up much of the film’s source material.The six-hour miniseries, “The Path to 9/11,” is...
  • Canadian Politician Denies Clinton Affair

    06/04/2006 10:52:48 AM PDT · by wagglebee · 84 replies · 2,628+ views
    NewsMax ^ | 6/4/06 | NewsMax
    Billionaire Belinda Stronach insists there is nothing true about the rumors she and former President Clinton are having an affair, adding that it's all a Republican plot. The ultra-wealthy member of Canada's parliament, who switched from the Conservative to the Liberal party, told the Montreal Gazette that the rumors upset her and she doesn't know whether to laugh or cry about the global hullabaloo over her alleged role as Cinton's latest squeeze. Echoing Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's famous allegation of a "vast right-wing conspiracy," Stronach told the Gazette she suspects the rumors have been spread by Republicans. But it wasn't...
  • Yucaipa might visit TL ( Clinton and Unions buying brokeback newspapers )

    05/30/2006 2:52:43 PM PDT · by george76 · 7 replies · 329+ views
    Times Leader ^ | May. 27, 2006 | DAVID ISEMAN and RENITA FENNICK
    Yucaipa is headed by supermarket magnate Ron Burkle, a close friend of former President Clinton. He was recruited by the Guild because of his reputation as a union-friendly boss. Bidding continues for papers McClatchy chain plans to sell... Representatives of the Yucaipa Cos. could visit the Times Leader next week as the deadline looms to submit final bids for six so-called orphan Knight Ridder newspapers. Yucaipa, a California private equity firm, has joined with The Newspaper Guild, a journalists’ union, in an attempt to execute a “worker-friendly” purchase of the papers, including the Times Leader. The McClatchy Co., which is...
  • Clinton chauffeur an illegal immigrant

    03/27/2006 12:32:43 PM PST · by johnny7 · 67 replies · 3,023+ views
    UPI ^ | March 27, 2006 | --
    NEWARK, N.J., March 27 (UPI) -- An embarrassing hole in security surrounding former U.S. President Bill Clinton turned up when one of his chauffeurs was found to be a wanted man. Shahzad Qureshi, 42, was in one of three cars awaiting Clinton at Newark Airport last week when a Port Authority policeman happened to check license plate numbers. The computer came back showing the Pakistani national had skipped a residency-status hearing in 2000, and a deportation order had been issued by the Immigration and Naturalization Service, the New York Post reported. Qureshi was still in jail Monday awaiting immigration processing,...
  • ‘Domestic’ Dishonesty – the Press and the NSA ‘Wiretaps’

    12/28/2005 7:41:30 AM PST · by Congressman Billybob · 36 replies · 2,077+ views
    Special to FreeRepublic ^ | 28 December, 2005 | John Armor (Congressman Billybob)
    <p>A poll by Rasmussen Reports today (Wednesday) illustrates the pervasive dishonesty of the American press in dealing with the NY Times story about the National Security Agency’s (NSA) intercepts of international communications. There are both minor dishonesties and major ones in this story as first reported by the Times and later a gaggle of reports throughout the media.</p>
  • Clintons plan 2-day trip across state (Whereabouts of Hillary)

    09/03/2004 9:50:23 AM PDT · by conservative in nyc · 27 replies · 1,066+ views
    AP via Buffalo News ^ | 09/03/04 | Mark Humbert
    ALBANY - With the national political conventions out of the way, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton starts a two-day swing today with her husband, the former president, that has the trappings of a personal campaign kickoff. Sen. Clinton is gearing up for a 2006 re-election bid seen by many as a prelude to a run for president in 2008 should Sen. John F. Kerry fail in his bid for the White House this year. The Clintons' trip will take them from the State Fair in Syracuse into far Northern New York, a traditional Republican stronghold where the former first lady ran...
  • Legal Watch Dog Group CREW Alleges Cheney Leaked Classified Information, Breaking Federal Law

    01/28/2004 10:16:08 AM PST · by Tumbleweed_Connection · 17 replies · 784+ views
    BUSINESS WIRE ^ | 1/28/04
    Jan. 28, 2004--Earlier today, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, a non-profit legal watchdog group, sent a letter to President Bush asking that he call upon the White House Counsel to investigate Vice President Cheney's confirmation of leaked classified information in an interview with the Rocky Mountain News on January 9, 2004. Federal law prohibits leaking classified information. Confirming information that has already been leaked is also prohibited. In his Jan. 9th interview, Mr. Cheney referred his interviewer to a story that appeared in The Weekly Standard's November 24, 2003 issue. The story, written by Stephen F. Hayes, discussed...
  • Intrigue surrounds Ashcroft and former FBI Director Louis Freeh testimony

    04/05/2004 6:55:08 PM PDT · by RWR8189 · 29 replies · 240+ views
    Drudge Report ^ | April 5, 2004
    Intrigue surrounds Ashcroft and former FBI Director Louis Freeh testimony at 9/11 hearings; to follow Condi, next week... Developing... NYT: Commission officials said that evidence gathered by the commission showed that Freeh had become so personally involved in managing a handful of criminal investigations and in other struggles with the Clinton White House that the potential for a domestic terrorist attack by al-Qaida got relatively little attention... Commission officials said their evidence showed that Ashcroft had taken little interest in counterterrorism before Sept. 11...
  • How 9/11 Happened (Ann Coulter Hits A Home Run!!!)

    03/31/2004 4:08:47 PM PST · by goldstategop · 119 replies · 3,900+ views
    We don't need a "commission" to find out how 9-11 happened. The truth is in the timeline: PRESIDENT CARTER, DEMOCRAT In 1979, President Jimmy Carter allowed the Shah of Iran to be deposed by a mob of Islamic fanatics. A few months later, Muslims stormed the U.S. Embassy in Iran and took American Embassy staff hostage. Carter retaliated by canceling Iranian visas. He eventually ordered a disastrous and humiliating rescue attempt, crashing helicopters in the desert. PRESIDENT REAGAN, REPUBLICAN The day of Reagan's inauguration, the hostages were released. In 1982, the U.S. Embassy in Beirut was bombed by Muslim extremists....

    03/28/2004 9:54:36 PM PST · by commonsenseaintsocommon · 10 replies · 248+ views
    PBS/ News Hour ^ | 1996 | Osama Bin Laden
    But your most disgraceful case was in Somalia; where- after vigorous propaganda about the power of the USA and its post cold war leadership of the new world order- you moved tens of thousands of international force, including twenty eight thousands American solders into Somalia. However, when tens of your solders were killed in minor battles and one American Pilot was dragged in the streets of Mogadishu you left the area carrying disappointment, humiliation, defeat and your dead with you. Clinton appeared in front of the whole world threatening and promising revenge , but these threats were merely a preparation...
  • Bill Clinton, Women and Girls (Advertisement-My title)

    02/07/2004 10:08:07 AM PST · by Homer_J_Simpson · 23 replies · 432+ views
    San Francisco Chronicle ^ | 1/6/04 | Unknown
  • PRESIDENT CLINTON VIDEO, December 16, 1998 Sadaam has nuclear arms, poison gas/bio weapons.

    02/07/2004 11:31:50 AM PST · by TheEaglehasLanded · 80 replies · 3,139+ views ^ | February 7, 2004 | the eagle has landed
    PRESIDENT CLINTON: Good evening. Earlier today, I ordered America's armed forces to strike military and security targets in Iraq. They are joined by British forces. Their mission is to attack Iraq's nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs and its military capacity to threaten its neighbors. Their purpose is to protect the national interest of the United States, and indeed the interests of people throughout the Middle East and around the world. Saddam Hussein must not be allowed to threaten his neighbors or the world with nuclear arms, poison gas or biological weapons. I want to explain why I have decided,...
  • Clinton welcomes capture of Saddam

    12/14/2003 10:57:18 AM PST · by HAL9000 · 96 replies · 618+ views
    Associated Press | December 14, 2003
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- Former President Clinton praised the capture of Saddam Hussein and said the ousted Iraqi president finally will answer "for decades of tyranny and murder." "I am glad he was captured alive so he can be brought before the bar of justice," Clinton said Sunday in a statement. Clinton saluted U.S. troops, who found the bearded and disheveled former dictator in an underground hide-out on a farm near his hometown, Tikrit. Clinton also congratulated his successor in the White House. "Saddam Hussein's capture is a tribute to the skill and bravery of our troops and the good...
  • Supreme Court whitewash? Justices ignoring law, facts in Vincent Foster photographs case

    12/11/2003 12:14:28 AM PST · by JohnHuang2 · 51 replies · 543+ views ^ | Thursday, December 11, 2003 | Joseph Farah
    Supreme Court whitewash? Posted: December 11, 20031:00 a.m. Eastern © 2003 The Associated Press story covering the Supreme Court hearing on requested release of Vincent Foster crime-scene photos read as follows: "Five government investigations concluded that White House attorney Vincent Foster's death in 1993 was a suicide." Not true. There haven't been five government investigations. In fact, there hasn't been even one real government investigation. Instead, there have been five cover-ups, all using the same tainted evidence and the same tainted investigators. Attorney Allan Favish believes the public may learn something from 10 unreleased police photos of Foster and has taken...
  • SAX, LIES AND VIDEO - "Bill Clinton: The E! True Hollywood Story"

    12/10/2003 12:24:05 AM PST · by kattracks · 15 replies · 376+ views
    New York Post ^ | 12/10/03 | LINDA STASI
    <p>December 10, 2003 -- HOW is it possible that a president of the United States ends up on E!'s "True Hollywood Story"? Maybe the question really is how in the world did a president's genitals end up as serious discussion within the Justice Department - and how did we the people end up paying $40 million to end up with an impeachment based on a report that reads like a romance novel by Jackie Collins?</p>
  • Why does the extreme left hate my president?

    09/25/2003 1:29:46 PM PDT · by ShelleyAa · 43 replies · 247+ views
    Why does the extreme left hate my president? Over the past many months, voices from the far left have boldly and increasingly grown to what one might consider obnoxious speech. For some it is just an annoyance, other see political implications. And yet many more question not just the extremist’s motives for their abhorrent word and behavior, but also see deep-seeded character flaws dangerously displayed on a daily basis. What makes these far left extremists hate my president so intensely that they are emboldened to lie with regularity about his words and actions? Notably, not only do they lack proof...

    06/30/2003 8:25:14 PM PDT · by Mia T · 36 replies · 2,578+ views
    Living History | 6.30.03 | Mia T
    missus clinton: BILL CLINTON ISN'T THE ONLY RAPIST I GOT OFF(Tell It Early, . . . Tell It Yourself )   by Mia T, 6.30.03   Diane [Blair] and I regularly met for lunch in the Student Union. We always chose a table by the big windows that looked out toward the Ozark Hills and share [sic] stories and gossip. She and I also spent long hours with Ann at the Henrys' backyard pool. They loved hearing about the cases I handled at the Legal Aid clinic, and I often sought their opinions about some of the attitudes I encountered....
  • Out Of Control (Slick Willie Barf Alert)

    06/29/2003 7:29:39 AM PDT · by paul in cape · 24 replies · 408+ views
    New York Daily News ^ | 6-28-03 | Impeached Former President Bill Clinton
    If it's allowed to stand, an FCC ruling will feed media merger mania BY BILL CLINTON "It's your money," says President Bush when he promotes tax cuts. I disagree with his tax policy but admire his spin. The same argument applies with greater force to whether big media conglomerates should be allowed to control more television and radio stations: "It's your airwaves." The American people own the bandwidth that broadcast media companies use to deliver programs to our TV and radio sets. Because the space on that bandwidth is limited, the Federal Communications Commission regulates who has access to our...
  • Publisher Lied About Hillary Book Sales

    06/16/2003 6:52:57 PM PDT · by Libloather · 157 replies · 509+ views
    Rush Limbaugh .com ^ | 6/16/03 | El Rushbo
    Publisher Lied About Hillary Book Sales June 16, 2003 Here are some facts to smash the myths on Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton's new book: There were not a million printed. There were not 200,000 sold on the first day. There was not a "leak" to the Associated Press of the book's content. Hillary's publisher, Simon & Schuster, sent the data on Bill and Monica to AP. The American Prowler reports all of this. More: Ann Coulter wrote a great column about this guy named Packer who made a big show of rushing to buy the book at midnight when it...
  • 10 years later, memories of Waco tragedy linger - fatal Branch Davidian standoff

    04/17/2003 10:28:27 AM PDT · by MeekOneGOP · 83 replies · 2,862+ views
    Associated Press ^ | April 17, 2003 | Associated Press Staff
    10 years later, memories of Waco tragedy linger City hopes to put fatal Branch Davidian standoff behind it04/17/2003 Associated Press WACO, Texas – During business trips across the country, Mayor Linda Ethridge likes to talk about Waco's small-town comforts and big-city amenities, the new programs at Baylor University and the local plant that makes Snickers candy bars. She can name famous native Wacoans – comedian Steve Martin, author Robert Fulghum and former Texas Gov. Ann Richards among them. Ethridge will talk about the Dr Pepper Museum, honoring the soft drink created here in 1885 and the expansion project at the...
  • Bill Clinton Urges U.S. to Support Bush

    Former President Clinton said Americans should support President Bush and U.S. troops in the war against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. ``Tonight, many of thousands of America's finest young men and women in uniform, and their allies, are in Iraq with their lives on the line,'' Clinton said Tuesday at a fund-raising performance of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. ``Whatever our politics at this hour, we all should want them and their commander in chief to know that we're praying for them and pulling for them, for their success in their mission, for their safety, for as little loss of life...
  • At library fundraiser Bill Clinton urges U.S. to support Bush & troops

    03/26/2003 8:51:11 AM PST · by Trailer Trash · 13 replies · 249+ views
    Seattle P-I ^ | 3-26-2003 | CARYN ROUSSEAU
    Wednesday, March 26, 2003 · Last updated 5:22 a.m. PTBill Clinton Urges U.S. to Support BushBy CARYN ROUSSEAU ASSOCIATED PRESS WRITERLITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Former President Clinton said Americans should support President Bush and U.S. troops in the war against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq."Tonight, many of thousands of America's finest young men and women in uniform, and their allies, are in Iraq with their lives on the line," Clinton said Tuesday at a fund-raising performance of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra."Whatever our politics at this hour, we all should want them and their commander in chief to know that we're...
  • Ex-President Urges U.S. to Support Bush

    03/26/2003 3:21:02 AM PST · by Oldeconomybuyer · 27 replies · 152+ views
    Seattle Post-Intelligence ^ | 3-26-03 | By CARYN ROUSSEAU
    LITTLE ROCK, Ark. -- Former President Clinton said Americans should support President Bush and U.S. troops in the war against Saddam Hussein's regime in Iraq. "Tonight, many of thousands of America's finest young men and women in uniform, and their allies, are in Iraq with their lives on the line," Clinton said Tuesday at a fund-raising performance of the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra. "Whatever our politics at this hour, we all should want them and their commander in chief to know that we're praying for them and pulling for them, for their success in their mission, for their safety, for as...