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  • Billionaire Peter Lewis leaves Democracy Alliance, the liberal donor network

    03/21/2012 5:38:55 PM PDT · by george76 · 14 replies
    daily caller ^ | 03/21/2012
    Peter Lewis, one of the Democracy Alliance’s founding billionaires, has dropped out of the influential liberal donor network... Lewis, the eccentric and reclusive founder of the insurer Progressive Corp., is one of the biggest donors in Democratic and liberal politics. He invested $25 million in the failed effort to oust President George W. Bush in 2004, making him one of the biggest donors in American political history. He coordinated his giving that year with billionaire George Soros, who gave $50 million.
  • Brazilian Marxist Bishop Killed by Adopted Son

    03/01/2012 1:54:06 PM PST · by juliosevero · 17 replies · 1+ views
    Last Days Watchman ^ | Julio Severo
    <p>The Anglican bishop for Brazil’s northeastern state of Pernambuco was killed along with his wife by their son.</p> <p>Edward Robinson Cavalcanti, 68, and his 64-year-old wife Miriam were stabbed to death on Sunday, March 26, in their home in the city of Olinda.</p>
  • Homeschoolers can't be taught 'gay' sex sinful (in Alberta, CA)

    02/27/2012 6:32:39 PM PST · by JSDude1 · 24 replies · 2+ views ^ | 2/27/12 | WND Staff
    Homeschooling families will soon be forbidden from teaching that homosexual sex is sinful as part of their schooling program, according to the government of Alberta, Canada. Under the province’s Education Act, homeschoolers and religious schools will be banned from “disrespecting” people’s differences, Alberta Education Minister Thomas Lukaszuk’s office told LifeSiteNews just last week. “Whatever the nature of schooling – homeschool, private school, Catholic school – we do not tolerate disrespect for differences,” said Donna McColl, Lukaszuk’s assistant director of communications. “You can affirm the family’s ideology in your family life, you just can’t do it as part of your educational...
  • Are you ready for the American spring!?

    02/27/2012 2:27:09 PM PST · by invaderzim · 19 replies · 1+ views
    Hear Us Now ^ | 02.27.12 | Hear Us Now
    We knew they would come out in force come spring or summer.
  • McCain’s Troubling Outreach to the Muslim Brotherhood

    02/22/2012 10:57:56 AM PST · by servo1969 · 25 replies ^ | Feb 22nd 2012 | Frank Gaffney
    Republican John McCain has been traveling the Mideast with a bipartisan delegation of his Senate colleagues. He seems to think the region’s ascendant Islamists of the Muslim Brotherhood are people America can do business with. Call it pragmatism. Perhaps it is simply a cynical bid to secure the release of sixteen U.S. hostages, some of whom work in Egypt for the International Republican Institute, a non-governmental organization Sen. McCain has long chaired. Whatever his rationale, John McCain’s warming to the Brotherhood is strategically catastrophic. It fails to recognize that group’s determination to destroy infidel nations like ours. It signals bipartisan...
  • The Real Obama

    02/21/2012 6:20:14 AM PST · by safetysign · 10 replies
    The Weekly Standard ^ | 02/27/2012 | Fred Barnes
    President Obama’s budget for 2013 is pure Obama. How do we know? Paul Ryan, the House Budget Committee chairman, was once asked how to become a budget expert. “You have to read the budget,” he said. To know Obama, it’s similar. You have to read the speeches and look over the budgets. For the past year, they’ve told the same story. No, the real Obama is not a pragmatist or a frustrated moderate or a well-intentioned but weak politician forced by political circumstances to take positions he’d rather not. Only sympathizers, notably media types, believe any of those notions. The...
  • Santorum Used to Cast Himself as ‘Progressive Conservative’

    02/18/2012 10:12:18 AM PST · by red flanker · 28 replies · 1+ views
    This Blog Is Mine ^ | February 16, 2012 | Katerina Sazonova
    In his circuitous path to the top of the primary polls, Rick Santorum has presented himself as the pure conservative alternative to Mitt Romney. But an extensive review of newspaper archives and interviews with officials involved in his successful 1990 congressional race against Rep. Doug Walgren (D-Pa.) suggests that Santorum was cut from a similar GOP cloth as his current adversary. Rick Santorum Used to Cast Himself As Progressive Conservative and Non Reaganite In His First Campaign In his circuitous path to the top of the primary polls, Santorum has presented himself as the pure conservative alternative to Romney. But...
  • Trouble in paradise: Maldives and Islamic extremism

    02/12/2012 9:21:03 PM PST · by County Agent Hank Kimball · 26 replies
    Agence France-Presse ^ | February 12, 2012 | Amal Jayasinghe
    At the Maldives' National Museum, smashed Buddhist statues are testament to the rise of Islamic extremism and Taliban-style intolerance in a country famous as a laid-back holiday destination. On Tuesday, as protesters backed by mutinous police toppled president Mohamed Nasheed, a handful of men stormed the Chinese-built museum and destroyed its display of priceless artefacts from the nation's pre-Islamic era. "They have effectively erased all evidence of our Buddhist past," a senior museum official told AFP at the now shuttered building in the capital Male, asking not to be named out of fear for his own safety. "We lost all...
  • Progressive Obsolescence

    02/12/2012 8:16:00 AM PST · by marktwain · 4 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 10 February, 2012 | Arnold Ahlert
    Few things make this conservative happier than when progressives drop their holier-than-thou facade and reveal their true intentions. A column written by NY Times columnist Adam Liptak entitled “‘We the People’ Loses Appeal With People Around the World” is a textbook example. Essentially Mr. Liptak, and no doubt many of his progressive soul-mates, are ready to kick the Constitution of the United States to the curb because they consider it an “obsolete” document. Yet in explaining why, Liptak inadvertently reveals something else along the way: progressivism is an utterly bankrupt ideology. Why is the Constitution “obsolete?” “There are lots of...
  • Reverse rule for contraception coverage (Another Progressive Catholic With a Flea Infestation)

    02/09/2012 2:20:16 PM PST · by C19fan · 9 replies
    The Columbus Dispatch ^ | February 9, 2012 | Sister Judith Ann Karam
    I thank Vice President Joe Biden for visiting Ohio today. The Sisters of Charity Health System is a Cleveland-based Catholic health-care organization which, in collaboration with other Catholic health ministries, actively promoted the passage of the Affordable Care Act. We are dedicated to increased health-care coverage and access and are supportive of the law’s efforts to improve quality of care and patient outcomes.(Emphasis Mine)
  • Reverse rule for contraception coverage (Another Progressive Catholic With a Flea Infestation)

    02/09/2012 2:19:59 PM PST · by C19fan · 9 replies
    The Columbus Dispatch ^ | February 9, 2012 | Sister Judith Ann Karam
    I thank Vice President Joe Biden for visiting Ohio today. The Sisters of Charity Health System is a Cleveland-based Catholic health-care organization which, in collaboration with other Catholic health ministries, actively promoted the passage of the Affordable Care Act. We are dedicated to increased health-care coverage and access and are supportive of the law’s efforts to improve quality of care and patient outcomes. (Emphasis Mine)
  • Angry residents want sheriff out

    02/09/2012 10:19:26 AM PST · by Navy Patriot · 10 replies
    San Francisco Examiner ^ | February 9, 2012 | Melissa Griffin
    One of my favorite political analysts surmises that one reason Mayor Ed Lee has not removed Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi from office, despite the fact he has been accused of domestic violence and witness tampering, is because Lee doesn’t want to empower the contingent of people who think Mirkarimi is being victimized because of politics. Still, people feel strongly about this issue. “Mirkarimi’s political life is finished and he should resign,” Democratic strategist Nathan Ballard told me. “He’s like Bruce Willis in “The Sixth Sense” — everybody knows that Ross Mirkarimi is dead except Ross Mirkarimi.” Ouch! Indeed, the unwillingness to...
  • Democrats Can Vote For Progressive Darcy Richardson

    02/04/2012 7:05:02 AM PST · by Son House · 8 replies
    Irregular Times ^ | 1/13/2012 | J. Clifford
    You may remember how, last year, the New Progressive Alliance burst upon the scene, with the goal of promoting a liberal candidate to challenge Barack Obama in the Democratic Party primaries. This month, they found that candidate. This week, the New Progressive Alliance endorsed the presidential campaign of Democrat Darcy Richardson. Darcy Richardson campaign button “Darcy Richardson is the best way for Democrats sick of the past three – and 30 – years’ needless compromises to register their dissent,” says the New Progressive Alliance. Unlike Stephen Colbert, Darcy Richardson is actually on the ballot – in Texas, Missouri, Oklahoma and...
  • Mitt Romney’s Mentor, his Father, a Fan of Saul Alinsky

    01/27/2012 1:21:18 PM PST · by TBP · 22 replies ^ | January 26, 2012, 4:24 pm | Arlen Williams
    A. Mitt Romney has stated his chief political mentor was his father, George Romney. B. George Romney, a steadfast progressive, credited Saul Alinsky, met with him, and recommended his work. A+B = Mitt Romney’s chief political mentor was a steadfast progressive who credited Saul Alinsky, met with him, and recommended his work.
  • Low IQ & Conservative Beliefs Linked to Prejudice

    01/26/2012 11:50:34 AM PST · by Dr. Thorne · 60 replies via Yahoo! ^ | 1/26/2012 | Stephanie Pappas
    There's no gentle way to put it: People who give in to racism and prejudice may simply be dumb, according to a new study that is bound to stir public controversy.SNIPLow-intelligence adults tend to gravitate toward socially conservative ideologies, the study found.
  • Glenn to pro-Gingrich caller: “Throw my books away”

    01/20/2012 7:37:34 AM PST · by Bevo · 113 replies
    Glenn Beck Website ^ | January 19, 2012 | Glenn Beck
    A caller called in and accused Glenn of drinking the “Mitt Romney Kool-Aid” and let’s just say that it did not go over well at all. The caller, clearly pro-Gingrich, got an earful from Glenn over his statements. While he was a fan who claimed to have all of Beck’s books, he clearly hadn’t read or listened to anything Glenn has said over the past few months and years. “I’m drinking the Mitt Romney Kool-Aid by saying that I would vote for Rick Santorum?” Glenn asked. As the caller tried to say that Glenn went after Gingrich’s anti-Romney ads, Glenn...
  • Laborers Union Slams Obama’s Keystone XL Decision

    01/19/2012 10:50:40 AM PST · by csd · 27 replies
    LonelyConservative ^ | Jan 19, 2012 | Lonely Conservative
    There’s a little lovers quarrel between President Obama and some labor unions over his decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline and the thousands of jobs that would have come with it. Terry O’Sullivan, president of the Laborers’ union issued the following statement, vowing that blue collar workers will not forget this betrayal. The score is Job-Killers, two; American workers, zero. We are completely and totally disappointed. This is politics at its worst,” LIUNA General President Terry O’Sullivan said. “Once again the President has sided with environmentalists instead of blue collar construction workers – even though environmental concerns were more...
  • Scientists want climate change in young minds

    01/16/2012 11:56:43 AM PST · by EBH · 36 replies
    Climate change subscribers say the fight against global warming will require younger soldiers. On Monday, the National Center for Science Education, a nonprofit group that denounces intelligent design and supports an evolution-only curriculum in the classroom, will expand its mission. The organization of scientists, anthropologists and others is turning its attention to climate change, and it will mount an aggressive effort to teach the nation’s schoolchildren that climate change is real and is being driven by human activity.
  • Eric Holder, Voter ID, and the Chicago Way

    01/17/2012 11:59:59 AM PST · by Kaslin · 7 replies
    PJ Media ^ | January 16, 2012 | Abraham H. Miller
    If I hear one more hysterical outburst from some liberal, whose brain is hotwired to Attorney General Eric Holder’s mouth, about Jim Crow returning to South Carolina, I’m going to disconnect my television cable. It seems this type of mindless volcanic eruption is a consequence of South Carolina requiring one of five forms of identification in order for someone to exercise the franchise. One of these means of identification South Carolina makes available free, in addition to providing free rides to the polls for anyone who asks. As Eric Holder — the brains behind both the Fast and Furious gun-running...
  • Vetting Newt too

    01/16/2012 7:15:37 AM PST · by plsjr · 24 replies
    "Newt's Positions on the Issues and His Record" - campaign website ^ | before 16 Jan 2012 | Newt and his election staff
    The link above presents videos where Newt expresses his admiration of FDR - makes me very uncomfortable that we're running to a progressive/means justifies ends from an extreme progressive... [Newt's site under] Praise for FDR When the Japanese sneak attack at Pearl Harbor threw the United States into a global war against Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan, Franklin Delano Roosevelt rose to the challenge. He led the allies in a global war with remarkable skill and built the greatest military in history. Newt believes that without FDR’s leadership as Commander in Chief during World War II, the 20th...
  • RomneyCare!

    01/12/2012 9:55:05 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 49 replies · 7+ views
    Pffffft!! FUMR!! Big government liberal/progressive!!
  • SEIU job posting in Washington State (vanity)

    01/11/2012 5:17:19 PM PST · by Baynative · 10 replies ^ | Baynative
    SEIU Healthcare 775NW is hiring a Lead internal organizer to lead a team of eight organizers who are focused on leadership development, the “Leaders In Action” field team, working with public and private sector home care workers. This team develops leaders and builds networks to take action in a variety of campaigns.
  • Obama Releasing Taliban Prisoners From Gitmo in Exchange for What?

    01/04/2012 7:07:58 AM PST · by csd · 15 replies ^ | Jan 4, 2010 | The Lonely Conservative
    The Obama administration has agreed to release Taliban prisoners from Guantanamo Bay in exchange for the Taliban opening an office in Qatar to engage in peace talks. A Taliban spokesman, Zabiullah Mujahid, announced on Tuesday morning that the insurgent leadership had reached an agreement with the Qatar government and other “relevant parties” about the opening of the office but did not say when it would happen. Secret discussions between American and Taliban officials have been under way for months about taking confidence-building measures including the establishment of a political office outside the immediate region and the release of Taliban prisoners.
  • Are Progressives progressive? - Part I

    12/27/2011 12:37:29 PM PST · by Chuckmorse · 18 replies
    A Whig Manifesto ^ | December 27, 2011 | Chuck Morse
    At a family gathering recently a progressive guest went out of her way to announce that she never watches Fox News. My response, speaking for myself and for many conservatives that I know, was that I often go out of my way take in so-called progressive news. That way, I intoned, I could be more “progressive” by maintaining a more informed and balanced view of politics. Why are progressives afraid to expose themselves to alternative points of view? Why do they admire “diversity” only when diversity is progressive, and therefore not really diverse, and why are they so intolerant? The...
  • What could Glenn never say on cable news? A takedown of the progressive wing of the GOP

    12/14/2011 2:38:40 PM PST · by Nachum · 61 replies
    Glenn Beck ^ | 12/14/11 | Glenn Beck
    So it seems like Glenn has stirred up a little bit of a controversy among the GOP-leaning blogosphere because he is making conservatives question their excitement for Newt Gingrich. But rather than go on the air and apologize for asking tough questions, Glenn decided to do a monologue that he couldn’t do on cable news that takes the GOP establishment head on. What’d he have to say? First, watch Glenn lay out his confusion. He doesn’t understand why such a large percentage of the Tea Party sees Newt Gingrich as an acceptable candidate, and he doesn’t believe that “he’s not...
  • Don't Read Their Lips: Website Ranks Lawmakers' Words

    12/14/2011 9:35:48 AM PST · by WOBBLY BOB
    KSTP news ^ | 12-13-11 | Mark Albert
    It's a database of words that no lawmaker can talk their way out of. "We just want lawmakers to be a little bit more transparent and accountable," said Tom Lee, with the non-profit Washington, D.C. organization the Sunlight Foundation. On Monday, it announced a retooled and beefed up website,, that tracks every word uttered on the floor of the U.S. House and Senate, going back 15 years. "It's not only something that's fun," Lee said, "but it's also a serious tool. It can be used to show deliberate ways in which language is used to manipulate the public.
  • Mitt Romney in Worcester 2002 "My views are progressive"

    12/13/2011 11:27:57 PM PST · by Berlin_Freeper · 10 replies
    YouTube ^ | Dec 13, 2011 | Video
    Mitt Romney speaks to reporters after a campaign stop in Worcester, MA in 2002.
  • Newt Gingrich Praised SEIU Head Andy Stern's Forward-Looking Vision

    12/13/2011 6:31:59 AM PST · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 148 replies
    Newt Gingrich's own book "Real Chance: From the World That Fails to the World That Works" | Newt Gingrich
    Newt Gingrich Praised SEIU Head Andy Stern's Forward-Looking Vision In his book "Real Chance: From the World That Fails to the World That Works," Gingrich praises the SEIU head, who remains a close adviser of the President Obama. Pitching the need for conservatives to respect organized labor, while simultaneously pushing back against some of Labor's more cherished legislative goals, he wrote the following: Conservatives cannot cheer unions overseas and then be blindly anti-union here at home. There are legitimate historic reasons for workers to organize together, and there is a strong need for a healthy, competitive, union, movement that helps...
  • Glenn Beck Tags Newt Gingrich as Big Government "Progressive" in Radio Interview

    12/07/2011 5:29:06 AM PST · by BarnacleCenturion · 211 replies ^ | 12.07.11 | staff
    Glenn Beck characterized Newt Gingrich as a big government "progressive" in the Teddy Roosevelt mold during a radio interview. Beck criticized Gingrich for his support for government initiatives to expand healthcare and curb global warming. It was a label that Gingrich embraced, saying that in the area of healthcare, "I'm a Theodore Roosevelt Republican and I believe government can lean in the regulatory leaning is okay," according to the transcript of the Glenn Beck radio show.
  • The Osawatomie Speech: A Defining Moment In History

    12/09/2011 7:06:51 PM PST · by GlockThe Vote · 19 replies
    ZEROHEDGE ^ | December 9 2011 | Econophile
    I am not a fan of Barack Obama, but I have not criticized him as harshly as many other writers do. I have a different view of him. I see him as a rather run of the mill Progressive/Liberal who firmly believes his ideology and acts somewhat consistently on those ideas. Rather than pillory him personally, my approach has been to criticize the philosophy of which he is a product. In my mind, it's all about ideas. I detest his ideas because I believe they are anti-intellectual and they don't work.  There are many like Mr. Obama out there. His admirers...
  • Tax Increases a Conservative Can Live With

    12/09/2011 7:36:31 AM PST · by LRoggy · 24 replies
    Vanity | 12/09/11 | LRoggy
    On the 70th anniversary of declaring entry into WWII I thought is would be fun to declare was on the OWS movement with the following: Tax Increases a Conservative Can Live With Given the desire of progressives to raise revenues in any budget negotiation I thought it would be a fun idea for we conservatives to come up with our own 99%-influenced tax hikes. After all, why let the OWS crowd have all of the fun? Let’s see if the left truly believes it’s rhetoric or just likes to blow hot air! Tax proposal #1 A $3 surtax on all...
  • 'Newt Gingrich is a hypocrite', claims ex-staffer who had affair with thrice-married GOP candidate

    12/08/2011 6:01:44 AM PST · by sevinufnine · 262 replies
    The Daily Mail UK ^ | 12/7/11 | Daily Mail Reporter
    Sexual deviance, regardless of its truth, has already brought down Herman Cain. But Newt Gingrich is so far holding up stronger than his fallen rival. However now an ‘ex-mistress’ has told the National Enquirer that the GOP presidential candidate, who cheated on two previous wives, is a ‘hypocrite'. Anne Manning claims she performed a sex act on him in his Washington.
  • The Real Newt Gingrich (For all you Romney haters, Gingrich is big government too)

    12/07/2011 2:50:42 PM PST · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 77 replies
    You Tube Video ^ | John F. McManus
    John F. McManus anaylzes the voting record and actions of former Congressman Newt Gingrich, revealing that Gingrich is not the conservative he portrays himself to be.
  • Goldberg: Gingrich the compassionate

    12/06/2011 1:28:42 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 43 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | December 6, 2011 | Jonah Goldberg
    What his critics don't — or refuse to — understand about him is that he's not driven by a lack of empathy but by a surplus of it. ________________________________________________________ .....Gingrich probably agrees with the late Daniel Patrick Moynihan more than any other leading conservative. "The central conservative truth is that it is culture, not politics, that determines the success of a society," Moynihan observed. "The central liberal truth is that politics can change a culture and save it from itself." A constant theme of Gingrich's career is a desire to use government to fix the culture. That's the irony of...
  • Jennifer Palmieri to join White House staff

    12/05/2011 9:01:50 AM PST · by ColdOne · 16 replies
    Politico44 ^ | 12/5/11 | BYRON TAU
    The White House is bringing onboard high-octane Clinton administration veteran Jennifer Palmieri, a top official at the progressive Center for American Progress think tank, to beef up its communications unit heading into 2012, POLITICO has learned. Palmieri, who currently serves as president of CAP’s political action fund and as a senior vice president at the parent organization, replaces former deputy communications director Jennifer Psaki, who left for the private sector earlier this fall. One Democratic insider described the hire as a “wow” because Palmieri is a true Obama outsider with a reputation as a canny political strategist. She’ll have instant...
  • Vanity: After The Collapse--Who Will Be The Top 25 Most Influential "Progressives"

    12/02/2011 10:25:28 AM PST · by RavenATB · 33 replies
    N/A | N/A | N/A
    Okay, we’ve all seen dozens of article and hundreds of comments speculating about the possibility of a coming Armageddon, spawned by an intentional collapse of the US economy. Assuming the worse, should Obama actually be successful in destroying the America of our fathers and “fundamentally changing the nation as we know it,” who would be the most powerful progressives under him who would be structuring and influencing the tyranny, and/or implementing the “marching orders” in a new regime? There are dozens of reasons to ask a question like this. For now, let's call it "curiosity." Some of the names might...
  • Be Thankful it was Harry [Truman], Not Henry [Wallace]

    11/26/2011 6:46:50 AM PST · by statestreet · 24 replies ^ | November 26, 2011 | David R. Stokes
    In the spirit of the recent holiday, among the many things for which Americans should be thankful is a political decision made more than 67 years ago as the Second World War was beginning to wind down and as the nation’s voters prepared for a presidential election. It was one of Franklin Roosevelt’s finest moments of decision, though admittedly, one he exercised reluctantly. By 1944, FDR was living on borrowed time. It was a hardly a secret that health issues he had been dealing with were reaching critical mass, though only a few insiders had any idea as to the...
  • [George] Washington's Lost History: The experts discuss Washington's sacrifice and lost history

    11/24/2011 1:46:27 PM PST · by statestreet · 7 replies
    GBTV ^ | November 22, 2011 | Glenn Beck
    The experts discuss [George] Washington's sacrifice and lost history.
  • What Is a Progressive

    11/19/2011 3:09:46 AM PST · by Kaslin · 32 replies ^ | November 19, 2011 | John C. Goodman
    When is the last time you heard a liberal describe himself as a "liberal"? It’s probably been a long time. These days, those on the left are more likely to call themselves "progressives." Writing in The New York Times, Columbia University economist Jeffrey Sachs said there have been two progressive eras — one in the early 20th century and the second under Franklin Roosevelt. He called on modern liberals to usher in a third era. But what exactly is "progressivism"? To many people, the term "Progressive Era" evokes fond caricatures of Teddy Roosevelt and such reforms as safe food, the...
  • Newt On Environmental Progressivism

    11/13/2011 5:30:20 AM PST · by jenk · 19 replies ^ | 11/12/11 | Jen Kuznicki
    What is Newt Gingrich's environmental policy? He has not abandoned his stance that between he and Nancy Pelosi, "we do agree that our country must take action to address climate change." Newt told Fox News is that he does still believe government has a role in addressing climate change, and that he took somebody's advice to call the commercial dumb. From the Congressional Record, April 19, 1990: Mr. Gingrich: Mr. Speaker, I rise to say that I think that Earth Day is very important. I used to teach environmental studies. I think we are making progress. I think the recent...
  • Newt's Progressive Conservatism

    11/13/2011 2:48:36 AM PST · by jenk · 123 replies ^ | 11/12/11 | Jen Kuznicki
    What are we to believe about Newt Gingrich's recent admission that his commercial with Nancy Pelosi in 2008 was the, "dumbest single thing," he has done in years. Conservatives agree that it was dumb, in fact, infuriating. Gingrich has for years suggested that he is a staunch, combative conservative. This week, the Daily Caller reported on a segment on Fox News where Newt was a guest and said, “First of all, that is probably the dumbest single thing I’ve done in years,” Gingrich said. “It is inexplicable that somebody used to say, ‘You know, there aren’t enough hay wagons to...
  • #OWS Day 50 on the Road to Socialism. Are they "Winning" ?

    11/10/2011 2:00:41 PM PST · by csd ^ | Nov 9, 2011 | Vigilant Squirrel Brigade
    UPDATE: November 6, 2011. “Freedom's Highway. The Road to Socialism." ZUCCOTTI PARK. (aka Liberty Park) A cooperative "planned economy", one that could meet people’s needs directly and foster meaningful social, economic, and racial equality. They're here to show us 'how it's done'. Need a bogeyman, that evil corporate WAR machine aka AMERIKA to STAND together as ONE. JOIN THE REVOLUTION YET, all is not well in Who-ville. It's devolving. The 'People' do not ALL get along.
  • #OWS Day 50 on the Road to Socialism. Are they "Winning" ?

    11/10/2011 2:00:44 PM PST · by csd · 8 replies ^ | Nov 9, 2011 | Vigilant Squirrel Brigade
    UPDATE: November 6, 2011. “Freedom's Highway. The Road to Socialism." ZUCCOTTI PARK. (aka Liberty Park) A cooperative "planned economy", one that could meet people’s needs directly and foster meaningful social, economic, and racial equality. They're here to show us 'how it's done'. Need a bogeyman, that evil corporate WAR machine aka AMERIKA to STAND together as ONE. JOIN THE REVOLUTION YET, all is not well in Who-ville. It's devolving. The 'People' do not ALL get along.
  • "Marxism in America" by Lt. Gen. (Ret.) W.G. Boykin - Video

    11/03/2011 10:00:38 AM PDT · by csd · 3 replies ^ | Nov 3, 2011 | John Rolls
    In this video entitled "Marxism in America" General Jerry Boykin discusses his background and training in understanding Marxist insurgencies and how current government actions parallel Marxist tactics.
  • Warning! Progressives NPV Plan For White House Control, 2012 & Permanently

    10/31/2011 6:19:20 AM PDT · by csd · 12 replies ^ | Oct 30, 2011 | Ventura County Tea Party
    While the lamestream media holds public attention on GOP candidate rivalries, a “progressive” strategy is underway to eliminate the role of the states in electing a U.S. President. By transferring electoral votes to a “national popular vote” this “Compact” would usurp the role of the states as safeguarded by our Constitution. In doing so, it could also neutralize Obama’s critics — totally. This may be the most vital – and time sensitive - expose WAM has ever uncovered and shared! And it’s happening now, under the radar, with the general public in the dark. This “ultimate vote fraud” is intentionally...
  • Lawyer Says $12M Verdict Reasonable (against Progressive Insurance)

    10/29/2011 7:03:01 PM PDT · by CedarDave · 101 replies
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | Sat, Oct 29, 2011 | Jeff Proctor
    A Bernalillo County jury’s $12 million judgment this week against Progressive Insurance Co. was “very reasonable,” according to attorneys representing the family who sued. Lawyer Janet Santillanes said that among the evidence jurors heard during the six-day trial was that Progressive altered its computer records 11 days after a Nov. 4, 2002, accident to make it appear the Vigil family did not have coverage at the time of the single-vehicle crash that was at the center of the case. The company contended the policy lapsed about 90 minutes before the crash that killed one man and hospitalized five other passengers....
  • Obama clarified what liberalism is

    10/29/2011 12:37:12 PM PDT · by Mustang Driver · 6 replies
    Charleston (WV) Daily Mail ^ | October 29, 2011 | Don Surber
    AS president, Barack Obama has shown liberalism’s true colors. I thank him for that. Let us begin with campaign finance reform. Oh, this happened before he was president, or to be more exact, while he was running for president. Obama accepted a whopping $750 million in campaign contributions — a half billion of the money coming from large donors, including the two richest men in America. That was double the money Republican John McCain collected. If liberals had any qualms about big money influencing the election, they remained silent. The dogs that did not bark were all those self-appointed campaign...
  • Army mulls pros and cons of French manicures, tattoos in revised grooming policy

    10/28/2011 3:46:55 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 26 replies
    Yahoo ^ | October 28, 2011 | Laura Rozen
    ... Raymond Chandler, the sergeant major of the Army, tells Army Times correspondent Lance Bacon that in preparing updated Army regulations on grooming and appearance, he's taken to Facebook to debate the finer points of French manicures, earrings, pony tails, and tattoos for U.S. troops...
  • Man Reports Date as Burglar When Girlfriend Shows

    10/28/2011 4:04:41 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 22 replies
    ABC ^ | October 28, 2011
    Colorado Springs police say a man's girlfriend unexpectedly came home just before another woman was due to visit, so he called police to report his new acquaintance as a burglar. SNIP Police say Gaylor had invited a woman he met online to come to his home after 3 a.m. Wednesday so they could get better acquainted, but his girlfriend came home first. Police say that when the other woman arrived, Gaylor called police and falsely reported an intrusion.
  • The Occupation Cookbook

    10/16/2011 5:54:49 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 6 replies
    Slobodni Filozofski (also cross-posted elsewhere) ^ | Friday, December 18th, 2009 | Drago Markisa (I think)
    The Occupation Cookbook The Occupation Cookbook is a “manual” that describes the organization of the student occupation of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences that took place in the spring of 2009 and lasted for 35 days. It was written for two reasons: to record what happened, and to present the particular organization of this action in such a way that it may be of use to other activists and members of various collectives if they decide to undertake a similar action.The Cookbook is currently being translated into several languages. At the moment, all but the final few...