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  • They were Hillary Clinton’s die-hard loyalists. Here’s where they are now.

    05/02/2015 10:41:34 AM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 6 replies
    The Washington Post's Politics ^ | May 2, 2015 | Vanessa Williams
    The PUMAs are back on the prowl. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s decision to run for president has stirred up old feelings for some loyal supporters who refused to accept her defeat in the 2008 Democratic primary. When other Democrats put away their swords and rallied behind Barack Obama, the resisters responded: “Party unity, my ass!” — hence the nickname PUMAs. After seven years in the political wilderness, some are ecstatic at the chance to help elect a candidate that they believe in, and to make history by putting the first woman in the White House. Others are excited but cautious, still...
  • Sacrificial Burial Deepens Mystery At Teotihuacan, But Confirms The City's Militarism (More)

    12/03/2004 3:31:14 PM PST · by blam · 9 replies · 625+ views
    Sacrificial burial deepens mystery at Teotihuacan, but confirms the city’s militarism Partially uncovered figurine, carved in jade, found in connection with three unbound, seated bodies and other objects at the top of the pyramid’s fifth stage (the offering was presumably made in the construction of the sixth stage), circa 350 AD. This object is notable in that it is carved from jade that originated in Guatemala, and appears to be Mayan in style. Other jade objects on top of the figurine are beads and earspools. A spectacular new discovery from an ongoing excavation at the Teotihuacan’s Pyramid of the Moon...
  • Hillary looks rusty at her coming out party

    05/15/2014 4:58:43 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 31 replies
    Fox News ^ | May 15, 2014 | Chris Stirewalt
    Hillary Clinton will appear tonight at her first official campaign event of this cycle – and perhaps her first since 2008 – and it’s a doozy. Hillary will appear at the home of the most famous bitter ender from her failed 2008 bid, uber-rich Lynn Forester de Rothschild, who was a principle PUMA and notorious Barack Obama trash talker. Other wealthy satellites of Planet Hillary, including Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Jill Iscol, will also reportedly make the scene. The beneficiary of the big event is former Rep. Marjorie Margolies D-Pa., who lost her Pennsylvania House seat in 1994, mostly a martyr...
  • What radio and TV talk show hosts are pushing the Obama Birth Certificate issue?

    07/16/2009 12:48:54 PM PDT · by EveningStar · 59 replies · 1,942+ views
    July 16, 2009
    What radio and TV talk show hosts are pushing the Obama Birth Certificate issue? I'm not aware of any.
  • The Jack(****) who cheated their way into the White House wait for it all to blow up in their faces.

    07/28/2010 9:29:07 PM PDT · by JSDude1 · 11 replies ^ | July 26, 2010 | Murphy
    Good Monday Morning, Pumas! I’m attending to some unfinished business today, but will be near a computer most of the day. What’s going on in the news today? I have a feeling a lot of the stuff bubbling up around Afghanistan, PrimaryGate, BlackPantherGate, and that the now not-so-secret war by the obama administration against Hillary Clinton will be boiling over this week. If, as Hillaryis44 claims, obama and his minions have it out for Hillary, I wonder if they will choose this upcoming weekend, when she will undoubtedly be (somewhat) distracted by her daughter’s big wedding, to really pull out...
  • In case you didn’t hear us...Obama STOLE the 2008 Democratic Primaries.

    07/12/2010 3:58:33 PM PDT · by JSDude1 · 66 replies
    puma p.a.c. ^ | July 12, 2010 | Murphy
    And he and his gang will do it again too, if we let them. But this time, Pumas are still sounding the alarm. What happened with the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation cover-up, as well as Holder’s Justice Department’s alleged policy of not prosecuting Voting Rights Act complaints brought by citizens who happen to be white, suddenly has a larger context, a background, a backstory, and, crucially, a THEME. And the theme is: Barack Obama and his Movement will lie, cheat, and steal to win elections. Literally. Since many of today’s readers may be new to this site and...
  • 9 plead not guilty in Obama loan case

    05/24/2010 1:53:09 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 15 replies · 935+ views
    Associated Press ^ | May 24, 2010
    DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) - Nine people charged with illegally accessing President Barack Obama's student loan records while working for a Department of Education contractor in Iowa have pleaded not guilty in federal court. The former employees of Vangent Inc. are accused of gaining access to a computer at the contractor's office in Coralville and getting into Obama's records while he was either a candidate for president, president-elect or president.
  • Interested in Hillary's Plans? Just Watch Bill

    04/19/2010 5:06:47 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 33 replies · 1,319+ views ^ | April 19, 2010 | Carol Platt Liebau
    As Barack Obama’s approval numbers trend ever lower – and a new Gallup poll reports that 50% of Americans believe the President doesn’t even deserve a second term – it’s going to be very interesting to watch Hillary Clinton. Well, not the Secretary of State herself, of course. She’s busy at Foggy Bottom, burnishing her foreign policy credentials. Instead, watch her husband. Notwithstanding news accounts about the détente between the Clintons and Obama, surely the former president and his wife can’t help but feel that their predictions about the political disaster that would result from Obama’s inexperience and naivete, reportedly...
  • Does Obama need the birthers? I think he needs them. Badly. Here's why:

    02/16/2010 6:06:07 AM PST · by Halfmanhalfamazing · 44 replies · 1,042+ views
    Obama recently said this: "Surely you can question my policies without questions my faith, or for that matter my citizenship." This quote is significant, and IMHO desperate. Progressives play political games. Especially with words; political correctness is only one fascet of this. Many times, they throw stuff out hoping someone will pick it up. I think that's what this is. They are out there thinking "pick it up, PICK IT UP!" whether it gets picked up or not in a day, week, month, or more. For all the anger that conservatives had that the progressive media didn't go after van...
  • Obama’s Presidential Eligibility Scandal?

    01/12/2010 8:55:40 PM PST · by circumbendibus · 87 replies · 3,824+ views News ^ | 12 January 2010 | Zach Jones
    Did Hope for Rising GOP Stars like Bobby Jindal Play a Role in the Obama’s Presidential Eligibility Scandal? When questions about Obama’s eligibility to serve as President arose, I immediately recognized that this could be the biggest political scandal in U.S. history, bigger even than Watergate. The allegations, if true, would have created widespread political turmoil and would have had to involve people, high up people, ignoring and/or covering up facts. How could a young Senator from Illinois have gotten so far, so quickly, in national politics without some in both the Democratic & Republican Parties taking notice, researching, discovering...
  • Palin devotees line up in Northern Va. (They say "hundreds" but sounds like thousands!)

    12/07/2009 9:49:18 AM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 8 replies · 781+ views
    MSNBC ^ | December 7, 2009 | Joey Bell
    FAIRFAX, Va. -- Neither the first snow of the winter nor the slushy, untreated roads could deter hundreds of fans from coming here Saturday morning to get a copy of “Going Rogue” signed by it’s author, Sarah Palin. The BJ’s in the Fair Lakes Shopping Center welcomed hundreds of people to line up and wait for hours to meet the former Alaska governor and vice-presidential candidate. People came prepared to withstand the elements. Winter coats, umbrellas and most importantly plastic shopping bags, protected their books from the chunky, wet falling flakes. Some cuddled an armful of books for their favorite...
  • The Wilding of Sarah Palin

    11/24/2009 3:19:58 AM PST · by Scanian · 66 replies · 2,712+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | November 24, 2009 | Robin of Berkeley
    When I was in college, I read a book that changed my life. It was Susan Brownmiller's tome, Against Our Will: Men, Women, and Rape, which explained rape as an act of power, not just lust. What I found particularly chilling was the chapter on war -- how rape is used to terrorize a population and destroy the enemy's spirit. While edifying, the book magnified the vulnerability I already felt as a female. Fear of rape became a constant dread, and I sought a solution that would help shield me from danger. The answer: seek safe harbor within the Democratic...
  • Could Dr. Utopia really be down to the 30s in approval by Christmas?

    09/02/2009 3:53:50 AM PDT · by Vincent Jappi · 37 replies · 1,191+ views
    HillBuzz ^ | September 1, 2009 | hillbuzz
    A friend of ours sent us this article from RedState just now, and we had a good discussion about it. It’s commentary on David Brooks’ column in the NY Times, where Brooks argues Democrats really and truly are committing political suicide, since the White House and Congress believe America is The Huffington Post. Brooks says Democrats will try to ram Deathcare through using every trick in the book, even if only 35% of the country identifies as liberal and supports this. Brooks predicts a massive backlash against the White House and Congress in 2010. One of the comments on this...
  • 'DNC Suggests Town Hall Protestors are Fringe Birther Mob'

    08/05/2009 7:29:49 PM PDT · by SloopJohnB · 40 replies · 964+ views
    News Busters ^ | August 5, 2009 | Noel Sheppard
    The Democratic National Committee has released a new video to push back against protests happening at town hall meetings across the country, and according to ABC's Jake Tapper, these demonstrators are being depicted as "irrational birthers who want to 'destroy' President Obama."
  • Birthers of a Nation & The Paranoid Style of American Liberalism

    08/05/2009 3:41:16 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 23 replies · 1,215+ views
    The National Review ^ | August 5, 2009 | Jonah Goldberg
    I think Jamie Kirchik has the politics pretty much exactly right. Eugene Robinson, Joe Conason and E.J. Dionne, in addition to all the politicians and bloggers Jamie mentions, have been pumping the birther story in order to tar Republicans as extremists at precisely the moment their own agenda is being rejected by the American people for it's own extremism. Even the folks at Mother Jones think this is a plausible explanation of the administration's behavior: If the White House thinks the birther movement is hurting the Republican party, they might refrain from doing anything that could cause the GOP to...

    08/05/2009 3:26:49 PM PDT · by Syncro · 320 replies · 8,329+ views
    AnnCoulter.Com ^ | August 5, 2009 | Ann Coulter
    OBAMA BIRTH CERTIFICATE SPOTTED IN BOGUS MOON LANDING FOOTAGEAugust 5, 2009 Tardy though they are, we welcome MSNBC to finally joining every major conservative news outlet -- including Fox News, The American Spectator, Human Events, National Review and Sweetness & Light -- in discrediting the idea that President Obama wasn't born in this country and, therefore, is ineligible to be president. Now the big question: Was Joe Biden born on this planet? Inasmuch as the "birther" movement was hatched in the station wagon of MSNBC's favorite left-wing fantasist, Larry Johnson, maybe the mainstream media can stop acting as if it's...
  • The Greatest Conspiracy of All (David Weigel in a flop sweat)

    08/05/2009 10:00:12 AM PDT · by pissant · 23 replies · 869+ views
    Wash. Independent ^ | 8/5/09 | David Weigel
    This thread at the Right Side of Life, keying off of a thread, is actually a pretty useful look at the way facts bounce off of the “birther” community like so many eggs off of a Humvee. David Wiegel (sic) is a regular poster at the Politijab Forum. Actually, no: I joined the site in order to read the threads at that superlative Web forum for “birther”-debunkers. I’ve never posted a comment there. The rest of the argument posits that “Politijab is an astroturf site” because its inbound links come from AOL News, Daily Kos, Topix, and Democratic Underground....
  • Lou Dobbs Jokes with Candy Crowley, "Don't Say 'Birther' - Not on this Broadcast" - Video 8/4/09

    08/05/2009 9:55:29 AM PDT · by Federalist Patriot · 7 replies · 779+ views
    Freedom's Lighthouse ^ | August 5, 2009 | BrianinMO
    Here is video last night of CNN's Lou Dobbs joking with reporter Candy Crowley after she said the word "birther" on his broadcast as she made the point that the White House is trying to discredit protesters at ObamaCare Town Hall Meetings by saying they are all members of "fringe" groups. After she used the word "birther," Dobbs interrupted saying, "Oh God, don't say 'birther' whatever you do, not on this broadcast." Dobbs has been under fire for reporting on the Obama Birth Certificate controversy, even to the point that some have called for CNN to fire him for doing...
  • Does "King of the World" Need a Birth Certificate?

    08/05/2009 9:00:11 AM PDT · by jazminerose · 15 replies · 1,207+ views
    Canada Free Press ^ | 8/5/09 | Judi McLeod & Douglas Hagmann
    Since his arrival at the White House, Barack Obama has been touted as `King of the World’ rather than USA president. As King of the World, does Obama really need born-in-USA status? On the occasion of their president’s 48th birthday yesterday, Americans still don’t know for certain from whence he came, only where he is leading them. There was a mammoth picture of the Birthday Boy on display outside the White House, but no pictures of him pursing his lips to blow out the candles on a birthday cake, which may have served as a reminder that this is a...
  • The New "B" Word -- "Birther"

    08/05/2009 9:09:24 AM PDT · by CMoran325 · 22 replies · 706+ views
    Clearly Nebulous ^ | August 4, 2009 | Colette Moran
    I've never really been called a "Broad" -- but I've been told that once upon a time it was actually a compliment. A Broad could hold her liquor, make a guy laugh, comment about a ballgame... Think Maclaine or Dickinson in the Rat Pack days. I like to think I'm a Broad. (Ok the liquor thing -- not so much anymore. I'm a lightweight now. Practically a teetotaler.)Shirley Maclaine when she was a fun broad -- not a New Age quack.And I've managed seldom to be called a "Witch with a B" -- to my face anyway. I deliberately chose a husband who does not use such...