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  • Lou Dobbs Right on Obama Birth Certificate

    08/03/2009 7:54:16 AM PDT · by kellynla · 54 replies · 2,327+ views ^ | August 3, 2009 9:48 AM | staff
    The Associated Press is wrong and Lou Dobbs is right. This past weekend, the AP published a story entitled "CNN's Dobbs Under Fire for Hosting 'Birthers'". The AP began their highly critical story on Dobbs: "He's become a publicity nightmare for CNN, embarrassed his boss and hosted a show that seemed to contradict the network's 'no bias' brand." And what is Dobbs' "crime?" He has said on air that Obama should release his birth certificate and has had on his show guests who suggested Obama was born outside the U.S. Dobbs does not believe Obama was born outside the U.S.,...
  • Fake Obama Kenya birth certificate?

    08/02/2009 4:56:30 PM PDT · by Jim Robinson · 1,189 replies · 76,154+ views
    And then one of our moderators spotted this: It has several clues, but also there's this question: Who is E. F. Lavender? Earth Friendly Lavender detergent?
  • Birthers and Truthers: The Political Calculus (Birthers Crazy but 9/11 Conspirators Okay).

    08/03/2009 7:55:36 AM PDT · by broken_arrow1 · 27 replies · 1,224+ views
    American Thinker ^ | August 03, 2009 | Tom Suhadolnik
    The Left and the MSM are filled with stories about the "crazy" Republican base melting down regarding where Obama was born. Politico gives us a quantitative view of the political battle space with this Daily KOS/Research Poll on July 31, 2009. A whopping 58 percent of Republicans either think Barack Obama wasn't born in the US (28 percent) or aren't sure (30 percent). A mere 42 percent think he was. Stories about similar "crazy" Democrats during the Bush presidency never made it much past the right side of the blogosphere. Rasmussen published this poll May 04, 2007. Democrats in America...
  • Barack Obama: Will the Controversy Over the Birthplace of the U.S. President End?

    08/01/2009 10:21:48 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 52 replies · 2,004+ views
    Suite 101 ^ | July 31, 2009 | Elvira Nieto
    It appears that some people are still not convinced that the 44th president of the United States legitimately assumed the office. What exactly is the issue? With all the problems still plaguing the country – health care, the economy, unemployment – why are so many people intent on keeping the supposed controversy of the citizenship of the President of the United States in the forefront? The Birthers “The birthers” as they’ve come to be known, are a group of activists, theorist and attorneys dead set on proving that this particular president, under constitutional grounds, should not be in office (which...
  • New poll shows birthers growing

    07/31/2009 10:59:02 PM PDT · by Jet Jaguar · 115 replies · 2,469+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | Aug 01, 2009 | Drew Zahn
    In a recent telephone poll conducted by Research 2000 for the website Daily Kos, 58 percent of Republican respondents when asked if Barack Obama was born in the USA answered "no" or "not sure." The Daily Kos, which calls itself "the largest progressive community blog in the United States," nonetheless found a reported 527 Republicans and 601 independents to accompany its 743 Democrats in answering the question. Among Republicans, 28 percent answered they believe Obama was born outside the U.S., while 30 percent answered "not sure." Among independents, 83 percent affirmed their belief that the president was born in the...
  • Will changing name of document fix problem?

    07/31/2009 10:32:25 PM PDT · by Jet Jaguar · 16 replies · 929+ views
    WorldNetDaily ^ | Aug 01, 2009 | Bob Unruh
    Will changing the name of a document fix the problem facing Hawaii officials over questions about President Obama's original long-form "birth certificate?" Someone may think so, according to a new report. The report confirmed that the state in recent days has dropped the "Certification of Live Birth" that it has used for a number of years to headline abbreviated computer-generated documents citing birth information in the state's database, and the documents now are being called a "Certificate of Live Birth." The suggestion comes in a report by an investigator commissioned by a retired CIA officer on the documentation of Obama's...
  • Andrew Sullivan: Back To Square One [Andrew Sullivan, Semi-Birther?]

    07/31/2009 10:39:09 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 149 replies · 4,412+ views
    The Atlantic ^ | July 29, 2009 | Andrew Sullivan
    The whole birth certificate issue gets weirder still: "I, Dr. Chiyome Fukino, director of the Hawaii State Department of Health, have seen the original vital records maintained on file by the Hawaii State Department of Health verifying Barack Hussein Obama was born in Hawaii and is a natural-born American citizen. I have nothing further to add to this statement or my original statement issued in October 2008 over eight months ago...." But why are we supposed to rely on the testimony of Dr Fukino, whom I believe entirely. It is not my job as a journalist or yours as a...
  • McClatchy investigation: Birthers are just plain nuts

    07/31/2009 11:32:06 AM PDT · by ItsMeOK · 44 replies · 1,280+ views
    KC Star ^ | July 31, 2009 | Bill Dalton
    <p>WASHINGTON — The false allegation that President Barack Obama was born in another country is more than a fact-free hit job.</p> <p>Marked by accusations and backstabbing, it's the story of how a small but intense movement called "birthers" rose from a handful of people prone to seeing conspiracies, aided by the Internet, magnified without evidence by eager radio and cable TV hosts, and eventually ratified by a small group of Republican politicians working to keep the story alive on the floors of Congress and the campaign trails of the Midwest.</p>
  • Yes, The Media Did Help Elect Obama, But...(PUMA story led to Sarah, which doomed McCain, he says)

    02/22/2009 9:52:31 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 63 replies · 1,931+ views
    Editor and Publisher ^ | January 30, 2009 | Greg Mitchell was not intentional. In fact, quite the contrary. It happened when the press and networks covering the Democratic convention puffed up the likely defection of Hillary supporters -- inspiring McCain to name Palin as his running mate. Barack Obama might very well have won anyway, by a very narrow margin, but I believe that the true turning point in the fall campaign -- though rarely noted -- actually came in late-summer, at the Democratic convention in Denver. No, it was not the general good vibes about Obama, the ringing speeches by Teddy, Michelle, Bill, and by the candidate himself....

    01/09/2009 9:11:56 AM PST · by sportsone234 · 12 replies · 1,568+ views
    I voted for Gore in 2000 and watched with disbelief when the Supreme Court decided to take on Bush v Gore . . . disbelief because the method Florida decided to use to count the 2000 election votes should have remained with Florida. Federal intervention was not necessary, period. It was an unprincipled decision that the Supremes in their “infinite wisdom” decided should apply solely to this case [...] With this as a back drop, should anyone really be surprised that the Supremes are, again, turning backs on the Constitution? Are we really so surprised that there isn’t a single...
  • Wingers and the Born Conspriacy (or "Dr." Polarik is a Fraud)

    12/10/2008 3:24:27 PM PST · by curiosity · 120 replies · 2,401+ views ^ | Dec. 2, 2008 | Prudence
    According to the World Nut Daily (motto: “Making The National Enquirer Seem Credible Since 1997″) someone whose fake name and fake doctoral title is “Dr Ron Polarik” is claiming to be an “imaging guru” and has called Obama’s certification of live birth (COLB), “a fake”.
  • PUMA analysis of the voting results

    11/06/2008 9:28:18 PM PST · by beagleone · 77 replies · 3,242+ views
    The Confluence - PUMA site | 11/7/2008 | madamab
    A Tale of Two Parties: Myths, Realities and Strategies in the General Election Now that the shock and disbelief of Election Night have passed (and I must admit, I feel no small relief to finally have the matter decided), I find myself more able to analyze what happened on Tuesday. And unsurprisingly, it isn’t the tale the media told us. We are all supposed to believe that the Democratic turnout was enormous and unprecedented. The youths and the AA’s came out in droves. It was an outpouring never seen before for the most Unifying and Post-Partisan Candidate Ever! We are...
  • 55 million conservatives better get their act together, and FAST

    11/06/2008 7:31:35 AM PST · by prismsinc · 56 replies · 3,614+ views
    11/06/08 | prismsinc
    We need to network our activities people. The PUMAs fooled us. I saw the exit polling data, and it showed that single/divorced woman turned out for Eclair by a wide margin. We were duped by Hillary. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on ME. We are no doubt under seige. Fascists at the top, working class moderates/liberals and the poor at the bottom. They are very well organized, and they plan to exterminate us. Right now, they're coordinating their next move on us. We can't get involved in our minute differences. We fundamentally have the same...
  • Livid in Ohio (Hillary Clinton Forum)

    11/04/2008 3:55:28 PM PST · by Blogger · 22 replies · 4,653+ views ^ | 4 Nov 2008 | Jayling at Hillary Clinton Forum
    Interesting discussion of how Ms Brunner structured the touch screens in Northern Ohio. We have to get rid of this bag! Includes pictures of the actual computer screens.
  • Official 2008 Election Thread (Freepers and PUMAs United for Victory!)

    11/04/2008 8:32:10 AM PST · by jrooney · 263 replies · 18,783+ views
    11-04-08 | jrooney
    Post what you are seeing or hearing here. Freepers and PUMAs unite for Mac/Cuda victory over the false messiah!
  • Update of PUMAs and NOBAMAs sites (Stand tall be proud and vote, they are standing with us)

    11/04/2008 7:51:52 AM PST · by jrooney · 66 replies · 4,560+ views
    10-04-08 | jrooney
    I have checked all the PUMA and NOBAMA sites I could find this morning for about two hours at length. They are determined and motivated to beat Obama. They are voting in force and standing with us against the false messiah. Stand tall and be proud, we are going to win this one for Mac/Cuda!

    11/04/2008 5:47:34 AM PST · by Blogger · 100 replies · 3,544+ views
    4 Nov 2008 | Blogger
    To All PUMAs. As a life-long conservative, I would just like to thank you all for your principled vote against Barack Obama. At this point in time, none of us knows what the day holds; but, even though I would never vote for her, I agree as do many Freepers, that Hillary was 'done wrong.' We will likely fight you tooth and nail in 2012, regardless who our candidate is (hopefully Sarah); but, our hope is that if and when we win this election that this adminstration will show the world such respectable leadership that any thoughts of an Obama...
  • Disaffected Democrats oppose Obama

    11/01/2008 5:51:28 PM PDT · by TornadoAlley3 · 8 replies · 695+ views
    11/01/08 | Charles Webster
    Link only: Former Hillary backers want party to change
  • PUMAs As Allies (that is, Hillary supporters for McCain!)

    10/31/2008 2:42:28 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 2 replies · 515+ views
    Digg ^ | October 31, 2008
    FReep this Digg! To find Digg links on FR, simply typing "Digg" into FR's keyword search box. To make sure they can be found, type Digg into keyword section of any "FReep this Digg" post. Also remember, if you have time, saturate Digg with conservative articles/videos exposing the ObamaNation! --------- CONFUSED? What do I mean by "Digg to the top"? Click on the article link that leads to Digg. Once there, hit the Digg icon on the left side (need to sign up first). The Digg button votes the article to the top, thus insuring that thousands, tens of thousands,...
  • NEW VIDEO: "L.A. Times under Siege!" Citizens Demand Release of Obama/Khalidi Video (10/30/08)

    10/30/2008 10:44:40 PM PDT · by RonDog · 72 replies · 3,209+ views ^ | October 30, 2008 | Jeffers Dodge
    From "L.A. Times under siege!" Citizens Demand Release of Obama Video <-- click here LIVE INTERVIEWS Runtime: 1m:51sFrom: JeffersDodge
  • LA Times Protest continues today 10am to 4pm. Need more bodies!

    10/30/2008 8:28:31 PM PDT · by RaginApache · 96 replies · 2,170+ views ^ | 10-30-08 | Joe
    Freepers - this was the most fun I've had with my clothes on in as long as I can remember. Big Shout out to RonDog -what a guy! Maybe he'll help with the next trick. Please ask him. One of the best parts was when the LA Times security guard came out and said, "It's cool. I'm voting McCain..." Vid is available several places. is one. is working on theirs. Should be ready around 10PM PDT. There were LA Times employees in the windows giving us thumbs up! The best part is that we're doing this again Fri...
  • LA Times Protest (PUMA site)

    10/30/2008 8:00:54 PM PDT · by BAW · 32 replies · 1,402+ views ^ | October 30, 2008 | murphy
    Over 100 Pumas are there already. . . . . . Today we are demanding that the LA Times release the videotape of Barack Obama at a Chicago dinner for Rashid Khalidi. Khalidi is a prominent pro-Palestine scholar and professor at Columbia University who has written extensively about Palestinian issues. Unsurprisingly, he is not popular in many pro-Israeli circles. This is irrelevant to our effort. Rashid Khalidi is not the point. What is at issue here is what Barack Obama said at the dinner, and more importantly, what on earth is a supposedly free press organization like the L.A. Times...
  • Great Merciful Zeus! PUMAs are winning Florida for John McCain!

    10/30/2008 9:15:39 AM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 76 replies · 2,213+ views ^ | October 30, 2008 | hillbuzz
    NOTE: The below comes from one of the smartest two blogs out there for insight on polls (the other being Wizbang). Things have been unraveling for Obama since early voting began — just like in the primaries, Obama’s alleged advantage amongst his “youth army”, blacks, and yuppies is not turning up in the early vote “tidal wave” he was supposed to have. Obama spent TENS OF MILLIONS of dollars trying to drive early votes to him, but it’s not happening. Practically every Democrat we know has early voted — and all of them have voted for John McCain and Sarah...
  • FReep the L.A. Times! [CONFIRMED: 10 am THURS (10/30)!] re: failure to release Obama/Khalidi Video

    10/29/2008 5:18:45 PM PDT · by RonDog · 196 replies · 4,459+ views
    The L.A. Chapter has been asked to helpFReep the L.A. Timesdemanding that they release the video tape of Obama and Khalidi.So, we need YOUR ideas for protest signs - asap.What do YOU think?Please post your SIGN IDEAS here!
  • Recovering Obamaniacs For McCain

    10/29/2008 9:13:15 AM PDT · by RobinMasters · 21 replies · 1,208+ views
    NRO ^ | October 29, 2008 | Mark Steyn
    Tina Brown is a New Labour/Democrat limousine liberal but, unlike the Obots running the snore-sheet monodailies, she's an editor first. And so, after the Buckley endorsement of Obama, she now presents Wendy Button, an Obama-Edwards-Clinton speechwriter who's voting for McCain: Not only has this party belittled working people in this campaign from Joe the Plumber to the bitter comments, it has also been part of tearing down two female candidates. At first, certain Democrats and the press called Senator Clinton “dishonest.” They went after her cleavage. They said her experience as First Lady consisted of having tea parties. There was...
  • Obama Speechwriter Switches to McCain; Ignored by MSM

    10/29/2008 7:59:36 AM PDT · by PJ-Comix · 39 replies · 2,549+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | October 29, 2008 | P.J. Gladnick
    Imagine if a speechwriter for John McCain had switched sides and announced she was going to vote for Barack Obama. Would she not be featured bigtime in the mainstream media complete with new thrills running up Chris Matthews leg? Well, this did happen except that it was an Obama speechwriter, Wendy Button, who became disillusioned with The One and switched supporting McCain. Here are the highlights of Wendy Button's explanation of why she made the switch: Since I started writing speeches more than ten years ago, I have always believed in the Democratic Party. Not anymore. Not after the election...
  • Republicans, we Clinton Democrats stand with you. So join us...and help us fight for America.

    Republicans, this is directed at you. Hillary’s Army remains strong, and committed to putting McCain/Palin in the White House. Do not listen to the media. Ignore the trolls. Corral your Eeyores and put them on the endangered species list. Because by our most conservative estimate, you’re going to get 4 million Hillocrats on your side next week, with roughly another 3 million Democrats who voted for Kerry staying home or throwing their votes to McKinney or Nader. That’s 7 million votes Obama has lost from lifelong Democrats — because we love this country more than Republicans have ever given us...
  • Best friends forever? (“So this decision to vote Republican for the first time in my life...")

    10/28/2008 10:26:23 AM PDT · by Maelstorm · 9 replies · 1,004+ views ^ | OCT 28,2008 | Foon Rhee
    A prominent supporter of Hillary Clinton is in New Hampshire today to rally the troops for Republican John McCain, as Clinton herself is in the Granite State to support Democrat Barack Obama. Lynn Forester de Rothschild -- a personal friend of Clinton, a major fundraiser, and a member of the Democratic National Convention's platform committee -- plans press conferences in Dover and Manchester, the McCain campaign announced. The events are counterprogramming against Clinton, who is now enthusiastically backing Obama and who also plans events in Dover and Manchester. New Hampshire is among the most competitive states on Nov. 4. De...
  • "I voted for John McCain, as a democrat I didn't have a choice"

    10/28/2008 8:50:11 AM PDT · by KatyLoraleyVidales · 2 replies · 849+ views
    Right Up Front ^ | 10/28/2008 | Katy Loraley
    With less than a week towards election day I am preparing for both the best and worst outcome. Part of me wants to believe that all the hype viewed on CNN and college campuses across the country are just that, hype. With the amount of undecided voters left at this point in time it seems like the decision isn't quite as clear as Camp Obama would like it to be (especially considering the margin of error in all of the polls which are showing Obama leading anywhere between 5% pts. and 7 %pts.). I was in my Public Policy class...
  • From Hillbuzz Breaking: Here’s what we know about Pennsylvania right now

    10/28/2008 6:33:37 AM PDT · by PaRep · 60 replies · 3,679+ views
    Tonight we spoke with a friend from Hillary Clinton’s campaign who is now working for McCain/Palin — and is specifically working with Democrats for McCain in Pennsylvania. We worked with her in Texas, Indiana, Ohio, and Pennsylvania for Hillary and have spent many LONG hours with her in the trenches in all of those states. She’s smart, doesn’t BS, and never lies. She says the same thing we do: John McCain will win Pennsylvania. On November 4th, the news networks are going to be spinning and sputtering and playing catchup, but everything we see on the ground in PA is...
  • The Fla. tally so far: (No votes actually counted yet.)

    10/27/2008 7:29:52 PM PDT · by Rumierules · 96 replies · 3,005+ views
    The Buzz Florida Politics ^ | 10/27/08 | Times Staff
    Through Sunday, it appears absentee and early votes have Democrats up by 80,287 votes. Of the 1,010,046 people who voted early, 53.7 percent were Democrats, 30.19 percent Republicans and 16.02 percent other. Of the 1,059,518 absentee ballots returned so far, 35.31 percent were from Democrats, 50.23 percent Republicans, and 14.46 percent other. All told, 2,069,564 people have voted already -- 44.33 percent of them Democrats, 40.45 percent Republicans, and 15.22 percent other.
  • Hillary Backers Decry Massive Obama Vote Fraud

    10/26/2008 7:45:27 PM PDT · by RobinMasters · 54 replies · 3,082+ views
    New York Post ^ | October 26, 2008 | Kenneth R. Timmerman
    With accusations of voter registration fraud swirling as early voting begins in many states, some Hillary Clinton supporters are saying: “I told you so.” Already in Iowa, the Obama campaign was breaking the rules, busing in supporters from neighboring states to vote illegally in the first contest in the primaries and physically intimidating Hillary supporters, they say. Obama’s surprisingly strong win in Iowa, which defied all the polls, propelled his upstart candidacy to front-runner status. But Dr. Lynette Long, a Hillary supporter from Bethesda, Md, who has a long and respected academic career, believes Obama’s victory in Iowa and in...
  • Six Reasons McCain will win the Election [Critique of polling]

    10/26/2008 7:58:38 PM PDT · by lonestar67 · 30 replies · 2,882+ views
    October 26, 2008 | Lonestar67
    Six Reasons Why McCain will win the Election 2008 Near universal agreement exists among pundits that Senator Barack Obama will defeat Senator John McCain for the presidential race of 2008. A variety of polls suggest that Obama will win by roughly six points. Trading polls online give John McCain less than a 15% of winning. Electoral projection hold Obama at near 250 solid votes. So why should anyone believe that John McCain is going to win the election. There are several reasons: 1. Operation Chaos and polling assumptions: Almost all polls providing a lead for Obama work upon a shared...
  • PUMAs: The Democrats the Media Doesn’t Want to Talk About

    10/26/2008 12:03:59 PM PDT · by Free ThinkerNY · 34 replies · 1,083+ views ^ | October 26, 2008 | Mondoreb
    PUMA Power: One-Fourth of Democrat Party Used to Being Ignored by Maintream Media PUMAs are the One Group Who Has Already Gone Head-to-Head Against “The Obama Experience” * The Mainstream Media Bias * ACORN Voter Fraud * The Blog Shutdowns and Intimidation Tactics * The “Fix is In” Frustration PUMAs: Been There, Done That These days, the most energetic investigations, the loudest warnings and the people most experienced with unpleasant Obama campaign tactics come not from the Republican Party, but from a segment of the Democrat Party: the PUMAs. They represent a significant proportion of the Democratic Party–a portion the...
  • Judge rejects Montco lawyer's bid to have Obama removed from ballot [Berg's lawsuit]

    10/25/2008 1:48:50 AM PDT · by Dajjal · 334 replies · 11,206+ views
    Philadelphia Daily News ^ | Oct. 25, 2008 | Michael Hinkelman
    A federal judge in Philadelphia last night threw out a complaint by a Montgomery County lawyer who claimed that Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama was not qualified to be president and that his name should be removed from the Nov. 4 ballot.[snip] In a 34-page memorandum and opinion, the judge said Berg's allegations of harm were "too vague and too attenuated" to confer standing on him or any other voters. Surrick ruled that Berg's attempts to use certain laws to gain standing to pursue his claim that Obama was not a natural-born citizen were "frivolous and not worthy of discussion."...
  • Win or lose, Obama may have broken the Democratic Party

    10/23/2008 6:46:12 AM PDT · by connell · 90 replies · 3,356+ views
    Modern Conservative ^ | Christopher Cook
    By Christopher Cook I talk to them every day. To call them "disgruntled Hillary supporters" is to drastically underestimate who they are and what has happened to their thinking. To call them "disgruntled Hillary supporters" suggests that they're only upset at Hillary's loss in the primary, and that they'll be back after the anger settles.Wrong.Okay, that will undoubtedly be true of some of them—but not the ones I've been talking to. The ones with whom I (and a few fellow conservatives) have been speaking will NOT be back under the Democrats' tent any time soon, and possibly ever.You see, they...
  • Why Some Democrats Are Looking To Vote McCain

    10/20/2008 3:59:51 PM PDT · by MHGinTN · 23 replies · 856+ views
    Blog ^ | 10/20/08 | MHGinTN
    During a discussion of just how dangerous for America is Barack Obama, someone asked: "I want to know where is Hillary. How come she hasn't derailed this runaway train." Funny they should ask; Hillary was also an admirer of Saul Alinsky methodology, as shown with her thesis uncovered nearly a decade ago and written about in Barbara K. Olson’s Hell To Pay. Hillary Clinton is campaigning for the little Marxist squirrel. What one ought to ask is, 'What has the Marxist Obama promised to Hillary so that she is helping him ascend to ultimate power?' One of the interesting little...
  • Letter to the Republican Party from a concerned PUMA…

    10/14/2008 11:26:15 PM PDT · by 24-7Freeper · 100 replies · 2,267+ views
    P.U.M.A. ^ | October 14, 2008 | PUMA Pundit
    Dear Members of the Republican Party, Like millions of other PUMAs, the only thing I’ve decided about this election is that under no circumstances would I be voting for Barack Obama. However, like millions of other PUMAs I have also realized that the only way to ensure that Barack Obama is not elected President is if John McCain wins on November 4th. In the last few months, I have watched with amazement as you have worked hard to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in the Presidential election. In your public and private utterances you have been pessimistic, downcast,...
  • PUMA building up a head of steam against O...maybe help put McCain over the finish line?

    10/12/2008 3:07:50 PM PDT · by dascallie · 35 replies · 2,071+ views
    Today, 01:08 AM shenanigans New Member = <100 Posts Join Date: May 2008 Location: Ohio Posts: 37 Poster Rank: #622 From NQ In case you need a refresher course: Current Article don’t blame mccain because people are fed up! By American Girl in ItalygravatarcloseAuthor: American Girl in Italy Name: American Girl Email: Site: about: See Authors Posts (12) on October 11, 2008 at 8:55 PM in Bill Clinton, Current Affairs, DNC, Disenfranchisement, Hillary Clinton, McCain/Palin 2008, Race Card, Tony Rezko, Typical white person, Voter Fraud, William Ayers, arrogance (bumped up by susanunpc) Obama and his supporters have been...
  • PUMAs: How much of a factor will they be?

    10/11/2008 9:58:54 AM PDT · by kauaiboy · 98 replies · 2,049+ views
    I see the polls, and by all the looks, Obama is winning BUT he is NOT over 50% in most polls and the MccCain vote is in the low 40s or even high 30s (Fox) this is nonsense, and us conservatives KNOW it Here is my though The Hillary voters who HATE Barry and will never vote for him must be at least 30% that is about 0.3 * 18 Million = 6 million folks My theory is that they are ALL SAYING thy will vote for Barry, and then come election day will not only NOT vote for him...
  • Berg response in oppostion to Obama / DNC protective order

    10/09/2008 8:50:18 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 35 replies · 1,654+ views
    Obama Crimes ^ | Oct. 9, 2008 | Philip Berg
    Attached is Philip J. Berg's Opposition to Defendants, the DNC and Obama's Motion for Protective Order Staying Discovery pending Decision on their Motion to Dismiss. If the Protective Order were granted, discovery could not occur until the standing issue has been resolved and only if it is in favor of the plaintiff. Following is an excerpt from the response: PLAINTIFF’S RESPONSE IN OPPOSITION TO DEFENDANTS BARACK H. OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE’S MOTION FOR A PROTECTIVE ORDER STAYING DISCOVERY PENDING DECISION ON DISPOSITVE MOTION .... 1. Defendants’ pending Motion to Dismiss does not entitle them to a Protective Order...
  • Berg Outraged: Obama & DNC file motion to delay discovery until ... motion to dismiss is decided

    10/07/2008 6:34:24 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 47 replies · 2,808+ views
    Obama Crimes ^ | October 6, 2008 | Press Release
    Berg is “Outraged” that Obama & DNC Hide Again Behind Legal Issues as their attorney files a Motion for Protective Order to “not” Answer Admissions & Production of Documents while Betraying Public in not Producing Documents proving Obama is “qualified” to be a candidate for President. It is believed Obama is an “illegal alien” For Immediate Release: - 10/06/08 (Contact info and pdf of press release below) Country is Headed to a Constitutional Crisis (Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 10/06/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to...
  • Berg vs Obama: Obama and DNC File Motion to Delay Discovery

    10/06/2008 4:30:11 PM PDT · by NoobRep · 254 replies · 6,494+ views ^ | 10/06/08 | Jeff Schrieber
    TWO FILINGS: Berg Files Motion for Leave to File Amended Complaint, Obama and DNC File Motion to Delay Discovery Until Judge Decides on Prior Motion to Dismiss It was a busy day in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania today. First, attorney Philip Berg files a motion asking the court to permit him to file an amended complaint with several additions, and then next, attorneys for Barack Obama and the DNC file a motion asking the court for a protective order, essentially asking that the judge rule on their motion to dismiss for lack of standing before ruling on Berg's motion...
  • Phil J. Berg files amended complaint in Berg v. Obama

    10/07/2008 3:09:15 AM PDT · by Hang'emAll · 257 replies · 5,588+ views
    Obama Crimes Website ^ | 10/06/08 | Phil J. Berg
    Phil J. Berg filed an amended complaint today in Berg v. Obama. The amended complaint adds the Pennsylvania Department of State, the Secretary of the Commonwealth Pedro A. Cortes (in his official capacity), the U. S. Sentate Committee on Rules and Administration, and Senator Diane Feinstein (in her official capacity as chairman) for their failure to exercise due diligence with respect to Barack Obama's contitutional qualifications to be elected and serve as President of The United States, and for his inclusion on the ballot in Pennsylvania as a candidate for President of the United States. The amended complaint also bolsters...
  • Berg v. Obama Update (Berg Files Motion for Leave to File an Amended Complaint)

    10/06/2008 10:44:06 AM PDT · by NoobRep · 45 replies · 2,666+ views
    Americas Right ^ | 10/06/08 | Jeff Schrieber
    This morning, prominent Philadelphia attorney and former Deputy Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Philip Berg filed a Motion for Leave to File an Amended Complaint in his ongoing case against Illinois Sen. Barack Obama and others, arguing that Obama is in fact not a natural born United States citizen and, pursuant to Article II, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution is ineligible to serve as president of the United States of America. Now, this does not mean that the amended complaint has been filed. Rule 15(a) of the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure permits amendments by leave of...
  • To All You Republicans Who Are Wringing Your Hands...

    10/04/2008 12:01:01 PM PDT · by StatenIsland · 268 replies · 4,485+ views ^ | 10/04/08 | sadstateofaffairs
    To All You Republicans Who Are Wringing Your Hands. You Listen Up, And Listen Good.... -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- John McCain may not be conservative enough for you. He certainly isn't liberal enough for many of us dems and ex-dems. BUT BY GOD HE'S AMERICAN ENOUGH AND THAT HAD BETTER BE GOOD ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US! Because if it isn't, we will lose our country to a communist/socialist agenda and we ain't NEVER gonna to recover. GOT IT? So light a fire under your collective butts and get moving! NOW! ____________________________________________ No, no, no....Not God Bless the DNC. God Damn the DNC....
  • Obama Conundrum: If a total stranger can do it, then why not Obama?

    10/02/2008 3:39:29 PM PDT · by Polarik · 21 replies · 1,166+ views
    The Greater Evil ^ | 10/02/08 | Polarik
    I'm writing this brief post to put into perspective what it all means when Obama cannot (rather refuses to) release his genuine birth certificate to put all rumors to rest. The time for surprizes has long past. Obama is not going to magically produce it, saying "Gotcha," because that would have been done in response to Berg's suit. You can take this to the bank, that when Obama is forced show his "vault" long-form birth certificate, the whole world will know that the COLB image was a forgery from Day One, as well as the phony FactCheck photos. BUT, now...
  • Berg files motion asking court to deny Obama's dismissal request [No order]

    10/01/2008 8:16:50 PM PDT · by conservativegramma · 195 replies · 7,162+ views
    On defendant's Barack Hussein Obama and the Democratic National Committee's Motion to Dismiss Plaintifs Complaint.........Denied........... Order of this Court that the following discovery is to be turned over to Plaintiff within 3 days 1. Obama's "vault"version (certified copy of his original long version Birth Certificate and 2. A certified copy of Obama's Certification of Citizenship 3. A Certified Copy of Obama's Oath of Allegiance Filed September 29, 2008
  • Berg Confident Obama & DNC Motion To Dismiss Will Be Defeated

    10/01/2008 4:51:57 PM PDT · by Dajjal · 9 replies · 1,382+ views
    Obama Crimes ^ | Sept. 30, 2008 | n/a
    Berg Confident Obama & DNC Motion To Dismiss Will Be Defeated Tuesday, 30 September 2008 Berg Filed an Answer Sept. 29th, 2008 (Lafayette Hill, Pennsylvania – 09/29/08) - Philip J. Berg, Esquire, the Attorney who filed suit against Barack H. Obama challenging Senator Obama’s lack of “qualifications” to serve as President of the United States, announced today that he filed his Opposition and Brief to Obama and Democratic National Committee [DNC] Joint Motion to Dismiss in the case of Berg v. Obama, No. 08-cv-04083. Berg feels confident that he has “Standing” and the Court will allow the case to go...

    09/29/2008 7:47:58 PM PDT · by ncfool · 45 replies · 2,280+ views
    Phil Berg's Obama Crimes web site. ^ | September 29, 2008 | Self
    Philip J. Berg filed a response this afternoon to the motion for dismissal filed last week in Berg vs. Obama by Senator Obama and the Democratic National Committee. The response "PLAINTIFF’S OPPOSITION AND BRIEF IN SUPPORT THEREOF TO DEFENDANT’S, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA AND THE DEMOCRATIC NATIONAL COMMITTEE’S, MOTION TO DISMISS PLAINTIFF’S COMPLAINT PURSUANT TO RULE 12(b)(1) and 12(b)(6)" asserts that, the defendants' argument to the contrary, Mr. Berg has standing to pursue the case. Mr. Berg provides precedents which he argues establish his standing and petitions the Court to deny dismissal and order the defendants to produce the documents in...