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  • With a British adieu to EU, it's farewell to a Fed rate hike for now

    06/24/2016 5:34:39 AM PDT · by mykroar · 15 replies ^ | 6/23/2016 | Reuters
    The U.S. Federal Reserve, already undecided on when next to raise interest rates, now has one more reason to wait: Britain's vote on Thursday to leave the European Union. Not that the Fed needed another reason. Weaker-than-expected growth in U.S. jobs in recent months had already forced U.S. central bankers to put off a rate hike at their meeting last week.But while data due early next month on June U.S. payrolls growth could help clear up doubts about the strength of the labor market, the political and economic consequences of Britain's exit from the EU will take months or years...
  • Fed Hikes Rates, Unleashing First Tightening Cycle In Over 11 Years

    12/16/2015 3:50:54 PM PST · by Nachum · 8 replies
    zero hedge ^ | 1216/15 | tyler durden
    On the 7th anniversary of entering ZIRP, and for the first time since June 29th 2006, The Federal Reserve announced today that it will try and raise interest rates: *FED RAISES INTEREST RATES 0.25 POINT IN UNANIMOUS VOTE Of course, the flowery language and dots are as dovish as possible while maintaining some semblance of credibility with regard growth expectations as The Fed unleashes a tightening cycle for the first time in over 11 years.
  • Yellen: Unemployment Rate 'Less Rosy' When You Count Part-Time, Discouraged Workers

    02/24/2015 5:36:17 PM PST · by Son House · 21 replies
    CNS News ^ | February 24, 2015 | Ali Meyer
    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Tuesday at a Senate Banking Committee hearing that the U-6 unemployment rate--which includes people who are working part-time for economic reasons and those who are marginally attached to the labor force--“definitely shows a less rosy picture” of employment in the country. People "marginally attached" to the labor force "are those who currently are neither working nor looking for work but indicate that they want and are available for a job and have looked for one work sometime in the past 12 months." In January, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the "U-3" unemployment...
  • Full-Time Jobs Down 150K, Participation Rate Remains At 35 Year Lows, "No Job Market For Young Men"

    12/05/2014 8:44:55 AM PST · by GilGil · 21 replies
    Zerohedge ^ | 12-5-2014 | Tyler Durden
    Survey was nowhere close to confirming the Establishment Survey data, suggesting jobs rose only by 4K from 147,283K to 147,287K, and furthermore, the breakdown was skewed fully in favor of Part-Time jobs, which rose by 77K while Full-Time jobs declined by 150K.
  • (Flashback)Unemployment Rate Falls For All The Wrong Reasons

    10/25/2014 7:20:49 AM PDT · by Son House · 2 replies
    CNN Money ^ | April 5, 2013 | Chris Isidore
    The difficulty for younger workers finding jobs is also a factor...The participation rate for those age 16 to 24 was near a 50-year low. Heidi Shierholz, a labor economist with the Economic Policy Institute...She points out that the participation rate of "prime-age" workers, age 25 to 54, also fell to match the lowest reading since 1984. "It's the lack of job opportunities -- the lack of demand for workers -- that is keeping these workers from working or seeking work, not other factors," she said. Shierholz said estimates from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office show there are 3.9 million workers...
  • US Hiring Plummets Most Since June 2010, Fewest Hires Since Polar Vortex Ground Economy To A Halt

    10/09/2014 8:17:41 AM PDT · by GilGil · 2 replies
    Zerohedge ^ | 10/7/2014 | Tyler Durden
    There was, however, a big problem. Because while according to the BLS survey employers have almost never had more open positions, they have also decided to put an abrupt stop to hiring, something which certainly points to a major disconnect in the US labor market.
  • Labor Participation Rate Drops To 36 Year Low; Record 92.6 Million Americans Not In Labor Force

    10/03/2014 6:31:19 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 24 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 10/03/14 | Tyler Durden
    While by now everyone should know the answer, for those curious why the US unemployment rate just slid once more to a meager 5.9%, the lowest print since the summer of 2008, the answer is the same one we have shown every month since 2010: the collapse in the labor force participation rate, which in September slide from an already three decade low 62.8% to 62.7% - the lowest in over 36 years, matching the February 1978 lows. And while according to the Household Survey, 232K people found jobs, what is more disturbing is that the people not in the...
  • Ebola outbreak: 'Five infected every hour' in Sierra Leone

    10/02/2014 7:30:36 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 16 replies
    BBC ^ | 10/02/14
    A leading charity has warned that a rate of five new Ebola cases an hour in Sierra Leone means healthcare demands are far outstripping supply.
  • The Rate of Domestic Violence Arrests Among NFL Players

    09/15/2014 6:47:12 AM PDT · by Enlightened1 · 43 replies
    FivetThirtyEight ^ | Benjamin Morris
    Although there seems to be an endless stream of stories about NFL player arrests and misconduct, this is largely because there are a lot of NFL players (and they’re famous). At the league’s peak (during training camps), there are about 2,560 players attached to NFL teams (limit 80 each). As I’ll show, arrest rates among NFL players are quite low compared to national averages for men in their age range — but there are some types of crimes that trail the pack significantly.
  • The Real Unemployment Rate: In 20% Of American Families, Everyone Is Unemployed

    04/29/2014 8:14:42 PM PDT · by Nachum · 41 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 4/29/14 | Tyler Durden
    According to shocking new numbers that were just released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 20 percent of American families do not have a single person that is working. So when someone tries to tell you that the unemployment rate in the United States is about 7 percent, you should just laugh. One-fifth of the families in the entire country do not have a single member with a job. That is absolutely astonishing. How can a family survive if nobody is making any money? Well, the answer to that question is actually quite easy. There is a reason why government...
  • The New Normal American Dream: Homeownership Rate Plunges To 19 Year Low; Asking Rents Soar

    04/29/2014 8:01:11 AM PDT · by Nachum · 29 replies
    Zero Hedge ^ | 4/29/14 | Tyler Durden
    Each quarter, when we perform our regular update on trends in US homeownership and rents using Census Bureau data, we say that "The American Homeownership Dream is officially dead. Long live the New Normal American Dream: Renting." One thing we added in 2013 is that the American Dream has now officially became a full-blown nightmare after mortgage rates exploded, even if declining modestly afterward, and in the process pummeling the affordability of housing as well as grounding any new mortgage-funded transactions to a complete halt (don't believe us - just ask the tens of thousands of mortgage brokers let go...
  • National Average Labor Participation Rate at 35 year low, February 2014

    03/08/2014 2:28:54 PM PST · by DBCJR · 14 replies
    Day before yesterday I heard on the news that the National Average Labor Participation Rate hit a record low of 63.2%. I checked it on the Dept of Labor site this morning and that report was unavailable - even though it was a Google search result, indicating at one time it WAS available. Again, Obama cleans up his ugly mess.
  • France's 75% tax rate gains approval by top court

    12/29/2013 7:59:25 AM PST · by mykroar · 16 replies
    BBC News Business ^ | 12/29/13 | BBC News
    France's highest court has approved a 75% tax on high earners that is one of President Francois Hollande's signature policies. The initial proposal to tax individual incomes was ruled unconstitutional by the Constitutional Council almost exactly one year ago. But the government modified it to make employers liable for the 75% tax on salaries exceeding 1m euros (Ł830,000). The levy will last two years, affecting income earned this year and in 2014.
  • Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993 Peak; Public Unaware

    11/10/2013 10:14:59 PM PST · by epow · 16 replies
    Pew Research Org ^ | May 24, 2013 | unknown
    Suicides by gun accounted for about six of every 10 firearm deaths in 2010 and just over half of all suicides, according to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Since the CDC began publishing data in 1981, gun suicides have outnumbered gun homicides. But as gun homicides have declined sharply in recent years, suicides have become a greater share of all firearm deaths: the 61% share in 2010 was the highest on record. That year there were 19,392 suicides by firearm compared to 11,078 homicides by gun (35% of all firearm deaths). The rest were accidents, police...
  • Sorpresa! Treasury/TIPs Rates Spike, Agency MBS Prices Continue Slide (Fed Failing)

    06/10/2013 11:44:27 AM PDT · by whitedog57
    Confounded Interest ^ | Anthony B. Sanders
    May 2nd was turning point in the fixed-income market. Since May 2nd, Treasury yields have spiked. And Tips yields have spiked over the same period. U-oh. Agency MBS prices continue to decline. For those of us who expected rising rates, the curve trades have been most profitable. Here is the US Treasury curve change since May 2nd. Nearly 60 basis point jump on the 10 year. Here is a chart of Fannie Mae 3% MBS prices since May 2nd. Surprise! Interest rates are rising!
  • Insurers predict 100%-400% Obamacare rate explosion

    05/13/2013 7:02:31 PM PDT · by Nachum · 40 replies
    Washington Examiner ^ | 5/13/13 | Paul Bedard
    Internal cost estimates from 17 of the nation´s largest insurance companies indicate that health insurance premiums will grow an average of 100 percent under Obamacare, and that some will soar more than 400 percent, crushing the administration´s goal of affordability. New regulations, policies, taxes, fees and mandates are the reason for the unexpected "rate shock," according to the House Energy and Commerce Committee, which released a report Monday based on internal documents provided by the insurance companies. The 17 companies include Aetna, Blue Cross Blue Shield and
  • Obamas paid a lower tax rate in 2012 than most Americans in their income bracket

    04/12/2013 2:59:19 PM PDT · by Nachum · 32 replies
    Daily Mail ^ | 4/13/13 | Hayley Peterson
    President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama paid $112,214 in federal taxes on $608,611 in income last year for a tax rate of 18.4 percent, which is slightly lower than the average rate paid by others in their income bracket. Most American households making between $500,000 and $1 million paid a 20.6 percent rate in 2012, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. In spite of the lower tax rate, the Obamas still managed to overpay taxes last year to the tune of $16,815, according to their tax returns, which were released by the White House on Friday.
  • Hiring slowed to 88K jobs in March; unemployment rate drops to 7.6 percent

    04/05/2013 3:11:19 PM PDT · by Libloather · 19 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 4/05/13 | Ylan Q. Mui
    The U.S. economy will face the brunt of massive federal spending cuts just as growth in private sector jobs is plunging, according to government data released Friday. **SNIP** The disappointing job growth is the result of weaker performance in critical industries and the steady decline in the government workforce. The Labor Department report showed the U.S. Postal Service alone lost 12,000 positions. Meanwhile, rapidly growing sectors such as health care and construction tempered their gains. “This is the correction that many have been predicting,” said Stuart Hoffman, chief economist at PNC Financial Services Group.
  • U.S. jobless claims climb to four-month high

    04/04/2013 5:47:58 AM PDT · by Accessible Pudding · 22 replies
    Market Pulse ^ | 04-04-2013 | Jeffry Bartash
    The number of people who applied for new unemployment benefits jumped 28,000 to a four-month high of 385,000 in the week ended March 30, the Labor Department said Thursday.
  • How Do You Spell Retaliation

    02/05/2013 10:19:59 AM PST · by notted · 9 replies
    PJ Media ^ | 02/05/2013 | Roger Kimball
    "Now that I look back to Cicero’s life and work, however, few figures from any age seem as searingly pertinent to our own social and political life"... Consider this passage from Cicero’s On Duties: Whoever governs a country must first see to it that citizens keep what belongs to them and that the state does not take from individuals what is rightfully theirs. … As for those politicians who pretend they are friends of the common people and try to pass laws redistributing property and drive people out of their homes or champion legislation forgiving loans, I say they are...
  • The End of Bush Tax Rates Should Make Liberals Happy

    12/23/2012 8:08:16 AM PST · by TurboZamboni · 14 replies
    freedom outpost ^ | 12-22-12 | tim brown
    Families, Average Income $70,662: $4,138 tax increase. Baby Boomers, Average Income $95,099: $4,223 tax increase Low Income Workers, Average Income $24,757: $1,207 tax increase Millennials, Average Income $23,917: $1,099 tax increase Retirees, Average Income $42,553: $857 tax increase Note that these income figures are Adjusted Gross Income (AGI). Number of filers and AGI are estimates for 2013. Take a look at the full details here. Interestingly enough, liberals say this is a bad thing, but for them it would simply be returning to the Clinton Era Tax rates, right? Aren’t they the ones who have been saying those were the...
  • Unemployment Rate Drop Due to Workers Leaving Labor Force(350,000)

    12/08/2012 10:32:15 AM PST · by Son House · 9 replies
    Heritage Foundation ^ | December 7, 2012 | Rea Hederman and James Sherk
    The November employment report appeared to be good news. The unemployment rate fell to 7.7 percent, the lowest level since 2009, and the economy created 146,000 jobs. However, a closer reading of the details shows that the labor market is not recovering any faster but instead continuing its long, painful march to full recovery. The only reason that the unemployment rate fell was because more people dropped out of the labor market than actually found jobs. The labor force declined by 350,000 and the labor force participation rate, a measure of potential workers, declined to 63.6, the same level as...
  • Truth On Fiscal Cliff Negotiations

    11/29/2012 9:29:00 AM PST · by Starman417 · 21 replies
    Flopping Aces ^ | 11-29-12 | James Raider
    We apprehensively advance through this nail biting moment in history as a great Nation floats, uncertain, caught in a holding pattern, hoping its leadership will find wisdom enough to avert the so called Fiscal Cliff, even if most of us don’t fully comprehend what such a cliff entails, or even if such a thing exists. We’re too busy struggling, hanging on to whatever we have, hoping for stability, and hoping that tomorrow brings some relief to our stress.So let’s look for a little insight into what astute and gifted minds are really doing deep in the core of the...
  • The New Excise Tax Frontier: Hollywood

    11/26/2012 8:31:24 PM PST · by EricaD · 21 replies
    Jefferson's Rebels ^ | 11/26/12 | Erica
    To conservatives like me, the following proposal for raising taxes on Hollywood celebrities goes against my DNA. However, two facts are indisputable: (1) Hollywood is perhaps Obama's biggest booster club, giving him donations in kind and in dollars, and (2) Congress' stated goal is to raise taxes on the wealthy, although they will actually raise them on everyone. Therefore, with a bit of irony in mind, I propose the following for debate. After listening to Democrats argue that the wealthy aren’t paying their fair share of taxes, it’s time for Americans to take an empirical view of the massive wealth...
  • Obama’s Real Unemployment Rate: 14.7%

    10/18/2012 4:00:21 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 5 replies ^ | October 18, 2012 | Peter Ferrara
    The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) reported last Friday that 114,000 new jobs were created last month, according to its Establishment Survey of business payrolls that has been emphasized by the Obama Administration. That is pitifully weak, especially for what is supposed to be the fourth year of a recovery (the National Bureau of Economic Research scored the recession as officially over in June, 2009). As economist John Lott noted at on October 5, the working age population grew by 206,000 last month. With two-thirds of those working as would be expected during a normal recovery, 138,000 new jobs...
  • How Liberals Screw the 47 Percent

    09/25/2012 5:13:15 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 98/25/2012 | Christopher Chantrill
    Everyone's getting their knickers in a twist about the 47 percent that Mitt Romney figures are going to vote for Barack Obama, no matter what. But do you know why they will vote for Barack? Wyatt Emmerich did the math back in 2010 for The Clevelend Current in Mississippi. It's been written up at ZeroHedge and by Kathy Shaidle. The message is simple. Earn $3,600 per year as head of a family of three, and your net earnings (after taxes and government benefits) will amount to $31,630. But if you earn $60,000 a year, your net earnings will be $34,366....
  • Libor rate manipulation scandal addressed quickly, says Geithner

    07/18/2012 12:01:37 PM PDT · by Nachum · 4 replies
    Politico ^ | 7/18/12 | ap
    WASHINGTON (AP) — Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Wednesday that he acted quickly and appropriately to deal with problems in a key global interest rate once he realized the rate-setting process was flawed. Geithner, who was then head of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, said during an interview with CNBC that he sent a memo in 2008 to British banking authorities outlining his concerns about possible manipulation of the London interbank offered rate (Libor). He also said he alerted U.S. regulators.
  • How soon they forget (At what Tax Rate would you leave America like Eduardo Saverin?)

    05/22/2012 4:25:14 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    Washington Times ^ | 05/22/2012 | Richard Rahn
    If you are a nonimmigrant American reading this, do you know why your ancestors came to America? The fact is, a large percentage of immigrants were trying to escape various forms of government persecution, including religious and tax persecution. The American Revolution was set off, in part, by a tax on tea that ranged from about 10 percent to 33 percent of its value. That and other grievances were enough to cause people to take up arms against the British. Rather than taking up arms, most people who believe the tax burden now has become too great pick up and...
  • Rate on 30-year mortgage falls to record 3.87 pct.

    02/02/2012 11:59:04 AM PST · by NormsRevenge · 26 replies
    Yahoo ^ | 2/2/12 | Derek Kravitz - ap
    WASHINGTON (AP) -- The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage fell this week to a record low, the ninth time that has happened in the last year. Even with the cheapest rates in history, the housing market remains depressed. Mortgage buyer Freddie Mac said Thursday that the rate on the 30-year loan dropped to 3.87 percent this week. That below the previous record of 3.88 hit two weeks ago. The average on the 15-year fixed mortgage fell to 3.14 percent, also a record low. Records for mortgage rates date back to the 1950s. Mortgage rates tend to track the...
  • Greta On The Record

    01/30/2012 9:21:52 PM PST · by Positive · 13 replies · 1+ views
    Posted to On The Record Blog | 1/30/2010 | Self
    Dear Greta, I remember you from your CNN days. I am also aware that your husband Mr. Coale is a dedicated Demcrat liberal and you have been a loyal wife in co-hosting Democratic fund raisers with him. I do admire your ethics in not having posed as a conservative in your Fox News show. In fact I actually have scrutinized your interviews and would be hard-put to point out any unfairness on your part. Having said the above; I feel certain that your email basket is loaded on a daily basis and it is nearly impossible to even browse the...
  • Unemployment rate at lowest level in nearly 3 years (someone is high on sumthin')

    01/09/2012 7:34:20 PM PST · by Libloather · 29 replies
    Link only - Unemployment rate at lowest level in nearly 3 years
  • Tax Rates, Inequality and the 1%

    12/07/2011 3:32:29 PM PST · by WOBBLY BOB · 3 replies
    WSJ ^ | 12-6-11 | alan reynolds
    In short, what the Congressional Budget Office presents as increased inequality from 2003 to 2007 was actually evidence that the top 1% of earners report more taxable income when tax rates are reduced on dividends, capital gains and businesses filing under the individual tax code. If Congress raises top individual tax rates much above the corporate rate, many billions in business income would rapidly vanish from the individual tax returns the CBO uses to measure the income of the top 1%. Small businesses and professionals would revert to reporting most income on corporate tax returns as they did in 1979.
  • Mortgage rates drop below 4 percent for first time ever

    10/06/2011 10:57:40 AM PDT · by ilovesarah2012 · 2 replies
    msnbc ^ | October 6, 2011
    The average rate on the 30-year fixed mortgage this week fell below 4 percent for the first time ever, to 3.94 percent. For those who can qualify, it's an extraordinary opportunity to buy or refinance. And mortgage rates could fall even further now that the Federal Reserve plans to reshuffle its portfolio of securities to try and lower long-term rates. On Thursday, Freddie Mac said the average rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage dropped from 4.01 percent last week, the previous low. The average rate on a 15-year fixed loan, a popular refinancing option, dipped to 3.26 percent, also a...
  • Presidential Candidate White Papers

    06/21/2011 2:21:21 PM PDT · by old school · 2 replies
    Club For Growth ^ | 2011 | Club For Growth
    "The Club for Growth Presidential Candidate White Papers are a series of in-depth reports on the economic records and rhetoric of next year’s White House hopefuls."
  • A 62% Top Tax Rate?

    05/29/2011 8:42:50 AM PDT · by Nachum · 14 replies · 1+ views
    WSJ ^ | 5/29/11
    Democrats have said they only intend to restore the tax rates that existed during the Clinton years. In reality they're proposing rates like those under President Carter. Media reports in recent weeks say that Senate Democrats are considering a 3% surtax on income over $1 million to raise federal revenues. This would come on top of the higher income tax rates that President Obama has already proposed through the cancellation of the Bush era tax-rate reductions. If the Democrats' millionaire surtax were to happen—and were added to other tax increases already enacted last year and other leading tax hike ideas...
  • Unemployment Rate Rises to 9%, State-Run Media Cheers Obama

    05/09/2011 3:24:36 AM PDT · by Son House · 22 replies
    Rush Limbaugh Show ^ | May 6, 2011 | Rush Limbaugh
    RUSH: The news media today, gosh, the unemployment rate's up to 9%, and they're celebrating. They're talking about some of the strongest job growth, with 244,000 new jobs, 62,000 of them from Mickey D's, 62,000 from McDonald's. Now, remember in the past, those jobs have been impugned by the Democrats and the left as meaningless, futureless hamburger flipper jobs without health care. Folks, I'll tell you, if we had our news media of today back in the days of Herbert Hoover we would have never had a Depression, because it woulda never been reported as a depression. This isn't even...
  • Teenage Wasteland: Jobless Rate For Young Is 25%—and Rising

    04/14/2011 8:53:19 PM PDT · by Nachum · 46 replies
    CNBC ^ | 4/14/11 | John Melloy
    A quarter of teenagers were jobless in March, representing a surprising increase from February, even as the unemployment rate for the rest of the population decreased. AP This figure may only get worse if budget-strapped states raise the minimum wage, and it could also be a sign of greater structural damage underlying our economy, analysts said. The unemployment rate for 16- to 19-year olds jumped back up to 24.5 percent in March, up from 23.9 percent the prior month, according to the latest jobs data from the Labor Department. The total unemployment rate fell to 8.8 percent from 8.9 percent....
  • Drop in U.S. birth rate is the biggest in 30 years

    03/31/2011 4:11:02 PM PDT · by Nachum · 14 replies
    Los Angeles Times ^ | 3/31/11 | Shari Roan
    The maternity business has experienced a recession, too, it appears. Births fell 4% from 2007 to 2009, the biggest drop for any two-year period since the mid-1970s, according to federal government data released Thursday. The rate, 66.7 births per 1,000 women ages 15 to 44, isn't the lowest in recent memory. The 1997 rate was an all-time low of 63.6. But the authors of the report say preliminary data show the birth rate continued falling through the first half of 2010. (Snip) Fewer families are having more than two children. Almost 75% of births in 2009 were first or second
  • U.S. can learn from Canada's lower taxes

    02/24/2011 12:21:35 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    National Post ^ | 02/24/2011 | Jack Mintz
    By 2013, Canada's effective tax rate on capital will be 18.4%, less than one half of our 39% in 2005. We will have the most tax-competitive regime in the G7, which is far better than six years ago, when we had the least competitive regime. These corporate tax reductions have boosted investment. One important study showed that a 10% reduction in the tax-inclusive cost of capital led to a 7% increase in capital investment. Without doubt, the final stage of corporate tax reductions in Canada is a win-win for both the private and public sectors. There is no trade-off between...
  • Spain's jobless rate surges to 20.33%

    01/30/2011 12:02:39 PM PST · by Nachum · 32 replies
    yahoo ^ | 1/30/11 | afp
    MADRID (AFP) – Spain announced Friday its jobless rate surged to a 13-year record above 20 percent at the end of 2010, the highest level in the industrialized world, as the economy struggled for air. It was more bad news for an economy fighting to regain the trust of financial markets and avoid being trapped in a debt quagmire that has engulfed Greece and Ireland and now menaces Portugal. Another 121,900 people joined Spain's unemployment queues in the final quarter of the year, pushing the total to 4.697 million people, said the national statistics institute INE. The resulting unemployment rate...
  • (Washington DC) Metro Fare Increases a Factor in Decreased Ridership

    11/29/2010 12:23:12 PM PST · by ReleaseTheHounds · 13 replies
    WASHINGTON (AP) - A Metro report says fare increases have been a factor in decreased ridership. Over the summer Metro increased fares for bus and rail riders in an effort to fill a projected $189 million budget deficit. The hikes were expected to generate more than $100 million, but through October the agency is more than $11 million below where it projected it would be according to a new financial report...
  • Postal Service rate hike denied

    09/30/2010 8:32:56 PM PDT · by MamaDearest · 27 replies ^ | September 30, 2010 | Jeff Clabaugh
    The U.S. Postal Service is losing billions of dollars a year, but its regulator has denied a requested postal rate increase, saying the Postal Service failed to justify it. The Postal Service had sought a rate increase on mailings averaging 5.6 percent, well above its statutory price cap, which is tied to the consumer price index. “The commission finds that the Postal Service has shown the recent recession to be an exigent circumstance, but it failed both to quantify the impact of the recession on its finances and to show how its rate request relates to the resulting loss of...
  • California unemployment rate rises to 12.4%

    09/17/2010 11:53:12 AM PDT · by Nachum · 19 replies
    L.A. Times ^ | 9/17/10 | Alana Semuels
    California lost 33,500 jobs in August, marking the third straight month of payroll cuts and pushing the unemployment rate up to 12.4%. That number of job losses is more than the revised 22,900 jobs cut from payrolls in July, according to data released Friday from the Employment Development Department. There were 2.3 million unemployed Californians in August. Get a daily snapshot of market numbers and trends, delivered right to your mobile phone. Text BUSINESS to 52669. Construction, manufacturing, financial activities, government, leisure and hospitality, trade, transportation and utilities lost jobs over the month. Government has lost 47,700 jobs over the...
  • Health Insurers Plan Hikes

    09/07/2010 6:34:55 PM PDT · by GOP_Lady · 11 replies
    The Wall Street Journal ^ | 09-08-10 | JANET ADAMY
    Rate Increases Are Blamed on Health-Care Overhaul; White House Questions Logic Health insurers say they plan to raise premiums on some Americans as a direct result of the health overhaul as soon as next month, complicating Democrats' efforts to trumpet their signature achievement before the midterm elections. Aetna Inc., some BlueCross BlueShield plans and other smaller carriers have asked for premium increases of between 1% and 9% to pay for extra benefits required under the law, according to filings with state regulators. These and other insurers say Congress's landmark refashioning of U.S. health coverage, which passed in March after a...
  • PNM (Public Service Co. of New Mexico) requests 21.2% rate increase

    06/01/2010 5:23:00 PM PDT · by MamaDearest · 4 replies · 245+ views ^ | June 1, 2010 | Unattributed
    The Public Service Co. of New Mexico filed a request June 1 with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission to raise electric rates by 21.2 percent. If approved, the rate hike would take place in two phases. Average customers would pay 15.3 percent more starting in April 2011, and another 5.8 percent starting Jan. 1, 2012. The rate hike would help PNM pay for $575 million in investments in its electric system, such as the expansion of substations and power lines, and upgrades to five power plants, said PNM Resources President and CEO Pat Vincent-Collawn in a news release. “PNM...
  • Broader U-6 Unemployment Rate Increases to 17.1% in April

    05/07/2010 6:38:48 PM PDT · by jerry557 · 2 replies · 280+ views
    Wall Street Journal ^ | 05/07/10 | Phil Izzo
    The U.S. jobless rate rose to 9.9% in April, the first increase in three months, but the government’s broader measure of unemployment ticked up for the third month in a row, rising 0.2 percentage point to 17.1%. The comprehensive gauge of labor underutilization, known as the “U-6″ for its data classification by the Labor Department, accounts for people who have stopped looking for work or who can’t find full-time jobs. Though the rate is still 0.3 percentage point below its high of 17.4% in October, its continuing divergence from the official number (the “U-3″ unemployment measure) indicates the job market...
  • Federal Reserve keeps federal funds rate unchanged(for an "extended period")

    04/28/2010 7:37:54 PM PDT · by TigerLikesRooster · 1 replies · 257+ views
    WP ^ | 04/29/10 | Neil Irwin
    Federal Reserve keeps federal funds rate unchanged By Neil Irwin Washington Post Staff Writer Thursday, April 29, 2010; A12 Federal Reserve leaders left their target interest rate near zero on Tuesday and restated their intention to keep rates very low for an "extended period" Wednesday, even as they modestly upgraded their assessment of the economy. "Economic activity has continued to strengthen," said the Federal Open Market Committee in a statement after a two-day policymaking meeting, and "the labor market is beginning to improve." That represents a slight improvement from the assessment issued after their last policy meeting, in mid-March, when...
  • The Great Dividend-Tax Mystery

    04/28/2010 5:30:18 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 1 replies · 326+ views
    Online WSJ ^ | 24 April 2010 | By LAURA SAUNDERS
    Next year, what will the top tax rate on dividends be? Investors like Clint Myers, an investment actuary in Georgetown, S.C., want to know. Some experts cite a 20% figure, while others say 39.6%, and still others talk about a tripling of the current 15% rate. "Lately I have seen figures citing almost any rate you can imagine," Mr. Myers says. The short answer is that the 2011 nominal rate on dividends could be either 20% or 39.6%. Or something else—it is impossible to say given the legislative mood these days. So here is a longer answer analyzing the variables....
  • Grade Obama's First Year in Office

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    CBS News ^ | 3/25/2010 | CBSNews
    Freep this poll... With President Obama completing his first year in office this week, we are giving you the chance to weigh in on how you think he has done on the job. Below are 10 categories for you to give the president your grade (in A-F format), including an overall grade at the end. Cast your grades below, and then explain your marks in the comments area below.
  • Anthem Blue Cross's Announcement That It Will Temporarily Suspend a 39% Rate Increase

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    breitbart ^ | 2/13/10 | breitbart
    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 13 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- The following statement is being issued today by Consumer Watchdog -- Anthem Blue Cross's announcement today that it will temporarily suspend a premium increase of up to 39% or more should not deter the California Legislature from taking immediate action to regulate health insurance premium increases, said Consumer Watchdog.