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  • 5 recycling myths busted What really happens to all the stuff you put in those blue bins?

    11/06/2018 4:28:15 PM PST · by rktman · 31 replies ^ | 10/31/2018 | Brian Clark Howard
    Last Earth Day, I published a column in the Washington Post on common recycling myths. I received so many comments and emails in response, often asking additional questions, that I wanted to follow up with a new list here at National Geographic. The recycling industry is changing rapidly, as are advancements in materials science and product design. The field has an increasingly global footprint and is affected by complex forces, from oil prices to national policies and consumer preferences. As investor Rob Kaplan of Circulate Capital recently told National Geographic, “There's no silver bullet to stop plastic pollution. We're not...
  • Are Reusable Bags Really Better For the Planet?

    06/08/2018 7:11:36 AM PDT · by rey · 45 replies ^ | 6 June 2018 | Ian Graber-Stiehl
    Earlier this week, a pilot whale died after being found with 17 pounds of plastic bags in its stomach. The horrific incident was our latest reminder that plastic bags contribute to the scourge of marine litter. By sheer coincidence, it came on the heels of a major U.N. report pointing to plastic bag levies or bans as key strategies to help reduce that litter. Many seem to be listening. But as the war against plastic bags intensifies, it’s worth taking a step back and asking: How much better are the alternatives? (Goes on to mathematically question whether banning bags helps...
  • Pretend recycling makes liberals feel better about themselves and their community

    05/30/2018 10:23:20 AM PDT · by rktman · 61 replies ^ | 5/30/2018 | Ed Straker
    This is hardly a new story, but every so often, the liberal media shine a light on it: how some of the junk that is supposedly "recycled" is actually thrown in the trash. In recent months, in fact, thousands of tons of material left curbside for recycling in dozens of American cities and towns – including several in Oregon – have gone to landfills. Recycling is uneconomical, in part because small impurities in materials to be recycled can make such materials useless. "There are some states and some markets where mixed paper is at a negative value," said Brent Bell,...
  • Your Recycling Gets Recycled, Right? Maybe, or Maybe Not

    05/30/2018 3:41:04 AM PDT · by Haiku Guy · 53 replies
    NY Times ^ | 5/30/18 | Livia Albeck-Ripka
    Oregon is serious about recycling. Its residents are accustomed to dutifully separating milk cartons, yogurt containers, cereal boxes and kombucha bottles from their trash to divert them from the landfill. But this year, because of a far-reaching rule change in China, some of the recyclables are ending up in the local dump anyway. (snip) Theresa Byrne, who lives in Salem, Ore., said the city took too long to inform residents that most plastics and egg and milk cartons were now considered garbage. “I was angry,” she said. “I believe in recycling.” (snip) In particular, exports of scrap plastic to China,...
  • MU curbs composting, recycling efforts

    01/14/2018 2:50:59 PM PST · by Controlling Legal Authority · 14 replies
    Columbia Missourian ^ | 1/14/18 | DENITSA TSEKOVA
    “The website says they send us biodegradable silverware,” said Biggs. “No. I stopped all of that because they compost slower than the food, so it doesn’t work well with our system.” One day after following the custodians, he realized they were simply pulling all of the bags from the three-bin system on their rounds and dumping them inside another bag that went into the landfill trash compactor...“Over my time here, I’ve gone to the trouble of doing my civic duty and collected hundreds if not thousands of recyclable items off the streets of Columbia,” Wills said. “To think that all...
  • A recycling robot named Clarke could be the key to reducing waste

    07/23/2017 4:11:57 PM PDT · by ptsal · 2 replies
    Digital Trends ^ | July 23, 2017 | Lulu Chang
    [snip] With so many different materials now in play, how are you supposed to know what needs to be thrown into a landfill and what can be reused? Luckily, while humans might not be the best at practicing the Three R’s (reduce, reuse, and recycle, of course), another “R” is here to save us. It’s a robot, and it’s been affectionately named Clarke. Developed by AMP Robotics, this robot makes use of artificial intelligence to recognize and sort various food and beverage containers.
  • Local Government Directs ‘Garbage Spies’ to Verify Authenticity of Recyclables

    06/02/2017 9:18:01 AM PDT · by Oldpuppymax · 40 replies
    The Coach's Team ^ | 6/2/17 | Suzanne Eovaldi
    Good Grief. To what extent will government overreach its authority? The new imprimaturs of a central Florida utility have become scary indeed! What right does a government entity have to prowl through the garbage of individual, innocent homeowners without a warrant? What mystery public union sector employees will "examine the contents of customers' recycling bins?" Taking the ‘Save Our Planet’ mantra to an entirely new level, an over-eager garbage pickup initiative soon plans to do the following to an estimated 22,400 waste customers who are trapped in a one size fits all city negotiated contract with a single waste collection...
  • 56 Brilliant Ways To Reuse Plastic Bottles; You Got To Try These Before You Trash One More

    05/03/2017 8:53:30 AM PDT · by V K Lee · 48 replies
    The best thing that we do to used-plastic bottles is trashing them. A very few among us might have thought of reusing it say, to fill drinking water or to store oil or something. It’s already late for us to take action. Each day millions of bottles are littered around and most of them end up contaminating precious water bodies. 0:05 Funnel 0:24 Spoon 0:46 Squeeze bottle (w/ fine tip nozzle) 1:31 Cup w/ handle 2:05 Shrink wrap picture cup 2:33 Orange juicer 3:29 Hose nozzle 4:16 Rotary tool guard 5:06 Gutter down spout, hinged 5:47 Toothbrush holder 6:47 Camera...
  • Free food! You just need to know where to Look.

    07/01/2016 10:34:57 AM PDT · by nickcarraway · 16 replies
    Washington Post ^ | July 1 | Bronwen Latimer
    To be a freegan is to be a person who avoids exchanging money for food and other items — you recycle what is still good instead. To accomplish this, however, one has to be creative, maybe even nocturnal. “After the markets close, the shopkeepers put food on the sidewalk,” explains Aliza Eliazarov, who discovered this world of freeganism while on a newspaper assignment about dumpster diving. “Most of the food doesn’t even make it into the trash because people are there waiting for it.” Eliazarov, who has a degree in environmental engineering and an interest in conservation and preservation, signed...
  • These newly discovered bacteria can eat plastic bottles

    03/13/2016 5:31:02 AM PDT · by huldah1776 · 48 replies
    Orlando Sentinal ^ | March 10, 2016 | Deborah Netburn
    A team of Japanese scientists has found a species of bacteria that eats the type of plastic found in most disposable water bottles. The discovery, published Thursday in the journal Science, could lead to new methods to manage the more than 50 million tons of this particular type of plastic produced globally each year. The plastic found in water bottles is known as polyethylene terephalate, or PET. It is also found in polyester clothing, frozen-dinner trays and blister packaging. "If you walk down the aisle in Walmart you're seeing a lot of PET," said Tracy Mincer, who studies plastics in...
  • Calif. Says Alleged Recycling Scam Trucked In Bottles & Cans From Ariz. For $14M In Illegal Refunds

    05/11/2015 2:29:41 PM PDT · by SMGFan · 26 replies
    Consumerist ^ | May 8, 2015
    It might just be a bunch of bottles and cans, but when you get enough recyclables together it can mean a hefty wad of cash. California authorities say a group involved in an alleged illegal recycling scheme was flush with $14 million in refunds after trucking roughly 250 million cans and bottles from out of state and redeeming them. A grand jury indicted five California residents on charges including grand theft and recycling fraud in March, reports the Associated Press, but the details of the case were just announced Thursday by California’s Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery, or CalRecycle.
  • NSA’s New Creepy Mascot Is Watching You and Knows If You Don’t Recycle

    04/22/2015 3:51:02 PM PDT · by nickcarraway · 42 replies
    Today is Earth Day. The National Security Agency is celebrating by trying to help kids in Maryland schools up their recycling game. How do they plan to get kids to care about recycling? The agency has decided to go with filling the kids with terror, by enlisting the help of a new environmental mascot. Meet Dunk, the anthropomorphized recycling bin. And since he works at the NSA, you know he's been watching you. What is it about this recycling bin that is so universally horrifying? (The Huffington Post, USA Today, Gizmodo, and other news outlets have all noted that Dunk's...
  • Tossing Out Food In The Trash? In Seattle, You'll Be Fined For That [first though, red tag shaming]

    01/28/2015 4:05:22 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 61 replies
    NPR ^ | January 25, 2015
    In Seattle, wasting food will now earn you a scarlet letter — well, a scarlet tag, to be more accurate. The bright red tag, posted on a garbage bin, tells everyone who sees it that you've violated a new city law that makes it illegal to put food into trash cans. "I'm sure neighbors are going to see these on their other neighbors' cans," says Rodney Watkins, a lead driver for Recology CleanScapes, a waste contractor for the city. He's on the front lines of enforcing these rules. Seattle is the first city in the nation to fine homeowners for...
  • Recycled Whisky Waste Has £140M Potential ( ... as Fish Food)

    01/21/2015 5:42:03 PM PST · by DogByte6RER · 23 replies
    The Spirits Business ^ | 20th January, 2015 | Melita Kiely
    Recycled whisky waste has £140m potential • The Scotch whisky industry could generate £140 million through recycling whisky wastes into fish feed for Scotland’s fish farming industry and help build a more circular economy. The possibility was highlighted in the Circular Economy Scotland report, which examines how the certain sectors such as oil and gas and the food industry can use their strengths to generate millions of pounds worth of value from materials used in these areas. It suggested the whisky industry could continue to capture heat and electricity from whisky wastes, but biorefining wastes could produce two more products...
  • Update: Yahoo! Email Recycling

    10/28/2013 10:22:35 AM PDT · by brityank · 7 replies ^ | October 7, 2013 | Staff
    Update: Yahoo! Email Recycling October 7, 2013 Allison here. We’ve recently discussed the June 2013 Yahoo! announcement indicating that the company would be recycling old email addresses, allowing users to pick them up if they wanted something simpler i.e. janedoe instead of janedoe34732. This program launched within the past several weeks, and a few users have received emails intended for the previous owner, and these emails emails contain personally identifiable information that put these previous owners at risk for identity theft. However, when Yahoo! first announced this program, they reassured users that it would not compromise their personal information or lead to...
  • Bloomberg Plan Aims To Require Food Composting

    06/17/2013 4:44:26 AM PDT · by Biggirl · 57 replies
    New York Times ^ | June 17, 2013 | Mireya Navarro
    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg, who has tried to curb soda consumption, ban smoking in parks and encourage bike riding, is taking on a new cause: requiring New Yorkers to separate their food scraps for composting.
  • Pope: Wasting food is like stealing from the poor

    06/06/2013 4:52:09 PM PDT · by haffast · 42 replies
    UPI ^ | June 6, 2013 at 1:17 AM | UPI
    VATICAN CITY, June 6 (UPI) -- At his weekly address in St. Peter's Square in Vatican City, Pope Francis attacked the "culture of waste" and said wasting food is like stealing from the poor. "Consumerism has led us to become used to an excess and daily waste of food, to which, at times we are no longer able to give a just value," the pope said. "Throwing away food is like stealing from the table of the poor and the hungry." The pope dedicated his audience, which attracted thousands of pilgrims from around the world, to the U.N. World Environment...
  • Tesla Motors Awarded Grant Money for Green Packaging Materials

    10/17/2012 5:11:48 AM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 6 replies
    Fremont Patch ^ | October 15, 2012
    Oakland — The “Use Reusables” campaign, led by public agency Stopwaste.Org, has awarded $79,500 in grant funding to help six businesses replace limited-life transport packaging materials with durable, reusable alternatives, on a pilot project basis. The grantees are non-profit MedShare (San Leandro, CA), Tesla Motors (Fremont, CA), Veritable Vegetable (San Francisco, CA), America’s Best Coffee Roasting Company (Oakland, CA), Straus Family Creamery (Petaluma, CA) and Shin Shin Foods (Portland, OR)............ .......Tesla Motors is eliminating corrugated cardboard and plastic foam packaging used for glass components of the Model S sedan and replacing them with custom reusable glass racks. Veritable Vegetable and...
  • Rampant recycling fraud is draining California cash [They built it]

    10/07/2012 1:56:25 PM PDT · by Cincinatus' Wife · 51 replies
    Las Angeles Times ^ | October 7, 2012 | Jessica Garrison
    Just over 8.5 billion recyclable cans were sold in California last year. The number redeemed for a nickel under California's recycling law: 8.3 billion. That's a return rate of nearly 100%. That kind of success isn't just impressive, it's unbelievable. But the recycling rate for certain plastic containers was even higher: 104%. California's generous recycling redemption program has led to rampant fraud. Crafty entrepreneurs are driving semi-trailers full of cans from Nevada or Arizona, which don't have deposit laws, across the border and transforming their cargo into truckfuls of nickels. In addition, recyclers inside the state are claiming redemptions for...
  • Linguistic analysis uncovers phony names on White House petition

    07/07/2012 12:11:21 PM PDT · by afraidfortherepublic · 17 replies
    The Daily Caller ^ | 7-7-12 | Betsy Fores
    Linguistic analysis of a White House petition against increased coal-ash regulations — submitted by coal industry front group “Citizens for Recycling First” in late 2011 – revealed that hundreds of Chinese signatures from Colorado on the petition that are less than authentic. The most basic of the fake names appear to be generated by software or small group of individuals that only changes simple things in the names — names like Fred Smith, Larry Smith, Larry Williams, George Jones, William Jones, James Jones, Henry Jones, Peter Jones. Other names are more inane, inanimate objects. These names are not traditional Chinese...