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  • Simpson-Bowles Plan Is a $5 Trillion Net Tax Hike in First Full Decade

    09/19/2012 12:11:19 PM PDT · by 92nina · 7 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-09-17 | Ryan Ellis
    Simpson-Bowles targets permanently higher taxes. According to the Simpson-Bowles co-chair report, the revenue target of their proposal is to “cap revenue at or below 21 percent of GDP.” The Simspon-Bowles revenue target is much higher than the historical average. Using historical data either from CBO or OMB, it’s clear that the historical tax revenue burden is closer to 18.5 percent of GDP. Simspon-Bowles is a $5 trillion net tax hike relative to historical tax levels. If Simpson-Bowles’ revenue target was in place for the whole next decade, it would raise $5 trillion more in tax revenue than if historical revenue...
  • IRS Says "Don't Blame Us" When the Obamacare Small Employer Credit Flops

    09/14/2012 10:39:04 AM PDT · by 92nina · 2 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-09-13 | Ryan Ellis
    On September 11, 2012, IRS Deputy Commissioner for Services and Enforcement Steven Miller testified before the House Ways and Means Committee about the IRS' implementation of Obamacare. One part of his testimony was actually fairly amusing: The IRS conducted an extensive outreach and implementation program for the Small Business Health Care Tax Credit. Shortly after the ACA [Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare] was passed, the IRS determined the necessary steps to both implement the credit and track these efforts. The IRS conducted significant outreach, communication, and educational activities to inform small businesses and tax professionals about the credit. We created...
  • Bernanke Echoes CBO's Report of "Massive Fiscal Cliff"

    09/12/2012 11:54:37 AM PDT · by 92nina · 4 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-09-10 | Rhett Brooks
    At the Federal Reserve’s last conference meeting in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke gave the Fed’s outlook for the U.S. economy. Taxmageddon was one of Bernanke’s biggest concerns, as he warned of a “massive fiscal cliff.” Bernanke suggested that Congress “figure out ways to achieve the same long-run fiscal improvement without having it all happen at one date.” Bernanke’s statements echoed the CBO’s latest report on the economy that also warned of a “massive fiscal cliff”, one that would undoubtedly lead to a recession in 2013. Bernanke has made it clear in his past warnings to Congress...
  • Reagan vs. Obama – August Jobs Report Leaves Americans Still Waiting on Recovery

    09/11/2012 11:33:10 AM PDT · by 92nina · 3 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-09-10 | Kyle Pomerleau
    It was only fitting that the jobs report was released the day after the president took the stage at the DNC convention. With no hesitation, he proclaimed that only he could produce a plan that “will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation.” But the next morning we were reminded, once again, what a failure his policies have been. Today, the Bureau of Labor Statistics released the monthly job report that stated America had only created an additional 96,000 jobs in the month of August. Even with these less-than-stellar numbers, the unemployment rate...
  • Sarah Palin: We remember eleven years ago today.

    09/11/2012 11:32:12 AM PDT · by KC_Lion · 26 replies
    Sarah Palin ^ | 09-11-2012 | Sarah Palin
    We remember that eleven years ago today nearly three thousand of our fellow Americans were killed by evil men. Every year on the anniversary of 9-11, we read out the names of those who died and comfort their families, and at military recruiting centers throughout the country, young men and women choose this day to enlist to serve their fellow Americans and ensure that something like this never hap pens again. While some try to move on with their lives and let the tragedy of that day recede in their memories, our men and women in uniform remain ever vigilant...
  • Meanwhile, Love the Sojourner How Phoenix Christians are helping illegal immigrants

    09/11/2012 8:09:39 AM PDT · by moonshinner_09 · 23 replies
    Christianity Today ^ | 9/6/2012 | Katelyn Beaty and Skye Jethani
    lfonso Vazquez barely remembers life in Guanajuato, his childhood home north of Mexico City. Some snippets remain: His mother crying a lot, days when a plate of tortillas fed him and his five siblings, other days when the plate was empty. His mom made weekly phone calls to his father, who sent money every week to their village from wherever he was. But there's a memory that's proved "one of the hardest things to forget to this day," says Vazquez. At age 4, Vazquez was carried by his mother through the Sonoran Desert, a 120,000-square-mile stretch of sweltering land that...
  • Ed Rendell Not the Best Surrogate for Obama [Or Is He?]

    09/10/2012 1:02:41 PM PDT · by 92nina · 4 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-09-07 | Patrick Gleason
    Former Pennsylvania governor and current MSNBC contributor Ed Rendell was down at the DNC in Charlotte this week. As usual, Rendell used his time in front of the cameras to attack Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. Yet Ed Rendell should shy away from discussing economic and budgetary issues, because when it comes to such matters, it’s clear from Rendell’s record as governor that he is throwing stones from a glass house. Rendell and company blame Obama’s horrible economic record on the fact that he was “left with a mess.” As it would happen, Ed Rendell left his state in a...

    09/09/2012 11:57:04 PM PDT · by Jet Jaguar · 25 replies
    Anti-Mullah ^ | SEPTEMBER 09, 2012 | Alan Peters
    The Mess and How Obama Inherited It...... This tells the whole story, why Bush was so bad at the end of his term. Don't just skim over this, it's not long, but read it slowly and let it sink in. If in doubt, check it out! The day the democrats took over was NOT January 22nd 2009, it was actually January 3rd 2007, the day democrats took over the House of Representatives and the Senate, at the very start of the 110th Congress. The Democrat Party controlled a majority in both chambers for the first time since the end of...
  • Dinesh D'Souza: ON NOW CSPAN2 BOOKTV- his book and new movie: 2016: Obama's America

    09/08/2012 5:59:57 PM PDT · by STARWISE · 41 replies
    CSPAN2 ^ | 9-8-12
    Program just started 5 mins. ago Dinesh D'Souza - Obama's America - Unmasking the American Dream
  • CBO Report Confirms Taxmageddon Equals Recession for 2013

    09/06/2012 2:21:25 PM PDT · by 92nina · 6 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-09-05 | Rhett Brooks
    The Congressional Budget Office released a report that gave a grim outlook for the U.S. economy. The CBO predicts a 0.5% decline in real GDP between the fourth quarter of 2012 and 2013 if the Bush Tax Cuts are allowed to expire and scheduled spending cuts are made. The CBO also predicts unemployment to rise to 9% for the second half of 2013 under the same scenario. Although these circumstances could prove hazardous for the U.S. economy in 2013, the outlook for the deficit, according to the CBO, would improve significantly. If tax increases are made, the deficit would be...
  • Where Are the Jobs?

    09/04/2012 10:58:02 AM PDT · by 92nina · 2 replies
    Alliance for Worker Freedom ^ | 2012-09-04 | Tom Fletcher
    When President Obama addresses the Democratic National Convention later this week, one thing he is surely to tout is the stimulus he passed in the first year of his presidency. In September of 2009 the President said of the American Reinvestment Act, “it’s about creating jobs that will make a lasting difference in our future.” Nearly 3 years after spending over $800 billion dollars, growth is still anemic, unemployment remains above 8 percent, and the American Public is growing restless. One of the fatal flaws of the stimulus, besides its gross overstep in government expenditure, was that it went to...
  • Ten of Barack Obama’s worst lies

    09/04/2012 7:58:15 AM PDT · by jmaroneps37 · 11 replies ^ | Sept. 4, 2012 | Derrick Hollenbeck, staff writer
    Attempting to select THE ten worst lies told by a pathological liar like Barack Obama is a difficult task. There are so many lies that it is hard to know where to start – a good case can be made for so many of his lies as top ten material. For this reason there is no claim here to a TOP ten of his lies, ten of his most egregious ones. During his last State of the Union speech Barack Obama claimed “American oil production is the highest that it’s been in eight years.” In fact the Congressional Research Service...
  • September 2001 - September 2012

    09/01/2012 1:56:13 AM PDT · by Cindy · 46 replies ^ | September 1, 2012 | n/a
    Brief thoughts/quotes from the last 11 years. "Looking away, not caring, or hoping for the best are not viable options in fighting terrorism (in general) and the global jihad (specifically). Terrorism must be fought head on 24/7 and preventing terrorism is far better than just reacting to one terror-related event after another." -Cindy (July 1, 2011) ~ "WHAT DID I LEARN from the terrorist attack on September 11, 2001? OPINION: I have learned that more Americans love America than the lame-stream media will ever let on. I have learned that America's military is the finest in the world. I have...
  • Immigration Officials Advise Educators on Deferred Action

    08/30/2012 10:00:46 AM PDT · by moonshinner_09 · 5 replies
    Education Week's blogs ^ | August 29, 2012 | Lesli A. Maxwell
    School records will be among the key documents that young undocumented immigrants must submit in their requests for deferred action, the new immigration policy that allows individuals who arrived in the United States as children to seek relief from deportation and gain work permits. Applicants have to demonstrate, among other criteria, that they are currently enrolled in school, have graduated from high school, or have obtained a GED. But school records will also help many potential beneficiaries prove another key qualification: continuous presence in the U.S. for the last five years. A high school transcript documenting four years of schooling...
  • Readers Digest Version of "The Road To Serfdom" byFriedrich A. Hayek April 1945

    "No doubt about it, Hayek's The Road to Serfdom was explosively controversial from the beginning, especially his case that all forms of collectivism lead to tyranny. The book was first published on March 10, 1944 by Routledge in Britain, before the ending May 8, 1945 of the Nazi 3rd Reich in Germany and the surrender in World War II."
  • Gov. Nikki Haley's Critics Have a History of Sticking it to SC Taxpayers

    08/28/2012 11:48:21 AM PDT · by 92nina · 6 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-08-23 | Patrick Gleason
    As ATR noted last week, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley has come under fire for simply asking state government employees to contribute a modest amount to help the state cover the rising cost of their health insurance. Listening to the heat that Gov. Haley is taking for this fiscally prudent decision, one would be surprised to find out that Haley’s action will result in government workers paying just a paltry $8 per month extra. Her critics in the legislature and in government employee unions would rather South Carolina taxpayers foot the entire bill. Given the record of some of her...
  • Obama's Altered Tax Pledge

    08/23/2012 11:07:20 AM PDT · by 92nina · 6 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-08-22 | John Kartch
    2008: “I can make a firm pledge. Under my plan, no family making less than $250,000 a year will see any form of tax increase. Not your income tax, not your payroll tax, not your capital gains taxes, not any of your taxes.” --Candidate Barack Obama, Sept. 12, 2008 “No one making less than $250,000 under Barack Obama’s plan will see one single penny of their tax raised whether it’s their capital gains tax, their income tax, investment tax, any tax.” --Joe Biden, Vice-Presidential debate in St. Louis, Oct. 3, 2008 2012: “So if your family makes under $250,000 --...
  • Why is the FCC Looking Backwards on Broadband?

    08/22/2012 10:44:35 AM PDT · by 92nina · 9 replies
    Digital Liberty ^ | 2012-08-21 | Kelly William Cobb
    The tech sector is one of the most forward looking, fastest growing, and innovative industries. It represents one-sixth of our economy and investment is going nowhere but up. But today’s Federal Commissions Commission (FCC) report on the progress of broadband adoption makes one wonder how the industry flourishes despite being regulated by one of the most mind-bogglingly backward looking and pro-regulatory agencies in government. The FCC has determined – for the third year in a row – that broadband “is not yet being deployed ‘to all Americans’ in a reasonable and timely fashion.” The Commission’s Eighth Broadband Progress Report (known...
  • Bloomberg News Writer Blames Paul Ryan for Failure of 2010 Simpson-Bowles Deficit Reduction Plan

    08/21/2012 11:32:45 AM PDT · by 92nina · 10 replies
    ATR ^ | 2012-08-20 | Tom Blumer
    If we're to believe a report by Heidi Przybyla at Bloomberg News on August 13, the country might be operating under bipartisan deficit-reduction framework instead of being without a budget for over three years if it weren't for Wisconsin Congressman and GOP vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Her lead: "Representative Paul Ryan was a pivotal figure in killing the 2010 Bowles-Simpson agreement, which Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney now holds out as a model for putting America’s fiscal house in order." There are many deceptions and unsupported assertions in Przybyla's report, but before getting to some of the others, many of...
  • Governor Romney’s Tax Plan: Reducing the Tax Burden on Savings and Investment

    08/20/2012 8:34:49 AM PDT · by 92nina · 1 replies
    ATRF ^ | 2012-08-17 | Jeremy Sawyer
    Capital income is important to the health of the American economy. Many experts recognize that lawmakers should do everything in their power to encourage entrepreneurs to take risks by allowing them to keep more of their money when those risks pay off in the form of capital gains. Harvard economist Jeffrey Miron notes that taxing capital income “punishes labor effort and savings…savings finances capital formation and research and development, which are crucial for economic growth.” Predictably, President Obama and Congressional Democrats are plotting a massive tax hike on capital income in 2013. Under the current law being defended by Democrats,...