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  • Can Obama's Relection be a Good Thing for Conservatives?

    03/30/2012 2:25:10 PM PDT · by Ben Barrack · 178 replies
    Red County ^ | 3/30/12 | Ben Barrack
    Conservatives are disheartened. It's becoming increasingly apparent that Mitt Romney will be the Republican nominee in the fight to defeat Barack Obama. If four years of Jimmy Carter so awakened Republican voters that they nominated Ronald Reagan, why has nearly four years of Jimmy Carter on steroids so sedated Republican voters that they've decided to nominate the equivalent of Gerald Ford as the best option for defeating him? In large part, the establishment insists on it and, like Obama, seems disinterested in the will of the people. This establishment is so invested in Romney that it is overlooking the potential...
  • Rick Warren renounced Christianity by affirming an Islamist Document?

    03/30/2012 1:57:59 PM PDT · by geraldmcg · 28 replies ^ | 03/30/2012 |
    When 138 Muslim clerics signed a document entitled, “A Common Word between Us and You,” it was portrayed as an attempt to unite Muslims and Christians. The document, however, asserted that the Islamic God known as “Allah” and the Christian God known as “Yawheh” are one in the same, that Christians and Muslims worship the same God...
  • Christian Professor Fired for Refusing to Watch Vulgar Gay Play at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX

    03/30/2012 7:40:54 AM PDT · by TexasConservativeRepublican · 50 replies
    Texas Conservative Republican News ^ | 3/30/2012 | David Bellow
    Wow, this appened right here in southeast Texas. A theater arts department professor, Linda Ozmun, at Lamar University in Beaumont, TX had no problem doing her job. She was teaching kids about theater arts. That was her job and she was doing it just fine. The school wanted more than that though. According to a lawsuit that the terminated professor filed, the school chairwoman Judith Sebesta, and eventually the Dean, told her that she had to attend a vulgar gay pride play, by Tim Miller, or else she would be terminated. The professor is a Christian who did not want...
  • Cardinal Carlo Martini has chosen to engage in dissent and lying

    03/30/2012 7:22:44 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 1 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 30, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    In my last post, I noted how Cardinal Carlo Martini says [in his new book], "I disagree with the position of those in the Church, that take issue with civil unions..It is not bad, instead of casual sex between men, that two people have a certain stability..." Besides demonstrating his personal loss of faith, the retired Cardinal provides us with further evidence that the homosexual agenda has made significant inroads within the Church. But that hardly comes as news. Back in 1995, reporter Edwin Thomas of Micromega magazine carried out an unusual survey. Every evening for several weeks, Mr. Thomas...
  • Friday’s Global March on Jerusalem Poses Security Risk

    03/29/2012 10:59:49 AM PDT · by gabriellah · 2 replies
    TheCollegeConservative ^ | 03/29/2012 | Sydney Phillips
    The Global March on Jerusalem is an Islamic rally that happens every year on March 30, honoring the Arabs killed by security forces in 1976 in the dispute over the land policy that involved confiscation of Arab land. This year, Palestinians will storm the Israeli borders with a little help from their friends in East Asia, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Iran, and any form the Muslim Brotherhood assumes in each of these countries. Fars, an Iranian news agency, said the march would be “peaceful and well-organized.” Kathem Ayesh, member of the Muslim Brotherhood and organizer of the March, assures us that...
  • Florida Parents Triumph, Kicks Hamas-CAIR Out of their Kid's Classroom: "address this issue,

    03/28/2012 9:25:00 AM PDT · by Nachum · 1 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 3/28/12 | Pamela Geller
    Florida's Hillsborough parent body is a textbook case study of how to fight Muslim Brotherhood indoctrination of our children.This is exactly the strategy outline in my book, Stop the Islamization of America: A Practical Guide to the Resistance. When it became known that Hamas-CAIR was making presentations to our children in the Florida public schools, concerned parents and freedom activists sprung into action. AFDI/SIOA applauds their determination and vigilance. Bravo! Previously: story breaks at Atlas December 4, 2011: Child Abuse: Hamas-Linked CAIR Poisoning Minds of High School Students December 19, 2011: 'Hamas High School in Florida?', American Thinker January 5,...
  • The Real Sin of Sodom

    03/28/2012 8:52:15 AM PDT · by kathsua · 66 replies
    Town Hall ^ | March 28, 2012 | reasonmclucus
    I recently watched an old episode of my mom's favorite television show, the "Billy Graham Crusades". Dr. Graham surprised me with some of his comments about the Biblical city of Sodom. He said that greed was one of the sins of the people of Sodom. According to Ezekiel 16:49 - "Now this was the sin of your sister Sodom: She and her daughters were arrogant, overfed and unconcerned; they did not help the poor and needy." Many members of the Republican Party have a problem with this same sin. So why do Christians in the Republican Party encourage this sin...
  • Terence Weldon has lost his faith in Christ, His Church and her doctrines

    03/28/2012 8:46:07 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 6 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 28, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    Wednesday, March 28, 2012Terence Weldon has lost his faith in Christ, His Church and her doctrines Terence Weldon wants to introduce us to James Nickoloff, a confused and lost soul whom he refers to as a "gay Catholic theologian." Weldon writes, "Dr James B Nickoloff is an openly gay, Catholic theologian, who unlike many others to whom that description applies, is working in an eminently respectable corner of the Catholic academy. He is Associate Professor of Religious Studies at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, Massachusetts, and also an adjunct professor at the Jesuit University of Santa Clara,...
  • How I Got Over My Very Public Mistakes

    03/28/2012 8:45:40 AM PDT · by kathsua · 29 replies
    Bristol's Blog ^ | March 27,2012 | Bristol Palin
    Last week, I was amazed at all the people who read my posts and left comments. (This post about expecting a call from the President got almost 2,800 comments and was shared 131,000 times on this site alone… And, no, my phone didn’t ring.) Most of the comments were wonderful and supportive. (I’ve addressed some of the not-so-nice comments here.) But there’s one constant criticism I didn’t talk about: some of you insist on calling me a hypocrite. After all, I became a mother before I walked down the aisle – how can I talk about waiting until marriage for...
  • Mob Hitman At Racketeering Trial: Tommy Shots Issued Kill Order From A Church Garden

    03/28/2012 4:32:30 AM PDT · by AtlasStalled · 3 replies
    Friends of Ours ^ | 03/28/12 | Friends of Ours
    Colombo-killer-turned-government-witness Dino "Big Dino" Calabro testified for a second day against former reputed street boss Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli and reputed soldier Dino "Little Dino" Saracino, and his testimony made it clear that the mob is populated with sociopaths who have no respect for the laws of man or God. The feds accuse Tommy Shots of six murders, and Little Dino of three. Calabro provided a "chilling account" on the murder of NYPD cop Ralph Dols as reported by Mitchel Maddux and Dan Mangan for the New York Post: "Dols, 28, was targeted because he had married Kim Kennaugh, whose...
  • Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan to speak at Alabama A&M University

    03/27/2012 11:15:33 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 9 replies
    HUNTSVILLE, Alabama -- Louis Farrakhan, the controversial leader of the Nation of Islam, has accepted an invitation from a coalition of student groups to speak at Alabama A&M University on April 10, The Times' news partner, WHNT News 19, reports. The Alabama A&M Poetry Club and the Alabama A&M Democrats were two of the student groups who invited Farrakhan to speak, according to WHNT. Poetry club president Kris Taylor told WHNT the Farrakhan appearance, which comes on the heels of anti-Jewish comments by the Nation of Islam leader, is intended to "uplift" and bring "positive energy." "There's going to be...
  • "Mandate Day" is another Clear Test of Fox Media Malpractice

    03/27/2012 2:59:33 PM PDT · by publius321 · 27 replies ^ | 3/27/2012 | Scott Ryan
    Today is an important test of Fox News and “sister companies” like The Wall Street Journal because this is “individual mandate day.” The Supreme Court has been hearing arguments on that isolated issue upon which the entire multi-state lawsuit rests. THEREFORE, Fox News will be focusing mainly on this story (between Trayvon Martin reports). On Fox and Friends this morning the individual mandate was the main topic as expected. There has not been a single mention of the fact that Mitt Romney successfully ADVISED Barack Obama to adopt the individual mandate - but they did manage to slip in another...
  • Terence Weldon attempts to justify his calumny against Pope Benedict XVI

    03/27/2012 1:02:34 PM PDT · by cleghornboy
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 27, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    Recently, radical homosexual activist Terence Weldon wrote an ugly Blog post suggesting that Pope Benedict XVI has a homosexual inclination. In this offensive post, Mr. Weldon wrote: "‘The question has been often asked,and sometimes answered by way of speculation amounting to not much more than guesswork or innuendo based largely on observations on the devoted, ever present and attentive gorgeous Georg or the expensive Prada red shoes, or the personalized celebrity fragrance. Does it matter? Richard Sipe, noting that Benedict has has been the author [of] seriously nasty Vatican documents seeking to bar gay men from the priesthood, and labelling...
  • The Most Offensive Communist Message Yet

    03/27/2012 8:19:17 AM PDT · by armymarinemom · 15 replies
    Dear Friend, Tonight is the big night. This is your last reminder to view the "Jesus was a Commie" video using the password and link below and tune into our video presentation and siscussion tonight. The filmmakers of the independent 15-minute film "Jesus Was a Commie" have given all of us an exclusive chance to view their award-winning movie. Just visit their webpage ( and enter the password jwac2012 The password will work only for the next few days so check it out now. We encourage everyone to watch the film before Tuesday night's video presentation and discussion. We...
  • BENADOR: Afghanistan's Taliban Cause Thousands Civilian Casualties - Not American Soldier

    03/27/2012 6:32:45 AM PDT · by Eliana Benador
    Goodwill Ambassador Eliana Batsheva Benador ^ | March 27, 2012 | Eliana Benador
    “In time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.” George Orwell Springtime has finally arrived and it didn’t take long for the dust to settle. So has American public opinion now almost buried in the dust of the desert they lodge in their hearts the one topic that should not only be burning their blood but, above all, their conscience. A highly decorated, twice injured in his services in Iraq, 38-year old veteran of four combat tours, American hero, Sergeant Robert Bales, is now being sullied by the treasonous Obama government -unbelievably, under the watchful eyes of...
  • Individual Mandate Day another Clear Test of Fox Media Malpractice

    03/27/2012 6:02:49 AM PDT · by publius321 · 14 replies ^ | 3/27/2012 | Scott Ryan
    Today is an important test of Fox News and “sister companies” like The Wall Street Journal. I have continually pointed out the media malpractice of Fox and their breach of fiduciary responsibility to their viewers and shareholders by engaging in manipulation, distortion and OMMISSION of material facts during this election primary season. Today is “individual mandate day” because the Supreme Court will be hearing arguments today on that isolated issue. THEREFORE, Fox News will be focusing mainly on this story (between Travon Martin stories). I turned on Fox & Friends this morning and the individual mandate has been the main...
  • Constitution doesn’t guarantee free contraceptives

    03/27/2012 4:21:16 AM PDT · by cap10mike · 7 replies ^ | March 27, 2012 | Michael Dorstewitz
    Last month, the grossly exaggerated testimony of a 30-year-old Georgetown law student delivered before an ad hoc congressional committee quite blatantly attempted to expand the legal definition of the term, “denial of services.” When the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services held that all employers, even religious institutions, must provide health insurance coverage for contraceptive services, including those aiding abortions, to its employees, it set off a firestorm within the Roman Catholic community. The department’s mandate directly conflicts with the church’s 2,000-year history celebrating the sanctity of life. When health officials issued their decision, U.S. Rep. Darrell E. Issa,...
  • When the ugly truth comes out 'Arab-Muslims target Jews, for being Jews'

    03/27/2012 1:29:06 AM PDT · by Milagros · 5 replies
    Specific obvious clear cases of targeting Jews for the sole reason of being Jewish[Where they have difficulties masking it under some "struggle" crap].* The June 1976 Entebbe operation, where Arab Palestinian terrorists [PFLP] with German extremists, [were selecting out Jewish names] separated Jews from non-Jews, and held the Jews cative for seven days, until Israeli commando freed them."Israeli Couple Hails Impact Of Entebbe."Miami News - Aug 25, 1976By William TuckerMiami News Reporter,1361933"Court Won't Revive Entebbe Damage Suit."The Hour - May 3, 1979,340432---* 1985 Achille Lauro hijacking, Arab-Palestinian terrorists single out American tourist Leon Klinghoffer, beacuse he was Jewish."U.S. Refuses Palestinian Demand...
  • When Reagan was shot

    03/26/2012 9:36:40 AM PDT · by NEWwoman · 18 replies · 4+ views ^ | March 25, 2012 | smithsk
    Rawhide! It was the name of a great TV Western of the 1960s, starring Clint Eastwood. But it was also the secret service code-name for President Ronald Reagan. As an actor who had once starred in Westerns (host of and guest appearances in Death Valley Days, guest appearances in Wagon Train and Zane Grey Theater, Cattle Queen of Montana, The Last Outpost, Santa Fe Trail - where he played George Custer, ...), President Reagan quite liked that code-name, Rawhide. But not long after being sworn in as the 40th President of the United States, Rawhide was in for a rough...
  • Terence Weldon: False prophet pointing the way to animalism and barbarism

    03/26/2012 7:37:09 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 5 replies · 2+ views
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 26, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    Dr. Antonio Pardo has explained that in animals, "..the interaction of other instincts (particularly dominance) can result in behavior that appears to be homosexual. Such behavior cannot be equated with an animal homosexuality. All it means is that animal sexual behavior encompasses aspects beyond that of reproduction." This scientific fact upsets radical homosexual activists who believe that homosexual behavior is observable in animals and that since homosexuality is in accordance with animal nature it must also be in accordance with human nature since man is also animal. This is their reasoning. Radical homosexual activist and dissenter Terence Weldon, who serves...
  • One Year After the Fogel Family Murders, the Community Rebuilds

    03/26/2012 5:23:57 AM PDT · by Trafalgar123 · 1+ views
    American Thinker ^ | March 25, 2012 | Stella Paul
    It takes more than a murderer's knife to kill the Jewish spirit. One year after five members of the Fogel family were brutally stabbed to death, the residents of their small farming community in the West Bank dedicated a new religious school in their honor. Itamar, a quiet hilltop town surrounded by hostile Arab villages, has earned a tragic distinction as "the most wounded community." Since its founding in 1984, a series of terror attacks has killed twenty-two people (including nine children) in a town of just 200 families. Yet after each massacre, the people of Itamar rebuild and replant,...
  • Islamic jihad group: 'FORSANE ALIZZA'

    03/25/2012 10:04:30 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 11+ views
    Islamic jihad group: 'FORSANE ALIZZA' A 'Sharia' promoter group, seeking to establish [strict implementation of] Sharia in W. Europe. An Islamic hate group acting under the banner of "anti-Islamophobia..." Its goal - Islamic global domination - Caliphate. March 21, 2012 Special Dispatch No. 4593 Toulouse Shooter Ideologically Affiliated with Al-Qaeda On March 19, 2012, a terrorist opened fire on the Jewish school Ozar Hatorah in Toulouse, France. As of this writing, the suspected gunman, 24-year-old Muhammad Merah, is holed up in a nearby apartment building, with French police still attempting to negotiate his surrender.Merah, a French-Algerian who spent time training...
  • Warning: "You are making a lot of very powerful people very angry."

    03/25/2012 11:02:45 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 3 replies · 1+ views
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 25, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    Sunday, March 25, 2012Blog comment: " are making a lot of potentially very powerful people very, very angry." In one of his last homilies, Archbishop Oscar Romero, the martyred Archbishop of San Salvador, said: "A preaching that does not point out sin is not the preaching of the gospel. A preaching that makes sinners feel good so that they become entrenched in their sinful state, betrays the gospel's call. A preaching that does not discomfit sinners but lulls them in their sin leaves Zebulun and Naphtali in the shadow of death. A preaching that awakens, a preaching that enlightens --...
  • Tea Party Culture War, a clash of worldviews

    03/25/2012 10:57:36 AM PDT · by geraldmcg · 4 replies · 1+ views ^ | 3-25-12 | Stephen Johnston
    According to the latest census, the average American household-income decreased, while the official poverty rate increased to 15.1%. That means there are now over 46 million Americans living in poverty. Writing in his book "Tea Party Culture War, A clash of Worldviews" author Stephen Johnston declares America is at a financial crossroads. Economist Stephen Johnston writes about what's at stake in this election, culturally, economically, politically and spiritually. Johnston writes that America's direction will ultimately be determined by our next elected officials. He believes this year's election cycle will decide whether our nation becomes a godless socialist country or an...
  • The Crisis of Jewish Leftist Islamism

    03/25/2012 4:43:00 AM PDT · by expat1000 · 6 replies
    Sultan Knish ^ | Daniel Greenfield
    Every now and then the left discovers someone who tells them what they already think, but puts a glossier edge on it, and elevates him to the status of "Serious Thinker". This is the office for which Peter Beinart has been briefly nominated. The chief prerequisite for becoming a serious thinker on the left is to state what is obvious to the left without actually seriously considering its obviousness. This is what Peter Beinart delivers by providing an indulgence for leftist Israel bashing by telling the bashers that they aren't bad Jews, it's the Israelis who are bad Jews, bad...
  • Another Goldman swindler exposed & How might Solomon advise to the GOP on Romney?

    03/24/2012 1:46:25 PM PDT · by publius321 · 3 replies ^ | 3/24/2012 | Scott Ryan
    The Big story this weekend is that “a congressional committee is investigating how $1.6 billion in customer funds went missing from bankrupt brokerage MF Global said Friday that it’s found evidence that then-CEO Jon Corzine directed a senior executive to use $200 million of clients’ money.” It’s such a shame to see the former Governor getting probed like this. I thought Dems were not subject to financial and accounting laws because they created the laws for us. All Corzine needs to do is go before the judge and jury, then tell them they are stupid and he knows better. He...
  • "What's So 'Great' about Jesus?" (Sermon for the Fifth Sunday in Lent, on Mark 10:35-45)

    03/24/2012 12:57:40 PM PDT · by Charles Henrickson · 4 replies · 1+ views ^ | March 25, 2012 | The Rev. Charles Henrickson
    “What’s So ‘Great’ about Jesus?” (Mark 10:35-45)Today is March 25, which means it is exactly nine months before December 25. And being nine months before Christmas, March 25 is the day when the Annunciation of Our Lord--that occasion when the angel Gabriel came to the virgin Mary and told her she would conceive and give birth to a son--this is the day when the Annunciation normally would be observed. But since this year March 25 falls on a Sunday, in the season of Lent, the readings for this Sunday take precedence. But I do think that the words spoken by...
  • U.K.: Elderly woman dies while waiting for Muslim nurse to finish praying

    03/24/2012 10:57:22 AM PDT · by NYer · 15 replies · 1+ views
    Jihad Watch ^ | March 24, 2012
    U.K.: Elderly woman dies after being left on the floor after fall while Muslim nurse took five to ten minutes to finish praying The message that sends is that his prayer time is more valuable than a non-Muslim's life, even when a prompt response to an emergency is an essential function of his job. "Woman died after Muslim nurse refused to help as he was praying," from the Telegraph, March 23 (thanks to all who sent this in): Alzheimer's sufferer Dorothy Griffiths, 87, was found sitting down after staff heard a bang and a carer went to the office for...
  • Viva Cristo Rey!

    03/24/2012 10:25:52 AM PDT · by nanetteclaret · 10 replies · 3+ views ^ | March 23, 2012 | Ann Barnhardt
    So my phone rings at a few minutes past eight this morning, and it is a local pro-life leader asking if I would be willing to speak for five minutes at the Denver Rally for Religious Liberty on the steps of the state capitol downtown at noon. Sure. Why not? Here's the transcript of the speech. There were cameras there, but I have yet to see the video - if it is posted at all. If anyone happens across it, do let me know and I'll post it here. Until then, just imagine the crazy eyes, and fire coming out...
  • Can we trust the Sentinel & Enterprise to cover the Catholic Church?

    03/24/2012 7:31:58 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 5 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 24, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    Professor James Hitchcock has said that many in the media belong to a "self-defined 'enlightened' class who claim the right to judge other people's beliefs, even when they do not understand those beliefs, a claim which clearly contradicts the same enlightened class's constant sermons about 'respect' and 'understanding.' Their favorite cause is 'sexual freedom' and nothing sets off their alarm bells faster than the suggestion that chastity may have some value...Religious believers are continually accused of trying to impose their beliefs on others, which in reality means resisting having secular beliefs imposed on them...The enlightened class obviously does not understand...
  • Friday Afternoon Roundup - The Big Three Thousand

    03/24/2012 2:51:56 AM PDT · by expat1000 · 1 replies · 1+ views
    Sultan Knish ^ | Friday, March 23, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    And We're Back On Tuesday I spoke at the Skirball, the evening of the next day I was back home and glancing at the number next to my latest article, "The New Nazis" saw that it was my 3000th article. It's been an interesting ride and it was a reminder of how I got into this, by writing day in and day out and connecting with more and more people. At the event and the Chai program with Adam Taxin, I was asked how I write so much. The simple answer is that writing perpetuates itself. Words are bricks and...
  • 2008 Security Pact Between Iran and Turkey Should Call Into Question Turkey’s NATO Membership

    03/23/2012 10:22:01 PM PDT · by LSUfan · 9 replies · 2+ views
    Iran Bulletin ^ | 24 March 2012 | Unattributed
    A security pact signed in 2008 between Turkey and Iran should call into question Turkey’s membership in NATO.
  • Archbishop Vincent Nichols continues to tolerate dissent from Terence Weldon

    03/23/2012 9:23:51 AM PDT · by cleghornboy
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 23, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    Terence Weldon, the radical homosexual activist who authors the "Queering the Church" Blog and who serves as an Extraordinary Minister at the infamous Soho Masses in England - the same disturbed individual who has blasphemously suggested that Our Lord Jesus had a homosexual inclination - is once again challenging the authoritative teaching of the Catholic Church regarding the homosexual inclination. He writes, "In the CDF Hallowe’en Letter [here he is sarcastically and irreverently refering to the October 1, 1986 document entitled "Letter on the Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons" published by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith], possibly...
  • What Democrats REALLY think of Mitt Romney (The Joke's on Us)

    03/23/2012 9:13:16 AM PDT · by publius321 · 6 replies ^ | 3/23/2012 | Scott Ryan
    I just stumbled upon an accurate column on the Democrat’s ACTUAL view upon a Romney nomination titled “Democrats Have No Fear Of Romney” (linked at blog) It provides a rare glimpse behind the scenes of the Obama campaign’s TRUE view of the prospects of a Mitt Romney nomination. It demonstrates that they understand that Mitt Romney cannot beat Barack Obama and only –events- can defeat him if Romney is the nominee. In essence, Romney –is- the “bag of rocks” candidate because he brings absolutely nothing to the election that could legitimately be considered as marketable in the most anti-Wall Street...
  • Rick Santorum: Planned Parenthood’s #1 Most Feared Enemy

    03/23/2012 4:43:43 AM PDT · by jacknhoo · 4 replies · 1+ views
    Catholic Bandita ^ | March 22, 2012 | Lisa Graas
    My friend Paul Cooper ( follow on Twitter ) at Pajamas Media offers Planned Parenthood’s 10 Most Feared Enemies in 2012. Guess who made #1. That’s right. Rick Santorum! Rick has been accused of wanting to fund Planned Parenthood because he has voted for the very same appropriations bills legendary pro-lifer Henry Hyde has voted for which, unfortunately, and against his wishes, included funding for Planned Parenthood. There are some things that are simply not possible to accomplish without a pro-life majority in Congress, and no one has done more to “move the needle” (as Rick says) than Rick Santorum....
  • An Obstinate Romney Nomination is an Obama Re-election

    03/22/2012 11:16:44 PM PDT · by publius321 · 19 replies · 1+ views ^ | Thursday, March 22, 2012 | Scott Ryan
    Arlen Williams of linked to an interesting story at The Daily Caller titled: "Lord Monckton: ‘I’m no birther,’ but Obama birthcertificate ‘plainly a forgery’ (linked at tableofwisdom) I love to hear Lord Monckton speak. It’s amazing to see how the blinders are on a nation of deceived people. I keep saying it is spiritual and REALLY believe that the extraordinary degree of willful blindness can only be explained in that manner. How else can you explain the fact that Obama is 100% inoculated by this issue and many others no matter what the truth is. Like Monckton, I do...
  • Gay married man who's undocumented immigrant fights deportation in California

    03/22/2012 9:54:29 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 7 replies · 1+ views
    CNN ^ | March 22, 2012 | Michael Martinez
    A federal immigration court judge in San Francisco put a deportation proceeding on hold Friday for a gay California man who is an undocumented immigrant and married to a man who is a U.S. citizen, the couple's attorney said. Alfonso Garcia, 35, who came to the United States as a boy with his parents, and his husband, Brian Willingham, 37, are petitioning the federal immigration service for legal residency based on their marriage, said attorney Lavi Soloway. The judge put Garcia's deportation proceeding on hold while Garcia's legal residency, or green card, application is being processed, Soloway said. The next...
  • Arab racism manufactures the fraud of "Palestinian suffering" (Mohammed Merah or Khulood Badawi)

    03/22/2012 2:26:31 PM PDT · by PRePublic · 1 replies
    Arab-Islamic Palestinianism's rule number 1: Kill, then demonize in order to kill some more. As NYTimes bestselling book author M. Evans said: Make no mistake: Arab racism is killing Jews, I say, make no mistake, Arab racism manufactures the fraud of "Palestinian" suffering. The racism which was Islamicized. The same bigotry seeks justification to its crimes by converting the Arab-Palestinian aggressor into a "victim." Lies, ever since the Arab Palestinian entity was founded in falsehood, telling a tale of "natives," while in fact, most of its populations has no more than 2 or 3 generations in the historic land of...
  • EU Foreign Policy Chief Ashton: Enabler of Antisemitism and Radical Islam

    03/22/2012 1:15:02 PM PDT · by forty_years · 1 replies ^ | 3/22/12 | netwmd Staff
    Question: What enabled the slaughter of Jewish children and soldiers in the French city of Toulouse by a Muslim steeped in radical, victim-centric, warped Islamist ideology? Answer: People like EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton, an apologist for terrorist hate. She is the epitome of amoral, cowardly, politically correct, morally relativistic trash allowed by decadent, fearful Westerners to run amok at the top of their societies. This combination of a disconnected public and crazy political elite creates an atmosphere where lying bullies -- Islamo-fascist-leftists -- trample Western values, commit horrendous acts of ultra-violence, and shut down free speech. Meanwhile, people...
  • The Visitation Report into Church in Ireland: Rebuking Culture of Dissent

    03/22/2012 8:23:08 AM PDT · by cleghornboy · 2 replies
    La Salette Journey ^ | March 22, 2012 | Paul Melanson
    The Visitation Report into the Church in Ireland, ordered by Pope Benedict XVI, the full text of which may be found here, says "It must be stressed that dissent from the fundamental teachings of the Church is not the authentic path towards renewal." The sexual abuse crisis which exploded throughout the Catholic Church in Ireland [and elsewhere] has its origin in a Culture of Dissent. For, as Father Vincent Miceli has reminded us, "falsity is the heart of immorality." Betrayal arises in man's heart and is soon manifested in his actions which often culminate in criminal violence. But, as Fr....
  • The New Nazis

    03/22/2012 4:44:15 AM PDT · by expat1000 · 18 replies
    Sultan Knish ^ | Mar 21, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    There was a time when Jewish children were hunted down and killed in France. Their killers believed themselves to be members of a superior group that was destined to rule the world and enslave or exterminate members of inferior groups. The cowardice and appeasement of the French authorities allowed them to operate freely, to kill Jews and launch attacks on other countries. What was then is now again. The occupying army doesn't wear uniforms, it wears keffiyahs. It doesn't speak German, it speaks Arabic. It doesn't believe that it is superior for reasons of race as much as for reasons...
  • Government Increasingly Only Source of “True Knowledge” as Paganism Overtakes Christianity

    03/21/2012 3:48:57 PM PDT · by byronhawthorne · 5 replies
    canada free press ^ | kelly o'connell
    An astounding transformation in the concept of truth has occurred the last few decades in America. No longer are statements or ideas accepted simply on their soundness or logical consistency. In fact, logic often has no impact upon an idea’s popularity. Increasingly, an idea needs official government backing before it is deemed “true.” This change bodes extreme danger for the future of our democracy. How exactly this change is occurring is a fascinating question. Without doubt, it’s happened while government has grown towards supreme authority while the church’s traditional role of defender of truth has withered away. Also, the demise...
  • Did UN worker’s anti-Israel tweet provoke Mohammed Merah to murder?

    Did Mohammed Merah murder Jewish children because little over week earlier, on March 12, UN worker Khulood Badawi posted a photo of a cloodied child on @KhuloodBadawi? Did it play a part in his thinking? (She has since taken it down, later writing: “Correction: I tweeted the photo believing it was from the last round of violence & it turned out to be from 2006.”)
  • Does Mary Appear in the Night Sky this Feast of the Annunciation?

    03/21/2012 10:36:42 AM PDT · by Catholickerry · 7 replies
    Daniel O'Connor's Blog ^ | 3/21/2012 | Br. Joshua at Holy Apostles College & Seminary
    On March 25, 2012, millions of Christians (Catholic and Orthodox) will celebrate the “Annunciation” – which commemorates the conception of Jesus. This March 25, there will be a neat astronomical arrangement in the sky, that seems to mesh nicely. See the description below: The sky will be spectacular in the west after sunset on March 25, 2012, with the waxing crescent moon and the planet Jupiter very close to each other in the evening twilight sky. Plus Venus is nearby – the sky’s brightest planet. You’ll see Jupiter and the moon below Venus in the west after sunset. The famous...
  • Why the Jews Must Leave Europe

    03/21/2012 4:18:49 AM PDT · by expat1000 · 30 replies · 2+ views
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | Tuesday, March 20, 2012 | Pamela Geller
    We can see and smell the uh, uh, Baroness of Death touring the death camps (Auschwitz), marveling at German efficiency and superiority. Yes, the Baroness of Death, with her European titles and transnational EUroid position, designating savages and bloodthirsty barbarians a status equivalent to that of their long-suffering victims. EU's Ashton: Children killed in Toulouse and Gaza AFP March 19 (hat tip Atlas readers) European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton compared the children who were murdered in Monday's shooting attack on a Jewish school in Toulouse, France with children who are killed in Gaza. "When we think about what...
  • The Socialist Apprentice

    03/21/2012 4:14:49 AM PDT · by expat1000 · 5 replies
    Sultan Knish ^ | March 20, 2012 | Daniel Greenfield
    The fundamental question that a people must ask is whether they want to be independent of their government, or dependent on it?. Is government to be a tool that we use when we need it and put away when we don't, or a master that oversees our affairs and uses us as its tools. The question is not a new one though it continues to be asked over and over again, as each generation comes into its own, and examines what it is they want of government. Most people want there to be limitations on government, but at the same...
  • Date Set for James Ossuary Verdict

    03/05/2012 10:19:32 AM PST · by STD · 9 replies
    Biblical Archaeology ^ | 03/05/2012 | Biblical Archaeology Society Staff
    Date Set for James Ossuary Verdict Biblical Archaeology Society Staff • 03/05/2012 The James Ossuary verdict will be announced on Wednesday, March 14th. As events unfold, check in with Bible History Daily for exclusive reporting and commentary.
  • #AFLC on NY Times Fear of Islam

    03/20/2012 4:26:18 PM PDT · by combat_boots
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | 3/20/2012 | Pam Geller
    My stealth legal team, a key component in fighting the sharia in America and in my numerous lawsuits in defense of free speech, weighs in on the Times self-enforcing sharia: AFLC client Pamela Geller on “Fox & Friends” to discuss NY Times’s Anti-Islam Hypocrisy Pamela Geller, the ever-vigilant anti-sharia blogger, author, and AFLC client, appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss, in her words, “the craven hypocrisy” of The New York Times over the recent anti-Catholic ad controversy. As noted previously, the atheist Freedom from Religion Foundation (FFRF) published in the Times a despicable full-page advertisement attacking the Catholic Church...
  • Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Praises Allah for the Death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III...

    03/20/2012 4:23:08 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 3 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | March 20, 2012 | Pam Geller et al
    (Full Title) Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Praises Allah for the Death of Coptic Pope Shenouda III: "May Allah Exact Revenge from Him in the Hellfire" Tolerance! Peace! Interfaith dialogue! Bridges! Building bridges (to Islam)! Obama say, "respect it!" The Islamc spring -- this is Obama's legacy and what future generations will curse him for. Egyptian Cleric Wagdi Ghoneim Praises Allah for the Death of Pope Shenouda III: "May Allah Exact Revenge from Him in the Hellfire" Following are excerpts from a statement by Egyptian cleric Wagdi Ghoneim, which was posted on the Internet on March 18, 2012 : Praise be...
  • Sex, Jihad and Islam

    03/20/2012 4:17:08 PM PDT · by combat_boots · 10 replies
    Atlas Shrugs ^ | March 19, 2012 | Robt Spencer
    <p>They hate us because we’re pigs. No, not the apes and pigs into which Allah transforms the Sabbath-breaking Jews in the Qur’an (2:62-66; 5:59-60; 7:166), but pigs as in…dogs. Wolves. Immoral, lecherous, lustful, fornicating creeps. Western immorality is a frequent feature of the Islamic critique of the contemporary West, as well as a target for the morality police of Sharia states.</p>