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  • Enforcing "Dhimma" - Islamic's Long History of Tolerance and Co-existence is Over

    03/13/2014 8:50:38 PM PDT · by lbryce · 10 replies
    Doug Brindle Barks Observations ^ | Marcj 13, 2014 | Michael “Dog Brindle” Estey
    Violating universal human rights, Christians and other minorities in Syria are being threatened by militant Islamists. Convert or die! Christians must either; convert to Islam, or stay Christian and pay tax. If you default on any payment of these taxes, you could face death as punishment without trial. This is called a "dhimma", or taxes much like a protection agreement with Al Cappone during the thirties, you signed no contract. If you are a Christian and don't agree to this agreement, and don't pay your taxes then unfortunately you are "Faced with the Sword" and put to death. The "dhimma"...
  • House passes bill affirming global warming exists [By a vote of 272-155.........]

    06/27/2007 3:55:07 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 66 replies · 1,600+ views
    House passes bill affirming global warming exists By Richard Cowan 17 minutes ago The U.S. House of Representatives on Wednesday, aiming to put an end to the debate over whether global warming is actually occurring, passed legislation recognizing the "reality" of climate change and providing money to work on the problem. By a vote of 272-155, the House approved an environmental funding bill for the fiscal year starting October 1 that would increase federal investments in basic research on climate change and establish a new commission to review scientific questions that need to be addressed. The White House has threatened...
  • Father of Climatology Throws Up at the Thought of Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth'

    06/18/2007 9:45:14 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 21 replies · 1,792+ views
    Father of Climatology Throws Up at the Thought of Al Gore's 'An Inconvenient Truth' Posted by Noel Sheppard on June 18, 2007 - 11:46. Reid Bryson, the 87-year-old considered to be the father of scientific climatology, has once again spoken out strongly against anthropogenic global warming theories being regularly disseminated by alarmists in the media and the scientific community. In an interview published by Wisconsin’s Capital Times Monday, Bryson spoke about the money involved in this "religion," and when asked about soon-to-be-Dr. Al Gore's schlockumentary "An Inconvenient Truth" marvelously responded (emphasis added throughout): "Don't make me throw up...It is not...
  • Delayed gratification

    06/13/2007 5:36:49 AM PDT · by rellimpank · 9 replies · 415+ views
    Rocky Mountain News ^ | 13 june 07 | Vincent Carroll
    If Frontier Airlines proceeds with plans to let customers purchase “carbon offsets” along with their tickets, you can bet that its sales pitch will be all green and no yellow — all environmental upside and no buyer beware. You can be sure that customers who purchase the offsets — “more than $30 for a round-trip domestic flight,” the Rocky reported — will do so assuming they are about to neutralize the environmental effects of their flight and that the climate gods are smiling from the clouds. What those customers aren’t likely to see at the Frontier counter, in other words,...
  • NASA's Griffin Regrets Remarks on Global Warming

    06/06/2007 2:15:51 PM PDT · by Constitutionalist Conservative · 94 replies · 2,447+ views
    Sci-Tech Today ^ | June 6, 2007 | Alicia Chang
    NASA administrator Michael Griffin made headlines last week when he told a National Public Radio interviewer he wasn't sure global warming was a problem. "All I can really do is apologize to all you guys ... I feel badly that I caused this amount of controversy over something like this," said Griffin. The head of NASA told scientists and engineers that he regrets airing his personal views about global warming during a recent radio interview, according to a video of the meeting obtained by The Associated Press. NASA administrator Michael Griffin said in the closed-door meeting Monday at the Jet...
  • "I Was On the Global Warming Gravy Train"

    06/05/2007 6:17:05 AM PDT · by truthfinder9 · 13 replies · 1,296+ views
    This is is a revealing piece from a former global warming supporter on the politically influenced global warming "science:" I devoted six years to carbon accounting, building models for the Australian government to estimate carbon emissions from land use change and forestry. When I started that job in 1999 the evidence that carbon emissions caused global warming seemed pretty conclusive, but since then new evidence has weakened that case. I am now skeptical. In the late 1990s, this was the evidence suggesting that carbon emissions caused global warming: Carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas, proved in a laboratory a century...
  • Pelosi wants to pass CO2 bill this year [mandatory caps on heat-trapping carbon dioxide.....]

    06/01/2007 9:07:17 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 44 replies · 1,068+ views
    Pelosi wants to pass CO2 bill this year Fri Jun 1, 2007 11:45AM EDT WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Rep. Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, said on Friday she wanted Congress to pass mandatory caps on heat-trapping carbon dioxide emissions this year. "I'd like to see it pass this year," Pelosi said. "Congress will act upon cap-and-trade legislation in this Congress."
  • Scientists Rally Around NASA Chief After Global Warming Comments (MSM will not report this)

    06/01/2007 2:03:03 PM PDT · by EPW Comm Team · 17 replies · 1,275+ views
    EWire ^ | June 1, 2007 | EPW Comm. Team
    For Immediate Release Scientists Rally Around NASA Chief After Global Warming Comments WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Jun. 1 -/E-Wire/-- "NASA's top administrator, Michael Griffin, speaking on NPR radio made some refreshingly sensible comments about the present global warming scare," said Robert Ferguson, Director of the Science and Public Policy Institute. "Many rationalist scientists agree with him, clearly demonstrating there is no scientific consensus on man-made, catastrophic global warming," said Ferguson. Griffin said he doubted global warming is "a problem we must wrestle with," and that it is arrogant to believe that today's climate is the best we could have and...
  • True Patriots Care About Global Warming, Group Says

    06/01/2007 6:59:01 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 22 replies · 540+ views
    True Patriots Care About Global Warming, Group Says By Susan Jones Senior Editor June 01, 2007 ( - "Global warming is the crisis of our time," says the Environmental Defense Action Fund. The activist group is urging Americans to sign a "Declaration of New Patriotism" -- a petition to be delivered to Congress on July 4. "Today, we recognize that patriotism is not only about love of country. It is also about a shared commitment to the welfare of our planet," Environmental Defense said in a message to supporters. Signers of the petition pledge to: -- Recognize that we...
  • Edwards wants probe of high gas prices

    05/31/2007 1:19:11 PM PDT · by Red in Blue PA · 54 replies · 1,153+ views
    Associated Press ^ | 5/31/2007 | RACHEL KONRAD
    SAN FRANCISCO - Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards says a wave of mergers in the oil industry should be investigated by the Justice Department to see what impact they have had on soaring gasoline prices. ADVERTISEMENT During a campaign stop in Silicon Valley Thursday, Edwards planned to berate the oil industry for "anticompetitive actions" and outline an energy plan he says would reduce oil imports "and get us on a path to be virtually petroleum-free within a generation." "Vertically integrated companies like Exxon Mobil own every step of the production process — from extraction to refining to sale at the...
  • Al Gore's Vulcan Utopia

    05/31/2007 12:35:16 PM PDT · by GMMAC · 43 replies · 2,392+ views
    National Post - Canada ^ | Thursday, May 31, 2007 | David Brooks
    Al Gore's Vulcan Utopia David Brooks, National Post, page A21 Published: Thursday, May 31, 2007 If you're going to read Al Gore's book, you're going to have to steel yourself for a parade of sentences like the following: "The remedy for what ails our democracy is not simply better education (as important as that is) or civic education (as important as that can be), but the re-establishment of a genuine democratic discourse in which individuals can participate in a meaningful way - a conversation of democracy in which meritorious ideas and opinions from individuals do, in fact, evoke a...
  • NASA's Top Official Questions Global Warming

    05/31/2007 8:51:11 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 54 replies · 2,019+ views
    ABC News ^ | May 31, 2007 | CLAYTON SANDELL and BILL BLAKEMORE
    NASA Administrator Michael Griffin Questions Need to Combat Warming NASA administrator Michael Griffin is drawing the ire of his agency's preeminent climate scientists after apparently downplaying the need to combat global warming. In an interview broadcast this morning on National Public Radio's "Morning Edition" program, Griffin was asked by NPR's Steve Inskeep whether he is concerned about global warming. "I have no doubt that a trend of global warming exists," Griffin told Inskeep. "I am not sure that it is fair to say that it is a problem we must wrestle with." "To assume that it is a problem is...
  • Al Gore Supporter Shreds Sign, Trashes Sidewalk

    05/30/2007 10:57:26 AM PDT · by bstein80 · 13 replies · 983+ views
    Freedom Talks Blog ^ | May 30, 2007 | Brendan Steinhauser
    This video has strong language. Be advised. It captures an Al Gore supporter taking a sign from the FreedomWorks Panda and tearing it up. He then littered the sidewalk and told the film maker, “F!@# yourself.” The Panda's sign read, "Stop Pandering to Radical Environmentalists." Here is the video.
  • NASA: Danger Point Closer Than Thought From Warming

    05/30/2007 10:28:34 AM PDT · by tcrlaf · 65 replies · 2,012+ views
    ABC NEWS ^ | 29 May,2007 | BILL BLAKEMORE
    'Disastrous Effects' of Global Warming Tipping Points Near, According to New Study Even "moderate additional" greenhouse emissions are likely to push Earth past "critical tipping points" with "dangerous consequences for the planet," according to research conducted by NASA and the Columbia University Earth Institute. With just 10 more years of "business as usual" emissions from the burning of coal, oil and gas, says the NASA/Columbia paper, "it becomes impractical" to avoid "disastrous effects." The forecast effects include "increasingly rapid sea-level rise, increased frequency of droughts and floods, and increased stress on wildlife and plants due to rapidly shifting climate zones,"...
  • Time to tax carbon (What a surprise!)

    05/30/2007 3:04:10 AM PDT · by Lorianne · 42 replies · 970+ views
    A carbon tax is the best, cheapest and most efficient way to combat cataclysmic climate change ___ IF YOU HAVE KIDS, take them to the beach. They should enjoy it while it lasts, because there's a chance that within their lifetimes California's beaches will vanish under the waves. Global warming will redraw the maps of the world. The U.N.'s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that sea levels will rise 7 to 23 inches by the end of the century; as the water gets higher, the sandy beaches that make California a tourist magnet will be washed away. Beachfront real...
  • Damage from climate change may cost Alaska $10 bln

    05/29/2007 7:19:19 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 58 replies · 1,618+ views
    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 5/29/07 | Mica Rosenberg
    BELIZE CITY (Reuters) - Collapsing bridges, bursting sewer pipes and crumbling roads caused by global warming could cost Alaska up to $10 billion over the next few decades, researchers said. Atmospheric temperatures in the northernmost U.S. state have risen by more than 3 degrees Fahrenheit (around 2 degrees Celsius) over the past five decades, Peter Larsen, a resource economist at the University of Alaska Anchorage, told a climate change conference in the Central American country of Belize. Larsen led a study with a team of engineers to calculate how Alaska will cope with the highest temperatures it has experienced in...
  • Green group sues Canada over greenhouse gases

    05/29/2007 3:28:30 PM PDT · by death2tyrants · 9 replies · 325+ views
    Reuters via Yahoo ^ | 05-29-07 | Randall Palmer
    Green group sues Canada over greenhouse gases By Randall Palmer 2 hours, 37 minutes ago OTTAWA (Reuters) - Environmental group Friends of the Earth Canada sued the Canadian government on Tuesday for not meeting its commitments under the Kyoto Protocol on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The legal action, filed in the Federal Court in Ottawa, was the first lawsuit against a country for breaching Kyoto, the environmentalists said. "We must see an end to important programs being dismantled, terminated and slashed -- all part of the pattern of Kyoto denial by the federal government," Beatrice Olivastri, head of Friends of...
  • Pelosi's "I Saw Climate Change"

    05/29/2007 12:08:46 PM PDT · by WBL 1952 · 66 replies · 2,152+ views
    BERLIN (AP) - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday she led a congressional delegation to Greenland, where lawmakers saw "firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality," and she hoped the Bush administration would consider a new path on the issue.
  • Pelosi: Climate change is a reality

    05/28/2007 11:16:00 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 98 replies · 2,057+ views
    Yahoo! News ^ | May 28, 2007 | GEIR MOULSON
    BERLIN - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Monday she led a congressional delegation to Greenland, where lawmakers saw "firsthand evidence that climate change is a reality," and she hoped the Bush administration would consider a new path on the issue. After meeting with German Environment Minister Sigmar Gabriel, Pelosi praised Berlin for its leadership on the issue. Her trip comes ahead of next week's Group of Eight summit and a climate change meeting next month involving the leading industrialized nations and during a time of increased debate over what should succeed the Kyoto Protocol, a 1997 international treaty that caps...
  • Rich must pay bulk of climate change bill: Oxfam [The US must foot 44 percent of the $50 billion

    05/28/2007 4:42:16 PM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 47 replies · 1,177+ views
    Rich must pay bulk of climate change bill: Oxfam By Jeremy Lovell 37 minutes ago Coping with the ravages of global warming will cost $50 billion a year, and the rich nations who caused most of the pollution must pay most of the bill, aid agency Oxfam said on Tuesday. The call, barely 10 days before a crucial Group of Eight (G8) summit in Germany which has climate change at its core, is likely to make already tense negotiations even tougher. The United States, which Oxfam says must foot 44 percent of the annual $50 billion bill, is rejecting attempts...
  • SENATOR INHOFE OPENING STATEMENT (Slams Democrats on Global Warming hearings)

    05/27/2007 6:02:09 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 13 replies · 962+ views
    Senator Inhofe's Office ^ | May 24, 2007 | Senator James Inhofe (R-OK)
    "The Issue of the Potential Impacts of Global Warming on Recreation and the Recreation Industry" Thank you for having this hearing today, Madam Chairman. I have to say, however, that we seem to have hearing after hearing after hearing on climate change – indeed, this is the Committee's second one this week alone – but we don’t seem to actually discuss legislation. While other Committees without jurisdiction on this issue attempt to write our nation’s global warming policies, this Committee sits idly by talking about tangential issues. I believe that if we do wrestle with actual legislation, then the folly...
  • Mironov Tells Kyoto Experts The World Is Getting Cooler

    05/28/2007 12:02:47 AM PDT · by carlo3b · 206 replies · 9,307+ views
    Moscow ^ | May 28 2007 | Simon Shuster
      Mironov Tells Kyoto Experts The World Is Getting CoolerBy Simon ShusterStaff WriterSergei Mironov ST. PETERSBURG -- It was a failure from the start. Russia's biggest conference on the Kyoto Protocol, which aims to fight global warming, began with a speech from a top official who denied that global warming even exists. "In reality, the scientific basis for the protocol is fairly weak," Federation Council Speaker Sergei Mironov told a crowded opening session of the two-day conference Thursday, which drew more than 200 environmental experts and carbon market participants from around the world. "In the opinion of many experts, the...
  • Swimmer plans record North Pole swim [to highlight global warming]

    05/28/2007 10:10:14 AM PDT · by Zakeet · 53 replies · 1,156+ views
    Reuters ^ | May 28, 2007 | John Joseph
    A British adventurer is planning to highlight the effects of global warming by becoming the first person to swim at the North Pole and break his own record for the coldest swim. Sporting just a cap, trunks and goggles, Lewis Gordon Pugh will swim 1 km (0.6 miles) in water at a temperature of minus 1.8 degrees Celsius on July 15, a dip he expects to last 21 minutes. Such a swim would have been impossible as little as 10 years ago because the water would have been frozen, Pugh says. "Most people have no idea that you can find...
  • Editorial: Carbon-reduction plan a step forward

    05/27/2007 12:01:38 PM PDT · by ProtectOurFreedom · 24 replies · 784+ views
    San Jose Mercury News ^ | 5/27/2007 | Anon
    If California wants to achieve its goal of cutting greenhouse-gas emissions 25 percent by 2020 to fight global warming, it must find a way to cut down the biggest source of those pollutants: cars, trucks and other motor vehicles. Even though transportation contributes 41 percent of greenhouse gases, our society is too geographically dispersed and mobile to realistically expect that we can dramatically reduce the number of miles we drive, ride and fly. So that means our vehicles need to become far more fuel-efficient. The less gasoline per mile that a car uses, the less heat-trapping carbon dioxide it spews...
  • Climate hysteria now invading our homes and businesses

    05/26/2007 5:06:19 PM PDT · by Reform Canada · 13 replies · 988+ views | By Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris,
    Climate hysteria now invading our homes and businesses By Dr. Tim Ball and Tom Harris, Saturday, May 26, 2007 Ontario environment minister Broten's ban of used oil heating just the latest example of an increasing intrusion into daily life by governments that ignore science "That government, dedicated to saving the environment from the evils of technology, had been voted into power because everybody knew that the Green House Effect had to be controlled, whatever the cost. But who would have thought that the cost of ending pollution would include not only total government control of day-to-day life, but the...
  • Is Media’s Love for Al Gore Stronger Than Their Hatred for George W. Bush?

    05/26/2007 12:32:10 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 7 replies · 740+ views
    NewsBusters ^ | May 15, 2007 | Noel Sheppard
    Astonishingly, though it didn't go far enough to identify the real culprit for the recent price rise, Reuters did indeed point a finger at an extraordinarily unlikely target (emphasis added): Gasoline prices are up about 50 cents since March, with energy experts blaming this year's spike on planned maintenance and breakdowns at U.S. refineries struggling to meet tough environmental fuel regulations. "Because oil prices today are at least $10 less expensive per barrel than when gasoline prices previously exceeded $3 a gallon, almost all of the price pressure on gasoline can now be attributed to America's continuing -- and increasing...
  • Supreme Global Warming Derangement: Having Large Families ‘Is an Eco-crime’

    05/07/2007 7:43:28 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 22 replies · 1,232+ views
    Supreme Global Warming Derangement: Having Large Families ‘Is an Eco-crime’ Posted by Noel Sheppard on May 6, 2007 - 21:04. Global warming derangement syndrome has taken a disturbing turn for the worse, as The Sunday Times published an article May 6 stating that parents should only have two children in order to avert climate change. I kid you not. The piece, despicably titled “Having Large Families ‘is an Eco-crime,'” unbelievably began: HAVING large families should be frowned upon as an environmental misdemeanour in the same way as frequent long-haul flights, driving a big car and failing to reuse plastic bags,...
  • So how did An Inconvenient Truth become required classroom viewing?

    05/26/2007 6:39:53 AM PDT · by JillValentine · 39 replies · 1,747+ views
    National Post/Live Daily ^ | 5-19-2007 | Kevin Libin
    First it was his world history class. Then he saw it in his economics class. And his world issues class. And his environment class. In total, 18-year-old McKenzie, a Northern Ontario high schooler, says he has had the film An Inconvenient Truth shown to him by four different teachers this year. "I really don't understand why they keep showing it," says McKenzie (his parents asked that his last name not be used). "I've spoken to the principal about it, and he said that teachers are instructed to present it as a debate. But every time we've seen it, well, one...
  • Al Gore slams 'trivialities and nonsense' in news media

    05/25/2007 7:32:35 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 46 replies · 2,505+ views
    Breitbart ^ | May 25, 2007
    Former US vice president Al Gore on Friday criticized the "trivialities and nonsense" of celebrity gossip in the media and called on people to focus instead on issues like Iraq and climate change. Gore, who is promoting his new book "The Assault on Reason," made the comments at a book signing in New York, where he was treated to a rock star reception by more than 1,300 cheering and screaming fans. "What is it about our collective decision-making process that has led us to this state of affairs where we spend much more time in the public forum talking about...
  • On the sun, the stars and the stifling of the environmental debate

    05/25/2007 5:34:12 AM PDT · by rhema · 32 replies · 1,707+ views
    St. Paul Pioneer Press ^ | 05/23/2007 | JOHN FARMER JR.
    As an object of human pity, our sun seems a poor candidate. It is the dominant object in our sky. It is at least 4.6 billion years old. Its surface temperature is 10,000 degrees. Its warmth has incubated life on Earth; a solar storm could incinerate it. In 2003, a solar magnetic storm generated a wind that blew past Earth at up to 15 million miles an hour, setting off reddish and blue-green auroras visible as far south as Texas. That solar wind has now been tracked beyond the edge of the solar system. Observed through an h-alpha solar telescope,...
  • Japan proposes halving emissions by 2050

    05/24/2007 8:58:40 AM PDT · by libertarianPA · 9 replies · 331+ views
    AP via Yahoo! News ^ | 5/24/07 | JOSEPH COLEMAN
    TOKYO - Japan's prime minister proposed cutting world greenhouse gas emissions in half by 2050 on Thursday as part of a new global warming pact for all countries, including top polluters United States and China. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe announced the proposal at a conference on the future of Asia and plans to present it at the upcoming summit of industrialized nations in Heiligendamm, Germany, in June. The initiative calls for close cooperation between developing and developed nations to piece together a comprehensive global warming pact to take effect in 2013, after the Kyoto Protocol on greenhouse gases expires. "We...
  • Steve Jobs proposes Al Gore for president

    05/23/2007 3:08:04 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 94 replies · 1,914+ views
    Mac World UK ^ | May 23, 2007 | Jonny Evans, Macworld
    Apple board member and former US vice president Al Gore would win the presidency if he ran for election, says Apple CEO Steve Jobs. "If he ran, there's no question in my mind that he would be elected," Jobs told Time Magazine. "But I think there's a question in his mind, perhaps because the pain of the last election runs a lot deeper than he lets most of us see." The report explains the background Gore's strenuous campaigning to persuade people to address the growing threat of climate-change caused environmental collapse. "We have dug ourselves into a 20-foot hole, and...
  • State can lead the nation by approving climate act [Wisconsin]

    05/23/2007 6:27:12 PM PDT · by SJackson · 38 replies · 915+ views
    Capital Times ^ | 5-24-07 | Melanie Ramey
    Wisconsin has an opportunity to become a national leader -- economically and environmentally -- by passing the Safe Climate Act, SB 81/AB 157. There is worldwide scientific consensus that human activity has been a primary cause of global warming. There is also general agreement that it is not too late to act and that there is much we can do to mitigate many of the devastating consequences of greenhouse gas emissions. We simply need the political consensus necessary to find and implement solutions. Because our federal government has failed to take action, states must take the lead, and they must...
  • Study: Killer hurricanes thrived in cooler seas

    05/24/2007 4:44:46 AM PDT · by mfnorman · 23 replies · 1,738+ views
    CNN/Reuters ^ | 05-24-07
    NEW YORK (Reuters) -- Hurricanes over the past 5,000 years appear to have been controlled more by El Nino and an African monsoon than warm sea surface temperatures, such as those caused by global warming, researchers said Wednesday. The study, published in the journal Nature, adds to the debate on whether seas warmed by greenhouse gas emissions lead to more hurricanes, such as those that bashed the Gulf of Mexico in 2005. Some researchers say warmer seas appear to have contributed to more intense hurricanes, while others disagree. The U.N. International Panel on Climate Change said this year it was...
  • The Many Myths of Ethanol

    05/23/2007 4:04:08 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 165 replies · 2,510+ views
    Townhall ^ | May 23, 2007 | John Stossel
    No doubt about it, if there were a Miss Energy Pageant, Miss Ethanol would win hands down. Everyone loves ethanol. "Ramp up the availability of ethanol," says Hillary Clinton. "Ethanol makes a lot of sense," says John McCain. "The economics of ethanol make more and more sense," says Mitt Romney. "We've got to get serious about ethanol," says Rudolph Giuliani. And the media love ethanol. "60 Minutes" called it "the solution." Clinton, Romney, Barack Obama and John Edwards not only believe ethanol is the elixir that will give us cheap energy, end our dependence on Middle East oil sheiks, and...
  • Fox News Tears Apart Al Gore’s New Book ‘Assault on Reason’

    05/23/2007 9:42:15 AM PDT · by Sub-Driver · 24 replies · 2,307+ views
    Fox News Tears Apart Al Gore’s New Book ‘Assault on Reason’ Posted by Noel Sheppard on May 23, 2007 - 12:06. It goes without saying that one of the great things about being a beloved liberal is that when you write a new book, no one in the media will challenge any of the obvious falsehoods you present as facts. Such has certainly been the case as newspapers, magazines, and television programs have gushed over former Vice President Al Gore and his new book “Assault on Reason.” Fortunately, feeling that it doesn’t owe anyone such unwarranted sycophancy, Fox News “Special...
  • ("Silent Spring" Propagandist) Rachel Carson Honor At Risk In Senate

    05/23/2007 8:07:34 AM PDT · by DogByte6RER · 103 replies · 2,130+ views ^ | May 23, 2007 | The Washington Post
    Rachel Carson honor at risk in Senate May 23, 2007 WASHINGTON – Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn has effectively blocked a resolution to honor environmental author Rachel Carson on the 100th anniversary of her birth, saying that her warnings about environmental damage have put a stigma on potentially lifesaving pesticides, congressional staffers said yesterday. Sen. Benjamin Cardin, D-Md., had intended to submit a resolution celebrating Carson, author of the 1962 book “Silent Spring,” for her “legacy of scientific rigor coupled with poetic sensibility.” Carson, who died in 1964, would have turned 100 this Sunday. Cardin has delayed the legislation, a spokeswoman...
  • Pre-commencement address: NYC, LA, Houston could be overrun by water in our lifetimes

    05/23/2007 2:11:36 AM PDT · by dogeathotdog · 12 replies · 589+ views
    ...oh yeah, and the bees may all die, crops will start dying, water will be an international commodity, the Gulf of Mexico reaching up to Missouri, flooding all along the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers, and locusts. OK, not locusts, but everything else was mentioned.
  • Al Gore to kick off book tour in Beverly Hills ("The Assault on Reason" Barf Alert!)

    05/22/2007 8:37:01 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 10 replies · 634+ views
    ap on Riverside Press Enterprise ^ | 5/22/07 | Daisy Nguyen - ap
    BEVERLY HILLS It's been nearly seven years since Al Gore lost the presidency, and now the former vice president is set to promote his new book lambasting the Bush administration. Gore was to launch his national book tour with an event Tuesday night at the Wilshire Theatre in Beverly Hills. Gore was scheduled to share the stage with actor-satirist Harry Shearer before signing copies of "The Assault on Reason." Before the event, a line snaked around the front of the theater and the atmosphere was more in line with a campaign stop than a book signing. Attendees wore "Gore 2008"...
  • Inconvenient Truths for Global Warming Fundamentalists

    05/22/2007 6:00:14 PM PDT · by truthfinder9 · 14 replies · 1,017+ views
    April Temps in U.S. Below AverageI’ve heard GWFundies* somehow blame this on global warming, which leads me to believe they don’t understand weather cycles better than anyone else.Scientists Who Changed Their Mind on Global WarmingI didn’t think any “real” scientists were against man-made global warming?Man-made versus naturally produced greenhouse gas concentrationsSo if the vast majority of greenhouse gases are not man-made, how are we causing it?* I use “Global Warming Fundamentalists” to refer to those who don’t or won’t consider any evidence that in any way contradicts their belief that global warming is man-made.
  • Al Gore documentary inconveniences high schools

    05/22/2007 6:38:15 AM PDT · by Nextrush · 37 replies · 1,483+ views
    The Prowler | March 2007 | Cait Gossert
    This generation is one that thrives on media publicity, and right now global warming is in the spotlight. From melting icecaps to rising temperatures and sea levels, global warming seems to be the hot topic. With the help of Al Gore's Academy Award-winning film, "An Inconvenient Truth," the issue of global warming has been projected from television screens worldwide, including those at Central York High School. Both Gregory Wimmer and Eric Webb, teachers of global studies and environmental sciences at Central, have used Gore's film as a teaching tool. "In a social studies classroom, "An Inconvenient Truth" allows for an...

    05/22/2007 6:28:32 AM PDT · by Tatze · 35 replies · 2,305+ views
    Nealz Nuze ^ | 05/22/2007 | Neal Boortz
    FUNNY HOW YOU DON'T HEAR THE PHRASE "GLOBAL WARMING" SO MUCH ANY MORE There is a new phrase, you know. Perhaps you didn't get the memo .. but what was once continually referred to as "global warming" is now just becoming "climate change." Why? Well, I suppose a few record cold winters around the world have made it a bit harder for the left and the eco-cultists to push the "warming" bit. Besides, as more and more is written more people come to understand that we're in a period of increased solar activity, and even those educated in government schools...
  • Caption This Picture Of Al Gore At Home With 3 Computer Monitors and A Hi-Def TV (Vanity)

    05/21/2007 5:39:09 PM PDT · by goldstategop · 81 replies · 1,855+ views
  • GOP Striking Back at Gore Over Terror - Vice President's Book Ignites a Lively Feud

    05/22/2007 1:12:34 AM PDT · by neverdem · 27 replies · 1,404+ views
    NY Sun ^ | May 22, 2007 | RUSSELL BERMAN
    WASHINGTON — The Republican Party is hitting back at Vice President Gore over his scathing new attack on the Bush administration, suggesting that the former and perhaps future presidential candidate is trying to "reinvent" himself after failing to confront terrorism as a member of the Clinton White House. Mr. Gore has begun a nationwide publicity tour for his new book, "The Assault on Reason," in which he bemoans the cheapening of public discourse while levying what may be the most serious charges any leading Democrat has made against the Bush administration. The 2000 Democratic presidential nominee, who has not ruled...
  • The Math Behind (in flaunt of?) Man-Caused Global Warming (Vanity, Does the math add up?)

    05/21/2007 4:35:16 PM PDT · by Robert A. Cook, PE · 27 replies · 850+ views
    self | 05/17/2007 | R. A. Cook
    Several numbers associated with global warming just don't seem to add up: or, maybe they can't add up at all, if the claims made by many liberal extremists associated with the man-induced global warming tax increases are right. The liberal extremists are claiming that (1) global warming is caused by increased CO2 levels, that these increased CO2 levels are caused by man, and that we should dratically harm our Western European/American/Japanese economies to eliminate/cut back CO2 emissions to 1990 levels to prevent this CO2 increase. Or lower. I'll give what few background numbers are available, ask the logical question coming...
  • Al Gore: 'I'm Not a Candidate'

    05/21/2007 2:26:26 PM PDT · by 2ndDivisionVet · 64 replies · 1,388+ views
    ABC News ^ | May 21, 2007 | TERRY MORAN and MATT STUART
    Former Vice President Al Gore is harshly critical of President Bush in his new book, "The Assault on Reason," in which he claims that "the current White House has engaged in an unprecedented and sustained campaign of mass deception." In an interview with ABC News, Gore goes one step further on the war in Iraq, calling it "the worst strategic mistake in the whole history of the United States." However, Gore refuses to place the blame squarely on Bush. "When our country made a decision to invade Iraq, it's too partisan to simply blame that on the current president," he...
  • The Global Warming Debate

    05/21/2007 7:53:25 AM PDT · by libertarianPA · 11 replies · 782+ views
    Captialism Magazine ^ | 5/7/07 | Tom DeWeese
    With great fanfare, in March, Al Gore took Capitol Hill like a conquering hero as he testified on Global Warming before both houses of Congress. Fresh from conquests at the Academy Awards where his adoring Hollywood elites showered him with coveted golden statues for spreading their favorite propaganda, Gore was determined to turn his personal conquest into draconian federal law and ultimate human misery. Gore's words to Congress were predictable. The earth is warming. The polar ice caps are melting. Polar bears are on the run. And it's man's fault. Solution? Ban or control human activities. The mantra of the...
  • So how did An Inconvenient Truth become required classroom viewing?

    05/21/2007 7:55:14 AM PDT · by Red Badger · 47 replies · 1,344+ views ^ | 05/19/2007 | Kevin Libin
    First it was his world history class. Then he saw it in his economics class. And his world issues class. And his environment class. In total, 18-year-old McKenzie, a Northern Ontario high schooler, says he has had the film An Inconvenient Truth shown to him by four different teachers this year. "I really don't understand why they keep showing it," says McKenzie (his parents asked that his last name not be used). "I've spoken to the principal about it, and he said that teachers are instructed to present it as a debate. But every time we've seen it, well, one...
  • Global warming debunked

    05/20/2007 4:09:01 PM PDT · by freemike · 29 replies · 1,631+ views
    Timaru Herald ^ | 19 May 2007 | ANDREW SWALLOW
    Climate change will be considered a joke in five years time, meteorologist Augie Auer told the annual meeting of Mid Canterbury Federated Farmers in Ashburton this week.
  • Al Gore Has Big Plans

    05/20/2007 11:48:28 PM PDT · by neverdem · 29 replies · 1,344+ views
    NY Times ^ | May 20, 2007 | JAMES TRAUB
    One afternoon in February, Al Gore was waiting to board a commercial flight from Nashville to Miami, where he was to deliver the slide show that forms the basis of “An Inconvenient Truth,” his Academy Award-winning documentary on global warming. Gore was telling me about Ilya Prigogine, a Belgian chemist who won a Nobel Prize in 1977 for his insights into the thermodynamics of open systems, an intriguing subject that has very little to do with global warming. Every minute or so he flashed a microgrin at a passer-by without interrupting his oratorical flow... --snip-- Live Earth is only the...