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  • ‘Last Man Standing’: 20th Century Fox TV Will Seek New Home for Tim Allen Comedy (EXCLUSIVE)

    05/23/2017 10:45:11 AM PDT · by Tolerance Sucks Rocks · 8 replies
    Variety ^ | May 18, 2017 | Daniel Holloway
    Studio 20th Century Fox Television is looking for a new home for canceled Tim Allen comedy “Last Man Standing.” Speaking to Variety Thursday, studio presidents Jonnie Davis and Howard Kurtzman said that they were surprised by ABC’s decision to pull the plug on the show. “That’s the one that’s really an open sore right now,” Davis said. Kurtzman added, “We really were expecting a pickup. The fact that we didn’t get a pickup was a surprise and a disappointment. I think no one was more disappointed than Tim Allen, such a huge star with such a huge following.” But the...
  • Senator Helps Minnesota Man Whom IRS Falsely Declared Dead

    05/10/2017 5:05:08 PM PDT · by LouieFisk · 13 replies
    U.S. News & World Report ^ | May 10, 2017 | U.S. News & World Report-AP
    The false declaration initially was made when Ronning was four years old. As an adult, he has always paid his taxes, but either only got half of his return or none at all since 2009. "It's insulting, it's shocking, it's frustrating," Ronning said. "I'd call and they were like, 'let's just give him the hold monster.'"
  • Our New Bodies

    04/29/2017 3:57:45 PM PDT · by metmom · 7 replies
    Grace to ^ | 1997 | John MacArthur, Grace Community Church
    “Just as we have borne the image of the earthy, we shall also bear the image of the heavenly” (1 Corinthians 15:49). All believers can look forward to one day receiving new bodies and new images. Jesus’ post-resurrection appearances present a glimpse of the greatness, power, and wonder that our own resurrection bodies will have. Our Lord appeared and disappeared at will and always reappeared in other places. He was able to go through walls and doors, but He could also eat, drink, sit, talk, and be seen by others. Jesus was remarkably the same as before His death, yet...
  • Why Did the Lord Appear to the Women Before the Apostles?

    04/26/2017 9:21:49 AM PDT · by Salvation · 51 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 04-25-17 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Why Did the Lord Appear to the Women Before the Apostles? Msgr. Charles Pope • April 25, 2017 • It is curious that upon rising from the dead the Lord appeared to Mary Magdalene and other women before appearing to the Apostles, His chosen witnesses. It is even stranger that He sent the women to the Apostles as witnesses, given that women were not considered valid witnesses at that time. Indeed, the Apostles do resist their testimony, considering it fanciful. While this behavior makes many modern people wince, it is not presented as a way of approving those reactions,...
  • To Understand Jesus’ Life, Death, and Resurrection, We Must Understand Sin

    04/24/2017 5:19:38 AM PDT · by DWW1990 · 10 replies
    Trevor Grant ^ | 4/23/2017 | Trevor Grant Thomas
    One of the most important questions in the history of the universe is “Why did Jesus have to die?” (After beginning this piece, I discovered that The Christian Post recently published “Why Did Jesus Die?”) This is especially the case as we are in the throes of what many are referring to as the “post-truth” era, where “Everybody Wants to Rule Their World.”... The facts of Jesus’ birth, life, death, and resurrection all are, of course, central to Christianity. For millennia, each of these events has been celebrated, studied, and sermonized. Most everyone—from the fervently faithful to the lukewarm to...
  • Why Did Christ Rise?

    04/20/2017 8:01:57 AM PDT · by Salvation · 21 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 04-19-17 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    Why Did Christ Rise? Msgr. Charles Pope • April 20, 2017 • Did Christ have to rise? No, God could have chosen other methods to show us His justice and love. However, for many reasons it was fitting that Jesus should rise bodily and present Himself to His disciples and other believers.St. Thomas Aquinas presents us with five reasons that the resurrection was fitting. Let’s examine his teaching. St. Thomas’ writing is presented bold, black italics, while my inferior comments appear in plain red text. The teaching is drawn from the Summa Theologiae III, Q. 53, Art. 1.It behooved...
  • The Journey of Mary Magdalene to Resurrection Faith

    04/18/2017 8:30:55 AM PDT · by Salvation · 11 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 04-17-17 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    The Journey of Mary Magdalene to Resurrection Faith Msgr. Charles Pope • April 17, 2017 • All of the resurrection stories depict the Apostles and other disciples on a journey of sorts to understand the resurrection. A completely new reality was breaking into their world and challenging their understanding. Far from depicting the disciples as credulous, the texts describe them as shocked, troubled, and even quite dubious. These were not men and women prone to naiveté or to concocting stories to assuage their grief. They are quite stunned by a new reality and struggling to get their minds around...
  • A Meditation on the Hiddenness of the Resurrection

    04/17/2017 8:56:50 AM PDT · by Salvation · 4 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 04-16-17 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    A Meditation on the Hiddenness of the Resurrection Msgr. Charles Pope • April 16, 2017 • There is something of a hidden quality to the resurrection appearances that has always puzzled me. St. Peter gives voice to this when he says to Cornelius,God raised Jesus from the dead on the third day and granted that he be visible, not to all people, but to us, the witnesses chosen by God in advance, who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead. He commissioned us to preach to the people and to testify that he is the...
  • Was the Resurrection Real?

    04/16/2017 9:01:53 PM PDT · by WilliamIII · 65 replies
    PJ Media ^ | April 14 2017 | Quin Hillyer
    As we celebrate Easter, we should also be reminded of, and confronted by, St. Paul’s stark claim in First Corinthians that “if Christ has not been raised, then our preaching is in vain and your faith is in vain.” Three verses later, Paul re-emphasized it: “And if Christ be not risen again, your faith is vain, for you are yet in your sins.”
  • The Real Reason Real Christians Are Real Happy About Easter!

    04/16/2017 8:12:17 AM PDT · by Sean_Anthony · 6 replies
    Canada Free Press ^ | 04/16/17 | Dave Merrick
    Lost and fallen mankind, in collusion with a bunch of social clubs masquerading as churches, have allowed Easter bunnies, eggs and candies to overshadow the real reason real Christians are real happy about what happened at the Resurrection For years Easter has been set aside as one of two or three days out of the year in which noticeably more people will actually attend a church service. In the 21st century it has been mostly just an opportunity for some little girls to wear a special Easter outfit. And at home after church sometimes there is an egg hunt or...
  • 3 Easter Parables: Why Those Who Abide in Christ Needn’t Fear Death

    04/16/2017 7:00:06 AM PDT · by CHRISTIAN DIARIST · 3 replies
    The Christian Diarist ^ | April 16, 2017 | JP
    Jesus often used parables to teach lessons. Well here are three modern-day parables concerning the lives and deaths of Wanda Dunn, Eddie Maintenance and Jack Shephard. Each parable reinforces the lesson of Easter: That the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord. Wanda was a lonely old woman who dared not set foot outside of her one-room basement apartment for fear that death awaited her one the other side of her front door. One day there was a scuffle outside Wanda’s apartment during which a policeman was shot. When she peered through her window, Wanda saw...
  • The Power of the Resurrection

    04/15/2017 6:38:18 AM PDT · by DWW1990 · 3 replies
    Trevor Grant ^ | 4/15/2017 | Trevor Grant Thomas
    Of all the religions of the world, only Christianity claims an empty tomb for its founder. The physical resurrection of Jesus is the cornerstone of Christianity. British theologian Michael Green said it well when he noted, “Without faith in the resurrection there would be no Christianity at all.” Noted biblical scholar, professor, and author Wilbur M. Smith said that, “The resurrection of Christ is the very citadel of the Christian faith. This is the doctrine that turned the world upside down…” Indeed it did. C.S. Lewis notes that, “In the earliest days of Christianity an ‘apostle’ was first and foremost...
  • One in Four British Christians Say Resurrection of Jesus Didn't Occur: Survey

    04/14/2017 1:05:27 PM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 31 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 04/14/2017 | Brandon Showalter
    One in four people who identify themselves as "Christians" in England say that they believe that the physical resurrection of Jesus Christ did not happen, according to a new poll. (Photo: Flickr / Hoyasmeg)A new thriller will focus on a Roman centurion's life following Christ's resurrection.ComRes conducted the survey of 2,010 British adults by telephone for 10 days at the beginning of February, asking them a series questions about their beliefs on the Bible and Easter. BBC local radio commissioned the survey for Palm Sunday, measuring the responses of the "General Public," "All Christians," and "Active Christians," which refers to Christians who...
  • When is Easter Sunday? (historical perspective)

    04/03/2017 2:58:51 PM PDT · by NYer · 37 replies
    Aletelia ^ | April 3, 2017 | Philip Kosloski |
    And why is Orthodox Easter on a different date than Catholic Easter? Easter Sunday, the greatest liturgical feast of the year, has been celebrated on various days throughout the Church’s 2,000 year history and the scheduling has provided more than its share of controversy.From the very beginning of the Church the feast of the Resurrection of Our Lord was celebrated in relation with the Jewish feast of Passover. Since the events of Christ’s Passion and resurrection occurred in that context, Christians have always felt that they should celebrate his resurrection in the same way, rather than a fixed date...
  • Mel Gibson confirms 'Passion of the Christ' sequel

    09/02/2016 7:52:31 AM PDT · by RoosterRedux · 76 replies
    Mel Gibson confirmed he's working on a sequel to his 2004 film "Passion of the Christ." "And you know, it's not the 'Passion 2.' It's called 'The Resurrection,'" Gibson told evangelist Greg Laurie at SoCal Harvest, according to Gibson explained that the sequel will focus on Jesus' resurrection. "Of course, that's a very big subject and it needs to be looked at because we don't want to just do a simple rendering of it — you know, read what happened," the actor added. "Passion of the Christ" screenwriter Randall Wallace told The Hollywood Reporter that "there's a lot more...
  • Mel Gibson Planning 'Passion of the Christ' Sequel (Exclusive)

    06/09/2016 4:47:11 PM PDT · by SoFloFreeper · 35 replies
    Hollywood Reporter ^ | 6/9/16 | Paul Bond
    'Braveheart' screenwriter Randall Wallace says he is writing a follow-up to the Biblical blockbuster that will focus on the resurrection of Jesus. Mel Gibson and writer Randall Wallace are working on a sequel to The Passion of the Christ that will tell the story of the resurrection of Jesus, Wallace tells The Hollywood Reporter. ....Rumors swirled anew last month when Gibson was a surprise guest at Liberty University's graduation ceremony to do an advance screening of Hacksaw Ridge and was asked about a Passion follow-up. He expressed interest in making a sequel but was not specific about his involvement. Wallace...
  • Occam’s Razor and the Resurrection

    05/11/2016 9:50:28 AM PDT · by NRx · 2 replies
    Out of Egypt ^ | 05-11-2016 | Fr. James Guirguis
    The Reading from the First Epistle of St. John 1:1-7We speak of Jesus of Nazareth, of His life and miracles and the miraculous claims that followed His life very often.  We think and meditate and ponder them to such a degree that at times it becomes difficult to regain the wonder and awe and amazement of some of the key events in the life of Our Lord Jesus Christ.  We have just celebrated Pascha or Easter as it is otherwise known and the celebration that we partake of for 40 days is the celebration of Life over death, of Good...
  • The Shroud of Turin, Authenticated Again

    04/17/2016 6:27:48 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 114 replies
    National Review ^ | 04/16/2016 | Myra Adams
    A new study released last week included new evidence that links and further authenticates two holy relics that millions of Christians believe offer physical proof of the crucifixion, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. But before we explore the research and the relics, let us recall a New Testament passage concerning faith in Christ and the need for physical evidence. I mean the familiar story of “doubting Thomas” (John 20:24–29). The apostle Thomas was absent when the resurrected Christ appeared to some of the apostles. On hearing the astonishing news, Thomas declared, “Unless I see the nail marks in...
  • New Study: The Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo Covered the Same Person

    04/12/2016 4:26:25 AM PDT · by NYer · 100 replies
    Aletelial ^ | April 11, 2016 | Paraula
    The Shroud of Turin and the Sudarium of Oviedo “almost certainly covered the cadaver of the same person.” This is the conclusion from an investigation that has compared the two relics using forensics and geometry.The research was done by Dr. Juan Manuel Mińarro, a sculpture professor at the University of Seville, as part of a project sponsored by the Valencia-based Centro Espańol de Sindonología (CES) (The Spanish Center of Sindonology).Transparency acetate on three-dimensional model used in the investigation of Juan Manuel Mińarro . LINTEUM The study thus supports what tradition has held for more than two millennia: that the...
  • Empty Grave Clothes

    03/28/2016 10:01:18 AM PDT · by truthxchange · 24 replies ^ | 03/25-2016 | Dr. Peter Jones
    As you can imagine, I have thought long and hard about Easter, since it is a central element of my faith. Indeed the Apostle Paul says that if the resurrection did not occur, we have all believed in vain. In May, Rebecca and I will be making a long-awaited visit to Israel. As I anticipate this trip, the historical force of this event keeps hitting me. It is the major reason I believe the message of Christianity—for two reasons: It deals with my sense of guilt. Today is Good Friday so Rebecca and I naturally read Matthew 27, the account...