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  • The Mormon Church's official statement on abortion [rape+ incest+mom's 'health'+'defect'+prayer-ok]

    12/16/2014 4:38:29 PM PST · by Colofornian · 63 replies
    "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints believes in the sanctity of human life... The Church allows for possible exceptions for its members when: Pregnancy results from rape or incest, or A competent physician determines that the life or health of the mother is in serious jeopardy, or A competent physician determines that the fetus has severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth. The Church teaches its members that even these rare exceptions do not justify abortion automatically. Abortion is a most serious matter and should be considered only after the persons involved have...
  • Illinois child deaths linked to neglect, abuse at 30-year high

    11/16/2013 2:44:01 AM PST · by Cincinatus' Wife · 9 replies
    Chicago Tribune ^ | November 16, 2013 | Christy Gutowski
    Emonie "Star" Beasley-Brown lived just three weeks before she was suffocated. Her grandmother was accused of placing her hands over the infant's mouth to hush her crying as the 14-year-old mother stood by. Clayton Condiff, four months old, died after being dropped, shaken and suffocated. And three days later — during a year of record child deaths from abuse and neglect in Illinois — two-month-old Julia Duda drowned in a bathtub. Police said the mother left her baby alone while she made coffee, records show. The three infants as well as a fourth battered child died in Chicago during one...
  • Is Herman Cain In Trouble With Social Conservatives?

    10/20/2011 2:31:23 PM PDT · by casinva · 377 replies
    NPR ^ | October 20, 2011 | Debra Rosenberg
    Part of Herman Cain's appeal to GOP presidential primary voters was that he seemed to have more street cred with social conservatives than the putative front runner, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney. Doubts about Romney have helped fuel Cain's recent rise in the polls, putting him in a virtual dead-heat with Romney. But in an interview Wednesday night with CNN's Piers Morgan, Cain raised some new questions about his stance on social issues. When Morgan asked the former Godfather's Pizza CEO about his beliefs on abortion and contraception, Cain said he believes life begins at conception and that he supports...
  • Teddy Kennedy's Very Quiet Catholicism

    09/02/2009 3:23:29 AM PDT · by Scanian · 8 replies · 524+ views
    The American Thinker ^ | September 02, 2009 | J. Robert Smith
    Like a big lump of clay, Teddy Kennedy is being worked and reworked into an immortal. The mainstream media and other liberal apologists are seeing to the handiwork. They even want us to believe that Kennedy was squared with his Catholicism. But how could he be? He was unapologetically pro-abortion. Time magazine gave it go, though. It published an article last week about Kennedy's "quiet Catholic faith." For a man so vocal about many things, he certainly did keep quiet about his faith. And with good reason. Egregious apostasy was Teddy's way. On every major abortion vote, the late Senator...
  • News to Note, May 23, 2009: A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint

    05/24/2009 1:48:11 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 412+ views
    AiG ^ | May 23, 2009
    News to Note, May 23, 2009: A weekly feature examining news from the biblical viewpoint (READ THE FOLLOWING STORIES AND MUCH MORE BY CLICKING THE EXCERPT LINK AT BOTTOM) 1. ICR: “‘Missing Link’ Ida Is Just Media Hype”The news media has been awash this week in hype over an alleged missing link fossil nicknamed Ida. As it turns out, the fossil wasn’t fraudulent, but the hype definitely was. 2. The Telegraph: “New ‘Super Rats’ Evolve Resistance to Poison”Is this “super rat” an example of evolution in action, or the result of an information-reducing mutation? 3. Gallup: “More Americans ‘Pro-Life’ than...
  • An Odd Suggestion for Souter's Replacement: Overturn Roe v Wade?

    05/03/2009 8:43:40 AM PDT · by RightSideNews · 8 replies · 1,364+ views
    Right Side News ^ | May 3, 2009 | James F. Pontuso
    President Obama will soon make his first nomination to the Supreme Court in order to replace retiring Justice David Souter. Since Justice Souter almost always votes with activist justices, the nomination will not tip the balance on the most controversial issue facing the Court - the difficulty of balancing a woman's right to abortion and a fetus's right to stay alive. The current Supreme Court has avoided taking a clear stand on abortion. In 2007 the Court ruled in Gonzales v Carhart that the federal government could limit "partial birth abortions" and in 2008 it refused to hear cases that...
  • Family of Irving Feldkamp, Owner of the Largest Private Owned Abortion Chain, Dies in Plane Crash

    03/26/2009 10:56:26 AM PDT · by jacknhoo · 46 replies · 3,523+ views
    Christian Newswire/ ^ | March 24, 2009 | Gingi Edmonds
    We warned him, for his children's sake, to wash his hands of the innocent blood he assisted in spilling because, as Scripture warns, if "you did not hate bloodshed, bloodshed will pursue you". (Ezekiel 35:6) A news source states that Bud Feldkamp visited the site of the crash with his wife and their two surviving children on Monday. As they stood near the twisted and charred debris talking with investigators, light snow fell on the tarps that covered the remains of their children. I don't want to turn this tragic event into some creepy spiritual 'I told you so' moment,...
  • Protect Life in Georgia -- counter effort to RESOLVE's anti-life campaign (GA Senate Bill 169)

    03/11/2009 11:28:49 AM PDT · by littlehouse36 · 431+ views
    RESOLVE ^ | 3/10/2009 | Barbara Collura
    Georgia Bill to Limit IVF Passes First Hurdle - In a Different FormAdd Your Voice NOW to Stop This Bill!  Please click here to send a personalized letter to all Georgia State Senators, to Lieutenant Governor Casey Cagle, and to Governor Sonny Perdue NOW!     Georgia lawmakers are pressing forward this week with their efforts to pass a law that will harm the resurgence of eugenics in Georgia.  On Monday, March 9, a revised Senate Bill 169 was passed hastily by the Senate Committee.  It is expected to go to the Rules Committee and then the Senate this week perhaps...
  • Rhodes Scholar Bill Clinton Doesn't Understand Basic Biology (VIDEO)

    03/14/2009 11:50:48 AM PDT · by rob88888 · 11 replies · 940+ views
    YouTube via Digg ^ | March 14, 2009 | PoisonVenom
    ProTip: Embryos are *already* fertilized, Mr. President. SRSLY. Google it. Imagine the mainstream media reaction if Sarah Palin or George W. Bush (or any Republican, for that matter) had said something this completely clueless.
  • UPDATE: Former VP candidate Palin coming to Evansville

    03/12/2009 7:03:31 PM PDT · by curth · 23 replies · 892+ views
    Evansville courier-press ^ | March 12, 2009 | Staff Report
    Vanderburgh County Right to Life confirmed today that Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin will speak at the group's annual banquet April 16 at The Centre. The event in The Centre's Bill Brooks Exhibition Hall has sold out of about 2,050 dinner tickets, but Right to Life Executive Director Mary Ellen Van Dyke said arrangements have been made to accommodate an additional 2,500 people for a simulcast with theater seating in The Centre's auditorium. If both rooms are filled, the Right to Life banquet will be the largest event in The Centre's history, said Dave Rector, general manager of the Evansville Vanderburgh...
  • AMA Supports President's Decision to Fund Stem Cell Research

    03/12/2009 5:01:58 PM PDT · by greatdefender · 15 replies · 596+ views
    AMA Supports President's Decision to Fund Stem Cell Research For immediate release March 9, 2009 Statement attributable to: Joseph Heyman, MD Board Chair, American Medical Association "The American Medical Association supports President Obama's decision to lift the ban on federal funding of stem cell research. Stem cell research holds great promise to treat diseases that science has so far been unable to cure, and this change in policy will allow researchers to accelerate their efforts by applying for federal research funds. "The AMA supports biomedical research on stem cells and has encouraged strong public support of federal funding for this...
  • Stem Cells: Does Their Origin Matter?

    03/09/2009 7:55:16 PM PDT · by GodGunsGuts · 51 replies · 1,341+ views
    Answers Magazine ^ | Dr. Georgia Purdom
    Stem Cells Does Their Origin Matter? Preserving life—it is extremely important in the Christian faith. But what is the biblical definition of life, and how does this definition affect stem cell research?God clearly commands in Exodus 20:13: “You shall not murder [the intentional, predatory killing of another]” (NIV; see also Matthew 19:18; Romans 13:9). A big controversy today is that of determining when life begins. In the field of embryonic stem cell research (ESCR), this determination is especially crucial. Because technology is advancing faster than society’s ethics, we are left to solve such dilemmas in the midst of active...
  • Palin Proclaims March Trisomy Awareness Month in Alaska

    03/03/2009 6:01:22 PM PST · by euram · 22 replies · 664+ views
    WHEREAS, trisomy is the presence, within a person’s cells, of an extra set of chromosomes instead of the regular two. WHEREAS, the most common trisomies in newborns are trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), and trisomy 13 (Patau syndrome). WHEREAS, trisomy pregnancies can present unusual complications and can be more at-risk than non-trisomy pregnancies. WHEREAS, the life of every child is precious, regardless of the number of chromosomes he or she may possess. WHEREAS, parents should take advantage of the local support groups and online communities that offer education, encouragement, and counseling for those managing trisomy pregnancies or...
  • Bush: 'Sanctity of Human Life Day' (Thank you, President Bush!)

    01/15/2009 9:18:11 PM PST · by STARWISE · 23 replies · 1,128+ views
    Politico ^ | 1-14-09 | Andy Barr
    In one of his final actions in the White House, President Bush on Thursday declared Jan. 18 to be “National Sanctity of Human Life Day.” “All human life is a gift from our creator that is sacred, unique and worthy of protection. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, our country recognizes that each person, including every person waiting to be born, has a special place and purpose in this world,” reads the presidential proclamation. “The most basic duty of government is to protect the life of the innocent. My administration has been committed to building a culture of life...
  • Notice: Free Republic IS and will remain a pro-Life & Liberty Web site

    11/07/2008 3:58:47 PM PST · by Jim Robinson · 655 replies · 19,083+ views
    Statement by the founder of Free Republic ^ | Nov 11, 2008 | Jim Robinson
    Revising and extending my remarks: We're receiving lots of complaints lately from freshly banned liberals, trolls and malcontents. Well, Free Republic has not changed and will not change. We are NOT "fair and balanced." Never will be. We are biased toward God, country, Life and Liberty. Marriage, family and traditional values. Constitution, inalienable rights, private property and limited government. Small government, small spending, small taxes. National security, national sovereignty, strong defense and secure borders. Individual rights, individual responsibility and self-government. Privacy, individual and family security, self-defense and right to keep and bear arms. Rights to freely exercise our religion, freedom...
  • It is a SERIOUS SIN for Jews/Christians to vote/support Obama/DNC

    07/02/2008 8:09:32 AM PDT · by topher · 55 replies · 588+ views
    Bible /Torah | July 2, 2008 | vanity
    In the First Book of the Bible, in Chapter 1, God states that man (mankind) is created in God's image. Man is different from other animals -- it reflects God by God's design. In the book of Psalms, Psalm 139 starting with verse 11, it is stated how we are knit by God in our mother's womb and other things that God knows about us when we are being pro-created. Jeremiah 1:5 talks about God knew us before He formed us in the womb... Finally, the 4th and 5th commandments [given to Moses] are broken by abortion, euthanasia, embryonic stem...
  • Women Set to Proclaim: I Regret My Abortion

    01/17/2008 4:37:14 PM PST · by wagglebee · 36 replies · 68+ views
    Christian Newswire/ ^ | 1/17/08 | Christian Newswire/
    Contacts: Janet Morana, 917-297-0946; Georgette Forney, 412-398-7885; both with Silent No More Awareness Campaign WASHINGTON, Jan. 17, /Christian Newswire/ -- Priests for Life and Anglicans for Life will again sponsor a major gathering of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign in Washington DC this Tuesday, January 22. Men and women who have lost children to abortion will gather in front of the Supreme Court at 4:00 PM and begin sharing publicly their testimonies of pain and healing. Fifty-seven people are scheduled to speak. In 28 other locations, similar gatherings will occur. The Campaign, which started in 2003, has sponsored some 201...
  • Cadaver Exhibit: Who Said OK?

    01/26/2008 10:48:27 AM PST · by JACKRUSSELL · 122 replies · 6,296+ views
    The Los Angeles Times ^ | January 25, 2008 | By Marc Lifsher
    (SACRAMENTO) -- Cars packed the parking lot of a shuttered CompUSA store one recent weekday afternoon as schoolchildren, health professionals and the just plain curious paid $24 apiece to stare at a score of plasticized, dissected human cadavers and roomfuls of preserved body parts. The cadavers are displayed dramatically, with layers of skin and muscle peeled back to reveal internal organs, bones, blood vessels and nerves. The exhibition, with bodies posed as if playing a violin, swinging a golf club or performing other tasks, provoked plenty of hushed comments.   "Where do they come from?" a young woman asked a...
  • Vermont Right-to-Life endorses Fred!

    12/13/2007 1:31:19 PM PST · by 2ndDivisionVet · 14 replies · 595+ views
    Fred Thompson News ^ | December 13, 2007
    Vermont Right to Life is the latest statewide pro-life organization to back Fred Thompson's bid for the Republican nomination for president. Their endorsement follows on the heels of those from state pro-life groups in West Virginia, New York, Wyoming, and Wisconsin. In a statement sent to, Sharon Toborg, treasurer of the Vermont Right to Life Political Committee, says the endorsement reflects Thompson's consistent pro-life views and his ability to win the nomination and general election. “It is great that so many candidates in the Republican Primary are pro-life and have been strong friends of the pro-life effort," she said....
  • Why Rescue Utah Miners?

    08/20/2007 12:46:18 PM PDT · by JKrive · 2 replies · 386+ views
    Critical Mass ^ | 8-20-07 | Jonathan Krive
    This past week, America has watched in anticipation as workers attempt to rescue six trapped miners in a Utah coal mine. Daily news conferences and minute updates have kept us on the edge of our seats, anxious for any sign that the trapped miners are alive. Murray Energy and the Department of Labor’s Mine Safety and Health Administration have deployed over 130 miners to dig into the mine. Without hesitation or question, local mining companies have devoted much of their resources to this rescue mission. No one ever stopped to consider the bottom line. For a moment allow me to...
  • Polish man wakes up to new world after 19 years in coma

    06/02/2007 8:52:24 AM PDT · by marthemaria · 69 replies · 3,394+ views
    WARSAW (AFP) - A Pole who spent 19 years in a coma has woken up and will now have to adapt to a country where the communists are no longer in power, a television station announced Friday. Railwayman Jan Grzebski fell into a coma after he was hit by a train in 1988, the private channel Polsat said. In an interview, Grzebski said that he owed his survival to his wife, Gertruda. "She's the one who always took care of me. She saved my life," he said. Grzebski was a father of four at the time of the accident. He...
  • It was wrong to kill her. [JimRob on Terri Schiavo]

    04/04/2005 8:35:23 PM PDT · by Future Useless Eater · 251 replies · 7,160+ views
    FreeRepublic ^ | April 3, 2005 | Jim Robinson
    Jim Robinson is the founder and operator of He posted this editorial on Terri Schiavo, Sunday April 3rd. I said it was wrong to kill her. That is my opinion. Nothing can change it. No list of "facts" will ever change it. And I put "facts" in quotes because most of the so-called "facts" posted here were in fact "opinion." Whether it was a poster's opinion, a reporter's opinion, her husband's opinion, a relative's opinion, a supporter's opinion, a detractor's opinion, a politician's opinion, a lawyer's opinion, a doctor's opinion, the president's opinion, the governor's opinion, or even...
  • Embryonic stem cell research from a blind man's perspective

    07/20/2006 6:57:09 PM PDT · by Daniel T. Zanoza · 10 replies · 349+ views ^ | July 19, 2006 | Daniel T. Zanoza
    At a very young age, I was diagnosed with a congenital eye disease. I was suffering from something called retinoschisis and in the late 1950's surgeons did all they could to provide me with limited vision in one eye. I was technically considered legally blind, but I did have quality of life. Running and jumping, playing baseball and riding a bike are all activities enjoyed by children. Fortunately, with the breakthrough surgeries that were performed on my eye in the late 1950's, I also was able to enjoy these pleasant activities of youth. This is not to say life was...
  • Has the sanctity of human life become passe?

    01/25/2006 9:18:13 AM PST · by formercalifornian · 16 replies · 442+ views
    Jerusalem Post ^ | Jan. 25, 2006 | AVI SHAFRAN
    The recent US Supreme Court decision concerning Oregon's physician-assisted suicide law was really about whether a federal drug-control law provided a US attorney-general the authority to punish a state's doctors for acting in accordance with a state statute. But by contending that physician-assisted suicide is a "legitimate medical purpose" for the prescription of a drug, there can be little doubt that the ruling helped bring the idea of abetting suicide a bit closer to mainstream thinking. That's a deeply unfortunate thing. As it happened, the decision came exactly seven days after a New Jersey nurse who has confessed to killing...
  • National Sanctity of Human Life Day,January 22,2006

    01/22/2006 1:35:22 PM PST · by mdittmar · 8 replies · 2,613+ views
    The White House ^ | January 20, 2006 | President George W. Bush
    Proclamation by the President of the United States of America Our Nation was founded on the belief that every human being has rights, dignity, and value. On National Sanctity of Human Life Day, we underscore our commitment to building a culture of life where all individuals are welcomed in life and protected in law. America is making great strides in our efforts to protect human life. One of my first actions as President was to sign an order banning the use of taxpayer money on programs that promote abortion overseas. Over the past 5 years, I also have been proud...
  • Ethics & Life’s Ending An Exchange

    04/03/2005 8:49:44 AM PDT · by tacomonkey2002 · 19 replies · 473+ views
    FIRST THINGS ^ | August, 2004 | Robert D. Orr & Gilbert Meilander
    Ethics & Life’s Ending An Exchange Robert D. Orr & Gilbert Meilander Copyright (c) 2004 First Things 145 (August/September 2004): 31-37. Robert D. Orr Feeding tubes make the news periodically, and controversies over their use or non-use seem unusually contentious. But feeding tubes are not high technology treatment; they are simple, small-bore catheters made of soft synthetic material. Nor are they new technology; feeding tubes were first used in 1793 by John Hunter to introduce jellies, eggs, sugar, milk, and wine into the stomachs of patients unable to swallow. Why does this old, low-tech treatment generate such controversy today? The...
  • Killing Terri Schiavo

    03/25/2005 7:00:13 PM PST · by OESY · 17 replies · 1,513+ views ^ | March 24, 2005 | Thomas Sowell
    People who say that the government has no business interfering in a private decision like removing Terri Schiavo's feeding tube somehow have no problem with a squad of policemen preventing her parents (or anyone else) from giving their daughter food or water. Do those who want to keep the government out of private decisions think that the police are not the government? Do they think that the judges who authorized this are not the government? Sadly, this is not the only Alice-in-Wonderland confusion of words and deeds in this tragic case. We are being told that Terri Schiavo is being...
  • Terri Schiavo's Passion Begins

    03/18/2005 8:45:54 PM PST · by Grey Ghost II · 5 replies · 541+ views
    Christ or Chaos ^ | March 18, 2005 | Thomas A. Droleskey
    March 18, 2005 Terri Schiavo's Passion Begins by Thomas A. Droleskey Each of us is called to walk our own Via Dolorosas every day of our lives. Every day is simile for the creation of the world by God and the re-creation of mankind on the wood of the Holy Cross by the Sacrifice offered by the Son to the Father in Spirit and in Truth. We are called to carry the crosses, both great and small, of everyday living by remembering that the graces won for us by the shedding of the God-Man's Most Precious Blood are sufficient for...
  • Fetal homicide bill sparks abortion debate

    01/18/2005 12:34:10 PM PST · by NYer · 11 replies · 600+ views
    AP Wire (direct feed) | January 18, 2005 | ANNE GEARAN
    HELENA (AP) _ A bill that would criminalize killing or injuring a fetus sparked a fierce debate over abortion at a legislative hearing Tuesday, despite assertions by its sponsor that it had nothing to do with terminating a pregnancy. Rep. Penny Morgan, R-Billings, said her bill was meant to address violence against pregnant women and get justice for the unborn children harmed or killed in the process, such as in the Laci Peterson case in California. ``This is a bigger problem than people have ever realized,'' she told the House Judiciary Committee. Opponents called her House Bill 231 a thinly...
  • Pray for President Bush - Day 1582 - National Sanctity of Human Life Day

    01/16/2005 10:43:10 AM PST · by Faith · 15 replies · 271+ views ^ | January 16, 2005 | Faith
    Psalm 139: 13; 15 For You created my inmost being; You knit me together in my mother’s womb. My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place.
  • Prayer Thread - Meditation on Jesus as God With US

    01/13/2005 7:05:13 AM PST · by Knitting A Conundrum · 6 replies · 102+ views
    Knitting a Conundrum
    How dark, how quiet, save for the beating of her heart, quickened with the angel's greeting, and her determined yes, and the touch of the Spirit, then suddenly, in a moment unwatched by any mortal eye, there was fusion between heaven and earth, and a moment later, division, such a tiny speck, Lord of the universe emptied out, master of time and space contained in a zygote. Incarnation, limitless spirit taking on mortal flesh, encased in the warm darkness, quietly pulsing with the beating of her heart. Thank you Lord, for sanctifying our little human life from conception until death...
  • Unborn Victims of Violence Act

    07/09/2003 7:49:24 AM PDT · by hinterlander · 382+ views
    Human Events Online ^ | July 9, 2003
    There is an item on the Senate's legislative calendar of which I was recently reminded by a good friend. The bill is S. 1019, the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, and was introduced by Sen. Mike DeWine (R.-Ohio) on May 7, 2003. In his introduction of the bill, Sen. DeWine noted, "In about half of the States today, 26, if you commit a crime of violence against a pregnant woman and her unborn baby dies, you can be punished for the violence against both the mother and the unborn child. But, tragically, if you commit a Federal crime of violence...
  • Two People, Two Deaths

    03/18/2004 9:05:01 AM PST · by Theodore R. · 229+ views ^ | 03-18-04 | Weyrich, Paul M.
    Two People, Two Deaths Paul Weyrich Thursday, Mar. 18, 2004 Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (D-SD) stated in a letter to South Dakotans that he favored acting "expeditiously" on the Unborn Victims of Violence Act. In his June 12, 2003 letter, Daschle stated: "I agree with the Republican Leader that Congress should consider this issue expeditiously." The rhetoric of the Senate Minority Leader fails to match the record. The Unborn Victims of Violence failed to reach the Senate floor quickly. After all, Tom Daschle has a voting record slanted in favor of legalized abortion, having voted for the Harkin (D-Iowa)...
  • Laci's unborn baby in abortion debate

    04/20/2003 9:09:30 PM PDT · by Nachum · 37 replies · 627+ views
    WND ^ | April 20, 2003 | Staff
    The California deaths of Laci Peterson and her unborn son are sending shock waves across America as the issue of when human life begins has been reignited. Laci's husband Scott was arrested last week following the discovery of what prosecutors say is Laci's body and that of their "biological child." Scott Peterson, who was booked on two counts of murder hours after his arrest in San Diego, is scheduled for an arraignment hearing tomorrow. If charged and convicted of double homicide, he could face the death penalty. Already, some pro-choice groups including the National Organization for Women are voicing their...
  • Vote set on bill on unborn victims this Week, LACY AND CONNER PETERSON ACT, DEMS CALL WEDGE ISSUE

    02/22/2004 9:20:44 PM PST · by TheEaglehasLanded · 8 replies · 307+ views
    Washington Times ^ | February 22, 2004 | Amy Fagan and Stephen Dinan
    <p>The House this week will set up an election-year showdown over fetal-homicide legislation targeting Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry and a handful of Texas Democrats who have opposed such bills in the past. The bill, called the Unborn Victims of Violence Act, would legally recognize two victims when a pregnant woman and her unborn child are harmed or killed. Polls show the idea is favored by a majority of the public, and the issue is being pushed strongly by the California family of slaying victim Laci Peterson and her unborn son, Conner, as well as the Lyons of Kentucky, whose pregnant daughter, Ashley, and her unborn son, Landon, were killed in January. House Republican leaders expect to vote on the bill Thursday. Twenty-nine states — including California, where Scott Peterson is facing double-murder charges for the death of his wife, Laci, and their son — recognize the unborn as homicide victims in crimes, either throughout the pregnancy or after a certain stage. The Lyons case so mobilized the public there that state lawmakers quickly passed a fetal-homicide law this month. At the federal level, the House has approved such legislation twice, but the Senate has never voted on it. Senate Republican leaders want to bring up the bill soon, even though Democrats have successfully stalled its consideration in the past. President Bush supports the bill and Republican leaders say it's both good policy and good politics. "It has a residual effect in the campaign, but it is a policy we pursued two years before the presidential election," said Stuart Roy, spokesman for House Majority Leader Tom DeLay, Texas Republican. Opponents of the measure, including Democratic front-runner Mr. Kerry, have said it will undermine abortion rights by recognizing a fetus as a separate person with legal rights, while backers of the bill say there are clearly two victims when a pregnant woman is attacked. "There's overwhelming support for making an unborn baby who's been murdered as a separate murder than the mother," Mr. Roy said. "But the Democratic presidential candidates running in a primary have to take a position that puts themselves far out of the mainstream to a normal general election voter." There are a handful of Texas Democrats in the House being targeted by the vote on the legislation as well, including Reps. Martin Frost and Lloyd Doggett. They're among the Democrats who didn't vote for the bill last time, but face somewhat of a predicament this time, since Texas redistricting has made their districts more conservative. Congressional Democrats have pushed an alternative version of the bill that would increase penalties for crimes against pregnant women without recognizing the fetus as a second victim. Senate Democrats will offer this "one-victim" approach when the bill is considered there, and it's not clear which version will pass. A statement from Mr. Kerry's office this week indicated he would support such an alternative. But victims' families reject this approach. A May 2003 Newsweek poll found 84 percent think that when a pregnant woman and her fetus are killed, the attacker should face two murder charges instead of one. The legislation before the House this week would make it a separate crime to hurt or kill a fetus at any stage of pregnancy during the commission of about 68 federal crimes against the pregnant woman. The bill would explicitly exempt legal abortion, but in an e-mail response to a constituent in June, Mr. Kerry disagreed, saying it would "clearly impact" abortion rights. "I have serious concerns about this legislation because the law cannot simultaneously provide that a fetus is a human being and protect the right of the mother to choose to terminate her pregnancy. Therefore, I do not support the Unborn Victims of Violence Act," he said in his e-mail. Laci Peterson's mother, Sharon Rocha, wrote to Mr. Kerry in July to convince him otherwise. She argued that California's fetal-homicide law has been around since 1970 and hasn't affected abortion rights there at all. "What I find difficult to understand is why groups and senators who champion the pro-choice cause are blind to the fact that these two-victim crimes are the ultimate violation of choice," Mrs. Rocha said.</p>
  • Connor Peterson, Laci Peterson—and Malachi

    05/02/2003 2:59:32 PM PDT · by · 5 replies · 636+ views
    Connor Peterson, Laci Peterson—and Malachi INTRODUCTION The many articles about the tragedy of Connor Peterson and his mom Laci Peterson have brought to mind another murder of a baby boy. His name was Malachi. His story is below and has done a tremendous amount of good in battling the demonic industry of abortion. Though we will never see Baby Connor or know him in this life, he has touched the lives of millions around the world. Let’s pray that the death of Connor Peterson not be in vain, but that like Malachi-- “God intended it for good to accomplish what...
  • Breast Cancer Walkers Uninformed about Abortion Link, Komen Foundation gives to Planned Parenthood

    11/13/2004 2:14:00 PM PST · by Coleus · 36 replies · 6,028+ views
    cwa ^ | 11.13.04
    Breast Cancer Walkers Uninformed about ABC LinkBreast Cancer Walkers Uninformed about ABC Link     10/25/2004By Mary E. Traeger, CWA of MO Media CoordinatorOctober is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and anti-cancer organizations are absorbed in sponsoring cancer walks, which involve hundreds . . ."While he was saying this a woman from the crowd called out, ‘Blest is the womb that bore you and the breasts that nursed you!'" (Luke 1:27)October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and anti-cancer organizations are absorbed in sponsoring cancer walks, which involve hundreds of thousands of participants in numerous cities walking to find a breast cancer cure. Corporations are...
  • Terri Schiavo's Estranged Husband Still Considering Ending Legal Battle

    11/06/2004 7:10:53 PM PST · by kimmie7 · 101 replies · 1,779+ views ^ | November 5, 2004 | by Steven Ertelt
    Clearwater, FL ( -- Though his attorneys have filed an appeal to lift a judicial order preventing him from removing Terri Schiavo's feeding tube, Terri's estranged husband Michael continues to move closer to giving up the fight to take her life. Michael's attorney, euthanasia advocate George Felos, previously told reporters that he was beginning to think it was hopeless to continue the legal battle and said he might advise Michael to give up. In an interview earlier this week with the Springfield Times newspaper, Felos acknowledged Michael, too, is growing tired of the fight. Felos said Michael may decline to...
  • Abortion Survivor Sarah Smith (Twins -- one aborted, one survives! Sarah tells her story . . .)

    07/20/2004 5:27:29 PM PDT · by · 66 replies · 3,373+ views
    Pictured here are Sarah Smith and her mother Betty. In 1970, Betty tried to abort Sarah in Los Angeles. At the time, Betty did not know she was pregnant with twins. One baby was aborted, but miraculously, Sarah survived. Sarah has forgiven her mother -- and for five years they traveled the world speaking together about the pain and suffering caused by abortion. Below is Sarah's story, followed by the speech she gave in Rome in 1996. Twins -- one aborted, one survives! Sarah tells her story . . . "Twenty-nine years ago, my mother decided to have an abortion....
  • Exploiting Reagan's Death to Push Embryonic Stem Cell Research [Bush hears Jesus giving orders]

    06/08/2004 11:35:27 AM PDT · by fight_truth_decay · 86 replies · 407+ views
    MRC ^ | 11:40am EDT, Tuesday June 8, 2004 | BrentBaker
    Leading journalists are exploiting Ronald Reagan's death to push for wider embryonic stem cell research as they emphasize how President George W. Bush is out of step with the issue. Serious people have serious disagreements about the balancing of the hope stem cell research holds for curing Alzheimer's versus the misuse of human life, but to leading media figures it presents just another way to bash Bush. On Sunday, Washington Post television reviewer Tom Shales complained about how "Bush has refused to reconsider his opposition" to stem cell research, and ridiculed how "Bush thinks he hears Jesus giving him orders."...
  • Speakers Share Stories at Anti-abortion Event in Bossier City, LA

    01/19/2004 5:18:48 AM PST · by Theodore R. · 2 replies · 241+ views
    Shreveport, LA, Times ^ | 01-19-04 | Pancoast, Sarah Reilly
    <p>Posted on January 19, 2004 A secret has the power to destroy the keeper.</p> <p>This was one of the messages delivered by both a national and a local speaker at First Baptist Church of Bossier City on Sunday in an event commemorating National Sanctity of Life Day, which typically falls near the Jan. 22 anniversary of the 1973 Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortions.</p>
  • President Bush Shows Strong Pro-Life Beliefs in Private Meetings

    11/07/2003 4:59:36 PM PST · by nickcarraway · 108 replies · 336+ views ^ | November 7, 2003 | Steven Ertelt
    Washington, DC ( -- Shortly before and after President Bush signed the ban on partial-birth abortions Wednesday, two groups of pro-life advocates met with him privately in the Oval Office. They tell of a man who strongly and openly supports the pro-life cause and does so because of a deeply felt Christian faith. Chuck Colson, who founded a national prison ministry, met with President Bush before the bill signing event. "We had a wonderful conversation, celebrating one of the most significant days of his presidency and a great day for all who believe in the sanctity of life," Colson said....
  • Peter Singer: Architect of the Culture of Death

    10/07/2003 10:29:02 PM PDT · by · 47 replies · 1,009+ views
    CERC ^ | September/October 2003 | DONALD DEMARCO
    Home Peter Singer: Architect of the Culture of Death    DONALD DEMARCO The new tradition that Peter Singer welcomes is founded on a "quality-of-life" ethic. It allegedly replaces the outgoing morality that is based on the "sanctity-of-life." Peter Singer "After ruling our thoughts and our decisions about life and death for nearly two thousand years, the traditional Western ethic has collapsed." On this triumphant note, Professor Peter Singer begins his milestone book, Rethinking Life and Death. It conveys an attitude of revolutionary confidence that brings to mind another atheistic iconoclast, Derek Humphry, who has said, "We are trying to...
  • Single-Cell Stage

    08/11/2003 10:33:19 AM PDT · by · 7 replies · 223+ views ^ | 8-11-03 | Fr. Frank Pavone
    Dear Friends, Below is my latest column in English and in Spanish. Our network of subscribers continues to grow at rapid pace. Continue to let people know they can request this column at! Great news about our Priests for Life website -- We have a new and improved search engine that will allow you to find what you are looking for among the thousands of pages on our site. Give it a try at! Also check out another new feature: our monthly online poll. Send us your opinion on the questions we will put there! This week's product:...
  • Subject: Embryo Research and Related Issues

    06/12/2003 6:58:32 PM PDT · by · 20 replies · 543+ views
    Testimony of Richard M. Doerflinger on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops before the President's Council on Bioethics June 12, 2003 Subject: Embryo Research and Related Issues I am Richard M. Doerflinger, Deputy Director of the Secretariat for Pro-Life Activities at the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops. On behalf of the bishops' conference I want to thank this Council for asking us to present our views on public policy regarding human embryo research. We have been asked to address the question: What values and principles currently do (and which ideally should) guide the regulation of embryo research and...
  • Christless Christians

    06/03/2003 10:56:41 AM PDT · by ejdrapes · 8 replies · 186+ views
    Washington Dispatch ^ | June 3, 2003 | Martin Kelly
    From The Washington Dispatch OpinionChristless ChristiansExclusivecommentary by Martin Kelly Jun 3, 2003 After a lifetime of public service during which he never held ministerial office, Sir David Steel, whose other stage name is Lord Steel of Aikwood, has retired from the post of Presiding Officer of the Scottish Parliament. A former Leader of the Liberal Party, Steel burst onto the public scene as the sponsor of the Abortion Act of 1967, when he was the youngest member of the House of Commons. He will be taking up the position of Lord Commissioner of the General Assembly of the Church...
  • Friday Fax/EU Opens Office to Investigate American Pro-Life Groups

    05/29/2003 7:46:42 PM PDT · by · 26 replies · 244+ views
    Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute ^ | Thu, 29 May 2003 | Austin Ruse -- C-FAM
    Dear Colleague, We report today on some amazing news. The European Parliament has announced they have created an office to investigate American pro-life groups that criticize UNFPA. I am delirious to report that they are opening this office because of the work of C-FAM (see report below). The opening of this new office was the direct result of the work of one man, Douglas A. Sylva, who wrote a very important new White Paper on UNFPA. Doug presented the White Paper to the US Congress, the British Parliament and the European Parliament. The report has caused a literal earthquake in...
  • The Amorality Of Science Has Won

    05/27/2003 6:15:41 PM PDT · by MHGinTN · 124 replies · 457+ views
    FreeRepublic ^ | 5/27/2003 | Marvin Galloway
    For years, essays opposing cloning and embryonic stem cell exploitation have been posted from this writer onto various discussion sites across the Internet. This will likely be the last of such efforts, for Science has won; the amorality of scientists has vanquished yours truly. The fundamental axiom that embryological human life is not the life of an individual human being has become so ingrained that to continue opposing the notion only furthers the goals of the scientists seeking unfettered exploitation of nascent life. From the scientists’ lofty positions, their carefully crafted derision for opposition to their flawed axiom passes for...