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  • Unshakable, Unfaltering Faith

    02/20/2017 9:44:40 AM PST · by Sean_Anthony
    Canada Free Press ^ | 02/20/17 | Jimmy Reed
    Human must have to complete their successful trek through mortality to the Promised Land of eternal life with the Savior who has walked beside them every step of the way: unshakable, unfaltering faith In graduate school, I memorized material that would likely appear on examinations, and forgot it after taking them, a practice that got me through required courses, but did little to enhance my goal of leaving the university with a well-rounded education. As a college teacher I don’t want students to cram material into their heads for the sake of passing tests as I did, and mindful that...
  • Mandolin Chorus Instrumental

    02/04/2017 7:34:38 AM PST · by Revski
    Revski's Youtube Ministry ^ | 2/24/2017 | Revski
    This instrumental is short but informative, the pictorials are of, Greg Olson's art work and I cover mandolin. The chorus hymn is; Victory In Jesus; accompanied with lyrics. A special thanks to FR for giving this minister some time to spread what is true and we all need to know Jesus our Lord. To all who viewed my humble videos, in accordance to your hearts many Blessing in Christ Jesus to you and family. o7jimmy
  • Indian Hindu group: Trump will be mankind's lone savior

    05/13/2016 1:06:05 AM PDT · by Eleutheria5 · 19 replies
    Arutz Sheva ^ | 12/5/16 | Ari Yashar
    A nationalist Hindu group in India this week prayed for presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's victory, and went so far as to call him "the lone savior of mankind" given his commitment to destroy Islamic terror. Around a dozen members of Hindu Sena tossed offerings into a sacred fire and chanted Sanskrit hymns in prayers for Trump's successful campaign for the White house, reports Wall Street Journal on Thursday. They held pictures of Trump with the addition of a traditional Hindu red dot daubed on his forehead, on either side of a drawing of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman....
  • Pope Francis: Jesus Is the Only Way to Heaven

    04/20/2016 7:27:09 PM PDT · by Mrs. Don-o · 94 replies
    Christian Post ^ | April 20, 2016 | Katherine Weber
    We should only look to Jesus for Heaven, Pope Francis said during a recent mass. The pontiff made his comments Monday while speaking from Casa Santa Marta at the Vatican, saying that only through Jesus can people go to heaven "The Lord thus clearly says: you cannot enter eternal life by any entryway that is not the door – that is not Jesus," the pontiff said. "He is the door of our life – and not only of eternal life, but also of our daily lives." The pope added that he who attempts to reach heaven by an alternative way...
  • 'Risen': Hollywood Finally Makes a Great Bible Movie

    02/22/2016 11:43:54 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 90 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 02/22/2016 | Eric Metaxas
    Christian audiences have felt a little burned lately by bad movies on biblical subjects. But one really good movie can change all that. "Ben Hur," "The Robe," "The Ten Commandments," "Quo Vadis?" -- who can forget the golden age of biblical films? But that was the 1950s, and this is 2016. Biblically based movies these days often comes across as, well, less than inspired. Writers and directors sometimes play fast and loose with the source material, leaving out crucial details and inventing some bizarre stuff. Worse, portrayals of God often come across as flippant or even blasphemous. And that's just...
  • The World’s Greatest Gift Meets Humanity’s Most Desperate Need

    12/25/2015 5:48:11 AM PST · by DWW1990 · 1 replies
    Trevor Grant ^ | 12/24/15 | Trevor Grant Thomas
    None of us is 'innocent.' We have all gone our own way and done our own thing with disastrous results. In spite of the foolish notion often portrayed by some, no nation, no culture, no individual is 'basically good.' This world is filled with evil, and at one time or another, we've all had a hand in it. As the prophet Isaiah puts it, 'We all, like sheep, have gone astray, each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on him the iniquity of us all.' Isaiah wasn't merely painting a picture of sinful...
  • In Times Like These You Need a Savior – A Homily for the First Sunday of Advent

    11/30/2014 7:45:31 AM PST · by Salvation · 28 replies
    Archdiocese of Washington ^ | 11-30-14 | Msgr. Charles Pope
    In Times Like These You Need a Savior – A Homily for the First Sunday of Advent By: Msgr. Charles PopeThe Gospel today surely announces a critical Advent theme: Watch! And while I want to comment primarily on the reading from Isaiah, the Gospel admonition certainly deserves some attention as well.For it is too often the case that many today hold the unbiblical notion that most, if not all, are going to Heaven. But for many weeks now we have been reading parables in the gospels wherein the Lord Jesus warns us that some (perhaps many and possibly even most) are...
  • Ben Carson Easter Post On Facebook

    04/04/2015 7:13:12 PM PDT · by Gamecock · 76 replies
    Facebook ^ | 4/4/2015 | Ben Carson
    As Easter approaches, let us remember the role that Jesus Christ and God play in our lives. Let us also remember that Jews, Christians and Muslims all believe in God, and while there are ideological differences in who Jesus was, we should find peace in the fact that we are all God’s children. Jesus is my role model, and he preached love, he preached acceptance. He also was a man of values and principles, and he ended up being crucified for it. But, he rose again to advocate godly principles of loving our fellow man, caring about our neighbors, developing...
  • MOM AND CHRISTMAS–A Mother and Her Child

    12/24/2014 5:19:50 AM PST · by Clintons-B-Gone · 3 replies
    Clash Daily ^ | December 22, 2014 | R.G. Yoho
    My mother loved Christmas. It was perhaps her favorite time of the year. So many of my Christmas memories revolve around my mother.
  • Planet-savior Ford F-150 Debuts (without a Peep about the Planet)

    11/21/2014 9:59:21 AM PST · by rktman · 32 replies ^ | 10/9/2014 | Henry Payne
    Ford unveiled the 2015 Ford F-150 to the media for a first test drive here at the end of September. And not once did the detailed, two-day company presentation mention global warming.
  • HOLY

    05/06/2014 5:13:45 PM PDT · by Jedediah · 1 replies
    My substance is eternal yet Holy in that its consistency changes everything it touches into eternal life that receives my promise and it is then the blessings of Melchizedek are released and "all " matter is then transfigured into Me ( Jesus) Acts 17:28-29 28 For in Him we live and move and have our being; as even some of your [own] poets have said, For we are also His offspring. 29 Since then we are God’s offspring, we ought not to suppose that Deity (the Godhead) is like gold or silver or stone, [of the nature of] a representation...
  • St Patrick's Confession (The Words of the Real Patrick)

    03/17/2014 4:16:21 AM PDT · by xzins · 31 replies
    St. Patrick's Confession I, Patrick, a sinner, a most simple countryman, the least of all the faithful and most contemptible to many, had for father the deacon Calpurnius, son of the late Potitus, a presbyter, of the settlement of Bannaven Taburniae; he had a small villa nearby where I was taken captive. I was at that time about sixteen years of age. I did not, indeed, know the true God; and I was taken into captivity in Ireland with many thousands of people, according to our deserts, for quite drawn away from God, we did not keep his precepts, nor...
  • Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?

    09/06/2013 3:27:07 PM PDT · by James R. Aist
    The Christian Post ^ | August 6, 2013 | James R. Aist
    One day God, seated on his throne in heaven, was looking quite troubled, so his Son, Jesus, who was seated at his right hand, asked him, “What’s wrong, Father?” God replied, “Son, there are so many different ideas among humans about who you are. How can we get it across to everyone who you really are?” Jesus thought for a moment and then said, “Do you remember that popular old TV show “To Tell the Truth”? You know, the one where they assembled a panel of people who all claimed they were a particular person, but they are all imposters...
  • Woman killed same day sister hears Obama speak of gun violence

    02/18/2013 9:38:06 AM PST · by TurboZamboni · 11 replies
    chicago tribune ^ | 2-17-13 | Carlos Sadovi
    Hours after Destini Warren, 14, attended President Barack Obama’s speech against gun violence Friday, her family learned of a terrible irony. Destini’s sister, Janay McFarlane, 18, was the victim of the very thing that the President was condemning at Hyde Park Academy in Chicago. McFarlane, of the 8900 block of South Lowe Avenue, was visiting friends and family in North Chicago when she was shot on her way to a store in the northern suburb, her family said.
  • The Chávez Legacy in Venezuela

    01/11/2013 2:08:13 PM PST · by Ooh-Ah · 10 replies
    Hudson Institute ^ | January 10, 2013 | Jaime Daremblum
    Shortly after Hugo Chávez won his first election as Venezuelan president in December 1998, a lawyer from the western state of Barinas, which was then governed by Chávez's father, delivered a prescient warning to Newsweek magazine: "Venezuelans are dreaming of a savior, but Chávez is a dictator. People don't know what they are getting."  More than 14 years later, a cancer-stricken Chávez is reportedly near death, but his autocratic legacy is very much alive. Venezuela long ago ceased to be a real democracy: The ruling regime effectively controls the Supreme Court (which in 2004 was expanded and packed with Chávez allies), the National Assembly...
  • Jamie Foxx Defends Calling Barack Obama 'Lord and Savior'

    12/07/2012 12:42:14 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 26 replies
    Christian Post ^ | 12/07/2012 | Christine Thomasos
    Jamie Foxx caused some controversy when he referred to President Barack Obama as "our lord and savior" at the 2012 Soul Train Awards, but the Academy Award-winning actor is defending his actions. Foxx, 44, drew criticism from the likes of Bill Donohue, President of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights, and Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church in California. Donohue has been vocal about protesting Obama's policies like the HHS Mandate and released a statement calling Foxx's remarks "startling." "It just goes to show that even though Obama did not succeed in stopping the oceans from rising (as...
  • Jamie Foxx Calls Obama 'Our Lord And Savior' At 2012 Soul Train Awards, Audience Cheers [VIDEO]

    11/26/2012 9:45:59 AM PST · by SeekAndFind · 94 replies
    International Business Times ^ | 11/26/2012 | Amethyst Tate
    Jamie Foxx called President Barack Obama “our lord and savior” while presenting at the2012 Soul Train Awards in Las Vegas, Nev. “It’s like church over here. It’s like church in here. First of all, give an honor to God and our lord and savior Barack Obama, Barack Obama,” Foxx said. The comment by the comedian and actor was received warmly with shouts and applause from the audience. Foxx has long been an advocate for Obama, as have many other celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Eva Longoria and George Clooney. Jay-Z performed at Obama’s final rally in Ohio prior to his...
  • With giant sign, woman begs: 'Obama, save my home'

    09/22/2012 1:12:39 PM PDT · by Arthurio · 41 replies
    TAMPA (FOX 13) - Angela Agrippa is an emotional wreck. "This home just means everything to us, it's just going to be so hard to walk away," she said. That is her worst nightmare, but it could happen in just four months. Agrippa bought her home back in 1991 for $61,000. She took a couple of home loans out on it over the years. But the sale of a rental property helped her pay off much of those loans years later.
  • What Do Mormons Believe about Salvation? [Ankerberg Show]

    07/09/2012 5:43:41 AM PDT · by Colofornian · 43 replies ^ | July 8, 2012
    When Mormons say Jesus is the Savior of the world, do they mean the same thing Christians do? Is salvation the same thing in Mormonism as it is in Christianity? Jesus said, "I am the way the truth and the life and no man cometh unto the father but by me." So, in other words, a person's eternal destiny rides on choosing the right way.
  • 'Out of the dark and into the light' Thanks Barry

    04/18/2012 8:22:35 AM PDT · by BO Stinkss · 21 replies ^ | April 18, 2012 | Rick Moran
    There's only one word to describe this statement by Michelle Obama: The word is creepy: "I am so in," Michelle Obama said toward the end of her remarks. "I am going to be working so hard. We have an amazing story to tell. This president has brought us out of the dark and into the light." The crowd of nearly 450 folks applauded as the first lady likened her husband to a Jesus-like figure. In the book of Matthew, we read, "the people dwelling in darkness have seen a great light; and to them which sat in the region and...
  • Christmas with a Capital C

    12/06/2011 1:56:19 PM PST · by re_nortex · 4 replies
    GMC (Gospel Music Channel) ^ | December 6, 2011 | GMC Staff
    gmc World Premiere Movie: Christmas with a Capital CChristmas will never be Christmas again if Lawyer Mitch Bright has his way. The Townsfolk of Trapper Falls, Alaska face their toughest challenge as the battle of removing the nativity from the town square tears at the traditional and spiritual fabric of this joyous season. This is more than just a legality or separation of church and state; it is a knife that cuts through the heart of peace and good will towards all men.
  • Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley, A Christian Who is Not Politically Correct

    01/23/2011 7:58:51 AM PST · by OneVike · 52 replies
    ChicoER Gate ^ | 1/23/10 | Chuck Wolk
    "Anybody here today who has not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, I'm telling you, you're not my brother and you're not my sister, and I want to be your brother ...... If the Holy Spirit lives in you that makes you my brothers and sisters. Anyone who has not accepted Jesus, I want to be your brothers and sisters, too."Alabama Governor, Robert Bentley Many have been attacking the Governor for those words he spoke at his inauguration the other day in Birmingham Al. As for me, I offer the Governor two thumbs up for standing behind his faith...
  • The Atheist's Constant War Against Almighty God

    09/21/2010 6:43:38 AM PDT · by kindred · 11 replies
    The atheist is always... at constant war with Almighty God in his heart (Isa. 57:20-21, Acts 9:1-5, Romans 5:10, Gal 5:7, Eph 2:1-3, Rev. 17:12,14, 19:19). If Almighty God truly does not exist, then why do these possess such a passionate hatred for Him? It is NOT that they try to seek to dismiss the ABSOLUTE REALITY of Almighty God in their minds and hearts, but rather that they are in ABSOLUTE FULL REJECTION of Him (Psalm 14: 1-3, Luke 19:14, Romans 1:18-32). It is becoming more evident to many in the creation movement of today that the evolutionary fundamentalist...
  • The Good News Is, We've Been Here Before

    06/19/2010 9:31:07 AM PDT · by timesthattrymenssouls · 12 replies · 305+ views
    Constitutional Guardian ^ | 6/19/10 | Nancy Tengler
    The bad news is, it will likely get worse before it gets better. The parallels between the current economic situation and the economic crisis in the 1930's is remarkable. Also noteworthy is the similarity between the strategies employed by president elect and then president Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Barack Obama. All of the following examples are cited from Amity Shlaes, The Forgotten Man. The routine of targeting class enemies in the name of reform would become Roosevelt's hallmark (Shlaes 133). Roosevelt reminded his listeners of the importance of the fact that "our last frontier" had long since been reached...growth would...

    03/10/2010 2:11:43 PM PST · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 7 replies · 279+ views
    The Ignorant Fishermen Blog ^ | 3/10/10 | GZ I.F.
    Contemplating what God has graciously done for hell-deserving sinners ought to encourage and thrill the soul of every blood-bought child of God! As the hymn writer has said, "Oh to grace how great a debtor, daily I'm constrained to be!" (Robert Robinson). Paul, in referring to the redemption and forgiveness that believers have in Christ, spoke of "the RICHES of His GRACE" (Ephesians 1:7). Elsewhere he said, "But by the grace of God I am what I am" (1 Corinthians 15:10). God has given to every believer everlasting consolation (eternal encouragement) and good hope through grace (2 Thess. 2:16-17). "For...
  • What Is Sin? The Testimony of the Egg

    01/28/2010 2:23:22 PM PST · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 27 replies · 339+ views
    Today there are many different views and thoughts about just what the term “Sin” means. Just the word alone gives people the Hee-bee-Gee-bees. People do not like to think of themselves as “Sinners.” They say or think, “Well, I’m not that bad. I’ve never killed anyone. If you only knew the good I do...(and so on and so forth).” These statements and sentiments are expressed in attempting to justify themselves in light of the realities of their "sinful"condition. (John 3:19-21, Hebrews 6:1; 9:14). Sin, as defined in God’s Word, the Bible, is the transgression and violation of the righteousness and...
  • Hallelujah, Light Has Come - A Savior Sent to Save Us Has Come!

    12/24/2009 8:24:12 PM PST · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 5 replies · 356+ views
    The world which sat in darkness has seen a Great Light... Enjoy the song.
  • Jesus, Hope To The World

    12/22/2009 8:09:08 AM PST · by Patriot1259 · 2 replies · 168+ views ^ | 12/22/2009 | Chrissy Sigee
    It’s sad to think that for many of people Christmas means nothing more than parties, decorations, holidays and time off work. As Christians we see more to this time of year; it’s a blessed reminder of the birth of Jesus Christ. Our hope is founded in this baby; a baby that was born to save mankind. Our hope in him is real.
  • Will we have another Reagan to get us out of this mess?-

    07/13/2009 11:05:07 AM PDT · by SpaceDragon · 26 replies · 540+ views
    This is merely me venting, but I would appreciate any support or feedback you can give. This relys heavily on my current knowledge of history, and as I am only 18 years old, I have much to learn. My question is this: Supposing that Obama finishes this four-year term, and continues his disastrous policy, will we have another Reagan to fix this? We went through this kind of thing with Carter, but it was on a much smaller scale. A man like Reagan doesn't come along that often, so despairingly I ask you, who can fix this? The current officials...
  • Obama The Antichrist? Response To Tongue In Cheek Column Shocking

    04/23/2009 9:57:39 PM PDT · by Daniel T. Zanoza · 8 replies · 790+ views ^ | April 23, 2009 | Daniel T. Zanoza
    EDITOR'S NOTE: When I wrote the following piece, it was meant to be tongue in cheek. Indeed, the column could have been written about Fidel Castro, Vladimir Putin or Alec Baldwin. However, those on the left were calling the surprisingly popular candidate, Barack Obama, the "savior"--a man who would supposedly put the world back on track and establish the United States as a moral beacon once again, if he were elected. I never expected to receive over 70,000 hits to this one column on In addition, there are literally millions of results on the Yahoo search engine alone for...
  • Inside Obama's bank CEOs meeting (Obama... savin' the world from the pitchforks again)

    04/03/2009 12:36:50 PM PDT · by Gordon Greene · 4 replies · 792+ views ^ | 4/3/09 2:13 PM EDT | EAMON JAVERS
    The bankers struggled to make themselves clear to the president of the United States. Arrayed around a long mahogany table in the White House state dining room last week, the CEOs of the most powerful financial institutions in the world offered several explanations for paying high salaries to their employees — and, by extension, to themselves. “These are complicated companies,” one CEO said. Offered another: “We’re competing for talent on an international market.” But President Barack Obama wasn’t in a mood to hear them out. He stopped the conversation and offered a blunt reminder of the public’s reaction to such...
  • [VANITY] UNCOVERED: How Obama Will Save America!

    03/06/2009 9:36:13 PM PST · by PugetSoundSoldier · 2 replies · 347+ views
    My little mind | 3/6/08 | PugetSoundSoldier
    UNCOVERED: How Obama Will Save America! Through a significant amount of work, and examination of the record, and how tied-in to pop culture the President is, I have stumbled upon his secret plan to Save America: AMERICATHON!. A massive, national telethon to raise the money for his ambitious plans!
  • Barack Obama's Savior-Based Economy

    02/10/2009 9:58:54 PM PST · by rabscuttle385 · 19 replies · 1,166+ views
    Human Events ^ | 2009-02-11 | Michelle Malkin
    President Obama is back in messianic campaign mode. It is unbecoming. When he's not snarling at conservative opponents of his endless spending programs, he's pandering to supporters as the nation's community organizer-in-chief. At a stimulus rally in Ft. Myers, Fla., on Tuesday, a woman named Henrietta Hughes stood up to decry the mortgage crisis and ask Obama for his personal help. Choking back tears, she implored: "I have an urgent need. … We need a home, our own kitchen, our own bathroom." If she had more time, she probably would have remembered to ask Obama to fill up her gas...
  • Hail the Messiah!

    11/04/2008 10:05:41 PM PST · by Xenophon450 · 11 replies · 936+ views
    Youtube ^ | Glenn Beck
    Now comrades, please rise for the anthem of the USSA.
  • The Obama "Messiah?"

    08/24/2008 12:24:36 AM PDT · by brycemax · 2 replies · 287+ views
    The deification of Barack Obama has reached epic levels among the left. Every time he hits the stage, women faint, the masses swoon and the media covers the event as if it were Jesus himself entering Jerusalem. It's time for these "disciples" to receive a dose of reality! Today's "Geeks On Caffeine" cartoon exposes the humanity of their savior, and rest assured, the "Obamassiah" may NOT be able to walk on water, but he...well..see for yourself! NOTE: The author of this comic requeswts that you visit the web site and refrain from copying the cartoon within the thread. Thanks! P.S....
  • Sendler, savior of Warsaw Ghetto children, dies

    05/12/2008 2:09:22 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 16 replies · 149+ views
    Reuters on Yahoo ^ | 5/12/08 | Gabriela Baczynska
    WARSAW (Reuters) - Irena Sendler, a Polish woman who saved thousands of Jewish children during World War Two by smuggling them out of the Warsaw Ghetto, died in the Polish capital on Monday after a long illness, local media said. Israel's Holocaust remembrance authority, Yad Vashem, said in a statement that it mourned her death. The web portal of Poland's leading daily, Gazeta Wyborcza, said Sendler, 98, died in Plocka Street hospital early on Monday. The hospital declined to comment on the report. Yad Vashem chairman Avner Shalev said: "Irena Sendler's courageous activities rescuing Jews during the Holocaust serve as...
  • Untested Savior (A look at a possible Republican campaign against Obama)

    01/27/2008 8:22:34 AM PST · by callisto · 73 replies · 899+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | January 28, 2008 Issue | Scott McConnell
    Lengthy article...excerpts below. Based on the lead in comment, this was obviously sent to publication prior to the SC polls. My excerpt begins about half-way through the editorial. Barack Obama answers Democrats’ longing for a candidate who is above politics, but he would probably lead them to disaster in November. The nation’s Obama swoon has eased, arrested by Hillary’s swell of tears. But the force behind it gathers for resurgence…. Republicans would not necessarily share such qualms. What might their campaign look like? You needn’t be a political consultant to imagine a pretty effective one. The natural point of approach,...
  • President, Savior, or Santa Claus ? ( What do you really want in a President ?)

    01/15/2008 4:10:31 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies · 58+ views
    Frontpage Magazine ^ | Jan 15, 2008 | Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson
    President, Savior, or Santa Claus? By Dr. Mark W. Hendrickson | Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Let’s consider a simple question: What exactly are we electing when we choose a president of the United States? The traditional answer would be: “Commander-in-Chief of our armed forces and the CEO of the executive branch of government.” Those two roles alone make the president the most powerful person in the world, but for some Americans, the presidency has taken on an overtly messianic character. One of the leading candidates for the next president, Hillary Clinton, once stated, “I can’t save every undercapitalized business...
  • The Savior In The Savior In Gethsemane VIDEO (LDS Caucus

    11/12/2007 9:23:33 AM PST · by restornu · 1 replies · 866+ views
    BYU TV ^ | 2001 | Andrew Skinner Dean
    The Savior In The Savior In Gethsemane Video click Atonement of Jesus Christ From MormonWiki Jump to: navigation, search Mormonism teaches that Jesus Christ’s atonement is the central doctrine of the great plan of life and salvation. On one occasion the Prophet Joseph Smith was asked the question, "What are the fundamental principles of your religion?" The Prophet's answer to the question was: "the fundamental principles of our religion are the testimony of the Apostles and the Prophets, concerning Jesus Christ, that He died, was buried, and rose again the third day, and ascended into heaven; and all other things...
  • Sycophant Savior

    10/06/2007 3:30:42 PM PDT · by LibWhacker · 6 replies · 1,108+ views
    The American Conservative ^ | 10/8/07 | Andrew J. Bacevich
    In common parlance, the phrase “political general” is an epithet, the inverse of the warrior or frontline soldier. In any serious war, with big issues at stake, to assign command to a political general is to court disaster—so at least most Americans believe. But in fact, at the highest levels, successful command requires a sophisticated grasp of politics. At the summit, war and politics merge and become inextricably intertwined. A general in chief not fully attuned to the latter will not master the former. George Washington, U.S. Grant, and Dwight D. Eisenhower were all “political generals” in the very best...
  • What does it mean to accept Jesus as your personal Savior

    12/14/2006 6:28:48 AM PST · by cowboyfan88 · 338 replies · 2,328+ views
    Question: "What does it mean to accept Jesus as your personal Savior?" Answer: Have you ever accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior? Before you answer, allow me to explain the question. To properly understand this question, you must first properly understand "Jesus Christ," "personal" and "Savior." Who is Jesus Christ? Many people will acknowledge Jesus Christ as a good man, great teacher, or even a prophet of God. These things are most definitely true of Jesus, but they do not define who He truly is. The Bible tells us that Jesus is God in the flesh, God become a...
  • Frustrated Republican letter to God

    11/10/2006 8:07:37 AM PST · by Lloyd Marcus · 19 replies · 813+ views
    11-10-06 | Lloyd Marcus
    Dear God, Please send a conservative savior, someone willing to be nailed to the cross of liberal media infected public opinion; someone willing to be scourged endlessly and beyond human recognition with the 24 hour cable barbed wired whip of lies and half truths. We need someone willing to suffer the consequences of saying that true compassionate conservatism is addressing a man’s immediate need by feeding him today. Then teaching him to grow or catch tomorrow’s meals himself, rather than forever enslaving him to rely on government for his daily bread. We need someone who will not crumble when called...
  • Nothing In Common

    09/18/2006 2:54:15 PM PDT · by Michael Goldsberry · 13 replies · 542+ views ^ | Abdullah Al Araby
    Nothing In Common By Abdullah Al Araby Islam, in the West, is fighting its battle of acceptance and legitimacy. Muslim activists are working fervently trying to improve Islam's image. Their goal is to create an environment in which Islam can be easily propagated. Their tool is as old as Islam itself, but they have just rediscovered it. This tool is telling Christians that Islam and Christianity have a lot in common. They cite Islam's belief in the Bible, God, Jesus, Mary, the prophets, the day of judgment and Paradise.This tactic is not new to Islam. Fourteen centuries ago, Mohammed,...
  • Poll: Barack Obama (Cover of Men's Vogue)

    08/27/2006 6:36:16 PM PDT · by NativeNewYorker · 78 replies · 2,739+ views
    Men's Vogue ^ | August 2006
    The "cover story" isn't on the web, but the link goes to a Freepable poll, and the photos tell the story of a gushing puff piece timed to leverage His trip to Africa.
  • Testimony, not Biography

    07/20/2006 11:06:33 AM PDT · by fgoodwin · 153+ views
    Tripod ^ | (undated) | Hans Zeiger
    Testimony, not Biography By Hans Zeiger I once went to a car race where most of the cars were marked with the names and logos of their sponsors and drivers. Only one car stood out. This one was a sprint car, and it carried a simple message on the side: “Jesus is Lord.” As I watched the racers zoom around the track, I reflected on the difference between that car and all the rest. The race is now but a flash of memory – the dust settled, the fans went home, perhaps the prize money was spent – but that...
  • Alas! and Did My Savior Bleed (At the Cross)

    05/07/2006 7:07:34 PM PDT · by xzins · 7 replies · 375+ views
    Digital Hymnal ^ | Isaac Watts
    At the Cross, piano 1. Alas! and did my Savior bleed, and did my Sovereign die? Would he devote that sacred head for sinners such as I? Refrain: At the cross, at the cross, where I first saw the light, and the burden of my heart rolled away; it was there by faith I received my sight, and now I am happy all the day. 2. Was it for crimes that I have done, he groaned upon the tree? Amazing pity! Grace unknown! And love beyond degree! (Refrain) 3. Well might the sun in darkness hide, and shut its glories...
  • WhiteRobe6

    02/12/2006 3:14:38 PM PST · by xzins · 34 replies · 525+ views
    Rose/Amethyst Ministries ^ | Oliver Peterson
    Radio call signs identify the parties to a conversation on military radios. Some of the names are related to unit mascots, like BullDog or Iron Horse. Numbers with those names identify the parties talking. For example, "4" would be the supply/logistics section. "2" would be the intel section. "6" is always the commander. As Bill Peterson explains, the following is a tract produced by his uncle, Oliver Peterson, who was a chaplain in Vietnam. This page is dedicated to the men and women who have served in the various branches of our nation's Armed Forces in times of war and...
  • The Holy of Holies (icon of the Most Holy Saviour)

    01/04/2006 7:50:43 AM PST · by NYer · 7 replies · 550+ views
    WITL ^ | January 4, 2006 | Rocco Palmo
    The other day, in detailing the resurrected rite of the Resurrexit, which will return for papal Easter, I wrote about the "Acheiropita icon of the Most Holy Saviour, formerly kept in the Sanctum Sanctorum at the Oratory of Saint Laurence near the Lateran Basilica." As you can see from the above photo -- taken by one of our readers on a recent trip to Rome -- it's still there. I gladly eat crow on that one. But still, four days after the release of said Holy Week schedule, where is the only place one can find a detailed description...
  • Pray for President Bush - Day 1915

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    Matthew 2: 11 And when they were come into the house, they saw the young child with Mary His mother, and fell down, and worshiped Him; and when they had opened their treasures, they presented unto Him gifts; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.
  • Pray for President Bush - Day 1913

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    Luke 2: 7 And she brought forth her firstborn son, and wrapped him in swaddling clothes, and laid Him in a manger; because there was no room for them in the inn.