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  • For some in middle class, Trump plan would mean tax increase (barf)

    11/25/2016 9:12:57 PM PST · by Freedom'sWorthIt · 17 replies
    WRALTV via AP ^ | 11/25/16 | Christopher Rugaber
    WASHINGTON — President-elect Donald Trump's proposals would modestly cut income taxes for most middle-class Americans. But for nearly 8 million families — including a majority of single-parent households — the opposite would occur: They'd pay more. Most married couples with three or more children would also pay higher taxes, an analysis by the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center found. And while middle-class families as a whole would receive tax cuts of about 2 percent, they'd be dwarfed by the windfalls averaging 13.5 percent for America's richest 1 percent.
  • Are you at risk from solar storms?

    10/17/2016 7:50:14 PM PDT · by Tilted Irish Kilt · 40 replies
    daileymail ^ | 10/17/17 | Stacy Liberatore
    First map showing areas in the US at risk of solar storms has been released Experts looked at two factors, one being data from geomagnetic storms The other was data from magnetic materials beneath the Earth's surface Map reveals Minnesota and Wisconsin are at the highest risk in the US But more than half the US hasn't been surveyed due to a lack of funds Solar storms threaten Earth about every 100 years and experts warn we are overdue Copywrite prevents full publication of this article
  • Citigroup warns a Donald Trump victory will cause global recession

    08/28/2016 2:45:09 PM PDT · by Lorianne · 93 replies
    Economic Collapse News ^ | 26 August 2016 | Andrew Moran
    If Republican nominee and real estate billionaire mogul Donald Trump pulls out an impossible victory against Hillary Clinton in November then prepare yourself for a global recession. This is the latest warning from Citigroup. The financial institution believes that markets would enter into chaos and the global economy would collapse because of policy uncertainty. Here is what Citi Chief Economist Willem Buiter opines (courtesy of Bloomberg): “A Trump victory in particular could prolong and perhaps exacerbate policy uncertainty and deliver a shock (though perhaps short-lived) to financial markets. Tightening financial conditions and further rises in uncertainty could trigger a significant...
  • If Britain Leaves The EU, What Happens To The 'Polish Plumber?'

    05/14/2016 3:31:29 PM PDT · by Trump20162020 · 17 replies
    NPR ^ | May 14, 2016 | Lauren Frayer
    Hundreds of thousands of people whose personal fates could hinge on whether Britain leaves the European Union won't even have a vote in next month's referendum: Polish migrants. Among other EU citizens, up to a million Poles live and work in Britain. They're allowed to do so, because of free movement of workers in the EU. At a typical construction site in a leafy suburb of London, a brick row house is under renovation. There's a radio on for the builders, and it's all in Polish — Polish Radio London, a digital radio station that launched in 2006, two years...
  • The Harbinger Warning - September 13, 2015 - Fact or Fiction?

    09/06/2015 2:06:46 PM PDT · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 174 replies
    IFB ^ | 9/6/15 | Paul Beck
    Dear friends, I don't often send out these out... but this is a MUCH WATCH! This topic has dominated the last year and this man does a great job in presenting the "You decide" call on Elul 29 and the Shemitah year which is to be fulfilled this Sept 13th. Whatever your thought on this topic is up to you but we want you to watch the last 15 minutes of this video. My friends the last 15 minutes (start point - 58min) of this video is the MUST WATCH SECTION. In this section financial experts talk with secular financial...
  • Here's what the US would look like if all the Earth's ice melted

    07/28/2015 3:51:27 PM PDT · by rktman · 82 replies ^ | 7/25/2015 | unknown
    If all the Earth's land ice melted, sea levels would rise over 200 feet. So what would that mean for the United States' coastlines?
  • Could ‘Strange Sound From the Sky’ Signal End of Days?

    05/24/2015 8:43:10 AM PDT · by CHRISTIAN DIARIST · 52 replies
    The Christian Diarist ^ | May 24, 2015 | JP
    The UK’s Daily Mail published a news story last weekend speculating on the source of a “strange sound from the sky” that has been heard across the globe for nearly a decade. Witnesses told the Mail that what they heard sounded very much like the blast of a trumpet. And that it was so loud it shook the ground beneath them. In a sidebar, the Mail listed seven possible theories, from the unremarkable to the fantastical, that could account for the strange sound from the sky. The first six included (in order) tectonic plates grinding, atmospheric pressure, trains shunting, construction...
  • Video: White House Science advisor says man made global warming saving us from another ice age

    12/23/2014 3:34:42 PM PST · by SeekAndFind · 21 replies
    Hotair ^ | 12/22/2014 | Jazz Shaw
    I have a feeling that somebody on the White House staff is going to be sitting down for a little holiday chat with Obama science advisor Eric Holdren. (Not to be confused with Eric Holder, but that’s another story.) The official Assistant to the President for Science and Technology held an online Q&A where he fielded questions submitted by the public. The former professor at both Harvard and Berkeley read one question about whether or not climate change was the result of the activities of man or the natural cycles of the planet. In this video supplied by MRC...
  • Brominated vegetable oil can be a real no-no

    11/24/2014 1:08:31 PM PST · by John David Powell · 31 replies
    Newsfix ^ | 11/14/14
    Ever notice how people wear breathing masks and other protective gear when handling pesticides? That’s because you do not want to get this stuff on ya or in ya. Trust us. This stuff is aimed to kill. So why, then, until just recently were soft drink makers putting it in their products? Ok, to be fair, they were using brominated vegetable oil. BVO is an emulsifier. In other words, it distributes all of those fake flavors so we don’t have to shake the bottle. But like the sign says, studies suggest BVO hinders brain development, reduces fertility, and could cause...
  • Activists: ‘Ban Bacon from Ballparks,’ ‘Deadly as Smoking’

    05/24/2014 1:45:40 PM PDT · by Olog-hai · 54 replies
    Cybercast News Service ^ | May 23, 2014 - 3:12 PM | Craig Bannister
    An anti-meat activist group is urging owners of a minor-league baseball team to “stop glorifying bacon” via its bacon-themed uniform, merchandise and “smell the change” slogan. PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine) has erected a billboard a mile from the Allentown Iron Pigs’ ballpark, comparing bacon to cigarettes and declaring: “Keep Kids Safe: Ban Bacon from Ballparks.” […] It also evokes the cigarette analogy: “The team would never pass out free cartons of cigarettes to the children of the LeHigh Valley, yet they are providing open access to bacon crumbles and turning a family-friendly event into a public health crisis.”...
  • Earth's Pole Has Moved 161 Miles In The Last 6 Months

    06/02/2013 4:52:06 PM PDT · by SunkenCiv · 250 replies
    YouTube ^ | Jun 1, 2013 | uploaded by Mike Smitin
    The magnetic north pole has moved 161 miles in 6 months only, this puts its arrival in Siberia in less that 2 years, and it is when it arrives there that it will have migrated 40 degrees across the northern hemisphere at this point the poles will shift at high speed over the equator until it reaches 40 degrees south, i will tell you what i expect to happen when it goes past the 40 degrees point in the coming uploads...
  • White House in Full Retreat as FAA Sequester Stunt Backfires

    04/26/2013 9:56:42 AM PDT · by EXCH54FE · 21 replies
    Towen Hall ^ | Apr. 26, 2013 | Guy Benson
    The Obama administration's second installment of sequester scare tactics is working about as well as its first go 'round. Run away: The White House has endorsed a plan to eliminate FAA spending cuts that have cause air travel delays across the country. The agency has been forced to furlough air traffic controllers as part of the automatic budget cuts that kicked in this spring. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid wants to end the cuts by claiming savings from the draw down of war spending in Iraq and Afghanistan. Republicans reject his proposal calling it an accounting gimmick. Of course it's...
  • Sausages, bacon tied to early deaths?

    03/07/2013 7:11:50 PM PST · by BenLurkin · 67 replies ^ | Mar 8, 2013, 07.25 AM IST | Kounteya Sinha, TNN |
    LONDON: The bacon and sausage on your plate or those steaming hot pies are increasing your chances of premature death from cancer and heart disease. Processed meat is to blame for one in 30 early deaths, a large-scale study has now found. The EPIC (European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition) study involving 10 countries and 23 centres in Europe and almost half a million people has found that risk of premature death increased with the amount of processed meat eaten by a person. According to the study, even one sausage a day is bad for your health. The researchers...
  • Gullible Nation

    03/01/2013 6:20:44 AM PST · by Kaslin · 13 replies ^ | March 1, 2013 | Mona Charen
    Responding to the Obama administration's operatic warnings of catastrophe for Meals on Wheels for the elderly, Head Start, meat inspections, air traffic controllers, and police, fire, and 911 operators if the government reduces the rate of increase of federal spending by 2 percent, radio host Chris Plante offered the following suggestion: "Since this two percent obviously covers all essential government spending, let's cut the other 98 percent!" Even if these "draconian cuts" are implemented, the federal government will spend more this year than it did last year. Another way to think about it is this: In 2007, the government was...
  • Is Fukushima radiation killing Americans?

    12/27/2012 8:01:20 AM PST · by darth · 52 replies
    Washington's Blog ^ | 5/29/2012 | Washington's Blog
    I'll bet no one else around here owns a calibrated radiation survey meter! I have posted this before, but it's worth repeating. A few months after the Fukushima meltdown, I took my survey meter to the grocery store. California veggies...fine. Fish display...fine. Canned tuna shelves....UH OH. I measured .05 rad/hour. That's over one rad/day. Since the tuna was in cans, the alpha and beta particles would not be detected, IIRC. If I remember my particle physics, my meter must have been detecting gammas or neutrons. If someone ingests the radioactive particles in the tuna, they will be irradiated from the...
  • Dr. Peter Vincent Pry: America May Never Recover From EMP Attack

    06/18/2012 3:33:12 PM PDT · by Iam1ru1-2 · 59 replies ^ | Ryan Mauro
    Dr. Peter Vincent Pry is the Executive Director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security for the Congressional Caucus on EMP (Electro-Magnetic Pulse) that endeavors to carry on the work of the EMP Commission. He is also the Director of the United States Nuclear Strategy Forum, an advisory body to Congress on policies to counter weapons of mass destruction. Dr. Pry has served on the staffs of the EMP Commission, the Strategic Posture Commission, the Commission on the New Strategic Posture of the U.S., the House Armed Services Committee and the Central Intelligence Agency. For those unfamiliar with...
  • Low dose ionising radiation IS harmful to health

    A landmark study on Hiroshima survivors comprehensively disproves nuclear lobby spin about ionising radiation being safe at low doses. Noel Wauchope reports. The nuclear industry has a long history of concealing the truth about low dose radiation This week, a new report about low dose ionising radiation was published — one that should put a spanner in the works of the nuclear lobby. It is called ‘Studies of the Mortality of Atomic Bomb Survivors, Report 14, 1950–2003: An Overview of Cancer and Noncancer Diseases’. First of all, let me explain why this report is so important and so timely. It’s...
  • Radioactive Tuna from Japan Found Off Calif. Coast

    05/29/2012 8:06:48 AM PDT · by BenLurkin · 36 replies
    KTLA News ^ | 6:29 a.m. PDT, May 29, 2012
    LOS ANGELES (KTLA) -- Scientists say that migrating Pacific bluefin tuna off California's coast are carrying radioactive contamination from Japan. According to findings in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the levels of radioactivity are 10 times higher than the amounts usually found. Scientists sampled 15 tuna caught off San Diego and found that they all contained two radioactive substances -- caesium-134 and caesium-137. The tuna have carried the radioactive contamination 6,000 miles from the waters near Japan's crippled nuclear plant. It was damaged in a devastating magnitude 9.0 quake and subsequent tsunami in April 2011. Experts say...
  • California’s 4th year of mass teacher pink slips spurs concerns about layoff process

    05/05/2012 9:55:15 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 12 replies
    Washington Post ^ | 05/05/2012
    LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles Unified teacher Mike Newman sighed when he saw the now familiar certified letter in his mailbox last month — a pink slip, for the fourth year in a row. “Here we go again,” said Newman, a 14-year classroom veteran who’s had his previous three layoffs rescinded and hopes for the same this year. “We keep thinking it’ll get better sooner or later, but it’s not.” A new term is being bandied about in California schools these days — “the RIFing season,” which refers to the “reduction in force” letters notifying teachers they may be laid...
  • Murders, Rapes, Falling Bridges and Phantom Jobs

    10/21/2011 6:08:16 AM PDT · by Kaslin · 12 replies ^ | October 21, 2011 | David Limbaugh
    What are we to think about a president and vice president who blow nearly a trillion dollars in borrowed money, accept no responsibility for it and then traverse the nation trying to convince Americans that if we don't spend half that much again, people will die from dilapidated bridges and women will be raped because we can't afford cops? What business do these two have lecturing anyone about anything, much less the conditions that might ensue if we were not to spend more printed money to pay for things they failed to finance the first time because they misappropriated the...
  • The Food Crisis War Endgame

    08/04/2011 2:07:19 PM PDT · by Errant · 10 replies
    The Market Oracle ^ | Aug 4, 2011 | Andrew McKillop
    Nothing gives better proof of a sure and certain, rapidly growing global food shortage than the simplest look at how commodity markets have been responding to the US debt crisis, the coming devaluation of the US dollar, and the merited exposure of Barack Obama as a loser. Stripping away the short covering, the dollar crisis, inflation fear and all the rest, we find that food prices are resisting a lot better than oil prices, to the rising likelihood of recession in the western world, and maybe also global economic recession. If food products were "pure commodities", like oil basically is,...
  • Hispanic Growth Threat To GOP

    07/27/2011 9:00:19 AM PDT · by CedarDave · 88 replies
    The Albuquerque Journal ^ | July 26, 2011 | Winthrop Quigley
    The number of Hispanic voters nationally and in New Mexico is growing at a faster pace than any other ethnic group, and that could spell trouble for the Republican party over the next 10 years, a political analyst with a business advocacy group said Tuesday. “Republicans are in trouble with Hispanics,” said Michael Davis, the Washington, D.C.-based vice president for political programs of the Business and Industry PAC. The party’s stance on immigration may not be bad policy, David said, “but the tone and language is extremely harsh and it drives away Hispanics.” Either party can improve its chances of...
  • The President Is Actually Trying to Talk the Markets Into a Panic.

    07/22/2011 5:46:50 PM PDT · by markomalley · 32 replies
    Commentary Magazine ^ | 7/22/11 | John Podhoretz
    An enraged Barack Obama just took to the nation’s airwaves to announce his effort to strike a deal with Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner has fallen apart. Perhaps for the first time in American history, this president is literally using this press conference to create a financial panic over the weekend about the opening of the markets on Monday. He is warning of disaster on Monday. Clearly, he wants to use this as leverage to frighten the GOP into passing the plan proposed by Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell, which will push the debt ceiling problem into 2013,...
  • 1967 and 1979: Debt Ceiling Talking Points Were Same as We Hear Now

    07/20/2011 3:22:48 PM PDT · by Evil Slayer · 15 replies ^ | 7/20/11 | Rush Limbaugh
    BEGIN TRANSCRIPT RUSH: The editrix of the most widely read political newsletter in the world -- that would be mine -- the Limbaugh Letter, Diana Allocco... (interruption) No, no. No, no, no. It's Italian. (laughing) Somebody asked, "Is that a nickname for being an idiot?" Not "a loco." No, no, it doesn't mean that. It's not a nickname for being an idiot. Not "a loco." No. A loco is a Democrat; a loco is just crazy. That's her name: Allocco. It's not a description, is her name. We're working on the next issue of the Limbaugh better, and she found...
  • Obama: seniors could be hurt without debt deal (Obama scare tactics)

    07/12/2011 1:19:11 PM PDT · by AngelesCrestHighway · 35 replies
    YahooNews ^ | 07/12/11 | Deborah Charles and Jeff Mason
    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Barack Obama raised the stakes in the third straight day of budget talks on Tuesday by warning that senior citizens and veterans may suffer first if the debt ceiling is not raised by August 2. The comments came as top Republicans toughened their stance in the deficit reduction talks. Hours before heading to the White House, Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell said a "real solution" to the U.S. debt problem was unlikely while Obama was in office.
  • Report: Treasury must cut spending 44 percent in the event of default

    06/29/2011 7:04:01 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 21 replies
    The Hill ^ | 06/29/2011 | Erikk Wasson
    New analysis by the Bipartisan Policy Center (BPC), which has been shared extensively with members of Congress, estimates that the Treasury Department would not be able to pay all its bills and would need to implement an immediate 44 percent cut in federal spending in the event the debt ceiling is exceeded. On an annualized basis, the cut in spending alone is a 10 percent cut in GDP, BPC scholar Jay Powell told reporters. The report released Tuesday concludes that Treasury would not be able to pay all its bills between Aug. 2 and “probably” not later than Aug. 9...
  • Who Will Mediscare the Dems? It's actually Obama who is throwing Granny under the bus.

    04/26/2011 5:52:34 AM PDT · by SeekAndFind · 9 replies
    American Thinker ^ | 04/26/2011 | Christopher Chantrill
    Some conservatives are getting nervous about the polls on Medicare.  Apparently about 80 percent of Americans are opposed to cuts in Medicare.  Mona Charen, for one, is steeling herself for the inevitable Mediscare campaign from the Democrats. The Democrats have always known how to scare the pants off grannie at any suggestion of cuts to Medicare and Social Security.  For years and years, Republicans didn't know how to respond to their Mediscare.  But now things are different.  These days the American people are good and scared about debts and deficits.  So it's now possible to scare the pants off...
  • Radiation found in Tokyo water, infants shouldn't drink - NHK

    (Reuters) - Radiation exceeding health limits for infants was found in a Tokyo city water purifier and authorities are advising that the water not be given to babies, a Tokyo Metropolitan Government official said, confirming an earlier report by NHK public TV.
  • The Increasing Number of Earthquakes Worldwide! - A Sign that the Day of the Lord is at Hand!

    02/22/2011 3:44:00 PM PST · by The Ignorant Fisherman · 31 replies
    The Ignorant Fishermen Blog ^ | 2/22/11 | DJP I.F.
    (In light of today's New Zealand earthquake) Of the many different natural disasters that exist, nothing is as terrifying and devastating as the awesome power of an earthquake. In just a few moments of time an earthquake can unleash catastrophic damage and the deaths of multitudes. Who can forget the recent earthquake in Haiti in 2010? As we inch ever closer to the coming Day of the Lord, we are seeing a marked global increase in the number and intensity of earthquakes - just as Jesus said we would (see Matt. 24:7-8; Mark 13:8)! "As we inch ever closer to...
  • Laurie: What Every Last Days Believer Needs to Know

    02/08/2011 12:41:00 PM PST · by wmfights · 10 replies
    The Christian Post ^ | Feb. 07 2011 | Lillian Kwon
    Things are happening in our world that are indeed signs of the end times, said evangelist Greg Laurie. While this certainly isn't the first time a preacher has made such a statement, the ongoing chaos in Egypt and other parts of the Middle East, among other things, has prompted the Southern California preacher to prepare Christians for the last days. "What every last days believer needs to know" was the name of Laurie's message, preached to thousands at Harvest Christian Fellowship in Riverside, Calif., and over the internet on Sunday. "I do believe that these are bona fide signs of...
  • End Times: The Unbelief of Man Vs. The Word of God

    02/04/2011 4:27:24 PM PST · by NoGrayZone · 15 replies
    End Times: The Unbelief of Man Vs. The Word of God
  • It Will Take 131 Years To Replace Oil, And We've Only Got 10

    11/14/2010 4:20:08 PM PST · by WebFocus · 107 replies
    Business Insider ^ | 11/14/2010 | Dian L. Chu, Economic Forecast and Opinion
    It seems the panic time for both green enthusiasts and peak oil pundits. According to a new paper by two researchers at the University of California – Davis, it would take 131 years for replacement of gasoline and diesel given the current pace of research and development; however, world's oil could run dry almost a century before that. The research was published on Nov. 8 at Environmental Science & Technology, which is based on the theory that market expectations are good predictors reflected in prices of publicly traded securities. By incorporating market expectations into the model, the authors, Nataliya Malyshkina...
  • Peak Oil – A Solution for the United States

    10/13/2010 6:38:21 AM PDT · by Brittany Pounders · 34 replies ^ | October 13, 2010 | Brittany Pounders
    Whether or not you are aware of Peak Oil it is a reality and its consequences are far reaching and potentially devastating. The theory of Peak Oil states that as oil is a finite resource, oil reserves will peak at some point in time and begin to decline. Many have stated that the peak of the bell curve has been passed and we are now on an accelerating descent. Oil will become an increasingly scarce commodity and the price will rise accordingly. As the largest user of crude oil in the world the United States is in a precarious position...
  • Greenland ice loss rates 'one-third' of what was thought

    09/07/2010 5:16:16 AM PDT · by ConservativeMind · 18 replies
    The Register - UK ^ | Sept. 7, 2010 | Lewis Page
    The rate at which ice is disappearing from Greenland and Western Antarctica has been seriously overestimated, according to new research. Contrasting estimates of Greenland ice melt. Previous analysis in blue: New in red. The colour bands represent uncertainty. Credit: Nature Geoscience 'Deviates rather sharply from general assumptions' - Yes. Measuring a disappearing ice cap is actually quite difficult to do, as the areas in question are remote, hostile environments and the exact depth of ice is often unknown. This has caused a lot of argument among climate scientists regarding how much ice is melting and running into the sea, as...
  • Climate shifts 'not to blame' for African civil wars

    09/07/2010 1:39:25 AM PDT · by Islander7 · 12 replies
    BBC ^ | Sept 6, 2010 | By Mark Kinver
    It challenges previous assumptions that environmental disasters, such as drought and prolonged heat waves, had played a part in triggering unrest. Instead, it says, traditional factors - such as poverty and social tensions - were often the main factors behind the outbreak of conflicts.
  • Obama: GOP trying to destroy Social Security

    08/14/2010 12:23:10 PM PDT · by Justaham · 133 replies
    Associated Press ^ | 8-14-10 | Erica Werner
    President Barack Obama used the anniversary of Social Security to trumpet Democrats' support for the popular program and accuse Republicans of trying to destroy it. Seventy-five years after President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Social Security into law, Obama said in his weekly radio and Internet address Saturday: "We have an obligation to keep that promise, to safeguard Social Security for our seniors, people with disabilities and all Americans — today, tomorrow and forever." Some Republican leaders in Congress are "pushing to make privatizing Social Security a key part of their legislative agenda if they win a majority in Congress this...
  • Helen Thomas: "Save Social Security-President Obama May Cut Social Security" [GRAPHIC IMAGES]

    06/03/2010 1:01:33 PM PDT · by seanmerc · 76 replies · 1,936+ views ^ | 3 Jun 10 | Helen "Impossible--and Costly" Thomas
    <p>WASHINGTON -- Say it isn’t so, Mr. President. You surely are not going to make a deal with Republicans to cut Social Security benefits, are you?</p> <p>Here’s word from The Nation Magazine: “The President intends to offer Social Security as a sacrificial lamb to entice conservative deficit hawks into a grand bipartisan compromise in which Democrats agree to cut Social Security benefits while Republicans accede to significant tax increases to reduce government red ink.”</p>
  • Sea Is Swallowing Alaskan Town

    12/05/2009 6:10:37 AM PST · by gusopol3 · 46 replies · 1,839+ views
    CNN via AOL ^ | December 4, 2009 | John D. Sutter
    Shishmaref, Alaska (Dec. 3) -- When the arctic winds howl and angry waves pummel the shore of this Inupiat Eskimo village, Shelton and Clara Kokeok fear that their house, already at the edge of the Earth, finally may plunge into the gray sea below. "The land is going away," said Shelton Kokeok, 65, whose home is on the tip of a bluff that's been melting in part because of climate change. "I think it's going to vanish one of these days."
  • The “Death Chip”

    10/31/2009 7:58:06 AM PDT · by JosephJames · 6 replies · 1,589+ views
    Blog: Catholic Prophecy Today ^ | 2009 | Rev. Joseph Dwight
    “Microchip Implants Ready To Be Used With Swine Flu Vaccines - The Chip Is Located In The Tip Of The Needle”; … “Bird-Pig Flu, Desperate Military Weapon Against Americans”; “Injectable Microchips and Swine Flu Vaccinations; LIFE WITH BIG BROTHER; Next step in H1N1 scare: Microchip implants” … “The far left health care bill HR3200 is a non-discussed section titled National Medical Device Registry implantable device . Its at the end of the health care bill . Subtitle C-11 Sec 2521… The chip will be linked to database.”; … The leaders of the New World Order hope to be able to...
  • Food will never be so cheap again

    10/25/2009 7:10:51 PM PDT · by bruinbirdman · 45 replies · 2,395+ views
    The Telegraph ^ | 10/25/2009 | Ambrose Evans-Pritchard
    Biofuel refineries in the US have set fresh records for grain use every month since May. Almost a third of the US corn harvest will be diverted into ethanol for motors this year, or 12pc of the global crop. The world's grain stocks have dropped from four to 2.6 months cover since 2000, despite two bumper harvests in North America. China's inventories are at a 30-year low. Asian rice stocks are near danger level. Yet farm commodities have largely missed out on Bernanke's reflation rally in metals, oil, and everything else. Dylan Grice from Société Générale sees "bargain basement" prices....
  • The coming war with Iran

    10/06/2009 7:12:47 PM PDT · by topfile · 56 replies · 2,074+ views
    The Washington Times ^ | Sunday, October 4, 2009 | Jeffrey T. Kuhner
    War with Iran is now inevitable. The only question is: Will it happen sooner or later? -snip- Washington now has two choices: Sanction an American or Israeli military attack to destroy Iran's nuclear facilities or allow Tehran to go nuclear. Either option means war. A devastating strike would likely trigger a fierce Iranian response, including waves of suicide bombers targeting Israeli civilians and U.S. troops in Iraq. Iranian missiles would pound Israeli and, maybe, European cities. Vital shipping lanes in the Persian Gulf would be disrupted, driving the price of oil to more than $300 a barrel - plunging the...
  • Obama to Urge Congress (complains about "Opposition scare Tactics")

    09/09/2009 4:33:58 PM PDT · by Typical_Whitey · 20 replies · 702+ views
    via drudge ^ | 09/09/09 | Major Garrett
    President Obama plans to argue Wednesday night in a high-stakes address to Congress that the country's health care system is at a "breaking point," as he urges lawmakers to stop "bickering" and pass comprehensive reform. "The time for games has passed. Now is the season for action," Obama said in remarks prepared for delivery before a joint session of Congress. "Now is the time to deliver on health care." Obama is stressing his resolve to bring lawmakers together and clear away hurdles to passing an overhaul package. "I am not the first president to take up this cause, but I...
  • Obama turns to religion to press health agenda

    08/20/2009 4:33:54 AM PDT · by Dubya-M-DeesWent2SyriaStupid! · 58 replies · 1,373+ views ^ | 08/19/09 | J. Taylor Rushing
    President Barack Obama on Wednesday tried to retake the upper ground in this month's healthcare debate by casting reform as a "moral conviction" in a conference call with religious leaders. "The one thing that you all share is a moral conviction," Obama said. "This debate over healthcare goes to the heart of who we are as American people... This is part of an ethical and moral obligation that we look out for one another. "In the wealthiest nation on Earth, we are neglecting to live out that call," the president said. Obama asked religious leaders to help him "spread the...
  • Obama Criticizes 'Scare Tactics' of Health Care Reform Critics

    08/15/2009 4:40:17 PM PDT · by Steelfish · 25 replies · 614+ views
    AP Report ^ | August 15, 2009
    Obama Criticizes 'Scare Tactics' of Health Care Reform Critics Obama said Americans no longer should be "held hostage by health insurance companies" that deny coverage for various reasons. AP August 15, 2009 GRAND JUNCTION, Colo. -- President Obama on Saturday criticized what he termed as the "scare tactics" of opponents to health care reform. He told a town hall meeting "what is truly scary is if we do nothing" to solve the nation's health care problems. Obama said Americans no longer should be "held hostage by health insurance companies" that deny coverage for various reasons. And he attempted to deflect...
  • Ken Blackwell: A Chemical Scare Campaign Is Good Business for Some

    07/23/2009 12:06:23 AM PDT · by neverdem · 4 replies · 1,042+ views
    American Thinker ^ | July 23, 2009 | Ken Blackwell
    Last month, the Statistical Assessment Service (STATS), a nonprofit, nonpartisan research organization affiliated with George Mason University, released "Science Suppressed: How America became obsessed with BPA," a report which accuses the media "of ignoring the extensive research of respected scientists and major health agencies in the United States and around the world, which found BPA was not only safe but played an important role in ensuring food safety."   It also confirms what countless previous studies have said; BPA is safe. If you're unfamiliar with Bisphenol A (BPA), it is a chemical used to make lightweight, versatile, durable, high-performance plastics.  It's...
  • Religious Leaders and Their End-Of-Time Predictions!

    06/08/2009 7:42:08 PM PDT · by jxb7076 · 15 replies · 1,087+ views ^ | 6/8/09 | JXB7076
    Prophets of Doom has been around probably since the beginning of man’s existence on earth. Whether one believe man was created by God from the dust of the earth, or he evolved from a sea creature, a monkey, or matter from a collision of the planets commonly known as the big bang. Whatever your preference for the origin of man it is no secret that from the time he began walking on planet earth he began predicting its end. It’s now estimated that more than 50% of the world population give doomsday prophets some credibility regarding “End Time Events” thereby...
  • Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families

    05/22/2009 11:54:09 AM PDT · by Kartographer · 91 replies · 2,841+ views
    LA Times ^ | 5/21/09 | Eric Bailey
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to completely eliminate the state’s welfare program for families, medical insurance for low-income children and Cal Grants cash assistance to college and university students.
  • CA: Governor plans to completely eliminate welfare for families (Cal Grants and more)

    05/21/2009 6:44:06 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 126 replies · 5,922+ views
    LA Times ^ | 5/21/09 | Eric Bailey
    Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger is proposing to completely eliminate the state’s welfare program for families, medical insurance for low-income children and Cal Grants cash assistance to college and university students. ... The proposals would completely reshape the state’s social service network, transforming California from one of the country’s most generous states to one of the most tightfisted. ..
  • If budget ballot measures fail, governor may release 38,000 prisoners

    05/14/2009 9:30:23 AM PDT · by SmithL · 23 replies · 786+ views
    Sacramento Bee ^ | 5/14/9 | Andy Furillo
    On Jan. 10, 2008, it was 22,000. This past New Year's Eve, it was 15,000. Two weeks ago Friday, it was 8,000. Now, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's administration – looking down the barrel again at a massive budget crisis – is talking about letting 38,000 inmates out of prison before their time is up. Proposals 1 and 2 never got off the ground when the governor's budget writers eventually found the money to keep the prisons full. More recently, the administration never followed up with legislation to enact the early releases corrections Secretary Matt Cate announced on April 24. The latest...
  • CA: Props Fail, State Taps Local Government? (Plan B .. Deja Vu all over again)

    05/05/2009 5:54:00 PM PDT · by NormsRevenge · 23 replies · 801+ views
    Capitol Notes / KQED ^ | 5/5/09 | John Myers
    The 'Plan B' scenarios if the special election measures are defeated continue to trickle out of the administration of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. This afternoon, a new one: the governor is prepared to propose a $2 billion suspension of the 2004 constitutional initiative protecting city and county revenues. Talk of suspending 2004's Proposition 1A comes on the heels of a meeting yesterday where Schwarzenegger aides told the firefighting community that voters rejecting the measures on the ballot in two weeks time would result in as many as 1,700 firefighting positions. One local government official on this afternoon's call said the plan...